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Incarnation of Money: Episode 12
by | March 13, 2013 | 50 Comments

Major breakthroughs and much-needed connections are made in this episode as our hero ventures into the deepest circle of hell. What lies there waiting for him isn’t pretty and Cha-don emerges from the pit with answers he didn’t initially anticipate. But all of these are necessary tools to prepare for the greater battle ahead.

The show finally amps up the story after a middling lull and the numbers show it: Episode 15 clocked in at 15.1%. Perhaps it helps that My Daughter Seoyoung finished its run last weekend, but with a marked improvement from Episode 11 (12.4%), all signs point to a brighter future ahead for Incarnation.


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The psych ward inmates line up for morning rounds and Cha-don waits for a glimpse of the occupant in Room 7. Unfortunately, Mom falls to the ground in another coughing fit mere inches from the door.

Instead of checking in the patients’ current physical and mental health, Dr. Bug Eyes tests their resolve and the sickly patient we saw in the previous episode sadly agrees to sign her waiver.

When he gets to Cha-don, our hero levels his eyes at the doc and breathes with deep loathing: “Watch your manners. Get your lowly face out of my sight.”

Dr. Bug Eyes laughs in amusement and peers into Room 7 where Mom is doubled over, wheezing. He instructs the head nurse to do nothing and whistles on his way out. Inside his cell, Cha-don deduces that the staff use fear to coerce the patients to hand over their inheritances and reels in disgust at the level of corruption.

At the Bok estate, Jae-in nearly spits up her soup when Boss Bok declares that the two lovebirds get married within the year. She openly admits that that way, she can hand over the business to them, giving her the chance to travel abroad.

Just then, Assistant Kim bursts into the room with news that the infamous Shudal has been caught. The poorly mosaic-censored face is easy enough to recognize and Boss Bok gapes, “Is that my son-in-law?!” And at the prosecutor office, Se-kwang gives a satisfied smirk.

Jae-in is about to walk out the door when Boss Bok hits the nail on the head about the cause of her daughter’s distress. Did she spend the night drinking because she already knew of the situation?

Jae-in whips around and lashes out that she’s never felt happier in her life. Now that Cha-don is ousted as a prosecutor and blacklisted from the legal industry, her mother will never get her dream son-in-law.

But Boss Bok can see through her defenses and asks if Cha-don called off their engagement. Jae-in retorts bitterly that she was the one who called it quits because, “Like you, Mom – I can’t stand incompetent people.” She storms out.

Boss Bok orders Assistant Kim to look into Cha-don’s current whereabouts.

Cha-don remains fixated on Room 7 and his fellow inmates shuffle away to avoid his whispered inquiries. Figuring that staying silent will get him nowhere, Cha-don causes a scene in the cafeteria and is held down by the staff.

Dr. Bug Eyes gets wind of the incident and instructs the staff to prepare his “treatment.” I don’t like the sound of that. Next thing we know, Cha-don is held back by restraints and hooked up to a mysterious machine.

He pleads his sanity to the doc who simply asks if Cha-don has changed his mind about the inheritance waiver. Cha-don plays the innocent heir to a T, asking if his “sister” put him up to this. He listens as the doc says, “Money does that to people. It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent, a child, or a sibling – once money is involved, you become a monster.”

Dr. Bug Eyes tells him that his tenacity is pointless and listlessly orders the machine turned on.

Genuine panic washes over his face just before they deliver a wave of electric shock. Pain shoots through his body and his screams are broadcasted through the speakers. So not pre-recorded then but still just as barbaric.

Amid his struggle, Cha-don shouts that Kang-seok isn’t dead yet and is waiting for his mother to return to him, words that Mom once told him. Dr. Bug Eyes considers this as pure nonsense and instructs the nurse to amp up the dial. Oof, this is hard to watch.

Thankfully, Mom hears them as she hears her own words over the speakers. At the realization that Cha-don is imprisoned in this hellhole with her, she breaks down for a moment before she steels herself once more.

Chief Yang follows a staff member down to the secret ward where the head nurse is surprised to see him. He rushes to start cleaning up and surprisingly, the nurse allows it.

As he makes his rounds to dump the trash, Chief Yang makes sure the hidden camera on his cleaning cart captures the horrific conditions of the ward. He enters Room 7 and immediately recognizes Mom. However, she turns her face and the camera films her back instead.

He’s met with a shocking sight on his way out as he watches the staff drag a limp Cha-don back into his room.

Once Cha-don is returned to his bed, he curses the egregious acts committed by the immoral staff under his breath. Then he breaks into a sarcastic smile, telling himself that it’s no different than his days as a corrupt prosecutor.

Ji-hoo pays the orphanage director a visit and lowers her head at the mention of Cha-don’s name. She shows him a picture of Lawyer Hwang and the director recognizes him as the man who came by a few days earlier.

She returns to the prosecutor’s office only to head right back out when she’s told that the GPS signal for the murderer’s disposable phone has turned on. Se-kwang witnesses this exchange and tails her car, wondering who the murderer is. Wait, does that mean it’s not you?

Ji-hoo traces the signal to a park by the Han River and apprehend a homeless man as Se-kwang watches.

In the interrogation room, the hobo insists that though he may be a thief, he isn’t a murderer. He recounts how he came across the phone: Someone had thrown it by the Han River and he picked it up.

Ji-hoo continues to press him for more information but gets nowhere. She lets out an exasperated sigh.

Fingerprint analysis suggest that the phone was intentionally wiped of previous fingerprints and now all arrows point to murder. She orders her man to follow up and once he leaves, she wonders again where Cha-don is.

The following morning, Cha-don notices that no one comes out of Room 7 but today he hears Mom’s voice asking to be let out. The door opens and Mom steps out. They lock eyes and tears silently stream down her cheek.

Mom tries to pass along the family photo during mealtime but the head nurse spots it and returns it to her before Cha-don gets to see it.

Cha-don is led back to his cell and sees Chief Yang, back to clean the cells. He sneezes to Chief Yang and we learn that this is an agreed-upon sign to inform if one of them has found Mom. But Chief Yang touches his nose in return, which is basically an SOS.

So Cha-don creates a diversion as Chief Yang hurriedly tells Mom that they’ll help him find her son. She hands him the family photo and he tucks it into his pocket.

The moment of disorderly conduct leaves Cha-don cuffed to his bed. Chief Yang slips the photo into the wastebasket and sneezes before he leaves with the staff. He’s released some time later and the head nurse warns that they’ll continue his “treatment” should he step a toe out of line again.

He scrambles out of bed as soon as he leaves and turns over the photo… to see a picture of his younger self, posing with his real family.

Confused, he stares at the photo as the pieces slowly slip into place in his head. “I…I’m Lee Kang-seok? And she’s my mom?”

He wonders how this is possible – he can’t recall a thing. Then he breaks down, wailing.

The doctor is pleased as punch to hear that Cha-don will sign the waiver after all. After they stamp his fingerprint on the document, he tells Cha-don that it’s no use trying to sue them because everything they did here is considered a part of his treatment. Ugh, I feel disgusted.

But then Cha-don snaps and pins the doctor to the bed, strangling him. His eyes burn with rage, hollering that the doctor is a monster before he’s dragged away for another round of treatment.

Watching our hero get tortured doesn’t get any easier the second time around. This time, Cha-don screams that Kang-seok has been found. Speaking of himself in the third person, he yells, “He missed you a lot!”

Mom hears his cries and she falls to her knees, crying Kang-seok’s name.

Dr. Bug Eyes continues to turn up the dial to a dangerous level. It sparks and barely hanging on to consciousness, Kang-seok’s past memories of his parents flash in his head. He finally blacks out and his body continues to jerk involuntarily.

Angelina and Reporter Go approach Prosecutor Kwon with the idea to get a cut of the large sum of money that belongs to Kang-seok. They try to entice him but Prosecutor Kwon cuts them off, calling the job a dangerous one.

He asks why they didn’t approach Se-kwang instead. They could never convince that stick in the mud and ask for Prosecutor Kwon’s help to persuade him.

The two prosecutors chat over a game of baduk and Se-kwang’s answer to why he won’t go after the money is a simple one: “Because it isn’t ours.”

Prosecutor Kwon mentions that money doesn’t come with an owner and admits that he’d like to have that money. “It’s like seawater; the more you drink, the thirstier you get.”

Se-kwang doesn’t want any part of this plot and Prosecutor Kwon tells him that the reason Se-kwang loses to him in baduk (and perhaps, life) is because he gives up his greed in the face of victory.

If the money once belonged to the late Chairman Lee, then it belongs to the Traitagon now. Se-kwang peers at his sunbae curiously – could he be Lawyer Hwang’s murderer?

Ji-hoo drags the phone dealer back into the interrogation room because she’s totally badass and it comes as no surprise that he’s unwilling to cooperate. The dealer says that it’s nearly impossible to find out the buyer since they sell the units online.

But at the prospect of flipping through a stack of papers, he does recall someone calling by telephone. How convenient that you remember now. He vaguely recalls that stormy night and a few digits of the license plate.

Angelina walks into Jae-in’s restaurant and promptly asks to speak to the owner. It takes a minute before they recognize each other from the spa and Angelina barks that she’ll take her business up with the owner. The look of horror on Angelina’s face when she learns that in fact she’s been speaking with the owner the entire time is priceless.

She awkwardly slips back into jondaemal (formal speech) and apologizes, introducing herself. Now it’s Jae-in’s turn to freak out and they exchange overt superficial compliments back and forth.

On her phone, Angelina says that she’s determined to win over Jae-in to her side so that she can become the majority stockholder in the savings back. She rattles on as Se-kwang tunes her out on the other end.

The ladies sit to chat and Angelina tells Jae-in to freely drop the formalities and call her unni. She invites Jae-in to her brand’s launch party the next day and soon they’re giggling like teenagers and exchanging numbers.

Cha-don is dropped off by ambulance to the same spot where he was picked up. He takes off his blindfold and makes a call to Chief Prosecutor Jo to inform him that he’ll be sending over a video. He then heads to a bar, unable to recall more of his memory, and he wonders, “Who was the one who killed my father and ruined my family?”

Chief Prosecutor Jo soon joins him and assures him that the police force will raid the asylum as soon as a warrant is issued. There’s no need to thank him – he too was horrified to see that such a terrifying place exists.

He sighs when Cha-don tells him that he ended up there in the first place because of a potential client.

How appropriate is it that Beethoven’s 5th Symphony plays in the background when Cha-don raids the asylum with an entire police force in tow? The doctor is slightly surprised to see Cha-don behind the arrest and Cha-don repays his gratitude with a right hook. Ah, so satisfying – though Dr. Bug Eyes deserves a beating. Or to die a slow and painful death.

Cha-don pins the doc to the table, demanding the keys to the basement ward. He heads straight for Room 7 where Mom weakly murmurs, “You’ve come.”

He tries to hold back his tears as he slowly approaches her and lifts a hand to her face. She asks where Kang-seok is and collapses in his arms.

Mom is rushed over to the hospital but it’s bad news bears: acute pneumonia. Cha-don begs the doctor to save her. He silently walks into Mom’s room and breaks down in tears once more when he slowly brings her hand to his cheek.

Phew – Mom wakes a few hours later and sees Cha-don asleep by her bedside. She takes a good look at him… and sees young Kang-seok. I’m not crying; it’s just been raining on my face.

She places a hand on Kang-seok’s cheek and Cha-don bolts awake. She searches his face and holds back tears as Cha-don tells her that he doesn’t remember anything because of a head injury. “I don’t have any memories in my brain, but I’ve never forgotten you in my heart.”

Cha-don: “Do you know that feeling? You can’t remember them but you miss them so much. If you only knew their face…” Mom pulls her son towards her and they both cry, finally reunited.

Cha-don relocates Mom to a beautiful pension by the sea. I have to ask – where did you get the funds? It’s so sweet how he eagerly calls her “Mom” and looks lovingly into her eyes.

Placing her hand on his cheek, he vows that they’ll be together for the rest of his life and Mom smiles at the thought. He kisses her hand affectionately and they drink in the moment of happiness.

Cha-don musters up the courage and softly asks who his father’s killer was. He remembers his parents but not much else and Mom’s face hardens at the question. She answers, “Ji Se-kwang.”

Mom identifies Se-kwang as his father’s murderer and then suddenly, the memories come flooding back to him: how they had a hyung-dongsaeng relationship, when he discovered his affair with Bi-ryung, and the day of the car accident.

She continues to name the other Traitagon members who took their money and left them in this destitute condition. Crying, her voice breaks: “They’re devils, Kang-seok.”

Cha-don holds onto his mother’s hand even tighter and breathes, “Ji Se-kwang.”


With the previous episode that felt more like a long trailer than a standalone episode, I’m so relieved that this episode delivered the goods that we’ve seen in the Giant/Salaryman team. And to that end, I have to say: Finally!

If I had a nickel for every time this show gave us a cliffhanger with a close-up of Kang Ji-kwan‘s determined stare… I’d have a pretty number of silver coins by now. It was easy to get the intensity of the stare but by this point, I already feel desensitized to the death glare. It’s only now that we see the beginning stages of Cha-don/Kang-seok’s revenge story starting to take shape and with so much more to explore, I hope we can see some other cliffhangers that will keep us engaged for the second half of the series.

This is a minor complaint of course in comparison to the rest of the episode which I found to be strong from start to finish. Now that Cha-don has finally discovered who he is and identified his father’s murderer, hunting Se-kwang down is only the tip of the iceberg. Going up against the esteemed prosecutor will prove to be difficult now that he’s essentially blacklisted from the law community and will need to build himself back up brick by brick. His trip to the psych ward has shown to be an enlightening and gruesome experience (I can still feel chills down my spine). In one way, it’s essential for Cha-don to see how money can drive a so-called ethical pillar to commit even the most inhumane of crimes without blinking an eye. And for a hero to start his journey in anti-hero territory where he profited from the rich for some time, this is a humble way to bring one back to the reality of a world driven by greed.

This show seriously makes me question my moral barometer with characters who aren’t necessarily painted black-and-white. Ahead of that pack is Se-kwang who swings that pendulum back and forth with his desire to be rid of his past misdeeds.It messes with my brain when he mentions that he did away with his greed and that the large sum of money doesn’t belong to him. It’s interesting that he doesn’t seek for more money like the other Traitagon members do. Then we hear his internal voiceover trying to figure out who Lawyer Hwang’s murderer is at the same pace of the viewer. But just because you may not have murdered this man doesn’t acquit you of your previous crimes. And two wrongs don’t make a right.

You might recognize Mom (Park Soon-chun) from another recent maternal role in Sirius. Watching her is a pure delight as we see the range in her performance as she breathes life into the characters she interacts with. I’ve mentioned this before in a previous recap, but her scenes with Kang-seok/Cha-don are by far my favorite in the series. There’s such vulnerability and desperation to be reunited with her son and we see that motivator drive her volition the second time she’s trapped in that hellhole. I’m so glad that she’s finally out for good (and seriously – how are you paying for that oceanside view?) and hope that she gets an opportunity take revenge on the man who stole everything, including her family from her. Will she get her chance to meet the devils themselves?


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  1. RockPaperScissors

    Thank you for the recap. Great episode!

  2. Sumee

    Love Kang ji hwan

  3. TS

    This was an awesome episode. Thank you for the recap!
    You raised all the same points that went through my mind, including the pension: where did he get the funds?

    I did have one follow-up: how did he find a pension by the sea that looked so, er, New England-ish? I would’ve expected a more traditional Korean house for, yunno, a seaside resort in Korea.

    • 3.1 Delicatecloud

      Perhaps he sold his car or the apartment? Or he has some of his “hard earned money” stashed away somewhere that was not burnt! Maybe we will find out soon…

      • 3.1.1 TS

        Yeah, that sounds like it. Forgot about fancy apartment.

      • 3.1.2 Shae

        yeah, I had that whose house is this? moment also…then I thought, Aww, maybe she died or was in coma or …dreamed it all…something like that

      • 3.1.3 IBELIS

        I assumed that just like the nice apartment and car he had some ready cash tucked away somewhere. The burnt money was hidden cash he had no intentions of touching. So he had to have some ready cash somewhere else.

    • 3.2 Saturtledaisy

      I thought they just skipped a bit in time. Now Cha Don knows he’ Kang Seok, he can just claim the money he was after in the first place…

      But I could be wrong, but it’s the only explanation I could think of when I was watching the show.

      • 3.2.1 DayDreamer

        If he claimed the money, then it would have been all over the news that the money had found its owner which would have alerted the Traitagon and whatnot. I don’t think the writers will have Cha Don reveal his identity as Kang Seok this early in the game now that he has his memories back. But then again, this series has been on the unpredictable side a bit.

    • 3.3 Marilet

      He probably claimed his money that was dig up from the landslide.

    • 3.4 WM

      I was thinking perhaps the land his cohort bought in his brother-in-laws name. Perhaps it has that house on it? But selling the apartment makes more sense…though it would take a while for it to sell and for him to purchase and outfit that house. Unless we time skipped? Oh, who knows! I’ll just go ahead with my suspension of belief and say he had that place already, just had it neatly covered so no one could find it during the investigation.

    • 3.5 MsB

      I’ve seen that house before. Can’t remember the drama but it was supposed to be in Jeju. That thought went through my mind but as we don’t know what he did with the money from his apt, car or whatever else he own, that’s the whole the writers decided not to fill. You know how we get bored with details but then they pick the wrong ones not to fill!

  4. unknownX2

    Thanks for the recap! This episode is thoroughly enjoyable. Other than the Mom and the lady prosecutor Ji Hoo, all the other characters in this drama (main & supporting) are flawed. 🙂

  5. hundredpoint

    awesome episode ! thanks for the recap 😀

  6. DayDreamer

    I’ve already shared my elation towards this episode in previous recap (sorry gummimochi, I could not old back). It was really well done and renewed my interest in the series. Hopefully, things get better too. I also wonder how Cha Don payed for that house…it’s things like that that the writers keep ignoring and I can’t help but groan at it.

    Since Jae In hadn’t rescued Cha Don from the asylum, that means a second trip to the loony bin for our hero. I wonder this time how that will happen. I also think that Cha Don and his mom will keep his real identity as Kang Seok secret so they can avenge themselves.

    • 6.1 wintergirl

      The actress who plays the mom (Park Soon-chun) is doing such an incredible job that I feel like I’m watching the series just to see her. The show kind of skips along for me and then WHAM, the scenes she does are so grounded and powerful they uplift the rest of the shenanigans in this show.

      • 6.1.1 DayDreamer

        I agree that the best parts of the show happen when it involves the mom but I would argue that it’s because it actually has ties to the original plot whereas everything else was so disconnected and weird as well as riddled with plot holes. Her part of the story is where things make the most sense and thus can elicit strong emotions from the viewers. She also has the greatest stake in the revenge game having been subjected to torture, false accusations, and so pain.

    • 6.2 fun-lugha

      I asked the same question in the previous recap, does this mean another trip to the asylum so that JI comes to rescue him this time? I’m thinking the only way he’s going back in is thanks to JSG who’ll want to save his a** for putting mom there. Considering how Cha Don escaped punishment for his corrupt activities, this should be easy peasy for JSG!

      • 6.2.1 DayDreamer

        If I remember correctly, the show descriptions talked about how Cha Don was in the loony bin in a remote island where nobody else is and he was there because he had a huge pile of debt on him so that’s how the heroine came in the picture to save him because she was in the debt collection business and also knew him. To pull him out, she pretends she is his wife. So like I said, the show is unpredictable in how it will also reach that point. How will Cha Don incur his debt now that he’s the heir of 10 billion dollars (or was it won?)

        • fun-lugha

          oh is that so? all i remember is JI busting him out, not the specific details…should be interesting then…

          • DayDreamer

            It will be interesting but I hope the writers don’t do something stupid to get to that point. Things were bad enough when Cha Don was made into Shudal.

        • asianromance

          I think the drama may have done away with the original show description. The original synopsis makes it seem like Jae-In wasn’t engaged to Cha-Don and wasn’t really in his life very much until Cha-Don gets incarcerated in the mental institution. But the situation now is that Jae-In and Cha-Don seemed to be in regular contact the past 5 years and they signed their engagement agreement before he was locked up.

          Now I’m just rolling with the new direction.

          • Ann

            Gosh, I hope that is the way it is. I just could not take another asylum plot!

  7. Lilian

    Ooh…The mum is so pitiful here but in the Sirius short drama, I really hated her initially for mistreating my Hyung Shik >_<

    great range indeed like you say. I definitely feel this drama is not up to par with History of a Salaryman, but then again History wasn't perfect. It also started to become too draggy towards the end. Maybe it will be the opposite for this drama.

    • 7.1 Gem

      History of a Salaryman did have a draggy ending. I’m actually glad this drama went the opposite way, because now the action is just starting and they can only go up from here. There is no time for dragginess at this point, all of that has been done.

  8. Delicatecloud

    Thanks for the recaps!

    This episode is just WOW and WOW again. Can’t wait for the next episodes to see how the revenge will unfold. I agree with you on the morals of the main characters. What gets me is the hypocrisy of the quardragon (now there are only four given the murder of Lawyer Hwang), in particular JSK having a veneer of respectability and being considered a righteous prosecutor when his soul and moral barcode is blacker than most. Lawyer Hwang was more “honest” and did not pretend or aspire to something of which he was not. Angelina is still the money grabbing b*tch and the other two are just plain greedy. And ambitious – the Prosecutor General wants to go into politics! Maybe JSK will change his mind about the 100 million Won as he also needs $$$ for his own ambitions!
    Hope to see a arch improvement in the role of Jae In – can’t wait to see the conflict between her and Angelina in gaining control of the savings bank. Angelina better watch out when Jae In finds out that she has a hand in the demise of Cha Don’s father and the ruin of his family. WOOT woot can’t wait….

    • 8.1 houstontwin

      There doesn’t seem to be much to say in Jae In’s favor. She is a boring cartoon character. I blame the writer and director.

      • 8.1.1 DayDreamer

        Jae In barely seems to be a heroine. She seems like some secondary character falling in the ranks between Angelina and the reporter. More than her, Cha Don’s mom seems like the other main lead.

  9. Saturtledaisy

    This episode was really great~

    I think I just really love the scenes between Kang-seok and his mother. This entire series I’ve just been feeling so sad for her, since she’s really the Ultimate Victim of all the scheming. I mean, mistreated by her husband, convicted when she was innocent, given crazy-shots, put in a torture house/asylum… And all she ever wanted was her son ; ;.

    I don’t think I’ll ever feel pity for Se Kwang for what he’s done to her. Pity for his father, sure, but not for him. He KNOWS what it’s like to have your parent locked up in jail when they’re innocent, and yet he does that to an innocent twelve year old boy (at the time)? That’s not justice, that’s just cruel. And it just ticks me off that he keeps playing the just hero. Is he trying to make up for what he’s done/doing? It’s not working. Not as long as he’s willingly subjecting someone to torture while everyone thinks he’s some kind of noble and just prosecutor.

    As for Cha-don/Kang-seok, I don’t think he’s quite redeemed himself just yet for all the corruption (which is a serious crime too, if he’s abusing his power letting dangerous criminals off the hook), but he’s getting there. At least he knows what he was doing was wrong. I’m just so happy he has his mother now.

    • 9.1 houstontwin

      Chadon still has a long way to go in the redemption department. He did end up rescuing his mother but he willingly went down into “hell” not because he is a hero, but because he was chasing money. Even bad guys get teary eyed for their mothers. I sure would like to see a wider range of compassion and concern from his character. Still this was the first episode where I actually cared about the adult Chadon.

      • 9.1.1 MsB

        Yeah but regardless of his reasons, the money was not going to be ill-gotten. That makes all the difference in the world. Even the corruption which happens everyday cannot be excused but hurts people the less than killing them or putting them in asylums.

  10. 10 Carole McDonnell

    Oh my gosh!!!!! YES!!! I’m back on the Cha-don wagon now!!!!!! Amp up the revenge, Screenwriter-nim. I knew that — despite its incredibly overwhelming flaws– I couldn’t give up this drama. Gotta watch this and get back up to speed.


    • 10.1 DayDreamer

      Welcome back. 😀

    • 10.2 Gaeina Lee

      Happy to see you’re back, -C.. ^^

    • 10.3 TS


  11. 11 Arhazivory

    This episode blew me away. So good I had to watch it twice. 😀

    • 11.1 DayDreamer

      Hehehe, I watched it three times already…but only the parts in the underground asylum.

      • 11.1.1 Toystar

        Me 2 I couldn’t watch the asylum parts again.

        • DayDreamer

          Oh but I said I watched the asylum parts. Everyone else (except maybe Ji Hoo) was not so interesting as Cha Don and his mom.

    • 11.2 MsB

      Me too! Especially the end part!!

  12. 12 chasen8888

    I watched episode 12 and that is what hooked me for this drama. As for the house as I stated at soompi that Cha Don may not have money but what he does have is connections with money/power for him to use one of them to grant a favour like that (accessibility to house) is highly possible with his nature. Thats just my justification.

    What I do like about the show is that our hero is not perfect at all- he did not havee a noble reason to become a prosecutor in the 1st place, plus his justification for being corrupt is to be free from Boss Bok & daughter, the other is ingrained nature i.e. love of money. He learnt a lot in that asylum as to the lengths people will go to get money from other people as well as other things. As a matter of fact no one is perfect in the show. Ji Se Gwang of course is the biggest hypocrite by using the cloak of prosecution to execute justice and claim that he’s clean as such it is his duty to mete out justice and remove corruption.

    Therefore expect a change with Lee Cha Don. Like all of you I do like his relationship with mom who deserves praises for keeping her sanity and not losing hope that her son is out there waiting for her.

  13. 13 Gaeina Lee

    Best episode to date. Watched 3 times, and still wow-ed.
    Thanks for the recap, dearie!

  14. 14 snow_white

    thanks…..planning to marathon the remaining episodes (after my 4 episodes watch) now!!! 🙂

  15. 15 Jay

    Thank you for the recap!!! Just watched it and wow… great episode and great acting!!!

  16. 16 oohhey

    I siriously did not expect to like this drama and although I often just watch drama’s because I follow my favourite actors, this show is bad ass and just got better horraay for revenge drama’s!!

  17. 17 V

    Best episode BY FAR. Loved it. So ready for the revenge train to squeek into motion.

  18. 18 MsB

    WHAT AN EPISODE!! EPIC!! You’re right! Memories of the best of Giant/History of a Salaryman came rushing forward while I watched this episode; not once, but twice! Kang Ji Hwan, except for his movies, I had always discounted his acting ability; not any more!! Again, as I watched, I continued to feel guilty whenever I laughed at Cha Don’s assistant. He had me rolling with guilt and laughter at the same time! I’ll make my penance next week with the students next week. Great episode!

  19. 19 IBELIS

    For me SK is just a sociopath, he wanted revenge for his father, but in truth CD dad never wronged his dad. He paid him to go to jail in his stead. That means SK dad willingly went to jail, he was not a victim. When the father died from the illness CD dad took care of SK, made sure that he was educated and pretty much led a good life. So for me he had to be a little twisted to want revenge for his dad. OK even if I say his father died a criminal even though he was innocent, so he wanted revenge for his death. What did that have to do with CD and his mom. What he did to them is what makes him evil incarnate and not the good guy he see’s himself as.

  20. 20 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! I loved this episode! I watched it twice without subs and once with subs. The way Cha Don was delivering his message to his mom while being tortured =**( And then the reunion! Finally, Mom got her son back! Sure Cha Don is the “hero” of the story, but Mom, what a strong woman!

    She spent 5 years listening to her fellow inmates being tortured and has still remained sane. She didn’t die at the end, which I was afraid was what would happen. She persisted and never gave up yearning for her son.

    Ji Se Kwang may act all righteous, but subjecting your enemy’s wife to torture was inhumane. She had already taken the fall for the murder. He should have felt sorry to her for being a bystander who just got swept up in this.

    I hope the horrible “doctor” rats out Ji Se Kwang. And I hope Cha Don keeps his mom safe. You know the moment Ji Se Kwang finds out that Mom is free and Cha Don’s the son, he’s going to go after Mom again.

  21. 21 marilyn

    i love kang ji hwan! nobody could have done it better (i’m an avid fan of kjh… forgive my loyalty). i think that kang seok has already claimed the money and he has the right to keep it secret for security purposes. i feel sorry that the mother will die (i think, otherwise, it will end up the story). i love how clever kang seok is. and looking forward on what will happen next.

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