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Lee Dong-wook as doting father in Mandate of Heaven
by | March 27, 2013 | 79 Comments

So. Cute. My curiosity was already piqued when they called KBS’s upcoming sageuk thriller Mandate of Heaven a Joseon-era Ajusshi, but the stills of lead actor Lee Dong-wook on set with his tv daughter (played by rookie child actress Kim Yu-bin) are enough to make anyone’s heart go gooey. Who needs tough guy ajusshi when you can have a hair-braiding, hand-holding, doting daddy as your hero?

The 24-episode sageuk stars Lee Dong-wook as a royal physician who gets framed in an assassination plot against the king, and suddenly ends up a fugitive on the run. At the same time he’s racing against the clock to cure his daughter, who’s dying from an illness. Damn. If this is directed well (with unrelenting tension from the moment he’s on the run till the end), it could be amazing. If they loosen their grip on the suspense in any way, then we’re looking at a more standard conspiracy drama. I won’t set my expectations too high, but it’d be awesome to have a taut thriller thrown into the spring fusion sageuk/rom-com mix.

Song Ji-hyo plays a medical assistant who falls in love with him, and Yoon Jin-yi (A Gentleman’s Dignity) is the rough-and-tumble daughter of a bandit who helps him when he’s a fugitive. I already like the Man on the Run setup, and I don’t know how much time he’ll have for romance with his daughter to save and his name to clear, but I can’t imagine they’d cast two leading ladies and not make time for ANY romance, right?

Im Seul-ong (26 Years) plays the crown prince, who lives a very tense life in the palace, wary of everyone and everything. There have been countless attempts on his life since the day he was born, and the only person he trusts is Lee Dong-wook, because he saved him once as a little boy. It looks like the actors have taken to their onscreen friendship like two peas in a pod — they could almost pass for twins. Maybe that’ll come in handy down the line?

Mandate of Heaven follows IRIS 2 and premieres April 24 on KBS.

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79 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Kelinci Biru

    purtyyyyyyy ajushi. he’s hotter with moustache and all.

    • 1.1 True2u

      YES HE IS!!!!! Gosh, he’s looking mighty fine here. I’m Def checking this one out. Can’t wait for the lead couple to heat up my screen. And that baby girl is killing me with cuteness!!!

    • 1.2 Peridot

      A good moustache and beard work wonders!

  2. Jacqueline

    lol Seul Ong with the beard hehe

    • 2.1 Joy @ OSS

      hahah was going to say. did not expect it coming!

  3. Katherine

    Lee Dong Wook and his fictional daughter are so cute together, there is always something about actors and kids you gotta love & agree if they execute this show perfectly and keep the suspense ongoing throughout then they could possibly have a hit drama on their hands BUT for now I’ll just patiently wait and see what they have to offer and if they live up to what they promise with the story.

    [Random aside: Now I can understand why Ji hyo in the latest episode of Running Man looks abit worn out especially at the beginning since she is shooting this and the show – damn it must be tiring & yet she still brings her A game.]

    • 3.1 bjharm

      she done it twice, before working on RM and still also making tv drama, but then she not getting any younger to work like that. Still that Korea for you, bet she has a room already booked in her name at the hospital for the IV dip thing.
      I was thinking after hours she and Lee Dong Woo can go bungy jump together..lol but yeah more like share the same IV drop treatment.
      Hope it has a little comedy in it the comedy/romance dramas seem to thin on the ground.

      • 3.1.1 Katherine

        I remember that, more specifically after shooting for her drama and then heading straight away to China to shoot that special and then right after that she collapsed from exhaustion and ended up missing out on the next episode which had SNSD.
        I really hope she takes care of herself and same goes for the rest of the cast, I hope they don’t do the whole live shooting thing.

  4. cookiejae

    lee dong wook and seulong so cute!
    happy to see wookie in a new sageuk drama.

  5. bebe swtz

    If this drama’s tension is built up right and carried on right a la The Princess’ Man, then it should be a splendid watch ^.^

    • 5.1 joybells

      Didn’t this adorable child actress play Park shi hoo’s niece in “The Princess man”

      • 5.1.1 scbound

        yes and shes a sweetheart

      • 5.1.2 welma

        Yes, u are right, she is the same child. She was so adorable with cute voice.

      • 5.1.3 Meghan

        Ah so that’s where I’ve seen her! Thank you, that was bugging me cause I couldn’t quite place where I’d seen her before. She was very cute in The Princess’ Man. 😀

        • Porcelain

          She is also Ye-eun, in Oh My Lady. With Choi Si Won as her daddy in that drama.

          • canxi

            Awww! The little quiet baby?!?!?! (if I remember correctly). I loved herrrr <3 <3 <3

          • joybells

            Your right,I was trying to recall where i had seen her in besides “the princess’ man”

        • Lilian

          I was just trying to remember where I saw this cute and excellent child actress. Thanks for the reminder. Definitely gonna watch this for Lee Dong Wook!

      • 5.1.4 Jushi

        I was just about to ask if it was her. I adored her at Princess’ Man. This kid is one hell of an actress.

    • 5.2 Jo

      Oh my dear. That would be the absolute dream.
      I think I am still on a sort of Princess’ Man withdrawal. There have been very few sageuks recently that give me the same feelings. The last drama of the same execution, acting, costumes, historicity (in my opinion) was the famed Tree with Deep roots and Chuno…both of them suffered from dumb last episodes. But everything else was pretty amazing.
      I hope this one will be one of those.

      • 5.2.1 Chiomy

        What about Qeeun In-Hyun’s Man? You no likey??

  6. MsB

    So onboard with this!! The little girl from The Princess’s Man!! Nothing does it like a man braiding his daughter’s hair!!

    • 6.1 MicolaM

      When I saw it I thought LDW melt my heart will ya.

    • 6.2 ilikehim

      Is she also Si Won’s daughter in Oh! My Lady?

      • 6.2.1 Jo

        I always get amazed when I see child actors and how much they’ve grown…but this little girl doesn’t seemed to have changed much. haha. Maybe in two years I’ll be shocked.
        For now, she is the same cutie face

  7. cimori

    this drama remain me with The Chaser. IMO, this the chaser’s saeguk version.

    btw i dislike lee dong wook’s moustache , it remain me with his style on wild romance. shortly he looks really too old for his age. well i hope the production team could erase that moustache. make it more eye candy. u don’t have look really old to have a child.

    and about the storyline, i like it n i will like to watch it as long this story not draggy n too melow. n its okay if this drama focuz on relationship among father n daughter only.

    to Pd-nim : don’t be too pushy if theirs not any romance between LDW n Ji Hyo.

    • 7.1 Annie

      I think the role was meant for an older actor so it would make sense that he needs to be aged up.

      I’d take good acting and plot over ‘pretty’ any day.

    • 7.2 Jo

      and frankly, a moustache is pretty…accurate.

  8. mskololia

    Dad braiding daughter’s hair got me. I’ll check this one out.

    • 8.1 True2u

      LOL!!! It reminds me when my dad used to do my hair >.> Oh, the memories!! I would hold my hair and he would tie it a hair band. lol

      • 8.1.1 AnotherFan

        Awww, that is so sweet!

      • 8.1.2 ht

        I know! Although my dad only knows how to tie a ponytail, but yes, the sweet memories. Everyday, before going to school. 😛

  9. meanrice

    I am so looking forward to this. I too hope it is taught suspense wise from A to Z. Also I have a tendency to give up on the medical themed dramas, really want this to be the one the breaks the mold.

    I hope the daughter is not a whiny thing, but a rough and tumble tomboy. She could bond with la bandita, and there could e hijinks. HIJINKS!

  10. 10 egatekeeperu

    So cute so adorable. Cannot wait

  11. 11 Belle3005


  12. 12 damianna

    aww.. i’ve mellted into a puddle of goo with all the sweetness. lee dong wook, song ji hyo n now this lil kid. please be awesome show.

  13. 13 snow_white

    this drama surely looks interesting….and I like this premise 🙂

  14. 14 DayDreamer

    Okay, this one sounds very interesting. I can’t wait!

  15. 15 Rovi

    Yay~!!! Adorbs Lee Dong-wook, just wow for “Meong” Ji-hyo, and awwwwwwwwww to Kim Yu-bin (surprised she was the little girl in TPM)

    OngOng now looks WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY older than Changmin with the moustache. XD

  16. 16 N

    Ooohh im so watching this so the adorable little girl!!! Gahhhhhh!! I rmb her from the princess’s man.

  17. 17 junibacken

    The liitle girl and LDW together is too cute. And I’m also excited about Song Ji Hyo in this drama.

  18. 18 lenrasoon


    now i feel like watching lol.

  19. 19 browncoat_78

    I absolutely cannot wait for this drama. The plot sounds soooooooo good to me! I love LDW and SJH (I especially love her in sageuk where she just kills it). IF this is directed well, I think this could be really great! Please, oh, please be great! Please!

    • 19.1 SistAr

      she… doesn’t.

  20. 20 tammie

    You had me at LDW. The hair braiding sealed the deal. Gah.

  21. 21 Abbie

    Ace Ji-hyo! Yes! Love her on Running Man, she’s awesome! I’m looking forward to this drama and I hope it’s good.

    Also, I love Lee Dong-wook. He’d play a great doting daddy. The picks of him and the little girl are adorable.

  22. 22 Damselfly H

    Wha? Kim Yu-bin is not a rookie!

    She was the speechless baby Ye-eun in Oh! My Lady! (http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm96/javabeans122/drama/2010/oml/oh1/oml2-00077.jpg and http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm96/javabeans122/drama/2010/oml/oh1/oml2-00127.jpg)

    She can be seen as recently as the NII commercial with JYJ. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr45xEmDOQs)

    She was also in Hooray for Love as the little curly head teaching her dad the moves with the ladies 🙂

  23. 23 AnotherFan

    Aww…. my heart most certainly went goooooey for these adorable father-daughter pair. That child actress is sooo cute and I remember her from “Oh Lazy” with Chae Rim and SiWon. I didn’t expect LDW to have such chemistry with the child actors but he melts my heart. Can’t wait for the drama to start!!

  24. 24 Mystisith

    I must say, that daddy and his daughter are adorable even if the drama is not for me.

  25. 25 crazedlu

    geh! premise hooks me! casting is a plus. will be tuning in. hope i like it.

    • 25.1 crazedlu

      hello. just saying hello.

  26. 26 canxi

    LMAO the last picture! Joseon-Bros.

    These are really cute. I want to watch this. 🙂

  27. 27 Bandi


  28. 28 Bu Young

    Kim Yubin has grown sooo much since I last saw her in that drama with Chae Rin and Siwon! She’s so adorable!

    I will check out the first few episodes, but I’m really bad at staying committed to saeguks.

  29. 29 dewaanifordrama

    Ooh! This looks like it has potential *crosses fingers*. And Lee Dong Wook is adorable as a dad!

  30. 30 jennie

    It’s Kim Yu Bin from Oh My Lady!
    gosh that adorable girl~

  31. 31 Carole McDonnell

    Little girls…so adorable!!!!!
    Little boys are cute too but…

    • 31.1 AnotherFan

      Piqued my curiosity with the “but..” 🙂 Mind to elaborate a bit?

  32. 32 JC

    Wow, Lee Dong Wook is really looking the part!
    And haha, him and Seulong really do look alike in their sageuk manes/facial hair of glory. 8D

  33. 33 whatis

    The stills make it look more comedic than the plot. Maybe I’m just too used to seeing LDW in comedies. Will definitely watch this to see how it plays out.

    While I love SJH in Running Man, I haven’t seen her in a drama since Goong which was eons ago…

  34. 34 Betsy

    Kim Yu Bin is too cute and way lucky to have starred in so many dramas with cute Dad figures (Siwon and now Lee Dong Wook)! She’s also modeled with JYJ for clothing brand NII. I’m totally jealous of this little lady!

    This drama seems exciting and the plot seems different from other dramas. It’ll be nice to see LDW step outside his comfort zone and do a sageuk. Song Ji hyo is a total sageuk ace so this should be a good drama to watch.

  35. 35 tiffshin

    Nawwww adorable!!! SJH soo pretty!! Excited for this 🙂

  36. 36 El

    LDW and his daughter are so cute and adorable 🙂

  37. 37 magnus

    To be honest, I’d forgotten about this saeguk. By the time it premieres I could either be hooked on one of the two coming out soon or wanting for something else. Either way, I’ll certainly be watching this.
    Also, which shows are you guys thinking of recapping? I’m thinking everyone is going to be on board recapping shows left and right. Can’t wait to see ^.^

  38. 38 Tyme

    I’m assuming his wife is dead? 🙁 I remember in In-Hyun he also had a dead wife except we never found out much about her. I suppose we get the best of both worlds since he has an adorable kiddo but he can also have romance with other women.

  39. 39 Boo

    I just watched My Girl, even though it’s an old drama.

    Glad to see Lee Dong Wook in this new one. I haven’t watched other dramas starring him yet…

    He looks so cute with the little girl! ^^

  40. 40 kfangurl

    Aw, I love Kim Yoo Bin!! She’s adorable, and she can actually act! <3 <3 <3

    Lee Dong Wook looks like he could be an awesomely cute dad!

    Really hope this turns out to be good!!

  41. 41 ht

    dong wook is tooooo young to be a father.
    he is only 1982 for crying out loud.

    • 41.1 Mystisith

      In those times, I’m pretty sure you were married and with kids sooner than now. A 31 years old dad with a 10 years old kid doesn’t shock me. Also, maybe his character is supposed to be older than his own age…

  42. 42 Didi

    I’m sold for this drama, but don’t know if I will watch all of it. Of course I will watch it for Dong Wook though, I love all his projects.

  43. 43 Claudine

    OMO!!! I didn’t think Im Seulong would look like THAT in his his royal garb. Wow! *off to google if he’s legal*

  44. 44 Kakashi

    oh my … sageuk heaven ahead. I love sageuks.

  45. 45 Makoto

    aw… kim yu bin. her acting always amaze me.

  46. 46 Makoto

    She also played in You’re Beautiful but only one episode, as one of Minho’s clasmate’ sister.

  47. 47 Lolas

    The plots seems familiar…….. What drama was it again? Arrgh cant remember….

  48. 48 Htagged

    Awww so cute….LDW looks so natural with the kid.

  49. 49 k-soup

    very cool daddy!

  50. 50 np561

    The little girl also played as Siwon’s on-screen daughter in Oh! My lady. That little girl is so precious.

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