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More stills from God of the Workplace
by | March 15, 2013 | 48 Comments

Office dramas can be hit or miss, but I’m keeping one eye on KBS’s God of the Workplace because when they hit, I find them light and funny and simple. (When they miss, they can be boring and dry. But then I think fondly of the good ones like Dal Ja’s Spring, which is my favorite of the bunch.)

Based on our stills for God of the Workplace, it’s going for a rom-com trendy vibe, which could make for a cute watch. Kim Hye-soo plays a fiercely competent employee, Miss Kim, whose very name inspires awe in her co-workers, as we saw in the preview — even her superiors are afraid of her.

I wonder if that includes Oh Ji-ho, who’ll butt heads repeatedly with our heroine before the romance blooms. Does his brand-new ajumma perm counter his status in upper management? Heh. At least he’s not the same ol’ sleek and starched Darcy businessman hero, which is getting rather old hat. He’s pictured below with co-star Lee Hee-joon, who is his his colleague and friend and opposite in every way. Oh Ji-ho is the hotheaded guy who puts everything on the line for his work, while Lee Hee-joon is the cold guy who… doesn’t. One’s upbeat and energetic, the other one is serious. And so on and so forth.

That diametric-opposites dynamic repeats on the ladies’ end, where we have Jung Yumi and Jeon Hye-bin playing two employees hired at the same time. Jung Yumi came out of a third-rate university and has poor specs on her resumé, and thus is only a temporary hire. She tries her hardest at everything and only makes mistakes, and lapses into Saturi in crucial moments. Ha.

Jeon Hye-bin has a gleaming resumé, first-rate education, and everything going for her. She’s hired as a regular employee and happens to be the ex-girlfriend of Oh Ji-ho, whom Jung Yumi has a crush on. Okay, this is gonna be one of those tangled romantic webs, is it? Fine, bring it on — I refuse to be foiled by your complicated lovelines! *Gets out relationship chart and colored pencils*

I get that contrasts are fun, but wish we didn’t have to be quite so black and white with the setups. Still, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a good, straight-up funny romantic comedy — why do they all have to get so melo and twisty? or dumb and nonsensical? — and I’d be glad if this one could fit the bill. Hope springs eternal.

God of the Workplace premieres on April 1, following the end of Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek.

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48 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. birdscout

    I want this to be cute and fun! Not watching ANY kdrama right now, for the first time since my addiction began 6 years ago. I am in a slump!

    • 1.1 queencircles

      Ditto!!! I hope this is good enough to pull me out of mine 😉

    • 1.2 true2u

      Yes!! Me too. but it’s not my first time. Last drama I was really into was vampire Prosecutor 2

    • 1.3 pamie

      ok, good to know i’m not the only one in a slump…
      nothing appeals to me right now, went back and watched Coffee Prince and Ghost but nothing since

    • 1.4 nomad

      wow! turns out there are many who are in a slump right now. Been marathoning recaps from old KD instead. 😛

      • 1.4.1 DarknessEyes

        wow… me too lol. Haven’t found anything that was really drama-crack worthy since Gakistal and Reply 1997… and that was a long time ago.

        • Lilian

          Oh yeah, there is really nothing that keeps me excited like Reply 1997 at the moment too. The closest is That Winter, The Wind Blows, but that is melo..so it doesn’t make me laugh!

    • 1.5 koreampuff

      seriously me neither .__. except for horse healer.

    • 1.6 houstontwin

      I’m in a slump too. I’m watching Giant, which is great, and long, so hopefully it will last until the next good kdrama.
      Despite this, I have been dropping in on Incarnation of money every now and then. The last episode shows some improvement.

      • 1.6.1 b50592

        Haven’t finished an entire drama since protect the boss…I get excited then get disappointed. i think i may go back to the classics until something new catches my interests.

    • 1.7 mjfan

      me too , the last addiction for me was the king of dramas , since then , I didn’t find anything worthy that I think of watching the oldies , they were the best …….

    • 1.8 JO

      If you want something sitcom-y and family oriented with a lot of characters you can love watch UNEXPECTED YOU. It was a hit in Korea over the summer. I loved it

  2. Rie

    Thanks !! This drama seems funny, I hope it will be good + I really like Kim Hye Soo 🙂
    I first saw her in an old drama “Did we really love” or something like that…one of my first kdramas ^^; And she is so great in her movies !!

  3. sunshower

    haha I bet Oh Ji-ho is playing a character not as capable and has risen through the ranks as far as he can go.

    • 3.1 HaibaraChristie

      I feel like this is a Queen of Reversals reprise… except where he gets the girl.

  4. Mystisith

    I wonder how close this show will be to “Haken no hinkaku”. Really, J Doramas have a gift for workplace dramas but it’s a bit more complicated with Korean ones.
    I will hope for something good but won’t expect too much.

    • 4.1 pauper

      “Really, J Doramas have a gift for workplace dramas”

      They definitely do right by workplace (and sometimes school) dramas because unlike the Korean ones, romance is not necessary unless if the main theme is romance (e.g. Anego or Suppli).

      Kdramas feel the need to have lovelines for each and every character when sometimes it’s not even necessary. I thought School 2013 was wise to not have romance because that would have taken so much from the actual focus (the bromance is another story).

      Another thing, I wish the characterisation wasn’t so black and white.

      • 4.1.1 houstontwin

        Good point. Jdramas are into values, community, and personal growth. I am almost always disappointed when they attempt romance but love their workplace and detective dramas.

  5. DayDreamer

    I’m wary of workplace dramas but this one sounds interesting. I think I might watch it.

  6. KimYoonmi

    The original drama didn’t have a real love line though… had the typical Japanese version of a love line.

    I’d put it down for comedy, but I won’t count on the romance…

  7. mzpakipot

    nice hairstyle Miss Kim

  8. the68monkey

    Oh Ji-NOOOO! That hair is seriously taking away from his Mr. Hotness.

    • 8.1 Laica

      I actually like it – he looks less like a too-perfect Ken doll and more like a real (very hot) man.

      • 8.1.1 mrmz

        I like it too!! 😉

        • skelly

          Same here. I really like their dynamic in that first shot.

  9. Laica

    I’ll be watching this for Lee Hee-jun. The man is seriously underrated. I’ve been in love with him since Wild Romance, but he was OMG beyond adorable in You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly. That drama was worth watching for him alone. <3

    Please be good, drama! We need some comedy up in here.

    • 9.1 enz

      ahh I was so irritated by that loveline in my husband has a family

  10. 10 Nokcha

    I hope this is good. I’ve been really disappointed with the recent crop of dramas and am waiting for something fun! The character descriptions seem pretty typical, but if the script and direction is right, it could great.

  11. 11 Nina

    JUNG ♥ YUMI ♥

    okay I’m biased

    • 11.1 mud

      I’m biased too =D She’s got that spunk that just makes her so likeable in my books.

  12. 12 lemondoodle

    Not sure what’s worse, the his ajumma perm or the comb over she has. Office dramas are very hit or miss with me, but I’ll check out a few episodes.

  13. 13 Belle3005

    Don’t dig the ahjumma hair on Oh Ji Ho 🙁

  14. 14 snow_white

    I’m in definitely 🙂

    and yay for a non-Mr Darcy for a change….. (but I like those cliched heroes as well!! )

  15. 15 dada

    Is Oh Ji Ho playing the same character that Oizumi Yo played in the Japanese version? Because if he is, that would explain the hair. hehe. 😛

  16. 16 saranga

    the main photo reminded me of the drama get karl! that one starred oh ji-ho and uhm jung-hwa. kim hye-soo resembles her.

    not crazy about jeon hye-bin or jung yumi- i thought it was the other jung yumi, who is so cute.

    • 16.1 ht

      This Jung Yumi is so cute as well.. *biased*

      • 16.1.1 snow_white

        agreed….This Jung Yoo Mi is really cute and a good actress 🙂

  17. 17 ht

    Jeon Hye-bin ❤ Oh Ji-ho
    Jung Yu-mi ❤ Oh Ji-ho
    Lee Hee-joon ❤ ?
    Oh Ji-ho ❤ Miss Kim
    Miss Kim ❤ ?

    LOL. I’m bored.

  18. 18 Suzi Q

    Japanese dramas don’t translate well into Korean ones.

    I really enjoyed Haken No Hinkaku (Pride of the Temp) which God of the Workplace is based. In the Japanese version, the temps were necessary for a short duration. They could easily be let go when their usefulness was no longer required and that more and more Japanese companies were utilizing them due to budget constraints.

    I don’t know if Korea has the same situation. I like Kim Hye Soo, but she is known for her sexy roles and can’t see her as an ahjumma type. She is suppose to portray the ultra perfectionist office worker. I like the cast so I’m hoping the Korean version is as good or better than the Japanese one.

    • 18.1 bd

      Didn’t watch the Japanese version, but the Korean version of “The Man Who Can’t Marry” starring Ji Jin-hee was very good.

      I see that the stylists for this drama went out of their way to make OJH and JY look bad w/ those awful hairstyles (not to mention KHS). lol

  19. 19 Quiet Thought

    Looking forward to an explanation for the toreador costume.

  20. 20 enz

    I’m excited for this for three reasons. 1. same writer as flower boy ramyun shop, which I loved and thought was really well written and very complete. 2. I love Jung Yu mi 3. oh ji ho looks really cute in that unkempt scruffy kind of way.

    so please drama, be good. don’t disappoint me like fbnd did! :p

  21. 21 cimori

    i really hate oh ji hoo hair style, it a weird-o style, un-attractive, and looks silly for his age.

    i hope the pd could change oh ji hoo hair style.

  22. 22 JoJo

    OMG! Did KHS bring her wardrobe from Style? Gotta watch this one!

  23. 23 biankoy

    Anego and Suppli are like LOVE! I missed those days when I was still freeloading at crunchyroll. Those shows also solidified my love for noona-dongsaeng romances (I don’t know how they call it in Japanese).
    Japanese dramas tend to be more conservative especially in theromance genre and they tend to give so little development to the main couple. It frustrates the hell out of me BUT in general they have good storyline and very much entertaining.

    • 23.1 Annie

      Kim Hye Soo is a little older than Oh Ji Ho but this drama will not be noona-dongsaeng. The guy is older in the original J dorama.

  24. 24 Noelle

    I really hope this is good! I hate workplace just cause the work ends up taking center stage. I don’t give two hoots about whatever is happening with a client or some million dollar contract that if it fails the company will be kaput. Blah blah blah.

  25. 25 jubilantia

    Yay this looks cute. Although I love how they went from flamenco dancer to matador as her off-month international extracurricular activity…

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