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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 435
by | April 27, 2013 | 76 Comments

EPISODE 435. Broadcast on April 21, 2013.

javabeans: Right off the bat as the members arrive for a new trip, we’re hit with a preview of the goodies to come today: Let’s just say there’s lots of mud, digging, and humiliation in store for them.

girlfriday: Muahaha. The boys get together for a group-walking intro and everyone wears sunglasses to try and look cool… except for Su-geun, whose look I can’t even describe.

javabeans: Did Su-geun pick that out of his son’s Cracker Jacks?

girlfriday: There couldn’t be more colors in a pair of sunglasses if you tried.

javabeans: LOL, and then they all do their intro line while taking off the glasses like a movie star, and when Su-geun whips off his toy sunglasses the lens pops out mid-line. They actually pause the intro song to laugh their heads off, and then we resume.

girlfriday: That’s what you get for shopping for accessories in cereal boxes.

javabeans: Okay, then he pops out both lenses and is it me or does he look like Pororo?

girlfriday: Ha, he does. At least it’s a workable look with just the frames.

javabeans: Aw, today’s trip is themed around Taean, the seaside city that had that horrible oil spill a few years ago. The citizens rallied together to clean it up, and the boys aww at the choice too. Su-geun compliments New PD for his smart choice to showcase Taean using the show, asking if he’s a genius, and New PD says, “The writers wrote it for me.”

girlfriday: Hahaha. I like him. Joo-won rallies up the nerve to complain that they should get breakfast for gathering so early, and New PD says they’ll show them today’s menu. I love that he gasps, “Really?” when he’s the one who asked.

javabeans: I HATE WHEN THEY SHOW CRAB. GRUMBLE GRUMBLE BITTERNESS. One day, they will invent an allergy pill and I will eat all the crab in the world.

girlfriday: *pat pat* There, there.

javabeans: It’s just worse because the show makes me hungry anyway. Like that bowl of plain rice that New PD trots out to let them play for a one-bite challenge? That rice looks delicious. The crab is just mean.

girlfriday: This whole show is food torture. Anyway, the boys choose their preference between spicy crab and soy sauce crab, and the PD tells them those are the teams today. The winners get the crab they chose, while the losers get… nothing. Like nothing nothing? Hae-jin actually stutters and looks like he’s gonna beat New PD up.

javabeans: That has to be a tactical choice: Come out strong. Show no weakness. I love how Hae-jin adapts to this mindset so quickly because he’s the first to suggest that they taste the crab — you know, just to make sure it’s good and all. Worth playing for. So they get one round of rock-scissors-paper, and Jong-min wins a bite. Is it me, or is Joo-won a bit sassy today? He teases Tae-hyun at one point (for having a shot at the crab, then losing it) — I wonder if this is the turning point when he starts coming out of his bashful-quiet-maknae shell.

girlfriday: I hope so. We’ve waited long enough. Bring on the sass!

javabeans: After Jong-min takes his bite, the boys immediately launch into another round of rock-scissors-paper to play for a second bite, and New PD has to call out no-go. LOL. Well you can’t blame them for trying.

girlfriday: The two teams head to their first mission location, and Hae-jin and Shi-kyung seem to have this really funny bickering thing starting up between them.

javabeans: Maybe it’ll be good for both of them. Shi-kyung didn’t have that guy there to cut him down to size till now, which is why I think he was either too serious or too much the Sungchoongi, but Hae-jin has this funny straightforward delivery in tossing things back at him.

girlfriday: Yeah they’re well-matched. Hae-jin suggests that if they lose they shouldn’t be mad at the teammate who messes up. Shi-kyung: “We won’t get mad. But we should just hit him once really hard.” Hae-jin: “There’s no need for that. If we don’t eat lunch I’ll just go to a different team for dinner. Better not to see each other anymore.”

javabeans: Hae-jin takes a walk on the beach looking for a shell or something to offer as a gift in the spirit of making peace with Shi-kyung, but what makes the moment funny is his addendum that he doesn’t feel good being on Shi-kyung’s bad side. Haha.

girlfriday: So cute. But also, I don’t think he knows Shi-kyung very well. Why hunt for a pretty seashell when a bag of chips would do?

javabeans: Then he gives up on the hunt for a pretty shell and shrugs, “Eh, I’ll just give him whatever.” Lol.

girlfriday: It’s really cute how he walks over to Shi-kyung in the middle of the group and hands him the shell, like he’s got a crush.

javabeans: It also totally proves that it’s the thought that counts! I’m liking Hae-jin’s personality a lot, particularly as it works with this group. Shi-kyung’s on one extreme of keeping his thoughts inside, and Jong-min’s at the opposite end but in an uneasy way, because his lack of filter offends. Hae-jin is the kind who says what he thinks, but in an inoffensive way. Blunt but good-natured.

girlfriday: The first mission is to sing a song about the beach they’re at, and I don’t know if it’s just because I don’t know the song, but it sounds hard.

javabeans: Unsurprisingly, we go through this sing-a-long a number of times. Though one team (Hae-jin’s) is much worse than the other (Joo-won, Tae-woong, Su-geun). Hee, the other team hovers around while the other team sings, looking for tips for their turn. (“What do you mean it’s not ‘crying perm’? I heard ‘crying perm’!”)

girlfriday: Dude, I totally heard “crying perm” too. This is basically a war between Joo-won, Hae-jin, and Tae-hyun, who are the three boys messing up over and over and over. Two of them just happen to be on one team though, so I think things are in Joo-won’s favor.

javabeans: Do you like how they take a break from the singing to deliver finger-smacks on Hae-jin’s forehead? It’s ostensibly to earn another listen to the song, but Hae-jin (who keeps messing up) is offered up as the sacrifice. Hilariously, he glares so hard while awaiting the flicks that he psychs all the other team members out.

girlfriday: Or is it that he delays so long that the flicker loses all strength in his finger?

javabeans: But his I’m-bracing-myself face looks a lot like his Imma-kill-you face from his gangster movies. It’s Tae-woong’s team that wins this round, and then they resume traveling, arriving in what looks like a desert.

girlfriday: Is there some kind of variety sand dune thing going on this week? Why is everyone doing deserts?

javabeans: Because they inevitably lead to pain? The boys are given the time to walk around freely (uh, suspicious?) and they take a leisurely stroll on the sand, with a brief pause while Jong-min and Joo-won “shoot” a mock outdoorwear CF using the desert as the backdrop. Jong-min directs the shots the way he wants, and then asks Joo-won if he can be in his real CFs. Ha.

girlfriday: Lol, their company’s tagline is “Just stop it.” When they get to the other side, the PD tells them they have two minutes to collect staff members’ shoes (and their own of course) to see which team has collected the most sand on their walk.

javabeans: Ooh, crafty! I like this kind of bokbulbok, which is really built on chance. With the clock ticking (or more appropriately, an hourglass dripping sand), they start pulling shoes off their crew and tapping them into bowls.

girlfriday: Shi-kyung yanks off New PD’s shoes: “They’re smelly and they don’t even have sand!”

javabeans: They weigh the bowls, and it’s a close one, but ultimately this ties up the lunch race 1 to 1: Hae-jin’s team wins with 349 grams over 337 grams.

girlfriday: I love that even after hearing the numbers, Tae-hyun’s confused: “We lost right? We lost?”

javabeans: They arrive at location 3 for their next game, which is basically an excuse to flick each other on the forehead — with nonsense rules like how you have to accept the hit while smiling — while speaking in antiquated speech patterns. You’re like, “What’s the point? Oh well who cares, this is hilarious.”

girlfriday: Yeah basically there’s no point except for violence. I’m okay with that. Turns out there is a real game here, which we get to once Joo-won and Shi-kyung finish making the other guys cry with their forehead flicks. It’s like a version of marbles, using badook pieces. Unsurprisingly, Su-geun’s team is really good. At one point they’re leading four to one pieces on the board, and Hae-jin asks if there’s something they can do to get another piece back. Su-geun: “Sexy dance!”

javabeans: Hae-jin’s all, “Um, how about something else?” Su-geun: “I’m only gonna make you do things you hate!” Ha, I feel like this was a really easy request/order, but Hae-jin really, really doesn’t want to do it. Trouble is, it was his idea so there’s no wiggling his way out of it now. Finally his teammates have to “teach” him a dance, and I feel like the deconstruction of a pelvic thrust is more hilarious than the dance itself. Dude, has Shi-kyung been practicing?

girlfriday: Hahaha. This is terrible but hilarious. And yeah, it totally looks like Shi-kyung’s been practicing this dance at home, which is almost more embarrassing.

javabeans: Hae-jin’s team loses, but he can’t deal with the loss and pleads, whines, and threatens until they agree to a rematch. (And then before they start the rematch he warns everyone that there will be no more asking for extra rounds or games, ’cause that would totally be pathetic. HA.)

girlfriday: Pfft, they’re told to kneel to beg for another round, and Hae-jin can’t bring himself to kneel in front of them, so he turns his back and kneels toward the field. It’s like he has a war with his pride every single step of the way, with the dancing, the having to ask for things.

javabeans: Su-geun’s team trounces them again anyway, and wins lunch. The losers are seated at a table where Hae-jin demands at least plain rice, only to get a pot… full of dry crackers, shaped like crab.

girlfriday: HAHAHAHAHA. It’s a food pun! Also, really really sad.

javabeans: Hae-jin makes another proposal (his desperation is really funny) to win a chance at a bite using a stone pot lid to “curl” on a tabletop. They’re all, “I thought you said you didn’t like making up games!” and he’s all, I’m HUNGRY.

girlfriday: I love his insistence that this is NOT pathetic, because he’s offering chips in exchange for dessert.

javabeans: But it’s Jong-min who wins the bite, and he overstuffs his mouthful to cram as much food in as possible, and Tae-hyun calls out from the peanut gallery, “It better all fit in your mouth!” Hae-jin: “He’s our teammate! Why you gotta be like that?” Hee.

girlfriday: And then when Jong-min leaves some dangling from his mouth precariously, Tae-hyun steps right up to yank it out and eat it himself.

javabeans: Su-geun offers a second bite opportunity, but Hae-jin slumps, all defeated now. He doesn’t even try for it, saying he doesn’t wanna, so Shi-kyung wins a bite. After he loses again, Su-geun feels so bad that he even offers up a freebie bite to Hae-jin, who’s all, Sigh. I’ve lost all strength and hope forever. But he watches Tae-hyun enjoying his bite and caves in a second and starts stuffing his face. Dude, he must really be pathetic because they offer him extra bites too, on top of that, without even making him play for it.

girlfriday: It’s like watching his pride get chipped away bit by bit.

javabeans: You are literally watching a man get his spirit broken, step by step.

girlfriday: Hahaha, he’s totally having his Joo-won crying-over-meat moment: “I’m gonna go home and buy SO MUCH crab!” I guess everyone has that breakdown at some point. After lunch, they head to the muddy beach to dig for what looks like a cross between a prawn and a small lobster. The ajusshi there says they can be eaten raw with the shells on, which frankly kind of freaks me out, but Tae-woong, Hae-jin, and Shi-kyung all chomp down.

javabeans: I’m all for fresh sashimi, but isn’t this how you get tapeworms?

girlfriday: Yeah this is a little too wild for my taste. I mean, they still look muddy.

javabeans: Plus, Jong-min is over there cooing to his, “Hello, cutie!” And also, they look too much like the sea insects they are. And also also, they’re still moving.

girlfriday: Yes, yes, and ew, yes. Next week: dinner bokbolbuk gets dirty.


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  1. pV

    thankuuuuuuuuu 🙂
    was waiting for it
    P.S. Shikyung was good at the dance bcz he performed it at his concert

    • 1.1 tebz10

      I’ve got a link to that video!

      I believe it’s the 5th one on the list, where’s he’s wearing a red dress and a wig. Epic!

      • 1.1.1 seina miller

        that was awesome, thanks!

      • 1.1.2 trotwood

        Thank you so much. I am going to replay this every time I am sad as a pick me up. Thanks for the link and the other scenes from his concert. I don’t think I will ever be fortunate enough to see him live (*holding back the tears*), so whenever I get to see these I am grateful.

        • icelandia

          you and me both, i’m making this my go-to videos whenever i’m sad because i’ll probably never see him in person ever *sigh*

          • scarlett

            same here. i was hoping to have my passport in time for his may concert but sadly i can’t make it. but, seeing him perform live is still my ultimate goal in life..for now… world peace is still my super ultimate goal ^___^

      • 1.1.3 Enz

        Thanks so much!! I watched all of them. His voice and control is beautiful. I got goosebumps. I LOVE the second video where he held that note for soooo long and was so impressive and then at the next line, he struggled or pretended to and everyone laughed.

        Also loved the bit at the end of the dance when he clutched his head in embarrassment and mortification. So funny.

        I only know him coz of 2d 1n. Love his voice.

      • 1.1.4 Thursdaynexxt

        Thank you so much! That voice – swoon! That dance number – swoon, but for a different reason! And loved that head-clutch of total embarrassment at the end 😛

        Now I really really wanna see SSK’s concert live …

    • 1.2 tebz10

      Have you seen him dance to SNSD’s Gee? His super short pink shorts will forever be in my brain.

      • 1.2.1 kindaichi

        ya i saw that before! lol! but the video i saw was quite blurry, i hope there’s a clearer one…

  2. snow_white


  3. ck1Oz

    Eww… they did not just eat that muddy looking thing in the last photo raw did they?

    • 3.1 Gaeina Lee

      They DID! I can’t believe my eyes when I was watching it last week… Ewwwww!!!

    • 3.2 tebz10

      I was grossed out by that too! I mean, it’s got mud on it! If you’re gonna eat it raw, shouldn’t you at least wash it?

    • 3.3 victoria

      yeah i just watched it and they did eat it, it also kind of grossed me out

  4. chane

    Thank you so much for the recap girls. Off to read now!!

    • 4.1 chane

      Ha ha!! I love Hae Jin’s Imma-kill-you face

  5. Simpsonites

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  6. princess peach

    i’m loving YHJ, he’s so funny.

  7. MEalways

    Thank you jb and gf, both of you really make my weekend funnier. It’s always entertain to read your recaps, thank you.

    I was a bit afraid that the rating would go lower, cause several ‘reality shows’ got cancelled lately. I want to see these boys every Sundays…

    That Sistar’s dancing are so hilarious and a bit embarassing to watch, how come two different feelings could come at the same time?

    JB, so sorry for your allergic to crab. I do wish someday they find the anti-allergic-magic-pill to this. Why did I remember Rooftop Prince? And yes, this show always makes me hungry. I always watch it and dream that someday I would be able to fly to Seoul and just eat 🙂

  8. princess peach

    can’t wait for next weeks episode. thanks.

  9. oppa

    I love you recaps, please never stop recappping 1N2D!!

    • 9.1 oppa



  10. 10 Aiya

    How come this episode feels so short? Had fun reading the recap though.

    Aaand jb, you’re missing one of the best things in the world. Boo ya allergy!

    • 10.1 Jossy

      She’s not the only one 🙂 I may be worse off because I have a minor allergy to shellfish in general 🙁 buuuut I love my prawns, crays and lobster (T_T) my mouth itches like crazy when I eat it but I can’t stop >.< my life's dilemma~

  11. 11 zekwana

    does anyone have a link for this even if it’s raw as long as it’s in good quality? all the links i’ve been directed to have poor quality, all the vids are blurry.

    • 11.1 oozzeee …here, she uploads raws of high quality right after the show airs..

    • 11.2 Gaeina Lee

      Semi-fly @ soompi always provide the link every few mins right after the airing time. There are xvid – 720p quality, you choose.

      • 11.2.1 zekwana

        ok, thank you.

  12. 12 Sintia

    Thank you for the recap. I really enjoyed this episode, everyone was so lively, they laughed a lot and I laughed with them. I especially like the first photo (it was a funny moment) and photos where Joo Won and Shi-kyung flick each other on the forehead – cute 🙂
    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  13. 13 ajuma

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  14. 14 Gaeina Lee

    Gosh… I love dancey SSK. I just re-watched the 2011 viewers’ special yesterday and think… “Look, 1N2D, what you did to SSK!”. He’s still blushing all the time, but definitely loosen up a lot.. ^^

  15. 15 kiana

    awww, so sorry about your allergy, the same for me, i’m allergic to all seafood and it really sucks

  16. 16 carly rae

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  17. 17 wL

    This episode…I laughed when watching unsub version (though I dont understand) and still laughed when reading the recap. Looking forward for it on kbsworld 🙂

  18. 18 george

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    • 19.1 tebz10

      thanks for this link! i miss Kim Seungwoo. I’ll look forward to his new drama, though I don’t think I can ever see him be all badass-y anymore 🙂

    • 19.2 seina miller

      aww, our disruptive kim <3 miss him so much

  19. 20 uma

    …and thanks for the recap

  20. 21 Dramafed1782

    Thank you JB and GF for the recapping. Laughing all the way 😀 I am so sorry to hear about your allergy to seafood JB. Is it in particular to crab or all seafood? Waiting for next sunday’s recap.

  21. 22 abba

    TY 🙂

  22. 23 abba

    off to read now 🙂

  23. 24 Nina

    Oof, my brother and dad are allergic to seafood, especially shrimp.

    Which sucks for me and my mom, bc we LUV shrimp. Especially fried coconut shrimp YUMM-O:)

    Great, now I’m hungry again, and I just ate! 1N2D deja vu?

    ThAnKs for the recap ladies!

  24. 25 evan

    Un épisode très drôle. Vous Merci beaucoup.

  25. 26 tebz10

    Crabs are my absolute favorite. All I could think of while watching this ep was crabs. *drool*

  26. 27 victoria

    thanks girls

  27. 28 jennie

    ahahhaa, when i saw the photo of Joo Won flicking, I was immediately brought back memories of Ojakgyo Brothers when he played this game with UEE♥

    • 28.1 Nina

      Omgahh i remember that! Ahhh memories…


  28. 29 DanielleN

    I’ve only ever had imitation crab, which tastes pretty good to me….am I missing out on something incredibly delicious?

    Crabs just look so creepy crawly, i’m hesitant to try them lol

    Ahaha that first pic is crackin’ me up!

    • 29.1 Kandiboo

      you’re totally missing out on the finger lickin’ goodness of freshly cooked crabs. and I don’t mean those off the SanFran coast (of course they are still good, but they just dump it in salted water to boil) then give you the bits where you can eat with a spoon. We had to tell them to give us the whole thing last time.

      To fully enjoy a crab the Asian way, you have to crack open the darn shell, scoop up all the goodies inside, rip out the gills, suck up all the roe (if any) before destructing the legs to reveal all the meat. You can boil, cook, stirfry, or eat it raw like the Koreans do (marinated).

      Believe me, it’s MUCH better than it sounds. 🙂 and there’s no elegant way to eat a crab in whole.

  29. 30 monseuldesir

    Does anyone know where I can watch 1N2D with English subs? I used to watch it at but it’s no longer available.

    • 30.1 tebz10

      search boosaysharingiscaring on google. you’d need to sign up to get full access to her page (sign up is free).

  30. 31 DAEBAK!


  31. 32 f


  32. 33 dewaanifordrama

    Still laughing! This totally made my day! Thanks for the great recap ladies!

  33. 34 bernie

    i’m not sure if you can get tapeworms from crab, actually. i don’t think tapeworms like salt water…? i know there’s a risk from raw freshwater fish though~

  34. 35 seina miller

    thanks girls, another awesome recap.

  35. 36 Jossie Gaza

    Thank you very much.

  36. 37 kindaichi

    Enjoyed this episode a lot and had to pause at a few parts to laugh nonstop: D

  37. 38 icelandia

    yhj’s facial expressions are killing me, he’s so hilarious…glad to have him on the show

  38. 39 lemonade candy

    munching crab crackers *can’t afford real crab at the moment~ *

  39. 40 pp bees

    So sorry about your allergy JB, i’m the same and it’s really hard!!

  40. 41 pp bees

    And thanks fior the recap!

    • 41.1 pp bees

      dammit! *for

  41. 42 far

    this seems like a really good episode. ^^ i cant wait to watch this when i finally get to it.. i’m still waaaaaayy behind, at the episode where joowon dances to Orange Caramel. sooooo freaking cute!!!!

    anyway, the ratings increased by 0.2%, but they’re in 3rd place for the show episode that broadcasts on 28th April. i wonder why the ratings keep dropping? the show’s as interesting as before. maybe the viewers want to see more suffering or funny/hardcore games?

    this is worrying~ i want the show to have high ratings again… T__T

  42. 43 lola

    thank u so much for recapping…
    I love JW

    don’t stopping the 1N2D

  43. 44 lola

    thank u so much for recapping…
    don’t may the stopping the recap 1N2D 🙂


  44. 45 k-soup

    where can I download this? with English subtitle ? It’s really frustrating >.<

  45. 46 jayne

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    I cant wait to watch this episode which will be aired this weekend.
    YHJ is perfect for this show. Super love it!

  46. 47 tamtam

    Hae-Jin is the perfect addition to the show. He’s not too outspoken, proactive, but not dominating, competitive but humble, and when it’s his turn to do something, he really grabs my attention. It also helps that he just feels younger and fresher despite him being the oldest. Maybe bc he’s still a bachelor? I like what he’s bringing to the team, they needed someone who’s a little more outspoken, and now the weight of being funny, or initiating something funny isn’t so much on Jongmin and Sugeun anymore.

  47. 48 KBZIO

    This ep was so much fun and Hae Jin was so freaking hilarious

  48. 49 waldo

    Just aired on kbs world, love this episode bevause of some cute moments…YHJ searching for a nice shell as a peace offering for SK. The forehead flick game where they hurled funny threats to one another. The sexy sistar imitation dance. YHJ becoming really comfortable with the group and actually not shying away and being a total goofball.

  49. 50 waldo

    Also on the car ride, they talked about JW leaving for the army soon, i think he’s turning 28(?) in korean age next year and it’s the common age for celebs to enlist, i know we still have about a year and a half left but i don’t really want him to go because he’s one of my fave members.

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