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Birth of a new power couple: Jo In-sung ♥ Kim Min-hee
by | April 23, 2013 | 135 Comments

The K-webs are abuzz with this piece of news, which is likely to dominate for the next day or two, with Jo In-sung (That Winter, the Wind Blows, What Happened In Bali) and Kim Min-hee (Temperature of Love, Moby Dick) admitting that they’re dating.

The key points:

  • His agency put out a statement on April 24 confirming the news.
  • They began dating earlier this year. They describe their relationship as “early stages.”
  • Reportedly, they’ve been unable to date much with him doing his drama and her tied up with movie work.
  • They’d obviously met before; photos posted here come from a fashion shoot they did 12 years ago.
  • There’s a Kim C connection as well: The singer is good friends with Jo In-sung, and things got started when Kim C called out Kim Min-hee’s good friend and stylist, who brought Kim Min-hee out with her. Ha, Kim C the matchmaker, who knew?


Via Herald, SBS E!, Hankook Ilbo


135 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. okdubu

    here just for kimc. seriously who would’ve thunk.

    • 1.1 reglest

      Hah! The same thought cross my mind! LOL

    • 1.2 Santa

      After seeing him in Frozen Flower, me personally, would keep clear of him–too much enjoyment during the gay scenes. Appears his career slowed down some after that movie.

  2. snow_white


    It’s is indeed a surprising news!!!

  3. anon2

    there must be something charming about kim min hee that attracts all the good looking guys… so happy ^^ i love her as an actress, she is an excellent one.

    • 3.1 myra

      She’s gorgeous. Definitely not the Song Hye-Gyo or Lee Min-Jung or Lee Da-Hae type of beauty (where we can immediately see on the first glance), but you’ll grow to love her more each time you see her.

      Plus, she’s a pretty good actress and has improved so much over the years.

      • 3.1.1 jane

        I am not sure how Jo In Sung’s fans will react because she is not a conventional beauty. May be she look better in real life because seriously there are tons of other actresses who are better looking. anyway Jo is old enuf to be seeing someone seriously. No wonder he declined Song hye kyo'sdinner invite!

        • Gabby

          I’m assuming his thinking is a little less shallow than “Since could I probably score someone better looking than her by conventional/societal beauty standards, I should hold out until I get someone of a higher ‘caliber’?” and more, “Hey, I’ve found someone I’m attracted to and connect with, so I should pursue this.” She seems like someone with a personality/aura all her own, and that’s probably why she’s been popular with some good-looking guys. I never understand the people who say, when judging the suitability of couples, “She/he could do better than so-and-so” or “She/he is not on his/her level” solely on the basis of looks, unless you simply cannot CONCEIVE of anyone being physically attracted to Kim Min-hee (…which is ridiculous).

        • skelly

          Well, I’d say that Jo In-Sung is not a “conventional beauty,” either: you can find plenty of things about him that, while charming, are not in the standard mold of male physical beauty. I’m sure Min-hee’s fans would be happy to point that out. I would say they are very well-matched, indeed, and I am happy any time any of these actors and actresses can find someone they can be close to; the business is difficult, the fans are whack, and divorces/breakups are common.

          • Gabby


            Jo In-sung has good taste, and I’m just happy that two actors I like – or have grown to like in JIS’s case (wasn’t fond of his acting initially) – have found companionship with one another in such an oftentimes demoralizing industry.

        • JJ

          i agree w/you i myself am not too keen on this actress, watching jo in seong in that winter drama crossed my mind that after the shoot or filming that he’ll fall for song hye little did we know he’s got someone in mind already! i’m sorry to say but woah what a surprise cld it be jo in is more of looking for someone’s good inner side than superficial ones? indeed beauty is in the eye of a beholder! she’s not a conventional beauty this is why fans like me/us are in jaw dropping right now!

      • 3.1.2 Rashell

        This is totally true about her. At first glance she’s cute but after watching her for a while I now think she’s gorgeous. And she seems like she has a fun, happy personality. Good for them!! I really like them both in pretty much everything they’ve done. I hope they’re happy together for a long time!

      • 3.1.3 pogo

        She may not be conventionally ‘pretty’, but she’s incredibly striking, which leaves a stronger impression on me than many of the more accepted beauties like Kim Tae-hee.

        And I feel like her personality leaves its mark on the way she carries herself, too – she’s not a face one would ever forget or mix up with someone else.

      • 3.1.4 bd

        I wouldn’t say KMH is gorgeous, but she does have a unique look.

        I also wouldn’t regard LDH as “gorgeous” either – b/c she looks too “plasticky” (and there’s a reason for that).

        But then again, JIS isn’t exactly gorgeous either when it comes to K-actors.

    • 3.2 Danna

      I’ve found a lot of k-actresses tend to give off a either cute or sexy vibe but from Kim Min Hee I always get that she’s a very cool lady and I love her fashion sense

      • 3.2.1 canxi

        I agree with this, she eases that coolness that I like in women! I also think she is lovely, she has a strong face with lovely eyes and lips!

      • 3.2.2 Aj

        She’s not pretty by any stretch but she oozes with the confidence that she thinks she’s the most gorgeous, coolest person on the planet when she’s on screen.

        On the male side, I get the same vibe from Lee Byung Hun.

    • 3.3 mmhmm

      she seems fun to hang out with~

    • 3.4 comradeS

      I think she has a very versatile beauty and appeal–with a little quirkiness on the side. It’s definitely not super obvious (like Song Hye-gyo or Kim Tae-hee), but man, she does attract some of the most gorgeous Korean men.

    • 3.5 Bengbeng

      agree to all of the about!

      I think this is a perfect much =). No boring moments between them =)

  4. Chrissie

    Well didn’t see that coming lol

    • 4.1 Mar

      That was my first thought also.

  5. myra

    Gah, I’m happy for them. They look compatible; both tall and slender, both can pull off any kinds of fashion very well. This one is totally the visual couple for me.

    • 5.1 octoberholt

      don’t forget their cheekbones…

      • 5.1.1 cheekbones

        …. yes ? 🙂 okay, that’s lame, sorry.

        So, are they same age, noona – dongsaeng or oppa – dongsaeng ?

        • myra

          Min-Hee is 31. JIS is one year older.

      • 5.1.2 myra

        Jo In-Sung’s cheekbones? I don’t think they are visible.

        Lee Min-Gi has high/visible cheekbones. Which…is totally unrelated to this topic but hehe I’ve always (kinda) hoped that KMH and him would go out eversince they did that movie together.

  6. mmhmm

    love both of them (:

  7. Soo Won

    oh gosh! he looked GOOD 12 years ago! [drooling!]

  8. justpassingby

    they kinda look alike..

    • 8.1 hyunjee

      This was my first thought!

      • 8.1.1 JJ

        what? u must wear eye glasses, they don’t look alike at all, or are u being sarcastic? LOLs he’s far more handsome than how she looks like!

  9. bakedshrimp

    I think they suit each other. She seems to have a headstrong personality, judging from her tenacity to improve herself as an actress. And JIS seems to appreciate someone with those kind of characteristics, based on his interviews.

    Still, quite ‘low’ for that news agency to break the news this way seeing that TWTWB just ended & this is JIS’s first work since his comeback.

  10. 10 sohee

    I love how Kim Min hee looks the same after all these years. There are so many plastic looking actresses nowadays.

  11. 11 Danna

    First Lee Jung Jae, then Lee Soo Hyuk and now JIS..Thay a very divrse bunch of men she’s dated….none of these men seem anything like each other at all…lol…..This is an interesting pairing indeed, on paper I wouldn’t have put these two together but I see some nice chemistry from the above pics

    • 11.1 shepo

      those men have one thing in common : hotness

      • 11.1.1 malta

        Hotness and Kim Min Hee. XD

      • 11.1.2 Gabby

        LOL. The only commonality Miss Kim requires. XD

    • 11.2 KimYoonmi

      They all share these traits from what I’ve seen:

      – All actors.
      – All creative.
      – All ambitious.

      Lee Jung Jae- intelligent, since he was well educated, a self starter since he started his own Italian restaurant and agency. Also an actor.

      Lee Soo Hyeok- model and an actor. From his work load he has done three projects a year, done modeling and won several awards.

      JIS, also ambitious, while high profile, from his stats, he’s also creative, ambitious.

      So, what does she like? Ambitious creative men. They happen to be actors, but that’s mostly because a lot of men gets flaming jealous when an actress has to kiss for work, so that’s understandable.

      =P It’s not all about the looks people.

      • 11.2.1 KimYoonmi

        Oh and as for her, she’s been a model, 2 out of three of her BFs were also models. She also seems bright and warm. And she’s majored in Film at Daekook.

        Shared interests and baseline attraction, there you go.

  12. 12 ajj

    See..Jo In Sung oppa is not gay..LOL
    I love this piece of news.

    • 12.1 GABANA


      • 12.1.1 ravens_nest

        IKR? Bisexuality is a thing that happens….a lot. lmao

        • Gabby

          I know! It’s bizarre to me the number of people that seem to assume you can only be 100% gay or 100% straight.

          • hana

            this ^

      • 12.1.2 ajj

        Is he really?

    • 12.2 whilethemusiclasts

      (If Jo In Sung had turned out to be gay though, and announced that he and Gong Yoo have been going strong for years, I wouldn’t be against it. Just saying. Don’t hate me. Haha.)

      • 12.2.1 Danna

        Ha! I can totally see this pairing….I wonder how girlfriday would feel about it though?

      • 12.2.2 justjen

        God, now I want that to be more true than anything.

      • 12.2.3 MEK

        i agree with you lol

      • 12.2.4 picklemonster

        HECK YEA. I’ve always thought Jo In Sung and Gong Yoo had the same kinda sexy, charming vibe. Put two smoking hot bacons together and BOOM, YOU GET….lots of bacon! Which is awesome!

  13. 13 jude

    I kinda feel sad reading this at first because I want him to be with Song Hye Kyo so much. Haha. Thanks, That Winter.

    Anyway, I’m so happy for both of them 🙂

    • 13.1 deasy

      I’m not happy at all, coz I really hope he would be with Ha Ji Won (bali couple). I prefer HJW than SHK…
      Kim Min Hee is a really lucky woman. I wonder might she save her country in the live before…

      • 13.1.1 JJ

        me too not happy w/this! i want him with song hye! i think he likes beautiful body physique in women & this actress really has a good S figure! he can probab bear with the face LOLs

  14. 14 Angeliam

    Oh migold. They look goog togehter

  15. 15 ht

    I feel more relevant going to dramabeans and read everyone’s reactions. Lol, I went to Netizenbuzz and everyone thought it was boring and irrelevant. I mean… wtf?

    WHY?! LOL. I was so surprised because.. like wow. Didn’t expect them out of all celebrities to be dating at all. I’m so happy because I love them both. Kim Min-hee has excellent chemistry with her partner (IMO…). I thought she looked so good and compatible with Lee Soo-hyuk. Now, I feel that she has a couple look with Jo In-sung.

    And Kim C. My love. (Btw, JIS starred in Kim C’s ‘LOVE’ mv and lol he mentioned Kim C on a variety show years ago.) Thanks for being the Cupid, Kim C. 😀

  16. 16 dewaanifordrama

    Yay! I am always happy and glad for any celebrity couple who decides to go public, especially in South Korea. I wish them all the best! Though Song Hye Gyeo/Jo In Sung babies *sigh* no more…

  17. 17 panshel

    This announcement was a bit of a letdown seeing as how hyped Dispatch had made it beforehand, paired with the fact that Kim Min Hee was never secretive about her relationships (Lee Jung Jae, Lee Soo Hyuk). It was only a matter of time before the public would have found out about them. But I do think this new couple is very relevant with Jo In Sung still riding high after That Winter, the Wind Blows and Kim Min Hee enjoying box office success and a Baeksang nomination with Temperature of Love.

  18. 18 Aiya

    I like this couple better than Rain and KTH. 🙂 So happy for them! 🙂

    • 18.1 Gabby

      So do I. This even trumps Lee Chung-ah/Lee Ki-woo for me, and they’re adorable.

  19. 19 Yimm

    WOAH. power couple indeed.

  20. 20 djes

    this is not the couple I wanted!!!! *cries*

    ohwell, I used to think, believe and accept the rumor that Jo Insung secretly dates Go Hyunjung and all. I always think he needs a noona in a relationship.

    I don’t really like Kim Minhee ( don’t like her acting, don’t like the persona, don’t like the appearance. I don’t hate her, but she’s just not my favorite actress ) so huh, I am not really happy with this news…
    But, if he’s happy, as a fan, I will always support him, and wish them the best!

    *back crying on the corner*

    • 20.1 Annie

      Just because he had to play manchildren in dramas when he was younger does not mean that he needs to be controlled by a noona in real life. His rumor with Go Hyun Jung was just more slander against her because of her divorce.

  21. 21 whilethemusiclasts

    It’s interesting how she previously dated Lee Jung Jae who is about 9 years older than her. And then Lee Soo Hyuk who is 7 years younger. And now Jo In Sung who is just about her age, the median. They all look nothing alike too. Clearly, she doesn’t have a ~type.

  22. 22 Bengbeng


    Jo Insung’s and KimC’s latest collaboration. The video is fantastic =)

  23. 23 Anonymous

    I thought the news was the power couple Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin. It will indeed be a power couple.A lot of Sega fans are still wishing that the couple will make it for real.

  24. 24 canxi

    Wasn’t expecting this at all! What cuties these two are together. This is the first time I am hearing of any connection and lol the relationship is always “in the early stages”. Haha, I wonder if it’s true or if they just want people to leave them alone for a while. Probably the latter and I don’t blame them at all!

    Either, way it’s really nice. She’s so stylish and cool and he’s handsome and out-going, I think it makes a good pair!

    • 24.1 skelly

      LOL, you have to say “the early stages” or fans will expect wedding bells next month and a baby by the end of the year.

      • 24.1.1 canxi

        LOL! So true, I still remember the Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun baby predictions that were apparently popping up on the news over there. WHAT WILL THEIR BABIES LOOK LIKE?! …lol, I don’t even think they had to chance to make those yet or at least think about it o.O

  25. 25 ck1Oz

    Can I ask if she is famous or influential in the Korean entertainment industry?
    I know he is highly wanted for CFs and is ?famous and very recognizable but why are they a power couple?

    What has she done besides a few dramas which were not highly praised.Her acting I mean.
    I am going to be killed aren’t I?

    • 25.1 myra

      She’s mostly in chungmuro. She wasn’t so good in her early career but she slowly improved (which is another thing I like about her). I think her most noticeable and worth mentioning drama is Goodbye Solo.

    • 25.2 myra

      Also, her recent movie with Lee Min-Gi, very Ordinary Couple is in top 10 B.O in Korea right now.

    • 25.3 Danna

      I have, heard nothing but great stuff about her acting and I believe she recieved acclaim for her work in Goodbye Solo

    • 25.4 maldita

      She appears in movies more, and her current movie with Lee Minki’s selling well in the box office in Korea.

      • 25.4.1 ck1Oz

        Ah, now I get why her name was familiar. Yes I recognize this movie.

        And no did not watch her older dramas. She at least was in relationships that lasted a few years.

        Hope it works out for both of them if they are happy with each other.

    • 25.5 shepo

      i think because she has already established herself as a Class A Model before turned into acting,,so she has a strong foundation of entertainment industry connection..

      • 25.5.1 Aj

        Let’s be honest here…

        She was propped up in the Korean ent industry by being the long time gf of Lee Jung Jae despite being terrible. But over time she has developed nicely into a really good actress

  26. 26 Claudine

    I don’t know how I feel about this. I mean, I was still entertaining the thought of Jo In Sung and me becoming an item a few seconds ago. Then this bomb drops and… *sighs*

    Seriously though, I love both of them individually and accept their dating choices. Not that they need my approval because it’s their life. As long as they continue to be awesome in their projects and their being together does not affect their craft negatively, they can choose whoever they want to date.

    Good luck and hopefully, you’re each other’s The One.

  27. 27 anna

    Damn, get it! Both of them. She dated all the hotties so far. So jealous.

  28. 28 sabar

    KMH has HOT BODY, that’s why she can date hotties.
    SHG, is small, petite and short, but very beautiful, so Kang Dong Wan is more suitable to her.

  29. 29 myra

    I just noticed that both of them had experience working with writer Noh Hee-Kyung before.

    The only difference is that Goodbye Solo is so very much better than TWTWB XD

  30. 30 damianna

    wow. she’s so lucky and so is he. hoping to see more pictures of them.

  31. 31 gg

    Beautiful couple. Beautiful smiles. 🙂

  32. 32 Carinne

    Clocks-a-ticking… good timing. Be happy!

  33. 33 JLemonade

    Never heard of Kim Min Hee before because she has not been acting in hot dramas recently. I wonder why she is not offered to act. Must watch her drama/movies to know her better. Can’t comment much.
    However, I love to watch JIS’s acting and has been his fan since What Happened in Bali.

    • 33.1 Caitlyn

      Yeah, i’d never heard of her either. I haven’t seen anything she’s in. This particular piece of news i could take or leave, really. But i’m happy for Jo In Sung.

  34. 34 hana

    good for them

  35. 35 Hannah

    I AM HEART BROKEN!!!!! In-sung Oppa, why did you leave me????

    • 35.1 MEK


    • 35.2 mie tarik

      ME TOO…… T T

  36. 36 snow

    heh and i was shipping kim min-hee with kim ji-hoon because of their pairing in love & marriage. ah well.

  37. 37 erika

    Kim C,, i want to be your friend,,, are you friends with Won Bin??

    • 37.1 D


    • 37.2 deasy

      or Hyun Bin maybe…?

      • 37.2.1 kjay


  38. 38 jane

    I am sure he is in for her character. Looks wise, there are many more better options around.

    • 38.1 Mia

      Good job getting your catty little dig in there, you no doubt beautiful creature.

      He’s physically attracted to her or else he wouldn’t waste his time. Just because she doesn’t meet YOUR criteria does not mean she doesn’t satisfy his.

  39. 39 maldita

    I’m surprised Dispatch got relationship news regarding Jo Insung. Then again, Kim Minhee’s always been open about the guys she dates, so it was bound to leak to the press. Good for them. Hot couple.

    Dispatch hyped this waaaaay too much though, as if it’s something super unexpected.

  40. 40 Uhnny

    I hope they’ll last for good. 🙂

    Only 3 are left… Kang Dong Won, Hyun Bin and Won Bin. 😀

  41. 41 deasy

    wow if the rumor about he declined SHK dinner is correct. it means he is a really loyal bf, I never thought that there would be a man who can resist SHK beauty n charm. hands down for him…

    • 41.1 rfyieafda

      Most men are not just looking for plastic surgery with pretty face. They are looking for inner beauty with clean images without not good scandals. Apparently, SHK has several not good scandals. That is minus for her to look for men. Even though I am a man, I do not look for an only pretty face for my mate like SHK. I am looking for my mate as not a scandalous woman who can shine me when she stands next me. That is the beauty of inner beauty of woman whom men are like as their mates.

  42. 42 MsB

    Not familiar with her at all but wish them all the best!

  43. 43 aly

    Omg when i saw the header i wanted to squeeeeee but had to settle with a grin as i’m on my break at work. Did not see this coming but they look lovely together. Although I am a tad Jealous since he is major hot stuff.

  44. 44 kjay

    She looks ordinary. Nothing wrong with that 🙂

    • 44.1 OMG

      i know…..People are complaining that she’s not a stunning beauty…n m like…r U guys freaking kidding me?!?!?!? not everyone’s beauty is STUNNING!?!?! smh!

  45. 45 jomo

    I love her!!!!!

    • 45.1 pogo

      jomo – me too!!!!

  46. 46 Urnaa

    Loving the sight of the couple. I never have tought Kim Min Hee as good actress but never hated her acting. They are kinda of look alike.

  47. 47 malta

    Aww. I love learning about new couples. I wish them the best.

  48. 48 malta

    Now we need a picture of them as a couple that is from 2013! 🙂

    • 48.1 pogo

      Not least because they’re both hotter now, I can’t perv on pictures of 18-year-olds even if they’re now older than me lol

  49. 49 Lynn

    JIS looks like he hasn’t aged at all in 12 years. ahmazing

  50. 50 soonami

    they look so sweet together. love it!! i didn’t think song hye gyo and jo in sung suited each other personality wise, so this seems like a much better fit.

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