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You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin: Episode 8
by | April 2, 2013 | 108 Comments

Our heroine finally signs The Contract and the story begins in earnest, giving the hero six months to make her a star (aka six months to fall in love). Second sister Yoo-shin takes some big strides in this episode toward being likable, and Mom starts to question the things she thought she knew about her husband, and her youngest daughter.


Soon-shin decides she can’t have Mom working herself to the bone just to repay her debt, and walks right into Jun-ho’s office to say that she’ll sign. As she reads through the contract, he launches into a fancy speech about what it all means, which amounts to: “So you have to do whatever I say.” Pffft. As if we ever expected anything else.

He asks what made her change her mind, and the first thing she asks is how much money she’ll get. He scoffs that if she was going to end up caving because of money, she shouldn’t have played so hard to get. He asks how much she needs, and offers to give her the amount she’s in debt for because of the con man, plus interest. Aw, you big ol’ softie.

She balks that it’s too much money for a six-month contract, and decides that she’ll keep working at the One Restaurant To Rule Them All in order to slowly pay him back. That’s a hilariously roundabout way to do things—it’s not like he’s giving you a loan.

He complains that she’ll be too busy, but those are her terms. She’ll sign for six months and repay it, end of story. He reluctantly agrees and tells her to move into the dorms right away. She gasps—she can’t stay out all night—and tells him she’ll commute from home.

I love the endless parade of exasperated looks from him. Basically, she just signed a contract that she’d do anything he says, but she’s doing the opposite of everything he says, and he can’t do anything about it. It’s great.

At home, Yoo-shin gets ready to go to work as Mom arrives from her early morning shift. Not one to be sweet with words even when she’s doing a sweet thing, Yoo-shin just puts her savings bank book down and barks at Mom to quit her job and use that money to repay Soon-shin’s debt.

Aw, I kind of love her now. She’s still prickly as ever, but you can’t hate a sister who gives up her life savings like that. She leaves before Mom can even process or argue, and Hye-shin tells Mom to do as Yoo-shin says.

Mom can’t in good conscience spend the money Yoo-shin has been saving for when she gets married, but Hye-shin argues that they have to put out the immediate fire first and worry about the future later.

Yoo-shin has a normal day at work, when suddenly the sight of a topless mannequin gets her all hot and bothered, thinking back to Chan-woo lying in bed next to her. She clutches her flushed cheeks in embarrassment, wondering what’s gotten into her.

She asks her co-workers over lunch about her “friend” who mistakenly had a drunken one-night stand with another “friend,” and asks if it’s possible to have things return to normal between them. They laugh that there’s no chance in hell.

Mi-ryung goes over Dr. Shin’s cryptic words in her head over and over, and finally just goes back to see him to ask directly—what did he see that night? He says casually that he saw her with a man “who died that night.”

She pretends that she has nothing to hide, and challenges him to do whatever he likes, adding that his son (Jun-ho) won’t exactly walk away unscathed either. But he says condescendingly that he doesn’t have time for such concerns and walks out, leaving Mi-ryung shaking.

Chan-woo sits at his desk almost calling Yoo-shin about a thousand times, so when Soon-shin calls, he answers, “Yoo-shin?” Poor Soon-shin deflates, but asks if he has time tonight because she wants to consult him about something, obviously wanting to tell him about her contract.

He has work though, so she quickly backs out, saying it’s nothing, and shares the news with Chan-mi instead. Her bestie gapes at the contract and wonders if the real Shin Jun-ho signed her, maybe she really does have some potential.

Underestimating herself as usual, Soon-shin says she’s under no such illusions anymore. She says that Jun-ho isn’t doing this for charity (“he’s not that nice”) but because he’s testing his own star-making skill or some such nonsense. In any case, she’s treating it like a loan, and swears Chan-mi to secrecy. Oh ’cause that worked out so well last time?

At home, Mom returns the bank book to Yoo-shin, insisting that she can handle the family debt and Yoo-shin needs to save this for when she gets married. Yoo-shin: “I’m not getting married!”

That’s news to Mom, but Yoo-shin says she’s never wanted to get married and live like Mom or Unni, and that marriage isn’t what she saved that money for. (And the reason you couldn’t have told us this earlier? I would’ve liked you from the start.)

Mom refuses to take it, lying that Soon-shin’s debt isn’t why she got the job. But Yoo-shin gets defensive, taking it personally that Mom would bend over backwards to coddle Soon-shin but won’t take her money or let her take the hit for the family.

This girl. Good intentions, but everything takes three wrong turns before coming out of her mouth. Yeesh. She goes so far as to say that sometimes she doesn’t know which daughter isn’t Mom’s.

Soon-shin walks in just then, grinning from ear to ear. She notes her unni’s bank book, and tells them both that she repaid the money. She lies that she got hired as a full-time employee at the restaurant and got an advance on her first year’s salary.

Soon-shin follows Yoo-shin into their room and tries to apologize, but Yoo-shin just ignores her and yanks the battery out of her phone when Chan-woo calls again.

Hye-shin brings Mom a bundle she found while cleaning out more of Dad’s things to donate, and remembers them as the clothes baby Soon-shin was wearing the day she came here.

Mom opens the bundle to find baby clothes and a red scarf, and Hye-shin says that now that she’s a mother too, she wonders how Mom raised a child that wasn’t hers. So now we have confirmation that both sisters definitely know Soon-shin isn’t their blood-sister, and that Soon-shin doesn’t know any of this.

Mom flashes back to the day Dad brought Soon-shin home bundled in that red scarf, saying that someone left her on their doorstep. Dude. So Mom has no idea that Soon-shin is her father’s biological daughter? Omg. Dad.

Yoo-shin can’t sleep that night, and decides to return Chan-woo’s calls. She heads out to meet him, trying way too hard to be casual, and says that the other night was just a mistake.

He screws up the nerve to say that they should date, and she laughs out loud. “What, are you going to suggest that we get married because we spent one night together?”

He says sincerely that it’s not like they can’t get married (thinking only of the fact that he likes her and does want to marry her), but she laughs in his face for his antiquated notions of taking responsibility.

He starts to say, “And that night…” but she cuts him off and gives him a flat-out rejection and leaves him hanging. Hm, I wonder if maybe they didn’t sleep together after all, in which case her foot-in-mouth would be even less advisable than it is now.

Yeon-ah comes by to make breakfast for Mi-ryung, and finally remembers that the girl Jun-ho brought to her movie premiere was the same girl who was crying in the street—their Eliza Doolittle.

She calls Jun-ho, who tells her to be ready to sign with him in six months when he makes Soon-shin a star. It’s pretty hilarious that he doesn’t realize how much this proves that he’s still hung up on her. He just puffs up proudly when Yeon-ah says she’ll look forward to it.

But when he actually gets down to business with his staff on Project: Starlet Lee Soon-shin, they basically tell him it would be smarter to fold now. Their best idea consists of surgically restructuring most of her face, and Jun-ho jumps at the plastic surgery monster on the screen.

He heads down to the restaurant to give Soon-shin an insanely detailed diet chart, planning out every single meal she’s supposed to eat from here on out. Young-hoon sees them together and his face falls when Jun-ho says he signed her.

To make matters more complicated, Soon-shin’s mom suddenly shows up at the restaurant, wanting to say thank you to her new boss for such a generous advance on her salary.

Soon-shin flails about but can’t manage to stop Mom from coming in. If you’re going to just be throwing around lies all willy nilly, at least be better about covering up after the fact!

She tries to shoo Mom out of there after reluctantly having to introduce her to Young-hoon, but he’s so nice that he sits them down for a chat. Mom thanks him so much for the full-time hire, and he just rolls with it, saying that Soon-shin is a treasure to them. Aw.

And then Mom thanks him for the one-year advance on her salary, and Soon-shin just about dies. But Young-hoon is quick on the uptake and doesn’t miss a beat, saying that she’s so trustworthy that it was easy to do. I feel relieved, and yet I’m not really sure that the secret is that dire in the first place, just that Soon-shin wants it that way.

Afterwards she thanks Young-hoon, and tells him the quick version of the story—that she was conned, and then her father died, and things have been hard on her family.

He realizes now that’s why she was away for a while, and why she signed with Jun-ho. He offers to help in any way he can, and she assures him that he’s done enough already.

Bread Man Jin-wook sees little Woo-joo on her way home and runs out to ask if she liked the bread he gave her the other day. She scrunches up her face and says no, so then he gets all wounded that she doesn’t like his bread.

He drags her in (by the backpack, heh) to get her to taste other pastries, determined to prove that his bread is awesome, and gets carried away saying that all his hyungnims in prison used to go crazy over this one.

(The slang word for prison is the same as bread, which makes the line funny, but also vague enough that Woo-joo wouldn’t understand that he accidentally just let it slip that he’s an ex-con who now bakes bread.)

She doesn’t like that this pastry either, and when he starts to get exasperated, she runs away and knocks over a tray of bread. Hye-shin arrives moments later and helps Jin-wook clean up, each of them apologizing for the incident over Dad’s cake. Woo-joo catches him swooning at her mom and gives the pair a disapproving look.

Chan-woo’s parents stop by to visit Mom and Grandma, and Grandma asks Chan-woo’s dad if he knows anything about Kyung-sook (or Mi-ryung, as we know). He stammers that she’s probably married and living well, and Grandma stops her inquiry there, despite the fact that a few things are still niggling at her.

Chan-woo’s mom tries to cheer Mom up, though the less said about her the better. I find her insanely annoying and way too happy at other people’s misery to find likable. Anyway, on their way back home they spot Mi-ryung, and Chan-woo’s dad’s jaw drops.

At home, Mom takes another look at the red scarf, and then takes out the old photograph of Dad. And there in the photo is that same red scarf on the woman next to him—with the same initials KS stitched into the front.

Dr. Shin cuts off his wife’s credit cards, knowing that she’s just handed them over to Yi-jung. He agrees to reset the credit flow when she stops harboring their wayward daughter.

Of course at the same time, Yi-jung is busy partying it up at a club, declaring to all her friends that she’s paying tonight. Chan-woo happens to be at the same club because his coworkers dragged him out, but he’s in no mood to party, and just sits in the corner and drinks.

It comes time to pay the bill and Yi-jung sends all her friends out ahead of her and hands over her card, only to have it be rejected. Being the princess that she is, she doesn’t even think twice about turning around to the next guy who crosses her path, and declares that he’s the big winner tonight who gets to pay her bill and get a date with her.

Uh…I’m gonna be nice and not point out what that makes you sound like. Of course the guy happens to be Chan-woo, and he turns down the offer. But just as he’s about to walk out, a drunk guy gets grabby with Yi-jung and slurs that he’ll pay the bill, and refuses to leave her alone.

So Chan-woo turns around, pays the bill, and tells her: “Don’t live this way from now on.” She swoons at his rescue and chases after him, but he leaves in a cab before she can catch up. Blech, I know we’re supposed to find her ridiculous, but blech.

The red scarf in the picture keeps Mom up all night, and in the morning she asks Grandma again about the woman in the photo, remembering that she once called her Kyung-sook.

Mom asks for the story and this time it’s Grandma who insists she was nobody and that they broke up looooong before Dad ever met Mom. But at breakfast, Grandma notes that Mom just stares and stares at Soon-shin, lost in thought.

Soon-shin barely eats breakfast because of her new diet, and then caves on her way to work when she passes by a food stand selling toast.

But just as she’s about to take that delicious first bite… Jun-ho snatches it out of her hand, yells at her for cheating, and eats it himself. That’s just mean.

He takes her straight to the gym where he orders her to work out for an hour every morning before work, and send him a photo as evidence every day. It must be where all his clients work out (or it’s the One Gym in All Of Seoul), because Mi-ryung is there for her morning workout.

Jun-ho introduces Soon-shin as his new protégé, and when Manager Hwang laughs at her name, Jun-ho’s the first to get defensive, which cracks me up: “Lee Soon-shin! Lee Soon-shin! National hero, Lee Soon-shin! Did you sleep during history class?”

Soon-shin gapes at Jun-ho getting offended for her, but then quickly bows to Mi-ryung and thanks her for the other day, identifying herself as the server who was with Yi-jung. Mi-ryung shakes her hand and says she has charm, and Soon-shin lights up.


I’m a little disappointed that the only thing Jun-ho did in this episode was put Soon-shin on a diet. It seems a little slow for someone who’s dead set on proving that he has the Midas touch in six short months. The episode went by fairly quickly, but nothing especially new happened, at least in the present. We did find out more of the backstory, but since the birth secret isn’t the thing I’m watching for (and WE already know that Mi-ryung = Kyung-sook) it wasn’t particularly thrilling to have a few more puzzle pieces come together.

At least we have a clearer picture of the Lee Family now, including the fact that the two unnis know for certain that Soon-shin isn’t their biological sister, and that both Mom and Grandma think Soon-shin was just abandoned on their doorstep randomly. (She may have been left there, but Dad clearly never shared some key facts with his loved ones.) And Soon-shin, of course, knows none of this.

Second sister Yoo-shin still has a huge chip on her shoulder and a terrible kneejerk reaction to be prickly and defensive, but I finally saw something in her that I could like. Despite all of her nagging, when she put up her life savings to get her sister and mother out of this financial mess, I couldn’t help but forgive a lot of her sniping. She’s really the most successful and responsible of the three sisters, and in a backwards way she feels overlooked because she’s not a troublemaker. It doesn’t excuse her behavior, but it does explain it and I’m not left wondering why she’s got such a stick up her rear end about, well, everything. She still has a long way to go, but now I’m looking forward to her transformation instead of just accepting it.

Now if someone would just give the romance a kick in the pants, I’d be a happy camper. Maybe you ought to meet her at the gym every morning instead of trusting a picture, and maybe you could make her breakfast (ahem) instead of worrying that she’ll buy toast on the street? Just sayin’. The possibilities, they are endless, my friend.


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  1. Jill

    Thanks for the recap!

  2. Ivoire

    Thank you!

    • 2.1 Ivoire

      I really liked this episode and I feel for mom. First she lost her husband (after going through those troubles with Soon-shin’ s mess), and now she finds herself contemplating the fact that her husband might be SS’s dad and he never told her? I would say that is a lot (and added to that the few days when she did that backbreaking job).
      I look forward to how the story will unfold, and I know weekend family dramas have their share of troubles and secrets that take the main characters to Angstville for a while, and part of me is not looking forward to it, because I like the characters, and part of me does, because I am looking forward to how it will be acted by the actors/actresses.

      I loved how Young-hoon was quick on the uptake and how he just played along, however I sensed that he also did it partly because he wanted to meet SS’s mom and was curious about why she was so grateful. He now knows something that Jun-ho doesn’t know (that her dad passed away, on top of her having money problems), and I got the sense that he must feel even more protective of her. I look forward to Jun-ho and YH fighting over SS, if it comes to that (I hope it comes to that).
      Also, was I the only one who thought of Bae Yong-joon when I saw this picture? I am not saying that they look exactly the same, just that it made me think of him (maybe part of it was because of Young-hoon’s pensive look). Here is the picture I am referring to: http://i1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa324/girlfridaydb/drama/2013/Soonshin/soonshin08/soonshin08-00191.jpg

      I am also warming up to YS, and I loved that she wanted to help her family, offering all of her savings (and maybe be acknowledged and thanked for it in the process). I also loved that she was flustered when she saw that topless mannequin, and I can’t help but think that with her claiming that “for sure” she is not getting married, “no way,” she will be eating her words at some point in the drama, and I look forward to that as well.

      Jun-ho continues to be adorable with SS, especially when trying to act all bossy and yet caving at all her requests, hehe…

      I am also wondering if we will have a triangle with YS, Yi-jung and Chan-woo. I thought about that, as I saw her running after CW when he got into the cab.

      Jin-wook trying so hard to win over Woo-joo was funny, and I was thinking, “she must have loved the bread. She is just playing him.” She is not going to be easy to win over to get mom, methinks…

      I know this drama might be a little slow, however, I also think that they have at least 42 more episodes to fill (if the drama does not get extended), and that is a lot of episodes to fill. Let’s see what unfolds…

  3. platypus

    I just can’t wait for them to get drunk and sing a song together.

    “Maybe you ought to meet her at the gym every morning instead of trusting a picture, and maybe you could make her breakfast (ahem) instead of worrying that she’ll buy toast on the street? Just sayin’. The possibilities, they are endless, my friend.”

    Also he can make me breakfast any day of the week. For reals.

    • 3.1 pabo ceo reom

      *daydreams too* mmm….breakfast…

      I’m with GF. Let’s kick up the romance for all 3 sisters! Of course with sitcoms, things take their time…. sweet … sweet … time… but honestly my brain pretty much checks out when all the birth secret stuff is playing.

      P.S. Yi-jung needs to be bitch slapped. Typical rich, spoiled, bratty, and vastly annoying sitcom princess character. I’ve seen way too many of those and they irritate me every time. Get off my screen!

      • 3.1.1 Cheryl

        Bitchslapping FTW!

  4. Z

    I’m still holding out hope that Papa Lee is not Soon-shin’s biodad. It seems to me, from the hints that we’re getting, that the relationship was over long before he met mom and that she broke his heart. It’s possible that Mi-Ryeong got herself into trouble and left the baby with him because she knew she could trust him to take care of her child and to keep her secret.

    • 4.1 marie

      this this
      or mi-ryeong asked her agent to get rid of the baby and her agent gave shoo shin to dad.
      and I can’t shake the feeling that Dr.shin knows the birth secret

      • 4.1.1 DeeDee

        I would cry a river of tears if Dr. Shin is actually the dad. That would make her and Jun Ho biological siblings. That would probably make a good (or rather a cliche) makjang plot twist, but would ultimately crush my heart and make me swear to never see a long drama again.

      • 4.1.2 MAC

        Maybe it’s the brother of Dad, given his reaction to seeing Mi-ryeong?

      • 4.1.3 MAC

        Ahh… you may be right. That’s why the doctor doesn’t like her. Maybe it’s the brother of Dad, given his reaction to seeing Mi-ryeong?

    • 4.2 Enz

      Exactly. I don’t think we can jump to the conclusion that sun shin is the biological daughter of papa lee. I think he knows its mi ryeong’s, esp with the scarf and all but it’s not him that fathered sun shin.

    • 4.3 girlfriday

      It’s certainly not confirmed either way (or even questioned yet), but I’m just rolling with the assumption that he’s dad until we’re told otherwise, which is totally possible.

      I’m fine with any dad as long as it’s not Dr. Shin. Just NO to that.

      • 4.3.1 Tyme

        I’m sure we’d get another plot twist where Jun Ho isn’t actually Dr. Shin’s son in that case, just to save them from the makjang-fest that would ensue…

        I hope.

      • 4.3.2 cheekbones

        I’m glad it’s not confirmed (yet), because I’d be a little sad if Papa Lee is to be Soon-shin’s biological dad and he didn’t tell his wife.

        I would cling to Z’s hypothesis for now. 🙂

        • Saner

          Also, if he were, since Sam Soon is the maknae, it would mean he had been unfaithful to his poor wife…. : (

      • 4.3.3 Valentia

        By the way, Soon Shin scoffed at Junho because she was the one who used that “sleeping in history line” on him when they first bumped into each other at the One and Only Cafe in Seoul. He shamelessly used her lines, pretending they were his!

        Thanks for the recap ^^

      • 4.3.4 dfwkimchi

        From what I have seen so far – don’t think Papa Lee is LSS’s bio dad as it would be SO against his persona. The antagonism towards Mi-ryeoung by Dr. Shin is ‘mis’-leading us to think that Dr. Shin is the bio-dad – but I don’t think he is but he knows who the bio-dad is.

      • 4.3.5 Cheryl

        Definitely not Dr. Shin! *shuddertwitchtwitchbarf*

  5. marie

    ohhhnooo I don’t want shoo shin ‘dad to be her real/biological father.

  6. cv

    Hehe. Thanks much for recap. No time yo watch so it’s nice to read it here.

  7. crazedlu

    Yes. Kick hard. Ish. Ha. I don’t want the romance moving sooo fast we miss the bicker bicker back and forths, and I certainly don’t want to get whiplash when we start nearing All The Secrets Spill Melo Angstville, but just fast enough to squee some.

    • 7.1 crazedlu

      And waitwaitwaitwaitwait.. what? Biological daughter? Soonshin was her father’s biological daughter? Wait.. how did I miss that? Was that confirmed? When? What? WHAT DID I MISS??

      • 7.1.1 DHM

        No, it’s not confirmed. That’s an assumption.

        We don’t know who her biological dad is yet. I suspect we haven’t even seen him in any episodes so far. He might even be dead, for all we know. I just don’t believe her adoptive father is her biological dad.

        • crazedlu

          Good. I’ve watched and rewatched these first few eps, and was like, How did I miss that? Good thing it’s not true. Yet? I actually don’t think her adoptive father is her biological one, either. And no, I’m NOT okay with it being dad. That would mean major betrayal to mom, and I cannot bear that. :”( I don’t want it to be Dr. Shin either, but I’m pretty sure it’s not him because he sure is cold when it comes to Miryung. So basically, I’m good for now. Ha. Onto more Soonshin/Junho.

          • ilikemangos

            I was on top of that suspicion!
            Based on his interaction with mi ryung the night he died and the way they talked about “her daughter” it seemed as though he was not the biological father.

  8. Rin

    I think Yoo Shin actually likes Chan Woo but then she seems to be held up by something that prevents her from liking him back. but then maybe it’s just me though

    • 8.1 Risu

      It seemed to me she held back because of Soon Shin. The scene with phone call, where she takes out the battery when Chan Woo calls, and then only calls him back/meets him when she knows Soon Shin was asleep.

  9. Joy

    Thank you so much for recapping this drama <3

  10. 10 Mia

    JJS is adorable! Love that last pic!
    Awww I would feel sad if the dad is really Soon shin’s real dad cause then mom and the others would feel bad and take it out on Soon shin.
    Thank you for the wonderful recap 😀

  11. 11 snow_white

    thanks for the recap…..

    Jo Jung Suk’s expressions are just priceless!!

  12. 12 KDrama Fan

    Thanks GF for the recap.

    I enjoyed this episode. My favorite person at the moment is Chan-woo. I hope they don’t make him become nasty or something as a reaction to Yoo-shin’s rejection.

    I dislike grandma, Chan-woo’s Mom, Yeon-ah, Yi-jung, and Mi-ryung’s manager so much that hit FF whenever they come on screen. Good to catch up the missed bits here in the recap though.

    • 12.1 picklemonster

      Same here. Chan-woo’s mom is SO annoying, the way she always ushers Soon-Shin’s mom over just to pity her and say “Omo, why did this happen, why do you have such bad luck, blah blah blah”. =___=

      • 12.1.1 KDrama Fan

        Totally picklemonster. She’s what I call ‘a fake friend’. BTW are you the same with pickles as Cookie Monster is with cookies?

        • picklemonster

          I’m afraid so, although not as extreme as Cookie Monster. I love pickles, eating them warms my heart. :3

      • 12.1.2 ilikemangos

        Same. not an ounce of sincerity whenever she tries to “comfort” her friend.
        Esp considering the fact that they’ve known each other for the longest time ever before the kids were born, she doesn’t seem like the right friend for mom right now.

  13. 13 Enz

    Thanks for the recaps. Why is everyone concluding that sun shin doesn’t know she is adopted? I didn’t get the part where that is obvious. Can someone enlighten me please?

    • 13.1 DHM

      Because she’s said stuff to her mom like, “You shouldn’t have had me,” and because mom has shushed others from saying anything about it that Sun Shin might hear.

      • 13.1.1 Enz

        And thanks. I issued her mom shushing everyone else but yes, she did say that to the mom.

    • 13.2 marie

      she said to her dad they should stop making baby after daughter no.2.

    • 13.3 Enz

      Ahh, thanks. Ya, I remember that convoy with dad now. Thanks

  14. 14 whitethorns

    Jo Jung Seok must have gotten his heodangness from Lee Sunggi when they worked together in King2Hearts.

    • 14.1 Hui3r

      I miss the heodang. 🙁

      JJS probably watched LSG in 1n2d as research. Almost there, but not quite. Lol.

    • 14.2 jubilantia

      I don’t know, he had plenty of it in What’s Up, but imagining them being buddies on the set of King 2 Hearts is pretty fun. Unless I’m misunderstanding and heodang is only for lead roles?

      • 14.2.1 jubilantia

        Speaking of which, Kim Byung Gun, give me stuttering musically-talented babies PLEASE.

      • 14.2.2 ilikemangos

        Him + Seung gi on K2H had the most epic bromance in k-drama. Willing to die for your king? No better bromance.

  15. 15 Quiet Thought

    I don’t have the time to watch the show, but any day I can see stills of Yoo Inna making faces is a good day for me.

  16. 16 Ilikemangos

    Wait, I must’ve missed the part where dad was revealed to be the biological dad? I thought that was an excuse for him to bring her into the house.

  17. 17 Ilikemangos

    yeah. My money’s on dad not being biological dad to soonshin. That’s too obvious.

    • 17.1 MAC

      Me too!

  18. 18 saranga

    wait, since when has it been a sure thing that soon-shin is dad’s biological daughter? i certainly hope this isn’t the case; it wouldn’t give mom any closure when she finds out. my casual theory was that dad just did a good thing, and maybe a favor for an old friend by taking soon-shin in.

  19. 19 Brian

    So far this was one of the cutest episodes — better than the last episode even. I hope they keep it up — always fun to see the banter between Soon Shin and Jun Ho! But since its 50 episodes I’m sure the melo will wander in here and there. Chan Mi’s mom reminds me of the neighborhood busybody who isn’t happy unless she has something to gossip about. Yet at the same time she seems to be your friend.

    Oh well, waiting for next weekend’s episodes!

  20. 20 Hui3r

    We need a “Soon Shin’s Dad can be ANYONE but Dr Shin” petition, stat.

    • 20.1 jubilantia

      Add my name to that, please.

  21. 21 bebe swtz

    OMG 1 sentence can basically wrap up my feels for this episode: OMG A LONGER (albeit, it’s still only 1) SCENE WAS GIVEN TO YOUNG-HOON <3 <3 <3 PRAISE AND THANKS BE TO THE KDRAMA LORDS AND HEAVEN

    • 21.1 Ally

      don’t worry dear, as fellow Lee Ji Hoon’s fangirl i think we’ll be seeing more and more scenes from him especially when the love triangle story starts! ;-D

      • 21.1.1 bebe swtz

        Hopefully it’ll be a legit love triangle where he will get some sort of chance (even though we all know the ending of this loveline already lol) because in the character descriptions it only describes Young-hoon as Soon-shin’s Daddy Long Legs who looks at her and helps her from afar :'( Anytime there’s a description of a loveline using the words ‘from afar’, my heart is already slowly breaking for that character who is doing the looking ‘from afar’ sigh

      • 21.1.2 dfwkimchi

        I am somewhat championing for Young-Hoon – glad to see that he gets to meet LSS’s mom first and that Mom Lee had a good first impression of him!

  22. 22 Niki

    Thanks for the recap, gf!
    I totally love watching Yoo Inna. No matter how b*tchy her characyer gets, i just can’t hate her. She’s got that sincere and earnest quality that i can’t help liking.

    Me thinks you are right bout them not sleeping together. It’s probably the old she-barfed-on-him-and-herself-so-he-took-off-her-clothes-to-cleanup-and-just-ended-up-sleeping-on-the-same-bed-cause-she-said-she-didn’t-want-to-go-home-that-night-scenario.
    I hope Chan Woo keeps mummed about it since it rattles Yoo Shin. And maybe give him a leg-up in the romance department. XD

  23. 23 Fun-Lugha

    Baker ahjussi needs more scenes, 1 scene per ep is just ridiculous! And what? An ex con? Goodluck convincing grandma to let them see each other! And am hoping SS will be a star by then so thet grandma will be left wondering how the tables have turned!
    Those gym photos are gonna be the wittle seeds that will start a lil sth for the 2 leads, u can see him waiting impatiently for a proof shot and realizing he’s just missing her…awwwsss!

  24. 24 Katie

    I freaking love this drama. We’ve got plenty of episodes for making breakfast and stalking her at the gym hehehe.

  25. 25 picklemonster

    I know that everyone doesn’t want Soon-Shin’s biological dad to be Dr. Shin, but what if *knocks on wood* there’s a another birth secret where Jun Ho is not actually Dr. Shin’s son?!

    I really hope that doesn’t happen, because that’s just way too many birth secrets in one drama for my taste. But if Dr. Shin is Soon-Shin’s dad, I know for sure the drama writers will make it so that Jun Ho is not his son, because it wouldn’t do to have incest in a korean drama rom-com. xD

    • 25.1 jubilantia

      But the problem is that Korean rom-coms can become makjang so quickly

      I see what you’re saying, though. Either Soon-shin is her adopted dad’s daughter, or Dr. Shin is her father and Jun-ho is adopted. I just cannot see her dad cheating on her mom, though. I can maaaaybe see it for a first daughter, like before he meets her, but that many years into the relationship? Surely not. My current theory (and hope) is that he took her in as a favor to his past love, rather than adultery.

  26. 26 jane

    How does Jun-ho’s father know that someone (Soon-Shin’s dad) died?

    could there be some plot twist where it was actually him (jun-ho’s father) who was the culprit in the hit&run?

    • 26.1 Ally

      omg i never thought about this o_O but i kinda think it’s impossible, no? coz there’s no way Dr. Shin purposely hit Soon Shin’s dad. unless there’s another arc waiting for us. (please no..don’t want more makjang plots in this drama hee)

  27. 27 ck1Oz

    Why do I find GF making dating suggestions so funny?

    • 27.1 Mystisith

      That’s what I want too. 🙂
      Dates disguised as work meetings are the best. They can even give us a parody of the treadmill race for TK2H.

  28. 28 putihlilac

    now i’m afraid if mom gonna hate sun sin ~~ poor mom poor sun sin.

    what if song mi ryeong doesnt know that her daughter is still alive? may be manager sent the daughter away.

    heh3^_^ just my theory.

    btw chang woo is very nice guy. i think yu shin do like him but realize it yet or she doesnt want to.

    • 28.1 marie

      that’s my theory too, song asked manager to give the baby away, to a orphanage maybe, but manager gave bb shoo-shin to dad and told song her daughter died!
      so song wanted a daughter now and asked junho’s ex to call her mama

  29. 29 blackitty

    I everytime they say that lee sun sin is plain or ugly I keep thinking how pretty she is.

    • 29.1 soonshinthebest

      lol ikr soon shin is a very pretty girl…she looks so young and simply pretty…cute as well…
      it’s ridiculous how they tried to associate soon shin to the word ugly…it just doesn’t match her pretty face

  30. 30 Dorotka

    Some of the scenes I had urge to FF (especially the bar scene, why so long? And why at all??)

    BUT… Sun Shin and Jun Ho, they are so cute together!
    I love them :–)
    Hope for more of their “dates” as well.

    • 30.1 Carmensitta

      Those lights in the bar/club scene were so painful to the eyes. Plus I had to watch that yuk brat of a girl…

  31. 31 Ally

    I agree about this episode being so slow (gosh I’m waiting patiently for Shin Jun Ho’s antics and bickering with soon shin lol) but this episode was so funny. I was literally giggling all the time! Especially at the secretary describing Lee Soon Shin’s face and body + basically every SJH+LSS
    interaction i can’t help but smile xD
    From next episode’s trailer i think SJH is going to visit LSS’ house OMG!

  32. 32 muss

    Aha! Now I remember. I think I’ve seen Soo-shin’s friend somewhere… She’s the girl in Gaksital, nanny’s grand daughter.

    I found that she’s with the same agency with Uhmforce and Joo Won.

    Thank you for the back to back recaps on this drama… I just love IU, good expression from her. IU fighting!

  33. 33 Stephanie

    aka 6 months to fall in love HA. I thought that too. Ah, disillusioned by all the contract marriage/dating, are we?

    I guess the good thing about a long drama is that the hero doesn’t HAVE to immediately fall in love with the girl.

    Watching this show because of the actors but if it stops being light… I will be disappointed. Since everything is pretty much standard fluff right now, and there is no unique characters to get hooked onto.

    Plus, I have a couple of characters I wanted to slap off the script since they appeared.

  34. 34 Hko

    There is no way in hell that they are biological siblings ! What is then this whole 50 eps for !? No no no ! Hh that twist will destroy the drama !
    Thanks for the recap ! Love ya always ! Oh can u guy be any greater !?

  35. 35 John

    GF, thanks for the recap.

    I would be for Young-hoon and Soon-shin as a couple.

    Has a secondary lead ever gotten the girl? Is that possible in a drama? Probably against company policy to write such a script.

    • 35.1 ilikemangos

      Majkang family drama hit, King Of baking. Joo won’s character(Ma Jun) ended up with Eugene’s character, and im pretty sure no one argued with that. They had alot more chemistry. And the story just kinda naturally led to it.

      • 35.1.1 ilikemangos

        by hit i mean ratings hit.

  36. 36 mini

    The main lead,JJS,I have never watched his dramas but I think he is Joo Won’s senior?I saw him in musical called spring awakening videos together with joo won.


    musical actors are really talented.

    • 36.1 random person

      JJS was amazing in The King 2 Hearts.

  37. 37 damnkdramas

    I’m REALLLY starting to like Baker Ajusshi! ;~; why does he only get one scene?!? At least this one was hilarious; he gets so fustrated with the daughter 😛 Thanks again for the recap!!

  38. 38 Abbie

    Love this show so much.

    Starting to warm towards Yoo-shin, but I still don’t like her. Chan-woo’s mom and Jun-ho’s sister are the two I dislike the most, now. They’re just irritating.

    I hope Jun-ho has better ideas of how to make Soon-shin a top actress than just putting her on a diet. Seriously? Actresses don’t need to be a size zero to be an actress, dude.

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

    • 38.1 jubilantia

      Re: the Diet of Doom- RIGHT? So ridiculous. I guess that’s everyone’s conception about stardom, and it’s probably true a little bit, but that did seem a little nuts. Although at least he’s pairing it with exercise? Hopefully it’s nutrition as well as less food.

  39. 39 Lilian

    Hmm…I don’t think that her dad is her biological dad. Anyway, we will find out later. But gotta say that I was kinda impressed by Yoo Shin when she handed over her money to pay off the debt. No longer hating her but hope she opens up to the idea of dating Chan Woo soon. Maybe when she realises how popular he is with the other girls??

  40. 40 TS

    My God, that baby is cute!!!

    (So is the baker, but we needn’t get into that right now.)

    If I’d been Mom, affair or not, I’d not have refused.

    Okay, this plastic surgery nonsense: I get that Lee Soon Shin is a dowdy character, but she doesn’t need plastic surgery. That just sounded crazy.

    And thank goodness for these recaps because I’m too tired to watch this regularly.

    • 40.1 ilikemangos

      I personally thought she looked a little funky after those tweaks to her face. Natural IU please.

  41. 41 jubilantia

    Wait, is it confirmed Soon-shin is her dad’s biological daughter? At first I thought it was a pity adoption for his friend, but the way he looks in this episode seems iffy. Gaaah, I really hope it’s not what we think. I don’t want Dad to be a cheater!

    Pffft the One Restaurant To Rule Them All.

    Gah, Yoo-shin’s treatment of Chan-woo just about kills me with the injustice. I understand if you don’t feel for him, but at least acknowledge him as a person and say it to his face. Don’t just brush it off like it’s nothing. He’s so adorable!

    Soon-shin and Jun-ho are hilariously adorable as ever. I see why you’re chafing at the bit for the main romance, but they do have a long way to go. Hopefully they can keep it fresh.

    Baker Ahjusshi is really an ex-con who bakes bread? Aw, that makes his character somehow even better. So excited for that plotline.

  42. 42 DanyDanyBobany

    Not enough Jun-ho in this episode,although I liked it anyway. Pleeeease make Yoo-shin jealous of Chan-woo and Chan-woo indiferent to her, for a while because we know he likes her.
    I like the baker, Im intrigue about why he was in jail.

    Thank you for the recap!

  43. 43 Nina

    Star Date video of the cast!

    They were asked who they would like to have as cameos on the drama. Jo Jung Seok noted he wanted Joo-won as a cameo. I think that would be so cool, esp since the director of this show also directed Gaksital!
    Make it happen PD-nim!


    • 43.1 ilikemangos

      Aw, and isn’t jo jung seok like his senior too?

      • 43.1.1 Nina

        Yeah, I think so, they were both in the Spring Awakening musical too.

        I remember Joo-won saying in an interview that he hasn’t been able to get in touch with JJS that often because of their busy schedules 🙁 Like I said, make it happen PD-nim!!

  44. 44 paprika

    Anyone else notice that the “recurring emotional instrumental song” (that is a pivotal element to all Korean family dramas) in this drama takes on the tune of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Mis?

    • 44.1 Brian

      I have noticed that — but then it changes, but for about 20 seconds you’re hearing I dreamed a dream. I’m not sure if it is supposed to be that or it’s a coincidence.

      • 44.1.1 paprika

        Yeah, I noticed that it changes, too! I think a lot of Korean drama instrumental pieces draw inspiration from other well-known songs. I’m guessing the recent Les Mis film influenced the composer here!

  45. 45 Nokcha

    I just joined the show and am liking it so far.

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but Kim Gab Soo looks unwell.

    • 45.1 kpshyazn

      he looks skinnier, not sure about health, but definitely looks skinnier.

    • 45.2 Ally

      I thought i was the only one who noticed this..At first i thought, hmm maybe he tried to get into his character (grumpy etc) but now he looks sick :/ I hope he’s okay….

  46. 46 kpshyazn

    man… i’ve always really liked yoo inna and IU, but son tae young looks gorgeous, too. O_O all three sisters are attractive in their own ways.

    I love the baker dude – he’s a manly man, imo. this coming from a guy…

    • 46.1 Ally

      Son Tae Young was 3rd runner-up in Miss Korea 2000..I agree about all 3 being pretty but Son Tae Young is definitely the prettiest one for me! Yoo In na has the sexy yet naughty charm while IU is cute and simple..Love all of them!

  47. 47 Rovi

    Well, actually I was just watching this for Earnest Bot and for Ji Hoonie. XD

    Especially Ji Hoonie~~~!!! EEE XD

    • 47.1 Ally

      which ji hoon?? hehehe the restaurant owner or the secretary… *drools*

  48. 48 exquisitemelody

    I stayed up all night marathoning the episodes available, and I’m totally in love!!!! The characters are so endearing. It’s so nice to finally have good leads, especially a lead girl. For once, she seems more real. The middle sister will grow on me eventually (I have to watch QIHM scenes to keep me from completely hating her :P). I’m really liking the older sister’s storyline – it’s going to be super cute. The grandmother is so annoying.

    I don’t think Soon Shin is actually the biological daughter of the dad (but I don’t know if somethings are getting lost in translation). I think he took her in because maybe he still cared for Mi-ryung, but I refuse to believe the dad cheated.

  49. 49 Cmlee79

    I think bio-dad is actually going to be Chanwoo’s dad. There’s something about the way he jumps out of his skin every time KS is mentioned that has me wondering. Plus, Show kind of set it up for us when Chanwoo is defending SS from YS and he says, “I am her brother.” So far, I’m not sold on Dr. Shin or Dad being the father

    • 49.1 ann

      but dead-dad and KS used to be a thing. that would mean that Chanwoo’s dad back-stabbed his family AND his best friend. also, how would he be able to look at Soonshin everyday, knowing that that’s his daughter?

      this bio-dad business is getting more and more convoluted

  50. 50 meanrice

    i have already found myself skipping the parts with the boring adults. Especially the grandma. I haven’t liked her since My Girl. Poor lady is really good at playing annoying busybody grandma with a grating voice. So good that i don’t care to see her reprise that same role in whatever drama she appears in.

    Things I loved about this episode: 1) Yi Jung’s lip purse at the club. Why can’t I have company dinners at night clubs? Can I use my corporate card for that? ha ha ha. 2) the budding triangle b/t boss man, soon shin, and Jun-ho and 3) the ex-con baker man hubba hubba.

    Things I needed more of in this episode: see number 2 and 3 above.

    Things I could do without, but I know we are stuck with it because it is a 50 ep family drama: 1) birth secret shenanigans, 2) love triangles for Yoo Shin and Yi Jung. Just Yoo Shin should bitch slap Yi Jung. It doesn’t have to be physical, a verbal bitch slap is also satisfying. 3) Mi-Ryung and her assistant. All it is just brooding and puffing up with dumb comments from the assistant.

    Finally I hope that pappa Lee is not Soon-Shin’s bio dad. There is something I can’t put my finger on that makes Soon-Shin’s lack of confidence in herself that much more tragic if he is her bio dad. It is still tragic anyway because it seems she has two parents who loved and cared for her, I don’t understand where her self-loathing comes from. Oh wait, grandma. There’s your smoking gun people.

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