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You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin: Episode 5
by | March 25, 2013 | 73 Comments

One of the benefits of watching a longer show live, such as a weekend family series, is that the time commitment feels quite a bit more manageable than if you were coming into it after it had already wrapped and had a fifty-hour chunk of stuff to get through. You get to know the characters gradually, and their transformations can be pretty satisfying over a six-month period. It allows for slow growth in a low-key and realistic way, which is nice.

One of the downsides, however, is that you don’t have the option of fast-forwarding to the good stuff. When you’re watching a big show for a few awesome storylines, having fifty episodes on hand allows you to devote all your attention to the characters you care about and forget about the filler material. It often makes it lighter, breezier, and easier to get through.

So this episode of You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin has a few cute moments, but mostly I consider it one of our necessary evil episodes — the kind required to get our plot to a certain place, that you can see coming from all angles, but that you just have to get through anyway. It doesn’t lessen my enjoyment of the show, but it does make me eager to move on to the next episode so the story can get back to the cuteness.


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In the street, Soon-shin’s father sees Mi-ryung about to be hit by an oncoming car and pushes her out of harm’s way, taking the hit himself. Mi-ryung shakes to see him lying in a pool of blood, just as ex-manager Hwang comes upon the scene. For all his underhandedness, I do think the manager thinks of Mi-ryung’s welfare first, and thus he hurriedly pulls her out the vicinity while the car screeches away. Ah, so it’s a hit and run to boot.

Thankfully the next driver who comes along is a much more decent human being and calls the ambulance. The manager-star duo leaves the scene just as the medics arrive.

Now it’s time for the bad news to circulate to the family, and Mom gets the call first and rushes to the hospital with her eldest daughter Hye-shin. Yoo-shin and Soon-shin also hurry to see dad, and everyone is a nervous wreck as they await news. They wonder what Dad was doing out in that neighborhood, and Soon-shin offers up that he was going to meet her. Oh honey, don’t you dare feel bad about your daddy-daughter date!

But it’s bad news, and the doctors aren’t able to save him. Sigh. I knew this was coming (Dad’s death was written into the show blurb), but it’s still a bummer when your most decent character has to bite it, especially while saving a character that you’re not quite sure deserved his sacrifice.

Speaking of whom, Mi-ryung quakes in her designer heels at home — for what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure she did love Dad and she’s a mess about the accident. It’s Manager Hwang who informs her of the death, and tells her firmly that he’ll take care of everything, saying that on the upside now there’s nobody left who knows of her secret. That is one tarnished silver lining, buddy.

Soon-shin puts in a call to work to say that she’ll be out for a few days due to a family situation, but doesn’t elaborate on the details, leaving the guys in the dark. Snippety “Don’t fall for me” waiter Jae-bum would dearly love for this to be a reason to fire her, but restaurant owner Young-hoon is a nice guy and mostly wonders if she’s doing okay.

Jun-ho drops by looking for Soon-shin and asks for her number. He’s looking pretty proud of himself for deciding to take on such a hopeless case, like he wants to pat himself on the back.

Grandma collapses at the hospital when she confirms that her son has died, and now the family finds itself sitting at her bedside with the funeral hall empty. Soon-shin offers to watch over grandma so the others can get back to the receiving line. Snappish middle sister Yoo-shin never could pass up a chance to snipe at Soon-shin, and she stomps up to accuse, “He died because of you.”

Lordy. I really do expect a turnaround for Yoo-shin at some point, but let’s say for now I haven’t changed my mind about wanting to slap her every time she’s onscreen. Then when Chan-woo steps up to take care of a matter with the funeral director, she turns on him next, which is like kicking an adoring puppy. It’s almost hard to watch, honestly.

Chan-woo tells her to go inside and rest while he takes care of the paperwork, thinking only to alleviate some stress. Granted, he’s not a husband or a son so it’s not strictly his place, but given that his family is best friends with her family, I think he’s fine. Only Yoo-shin accuses him of overstepping his bounds and insulting her family for not having any sons, and I want to slap her again.

I can see that her reaction stems partially from self-directed anger, because she starts to cry to recall that the last words she exchanged with Dad were argumentative ones. Gee, and you’d think that could’ve been a teachable moment.

At the Shin mansion, we get a new character introduction in the form of errant little sister SHIN YI-JUNG (Bae Geu-rin). She has quit school in New York and hopped on a plane for home, having had an epiphany: She wants To Act. And who better to go to than big bro, the CEO of a talent agency?

Knowing her parents would flip their lids, Yi-jung beelines for oppa’s office and pouts for him to hook her up in the industry. She’s a frivolous spoiled princess who has evidently always gotten her way, and isn’t fazed when oppa Jun-ho tells her no.

She wheedles Mom into letting her stay, since thankfully Dad just left on a business trip. Mom doesn’t love the idea, but her indulgent nature means she warms to the idea and puts in a call to her bestie Mi-ryung.

Mi-ryung battles nightmares of the car accident, and when Mama Shin calls asking her to take a lunch with her daughter, she loses her temper and bites her head off. It’s all, Do you think it’s easy being an actress? and Do you know how much misery I had to overcome to get here? and Don’t you dare look down on me! Okay, somebody’s feeling a little sensitive.

Meanwhile, her protegé Yeon-ah is shooting some drama scene when she hears that Mi-ryung isn’t feeling well. I can’t tell if her interest in Mi-ryung is genuine or driven purely by mercenary interests (as in, wanting to be her manager), but in any case that sends Yeon-ah into action to bring her food. She picks up an order at The Only Restaurant That Matters In This Drama (the one housed in the agency’s building), where Young-hoon wonders what she’s up to.

As a longtime buddy to our hero, Young-hoon has seen Yeon-ah put Jun-ho through the wringer and now advises her to lay off, whatever she’s doing. Yeon-ah simply says that Jun-ho is supposedly over her, so her presence shouldn’t be a problem, which suggests that she’s either blind or totally wily. I’m going with not blind.

Yeon-ah mentions the Pygmalion wager she made with Jun-ho, saying simply that she wants “proof” of his abilities as a star-maker. Otherwise she has no need to sign with him.

She takes her food to Mi-ryung, who appreciates the concern and dismisses her ailment as overwork.

Manager Hwang loiters around the Lee house that night, looking for some clues in the aftermath of Daddy Lee’s death. At the same time, Jun-ho drives up intending to catch Soon-shin at home, and wonders why Manager Hwang is here. They dismiss each other without too much suspicion, and Jun-ho has to turn away since nobody’s home.

He goes to the restaurant next, where Young-hoon pulls him aside to ask what he’s cooking up. Given that friendly, warm, and reasonable men are easy to like, I have to say I really like Young-hoon, aka Voice of Reason. Perhaps he’d be too perfect to be hero material himself (because quirky, flawed heroes are fun), but as a sidekick I’m a fan.

Especially when he levels with Jun-ho so plainly, calling him dumb for being hung up on Yeon-ah after everything. He knows that’s the reason for his interest in Soon-shin, and that Jun-ho’s plan to Eliza Doolittle her into stardom is just a way of proving himself to Yeon-ah. Warning him that Soon-shin is his employee, he tells Jun-ho not to use her.

Poor unni Hye-shin, whose ex-husband refuses to lend her any time or sympathy in the midst of her family crisis. I feel bad for her daughter Woo-joo, who perks up every time Dad is mentioned and seems to like Dad better than Mom; she hasn’t quite put together that her father is an ass.

As the eldest, Hye-shin handles matters with the police in the hit-and-run case. Unfortunately the CCTV was broken so there’s no video footage of the driver, but they’ll put out a call for witnesses to come forward.

Hye-shin retrieves her father’s belongings, which includes a phone that has now missed several messages from one angry bakery owner, who thinks his cake order is being ignored. The owner gets Hye-shin on the line and barks at her to pick up the cake asap.

Hye-shin dismisses him quickly, which gets him even angrier, thinking that her rude family is disrespecting him. Heh. I do think they’ll make a cute couple eventually — you know, after all the fighting and yelling gets sorted out.

Mom’s best friend (Chan-woo’s mother) commiserates with her and sighs that Dad must have gotten hit by that car because he was so distraught over Soon-shin’s scam job. Eeeek, and of course that’s just what Yoo-shin overhears, and that sends her flying at little sis to rage some more.

Yoo-shin screams that Dad really did die because of Soon-shin, which is doubly terrible because the first time she said it, I could write it off as shooting off her mouth in the heat of the moment. The second time she says it, though, just makes her hateful.

Worse yet, Grandma reacts with equal violence. Aw, poor girl — it’s sad because you know it’s the bloodline talking here with Grandma never warming to Soon-shin in the first place, and now hearing that she was (supposedly) the reason her own son died sends her over the edge.

Grandma shoves Soon-shin out of her room and yells at her to get out. Whether she means Get out of my room or Get out of this family isn’t clear, but I think there’s ample support for both readings.

After Soon-shin leaves, Grandma starts railing at Mom, “Why’d you bring that thing into our house?” She sobs that she’d been against Mom raising that girl, but Mom just had to insist. All the while Mom begs her to be quiet, lest Soon-shin find out The Big Birth Secret. Oh, I think we’ve got a good thirty episodes or so left, don’t you?

A short while later, it’s time to get back to life and work, and Soon-shin shows up to the restaurant again. Her huffy waiter co-worker slits his eyes in annoyance — really, I just want him to fall in love with her just for the lulz that’d bring — but Young-hoon’s a big teddy bear and doesn’t ask too many questions.

Soon-shin sees the Wanted poster she’d drawn of her con man, still posted outside, and rips it down. Jun-ho comes trotting up and sees her at work, and while he can tell himself he’s just glad to finally get a hold of his new client, I think it’s adorable how much he lights up to see her.

Of course, she wants nothing to do with him, which just makes it better. He insists that she sit down with him and hear out his speech, and she very reluctantly gives him her barest attention.

He hands over his card (which, of course, she’s seen before) and introduces himself as the bigtime CEO that he is, promising grandly, “Do you want to act? I’ll make you into a star.” He waits expectantly for her adulation, practically oozing with self-congratulatory Aren’t you honored by my interest?

He doesn’t realize that all his lines were carefully stolen by the con man, though, and Soon-shin has heard the speech before verbatim. This is too much, and she starts to cry — which, of course, he interprets as tears of gratitude. But she just breaks down into big, gusty sobs of grief.


Family and weekend dramas have a different pacing to them, so if this is your first one it may take a few episodes to get used to the storytelling rhythm. (Of course, if you’ve seen one or two or a dozen, you’ll feel right at home here.) They take a little longer to unpack their premises, which is why it took till week 3 for Dad to die, and why we’re getting lots of hints about Mi-ryung’s secret love child even though that probably isn’t going to get revealed for a good while yet.

It also accounts for a slower character progression, which (when executed well) can be really very gratifying. Miniseries are my favorite format because you generally get a tighter conflict and arc and less plodding plotting (hur), but sometimes characters’ trajectories can feel rather simple. I appreciate that in these longer shows, you get more sense of flawed but rounded-out characters since you get to see them in various lights. That’s why I’m still hanging on to patience regarding Yoo-shin, because she’ll have time to mellow out and turn around. Right now she’s incredibly abrasive and I mostly want doting Chan-woo to suddenly realize he’s in love with the sweet little sister instead so they can run off and be boring and cute together in an offscreen story without any drama. As though they’re real people you like and wish well.

Given that a lot of this drama’s plot points seem written on the wall, I am not watching in anticipation of subverted expectations. With a story like this that carries so many familiar beats — ugly duckling, birth secret, Pygmalion, Cinderella, and so on — it’s to the show’s credit that I care about what happens to Soon-shin, and how she finds her legs and sense of self. For the most part the show unfolds with a light, cute touch, and despite the tears and mourning of this episode, I fully expect the heaviness to lift very soon. Now that the requisite stage has been set, it’s time to really get to the point. Let’s hope the show carries that off satisfactorily.

(Ha. Smug hero is smug.)


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  1. Katie

    HA. YES. I was just wondering when you’d post for this drama. YAY. Thank you!!

    • 1.1 Katie

      Also, is anyone else getting Doctor vibes (a la Cheongdamdong Alice) from Young Hoon?? haha. I love this drama so far!

      • 1.1.1 MariD

        I love the doctor, was very sad that he really did not have anything to do in the show. I hope Young -Hoon has a bigger part. I read in the descriptions that he eventually likes Soon-Shin, so hopefully a bigger part!!!

        • Russe12

          Great, I’ll have to go through Lee Ji-hoon second-lead syndrome all over again xD You Are My Destiny was hard enough….

          • Lilian

            I’ve really never seen Lee Ji Hoon in a leading role. And don’t really see him often too. Is he still singing? I remember he used to be in a band, “S” with KangTa and Hyesung…

      • 1.1.2 mary

        I’m getting Bae Young Joon vibes from him. :'(

        • ilikemangos

          Omg me too! I thought i was the only one thinking he resembled him. Its the combination of the lips, nose, and glasses.

          • Waiting

            Ditto!! So Bae!

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      Thank you for the recap, JB. Can someone please explain the “Eliza Doolittle” reference? Thank you!

      • 1.2.1 MariD


        She’s a charecter in the book “Pygmalion” , but the easiest way to describe her is by telling you to watch “My fair lady” which is the musical adaptation of the book Pygmalion. There’s she’s played by the great Audrey Hepburn

      • 1.2.2 rui

        Eliza Doolittle is a character in the play Pygmalion and in the musical version of the play, My Fair Lady. A professor took on a bet to teach Eliza, who’s sort of a country bumpkin, to be ladylike etc etc, and to dazzle the elite London society.

        Kinda similar to Soon Shin’s case, in which Mr Smug has a wager with Ms Ex-girlfriend to transform Soon Shin into the best artiste.


      • 1.2.3 Ari

        Eliza Doolittle is a fictional character who appears in the play Pygmalion and the musical version of that play My Fair Lady.

        • alua

          And to add to what Ari said, basically Eliza is a character that starts out as uneducated, unrefined girl from the lower classes that a Professor tries to make into a high-class lady by changing the way she speaks, acts, dresses, etc.


      • 1.2.4 shiki

        My Fair Lady in a nutshell; Eliza is poor, and as of a offhand comment Henry Higgens takes her in to teach her pretty much to speak and act like a lady, dressing her up in fine clothing as seeing if he can pass her off as high blood. She gets sick of being played, leaves, (and he contemplates how he surprisingly misses her) but in the end of the movie she comes back.

        You should check it out, it’s really good 😀

        • Ivoire

          Thank you (all of you) guys! I really appreciate all the answers. Reading about Eliza Doolittle here and on Wiki made me realize that I had seen clips of Audrey Hepburn in that role (or maybe it was Julia Andrews, I can’t remember now), however, I do remember the elocution lessons (something along the lines of “it rains in Spain…”). I never read the play, saw the movie or the play, and as Shiki mentioned, I will have to check it out.

          One of the things I love about DB is that when we have questions, there is/are usually a/some kind soul(s) that will answer and share what they know. I know I have done it for others, and I appreciate it when it is done to me. Sometimes, JB personally answers, and that is very cool too.
          Thanks again, I hope you are having a lovely day, so far…

          • alua


            Hope you are having a lovely day too!

          • Ivoire

            Thank you Alua :-)! So far, so good…

          • Meghan

            Just fyi, Audrey Hepburn portrayed Eliza Doolittle in the film version of My Fair Lady, and Julie Andrews portrayed her in the stage version of it. So you quite possibly could have seen clips of both of them. 🙂

        • DeeDee

          I have to agree ! I have not watched My Fair Lady but I have seen Pygmalion.

      • 1.2.5 Saner

        (She’s a common Cockney girl who sells flowers on the street that is taken in by a dude who has intents to turn her into a lady and dramatically improve her pronunciation. We Cockney girls cahn’ ‘elp the we speak, guv’nor….)

        Linky link of her before: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cl4V700ejTI

        during transformation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3ywa-9Cu4M

        and after!: http://youtu.be/5cmaCOf4LMM?t=1m43s

        • Ivoire

          Meghan and Saner,

          Thank you soooo much for the added explanations and clarifications. I really appreciate it. You know Meghan, now that I think of it, I believe it was Audrey Hepburn that I saw, because it was clips of the movie version. I have seen Julia Andrews in movies, and once on stage, and I can’t remember what play it was right now.

          Saner, you are a gem!!!! I soooo appreciate the linky links :-). Thank you for going the extra mile and posting those linky links for me to see. I really love this kind of camaraderie on this blog.

  2. MariD

    I’m officially declaring myself the owner of Young-Hoon. But this might just be me and my obsession with every second male lead ever…
    Thank you for your recap!!

    • 2.1 Katie

      I am more obsessed with Young Hoon than I am with Jun Ho haha. I don’t know what it is, but lately, I’ve been second male shipping so hard lol.

    • 2.2 mystisith

      You may have to share. 😉
      Lee Ji Hoon, Super Drama Oppa since… ever?

      JB, thanks for the recap!
      Definitely the episode of necessary evil.
      Lee Yoo Shin at that point of the story sends me running around my house just to get rid of the rage. She reminds me of the mom in Ojakgyo Bros: Hateful at first and then ended up being nice. It’s true that with so many episodes the writer has time to plan a believable redemption. Still, grrr!
      I also hope that the Pygmalion story will start soon. I’m impatient to see them interact, those 2. ^^

      • 2.2.1 MariD

        The last time I saw him was in “Hello Miss” with Lee Da-Hae
        Anyways I don’t share!! I’ll lick him!!!

    • 2.3 Enz

      MariD, did you end up watching QSS ?

      • 2.3.1 MariD

        Lol.. Yes!!! Thank you for the pep talk… Loved episode 10 with all the sweet love moments. even if I wanted to kill Tae Joo by the end of it!!!! ( I should had known that kdramas always give us happy OTP, then proceed to rip our hearts in next episode) We need to form a QSS discussion group.. Since I don’t want to post spoilers!!!! But I just started episode 12…

        • Enz

          Oh great! Hope you finish it and like it till the end. It’s a really emotionally satisfying ending for e.

      • 2.3.2 Enz

        Sorry for off topic question but some of us were curious 🙂

    • 2.4 watashiwachiaki

      I had to check dramabeans just to see and know that I’m not the only person who’s starting to adore Young-hoon !! I was right <3

      My 1st time to know about Lee Ji Hoon (the 30+yr old)
      not the other Lee Ji Hoon (the 20+yr old) dude from School 2013 ^^

    • 2.5 dfwkimchi

      I am liking Young-hoon too! I thought he seemed familiar and then I remembered that I saw him in TV movie (Korean) “Identical Criminals”. I saw part of that movie because of Lee Hee-Joon (the adorable restaurant manager from Kdrama 2012 – My Husband got a Family/Unexpected You) – but ended in liking the detective played by our friend here – Lee Ji-Hoon aka Young-hoon. Ironic that LJH is playing another ADORABLE restaurant manager.

      (BTW – the Only Restaurant in this Drama – had the same name and I think the SAME set as the restaurant in Unexpected You drama – Black’Smith!)

      I am rooting more for Young-hoon to end up with Soon Shin then Jun-ho.

      Have been second lead shipping since Flower Boy Next Door – as I was hoping that Jin Rak would end up with Dok Mi – but that was not to be – sob sob.

  3. Abbie

    Love this show. To be honest, I like longer dramas better than the shorter ones. The character growth seems more natural and true-to-life, than other, shorter dramas.

    I’m sad to see Dad go, and Yoo-shin is a real witch, so I hate her and want to slap her whenever I see her too. I don’t remember if I’ve said this before, but I hate that Yoo Inna plays these types of characters. She’s perfectly capable of playing light, bubbly characters, but here she’s a witch. I am most looking forward to her character change, because it will probably be a drastic one.

    I don’t care for the grandmother either. Frankly, anyone who is against Soon-shin I don’t like. I love dramas like this, where the heroine is looked down on at first, but then later everyone (almost everyone) loves her. I don’t see that happening with someone like Yeon-ah, or Jung-ho’s father, but where Soon-shin’s family is concerned, I see it happening.

    Also, I like Hye-shin and the bakery owner. Their relationship so far doesn’t fit in to the over all story, it’s more of a side story, but it’s cute and a nice reprieve from everything else.

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans! Looking forward to more!

  4. crazedlu

    woohoo. it’ll be next week that the story really picks up, but i am digging this show. pitching my tent. ha.

  5. Cindy

    This is my first time watching a family/weekend drama and it was due to your recaps. I usually avoid such long dramas. The pacing does take some getting used to, but I am enjoying it so far. Just wished I didn’t have to wait another week for more eps!

  6. Mia

    awww this show. Finally a show I’m really interested in! It’s been so long! Thank you DB!

  7. Ace

    I was expecting a recap for 5&6, but I guess I’ll wait for the next one…Anyway, thanks so much for recapping!

    I’m procrastinating watching this since I saw the teasers from the previous episode and wasn’t looking forward to the angst. The last weekend family drama I finished was Sons of Sol Pharmacy (I still haven’t finished Ojakgyo) so I hope I’ll be able to finish this one too. I’m happy about IU and her acting. Plus I also love Mr. Voice of Reason and the doctor/neighbor. However I’m sad about Yoo Inna’s character because I really like her (even in TGL as Seri) but yeah, I also want to slap her a lot here. 😉 And maybe wish that Kim Boong-do would appear and spray her with lots of water!

  8. ilikemangos

    Oh Boy. i found yoo shin bearable previous weeks, but this episode really got me agitated with her. Understandable that she’s trying to find an answer to her many questions about her fathers death but it’s not gonna help her and their family move on if she blames it on her younger sister. And the fact that grandma chimed in.. Oh boy. My heart goes out to Soon Shin. Hope she doesn’t blame herself forever, and learns to move on.

    And I wonder what jun-ho’s dad’s big deal is with mi ryung.

  9. vee

    ugh, ugh, ugh, my heart!! I’ve been frustrated with characters before, but this time I felt real anger towards a character. Yoo Shin – I know we’ll get a meaty story & a satisfying ending for her since we know where she started from, but right now…she’s soooo one dimensional, and irritating. I just haven’t been able to sympathize with her character.

    I knew the story was gonna be slow, I mean hello 50 eps. Right now though, I want the story to sort of pick up already (I’m too used to 16-20 eps). But at the end of the day, I’m probably gonna continue tuning in. I just love underdog stories, plus the cast is great, and I feel like there’s gonna be something good here.

    • 9.1 alasam

      I really hope we get a reasonable explanation for her animosity towards Soon Shin. Maybe she already know Soon Shin is not her biological sister and has bad feelings from this?

      I just can’t understand Yoo Shin’s attitude and even more so I don’t understand why the rest of the family does not call her on it more often (ie: Hye Shin and Mom). Hopefully Yoo In Na can help make her character more relatable.

      • 9.1.1 vee

        Yeah, I want to get the back story of Yoo Shin’s animosity too. The idea that she knows Soon Shin isn’t her real sister could be plausible after ep 6,

        But I think the reason why Mom doesn’t defend Soo Shin more from Yoo Shin is probably because she knows that the more she defends Soo Shin the more Yoo Shin will resent her (for always sticking beside Soo Shin) and Soo Shin (for always having Mom defend her and therefore being jealous because of that).

  10. 10 whilethemusiclasts

    I’m surprised at how I’m loving IU as an actress at every turn. Not to say that I didn’t love her in Dream High, but that drama was not a legit acting vehicle. Meanwhile, even though I’ve tuned into You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin mostly for Jo Jung Suk, I find myself increasingly captivated by IU’s onscreen presence and acting chops by the episode. Good job!

    Still holding out hope for a founded paradigm shift for Yoo In-na’s character. I’m still gritting my teeth at my screen every time she’s on it.

    • 10.1 Meghan Auld

      Agreed about Dream High not really being an acting drama, even though I loved it and its still one of my favorite dramas because of the cast chemistry. But, IU, even though it was her first drama, she really surprised me with her naturalness and I had been looking forward to her next acting project since then. I’m glad she chose another ensemble drama, so she has a lot of senior actors to learn from, it kinda reminds me of Uee’s path with her acting. I hope she becomes a successful actress, as she has the raw potential, as well as an amazing singer. Double threat. 😀

  11. 11 xianzhongfan

    JB have been waiting for this recap! Off to read now.

  12. 12 anonymous

    I’m enjoy watching this drama. Haven’t been following any drama lately. Couldn’t wait to see when IU shows her singing talent and of course I love the lead actor from K2H .

    • 12.1 anonymous

      Sorry forgot to erase ‘m

  13. 13 Laica

    Thanks for the recap! I hope that the show ends up fulfilling the potential we’re seeing now.

    This episode was kind of painful to watch, tbh. Too much wailing and beating of chests. But as you said, it had to be gotten through. Episode 6 was somewhat better.

    I’m with you in wanting to slap Yu-shin whenever she opens her mouth. I do not understand what Chan-woo sees in her.

    IU is surprising me with her acting skills. I wasn’t expecting much from her, because she’s a singer, and her role in DH was minor and didn’t require much actual acting, but she’s had me invested in her character since episode 1, and that last scene in episode 5 was very impressive. Unlike all the other crying in this episode, which was overwrought and shrill, that time it really got me in the heart.

    And Jo Jung-seok is awesome as always. What more needs to be said?

  14. 14 Keya

    Yay! Thanks for the recap Unni 🙂 I don’t have time to watch it, so it’s easier to read about it… I actually have a sister who reminds me of Yoo Shin, but the 14 yr old version. So believe me I empathize.

  15. 15 Fun-Lugha

    Wait till grandma hears of big sis’ divorce, i mean she’s not evil or anything and I dont mind her but i want grandma to be knocked down a peg or 2 by seeing even her blood granddaughter is nothing special! Another annoying character is that actress the ex gf-ugh! She knows he likes her but pretends not to and keeps torturing the guy. Can’t wait for him to fall for LSS and for her to realize he’s not interested anymore…i foresee a couple of ‘sunbae actress slapping her hoobae silly in the waiting room’ scenes in future!

  16. 16 Enz

    Gosh, I feel exactly the same way as you do JB! That this episode was part of something to get through to get to another place in the story!

    I felt they went a bit overboard with how they treated LSS and wanted the mom to say more in her defense. Can’t wait for episode 6 to be subbed. Hope it’s there to watch when I get back tonight from work 🙂

  17. 17 bebeswtz

    this episode kinda made me lose some hope in humanity with the behavior that Yoo-shin, grandma, and the star-manager team were displaying…. but THANK THE DRAMA LORDS FROM ABOVE, Jun Ho’s smugness, cuteness and how uplifted he was when he saw Soon-shin + Young Hoon (but really, who can reject LEE FRICKIN JI HOON a.k.a. Prince of Kpop!?!?!?!??!) and EVERYTHING TO DO WITH YOUNG HOON saved this episode for me n.n

    • 17.1 Enz

      Hi, I am loving that young hoon character too. Can you explain why he is called prince of kpop? I haven’t seen him before so excuse my ignorance.

  18. 18 Betsy Hp

    Yoo-shin is terrible to Soon-shin and I’m dying to find out why. I mean, it might be as simple as Grandma set Soon-shin up as the family scapegoat and Yoo-shin is volatile enough to run with it… but I’m hoping it’s something a little more Ojakkyo Brothers so we get a nice tearful sister-reunion of some sort.

    I will say though, I was fine with Yoo-shin’s rudeness to Chan-woo. I give anyone that fresh into grief a get-out-jail-free card. And he’s a big boy. He can take her snapping. Especially as it was helpful in letting her express a little of her guilt.

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans! This is my first time live-watching a family drama so it’s fun having a group to watch it with, so to speak. 🙂

  19. 19 Brian

    I found it nice and subtle that you could tell Yeon ah’s crying scene was acting whereas IU’s crying is “real”. I’m not sure how they pull that off, maybe how the voice is used.

    And yeah, a little shocked at Yoo Shin’s and Granny’s pure antagonism — I’ve never seen it before in real life, never have I’ve seen siblings/family members knock each other down when a family member passes on. Perhaps later, when money and inheritance becomes an issue, but usually, when someone passes people tend to forget petty things and hold on to what’s near and dear to them, for who knows, you may lose them next.

  20. 20 a_fan

    I find this drama slower in pace than its rival drama 100 year’s Inheritance. I find myself skipping often. Too many unnecessary dialogues.

    • 20.1 Meghan Auld

      I feel the exact opposite. I feel the plot in 100 years totally drags in the first 10 episodes or so, and I find the storyline with the ungrateful children of the noodle factory annoying. Lol. But I’m 100% more invested in Lee Soon Shin after just 6 episodes. Maybe it’s not as dramatic, but it has more heart and that’s what I love.

  21. 21 ally

    Needless to say, Lee Ji Hoon is HOT HOT HoT!!! I think I’m falling for his character ToT what’s with me having second lead syndrome lately.

    I love Jun Ho-Young Hoon’s scenes. Are they best friends in real life? Coz they’re of almost the same age. Can’t wait til Jun Ho&Young Hoon fall for soon shin. Bring it on 😉

  22. 22 snow_white

    totally agree with the time management thing….

  23. 23 ida

    When I was watching this episode, I burst out laughing when it was said all the CCTV cameras were broken. Such an obviously convenient plot point.
    I like the cast though. I like, what will be, the main plot line. I just wish all the auxilliary plot points were different for a change. Sigh. I know it’s not gonna happen so I’ll probs just end up fast fowarding the episodes haha.
    What is it Korean family dramas and their ultimately simple portrayal (in this case by having a simple and overused plot manoveur to make it appear like a big freaking mystery) of

    • 23.1 ida

      (continued) WARNING : MINI RANT BELOW. DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO. I did enjoy watching the previous eps, so I’m not hating on the actors – who for the most part I really like- but I think I’ll just stick to reading the recaps if anything.

      Scrap that last question- why do Korean dramas have a thing for birth secrets, hit and run cases in the first place?
      Is there a cultural/social reason for this?
      Or is it simply for the drama, which I think is the main reason probs.
      Still. I’ll wait for the day when family dramas are less about the hysterics that are there just to become angst and conflict fodder in the later episodes.
      Because honestly, that is the main reason they seem to use those plot points. It’s oh so convenient as it’s a drama, but it’s hardly used realistically in these family dramas. it’s as if the writer is just incapable of plotting a conflict that could arise naturally from the characters themselves…
      Or have the accident in some kind of believable context…

      Makjang for the most part I predict – and I’m not willing to go there for any of the actors as much as I like Jo, IU, and the veterans…

    • 23.2 ida

      I made a mistake in what I said in the first comment
      I will be fast fowarding any episodes I see, but I probs will end up reading the recaps for the most part.

    • 23.3 ilikemangos

      I like to believe it’s because it’s part of their “rules” for a k-drama. Dare to break away… people might not be as interested anymore. It’s what they think works, when really, we’re pretty worn out with the same tropes. I don’t think (im not korean) it’s a cultural/social reason other than the fact that it’s been there for ages. Some writer probably sat down and decided to dramatize every possible incident/conflict, had a ratings hit, and then others followed in the same footsteps.
      What keeps me coming back for this family show is that I care what happens to soon shin, and the journey she takes to become A-list actress. Now that storyline is one that i haven’t seen yet. Not in 50-long episodes.

  24. 24 Joanna

    Oh man, Soon Shin, let me hug you!
    IU’s so precious T.T

  25. 25 DayDreamer

    Well, this is my first family drama that I picked up and honestly, it bored me except when Jun Ho and Soon Shin were around. I read the recaps, fast-forwarded the boring stuff, and still didn’t feel much for it. I think the problem is that they stretch some scenes longer than necessary. I get that since it’s a long show but still. It makes me yawn. I guess I’ll just read recaps until the real Pygmalion story gets started.

  26. 26 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recaps.

    Also I am so super thankful that the subs are being done so fast. 50 episodes that’s some dedicated subbers.

    Frankly I hated this episode, however will be patient because I know that’s how long dramas run. You just have to hang in there.

    At this point Yoo Shin is really nasty and bitch, plus self- centred and narrow minded. Grr….
    BUT I just KNOW it will be resolved. Sigh, the good and bad points of a 50 episode dramas.

    • 26.1 ilikemangos

      Oh yes. For a family drama they’re really on top of subbing.
      Thanks subbers!

      I think one of the perks of a long show is that relationships grow in a believable pace. We actually get to see our characters develop and mature in different ways. Bad point: every scene that lasts about 4 minutes in a 16/20 episode drama would be stretched out to about 10 minutes. I’ll just think of it as sort of like american shows. Just sit back and laugh, and maybe cry.

  27. 27 z

    Wow I feel dumb. I was totally confusing IU with Uee this whole time and I was like “Man, she looks totally different when she’s styled in a natural look!” I haven’t really paid any attention to her since You’re Beautiful and I didn’t pay much of attention to her then. It wasn’t until I read the comments that I realized she was the girl from Dream High. Which makes me even more impressed with the job she’s doing.

  28. 28 mariejuli

    IU’s acting is amazing. She is so natural. She made me cry so many times.

  29. 29 Kookaburra

    I’ve got to say, despite so many people being angry about Yoo-shin’s behavior, I definitely have seen that dynamic between sisters before (even in perfectly healthy, non-drama families). Yoo-shin is the older sister, who is constantly inundated with the younger sister’s presence. They are close together in age, and even have to room together. That alone is a situation for older sister grumpiness. I get the impression that Yoo-shin also rather likes Chan-woo and the fact that (as far as what she sees), Chan-woo likes her sister better? Yeah, that’s a set up for a poor sisterly relationship. There also seem to be some family issues that could be contributing as well (perceived better dad-younger-sister relationship, grandma’s behavior, etc).

    And then there’s the fact that she is angry at the world at the moment, and she’s griping at anyone who gets in her way.

    I actually really like Yoo-shin. There are obvious elements to her anger, and there might be more factors that are shown later. I find her to be an interesting character and, while I don’t condone her behavior, I do find it understandable.

    • 29.1 Meghan

      I think Yoo Shin has the classic middle child syndrome. Her older unnie is considered the perfect one, and her younger sister is babied by the family and coddled, and Yoo Shin has accomplished a lot and worked hard, but probably doesn’t get the recognition she wants from her family for it, and lashes out because of that.

      I think she also secretly likes Chan Woo and is jealous of how nice he is to Soon Shin, since he’s so straight forward and blunt with her.

      I think she’s a complicated character with many levels, and I hope that those will all come off as the drama progresses and we’ll see the vulnerable Yoo Shin underneath. I’m sure we will get there at some point.

  30. 30 DanyDanyBobany

    Yoo-shin is not a likeable character for me either, but Yeon-ah is right there with her. She really made me angry when she was talking to Young-hoon and she just put her “I dont know what are you talking about” face. Of course she knows what he is talking about! She knows she still affects Jun-ho, but the face she makes, the “Im inocent” face when she is not…ugh, I dont like that character.

    Thank you for the recap!

  31. 31 Waiting

    Okay, I was not going to watch this but I am now am happily hooked. 🙂

  32. 32 Cheryl

    Yoo Shin is a self-centered bitch on wheels. I loathe her. I can’t wait until she’s knocked flat on her ass and gets what’s coming to her. Grandma annoys me. The rest of the family, I like. Someone, please gag Soon Shin’s BFF’s mother, because that woman has absolutely no clue when to shut the heck up and keep her mouth shut and her nose out of other people’s business. Aye! [/rant] Really looking forward to Frownyface Waiter to fall for Soon Shin. Absolutely love Young Hoon, who’s such a sweetheart. Definitely too perfect to be the lead hero. I want to try some of that Kimchi Pasta.

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