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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 439
by | May 25, 2013 | 81 Comments

EPISODE 439. Broadcast on May 19, 2013.

girlfriday: Hm, we begin with a teaser of separate interviews, with each of the boys talking about… each other? This oughtta be good.

javabeans: Notably they’re all wearing matching jammies and saying (in highly edited, potentially misleading clips) that the trip will invite some reexaminations of friendships and some criticism of characters. Let’s hope it’s not just a big build-up to a fake-out. AHEM.

girlfriday: God, no kidding. But it does sound promising. The snippets we get are pretty juicy. Tae-hyun: “He pisses me off.” Joo-won: “He’s changed.” Jong-min: “They’ll probably swear at me.” And then the trip starts as the boys arrive one by one in Busan.

javabeans: Jong-min and Tae-hyun find a thousand-won bill right there on the ground (about a dollar) and have this hilarious immediate reaction of glee mixed with self-consciousness: Can I take it? The cameras saw me. Is this okay? What am I supposed to do?

girlfriday: They decide it’s a sign of good things to come, and join the other guys for the opening. All the guys mention happy memories they have of traveling to Busan, while Jong-min remembers suddenly hauling ass to army in the middle of shooting 1N2D here. Ha.

javabeans: Busan also brings to mind a more bustling image than they’re used to on their nature-themed tours, and New PD, who totally doesn’t merit a cool nickname anymore or yet, says that these days “city tours” are all the rage. Also, it’s a 50th anniversary for the city. In any case, the guys tend to like the city trips, don’t they? Less opportunity for roughing it outdoors?

girlfriday: And many more opportunities for snacks?

javabeans: Although Busan IS famous for being seaside, so I’m thinking a nice cold dunking is in order at some point.

girlfriday: New PD says they have a three-part team mission for lunch today, so they head out together toward the shore. The first mission at Haeundae calls for someone with “jumping skills.” How much you wanna bet that’s a jump into the ocean?

javabeans: The missions are marked by levels of difficulty, and the boys try to predict who takes what based on what might be in store. There’s a lot of guesswork in this, and I bet it’ll all end up a wash anyway, but they split up into teams based on athleticism. The first team of Jong-min, Tae-hyun, and Joo-won arrive at the beach and are shown to a big supply of inner tubes, which they have to stack twenty high. Is the “jumping” because they have to reach that high?

girlfriday: That’s not jumping. That’s insanity. They figure the only way to do it is for one of them to carry the other on his shoulders, which seems like it’ll work. But Joo-won can only carry Jong-min long enough to stack one tube before he has to be put down. This could take a while. Hae-jin and Shi-kyung arrive at the second mission, which has an ominous set of stairs leading upward.

javabeans: The theme of today’s trip is to build friendship, and Shi-kyung says that there’s too much age difference for him and Hae-jin to be “friends” (in the sense that Hae-jin to him would always be a hyung or a sunbae). Hae-jin’s all, Ah, we friends, and Shi-kyung says, “Hae-jin-ah!” Lol. Yeah, it totally doesn’t work.

girlfriday: Nice try though. This mission is way harder than the other one. They have to piggyback each other up 175 stairs, and answer quiz questions at the top. If they’re wrong, it’s back down to the bottom to start all over.

javabeans: Ouuuch. Shi-kyung piggybacks Hae-jin pretty comfortably, but it’s when they switch that the trouble kicks in.

girlfriday: Hahahaha. Over on the Haeundae Team, the boys stare up at their tower of tubes forlornly, and then Jong-min shouts, “Wait! We can DIG a hole!” It’s like simultaneously genius and idiotic.

javabeans: They try digging for about a minute before they figure out they can’t exactly dig a twenty-foot hole in the beach. Jong-min comes up with a good idea, though, and proposes making two stacks, then lifting one on top of the other one already stacked. The problem, of course, is transferring that tower without it falling over.

girlfriday: I think they have the right idea, but it’s easier said than done. Shi-kyung and Hae-jin get to the top of the hill and find out their quiz questions will be about each other. Whoops, guess you should’ve used that piggybacking time to get to know each other better.

javabeans: Shi-kyung is asked what Hae-jin’s favorite girl group is, and Hae-jin gapes: “How can he know what I don’t know myself?” But then he has a thought and remembers (?) his favorite, and commences to try to telepathically eye-blink or gesture the answer to Shi-kyung. He leans in and says, “You know. My favorite girl group.”

girlfriday: Dude, he’s writing something on Shi-kyung’s back, isn’t he?

javabeans: PD suddenly shouts, “No touching!” Ha, that makes me think of Arrested Development.

girlfriday: Me too!

javabeans: Sigh I miss that show. (It’s coming back though! Let’s hope they don’t ruin it.) So anyway, on the count of three they both shout, “2NE1!” and try to pretend that they were totally just talking about it in the car. I’m thinking Hae-jin just wrote 21 on his back real big.

girlfriday: Totally. But the PD outsmarts them anyway on the next question when they guess Tae-hyun’s blood type correctly, and he asks them if they want a chance to swap answers at the last minute. Sneaky. They fall for it, so back down the hill they go.

javabeans: Never take the swap chance! It’s always a fake out!

girlfriday: Right? The fact that he’s asking is the clue that you’re right!

javabeans: Think: If you got it wrong, would he really give you a chance to get it right and avoid the extra hike and pain? Also, are 70% of all Koreans seriously Type A? That is a nation full of uptight control freaks. Said one.

girlfriday: Yeah that’s a lot of overachievy craziness multiplied. Su-geun and Tae-woong go to the market, and the first thing they do is taste some crab. I think they picked the best mission.

javabeans: The crab ajumma shows them her super-fast technique for pulling out the leg meat, and the boys are told they’re going to race her. Dude. That is impossible. They’ll both be working to get as much done in a minute, but she’s speedy. They give it a try before the race begins, and end up just chopping a bunch of legs in half with no meat.

girlfriday: Omg my mouth is watering so badly. Why so delicious-looking? My only concern for this mission is, who gets to eat all those crab legs they cut open?

javabeans: The ajumma zips through her huge tray of crab legs, and the boys try to slow her down and distract her with questions. I don’t think it works very well.

girlfriday: When we cut back to the other two missions, there’s a whole lot of fighting going on. So far this friendship special isn’t really going as planned.

javabeans: Hm, the show is continuing with the confessional format. This is new. Have they been watching Real World or something?

girlfriday: Hell, as long as there aren’t guests, I’ll take Real World confessionals any day.

javabeans: …you know what’s coming, right?

girlfriday: Sigh, let’s not speak of it until we have to. Anyway, the tube stacking mission just takes forever and it’s raining, so the PD lets them go down to 16 tubes. They get close, but it tumbles again, and I’m pretty sure Tae-hyun’s going to deck Jong-min at some point.

javabeans: Jong-min is rubbing everyone’s nerves raw because he keeps yelling at important concentration moments, and it’s just today’s catchphrase, “We’re all friends! We’re all friends! 1 Night 2 Days!” tumble-crash-tumble. Tae-hyun finally tells him to just not say anything, and in confessional Jong-min admits that Tae-hyun gets scary sometimes. But Jong-min’s shouting is seriously that one annoying thing that can make you blow up, because he won’t stop. The boys manage to stack up almost all the tubes, then lift Joo-won up to add the last few since he has the longest limbs.

girlfriday: Okay, now that they’re close, it’s getting tense. I really don’t want them to have to start all over.

javabeans: That might kill the friendship. It’s worse because it’s so tall that Joo-won is throwing the last tube on top, and every time it misses it shakes the already precarious tower. But thankfully they get their required height and then Tae-hyun tackle-hugs Jong-min, so I think all is well.

girlfriday: Yay, and not even one black eye!

javabeans: The crab team fails rather spectacularly at their race, but Su-geun and Tae-woong just start figuring out the knack of it after they finish. I suspect a rematch is in order.

girlfriday: It cracks me up how Su-geun turns everything into a sport, even crab-leg-cutting, but I guess that’s why he wins at games.

javabeans: I really like the Hae-jin and Shi-kyung team. They’re adorable together. I think Hae-jin brings out Shi-kyung’s funnier side, which makes it a good pairing. Plus, they keep failing their matching quiz and every time they are given a choice of two things and don’t match their answers they have to keep spinning in circles, so they’re staggering around all dizzy.

girlfriday: Yeah they’re cute, and Shi-kyung has fun ribbing Hae-jin, so they must get along rather well.

javabeans: They answer everything as opposites (mountain versus sea, IU versus SNSD), so maybe they get along ’cause they’re so different.

girlfriday: I love the conversations as they’re spinning. “I like mountains!” “I’m sorry!” *spin spin spin*

javabeans: They finally complete the mission by agreeing, but I feel like at this point they’re answering what they think will win, not what they really think, which is probably also why it takes them so long. Ha. Then Shi-kyung mentions that he owes IU a meal (Hae-jin answered IU) as an invitation to include him, and Hae-jin’s all, “I made a good friend.”

girlfriday: The crab team fails again but they’re getting better, and Su-geun finally asks where they keep taking all the crab away to. That’s what I wanna know! The PDs actually agree to loosen up on the challenge, mostly because they’re spending too much money on crab. Ha.

javabeans: The next round is half the time, and the boys are starting to get the knack of crab-leg-cracking, so they finally win and then pass out all the stacks of crab legs to the public. So now all the teams have succeeded at their tasks but the challenge isn’t over yet because there’s a time limit here: If they all make it back by noon they get a nice fancy seafood barbecue lunch. If they don’t, well, there’s a big ol’ bucket of fish cake skewers awaiting them. Actually it’s not even that big. Sadface.

girlfriday: The crab team goes to pick up the piggyback team, while the Haeundae crew walks. But no one seems all that sure where they’re going… The Haeundae guys arrive first and send Joo-won out to meet the other boys, and they finally arrive for a mad dash down the pier, and everyone makes it on the yacht with two minutes to spare. Yay, big fancy lunch!

javabeans: While waiting in the yacht, Jong-min and Tae-hyun are sitting at the fancy spread just dying to eat lunch, and Jong-min—who previously was all, “We’ll be great as long as nobody betrays anybody”—suggests that maybe only the winners should get to eat. It was a pretty close call though, and Joo-won looked pretty serious there. I think he might’ve gotten mad if they didn’t make it.

girlfriday: There would’ve been tears, especially since they got there early and got to SEE the food they could’ve had.

javabeans: Shi-kyung grills, Joo-won serves, and the rest of the hyungs sit back and eat like kings. Then the yacht heads out for a sail, and they’re told t expect a lot of turbulence. After lunch?

girlfriday: But they still lie out on the deck like it’s bright and sunny, even though it’s gray and rainy.

javabeans: Jong-min has to lie down from the seasickness, and Joo-won joins him soon thereafter. Jong-min really looks like he’s suffering. At least Joo-won is able to laugh, “It’s punishment time” and finds Jong-min saying, “Jagi-ya…” Tae-hyun is third in the bed of punishment.

girlfriday: Meanwhile, Hae-jin is outside, climbing the mast for fun. After lunch, the boys go on a double decker bus tour, and while waiting Shi-kyung strikes up a conversation with a few Australian tourists. His English is good.

javabeans: We’ve heard it a couple times before but this is the best he’s been, I think. The other boys are just shouting out English words like “Korean!” and “Fantastic!” but he’s carrying on a polite conversation and gets the woman interested enough to want a photo with them, haha. The boys pile onto a double-decker bus for the city tour.

girlfriday: After that, they head to a college campus that’s on an island.

javabeans: In fact, the island IS the school. That’s pretty cool. Or really small.

girlfriday: It’s really pretty. It’s a maritime policy academy, and everyone’s in uniform. Dude, this school has an American football team??

javabeans: They call it rugby. I… don’t know the difference. The boys are like, “You want us… to play against THEM?” Su-geun proposes, “We could play soccer against them playing football.” Shi-kyung is enlisted to act as interpreter for one student from Fiji, and asks some basic questions the includes whether he recognizes any of the cast members. The guy points to Hae-jin, which is not the expected choice, and then explains, “I saw him on Running Man.” Hahaha.

girlfriday: Haha. The even funnier part is, he thinks Hae-jin is Park Ji-sung. Lol. Su-geun picks out one of the freshmen and gets him to confess to the girl he likes onscreen, which is really really cute.

javabeans: It’s so cute and also so embarrassing. Like he’s gonna back out with his football mates yelling, “Be a MAN!” Although… is Psy’s “Gentleman” dance really the best mode of love confession delivery?

girlfriday: Uh, not exactly a serenade. Anyway, the boys decide to play a game against the team for some chicken, but have to figure out what they can play that’s a fair fight.

javabeans: The proposal is floated to chicken leg fight (for chicken, lol) and the cast members grumble that they can’t beat youth. They ask one kid how old he is (20) and say that Hae-jin (40) could be his father. The kid counters, “My father’s a man, and I’m a man, and we’re all men aren’t we?” You can’t argue with that logic.

girlfriday: So then they pick seven guys to chicken-fight, with each team defending a king chicken.

javabeans: I think our boys are going to get their asses whooped. Those football boys are AMPED! UP!

girlfriday: Yeah they’re like 18, jocks, AND future cops. There’s no chance in hell.

javabeans: Some of them are even doing backflips and somersaults and stuff. So now Jong-min feels like he has to show off… and embarrasses himself by falling. I love how the football boys are strategizing too, and that one fierce looking kid is all, “I’ll take Gaksital.”

girlfriday: Haha, these boys are cracking me up.

javabeans: The entire football team chants this rally cry as they huddle, and it’s pretty impressive and intimidating. Our cast team is all, “Let’s just say whatever. Make noise” and their chant sounds like Mumblegargleblahblahwheeeboonomnom! The caption gives us the translation: “I’m scared… I wanna go home…”

girlfriday: It’s hilarious. Also, they totally drain all their energy doing the stupid chant!

javabeans: To absolutely nobody’s surprise, the 1N2D team goes down pretty quickly, while the footballers remain impressively on their feet. They’re super aggressive too.

girlfriday: Joo-won’s the only one who gets near the other team’s king, but eventually he goes down too. How is Tae-hyun still alive? Soon Shi-kyung goes down and they lose.

javabeans: They’re so mismatched that New PD offers a chance to swap out three of the footballers, but the cast just swaps out the biggest guy for the manager, lol. And then at the last minute they decide to do this one-on-one instead of in one team effort, and that leads to scary footballer chasing Jong-min around the field, ha. Back to team fight. OHHHH this is where Joo-won injures his nose. I totally forgot about that.

girlfriday: Oh noes! Do I need to watch with my eyes closed?

javabeans: It’s not bad, but since I knew the news ahead of time I realized the situation was more serious than I would have thought watching it blind. The game is going strong and it’s all fun and games, until he bangs his face against somebody’s head while going after the other team’s king, and he walks off holding his face. He’s crouched in the fetal position for a bit, but then he gets up to sit on the sidelines.

girlfriday: Oh, he’s not unconscious.

javabeans: I wonder if they cut that out or if it hasn’t happened yet, because they resume the game pretty quickly and it’s all laughs again. Tae-woong even walks off holding his crotch, admitting that he ripped his pants.

girlfriday: Hahaha. Way to take my mind off of Joo-won’s nose.

javabeans: Soon they’re all pointing and insisting, “Hey look at this” with faces shoved in his crotch. But the game must go on, so they call for replacement pants and in the meantime huddle around him to… protect his modesty?

girlfriday: Those smiley-face cover-up graphics always have the opposite effect on me. Like, they’re intended for modesty, but only make my imagination run wilder.

javabeans: Right? Like what’s hanging out? When I’m sure it’s really just a tiny rip.

girlfriday: They get back to the game and the footballer’s king finally goes down, which means the score is tied. But they’re all so exhausted. Can they even play another round?

javabeans: The last round is king versus king, and surprisingly Tae-woong lasts long enough to take down the youngun. They cheer the victory, and I notice that Joo-won is no longer in the background (though he is in the preview for next week). I guess they are just gonna cut around it.

girlfriday: Boo. He’s there to hug Tae-woong when he wins, but after that he’s just inexplicably absent. What the hell, Show?

javabeans: This week wasn’t too bad, but I can’t shake the fear I have for the direction of the show.

girlfriday: Yeah New PD is managing to ruin a formula that’s been handed to him, and it’s killing me.

javabeans: You know, six years is a long time to do a show. Just putting that out there.

girlfriday: Sadface.


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  1. Ivoire


  2. h311ybean

    Thanks for the recap! 🙂

    You know, part of me is thinking that this is going to be a fun episode – at least, your recaps always make me look forward to the funny bits. But now another part of me is wondering how New PD is going to bollix this up.

    (I refuse to even think about the next guest special that’s coming up…. *starts hunting for brain bleach*)

  3. snow_white


  4. Misolee

    I was annoyed with last weeks guest. This weeks show had me laughing out loud. Especially with Taewoongs pants!

  5. Rashell

    I’m just going to pretend these changes aren’t happening. The denial is strong. This episode was ok. But something is just missing.

    I miss Bird PD, but I really,really miss Na PD the most 🙁

  6. pV

    thanku for the recap
    i completely understand your feelings ………….. 🙁
    No More Guests….we have to keep chanting it until the pd gets a whiff of it

  7. okdubu


  8. far

    this episode is better than the previous ones where they invite CKH and Sikyung’s friend. i laughed a lot watching this episode. this is the 1N2D that i like. just the boys playing against some random people and having fun.

    nothing against guests, but having another show with RM concept is not what i like. RM alone is enough with all the promotion and kind-of repetitive games. i can only take so much of karaoke points, takjji, betrayals, etc.

    i prefer childish games and teamwork/individual competitiveness over food and sleeping spots. throw in some games with the staff makes for amazing show. i know New PD wants to increase the ratings, but he might be going about it the wrong way. fans like 1N2D coz of the great places they show, and the chemistry between the members, regardless if they do individual or teamwork games. having guests once in a while is great too, which is what makes this show so special. but since New PD takes over, the ratings havent been great. it’s near to 10% whereas in S1 the ratings go over 30%.

    like JB and GF said, i’m also scared of what direction the New PD is taking us. NEXT WEEK (today): Yoona is guesting…. -___-

    • 8.1 tebz10

      I want to erase that ep from my memory. This ep helped a bit. Just a bit. I need more of my 1n2d bromance. Every week should be a Friendship special, but with just our 7 boys.

    • 8.2 Bebe

      Me agree 🙁

      BUT, we have to admit that THINGS change. It’s diff from then 1N2D and now 1N2D.’

      In the past 1N2D was like the ultimate variety show, it takes time to climb the 20-30% ratings and competitions are very low.

      Nowadays, they facing competion left & right, new shows with more amusing members and content keep coming out. New PD and the rest of the team probably trying to test this kind of new ways to see if the people like it.

      Other shows like the one with that the little kids, the one hosted by comedians + high profile guest, and the other one with 8 members filming o/side to foreign countries basically have the ‘essence’ of 1N2D,

      • 8.2.1 far

        well, let’s just wait and see if this new guests direction will help to gain more viewers. i sincerely hope it does. so far, most of the people i’ve known does not really like having guests on the show. maybe they’ve become accustomed to watching the old 1N2D where the show focuses more on survival of food and shelter, while showing the beauty of Korea that sometimes even the local netizens are not aware of.

        i find it quite hopeless to have another guests episode when there’s Running Man for that. the New PD needs to look back on why people love 1N2D so much, and focus more on that. i myself am a fan of Season 2, having discovered this show coz of Joowon. but even then, i like the concept of having only the 7 of them playing games and showing the nice places and different culture altogether.

        as for me, as long as the show is not scripted, i’m kind of fine with any direction they’re going. i would PREFER not having guests. but if they can have fun with the guests while keeping the show unscripted, fans will stick around. ^^

        • Manin

          I agree with you. I don’t mind guests once in a while as long as there is a sorta purpose to them being there (not talking promotion), and as long as it doesn’t feel fake and scripted like last time.

          I mean I loved the Olympic athletes special, and that didn’t feel weird or scripted to me. But still it’s the trips with just the guys that are more endearing and should be in focus (especially with a new member and the need to build a new dynamic).

          Obviously some stuff needs to be scripted in any show: presentation of foods, known things about the place they are going and stuff like that. Plus the game rules. But 1n2d is stronger when you have the minimum needed to present a place or subject and then let the guys go about their own way.

    • 8.3 skinnymocha

      Yeah… One of my favourite episodes of season 2 so far is the cast vs the crew, with the lighting director as referee. (Which was basically season 1 rehashed anyway.)

      I’ve got my doubts about the next episode, but I think I’ll quit watching altogether if they screw it up real bad. I don’t want to be around to see the downfall of a show I once loved. But who knows, maybe they’ll manage to pick themselves up again – and I really do hope so. Meanwhile, I’ve got Appa Oediga and Real Men to occupy my time.

  9. h0lymoley

    I feel like there’s no flow from Bird to New PD. From Lee Pd to Na Pd you couldn’t even tell there was a pd switch. I wish they would stick to what Bird did or at least REVERT BACK to Na Pd/Lee Pd’s ways. (which is how 1N2D got to be known nationally and beloved by ALLLLLL, if not most).

    I’m cringing just thinking about the slew of “guests” coming aboard. Heard there’s a “Nation’s First Love SPECIAL” about to happen. (ughhh more idols and awkwardness)
    If they were to bring in guests, how about regular people & not celebrities? I really liked their Foreigners Special (Waph!) and their 1st/2nd Viewer’s Tours.

    • 9.1 tebz10

      Well, Na PD was part of the PD crew of 1n2d before Lee PD left. He just wasn’t the head back then. So maybe that’s why the transition was smooth.

    • 9.2 kindaichi

      What? Nation’s First Love Special?! Is this the same as the Nation’s Little Sister Special (the one with Yoona)?! i am pulling my hair so much that i am going bald…what did we do to deserve such punishment from the new pd?!?

      i hope watching future episodes is not like a bokbulbok to viewers whereby we try our luck to see if today’s episode is good or shitty…

    • 9.3 Jenny

      I’m cringing at the thought of the “Nation’s First Love Special” too. When I first read that Yoona is going to be on 1N2D, my first thought, “urgh” and “let’s this not be another Idol show or a show about SM artist.” If the PD wants to invite guests, I’m all for another viewer special or non-celebrity special.
      To me, 1N2D is a special, unique, and funn show because the show is all about showing the beauty of South Korea and the bonding between members. I miss this 1N2D…the 1N2D that we get nowadays is so bland. Why can’t the new PD keep the same old concept and add-on to it instead of creating a whole new concept that destroy the uniqueness and excitement of the show??? PD-nim and writer-nim…I hope you guys listen to the viewer and come to your senses.

  10. 10 kyl

    The last picture cracks me up XD so like Su-guen to take off his clothes anywhere, anytime. Haha.

  11. 11 tebz10

    I love this episode! The pairings were just too cute. I’m really loving Yoo Haejin. I think he fits really well with the gang. The problem is this New PD. It feels like he’s trying to do too much at the same time. While I don’t mind them having guests, I don’t think they should have them one after another. I do think that it’s ratings-driven. I’m guessing he’s reaallly pressured to bring the ratings up. I think (from what I read) that the ratings go up when they have a new person in the ep, but it goes up only for the first part of the trip (’cause viewers get curious), then goes down for the 2nd part (’cause viewers realize it’s no fun).

    So, to New PD, don’t mind the ratings! Just have fun with it (like with this ep) and the ratings will come.

  12. 12 Tartani

    Thanks for the recap. I liked this week’s episode a lot better..but then they’re inviting SNSD next???!? Whyyy 🙁 I love just our 7 guys and they’re amazing bromances. Poor YHJ is just settling onto the show and nicely as well.

  13. 13 crazedlu


    I loooathe the direction I see us headed in so far.


    Leave the boys alone! To themselves! To fight and love and stuff! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? *cries*

  14. 14 alyna

    Thanks for the recap!

  15. 15 k-soup

    What is this? they should have showed how Joo Won injured and all but he just magically disappeared. Joo Won’s injury shouldn’t had been reported if 1n2d was just going to edit it out.

    I was about to say this was a good episode but now I feel betrayed.. I was looking forward for this episode 🙁

  16. 16 alyna

    …so they just cut JW out after the accident? I don’t like the way the new pd is handling the show.

    • 16.1 far

      no, they dont cut out joowon after the incident, he was still there on the sidelines. they played two more games after joowon withdraw from playing, and we can see him on the sidelines once in a while. but they didnt edit them properly after the second game, as what JB and GF mentioned. one moment he was hugging his hyungs, and another moment he wasnt there.

    • 16.2 kindaichi

      it’s really unfortunate that JW got injured during the filming but maybe they didnt want to worry the fans by showing details of the aftermath. i am sure JW didnt want that to be highlight of the show as well.

      when Seunggi injured his hand to the extent that required an operation while filming 1n2d many years back, it was edited out too. he didnt appear for the rest of the trip and most viewers only got to know about the reason for his disappearance after season 1 ended.

      some of the games they played were rather rough so it’s inevitable that sometimes accidents happened. i personally think the show is not obligated to report on every injury each member sustained.

      • 16.2.1 Manin

        Agreed. It’s about privacy as well I’d say. He got injured no need to show it on camera in all the details, especially when it can look much worse than it is and thus worry family more. Plus I cannot say that if I got injured on a show I’d like it to be shown on TV afterwards.

        It’s sorta interesting to sett this case up against other accident cases. Here some people are complaining that it wasn’t shown that he was injured and taken away, while normally people would complain about the press trying to show everything. Different scenario yes, but when it comes down to it it’s the same mechanics behind.

        So although the editing could have been done better maybe, I’m glad they let him go off to get treated without camera fuzz.

  17. 17 marshall ericksen

    This was an improvement from last weeks ep because there are no guests, please keep it that way!!

  18. 18 JJzbujk

    Just want to share this: (from 1n2d s2 tumblr fan page)

    [Fans Section] Should I be happy or upset?

    It seems like 1n2d are having a lot of “specials” and guests these days. To me, it seems like they’re doing this just for ratings. They’re bringing famous people onto the show as guests so as to bring the ratings up. Somehow, I’m feeling like they’re fading away from the 1n2d that I know of… I miss the normal episode with no specials, just sight-seeing and playing bokbulbok for lunch, dinner, and sleeping.

    I’m starting to get the same feeling that I got when SBS decided to do a season 2 with Family Outing. Family Outing season 1 was great; I liked everybody on the show. And then season 2 comes along with new cast members that consisted of a bunch of idols and comedians. Seems like they were trying too hard to bring the ratings up. Instead of a family style show it then became more of an idol show. The ratings didn’t go up, but instead kept on plummeting and the show eventually got canceled.

    I don’t mind seeing guests on 1n2d, as a matter of fact I like it sometimes. But having guests on the show just about every week, I’m getting the feeling that they’re doing this to try to raise the viewer’s ratings. I really like 1n2d; it’s my favorite show and I hope it goes on for years to come. So hopefully they don’t divert from their original theme of “Real wild road variety.” It’s with that theme that’s why we love this show so much, isn’t it?

    • 18.1 Dramafed1782

      Agree to all the above *faceplam* I don’t want to see 1N2D go down with idols 🙁

      • 18.1.1 Shiku

        I know right? Do idols really have to be in every show? I have idol fatigue but it must be worse for the Koreans because they are everywhere.

    • 18.2 kindaichi

      since so many are concerned about the direction 1n2d is heading, maybe we should sign a petition and send it to KBS lol!… i am serious really…

      • 18.2.1 far

        i’ve thought of this as well, but have no idea how to actually start doing it.

      • 18.2.2 Shiku

        I agree. I think it’s a fabulous idea.

    • 18.3 john pee

      my sentiments exactly, thank you!

    • 18.4 redfox

      Shi Kyung grills and Joo Won serves is how I want to spend my vacation.

      and I wanna see just the guys, not guests! it is THEIR show!!!! I wanna see Shi kyung cooking (and eating) and Joo Won pouting and Tae hyun gambling with luck and the rest. guests take time away from the guys!
      and wanna see interesting challenges and interactions with the locals, especially grannies and grandpas in small places. and interesting pplaces to sleep. and more cooking challenges

    • 18.5 k-soup

      guests are fine like maybe Bora and friends getting them to come home. that’s it. guests are supposed to show up for a couple of minutes and then members would just say goodbye to them. they shouldn’t be part of the daily routines with the cast.

  19. 19 quirkstine

    Thanks girls!!

  20. 20 kindaichi

    thanks again JV & GB for the recap ^^

    this episode is certainly much more fun that the previous. i couldnt help feeling betrayed in the previous one…

    i love YHJ & SSK combination too! YHJ’s multi facial expressions always crack me up, he didnt even have to say anything hahaha…

  21. 21 Nahla JW

    I’m really worried for the future of the show …. I hope the new PD has a good plan and insight coz why they chose him over other PDs out there!!

  22. 22 george

    I’m hoping for good news for this episode.Please variety gods don’t fail me!!!Off to read.Be back later.

  23. 23 ruzi mano

    Hello everyone.
    How to tell New PD our unhappiness with all these guests….Haejin needs his special moments as new member. Can someone write in Korean to KBS what worldwide fans of 1n2d think of the new development. I save my Sundays for these 7 guys…please improve. 7 men & their antics. That’s all!!

  24. 24 george

    Whew!Sigh of relief!At least for now.This is way better than the last episode..

    Okay.Let’s be positive.Maybe we cut the new PD some slack and hope he is still trying to learn the ropes of such a great show,that he is trying to experiment w/c approach works on the viewers,working his way out to find a name of his own.Well,we are all chanting,(as someone suggested w/c i’m all in)idols guesting doesn’t for sure.We have had too much of them.And please don’t make it look like you are inviting guests in random when it’s obviously on the script.We don’t mind guests once in a while but as much as possible we want our boys as just them.It’s always better that way.

    I hope that Joo-won’s injury wasn’t that bad.With the show it’s inevitable to have some accidents happening.I just hope that they are not major ones.

    Thanks for the recap,girls.You know i love you both.^^

  25. 25 Noelle

    That doesn’t even look like a rugby uniform it looks like a football uniform.

    • 25.1 far

      it’s different terms in different regions, actually. in Asia, we refer to football, but i think Americans call it soccer. and we call the game the students were playing as rugby, whereas Americans call it football. ^^

      • 25.1.1 Manin

        Yeah, rugby and American football has some similarities as well, so if you’re not quite that familiar with them it is easy to mix the terms. And once they stick, they stick.

        In Europe as well ‘football’ = what Americans (and lots of other countries with a closer tie to American English than British) call ‘soccer’.

        Then you separate ‘American football’ and ‘rugby’; with most people being more familiar with the later.

        And then you get ‘Gaelic football’ which I’ve seen once and am still confused as to what was going on. Also you need to do maths to figure out who wins :p

      • 25.1.2 Shiku

        But Rugby is different from American football. Rugby doesn’t allow the hard protection uniform the guys in the article are wearing which is similar to American football. And a rugby team can range from 7-15 a side while AF requires 50+ people. In AF you can specialize and only play offense, defense, punter while in rugby you are required to play both offense and defense and stay in the field till the game ends or you are substituted.
        I think the police academy are probably playing some fusion of rugby and AF.

  26. 26 cielo009

    I can’t bear with this show having too many guests at such a short span of time. The only type of guests that I like are one with non celebrity normal type of people, you know like when the 1st season did a home stay with the grandparents and it ended with Sugeun crying coz he remembers the time he said goodbye to his own parents or the one with the foreign workers.

    I have to say, with the current season I never felt that connection with the citizens/normal folks, the Dokdo episode they had with Koreans from abroad didn’t really felt genuine in some extent. Even when they did the episode with the olympic athletes and they did the sportsfest with the kids, it didn’t really connect with me. If they continue to go with the direction that they are currently going, inviting guests just for the sake of ratings, it’s quite sad.

    • 26.1 kyl

      Agree. The reason why S1 was so endearing to everyone is because the boys + the concept give you a ‘homey’ feeling: as in,you can relate to them somehow. I dunno how else to explain it, it just gives you the warm fuzzies seeing them interact with normal folks like normal folks, not like a celebrity. And the folks dote on them right back like their sons/grandsons, it’s cute 🙂

      Well, I guess S2 is going on a different formula, since the cast members have changed and the PD changed. I hope it works to their favour, though I’m not keen on having too many guests on 1N2D. Seems like there are more episodes with guests in S2 than in S1 :/

  27. 27 Gaeina Lee

    “Those smiley-face cover-up graphics always have the opposite effect on me. Like, they’re intended for modesty, but only make my imagination run wilder.”

    …Ahh, is that why I always love Mr. Happy who always have smiley face since I was young? ^^

  28. 28 Annas

    Hae Jin & SSK bonding. The best.

    So YHJ likes 2NE1? Daebak. I know that UTW love the girls too.. I guess only their maknae, Joo Wonie like the cutesy type like SNSD & Orange Caramels. Hehehe.

    Not only New PD, I think almost everybody in KBS Entertainment unit trying very hard to maintain or rise the ratings.. 1N2D hwaiting. Go go go.

    I’m a fan since 2008, members come and go, PD changes and I still watching it.

  29. 29 Ace

    Maybe Yoona guesting would make the show better? Hahaha. Who am I kidding? Yoona isn’t just bland in her acting, but also bland in variety shows. I can see her appeal to guys, but then at the same time, I do not. If they were gonna go for a scripted 1N2D with ‘special’ guests, then why can’t they invite more fun and engaging celebrities to be on the show? Heck, there are other SNSD members who are better, loads better, than Yoona in variety. I get that they’re going for the ratings and trying out new things to compete with the other networks, but I hope they realize soon that they are failing at encouraging people to watch 1N2D. Plus, the editing! One of the reasons I love 1N2D is the way they edit the show to make even a boring segment seem fun.

    • 29.1 nice

      it think instead of yoona, they can invited some snsd member who’re wittier like hyoyeon. i only watch her on invincible youth 2 and i’m not sone, but i think she’s funny

    • 29.2 Ena

      My ideal guest for 1n2d is someone who is not a regular in variety programme.

      Who knows that Yu Hae-jin, Uhm Tae-woong and Joo-won such a dork in real life!

    • 29.3 gale

      Actually Yoona is one of the better members of SNSD at variety shows! At least she is not trying hard to be funny like for example Sooyoung and Yuri!

      I just hope they don`t make Joo Won-Yoona love line, because that would be just to obvious!

  30. 30 mayunn_dee

    thanks for the recap!

  31. 31 leilani

    Love that you choose that featured pic, SSK-UTW is my favorite bromance on the show, thank you.

  32. 32 zekwana

    so they’re just randomly having guest 2 times a month just because? it’s not even branded a special. i really love this show to a huge extent but i feel that the new pd is slowly ruining it.

  33. 33 nedenuleyn

    I think that this episode was way better than the other weeks’ episodes(with the new pd). I think that they are better without guests.
    I hope SSK and JW are fine now.
    By the way, In ep. 437, Choi Kang Hee’s first ep, UTW’s wife said that he didn’t do his military service probably. Do you know why?
    Thank you.

  34. 34 Kles

    I wish they would at least explain the guests. When I saw choi kh appear 2 eps ago, I really couldn’t get through the ep. It wasn’t evens belled a special why the … Is some guest on the show?!?! And then I hear about yoona etcetc. Hah? I don’t hate these ppl, just that like JB says, how does new pd ruin a formula that had been perfected since 2007? He is really “fantastic”. If guests continue to come, I am sure I won’t be the only one NoT willing to watch anymore. Re-runs of s1 are the way to go. Just very sad that s1 had to end… It was really superb. Best show on earth.

  35. 35 정남

    We as foreign viewers have no say at all in the direction of the show we offer nothing in the form of ratings so a petition will likely fall on deaf ears.

  36. 36 PurpleKyungie

    I heard that SSK pulled a muscle during the game. Which game was it? Before or after JW was hurt?? Just curious…. 🙂

    • 36.1 tebz10

      It was before Joowon’s injury. Shi-kyung was the king first. He, then, pulled a muscle, so Joo won had to be the next king. But then, Joo won got hit on the face, so Taewoong had to be king. Next, Taewoong ripped his pants! The guys were commenting that their kings kept running into these unfortunate situations.

  37. 37 pigtookie

    you know what’s nice? decent quality videos of some of the more recent episodes of 1n2d in eng sub at kbsworld @ youtube, though i dont know whether the translations are good or not.

    • 37.1 tebz10

      The translations are pretty good. The epis are 3 weeks behind the ones that air in Korea, because that’s when the subbed epis air on their network, KBS World.

  38. 38 Joan

    Am I the only one excited about Yoona guesting :c I’ve seen her on other shows.. she seems really easygoing and she gets along well with everyone. Can’t wait for her ep!

    • 38.1 lili

      She is adorable! I don`t know what people have against her, she seams so laid back and like she doesn`t give a crap about her image!

      She is also tomboyish witch makes me thin she will get along well with the guys!

  39. 39 chevra juin


  40. 40 lik

    yoo hae jin is sly. he knew that the jocks were serious, so he quickly faked it and took himself out of the game.

    yoo jae jin does not have team spirit for 1n2d, he does not care about the others, he is selfish and only cares about himself

  41. 41 fd

    episode 437, suguen announces that tae hyun having third child, uhm force dint know.

    uhm and cha tae hyun not that close anymore?

    • 41.1 nedenuleyn

      Yes, the same thing caught my attention, too. I hope it’s not like that and he just wanted to make a surprise. Because it is one of my favorite bromances in the show.

  42. 42 gy

    new pd shld have stuck to visiting kids school not these rough out for blood jocks. wrong concept dude.

  43. 43 ty


    • 43.1 nedenuleyn

      I already miss them a lot!!!

  44. 44 wL

    Thanks for the recap, ladies.

    As much as I want them to have guest, it’s too early, too frequent and never thought they’ll be celebrities too 🙁

    I do really hope things will improve as the rating keeps dropping. So far still enjoyed the show though.

  45. 45 dana

    Can`t wait for Yoona in next episode!

  46. 46 Sintia

    Thank you for the recap!
    I really like this episode except the part with Joo Won in pain.
    It was interesting, with a lot of heart and funny.

  47. 47 jayne

    Thank you GF and JB for the recap. I will have my beauty sleep after reading this, knowing that there will be an episode without a guest. One week after, comes the torture. Yoona, of all SNSD, as a guest *rolling eyes*
    All right, I’ll save my rants and raves after I endure that episode.
    Sungchoongie grills and Joo Won serves? Yeah, I’d like that too for my holiday… 🙂

  48. 48 jayne

    Aside from the despair of knowing there will be another guest after this episode, I think I will love Haejin and Sikyung part… I’m surprised to see how Haejin fits this show in no time and happy that Sikyung seems to have finally finds his mate. He is always too big, too good, too blank, that no other members seem to fit him. Or the other way around. I really look forward for these two to bond.

  49. 49 Von

    Why are there so much hate for Yoona? She’s isn’t a tryhard, is funny and gets along with people really well. The only reason I started watching 1N2D is because of her…. I’ve watched most of the episode as soon as I found out that Yoona would be on it…. Tune down the hate and let’s wait for the episode to be subbed and just enjoy 1N2D

  50. 50 u-u

    i’m kinda surprised when i read the comments that imply yoona’s guesting is gonna be really boring? I think she’s the funniest person in snsd (with sunny ahahah) that is really suited for unscripted variety. haha maybe because she’s boyish? 🙂 anyhow, its just my opinion.

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