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I Hear Your Voice: Episode 4
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I feel like a yo-yo after every episode of this show because I’ve been so wildly yanked from one extreme to the other—laughing out loud and then clutching my heart, sometimes in terror and other times from the giddy romance. But even though I feel spent, I’m a happy little yo-yo; yes I am.


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EPISODE 4: “You, in my hazy memory”

Hye-sung inches toward the bedroom door, armed with a frying pan. (We need to get you a taser, or at least a hefty bat.) “I’ll Be There,” now the world’s scariest song—thanks for that, Show—rings from the mystery phone somewhere on the other side of that door, inside her apartment.

Su-ha gets waylaid by the punks who refuse to let him go without a fight. So they get one, and he limps away to get to Hye-sung.

She gets to the bedroom door and calls out, “Who’s there?” And thank ye gods, Su-ha gets to her front door in time to hear her. There’s no answer so in a panic he breaks down her door.

She’s startled to see him, and the first thing he hears is her thinking: “I’m scared.” Aw. He takes her outside to wait, and then reaches slowly for the door handle…

It opens, and when he flips on the lights, there’s no one there. Whew. All he finds is the cell phone, still ringing, “I’ll Be There.”

A short while later, the police are there, asking if the creepy stalker broke down her door and beat up the kid. They’re like, no… the kid broke down the door. Cop: Oh, so the kid broke down the door and fought off the stalker? Um.

Sigh. They’re clearly not going to get anywhere with this guy, and when she explains that the phone appeared in her apartment, Su-ha can read his thoughts loud and clear—that they’re a couple of nut jobs.

They just get the cursory, “We’ll do everything we can!” and tell her that beat cops circle this neighborhood often, so she’ll be fine. What. You people suck.

Su-ha chases the cop out to his car, and says he thinks he knows the person they should be looking for. It’s sweet that he doesn’t want say it in front of her because it’ll freak her out.

When he comes back upstairs she’s battling her front door that won’t close. He yanks it back into place and tells her to go sleep at a friend’s house for a few days. He starts to get woozy as he’s talking, and then suddenly he just collapses on her shoulder.

They fall and she’s got him propped up in her arms, and after her initial shock and annoyance, she realizes he’s fainted and reaches for her phone to call for help.

She’s just about to dial, when he starts to snore. HA.

A flashback to Little Su-ha shows him standing alone at his father’s memorial. His uncle comes to his side and says he’ll live with them now, but when Su-ha looks up at him, he can hear him fraught with worry about raising a fourth kid when things are already so tough.

And then a little while later, Uncle takes him to an amusement park, and Su-ha waves at him to say that he’s over here. But then he hears Uncle think: “Please, just disappear…” and then watches as Uncle lets go of the balloons he was bringing over, and walks away. *gasp*

You were abandoned at an amusement park? After watching your father bludgeoned to death by a killer? What is wrong with the world?

Big Su-ha stirs in his sleep at the memory. He’s now in Hye-sung’s bed (How did she get the sleeping giant in there?) and she’s sitting next to him, tending to his cuts and scrapes.

She sees him sweating and wincing, and feels his forehead to check his temperature against hers. That’s what he wakes up to, and it startles him.

He starts to get up, but she just pushes him back down (and ruffles his bangs, so cute) and finishes bandaging him up. He can hear her think that she should call his parents because they’ll be worried, and then wondering why he came here… and is he a gangster?

He rattles off answers: he has no parents to worry, he came because he had something to ask her, and he’s not a gangster. “I fell.” On your face?

She gets angry that he read her thoughts again without warning, and zips up her hoodie all the way until her whole head is covered. I love that she still keeps talking though, through the hood. She tells him to sleep here tonight and go to the hospital in the morning.

She remembers to ask what he came here for, and he thinks to himself, “Will you remember me?” Instead he says out loud, “Do you know my name?” She says no, but that there’s no need to know it since they’ll never see each other again.

He grabs her arm and says, “It’s Su-ha. Park Su-ha.” He pulls her close and unzips her hoodie (rawr) and looks up at her face so eagerly, hoping for a flicker of recognition…

“Park… Su-ha?” He waits for her to remember, but she just quips that for a temper like his, he sure has a normal-sounding name, and decides that Gum-wad is a much better fit. (I decided I liked gum-wad better than chewing gum—it’s closer to her intonation, and makes me chuckle.)

He sighs and tells himself that there’s no way she’d remember him from ten years ago. The name does ring a bell with her, but she just shrugs it off and goes to sleep.

As the lights go out, we see our killer Min Joon-gook standing in the street looking up at her rooftop, and holding one of Mom’s chicken shop posters. Ack, can Su-ha just move in?

At Do-yeon’s house, her father Judge Seo asks about the case she lost, and then picks at her wound by asking if she really lost to the public defender daughter of their old housekeeper. Blech, well now we know why you’re such a peach. Like father, like daughter.

She leaves the table to avoid discussing it further, and Mom warns Dad that people will start to talk, and say that they found Do-yeon under a bridge (meaning she isn’t theirs by birth). He says it’s true, so what does it matter? Hm.

Su-ha wakes up and checks his hair in the mirror before going out to the living room, and pauses to smile at the bandaid on his cheek, thinking of the moment Hye-sung put it there.

He opens the door, floating on the anticipation of his fantasy… only to be greeted by disheveled reality. There’s actually dried drool in the corner of her mouth. Nice touch. She sees the horror written all over his face and covers up her embarrassment by saying that playing coy would be wasted on him anyway.

She glugs water right out of the bottle and says, “You don’t know because you don’t have a noona, but ninety-nine percent of women have this hair and this face in the morning. So you should just break that fantasy now and accept reality.”

Ha, I think that bubble’s already been burst, and I’m pretty sure you got him there. The horror parade continues as he watches her make instant kimchi rice by shaking ingredients in a plastic container, and handing him a rice spatula to eat with.

He asks if this isn’t dog food, and wonders how she could possibly only have one spoon in her entire house. She says just as incredulously, “I live alone. Isn’t one spoon normal?”

He looks around her mess of an apartment and asks if she isn’t going to put it back the way it was, thinking that the killer turned the place upside-down looking for something. She looks around. “Mess? The suspect didn’t do that.”

Su-ha: “Well if he didn’t do it… then… … … You live like this??” Haha. As his gaze moves from one pile of trash to another, his grandiose description of his pretty and perfect first love plays in voiceover.

She launches into another fun fact: “Ninety-nine percent of women all live like this. Suzy and SNSD are no different. I bet they’re just like this at home too!” He slams his hand on the table and cuts her off: “Eat or talk—ONE at a time!” Lol.

At school that day, the lit teacher recites a poem about first love and how wonderful and beautiful it is, as Su-ha grows more and more agitated with each description. The teacher describes a first love that makes your heart race at the hope of meeting again someday. “Don’t you all have a first love like that in your hearts?”

Su-ha slams his hands down on his desk in the middle of class, startling everyone. “NO!”

Mom comes by to bring Hye-sung chicken to pass around the office, and tells her she’s set her up on a blind date with the jjimjilbang’s son, who’s also a lawyer.

Hye-sung turns it down, saying she’s changed her mind about getting married because she realized that she’s actually a blue chip lawyer and should really focus on her career. Pfft, she actually flips her hair while saying this. It’s priceless.

Mom smacks her upside the head, but doesn’t push the blind date, figuring that she should work when she wants to work, and marry when she wants to marry. Mom, I already loved you, but you’re kinda the bee’s knees right now.

As her coworkers dig into the chicken, Hye-sung gets her nails done by Sung-bin at her desk. That’s so cute. Hye-sung is all up on her high horse today, and tells Sung-bin she really lucked out with a lawyer as awesome as her. Lawyer Shin practically chokes.

Sung-bin says she knows, and even though she thought Hye-sung was terrible at first, she turned out to be cool and believed in her when no one else would. She asks why, and Hye-sung lies that she just had a feeling.

Sung-bin corrects herself to say that Su-ha believed in her too, and Hye-sung asks why Gum-wad didn’t come with her when he was supposed to.

That’s because he’s busy at the police station checking on the phone-stalker case. The cops say the phone was untraceable and that they checked on the recently released prisoner he asked about, and found that he’s living quietly and honorably, doing nothing wrong.

The cop won’t give Su-ha any information about the killer, but he asks leading questions and reads his mind to find out. And that’s how he finds Joon-gook working the soup kitchen line at a church.

Su-ha watches from a distance as Joon-gook smiles pleasantly at the elderly and gives them extra food like a decent human being. But all Su-ha can see is the man who killed his father and threatened Hye-sung, and he balls up his fist in anger.

And then he decides to walk right up to him. Eeek! Don’t do that! He goes up to him with a smile and says he wants to volunteer, and Joon-gook just pleasantly tells him how and asks his name. Su-ha hesitates and says, “Kim Choong-ki.”

Pretty the Paralegal gives Hye-sung a new case, and she totally smirks to see Do-yeon’s name on the prosecutor’s report. He tells her this is an interesting case—two brothers robbed a convenience store, and when the owner caught them in the act, one of them stabbed the man with a knife while his brother tried to stop him.

She thinks it’s pretty cut and dried, but there’s a catch: each brother is insisting he’s the guilty one who did the stabbing, and the security footage is of no use because they’re identical twins. Clever.

She goes to meet her client, Twin 2, who swears that he did the stabbing. Hyung has priors on his record, and so Hye-sung guesses right away that he’s trying to take the fall so that Twin 1 doesn’t end up with a much harsher sentence. He denies it, even when she reminds him that he could spend his life in prison for murder.

But he does ask her for a favor, and so she goes to his apartment, where she finds a puppy he had adopted before all this happened. His place is filled with stacks of books and academic awards, and there’s a picture with a girlfriend—not exactly glaring signs of a thief or a killer.

Kwan-woo goes bleary-eyed at his desk just trying to keep up with his cases. Hye-sung comes back to the office with the puppy and says she’s taking care of it during the trial, already convinced that Twin 2 is innocent, and that she’ll prove it.

But Pretty the Paralegal says there’s a hitch—both brothers will be tried at the same time, so her fight won’t just be against the prosecution, but also the other brother’s lawyer.

She asks who’s representing Twin 1, and he nods over at Kwan-woo, who’s passed out at his desk. Ha. Really? Something tells me she’s not worried in the least.

Meanwhile, Su-ha is volunteering at the church and finds an opportunity to prod Joon-gook for information. He says he’s been living and working here for about a month, and Su-ha asks if they know each other, because he seems familiar.

Joon-gook tries to brush it off, but Su-ha asks if maybe he saw him at the courthouse recently, and Joon-gook stops his radish-chopping and grips the kitchen knife in his hand.

Su-ha can hear him wonder if this kid saw him there, and why he seems familiar, but outwardly he doesn’t betray any reaction and just says it wasn’t him. Okay, we need some rules around here. No more provoking a killer while he’s holding a knife. My heart can’t take it.

Lawyer Shin finally starts to come around, and buys Hye-sung her coffee and even invites her to an office dinner for the first time. He says he’s on his way to watch Kwan-woo’s trial, so she goes with him, and finds Do-yeon there too. Oh is she checking out her competition?

It’s time for closing arguments for his hearing-impaired client who stole money, and when it’s his turn, Kwan-woo fumbles with the computer to get a presentation file open, and keeps opening embarrassing girl group videos.

The judge loses his patience and screams at Kwan-woo, which is exactly what he wanted. He makes a point that it only took the judge fifty seconds to get frustrated that Kwan-woo wasn’t listening to him, so how would it feel to live that way for fifty years?

He doesn’t argue that she didn’t commit a crime, but asks what might’ve happened if one person had listened to her in all that time. “What could’ve changed if just one person had heard her cry?” It’s a pretty cheesetastic moment, but Kwan-woo’s got that earnest heartfelt delivery on his side, and also he’s arguing for a lesser sentence, not for her to walk away guilt-free.

The question sticks with Hye-sung and she sits in the hall for a while contemplating it. Do-yeon sits down next to her (and Hye-sung scootches one seat over like a petty schoolgirl, ha) and says she came to check out Kwan-woo because of the twin case.

She admits to being a little worried about the competition, and Hye-sung naturally assumes she means her: “Are you complimenting me?” Do-yeon relishes the moment: “No. Not you. Cha Kwan-woo.” Hye-sung plays if off like she isn’t worried in the least, but it starts to niggle at her.

Joon-gook’s pastor asks if he knows the kid who volunteered yesterday, because he forgot to give him his signed timesheet for his hours, saying that kids take this stuff seriously to get into college.

Joon-gook doesn’t have his number, but he knows the kid’s name and school, and offers to deliver it. Oh crap. He goes to Su-ha’s school and sees him playing in the field with a bunch of other kids and happily calls out, “Kim Choong-ki!” There’s no answer. He grabs the nearest kid and asks him to get Su-ha’s attention, and it happens to be the basketball punk. “Who, Park Su-ha?” NOoooooooooOOOOoo.

Joon-gook doesn’t immediately register the name, and asks if that’s not Choong-ki. And then the real Choong-ki walks right up to say that’s his name. He looks over at Su-ha and then it all clicks—Park Su-ha, the little boy who got away. He turns to the other boys and asks if they have Su-ha’s phone number.

At dinner, Hye-sung watches Lawyer Shin warily and asks why he’s being nice all of a sudden, wondering if maybe he invited her along so that he could play favorites in front of her instead of just excluding her. Pffft. And you wonder why you have no friends. He says he may have judged her too soon and says she isn’t totally without merits. She scoffs… and then immediately asks him to tell her what they are. Hee. He says she’s got a good eye—she can see when her client is lying or telling the truth. That’s a bitter pill for her to swallow, so she asks what else.

Lawyer Shin: “Oh… um… other than that… um… there aren’t any. That’s it.” Four bottles of wine later, she’s drunkenly wailing, “I only have one? ONE good trait?!” Grumpy Boss and Pretty the Paralegal run for the hills, leaving Kwan-woo to deal with her alone.

He finds her mumbling to herself that it isn’t even her good trait and she can’t see anything straight, and then her headband falls over her eyes and she flips out, “I can’t see anything! I CAN’T SEE.” Hahahahaha. I’m dying.

He puts her headband back up and when she opens her eyes, this time she wails, “My eyes must be rotten. You look like a flower boy!” She clasps his cheeks and cries, while he just giggles at being called a pretty boy.

He piggybacks her out of the restaurant and she whines, “I can’t see straight. I need that Gum-wad!”

He asks where she lives but doesn’t get an answer, and meanwhile Su-ha is sitting outside their office wondering why she isn’t picking up her phone. He gapes to see her being piggybacked by Kwan-woo, and runs over.

He takes one sniff and scowls at her wine breath, and hears Kwan-woo wondering in his head where she lives and if he should put her down in their office for the night.

Su-ha offers to take her home and says he can go it alone, and Kwan-woo hesitates, wondering in his head if this kid can be trusted. Su-ha asks for his card and offers to call once she’s home safely, so he lets them go.

He piggybacks her up the stairs and groans, “How much did you eat at that dinner?” legs shaking the whole way. He grumbles at her broken doorknob, still jerry-rigged since the other night.

He puts her down on the couch and tucks her in, and then hears her mumble out loud in her sleep: “Gum-wad. Bring me Gum-wad. I need Gum-wad. I need him… next to me. My eyes are rotten.” Aw, how is he NOT supposed to be in love with you now?

She wakes up in the morning still in yesterday’s clothes, and Mom calls to yell at her for not answering her phone, only to turn to tender loving care when Hye-sung sounds sick. She asks Mom if maybe she should meet jjimjilbang’s son after all.

Mom reminds her that she’s the one dating the law or whatever, and Hye-sung sighs that the law broke up with her. Heh.

Kwan-woo catches up to her in the street on her way to work, and leans in close: “How do I look today? Still a flower boy?” She clasps his face again and snaps: “Get it together! Are you still drunk?” She runs to the bathroom in a daze. “I’m crazy. My eyes are crazy. I’m sober, and he’s wearing his glasses, and he’s still handsome.” She clasps her own face. Hee.

Paralegal asks Kwan-woo if anything happened last night, and he says that Park Su-ha came to take Hye-sung home. Paralegal says that guy is always dropping her off and picking her up. “Is he a bodyguard?”

Lawyer Shin remembers to ask about that man Min Joon-gook, and Hye-sung steps into the office just as he says the name. She stops cold and asks how he knows that man, and Lawyer Shin conveys the only thing he knows—he shared a cell with a friend of his, and said he owed a debt to a public defender. And the worst part: that he got released a month ago.

The fear settles in, and she starts to get skittish on her way home that night, avoiding contact with anyone on the bus, and jumping every time someone bumps into her in the street. She looks at the “I’ll be there” texts which have continued all this time, and wonders if it’s possible they were from the killer. Su-ha has taken it upon himself to fix her broken door, though he’s not exactly handy. He hammers his thumb and it bleeds.

She comes home to find him there without warning, and tells him brusquely to go home and she’ll handle it herself. He says it’s fine, but she gets angry and screams at him to go and never come back.

He’s startled at her change and zeroes in on her thoughts: “He might be in league with Min Joon-gook.” Aw, I know you’re scared, but not Su-ha! He can’t say a word and just stands there, his thumb dripping with blood.

His phone rings on his way home, and it’s Joon-gook. All he says at first is, “It’s me. You remember my voice, right?” Su-ha pretends to remember him from the church and asks how he got his number. Joon-gook: “I went to your school. Park Su-ha.”

Su-ha demands to know where he is, and Joon-gook happily meets him. But instead of speaking to Su-ha, he thinks everything on purpose, musing that he could read his mind back then, so he can probably do it now. Angry tears well up in Su-ha’s eyes and he tells the killer to speak, not think. But he continues.

Su-ha accuses Joon-gook of pulling the cell phone stunt, and he scoffs that he shouldn’t be afraid of something so little as that—he hasn’t even gotten started yet. Joon-gook thinks at him not to worry, since he was never after Su-ha in the first place, not back then, and not now.

Su-ha clenches his fists. “If not me, then who?” Joon-gook thinks: “She became a lawyer… that bitch.” Su-ha snaps. He goes after Joon-gook in a rage, punching his face in, and screaming bloody murder. Joon-gook just screams for help, not even fighting back. Damn, he provoked you on purpose.

Hye-sung lies awake on her couch, and aw yeah—she got a bat AND a taser! Now we’re talkin’. She gets a call from the police station that sends her running out of the house.

When she gets there the cop who handled her phone incident tells her that they have Su-ha in custody because he beat a guy up, and there’s security footage to prove it. Su-ha doesn’t have parents and his teacher wasn’t answering their calls, so they called her.

He says the victim of the assault didn’t press charges and just went on his way, and guesses that he probably didn’t want to be connected to anything that might raise a red flag since he just recently got released from prison. But that raises a red flag with her, and she asks the victim’s name. She freezes at the answer: “Min Joon-gook.”

She starts to panic, and asks to see the CCTV footage. She asks the cops why Su-ha attacked Joon-gook, and they don’t know either—it was totally one-sided because Joon-gook literally doesn’t say a word.

She sees the footage and asks what Su-ha is saying. The cop who was at the scene remembers: “He kept saying, ‘Speak, don’t think, speak.'” As he tells her the rest, we hear it straight out of Su-ha’s mouth in flashback:

Su-ha: Listen up. Without that person, I would’ve died at your hands ten years ago. So I’m going to count my life as one that wasn’t supposed to exist, and I’m going to protect her. I’m going to protect her with my life, so don’t you dare do anything stupid, or I will kill you. I’ll kill you!

The cop relays how frightening the warning was that he’d kill him if he touched that woman, and it all starts to sink in. The other cop takes out a hammer from Su-ha’s bag and says he’s one scary dude, but she’s already lost in thought.

She puts it all together—the accident, the little boy who told her he’d protect her, the way he broke down her door the other night and ran to her rescue when she was so frightened and alone. After Little Su-ha had said he’d protect her, Hye-sung had wiped away her tears and asked, “Hey kid, what’s your name?” “Su-ha. Park Su-ha.”

Back in the present, Hye-sung says she’ll sign as Su-ha’s guardian and asks where he is. He’s currently handcuffed and screaming at the cops that they have to do something about Min Joon-gook because he’s dangerous.

But the cops say he’s living a reformed life now, and there’s no proof of anything that Su-ha is saying. He darts up: “I have proof. I heard him… His mind…” Ack, don’t say it!

Hye-sung’s voice cuts him off and tells him to stop. He whirls around, and she thinks at him not to say anything stupid or else he’ll end up ridiculed just like in that courtroom ten years ago.

“Park Su-ha, I remember your name now.”


She remembers! She remembers! The payoffs in this drama are so great. I was fully prepared to have them to drag out Hye-sung being in the dark about both Joon-gook and Su-ha for a while, but this is so much better. My heart sank when she told Su-ha to get lost, not that I blame her for being terrified of everyone and everything. It’s just that I’m okay with him being misunderstood as anything except someone who’s going to harm her, because he’s devoted his life to protecting her.

It was a great setup to have him tell her his name hoping for a reaction, only to get his heart crushed, and THEN have her come around and remember him (not to mention that she gets to do the big rescue yet again). I really like the constant theme of his first love being broken down with every interaction, only to get built up again when she does something to make him swoon. It’s like the wildest pendulum swing, from shattered dreams to fluttery butterflies, and I love every bit of it. Fantasy vs. reality is a great way to set up his romance (which I think of as separate from Hye-sung’s romantic arc, in which she’ll eventually choose between the two boys).

Speaking of which, I’m not sure I buy that one wine bender and piggyback ride later Kwan-woo suddenly seems swoony in her eyes, but I’m reading it as her being moved by his speech in court, which is a much more interesting development. I like a slow progression for Kwan-woo, because there’s more merit to her begrudging acceptance of him and her seeing past his dorky exterior to the good man underneath. Also, they make me laugh out loud when they misunderstand each other, which I don’t want to end. I look forward to their battle in court, because he’s going to change her for the better, win or lose.

Plotwise I think we’re in a great place. A killer who kills is scary, sure. But a killer who builds a cover life as a saint is far creepier. From a story point of view it’s great to have Joon-gook be such a smart adversary, because it corners our leads, even with the law on their side. It rips me up when we see Su-ha in the exact same position he was in ten years ago—powerless even with a superpower, scared to death and furious that nobody will listen to him. And even though it’s simple and obvious that Hye-sung saves him both times, it still gets me, right in the heart.


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        Hahaha story of my life.
        And yet my mother doesn’t understand.
        What’s the point of cleaning stuff when it ends up the same exact place it was before? Plus — the place is MESSY, not dirty. There’s a difference! Or i could just be finding excuses not to clean -__- yup. I’m in that “99%”

      • 4.3.2 yumi

        I think there are two kinds of messy. [unfortunately i’m both]

        1-One is your classic messy. Never return things where they belong, drop things where you last used them, then leave them and walk away– [a little ADD can cause that]

        2- the second kind of messy comes from being visually oriented. You can’t put your work away in drawers like the mavens of organizing recommend. You need everything you are working on in sight. That leads to a messy looking working area that may looks disorganized to others but isn’t.

        After seeing my home office a friend decided to help me get organized. She had me sit at my desk and asked what I did and where everything I used was. And after a series of questions she realized that despite the messy appearance, my office was well organized for how I used thing.

        • alua

          Hmmm… I think you can have a combination of the two messy…

          I definitely need everything I’m working on in sight (and usually that includes things I need to start working on again or will be working on soon, not just the things I’m already working on)… But I also drop some things wherever. Like keys. The laundry that I haven’t yet folded that’s in a pile in front of the closet. A shopping bag. Some chocolate I threw out of reach so I wouldn’t eat it all in one go (yeah, I totally do that). The shoes I took off after I came home, etc. (I’m looking around my room and listing what I see).

          Yeah, count me among the messy. 😀 Sometimes I think it’s the result of having been raised by a mother who is super-neat (she has a specific place in the fridge for everything and even irons underwear.)

        • KDaddict

          I don’t think the 2nd kind of messy counts as real messiness. Few ppl have a tidy work area. The desk doesn’t count, esp. when you’ve sth you’re working on, which is most of the time.

        • yumi

          @alua–reading quickly, I thought you wrote your mother (has a specific place in the fridge for everything and even underwear.)–and wondered, even in winter? Haha

          (and usually that includes things I need to start working on again or will be working on soon, not just the things I’m already working on) true, true and more true.

          “I don’t think the 2nd kind of messy counts as real messiness.” It counts as messy when your work area includes the floor around your desk and every chair in the room.

          • KDaddict

            Sounds like u can use a filing cabinet or a stack-up rack of some kind. I always believe that having enough storage space decreases mess. But then I had a roommate whose jeans would stand up to the knees where she took them off n stood in the same place for days, until she stepped back into them again, without washing them.

          • yumi

            I do have and use fililng cabinets. I file things away when project are fully complete.

            If I file away an ongoing project, I’m likely to redo the work instead of retrieving it from the filing cabinet.

            Stack up racks work better, because then the work in in view..

          • alua

            No, no underwear in the fridge….hehehe…

        • katmoo

          I’m both too… for my desk, if it isn’t in sight, I forget about it.

          • yumi

            I can see you totally get the got to be seen issue.

          • alua

            yep yep yep.

            applies to my desk, applies to my bed (I study sitting on my bed, meaning I even sleep with the computer/papers/books/pens/etc on the bed —> obviously a big bed and I don’t share it with anyone!!!! :-D). Even the computer… I’m the queen of gazillions of tabs/windows open at the same time.

          • Laya

            Me too. Somehow having the stuff in sight not only reminds me to continue working on them but even where I left off and what I wanted to do next.

            My former secretary used to drive me batty as she kept tidying up my table at the office in the evening, because I would leave books and folders open on the table ready for work in the morning.

      • 4.3.3 Alexio

        Yea, totally, the thing is I find things easier and faster when they’re on the floor and on my bed. Messed-up logic T_T

    • 4.4 Jenny

      Same here! I only clean if I really have to…..

    • 4.5 Rach

      my room is untidy, but hers is extremely untidy! i think leftover food wrappers and empty containers should be thrown away…won’t these just invite cockroaches and lizards? i’m pretty grossed out at the thought lol…

    • 4.6 kumi

      I keep my apartment zen clean and fenshui-organized.

    • 4.7 jat

      soooo agreee!!!!

    • 4.8 IBELIS

      The filth I can live with sometimes even astounds me. At work neat as a pin. A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

    • 4.9 Sorath

      LOL, i’m that 1%! I can’t live or eat or sleep, basically anything, when it’s messy. Call me OCD, i probably am XD

  5. aulia

    I swore that I won’t read the recap before watch it by myself, but what can I do? I can’t control my thumb anymore. And why I’m still waiting for eng sub to come up. T^T
    I miss Jong suk oppa.

  6. vix

    I am LOVINNNNN this drama <3

  7. TheJu

    Its been so long since I last fell in love with a drama (City Hunter) so fast!! This is very welcomed! 🙂

  8. yumi

    Thanks for the recap.

    I want to say, I love her apartment looking so slovenly. Makes me feel less demented that mine looks pretty much the same.

    • 8.1 yumi

      I am so enjoying this drama. So much to love. It’s like a cuddly fat granny.

      1) I always have to take a huge swig from my flask of suspension of disbelieve when Lee Jong Suk plays a badass fighter. His build is so slight to me, that people fearing his fighting skills seems weird since he doesn’t look intimidating. I finally accepted it in School 2013. I decided he was a scary fighter because he was ruthless and prone to berserker rage. [I have the same issue with Matsumoto Jun who is often cast as a badass, and I just can’t buy it. And it isn’t only a height issue. There are lots of slight guys a accept as vicious beat down artists.]

      2) I love her “99% of women” justification for all her shortcomings. I’m going to use it myself. But I’ll use 87.3%, more specif numbers tend to be more convincing.

      3) Love all her headband induced blindness.

      4) Wasn’t sure if I was on the lawyer/high schooler OTP, but when this made me nervous I knew I was in.

      “I’m crazy. My eyes are crazy. I’m sober, and he’s wearing his glasses, and he’s still handsome.” She clasps her own face.”

      I really really like Lawyer Earnest, and I hope someone finds him a nice girl. Perhaps a reformed Do Yeon, who I’m convinced will be reformed and committed to doing the right thing before the series ends.

      Right now I’m lawyering up for the high-schooler.

      5- Also I think Kwan-woo took himself out of the OTP running, because no male member of the OTP has ever handed off his [drunken] heroine to anyone else in a drama. Even when he is in the “I hate her” part of the relationship he does full piggy-back duty. Because the rules clearly state, “he who piggy-back the heroine to bed, is the mister she is sure to wed.”

      6 -I love Earnest Lawyer Kwan-woo. I loved his unabashed commitment to justice and that he represent how the rest of us get ahead without the help of a mind-reading hottie. We just have to go without sleep, work hard and live as a zombie for a while to get the outcome we want.

      7-Love Lawyer Shin’s insight. I had assume that Hye-sung was a good lawyer, but he made me realize that she isn’t. She’s smart and trained, but hasn’t applied herself. He knows that small ability plus hard work will go farther than great ability and no work.

      If Hye-sung doesn’t realize her deficit soon Do-Yeon will wipe the floor up with her.

      8-Lawyer or Clerk Pretty is pretty.

      9- Why oh why can her sweat-jacket double as a burglary disguise–if you did your robberies using braille. She looked like a bizarre girly spiderman. That was so funny when she nonchalantly continued the conversation with her head fully zippered.

      10- Yesterday we were all wondering how to Su-Ha afforded that apartment. Well, today it occurred to me–poker, investing or other forms of gambling where being able to read someone’s mind would give you an advantage.

      11-At this point I think this drama has the best mom in all the k-drama’s currently airing that I’m aware of.

      12-The Hye-sung surprised me. I assumed that after the difficulties in her childhood she would be very down to earth. I’m constantly surprised and amused my her conviction that she is amazing and everyone thinks so.

      13- The villain is smart, and that makes him scary.

      14-I’m glad Sung-bin is still around. I hope she’ll be a part of the Scooby Gang when one forms. I assume that everyone will pitch in trying to keep Hye-sung and Su-ha safe.

      15-Speaking of which, yesterday I was all into Su-ha moving in to keep Hye-sung safe. but come to think of it, his apartment is probably in a safer neighborhood, and looks bigger. It probably makes more sense of her to move in with him. Her sloppiness would drive him crazy.

      16- So far the narrative seems really smart. I’m glad they are disillusioning Su-ha about his ‘first love’. If they are to be the OTP, he need to love the person, not his illusion of who the person is.

      • 8.1.1 Ash

        It’s not my first time at this rodeo: I know what a piggyback means, and I was biting my nails when Captain Earnest got there first. All of my viewer training stood up and cheered when Su-ha showed up to get her home.

        The first love trope usually gets on my nerves – too starry-eyed and idealistic – so I love that it’s being dismantled every step of the way. Hye-sung’s not an idea, she’s a real person with a real person’s messy apartment and bedhead and temper. If we’re going in a Su-ha/Hye-sung direction like I hope we are, then pulling down the dreaminess is an excellent start. (The meta humor is a bonus.)

      • 8.1.2 Chiomy

        1) I thought the same thing too but in this episode, they have him wearing figure hugging tops which outline his shoulders, pecs and arms. Yummy. He does not look so slight anymore. I think he has filled out more since School 2013…. or maybe he was already that way but he wore a school uniform more in School 2013.

      • 8.1.3 Wishful thinking

        I literally laughed out loud at you “he who piggy-back the heroine to bed, is the mister she is sure to wed” line. You are a hoot

  9. MariD

    “Pretty the paralegal” lolz you kill me. How do you come up with this stuff? Anyhow… I’m intrigued.. The fact that the bad guy know Su-ah can read minds really worries me. Like in this situation, where Su-Ah ended up looking like a craze person. How are they going to get around that!!!
    I stated my love for Su-Ah yesterday, this kid.. His face, ahhhh all the feels I get.
    Hye-Sung was hilarious this episode, the zipping of the hoodie, the lost of sight by the headband. Then I felt her pain with the whole “one talent” thing.
    I seriously believe that they won’t do a love line between these two. It’s going to b more of friends story. She is going to end up with Oska oppa..

    • 9.1 ilikemangos

      The headband drunk scene had me in tears. The girl just got alot more lovable in my eyes.
      I also don’t buy how fast her view changed on kwan woo but i can see how it might be show’s way of telling us she might fall for him first and the OTP might go both ways…
      I dont know, it’s only ep.4 so alot can happen now.. I bet if the show gains alot of popularity and there are tons of suha/hyesung shippers, the writer might change her mind in the end. You never know.

      • 9.1.1 Jo

        I think they hinted that she was growing fonder of the other lawyer after they worked together and she saw his passion in the court, etc. It makes sense. They just aren’t OVERTLY obvious about attraction as they are in other dramas.

  10. 10 Altari

    Thanks for the recap.
    I love this drama. 🙂

    I just realized that the scary actor playing Joongook played the oldest brother in Ojakkyo Brothers. O_o

    • 10.1 bbstl

      He also played the wonderful older brother in Last Scandal. Hard to see him being the baddie here.

      Pretty Paralegal was one of Shin’s school buddies in Goong, I wondered what happened to those guys.

  11. 11 Fyri

    This is combining many of my favourite elements. Of course, I definitely have questions about Su-ha’s fate. In court, he could say that he was traumatized by seeing the killer of his father or something like that…

    god, I really need the next episode NOW.
    I do have to admit that the ‘injuries’ look poorly done.

  12. 12 LOVE

    YAY! Finally it here… Waiting for recap whole morning. Thanks GF

  13. 13 Dongsaeng killer

    Damn this show gets me right in the heart!

  14. 14 anvesha

    Never thought that his awesome superpower would get him to trouble… I didn’t think the murderer would buy into the superpower as readily as he did. Smart, I guess.

    And while I know there’s a high chance she’ll pick the lawyer (*heartbreak*), I wish it was more smooth instead of the sudden “You are handsome, now” drunken reveal.. Hopefully writer/PD will do it well whichever way they choose.

    • 14.1 Autumn

      If, by some fictionally apporpriate way, Suha and Hyesung end up developing mutual romantic feelings for each other, I will dance around with giddiness and love this drama forever.


      • 14.1.1 haruko

        I second, third and forth this. Ad infintum. 😀

      • 14.1.2 Mic

        I was under the impression that it was going to end up Hye-sung/Su-ha? O.o

        Now I’m worried! Ah!

        • haruko

          I think it will. In all the conventional ways, the show points to him as the lead. People are just paranoid cause he’s so much younger….

          I believe he’s the lead 95% of the time. The other 5% I hope desperately. 😀

          • yumi

            99% of IHYV fans feel that way.

          • carol

            Agreed. At least I do.

            When Captain Crunch gave her a piggyback I almost had a stroke. Thank God Su-ha also gave her a piggyback and took her home.

            I am wayyy to invested in this…

      • 14.1.3 Whatsthescenario

        I would love a Su-ha Hye Sung ship to sail off into the sunset, but I’m pretty sure the writers will just troll our emotions about this and have her end up with Oska (sorry, he will forever be Oska to me). I hate that. Reminds me of how the Hong sisters trolled everybody during “Big”.

        • haruko

          Well, remember that there was Flower Boy Ramen shop, and a few dozen other shows where not only did the high school student end up with the adult, sometimes the High School-er ended up with his TEACHER….Romance w/ Kim Jae Won, anyone? So in this case I feel it is very possible…they have made it obvious that he is a Lead, not just a main character.

          So I will hope eternal 😀

          • anna

            Seriously! What is with kdrama and their obsession with high school students + teacher/noona? If it’s the other way around, I’m sure a lot of people would be calling it sick and disgusting. Noona romance though, so cute <3

            Ugh. I actually do like noona romance, but just as long as the guy is legal.

          • Saturtledaisy


            technically, he probably /is/ legal. Since Hyesung is 27, and it was stated somewhere that the two had an 8 year difference, that maks Su-ha 19 according to the Korean age system. Or 18, in the west. I guess. Which makes sense for a last year high school student. So technically, he is legal =P. I think. Correct me if I got the ages wrong xO.

            Still. I kindof like the lawyer-lawyer ship better because they would make such an adorable couple *__*.

          • haruko

            He is legal (19) according to the drama picture charts

  15. 15 Z

    1) Drama cops make me want to punch my computer screen.

    2) Team Oska. I love dorks and there is no ambiguous moral dilemma to deal with.

    3) I didn’t even watch Secret Garden and even I call him Oska. I haven’t even bothered to learn his character’s real name.

    4) When I read “Pretty the Paralegal” I almost shut my laptop and went to bed thinking “Nothing anyone writes will ever be greater than this, so what’s the point?”

    5) Mom is the best thing ever. I’m afraid the writers will be arrested for breaking some Dramaland rules against functional mmother/child relationships.
    6) Maybe they will let them slide since they made Do-Yoen’s parents extra-horrible.

    • 15.1 ilikemangos

      Mom might be one of my FAVORITE k-drama moms and not just because she’s so frikken adorable and nice but because of the little things. Like when she is genuinely worried when hye sung sounds tired, when she stands up for her/believes in her when no one else does, or when she lies about taking down the posters when really she kept it there all along.
      Gahh — finally, k-drama’s been needing awesome mothers nowadays.

      • 15.1.1 KDaddict

        I adore Kim Hae Sook. The scenes of her screaming at her daughter who wants to abandon her client, and of her dancing in the street when the case is won are among my very favorite in ep 3. She is quite the versatile actress.

        • yumi

          No drama-mama dances as well with pride as she does.

          Best mama on k-drama right now.

          [Spring 2013 has been a bad season for mama dysfunction on k-drama.]

    • 15.2 LizC

      Re #2. I kept thinking “When is Yoon Sang-hyun going to show up, he’s in all the posters?’ and then this episode it hit me that I’d been watching him as Kwan-Woo this whole time. Great job with the styling (and acting)!

      I’m looking forward to his big “makeover” moment.

      • 15.2.1 bbstl

        YAY exactly! For the first episode I kept thinking he was Song Jong Ho (big brother from 1997) and wondering why he looked so short. Wouldn’t it be great if he’s doing a bit of a Clark Kent so far?

    • 15.3 maimymlt

      Boy, do I ever agree with your #1 statement. I cannot abide stupid cops in shows! I had to FF through that scene and the one where they brought Soo Ha in when I realized they were making the cop out to be an obtuse idiot!!

    • 15.4 bbstl

      Team Oska as well. I have to believe that Yoon Sang Hyun took this role for a reason, he’s too big a star to be Head Dork for an entire drama. Even if he doesn’t get the girl, we better see him get a good shot at getting her, dang it!

  16. 16 Mic

    This episode was amazing.

    • 16.1 Mic

      1. “Pretty the Paralegal”. Omg. He will always be that in my mind now. What’s his actual name? 😉

      2. Honestly, I find the main couple more compelling and realistic than Hye-sung and Gwan-woo, despite the age difference. They seem more compatible, and obviously they have a deeper connection.

      3. Holy crap, this villain scares me like no other. You put it very well in saying that he has a superpower but is powerless. The fact that the villain was just thinking all these evil things, forcing Su-ha to listen and try to pretend it didn’t affect him…ack! So scary.

      All the scenes with Su-ha confronting Jong-gook were really well done. They were extremely tense and gripping. Love how head-first this drama is with the action. Everything’s been moving along at a wonderful pace, I think.

      4. I’m interested in the new case! I like that Hye-sung had that breakdown about needing Su-ha as here “eyes” too, haha.

      • 16.1.1 yumi

        “Honestly, I find the main couple more compelling and realistic than Hye-sung and Gwan-woo, despite the age difference”

        I think that might be because Hye-sung has a level of immaturity about her, almost as if she is emotionally stuck at the time of the inciting incident, and in some areas, not all Su-Ha seems more knowing and aware that she is.

        • Mic

          Among other reasons, yes. I think you got the big one, though.

          But, basically, I think Hye-sung and Su-ha have this history together and already there’s a level of dedication on Su-ha’s part. He’s already taking care of her as well (where her immaturity comes in). Even if he’s still a teenager, which at times we definitely see he still is (during the school scenes, when he was just playing catch in particular), he still is responsible and mature when it comes to Hye-sung.

          And of course, Su-ha definitely DOES know more about the world and people than most people. He does seem pretty mature, and Hye-sung isn’t especially mature herself. 🙂

          I just think the emotional set-up is all there.

  17. 17 mary

    The mom is too awesome. She’s not safe in dramaland.

    I’m afraid the killer will use mom to hurt Hye-sung. :'(

  18. 18 Decaf

    This drama is just <3
    And Lee Jong Suk makes me smile 🙂

  19. 19 Lamphead

    After you accept that:

    – It’s completely ludicrous the guy got out in 10 for murder
    – Soo Ha and Hye Sung choose to blankly stare at the police instead of telling them things like ‘the man killed my dad’ or ‘he made a threat on our lives 10 years ago’

    then this drama has been great

    • 19.1 Mic

      First one isn’t that hard to believe, tbh. Good behavior can get you off easy. Prisons are overflowing, yunno? (Although I don’t understand why Hye-sung never went into witness protection or something….)

      Second one is the thing that gets me. 😛

    • 19.2 JJ

      I think Hye Sung didn’t mention the murderer since she didn’t find out near the end when Lawyer Shin told her that he got released, and SuHa probably didn’t say anything to prevent HyeSung from worrying about it.

      • 19.2.1 Jyyjc

        Agree. Hyesung wouldn’t have mentioned the killer to the police because she doesn’t think about him often, I mean, I feel like if he was always in the back her mind, then the writers would make that known to the viewers. Therefore, she couldn’t have suspected him right away as the one behind the cellphone incident.

        The one flaw I have with this drama, although a super tiny detail, is…where the hell were Sungbin’s parents during her ordeal? At the subway station, she mentioned that her family doesn’t believe her in her thoughts. What parents do not believe in their child especially when the child was as scared and earnest as Sungbin was? They could have added a mom and dad to look on worryingly during the trials or something. Besides having Sooha, why was Sungbin, a minor, going through everything alone?

    • 19.3 KDaddict

      I know we always have to suspend disbelief to watch dramas, but some pts in this plot r gnawing at me:
      Their prosecuting a minor for attempted murder on the basis of circumstantial evidence (in previous ep), the pts raised here, a hero who exposes himself to the murderer by hitting him in front of everyone and the CCTV. Not a smart move that one.
      I’m a lot more invested in heroes when they don’t make the same mistake twice, have restraint and a plan or two in their fight against the villain, as they protect the heroine.

      • 19.3.1 hitoritabi

        well, to be fair to Sooha, he is only 19 and still a HS student, he is already mature beyond his years, but bound to have a hot-headed moment or two

        Also, the murderer is only person to ever have known that he can hear minds, and is using it to manipulate him… it is a completely new experience for him and he must have been caught off-guard. Add that to his hatred for the murderer, it is not hard to see why Sooha would fly off the bat like that.

        • kumi

          Agree. Talking about mind: the winner is not he who has better/special mental abilities, but he who can control it.

    • 19.4 yumi

      The murder has been playing ‘reformed’ for a while now.

      a threat from ten years earlier, if you can’t prove that he is actively working to harm you, doesn’t/shouldn’t hold much water with law enforcement.

      It might get her protection, but it might make Su-Ha’s situation look worse.

    • 19.5 Perrie

      I’m honestly not suprised about Kdrama death sentences (dont know how it is in real life)

      In Nice guy, Joong Ki’s character only got 7 years for murder (though he didn’t do it) and in Padam Padam, he didn’t get that long either (can’t remember)

    • 19.6 Jo

      second one makes sense as well. They keep EMPHASIZING that the man has a great track record and there is no evidence that the man is trying to approach/harm them, remember? Come on kdrama fans! Try harder to look at the details. They aren’t hidden!

    • 19.7 Lilly

      Biggest wth to me is why no one has asked or it has not been talked about in show why he targeted Soo Ha’s father, whether it was a pro hit job or a revenge quest.

      Murder as part of road rage when it was a big truck hitting a smaller care makes no sense.

      Where is the rest of that case?

      • 19.7.1 jiabu

        Well, they hinted that he was a witness of some sort (maybe in court?) when the murderer said that he said things he shouldn’t have/talked about people he shouldn’t have. So it’s quite clear it was a pro job.

    • 19.8 jomo

      I got three words:
      Witness Protection Program.

      I don’t know if Korea has an exact same system as the US, but if a confessed murderer who threatened his witness IN COURT gets out of prison, all kinds of alerts should be going off to let her know.

      But as you said, if you accept the above…

    • 19.9 Ulani

      i do not think South Korea has death penalty like US ( in fact several states in US have banned death penalty in recent years).

      And 7-year sentence seems right because in SK. in Norway, there is no death penalty, so Anders Behring Breivik has only been sentenced for 21 years.

  20. 20 Bro

    The part where the teacher was talking about first love and then Su-ha screamed “NO!”. Haha that part was killin me.

  21. 21 JJ

    Ah, I really loved this episode! The story is moving so fast, but I’d rather have it fast than slow. And I love how the story can turn comedic to serious instantly; keeps me at the edge of my seat.
    To be honest, I didn’t have much faith in Lee Jong Suk as an actor since he’s a pretty new, but the scene where he’s beating up the murderer really showcased his skills.

    • 21.1 Lilly

      Yes, he was very believable in that part. It was good.

  22. 22 haruko

    I am so in love with this show! I watch the episodes as soon as they come out, refresh dramabeans until the re-cap comes,and then watch the episode again the next day when the subs come out….haven’t been this obsessed with a drama since Queen In Hyeon’s Man or 49 days….

    Thanks! I hope my heart can survive all 16 episodes…. 😀

    • 22.1 Ash

      For eps 3 and 4, I started monitoring viki subbing status in the early afternoon and refreshing every so often until it hit 95%. It’s been aaaaages since I’ve been this impatient for a drama.

      • 22.1.1 haruko

        I know…I kept thinking of it…and So-ha’s adorable smile and Noona-protecting single mindedness…. and randomly breaking into grins at work…. 😀

      • 22.1.2 Autumn

        Ikr?! I’ve seen every episode at least twice, some three times.
        The first time raw, because I’m impatient and usually the acting is good enough for me to get the gist of what’s going on. The second time for subs, and the third time for Viki comments.

        Hilarious commenters can make any drama golden.

    • 22.2 ilikemangos

      I would also like to say THANK YOU for all viki subbers. Really, they are lightening speed with this show.

  23. 23 Jen

    I’ve been waiting for your recap all night! Thank you!! I got my entire family hooked on this drama from episode 1. Please continue to recap this show 😀

  24. 24 blegh

    okay now that I’ve seen some flashbacks into sooha’s life after the incident, I’m curious as to how he got that neat apartment.

    also, haha! pretty paralegal! good one.

  25. 25 Ash

    I’m impressed with the way the drama keeps setting up a reveal and then *revealing* it instead of dragging it out. I thought we’d still have a few episodes before Hye-sung figured out who Soo-ha is or learned that Joon-gook is out of jail. Here’s hoping we keep that momentum going because it’s really refreshing.

    Continuing the streak of liking almost everyone. Hye-sung is such a great female lead; she makes me laugh every time she launches into one of her Look How Awesome I Am speeches, and I love her for being unabashedly messy. And her mom! Dropping the dropping the blind date idea without fuss and switching from scolding to worry when Hye-sung sounded sick on the phone. Mom, you’re the best. Can you give lessons to other dramaland parents?

    I’m also glad that the drama is still handling those swings from funny to tense well. It turns on a dime, but it doesn’t feel disjointed. The lighter moments are fun and sweet, but it can bring the scary when it wants to.

    So basically: Is it next week yet?

    • 25.1 ilikemangos

      Yes yes yes to all the fast reveals and GREAT pay offs this show gives us. Really, i think that’s what keeps the story moving along and the audience actually interested. I didn’t expect hyesung to figure out who suha actually was until later on, and i really didn’t expect hyesung to know her stalker was out and that he’s out to get her.
      Which makes me think that none of that actually matters compared to the stuff show is ready to gear us towards(yay!). Im getting ready for more fun stuff.

      • 25.1.1 Ash

        Exactly. All of the pay off gives me some confidence that the writer has a plan and enough plot to keep us on our toes for the next 12 eps. (Please, oh please. Too many dramas start strong, then fizzle out in the latter half.)

  26. 26 april

    Thanks much:) thank you for continuing with the subbing…

  27. 27 snow_white

    Thanks a lot…..

  28. 28 Z

    I think the Jailbird it’s Do Yeon’s BioDad. Judge Daddy must have out him away and raised his kids out of guilt.

    • 28.1 Z

      Ignore all the typos. My Swype keyboard hates me. That post should read:

      I think the Jailbird is Do Yeon’s BioDad. Judge Daddy must have put him away and raised his kid out of guilt.

    • 28.2 dani305

      Interesting theory. But they found Do Yeon and have been raising her before the murder trial; it’s not out of guilt. I think she might already know she’s adopted. Hence her jealousy of Hye Seong when they were kids.

      • 28.2.1 Carmensitta

        No no no. The older man that’s still in jail, not the creep. That a really good theory. Some(me included) assumed that the older prisoner might be Hye Seong’s dad, but it wouldn’t make sense for him not to recognise her at least a bit or think she looks like his daughter, assuming he didn’t see her since she was a kid. He’s got to be someone’s dad(kdrama laws and all that) so it would be really interesting to have him as Do Yeon’s dad.

  29. 29 crazedlu

    Yunno, is the judicial system in Korea really this open and informal where people can just barge in as a witness whenever they want? Been meaning to ask that since Ep 1. I mean, I’m used to police incompetency (e.g. this episode) in K-dramaland, but these somewhat careless court proceedings is new to me.

    One improvement this show could stand to make is in the music editing department. Sometimes the music throws me.

    Otherwise, I’m liking it. Digging the characters. Hope the show keeps it up.

    • 29.1 KDaddict

      Plus prosecuting a minor for attempted murder on circumstantial evidence. It’s not a deal breaker, but it sure raises my eyebrows.

      • 29.1.1 yumi

        Was Sung-bin considered a minor.

        Her classmate was a minor because she had skipped grades, but Su-Ha is 18 at least so I assume that Sung-bin was that old too.

        What is the age of majority in South Korea?

        • Perrie

          Hye Sung is 27, so that makes Soo Ha 17
          The girl who testified, 15, skipped 2 years in school so that would make sung Bin and Soo Ha 17

          • yumi

            I’ve been seeing 18 and 19 for Soo Ha. Don’t you if that is birthday age or Korean 1st of the year age.

          • ilikemangos

            In the description, soo ha is supposed to be 19 for some reason. thats a 4 year difference between him and her.. little detail that could be overlooked lol.
            I just realized, that puts hye sung and soo ha at a 8 year difference.
            Now, if only show could give us a flash forward with soo ha just a little bit older and maybe more people can ship them together lol.

  30. 30 Pipit

    ‘I feel like a yo-yo after every episode of this show because I’ve been so wildly yanked from one extreme to the other—laughing out loud and then clutching my heart, sometimes in terror and other times from the giddy romance. But even though I feel spent, I’m a happy little yo-yo; yes I am.’

    That’s exactly how I feel and why I love this show too.

    A group of happy yo-yo?

  31. 31 KDaddict

    Ah, Lee JS has grown up! There are many shots that make me say out loud, “That’s a man, not a boy!” Sure there are still some shots where he looks cute and adorable, but I almost feel like he only certain expressions make him look that way now. It’s kinda like when Lee Min Ho, who is 25, cast as a highschooler in Heirs, n everyone cries foul. LJS, 24, is fast approaching Heartthrob territory, if he isn’t already there. Noonas the world over probably don’t want him to grow up too fast tho.

  32. 32 exquisitemelody

    yayy this is turning out well!!! Any drama that can manage going from adorably cute, to hilariously funny, to freaking creepy without any bad transitions must be a good drama, right? I’ve been disappointed in the past, so I won’t sing too many praises, but I definitely like where this is heading.

    I hope they don’t focus too much on the romance because I’m honestly not really feeling her with either of the guys.

    And can we all thank the Lord for an amazing mother?! Granted, she’s not a mother in law, but still…kdrama mothers tend to be horrid. I can finally watch a drama and actually LIKE the mother.

    • 32.1 owl

      If you don’t feel the romance between her with either of the guys, you should watch this week’s episode of Hwasin (ep 16)- the 3 of them are guests, and there is NO elctricity between any of them with each other – it is hilarious, and then to see them in thd drama together – haha!

      • 32.1.1 hitoritabi

        HAHAHAHA that is true, partially I think it is because they filmed Hwashin on their 1st or 2nd of working together so they haven’t had time to become close yet 😛

        From the bts shots of the drama now, it would seem that at least Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk are getting close~

  33. 33 Judith

    Okay, I’m sold.

    Imma be watching this one. Who needs sleep anyway?

  34. 34 Dini Alyani

    I love YOUR RECAPS. I’ve read your recaps and I got deeper understanding to the story. you made it!

  35. 35 raindrops1

    Loving this show. The pace is great and I hope it continues this way. I can’t wait for next week.

  36. 36 MariD

    Hey Mangos have you finish Hearless city???
    I wonder how much the popularity of the characters really play into how the writers finish their drama. I constantly ship the wrong couple soo I’m always disappointed. I stop watching many dramas because I hate it the way they were going ( Spring Waltz, Brilliant Legacy). Anyhow… Here I’m completely ok, with Hye-Sun/dork Oska couple. As much as I love Su-Ah I be ok with him not being part of the otp..

    • 36.1 MariD

      This ended in the wrong place… Lol…

    • 36.2 ilikemangos

      Im finishing up episode 1 but then remembered that GF probably posted I hear your voice recap so came to this thread to check it out and discuss.
      Right after i’m done i’ll be finishing up episode 1 for cruel city and marathoning the rest.
      I can just see myself being completely sucked into the world of Cruel City. So gritty, so dark, so action-packed.. SO right up my alley!

      • 36.2.1 lemonade candy

        I watched all four in one go. Worth it. Now begging for moar~ lordy, why did I start? sigh**

  37. 37 ilikemangos

    Prediction for I hear Your voice:

    This show is going to be the death of GF, DBeaners, and everyone else watching the show. Ep. 4 recorded 17.3%.
    There’s SOMETHING. just something that i can’t place my finger on about this show that just makes me come back for more. If there’s anything that describes my feelings for it, it’s that first paragraph you wrote GF. we are all now officially yo-yos.
    Yknow, when I first heard this show premiered last week I was actually indifferent. The cast was okay,the story is decent, but nothing really pulled me right in to watch. But dang you GF and your need to recap this CUTEass show.
    I think i sort of denied it (unconsciously?) but i didn’t want I hear your voice to shoot straight up to being on my #1 most enjoyed show atm but here it is! Out of my 5 currently watching k-drama list, dam you show, you are #1 (of course, if you let some logic slide).

    • 37.1 ilikemangos

      17.3% for TNmS and 16.1% for AGB, which seems to be the preferred ratings.

      • 37.1.1 hitoritabi

        Dang the ratings just keep going up… but it can’t go up forever, right? I mean, I worry so much that the screenwriter has blown all the good stuff in the first 4 episodes and now will have trouble finding stuff to fill the rest of the series…

        Oh god you username makes me want to eat mangoes right now.

        • ilikemangos

          Heeeeeeee. Everyone’s been scolding me because i make them crave mangos when they’re not in reach.
          I hope writer finds a way to keep the story moving along. I think the fact that she’s a public defender and this show has some of that “crime/mystery” incorporated that we’ll have alot more to move us forward. Even if some of the courtroom antics are implausible or cheesy.

          • hitoritabi

            Lol mangoes are not in season here as well, so I’ll be sending you jealousy vibes ;____;

            I hope she has a lot more cases up her sleeve, but this drama has already been breaking the slump for Wed-Thurs dramas… I only hope it doesn’t fall back down on the ratings front! Especially since the cast still haven’t fulfilled their promise to dance at Gangnam Station yet…

            I was thinking if the Jimjilbang son that Mom wants Hyesung to meet is Cha Prosecutor XD

    • 37.2 lili

      Who wants to bet they are gonna hit 20% before Gu Family Book? That would be hilarious lol

  38. 38 dani305

    This week’s episodes were so rewarding!! It’s going to be a great summer ^^

  39. 39 hanabi

    I can’t watch this at night anymore. Sets me on edge too much and creeps me out.

    They’re really doing a great job weaving the suspense in but keeping it moving and balanced on the lighter moments.

  40. 40 Thao

    Hyesung x Soo Ha ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  41. 41 Aleena

    OMG. PLEASE let the OTP be Soo Ha and Hye Sueng. PLEASE! :'(

    • 41.1 Pipit

      If I’m the writer I’ll grant your wish in a blink of an eye. But don’t worry I think you’ll get your wish anyway ^-^

  42. 42 yumi

    A Question

    Hye-Sung’s dream in a previous episode.

    It seem precognitive. This episode game no indication that she was monitoring Joon-Gook but she dreamt that he was volunteering at a church under the guise of being reformed. She dreamt this before he was released from prison.

    Anyone has any idea how/why?

  43. 43 Kles

    Why are there so many adopted kids and birth secrets in kdramaland? I hope do yeon’s adoption thing isn’t going to be a big part of the plot… Sighs. Enough with the birth secrets. (PTSD from YTBLSS)…

    I’ve only watched LJS as the oska-loving singer in secret garden, didn’t love him much there. Love him here! He’s about 6 years my junior. As others have pointed out, if us noonas can dream, why not onscreen? Once he gets out of high school, that is….

    • 43.1 yumi

      Now that you remind me—

      Everyone one is in fear that Hye-Sung might end up with Kwan-woo.

      Maybe the true danger is Su-Ha ending up with Kwan-woo.

      • 43.1.1 kles

        @yumi: Yeah, maybe that’s the OTP to root for. Hehe. I don’t have a problem with that… Go, SH-KW!! It’s like *eye-lock* – wait, don’t I know you from somewhere? (Oska starts humming “Stars” from SG…, which the LJS character wrote for him, right?) Hahahahaha. In another life…. in a parallel world somewhere…

      • 43.1.2 Butterflywander


        but the fact that poor Su-ha has been unwanted and kicked around by scumbag life itself has me rooting for him to end up with someone – Hyesung or Kwanwoo – SOMEONE you hear me Show?!! no messing with me!

        haha i’m amazed at this emotional rollercoaster: one minute hugging my pillow from the fear, to the awwww moments, and bursting out laughing so much –> there was also the moment when the policeman held up the hammer and i burst out laughing for poor misunderstood suha. Sigh my feels.

        And was i the only one who was fearful for our dear mother when the killer (his name-who-shall-not-be-mentioned) grasped the poster in his hands?? She’s so precious to hyesung and all of us and will be the biggest heartbreaker!:((((

        Between this and my itazura na kiss-love in tokyo, I dont think much of me will be left by the time Spring is done.

      • 43.1.3 ilikemangos

        “Maybe the true danger is Su-Ha ending up with Kwan-woo”

        LOL! never thought of that.

  44. 44 Tartani

    Jung Woong In plays the villain soo darn well. Every time he appears I can literally feel the chills down my spines. Yes, creepy murderers who act as saints are the absolute worst. And that seemingly innocent I’ll Miss You song makes everything even creepier. I sort of feel bad for SH about his mind reading ability. While the ability can get him out of some sticky situations, it also allows him to hear things that one normally wouldn’t want to hear, like that of his uncle. So far I absolutely love this drama. It’s hilarious and pulls my heartstrings. And I really love the OSTs here. With lots of other upcoming dramas I’m looking for to, this summers seems like it will be a great one.

    • 44.1 Perrie

      I can’t believe he was the older brother in OJ Brother! He looks so different!

      • 44.1.1 KDaddict

        Ya, now that you mention it. It’s totally totally true! These supporting K actors are so good, and their leads r good gorgeous! Division of labor? 😉

  45. 45 Carmensitta

    Anyone else her rejoices that the criminal was punched in the face, REPEATEDLY, so early in the game? Granted, he wanted that result and to make SunHa look crazy and all that, but he got punched, and hard, and I was dancing in joy while worrying for SH.

    • 45.1 Carmensitta

      *here rejoices
      I saw the typo a millisecond after pressing submit, argh!

  46. 46 hiba

    noooooooooooooooooooo i want su ha to end up with her ! it would be a shame not to !! but actually i dont see that coming i think his role is just be be her protector she started to like that lawyer anyway !! ackkkkkkk i hate that

    • 46.1 Pipit

      It has to be done. This couple has to happen first.

      It is necessary to show how the relationship that is happening and love that will grow between our lead boy/man and our heroine are so much more powerful than her relationship with Lawyer Cha.

  47. 47 Perrie

    !!! Can’t wait for next week and glad we don’t have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for Hye Sung to catch on.

    I think I’m one of the very few rooting for her to be with Cha. I love the first love crush thing, but this OTP (Hye-Su as I’m calling them) shouldn’t be together. They’re 10 years apart, and while age is just a number, they won’t be able to provide the emotional stability to each other if it’s a boyfriend girlfriend relationship. We have to be realistic

    But I think this can be a great big sister/ little brother relationship down the way, one which everyone in it benefits from.

    Seriously enjoying this drama! See you guys next week 😀

    • 47.1 Lorac

      While I agree with you in terms of the age difference, esp. since Su Ha is still in HS and in most cases I would agree with you, but I don’t know…in terms of life experiences and emotional experiences…Su ha kinda beat Cha and Hye Sung…Things are yet to be revealed after Su Ha was left by his Uncle, but a few glimpses of Su Ha’s home, makes me think that he is also financially stable…so that’s an added point, I guess…

    • 47.2 jiabu

      I don’t know, I’ve met many couples with 10+ year difference and they were functional and happy. As long as there’s love and an understanding, and there’s no power play in the mix, it can (and does) happen.


      • 47.2.1 Pipit

        I have two neighbors where the age differences are more than 10 years (one is 12 the other is 15) and in both cases its the wives who are older and they’ve been married forever. They are still happily married now almost a decade after all of them retired.

    • 47.3 Mystisith

      K dramas, realistic? LOL!
      Also, my parents were 16 years apart. Here’s your realism.

    • 47.4 haruko

      Well, my brother married his wife when he was 20 and she was 28….and divorced with three kids! Now her kids all call him dad, and they added 2 more of “theirs” to the bunch. At 7 years latter, they are going stronger than most couples I know.

      In this show, they are also eight years, which I have no trouble buying for obvious reasons. And he’s only a year younger than my brother was when he got married. Believe me, I think SH will have some serious convincing to do (My sister in law broke up with my brother twice before he convinced her it’d work)…but I’m behind this OTP 😀

      • 47.4.1 Pipit

        Just imagine how hard will it be for HS to choose SH over lawyer Cha.

        I didn’t swoon over Osca but I do love lawyer Cha alot. He’s so adorable and lovable. Unfortunately for him for the only OTP I can root for is HS/SH.

        I really hope that lawyer Cha won’t get hurt too much in the process not only he is adorable and lovable, but he is also incredibly good.

        And I think he is also loaded (that rich lawyer mom tried to introduce to HS).

        I wonder how our wise mom will react when her daughter decides to choose SH over lawyer Cha….

  48. 48 DOLPHIN

    I never expected for Girlfriday to have the recap at this early time. Hahahaha! I was thinking it would be later today. Not complaining though.

    I’m shipping for the Su-ha/Hye Sung pair. The ship I am willing to sink with.

  49. 49 DOLPHIN

    Oh and take note of the four balloons released in the air by Su-ha’s uncle in the theme park. Very symbolic as one of the balloon got caught in a branch while the other three flew away.

    • 49.1 ilikemangos

      Nice eyes. I don’t know if the director really meant to portray that or its a coincidence but either way thats actually a very good one.

      • 49.1.1 Younhaya

        And speaking of director, I almost forgot this was the same director who did Dream High which is one of my top Kdramas to date. And that drama too gave me a rollercoaster ride in one episode. Does anyone here know the name of this director?

        • jomo

          Also just realized it was never sure who the OTP was in that one, either. They may be planning on playing with us on this show, too.

        • ilikemangos

          Actually, i believe it is only the writer from Dream High onboard, which explains the zippy story full of heart.
          The director is from cheongdamdong alice.
          The writer’s name is Park Hye Ryun

          • Younhaya

            I see. Thanks. Doesnt really matter coz aside from tight wriitng DH has had good directing too.

            And Id have to agree with jomo.

            Im not even sure with my OTP here either.

  50. 50 Lorac

    The only thing that scares me is if Su Ha and Hye Sung not ending up together….

    I could live with Oscar and Tae Ssun ending up together……..oooopssss…wrong show…lol…

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