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Lee Jong-seok’s noona crush begins on I Hear Your Voice
by | May 27, 2013 | 70 Comments

Does this drama look cuter every time there are more teasers and stills, or is that just the Lee Jong-seok Effect? Maybe don’t answer that. I think I already know the answer. A new teaser for SBS’s upcoming fantasy romance drama I Hear Your Voice kicks off Lee Jong-seok’s noona crush on Lee Bo-young, which hey, was one more story tidbit than the last teaser gave. At this rate, by sometime next year we’ll know what to expect from this show.

The 16-episode drama from the writer of Dream High stars Lee Jong-seok as a super-powered high-schooler who can hear people’s thoughts. He’s a cold and distant sort of kid (sound familiar?) who keeps to himself, except when he gets into fights. Uh… when did Go Nam-soon get bitten by a radioactive spidermonkey, and why wasn’t I around to see it? Anyway, he has a connection to Lee Bo-young and feels the need to protect her, thus beginning his quiet guardian angel routine around her.

And meanwhile she’ll have a bickering relationship at work with Yoon Sang-hyun, an upright and idealistic public defender. The clip of the poster shoot below (which is just plain pretty to look at) plays up the love triangle quite a bit. It’s actually really cute, with Yoon Sang-hyun pouting, all, I’m here too! Look at me too! The thing is, it doesn’t feel like full-fledged love triangle, but more of a one-sided noona crush. We’ll see how they play it, but if bittersweet is the tone they’re going to strike, I can get onboard with that.

The drama is currently shooting with child actress Kim So-hyun (I Miss You) as the young Lee Bo-young, along with Mom Kim Hae-sook, and is gearing up for a June 5th premiere on SBS.

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70 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Aiya

    Omooo!! They’re so adorable together! Color me excited! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. yeahdont

    so if i got it right he is a high schooler and she is a prosecutor or something … i really hope they don’t get together

    • 2.1 Annie

      Don’t worry, they won’t (and it wouldn’t make sense anyways).

      Yoon Sang Hyun is the male lead.

    • 2.2 kopytko

      I wouln’t want it either. Hopefully, as a lawyer, she knows she shouldn’t cross the nuna-territory.

    • 2.3 Pipit

      Er…., I love this theme (the noona theme). So, yeah, I hope they are the ultimate OTP.

      This might not be possible or even realistic in real life. Not only the woman might get arrested for seducing a minor (is he a minor btw?) but also the taboo for this kind of relationship. And the fact that it’ll never work (not if the age difference is too huge).

      But this is not a real life. It’s a drama. I love my drama when things that could not happen in real life happens in it. Particularly if it’s done beautifully and ended happily.

      Perhaps loving Loveholic explains why I just love the synopsis and pray for this couple to be happening.

      • 2.3.1 zsa

        Oh dear,,,,he’s not gonna get the girl, is he???One is too young and the other older….I don’t mind the latter though…..

    • 2.4 Angel

      I don’t agree with you at all..

    • 2.5 k-z

      Deal with it. 8D

  3. beekinga

    Wow. Is Shark an SBS show aswell? Found it funny to watch I hear your voice cast posing with sharks but no funny Namgily moustache or bridal veils around…

  4. damianna

    oh i don’t care who ends up with who. i come here for the pretties. *shallowandiknowit*

    • 4.1 Midori

      Hehe, I’m here for the same reason.

  5. snow_white

    Can’t wait…..

    But I don’t want the love line between Lee jong suk and Lee bo young…..I hope Yoon sang hyun will form the OTP…..and we can have another actress for LJS….someone of his age….

    • 5.1 alua

      I agree, but that hand gesture in the last picture suggests they are going to pursue it some extent.

      And not just a noona-crush (which the trailer seems to suggest), because in that last picture both are looking.

      Honestly, I don’t know what to think of it. That it’s the Dream High writer doesn’t give me all that much confidence โ€“ it could stick to clichรฉs and stock characters, even if it might be charming. Let’s hope charming / entertaining / intriguing enough so that the flaws can be overlooked (as was possible with Dream High).

      • 5.1.1 Annie

        From what I read elsewhere, I think they’re just teasing the audience to snare curious viewers.

        Kim Jae Won was originally going to do Yoon Sang Hyun’s role and I don’t think Kim Jae Won would have played second fiddle to Lee Jong Suk (or Yoon Sang Hyun for that matter).

        • Azerjaban

          LOL is Kim Jae Won did take the role it would be the second “hearing motif” drama he would be in:

          Can You Hear My Heart
          I Can Hear Your Voice

          …its sound almost like a conversation

    • 5.2 Angel

      Nooo! That would ruin the whole drama!!:(

  6. trotwood

    I love my mother. But everytime I see Km Hae Sook, I think why can’t she be my mother? Why can’t she be my mom’s mother? Why can’t she be everyone’s mother?

    • 6.1 Annie

      Omg, I love her too ๐Ÿ™‚ Didn’t help that I had an argument with my real mom this morning, haha.

    • 6.2 KDaddict

      She IS everyone’s mother. In dramaland. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • 6.2.1 topper

        Even in Chungmuro. Won Bin and Shin Ha Kyun was her sons. Talk about good genes, mothering all the hotties year in year out. LOL

      • 6.2.2 kumi

        In a sense, she IS our Mother as well, because we identify ourselves with heroes and heroines while watching dramas.

      • 6.2.3 KDaddict

        You should see her in Thieves, if you haven’t. She plays this pre-menopausal woman who has the hots for the con-artist recruited for the heist. She slimmed down real nice for the role, looked pretty foxy, n was funny as ‘love’ changed her fr a loud-mouthed ‘bitxx’ into a love-struck kitty.

        I doubt anyone would think of her as her mom after that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Rovi

          Oh yes, I loved her “Chewing Gum” role in “The Thieves”, tho the real sad part there was *spoilers* when she mused “I bought the wrong dream” (pertaining to Gianna Jun’s Yenicall’s dream about dying in a foreign country) before she died with her man, who died first.

    • 6.3 Denali

      Or Yi Chun’s mother-in-law? Puhahaha.

      Okay now seriously this plotline and casting are def NOT targetting middle-aged ladies. No woman in her right mind would pick a gayish boy over a ruggedly man for a serious relationship. Even not for “fun”.

  7. crazedlu

    lee jongseuk…

    i am so suckered.

  8. pogo

    Lee Jong-seok is so so pretty (and I have to give it to him, he did really well in High Kick 3 and put it out of the park in School 2013) but it’ll be a tough job for any other actor/actress to capture the magic that was him and Kim Woo-bin.

  9. Agasshi

    I was just saying on my Twitter that Lee Jongseok’s stills and character description for IHYV were very much like Go Nam Soon. Just a different uniform and with superpower this time. LOL

    Well whatever, I’m still excited for this and can’t wait to see Lee Jongseok again. Now if only there’s Kim Woo Bin too…

  10. 10 KDaddict

    Go Nam Soon. Yes! Oska. Yes Yes. Every leading lady’s younger self + Everyone’s mom. Yes Yes Yes. June 5. 1 + half weeks away.

    • 10.1 kfangurl

      “Every leading ladyโ€™s younger self + Everyoneโ€™s mom.” = LOLOL!! So. True. Those 2 are everywhere!! XD

  11. 11 Fun-Lugha

    Doesn’t Oska look like Ahn Jae Wook’s long lost brother?! I always have to look for the name otherwise am never sure who’s who!

    • 11.1 anais

      Totally true.

  12. 12 Fun-Lugha

    Ok don’t laugh at me but I’ve always wondered why Korean male celebs like their school boy cuts so much (u know all that hair covering their faces), i mean even ahjussis in their 50s! Then I had my lightbulb moment the other day and realized its the whole ‘small head’ obsession thing so if half ur face is hidden by hair then
    voila! small head illusion!

  13. 13 Anonymous

    Oska’s looking a little stilted. Why do I have a bad feeling that he’s going to be usurped?

  14. 14 anvesha

    sooo.. he’s a high schooler? I guess, that means no romance. Which is good. I just wish it isn’t sad for LJS’s character. A noona crush is ok but don’t make it a full blown love triangle. I want another girl for LJS!

  15. 15 Laurita

    He will be like a superman: day – schoolboy with noona crush, night – her secret helper <3

    Ok ok, I'm daydreaming ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. 16 Noelle

    Man I really wanted them to be like a surrogate family. But if the crush stays one-sided then I’m golden.

  17. 17 kyleD

    i really want to like this, but it seems a little all over the place. much of the material looks way too nice-ish, the teaser soundtrack choices feel very out of place to me.

    the aquarium is a good choice, but they need alot more good symbolism in this one, and they need to decide on an overall tone. this has plot elements from a promising mystery legal suspense thriller, so where does this over-the-top melodrama feel come from…

  18. 18 Lumiere

    Aww! Lee Jong Seok always gives me Jung Il woo vibes and now that he’s playing a broody high school-er with fight scenes (again) and the one sided noona-crush he looks like another version of a character I adore: Lee Yoon -ho from High Kick the original version (played by Jung Il woo)

  19. 19 ida

    lol at the standing and staring into aquarium. the window with rain falling has been updated to give the extra cameo of fish and co.
    seriously. comes off a little cringey and pretentious. but whatevs. if that’s their concept and if the drama will be good, who cares, right?
    but excuse me while i go guffaw in the corner over here in the corner.

  20. 20 Vanessa

    ooh looks interesting! I will definitely be checking this one out ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. 21 jomo

    I like this.
    Hey, there is nothing wrong with her being attracted and even tempted. Some cute guy comes on to me, am I made out of stone? Am I Mido? (Sorry, sorta mean…)

    But does she act on these feelings? OK, does she continue to act on these feelings after making a small mistake (Please show!)

    I love that Oska is back with his crush.

  22. 22 sjk

    sorry but i really don’t think lee jong seok is attractive at all. actually think he is gross looking. i usually agree with girlfriday’s assessment of men…but to me, i don’t get it at all.

    • 22.1 Azerjaban

      Ditto, good actor but I dont get the hype

  23. 23 kfangurl

    There are a couple of scenes in the photoshoot clip where LJS looks like he’s towering over his co-stars.. Like when the camera panned away at the aquarium and gave us a full shot. I was like, woah! He’s sooo much taller than LBY & YSH! And that just changed the entire vibe for me, like, he appeared more powerful than before. Random piece of information, I know, but just sayin’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. 24 Thao

    Wow, I’m really feeling the male lead vibes for LJS :\ I really hope it’s real.

  25. 25 dbfan

    LOL! I’m so late in realizing this. Oska and Tae Sun’s reunion.

  26. 26 Cee

    I’m anticipating this drama purely because of the actors but sadly the posters, the teasers, and the plot itself doesn’t really appeal me… yet.

    I really can’t predict whether this will be a hit or a miss either because this seems pretty complicated LOL.

  27. 27 Cee

    I’m anticipating this drama purely because of the actors but sadly the posters, the teasers, and the plot itself don’t look appealing to me… yet

    I really can’t predict whether this will be a hit or a miss either because this seems pretty complicated LOL.

  28. 28 zsa

    is it just me but everything i see LJS with another, I hear the sound of crackling chemistry….not necessarily with the opposite sex….i need to get this checked!!

  29. 29 anna

    Man, with all the focus on Lee Jong-suk on this whole photo shoot and teasers, I swear he’s the main lead instead. I wouldn’t be surprise if they go all BIG (relationship wise, not drama quality) on us. What is with noona romance and high school student?

  30. 30 Jenina

    Oh my why do you have to be so cute Lee Jong-seok?! He may not be one of those handsomest actors but there’s something about him that I couldn’t point out but makes me even want him more.

    Hope this drama will prove me wrong because it still hasn’t piqued my interest despise all the pretty teasers. Will surely keep my eye on the first episode. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 30.1 Jenina


    • 30.2 yuka sato

      he’s cute as in adorable. i don’t think he’s the handsomest actor too, but he’s tackling my heart deeply when i watch school 2013. i was like a mother hen and really really really wish to call him oppa if not the fact that he was born a year younger than me *cries*.

      he got this charm that whenever he smile make you want to smile too i guess. but somehow i think that i was rather in love with go nam soon rather than lee jong suk himself, lmao. but oh yeah, he also make me crave for more..

      • 30.2.1 Lilian

        yeah..he is not the best-looking actor out there but he is really charming. And a good actor too!

  31. 31 Whatsthescenario

    I can’t wait, but I hate when Noona crush stories set us up but fail in the big pay off. They always find a way for it NOT TO WORK and it’s just frustrating. I hope this is different.

    • 31.1 Pipit


      What’s the point of making a noona line if you don’t have the guts to follow through till the end.

      And Nam Gun Soon deserves to get a noona! He’s mature beyond his years.

  32. 32 Aleena

    I want Lee Jong Suk and the female lead to be together. The age difference is fine to me. After all, there are so many romances is dramaland with large age differences. So yes, PLEASE let Lee Jong Suk be the main male lead. :'(

    • 32.1 Angel

      I agree!! If they don’t get together, I won’t ant to finish watching. And it feels like there is something:) And I don’t like the other guy… I totally agree with you on Lee Jong Suk being lead!

  33. 33 nuxludia

    Tired of noona relationships in dramaland, and also of noona actresses paired up with visibly much younger actors…
    What’s going on in SK btw? Are they afraid that all the eligible bachelors in their late twenties/early thirties are going to be lost in the war with NK, so they started to subliminally prepare the female population for this eventuality through the most popular medium – dramas?? roflmao

    • 33.1 nuxludia

      well, not quite subliminally, but rather openly and overtly, it’s everywhere lately.


      • 33.1.1 Azerjaban


    • 33.2 Hazel

      You can see an equally (if not more) prevalent trend of pairing older male actors with much younger actresses: Lee Jong-hyuk/Sooyoung; Song Seung-hun/Shin Se-kyung; IU/Jo Jung-suk, etc…And all of those pairings have a larger age gap than Lee Jong-suk does with Lee Bo-young, Choi Kang-hee with Joo Won, or Kim Tae-hee with Yoo Ah-in – the latter case has an even smaller age difference than the leads (Lee Seung-gi and Suzy) of Gu Family Book, another currently airing drama, but I’ve heard many more people gripe about the age difference in Jang Ok-jung…even though in THAT story having an age difference is historically accurate.

      I’m just wondering why it only seems to be the noona relationships that bother you.

    • 33.3 k-z

      Why is it being addressed as some kind of a problem though?

      Maybe it’s certain viewers who need to get over their narrow-mindedness…

  34. 34 azuwaza163

    What a cute LJS-LBY pairing would make. If they turned out to be some long lost siblings, I’m gonna ……..

    • 34.1 Angel

      I agree. They look so good together. Seriously!!

  35. 35 Carole McDonnell

    Love this kid…ever since i saw him in School. It takes a lot to make me believe an older woman could actually fall in love with a younger kid. But if it can be done believably, I’d go for the noona-obsession. I don’t much like the title though: “I hear your voice” almost feels like a ghost story…or as if there is some kind of cosmic tie/bond or cosmic separation between our OTP. Which makes me feel she doesn’t have a bond with the older hottie. Will see. Am psyched. Do i really have to wait a year?

  36. 36 Hazel

    Lee Bo-young is so gorgeous.

    I don’t think I’ve seen any of her projects. Can she act?

  37. 37 Angel

    I want LBY and LJS together! I don’t care about the age difference. He’s mature for his age and she looks so much younger anyways!

  38. 38 Piera

    I think LJS and the defense attorney should end up together. First of all, the same age scenario was tackled in BIG, and it was fine and lovely. I think that the writers can come back 2-3 years later and have them finally be age appropriate for a romance. LJS is too mature for the red-headed teeny bopper and just right for the prosecutor. LJS has always been the dominant/mature personality in the relationship. Remember, she cleaned up her house for him.

  39. 39 Zooey deschanel

    Lee Bo Young & Lee Jong-Seok. They cute together and they have a chemistry in their love team. And for those people always talking about age gap, They don’t care about LBY age between LJS. Why? She still look more younger than LJS. AGE DOESN’T MATTER!!

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