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Daniel Choi and BoA cast in drama short
by | July 20, 2013 | 26 Comments

There’s a new drama special being prepped that for some reason is not being called a drama special, but a “situation drama.” It’s only two episodes though, and if it walks like a drama special and talks like a drama special, I don’t know why we need another name for it. It’s either a play on “sitcom,” or likely it’s more to do with needing a name for something that isn’t a part of the official Drama Special roster over at KBS.

In any case, the two-episode miniseries is called Anticipate Love, and stars Daniel Choi (School 2013) as a love expert giving others advice. Um, like this guy? I have to say, Daniel Choi is pretty great, but I’m not sure Romance Guru is the aura he gives off. Or is the comedy in the casting? There has to be a humorous bent to the role — his character’s name is Cha Ki-dae, as in literally “antipate the next thing.” Oh, title puns.

Pop star BoA has been cast opposite him, in what will be her first official drama role (she’s done cameos and the like), so I don’t know if she’ll be any good, but a two-episode drama special seems as good a way to find out as any. Her character’s name is Joo Yeon-ae [yeon-ae = love/dating/romance, another title pun] and she’s hopelessly bad at dating, with a particular weakness for bad boys. Who doesn’t have that weakness? But dating Daniel Choi ought to fix that bad habit right up.

Directing is the PD of the drama special Don’t Worry, I’m A Ghost (she was also the second PD on Baker King and Man of Honor). The series promises to be a frank portrayal of contemporary dating life among twenty- and thirty-somethings. The format is still unclear, because some articles are describing this as a pilot for a longer-running series, even though the only concrete thing right now are the two episodes.

Anticipate Love is shooting the pilot episode and angling to air in the Drama Special timeslot (currently airing the four-episode miniseries Adolescence Medley). It plans to air sometime in September on KBS.

Via Mk.co.kr, Star News


26 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ilikemangos

    I like dorky nice guys.

    • 1.1 aina

      nadoo, the dorky one and the nerd xD

  2. dramaluver

    Meh, not a BoA fan. But, okay with Daniel Choi.

  3. doomy

    what an unexpected, cute pair. i hope boa’s decent bc i love her. how can you not love boa.

  4. Mystisith

    Bleh. He needs better projects. Come on casting managers, give that man a decent drama or movie.

    • 4.1 houstontwin

      You are so right. Even a few episodes at the beginning of “Ghost” infused the rest of the series with Daniel Choi’s charm. He can handle so much more than he is offered!

    • 4.2 pogo

      Well, think of it this way, it won’t take up too much of his time at 2 episodes, and if it sucks he’ll soon be freed up for better stuff.

      I’ll reserve judgment on BoA’s acting till I see it, though Daniel Choi is a perma-draw for me after School 2013.

  5. Shiku

    Finally a woman director! They seem to be in short supply everywhere. I will probably check it out for this reason.

  6. Chandler

    I think Daniel Choi could pull off the roll. He was pretty on it in High Kick, though he does tend to play dorky roles as well.

  7. redfox

    I dont know he might sneak some really comic twist into it? since School, I feel like Daniel Choi can suck out humor from the plainest things without even lifting an eyebrow really. He did not go over the top but still I cracked up at his every scene.
    so this might become two episodes of something quite amusing

    • 7.1 kz

      Agree with you.. sometimes he’s so funny in School 2013. But he also give off charisma as well.. Hope this drama will be good

    • 7.2 redfox

      I just realized: he was constantly reminding me of someone, I was thinking, who is it? something very familiar…. just now it became clear. it is this guy: http://www.etv.ee/failid/10635.jpg

      he is an Estonian actor and his acting style is quite similar. silently convincing. all about the seriousness, even when being funny

  8. Hugepuffball

    A romance guru falling for someone hopelessly bad at dating? Oh, the world of dramas….
    Anyway, I love Boa so I hope she can act )I don’t expect perfection, I just need good chemistry! I find David Choi adorkable, so I’ll watch it for sure.

  9. pigtookie

    Lol the names are so obvious.

  10. 10 Mayisoon

    Just a note: anticipate, not antipate, for his character name.

    This looks cute, though I’m already sad that subs are unlikely. Daniel Choi as the one giving advice? I can’t help thinking back to his bumbling self in Baby-faced Beauty.

  11. 11 Abbie

    I’m not the biggest fan of Daniel Choi, although I do like him well enough. But I do love BoA. Her music anyway. Not so sure about her acting.

  12. 12 Ciara

    Excited for this! The first time Daniel Choi was in School 2013 so it will be nice to see him again. A little surprised that this is BoA’s first time in a drama! I hope that she does a good job! I’ll be watching!

  13. 13 Noelle

    Love Daniel Choi. Can’t wait to watch this.

  14. 14 funnylittlefishy

    funny that you mentioned the cyrano drama since daniel choi was such a major character in the original film version, though not byunghoon haha…. looking forward to seeing whatever this ends up being

  15. 15 Joy

    Daniel Choi stole the show from So Ji Sub in the few Ghost eps he guest starred in.

  16. 16 Minaya

    I wanted to watch Adoloscent Medley but can’t find it with subs anywhere…

    I like BoA and Daniel Choi so this sounds good.

  17. 17 KimYoonmi

    “she’s hopelessly bad at dating, with a particular weakness for bad boys. Who doesn’t have that weakness?”

    Not my style. Most of them end up in jail. They end up abusive. And a lot of them end up in the antisocial part of the DSM with other women thinking they can reform them. So they’ll cheat on you, treat you like trash, and the likelihood in real life that you’ll change them is nil. Women aren’t men’s caretakers. The other person has to decide to change for themselves. You won’t do that for them.

    I like me the dorks (humble) and the nerds (knowledgeable) I don’t mind geeks (Passionate). All three also tend to work really hard and think independent of others. Financially and emotionally independent (as healthy sense of both), passionate about their interests, humble, hardworking, smart and funny. Add creative and Human Rights passionate, and that’s definitely my style.

    I also love the men that while independent also encourage the woman to pursue her own dreams and her own self for what they know is the best for her because they know her well enough. (While they pursue their own) Give and receive. But discuss it with her, argue it with her, and are willing to roll with changes, but not roll over.. (Not Noble Idiot syndrome.) Chiaki-senpai~ and Buchou~ Also in My Princess. OMG, yes.

    Such things are rare in Dramaland which are often filled with bad boys, knights in shining armor and other clichés that don’t necessarily benefit women. I want a year of the dork. Real ones.

    I really liked Daniel Choi in Cyrano (the movie) he was really affable in that such that you wanted him to win. He was really cute in Baby-Faced Beauty and funny too. His timing was good on the jokes, plus it was filled with cute.

  18. 18 maldita

    I might check this out simply because I have been a fan of BoA for about a decade now. I do hope she does well in this one. Besides, it’s only 2 episodes.

  19. 19 Elina

    “Romance guru”?? Hmmm, no thanks.
    Hang on, there’s Daniel Choi? Let’s give it a try!

  20. 20 weissman

    OK BoA is amazing , I would loev to se eher ina longer Drama

  21. 21 Lilian

    I think I saw BoA briefly in Iris? But she was acting as herself so that doesn’t really count. If I have time, will watch (provided Eng subs available) coz I quite like Daniel Choi after watching School 2013.

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