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Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode 12
by | July 3, 2013 | 65 Comments

Honesty is the name of the game this time around, and we have that to thank for the swift advancement in the main plot and romance. In a world populated with too many people harboring secrets and hiding their real feelings and putting on fronts, it’s refreshing to have one open book to read, isn’t it? True, the heroine can be a bit of a ditz, but I think it works with this mix of characters. ‘Cause sometimes, you just want a thing to be a thing. That spade? It’s a spade.


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Temper boiling over, Seung-pyo shoves Byung-hoon and offers to explain what he knows. He demands to know why Byung-hoon returned to Korea after his friend died—guilt? Byung-hoon catches on that he knew Do-il pretty well. “We were closer than you think,” Seung-pyo fires back. He wants an answer to his question—why did he take over the theater from his dead friend?

The brewing fight gets broken up when Min-young bursts in, here to apprise the boss of the nurse’s case. The men break apart and act normal while she explains that Hae-shim rejected the firefighter’s confession, which sure strikes them all as odd.

Grandma certainly can’t make heads or tails of it, and she follows Hae-shim around the hospital asking why she turned down the guy she was so crazy about. Hae-shim answers that her feelings just poofed when he confessed, and chalks it up to a latent femme fatale propensity.

Of course, that’s just an excuse, and she gets teary-eyed once she’s alone. Please don’t tell me she’s dying or cancerous or being a noble martyr. I don’t know if I have the patience for that, although that was my immediate thought at her reaction to his comment about not wanting to leave anybody behind.

Min-young asks about the strained air between Byung-hoon and Seung-pyo. Rather than address that, he turns it around on her and notes that she was equally awkward. Rather than address that, she mumbles an excuse about just being surprised to see Master there.

They review the video footage of Hae-shim’s rejection and wonder at the turnaround. Byung-hoon wonders that if the feelings haven’t changed, then perhaps it’s the circumstances that have. Grandma just wants them to fix it—they got Chul-soo onboard, so they can get Hae-shim too.

Then she beckons Byung-hoon near and grabs onto his hair, shaking him furiously and insisting that he take responsibility. Ha, she’s having one of her actress flashback spells, and Byung-hoon has to shout “Cut!” to get her to let go.

Min-young watches her leaving and says sadly that she wants to succeed with this case because it could be Grandma’s last wish. Byung-hoon scoffs that conning Min-young is the easiest thing in the world, which is a comment that goes over her head… and as Moo-jin wheels Grandma away, we see that her “spell” was all an act. Ha.

Byung-hoon senses that something else is bothering Hae-shim, and tests out his suspicion by approaching her as a friendly visitor with extra coffees to hand around. He spills some on her wrist and dabs at it apologetically, which allows him to glimpse the monster bruise on her arm. Ack, don’t tell me it’s The Cancer after all.

We get another flashback revealing more of Seung-pyo’s past friendship with Do-il, as he thinks to the day they scoped out the restaurant space together. Do-il had been the one to bring it to his attention, and they’d both smiled at the thought of fate and circumstances arranging for them to set up their respective businesses right next door to each other.

Seung-pyo had wondered, “Maybe it’s to make up for time we spent apart all this while.” Hm, so they knew each other from even before debtor days? Are we back to the long-lost brothers theory? The memory makes him look all the grimmer now, as he asks himself, “Should I just get rid of him?”

Byung-hoon assembles the team to inform them of his hunch regarding Hae-shim’s health, suspecting that Grandma and Hae-shim knew each other previously. He instructs them to gather all the info they can on her past.

That turns up a recent record of chemotherapy, due to a recurrence of her previously treated cancer. She has very low survival prognosis, and this makes Min-young insistent that they hurry to make the most of her remaining time. Byung-hoon points out that they have the problem of Chul-soo being left behind, but the others all argue that it would be better to let the couple have their time. Byung-hoon warns that they don’t know what it feels like to lose somebody and makes the executive decision to drop the case.

Min-young tearfully pleads to keep trying, because it’s too sad for the nurse. Byung-hoon: “You feel sorry for Lee Hae-shim, but Kim Chul-soo is fine? When he’s alone and hurting later on, who’ll take responsibility for that?”

Grandma catches Hae-shim retching and guesses that she’s relapsed, putting the pieces together. She chides Hae-shim for pushing Chul-soo away anyway, since she should live her life to the fullest while she has it—we all die in the end anyway. But Hae-shim says she couldn’t do that to him, and laments the timing of falling for someone just before she found out she was sick again.

Byung-hoon tells Grandma of his decision to drop the case. Grandma chides that everyone thinks of people with terminal illness as those already dead, just waiting to head on to the afterlife. But no, the sick are just like everybody else, wondering what to eat or do or see today: “The only difference is that we’re aware of the time that we’re living.”

Byung-hoon challenges her stance by asking whether she’s ever considered that it could be selfish. Grandma laughs: “Remaining behind is nothing to fear. Dying without ever sparking those embers—that’s something to fear.” Still, Byung-hoon replies that he can’t turn spark Chul-soo’s embers and then immediately turn them into ashes. Grandma is displeased and grumps that he won’t receive one penny for the case.

Min-young wonders whether her imminent interference is too, well, interfering, but she musters up the nerve anyway and visits Yi-seol’s workshop. Seung-pyo happens to drive by to spot her, and takes mental note of the visit. Hm.

She wants to clear up the misunderstanding between the old friends and says that Byung-hoon doesn’t mean to continue with his current line of work—he’s only doing it temporarily until he can get back to producing theater. She doesn’t betray any confidences or slip about her own feelings, but Yi-seol catches on anyway, finding her concern for Byung-hoon rather telling.

On the way out, Yi-seol asks outright if she likes him. Taken aback, Min-young takes a moment to come up with a denial, but Yi-seol says, “It seems to me that you do.” She adds that she’d like for a woman like Min-young to like Byung-hoon.

So Min-young goes home in a bit of a daze, and wonders if it’s true that she does like him.

Grandma takes the matchmaking into her own hands, and puts in a frantic call to Chul-soo pleading for help from the strange people who are trying to take her away. Chul-soo races to the hospital, and finds Grandma sitting down for a nice chat with Hae-shim.

Grandma sits them down with a stern word to both: Chul-soo should buck up and give it a proper try instead of taking his first rejection, and Hae-shim should be honest about how she feels. Then she moves aside to give them some privacy… only to bark at them from one table over to get going already. Haha.

Moo-jin arrives at the hospital with Hye-ri today, and asks if she wants to wait outside. But Hye-ri has taken Grandma’s advice to heart (old lady gives good advice) and is her usual cheery self today, saying she wants to say hi to Grandma.

Chul-soo starts speaking first, explaining that Hae-shim had been the reason he’d come to the hospital so much, because he’d been looking for reasons to see her. Only he’d been a coward and fooled himself into ignoring his feelings.

Just then, Grandma grabs Hae-shim by the hair and starts hurling curses at her, in another of her spells. Chul-soo jumps in to break them up, and then Grandma seems to realize what she’s done and beats her head with her fists in frustration. Hae-shim cradles her protectively and urges Chul-soo to leave, and pretend today didn’t happen.

But Grandma tells the pretty lady not to cry, and that bodily wounds heal—it’s the heart wounds that she should take care of. Don’t worry about a little cancer lump, she says: “You’re not dead now, so don’t live like a dead person.”

Moo-jin arrives in time to witness the display, and Hye-ri takes his hand to offer some support. The news shocks Chul-soo, who returns to work in a daze.

The two loan shark goons chuckle to themselves over a clever scheme they’ve cooked up (which means it’s probably stupidly sweet) as they fix up the Cyrano Theater box office, then call Min-young out. Playing dumb (admittedly not difficult for them), they ask what the structure is for and insist she demonstrate, then lock her inside the box office with the newly attached latch.

They leave her inside while chortling to each other, then head inside the restaurant to wonder loudly what disturbance is going on at the box office with Min-young. So Seung-pyo heads out curiously to find her asking for help, and agrees to let her out.

At the last second, he pauses to ask her to answer a question first: “Was the reason you rejected me… because of [Byung-hoon]?” She says no: “Why would I like him?” Seung-pyo notes, “I didn’t ask if you liked him.” Aw. I guess he has his answer.

Seung-pyo asks her to come by again, and to forget he every said anything so they can be like they used to be. He uses his wish now, which is for her to drop by the restaurant like she used to. With that, he lets her out.

Min-young spots Moo-jin arriving outside with Hye-ri, and that makes her smile. They’re cute. She chirps to Moo-jin that she saw it all, but he’s got more serious matters on his mind and gathers the team: He wants to continue with the case.

Aw, it’s three against one, and I love that Moo-jin is taking the lead in this push. Arang argues that all they want is to get the two people to be honest with each other, and Moo-jin states that if they don’t do it, he’ll quit.

Chul-soo goes out drinking with his firefighter buddies, and as he pulls out his wallet, he sees a scrap of paper. It was Byung-hoon’s request from the elevator stoppage, when he was acting desperate to tell his sweetheart he loved her before he died. So he calls Min-young, AW, to convey the message that Byung-hoon asked him to pass along: “He said he really loves you.”

Yes, she knows it was just part of the act, but it still brings a smile to her face to hear the words, and to realize that it was her phone number he’d scrawled in the moment. She returns to the team meeting more determined than ever, and the three of them pester him into agreeing. He gives in, though he tells them all to remember that he’s not doing it because he likes it. Yes, Mr. Grumpypants, I’m pretty sure you don’t have to clarify that about anything.

The operation centers around the next fire drill, which starts with Arang asking Chul-soo to help with someone who collapsed. He leads him away, wonders where the ill person went, and tags Chul-soo’s walkie-talkie with a bug device. Thus it sounds real when a report comes over the walkie-talkie line about a real emergency situation with a woman on the roof, and Arang wonders, “Could it be that sick nurse?”

Chul-soo goes running for the roof, and finds a woman standing on the roof. “Don’t do it! Life is precious,” he says, panting for breath.

But it’s just Min-young, dressed as a nurse, who says she’s on the roof to play hooky from the drill. Meanwhile, a separate announcement blares down below about Kim Chul-soo being injured on the roof, and he grumbles at the wrong report.

Min-young asks whether he’s curious to see who would be the first to run here after him. He says stiffly that it would just be the person closest in vicinity, but Min-young says she thinks it would be the person who cares the most. And right on cue, Hae-shim comes running up calling his name and asking if he’s okay.

So now, Hae-shim admits that she’s very ill, and doesn’t have much time left. She didn’t want to trouble those around her. Chul-soo says he had thought the same way, and avoided situations to spare them hurt. “But now I realize,” he says, “that it’s greater pain and trouble to be without the person you live.”

He asks her not to worry about the future, and to not give up. He promises to stay with her till the end, then corrects himself: “No, please be with me for my sake. Please trust me. We’ll have a happy ending, until we die.”

Hae-shim says there’s one thing she wants to do with him, and that takes them right back to that ledge. She asks the same question she did the last time: “If I jump with you, will you go on a date with me?” Today he answers yes, and offers his hand. They jump, and land together, whereupon he grabs her hand again and says, “If we’re together, there’s nothing to fear.”

As she watches the happy couple, Min-young thinks to herself that if you want to have that feeling of being able to overcome anything when you’re with somebody else, you have to be honest about your feelings in the present moment.

On the drive back, Min-young is in chipper spirits, and Byung-hoon teases her about her useless chatter at the restaurant. She wonders why he’s so curious about Seung-pyo these days, wanting to know if she knows anything about him. All she can recall is him mentioning a hyung he can no longer see, which made him sad.

That rings some sort of bell with Byung-hoon, and he makes the sudden decision to head to Yi-seol’s workshop. That’s disappointing to Min-young, who asks if they have to go—he still likes her, doesn’t he?

Now it’s his turn to ask about her sudden interest. She dutifully drives them to Yi-seol’s, and watches glumly as he gets out with out a word. Then she makes up her mind and follows him out the car, and admits, “It keeps bothering me. I think I must like you.”


This was probably the least interesting of the agency’s cases, but it served its purpose and for that I’m okay with it. It’s too bad it could have been quirky or unexpected like the other cases, which all had some element of humor or offbeatness to add some unpredicability to the proceedings. Like the dorky chef, the mystery-loving uptight librarian, the scary and scared Ring girl…

I like the themes of the nurse-firefighter plot, though they were fairly on-the-nose. The comparison to Byung-hoon’s past is smart in the way that it allows us to get more of the backstory out without dwelling on them as the centerpiece of the show—this drama is better when the emotions come out in little moments, rather than trumping them up as the main point. So I like that they constructed a story to act as the mirror for Byung-hoon’s issues. I just didn’t love the story itself. The biggest flaw, I think, is that it was just predictable. Cancer? Yawn. That’s a terrible thing to say, but I mean in the context of a K-drama, where cancer is all but a parody at this point. Surely there could’ve been a better way to draw out the life-goes-on message. Yes? …no?

But no matter, since we’re two weeks out from the finale and this story has wrapped. Time to move on.

I’m relieved that Min-young was so forthright with her confession—another example of the case of the week’s message tying in well with our main characters—because she’d just connected the dots that honesty is the only way to get what you want. Granted, we’ve been watching Min-young and Byung-hoon bumble around their growing attraction for a few weeks so it’s hardly news to us, but at least she didn’t take forever after coming to her realization to actually act on it. Left entirely to Byung-hoon, I think they’d be flirting and tiptoeing around it for years to come. Somebody’s gotta take the wheel, right? Appropriate since she’s the physical driver of the pair.


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  1. RockPaperScissors

    As I was watching this episode I just knew you were going to use that clip as a screen cap.

    Haven’t we all felt trapped at one time or another?!

  2. j

    Thanks so much for the recap~

  3. JenJen

    gah this show fills the hole in my heart that was left by Gu Family Book

  4. On a QIHM High

    I don’t know, I didn’t mind them using the cancer troupe. It set up an awesomely horrible conflict. And it was the biggest coincidence for me because just prior to watching, I was asking someone if they got scared of getting too attached to someone because of how they would be affected once that person died. I was on BH’s side. As much as I wanted it to work out for Hae Shim, putting myself in Cheol Su’s shoes, it’s hard to bear this kind of relationship. The closer you get to someone, the more their death has an impact on you. You can’t help but think about it. Cry about it and worry about the phone call that tells you the sad news. And you have to keep living after they’re gone. It’s very difficult. If you’re already in a relationship with that person (relative, friend, etc.), then you can’t really help it but if you aren’t yet (Cheol Su), then I would have personally run away.

    • 4.1 Sue

      I have a different perspective. My husband died of cancer. If a magical drama fairy gave me the chance to go back in time to NOT fall in love with him and spare myself the two years of hell we went through, plus his eventual death, I wouldn’t do it. It is hard to express into words what he gave to me that I wouldn’t give up for anything in the world. This episode was meaningful for me because this is always the worst time of the year for me. June 29 is our wedding anniversary and July 12 is the anniversary of his death. So I was actually happy when I saw this episode. It actually validated my feelings that no matter what, it was all worth it. Hey, isn’t it better to have love and lost than to not love at all?

      • 4.1.1 stephanie

        So sorry for your loss. I’m glad this episode is helpful so close to all your significant days.

        • Sue

          Thank you!

      • 4.1.2 nomaden


        • Sue

          Hug received. Thanks!

      • 4.1.3 Rashell

        I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing such a personal story. I haven’t experienced the loss but I can’t imagine ever wanting to erase the time I’ve spent with my husband even if that means experiencing the pain of losing him. Grandma was right this episode. We’re all going to die. Most of us don’t know when, so we should live every moment we’re given. And love as much as we can!

        • Sue

          Amen to that. Thanks!

      • 4.1.4 george

        I’m sorry for your loss and i agree w/ you.I believe that it is always better to have love and lost than not at all.I lost my mom w/ cancer and it hurts,still does but only because i have a regret,w/c is it’s not that i didn’t love her,i loved her enough but i still wish i loved her more than enough.So i can imagine how much more regret if you didn’t love at all or wondering and asking to yourself if it was better to have loved and lost or not at all.
        Cancer is a sensitive issue so it works in dramas even if one haven’t experienced or doesn’t buy it.

        • Sue

          Just the fact that you question if you loved her enough shows how much you cared for her. Don’t worry, your mom knows how you feel. Hugs!

      • 4.1.5 jkay

        I’m sorry for your loss. I’d usually agree that the cancer troupe is so overdone in K-drama… but now that I’m watching this when my dearest mom will get her first chemotherapy the day after tomorrow, this affected me a lot more, I guess.

        Our family just found out about her illness last month and she finally had her surgery two weeks ago… so the dialogues and the emotions in this episode hit too close to home. As cheesy as it may sounds, but this gave me strength and I’m really thankful for that.

        It’s difficult, but instead of being sad and depressed… it’s much better to love as much as we can, right?

        • Sue

          Giving in to sadness and depression only makes things worse. I’m lucky that my husband had a positive and strong mental attitude. Plus I was 8 months pregnant when he was diagnosed so we had a wonderful baby to focus on. I remember the operations and the chemo not only because they were hard, but also because during the time that he received his treatments I would be next to him and we would talk. Those talks are the only blessings cancer will give you. Sometimes I wonder how people that lose a loved one in an accident can cope. It is sudden and sometimes so many things are left unsaid.

          I hope and pray your mom does well. I hope you have a chance to keep her company during those treatments and you get a chance to talk. Be positive, but don’t leave anything unsaid just in case. Take care.

        • zfih

          I’m sorry to hear about your mom and strength to you. I don’t know how much pain you must be going through but don’t worry and stay stay strong. Your strength and happiness is going to be the cane for your mom during this time.
          May god bless you and your mom!!!
          Come onto to the dramabean page anytime you feel down… I’m sure all the beanies would want to cheer you up!!!

      • 4.1.6 panshel

        Sue, thanks for sharing your perspective, and I’m sorry for your loss. I agree, it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Everyone we meet shapes our lives in some way, and our experiences make us stronger people.

        It touched me when Grandma chided Hae Shim. We will all die one day, and since nobody knows when that time will come, we should make the best of it while we’re still here. There’s no guarantee that Hae Shim would be the one to leave Chul Soo behind, be it from Chul Soo’s dangerous line of work or an accident.

    • 4.2 bbstl

      I liked this story the best because it was the most true to life. I think it might have been less appealing to some partly because it didn’t involve young or pretty people and the only “glamorous” character is grandma 🙂 The librarian, cook and idol stories were just about “will I get my love?” but this story has real heft because it required real choices. I won’t be surprised if this is my stickiest story from Cyrano.

  5. xoxo

    Loving this series so far, perfect for a summer drama I think.

  6. Noelle

    Next episode is going to be a doozy. I’m pumped though. I hope they keep it light and not bog it down with the love square drama.

  7. hannah

    I absolutely loved the shot where it goes from Do-il taking Seung-pyo’s picture and flashes forward to the present day. It was startling, the change in Seung-pyo was amazing which was helped by the complete difference in atmosphere. Speaking of Seung-pyo, I think I need to track down whatever other dramas that actor’s been in, cause I am super digging his acting.

    • 7.1 ilikemangos

      i’m going to admit that i was thrown off(scared) by the sudden switch in lighting and tone when we saw that shot of the past to the present.

    • 7.2 mary

      Please watch Family Outing. 🙂

      Or don’t… if you don’t want to see a bumbling, dorky Chunderella.

      • 7.2.1 Lea

        lol yeah Chunderella
        I wouldn’t go to his restaurant though
        I hear the chef likes to wash his produce with soap, if you know what I mean xP

    • 7.3 gin

      Yes! It was the same for me. I’v e watched the actor in other stuff, which made it hard for me to be scared of the supposed mob-boss thus far. But when the smiley picture faded it hit me we were dealing with a killer. And, yeah. Shivers. xD

  8. Requiem

    I really, really liked this episode. I dunno why, but with this episode, I really got into the firefighter-nurse story and loved how it mirrored and spotlighted certain aspects of Byung-hoon’s and Min Young’s lives and relationships.

    It seems to me BH is talking about personal experience when talking about the person being left behind. I wonder if he’s talking about himself and Do-Il as it doesn’t really seem quite the same with the guilt complex on top of it, but I can’t see how it could be any other relationship as it would be an abrupt reveal so late in the series.

    And of course, the willingness, to go boldly forth and declare your love because time apart hurts more than the pain of the inevitable separation, relates to both BH and MY.

    Can’t wait for the last 4 episodes.

    I do wonder if they’ll play it more along the lines of Cyrano de Bergerac (BH accepting Master’s job and feeding the lines that he truly feels about MY) or if they go in another direction.

    • 8.1 Requiem

      Thinking about it a little bit, though. I don’t think a Cyrano de Bergerac-type ending works in this context.

      MY already knows she feels something for BH while in the original story Roxane just views Cyrano as a friend.

      So, I hope they go in a direction that fits the story more and doesn’t match Cyrano de Bergerac as much….

    • 8.2 Lala

      Byung Hoon will accept Master’s case next week and he tells Moo Jin that he’s doing it because Master is a better guy for Min Young. That’s when Moo Jin and Ah Rang will set up an operation of their own to get them together

  9. Sara

    Anyone know the title of the piano track that plays at the very beginning of each episode..where the “15” shows up? Its this slow swing piano piece and I absolutely love it!

  10. 10 KDrama Fan

    Thanks for the update JB.

  11. 11 IzOcha

    Thanks for the recap.

    This weeks challenge couple made me cry–and I had been indifferent last week.

    I really like the way the show is balancing itself. I hope the last few episodes rock my socks. Because I could enjoy this show for a long time if it continues to balance between character development and procedurals with fun bright pacing…but I feel like it may be slipping a bit towards moody so: SHOW, FIGHTING!

  12. 12 Sajen

    I agree that this case was the boring compared to the others but I did like this episode the most of the ones in this case.

    If you say the preview to me at least next week looks like fun in a frustrating kind of way.

  13. 13 snow_white

    Thanks…..I LOVE this show……everything about it…..in fact it is the best drama of the year so far….for me….and I love the main couple and the nice development in their relationship…..not too fast….not too slow…..and no…the age gap never bothered me…..their chemistry is amazing 🙂

  14. 14 KimYoonmi

    I think the main romance would have some more weight for me if the woman had some talent going for her and if they hadn’t gutted her character so thoroughly, feeling her entrails to the other male characters. (Ya! Leave her with at least one talent). Throw me something or other… she’s persistent. She’s good at reading emotions of people rather than being calculating–I’ll take anything.

    The nurse-firefighter I didn’t mind so much. Even the cancer bit I didn’t mind since this relationship was more symbolism.

    But I think the grandmother in this is awesome. From her no-nonsense attitude, to her philosophy towards life, to how she’s protective of Moo-Jin, to how she gives him the occasional smack down. Love her.

    • 14.1 nomaden

      I actually like the heroine. She’s one of those characters that I think I’d like to have around me. Easy to talk with, a good listener, one of those that always have their hands stretched out to you when you fall down.

    • 14.2 snow_white

      She is likeable and has a well written character…..a girl who believes in love and romance and with a good heart and she is working in the dating agency successfully!!

      • 14.2.1 KimYoonmi

        But she doesn’t actually contribute anything in terms of talent to the agency. There is ditzy and messing everything up. And then there is someone with some sort of talent to contribute.

        The original character actually had talents, since for the stage production she was the costume designer. She had nunchi and a lot of it to spare. She also was really good at hinting at the main character that she was into him.

        But they gave away her talents–all of them to the male characters.

        The noonchi went to Seo Il Rok, the costume designer part went to Ah Rang. And the sideways hinting was cut. They also cut the writer from the movie, giving most of that to Seo Il Rok, but some of the things that he contributed in the movie could have been given to her as well. Such as the ability to think and brainstorm scenarios with Seo Il Rok together. Or even doing electronics (which is also given to Moo-Jin or Arang)

        Instead, she was left a bit vapid, messing everything up and hasn’t gained ground since. The characters, in sum, have pointed out her only talent is being a woman. That doesn’t fly in my world.

        Believing on romance and love isn’t a “talent” it’s a belief system. Also giving the noonchi to Seo Il Rok cancels out her ability to listen since he swoops in with the answer faster than her.

        This leaves me with the conclusion the only reason he likes her is because he can one up her, and that’s not a good relationship.

        If she was more persistent than the other characters, that would be also a virtue and a talent to contribute, but no~ She didn’t initiate any of that. Moo-Jin did. He was the one that called to arms. She was THIRD. She needs more agency in the agency. And that definitely is the fault of the writing. They tried to fix it with the ring girl, but failed, because Seo Il Rok was *still* pulling the strings behind the scenes. (which kinda left me feeling sick.)

        Being a woman is not a talent. Sorry, show, it isn’t. Give her something more than “OMG, she has boobs.”

        Have her work as an equal. Have her be able to come up with an idea that works without hand holding. Have her argue that his scenario doesn’t work because he doesn’t believe in love, leveraging her belief in love over him AND have her be right. (and don’t give that agency to another character.)

        I’ll take anything at this point, but I doubt they’ll get there.

  15. 15 owl

    I liked how the firefighter/nurse romance went forward –

    I’m a bit annoyed with Min Young butting into BH’s business with ex-woman. Good intentions don’t cut it here, because he specifically asked her not to. A perfect (ly annoying) example of kdrama crossing boundaries theme.

    I do like that Min young confessed to BH, who seems to think he can read everyone else so well, but does a lousy job reading himself. I’m shipping them although I find I’m not as invested in them as a couple as I have been with other leads. But I do think they work together, and BH is growing on me.

    Min joo – all the way. He’s so perfect. They don’t have to keep making him talk more either; I like the silent, true types.

    I’m back to thinking that Master is the brother of the one who died. Except, why didn’t BH know that?

    • 15.1 Anonymous

      I’m really confused as to why BH knows nothing of plausible brother especially since he grew up with DI. But based on how Seung-pyo was acting, it seems like if he and DI were bros, they did not spend much time together. Secondly, if SP was DI’s brother, why would he, SP, who has a lot of money, let his brother fall into large amounts of debt? I understand that brothers don’t have to just give money and whatnot, but I wouldn’t think that he would have made his own brother’s life miserable financially, even if he is a loan shark.

      • 15.1.1 owl

        There’s gotta be a big reveal on this point. The writers have made it a big deal, so it’s pivotal, I’m guessing, in making this part of the story gel.

  16. 16 ilikemangos

    Yeah, i would have hoped by ep.12 that either of the two would acknowledge their feelings by now. helloo 4 episodes left. So, i appreciate min young cutting through the bullshit and just admitting her feelings instead of having other people force it out of her.

  17. 17 yooook

    So cute ♥♥ please drama, stop your crap and dont let noble idiocy occur for this easy breezy drama..

    • 17.1 Anonymous

      I’m so scared about this happening based on the previews, especially on BH’s end. It’s like the writer wanted to dump every K-drama trope EVER in a 20 second clip.

      Writer-nim, please don’t kill the show now….

      • 17.1.1 kyaaa

        Nah, I’m not too worried. I’m sure like all its other episodes, the writer has refreshing twists and turns that would leave us surprised. Besides, knowing MY i’m pretty sure she won’t let BH to mooch around and keep all his feelings inside.

        • DDee

          agreed! the show has been so consistently good, noble idiocy would feel so out of place. i trust in the writer

  18. 18 jomo

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    I am always surprised to find little gems of heart touch me in each of these episodes.

    I thought the part where Grandma says: “that bodily wounds heal—it’s the heart wounds that she should take care of”
    was so well directed and acted. It resonated with me and made me cry out of no where.

    The idea that we should live as if we all were on borrowed time is something I try to do. Don’t waste a moment. Live in the now. Appreciate the here.

    By the way, that Grandma is a bitch on wheels mother-in-law in Goddess of Marriage. What a transformation.
    I may actually not hate the other character as much now simply because I know she can be sweet.

    • 18.1 ilikemangos

      Omg. I had no idea she was the bitchy mother in law for Goddess Of Marriage!
      Now that you’ve mentioned that i am flabbergasted at how she can portray such different characters with such different aura. Wow. Great actress! Love her here, hate her in GoM.

  19. 19 MeeisLee

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    But anyway, now that we’ve gotten a bit of our Cyrano in our Agency, I was wondering if there’s something in the drama that has a similar symbolic tone to Cyrano’s huge nose from the play? Just curious about the full length of parallels or similar themes between the two.

  20. 20 the68monkey

    I really was loving this drama for its cute romantic stories and great character interactions, so I’m sorry to say that dragging on the firefighter and terminally ill nurse story for three episodes has killed the charm for me. I wish it weren’t so, and I understand how they were trying to parallel Byung-hoon’s back story, but still. The thrill is gone. 🙁

    Here’s hoping next week brings some excitement and sizzle back to the show. (and more Ah-rang and Moo-jin!)

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    I love this drama. I don’t know but everything just feels right. I wish more grandmas will be like Grandma. I knew that it will be Min-young’s number written in the paper because he said “Soo-young”. But I didn’t know that, that will be use later. NICE!

  22. 22 CutiieAngiie

    Unlike some of you, the Cancer didn’t bother me that much because it wasn’t used for the main characters’ love story.
    More than applying tragic love, it helps to remind us that life is so short, death is always coming to us so we shouldn’t waste time and be honest with our loved ones. Live with the fullest because you do not know when all of these will be gone …
    Gosh’, I’m loving this drama more and more especially with Min Young confessing her feelings right away. It is so her because she said she was dumped several times after confessing LOL
    I’m really thankful that the writer doesn’t go overboard with the storyline and stay true to the characters like Byung Hoon playing rock paper scissors while drowning XD.

    I just finished reading Sooyoung’s interview about Third Hospital and gosh’, that girl is wise and holds a strong passion for acting unlike many of her peers. I’m really proud of her for choosing such good projects and I’m sure she will have more opportunities in the future especially when you know that High Cut magazine ranted her with a A+ as grade 😀

  23. 23 goldeng

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    I love a drama when I am not bored by any of the side charcters. From Ahrang and Moojin, to the cute waitress, to the goofy mobsters…I like them all.

    On a side note, I am distracted by how thin Sooyung is. I just want to take her home and feed her. If the camera “adds 10 pounds” I can’t imagine what she looks like in real life. I do think she is a cutie and is doing a good job with her role.

    • 26.1 jkay

      I agree, I enjoy a drama the most when I like all the characters too. It’s really great that the side characters and the cameos in DAC are all charming and likable too.

      Ah, Sooyoung has mentioned that she’s distressed about her weight and scrawny figure for years. She actually eats a lot and even got a trainer to help her gaining weight… but I guess she can’t help it, especially not now with crazy schedule as an actress/idol/mc 🙁

  27. 27 the68monkey

    Can anybody answer my most pressing question:



  28. 28 panshel

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    The phone call realization was sweet. All along, I assumed it was part of their plan because Byung Hoon would have had to give Chul Soo a real working number of a female in case he did call, but it also worked perfectly as an indirect confession. So this is why I had read the firefighter and nurse are the last cameos of the drama because Byung Hoon is accepting Seung Pyo’s case. I love how the boys are taking matters into their own hands…

    Thanks for the recap, javabeans!

  29. 29 jademwong

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  30. 30 Sponge

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  31. 31 John

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    Best part of this episode.

  32. 32 chaloner

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  33. 33 KimYoonmi

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    Hahaha. That explains the whole firefighter/nurse plot… it’s a gigantic meta reference.

  34. 34 Cheryl

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  35. 35 yan

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