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Lee Min-jung offered lead in Medical Top Team
by | July 18, 2013 | 78 Comments

More fall drama news: MBC has already scored Kwon Sang-woo as the lead for its upcoming drama Medical Top Team, and now the producers have extended the offer for leading lady to Lee Min-jung. She has confirmed receiving the offer, and is currently “positively considering” the drama.

I see that Medical Top Team is continuing our current trend of baldly literal drama titles (see also: Good Doctor, I Hear Your Voice), since the whole premise is right there in the name. It’s a straightforward setup wherein a team of doctors at the top of their respective fields are gathered on one team to treat patients.

Lee Min-jung’s last two dramas were flops (All About My Romance, Big), but it’s been a while since she was on an MBC show. The timing does seem rather tight, though, since she is currently busy preparing for her August wedding to Lee Byung-heon. With Medical Top Team set for an October premiere, she wouldn’t get much of a honeymoon before jumping back into the thick of shoots. But I guess this is a couple that’ll just have to get used to coordinating jam-packed schedules; Lee Byung-heon is also set to begin filming his upcoming martial-arts sageuk revenge movie soon after the wedding.

This drama comes from the PD of MBC’s hit The Moon That Embraces the Sun and the writer of Brain, which is why it’s got some buzz going in. The hope is that this drama will take the best of both worlds, melding the smart medical stuff of Brain with Moon/Sun’s addictive, popular appeal. Which would be way better than the reverse, where you combine their respective flaws and come up with juvenile doctors obsessed with getting laid. We can turn to Grey’s Anatomy for that, thanks.

Medical Top Team will follow Lee Jun-ki’s upcoming Two Weeks and will premiere in October.

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78 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. moondust

    “…juvenile doctors obsessed with getting laid” LOL. That really cracked me up!

    • 1.1 harukogirl

      LOL, me too! πŸ˜€

    • 1.2 bern75

      Javabeans – after all these years following DB, i am still amazed at how u come up with these one-liners. that Grey’s Anatomy ref totally cracked me up HAHA!

  2. Cynthia

    “Medical Top Team”?

    Let’s take a wild guess and forecast that the Team will be comprised solely of GENIUSES.

    • 2.1 Windsun33

      *Most* of the doctors will be geniuses, but at least one will be an overbearing incompetent idiot who got his position because he is an illegitimate son of the owner of the JK group. There will be at least one female doctor that all the male doctors hate because she is SOOO smart, but has big boobs so they all fall in love with her by ep5.

      (For those that don’t know, JK group owns everything in Korea except for a Taco stand near the DMZ).

      In short, can’t say I am looking forward to this much.

      • 2.1.1 Hugepuffball

        I have to say I absolutely loved your comment

      • 2.1.2 Ryan

        What is the problem with that taco stand?

  3. lemondoodle

    Given the magnitude of the flopness of her last two dramas I’m surprised people still want to cast her again so quickly. Though I suppose she’s not to blame for how her dramas turned out, but still….

    • 3.1 Mystisith

      She seems to sign for weak dramas… Or she brings bad luck, I don’t know.
      I guess that having a famous boyfriend helps to get a job.
      Anyway, I don’t find this project interesting at all but I’m ready to change my mind at the last minute.
      It will air in Oct, so frontly against Heirs. Good luck with that…

    • 3.2 Rachel

      I wouldn’t blame her for the way Big turned out – as an actor, reading the scripts from the first few episodes of the show, and knowing it was a Hong Sisters drama, I would have gladly taken the role too. No one knew the show would devolve.

      However, sadly this show is sounding increasingly like one that I will not watch. Medical drama? Bleh. Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Min Jung? Does not sound like this pairing will have much chemistry at all.

      • 3.2.1 Windsun33

        Medical drama might just mean that there are a lot of shots of people lying in bed with fake IV’s and vaporizers going while egotistical doctors spend too much time backstabbing each other.

    • 3.3 Windsun33

      Not sure the floppiness was due so much to her though. Not my favorite actress, but at least in Big, it was the horribly poor writing that killed it for me.

      • 3.3.1 lemondoodle

        I don’t really blame her, but still she has some horrible luck lately. It’s not even that she picks bad projects either. Who wouldn’t take a Hong Sister drama and one with Shin Ha-kyun really? And this is airing against Heirs now? lol Though Heirs could very well not meet expectations.

    • 3.4 KenyanKorean

      I really really enjoyed “All About My Romance.” It was cute, funny, political to the right degree, and oooh the chemistry and the OST! I have no idea why it was a flop!I’d choose that over Cyrano any day!

      • 3.4.1 Tinselfannel

        Same here! I LOVED All About My Romance.. I didn’t really love it the first few episodes, but once the romance really got going, I adored it! I might be in the minority, but I thought their chemistry was awesome! And they were really a very sweet couple in that show.. I have no idea why it was a flop either.. Maybe people didn’t stick with it past the first few episodes?

      • 3.4.2 pearl3101

        Me too… I loved it right from the first episode. It was run-of-the mill funny.. And shin Ha Kyun’s expressions were to die for. The OST (by Akdong musician) also stuck with for a while. Can’t get why it flopped… 😐

        • sheathice

          totally agree with you guys.. I loved All About My Romance, and it seemed weird that it would flop πŸ™ The romance was sweet, not too cheesy, and I found myself laughing so much and enjoying the show soooo much while watching… not to mention the OST too.. love the ending song.. found out recently that it was sung by Tiffany.

      • 3.4.3 Kate

        It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who liked “All About My Romance”. I watched that show week to week and IMO it had the right amounts of everything to keep me interested. Maybe everyone just liked the other shows in its time slot better but in my book that was a pretty good drama.

  4. Lilian

    Gotta agree that the dramas didn’t do well, not because of her acting. Big had a huge hole in the plot and a nonsensical ending which we couldn’t really “see”. All About Romance was probably just too much politics…I tended to skip those scenes =P oops! Most likely most people prefer entertaintment to remain as entertainment rather than for politics to come into the picture….unless the writers can make it so pun-ny and kick-ass funny!

    • 4.1 KenyanKorean

      Hmmm…maybe that’s why I loved “All About My Romance” so much. I loooove politics. My top dramas are all political πŸ™‚ Gaksital, Tree With Deep Roots, City Hunter….you get the drift.

    • 4.2 canxi

      I loved All About My Romance, though and I didn’t think it had too much politics,lol. I’m not even into politics, either. I felt like it was all balanced.

      • 4.2.1 Ponpon

        I’m not normally a person who watches political dramas either, but ‘All About My Romance’ turned out to be a joy to watch probably because there was quite a bit of meta about the political world in there. I had a few laugh out loud moments when the politics in the drama mirrored quite accurately what we have been experiencing here in Australia, mainly back-stabbing maneuvers that made the two main parties look like a national joke >< . The romance was also quite sweet and I thought Lee Min Jung delivered well throughout. I guess because 'politics' was slated as the premise of the show, not too many people found it interesting enough to tune in?

        I'm glad though to have found others who enjoyed the drama as well πŸ™‚

        • pearl3101

          I like your comparison. πŸ™‚

  5. Arhazivory

    Eonnnnni~β™‘ I’ll watch her. πŸ˜€ and I loved Brain.

  6. spark

    man, it really pays to have lee byung hun back you… how the heck is she casted for lead roles…

  7. maxzzr

    I like her, I have seen her in smile you and I liked her . She seems approachable and has the capacity to grow. I guess we have to wait and see.

  8. snow_white

    The show looks uninteresting….

  9. Elisabeth

    Hmmm. I’ve only seen her play typical bubbly characters, nothing ever serious. Is this show meant to be a comedy?

  10. 10 Gaeina Lee

    I don’t have anything against her, she seems nice.. but, why her, show? @_@

  11. 11 Ace

    I liked her since BOF but gotta admit that I skipped Big not because of the bad reviews but because I couldn’t stand her acting from the first episode. I did like All About My Romance though and thought that was one of the few satisfying dramas this year so far. But another medical drama? The only medical dramas I liked are all Jdramas.

    Wait…writer of Brain? So did Shin Ha-kyun recommended her or something? Hehe

    Anyway, with this drama out on Oct, I guess she’s not pregnant. I thought she was getting married because she was and because her clothes in AAMR looked like it was concealing some weight gain. πŸ˜‰

  12. 12 Jenny

    So this will be like the jdorama Iryuu-team medical dragon?? Because it sounds like that.
    I don’t think she’s a bad actress but she’s definitely deteriorated skill wise and I have no idea why.

  13. 13 Minaya

    I’m still confused of what this drama is going to be about.
    Doctors from different fields getting together to treat patients? That’s it? Isn’t that what doctors usually do in hospitals?

    Or am I missing something?

  14. 14 AnotherFan

    “juvenile doctors obsessed with getting laid. We can turn to Grey’s Anatomy for that”.
    LOLOL… You are really funny, JB!

  15. 15 exquisitemelody

    Hm, well, I have yet to watch a medical drama that I finished. Maybe we’ll see how Good Doctor goes.

    I love her from Smile, You. Big was just…the story was a mess. They had great talent, but for me, that’s the drama that shall not be named.

    • 15.1 eny

      me too, i never finish any medical drama but now i’m really impatient to see good doctor because there’s something different in the story, not sure to watch medical top team esp after really interest with another medical drama, even i like KSW n LMJ

  16. 16 laraffinee

    —“All About My Romance” “was a flop”??? ——???

    —Not in my book. I thought it was well done and she was great in it.

    “BiG” was indeed a flop with a script writer who should be embarrassed to show their face anywhere and should change their name if they ever want to work again.

    Lee Min-Jung is a good actress. I will look forward to her next project.

    • 16.1 JenJen

      You want the script writers to change their names? but they’ve already carved a name for themselves beforehand as the Hong Sisters. Given that all their previous dramas have generally been well received (dramas such as The Greatest Love (2011), My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010), You’re Beautiful (2009), Hong Gil Dong (2008), etc.) It would be a bit hard to build themselves up again under a different alias.

      • 16.1.1 laraffinee

        …Ah, you’re right, I forgot it was the Hong sisters. Well, all I can say if “Big” is what they are churning out now, they are in a real slump. Of their previous dramas, the only one I really liked was “The Greatest Love”, mainly because the casting was spot on and helped drive the story.
        The Hong sisters work is indeed popular, but I personally feel it is really sub-par with other writers out there, such as for example, the writers of “Queen In-Hyun’s Man” and “Nine:Nine Times Time Travel” who are my favorite writers.

    • 16.2 Mystisith

      If we talk ratings, yes: Both projects were flop.

  17. 17 melo.boy

    lee min Jung did both of her recent dramas quite well . I just can’t blame her. in my opinion she was very cute in Big , and believe me , I saw Big on tv while it was actually airing and I loved the whole show ,though the ending wasnt liked by everyone , it had some meaning to me !! whenever someone says they liked Big , I do a turn-around celebratory dance ! hehehh

    • 17.1 Salma

      U know what—- I really like “Big” It was a little bit wird story but so COOL ______ I love it It was like a new style of k-dramas & the ending was AWESOME and I don’t see anything not good in “Big” __________ Lee Min Jung stills the best 4 me She’s an amazing actress I love her so much and Gong yoo was great in “Big” this the first time that I found Gong yoo with an other style “comic style” ________ 4 ending “Big” was just GREAT and who says the opposite of that may be he doesn’t understand the end or HE’S A CRAZY MAN ^_^

  18. 18 ilikemangos

    Combining the pretty that was TMTES and the good writing of Brain = maybe a winner.
    I might tune in, as long as i’m not burned by Good Doctor.
    Although it’s not right to write off a genre because of one tanking, i think i’ll need a long break till i’m ready to take it on again.

  19. 19 Cass

    Aha, so it will be competed with Heirs?

    I think that the casting will be like Heirs then, casting of big names one after another. Heh.

    Lee Min-jung is preety and I used to like her in BOF.

  20. 20 Mar

    I like her well enough, and it will just depend on what is going on with me whether I try this drama or not. I will not rule it out.

    Big was a disappointment due to the trailing plot bunnies and the ending. I think most of it was entertaining enough and decent quality. I am still so annoyed with the end that I forget that.

    I kind of think this actress needs to seek grown up mature roles whether in dramas or movies. She has an earthiness that is wasted in the cutsey good girl roles.

  21. 21 Jyyjc

    I’ve always liked LMJ and really want her to be in a successful drama but since last two flop dramas I feel like she’s going to continuing flopping for a while. And a medical drama just doesn’t excite me.

  22. 22 hiba omairi

    I wonder how the wedding will be with all the hollywood buZz ! Anyways I love her and her work

  23. 23 kumi

    She’s beautiful, but lacks luster to me.

  24. 24 Moko

    Really? All about my Romance was a flop…I liked it though…even if it was obvious…I liked it… *sad face*

  25. 25 Sam

    Hey! Why the dig at Grey’s Anatomy?! I like the show.
    Wasn’t her last drama that political one? Dunno how well it did though.

  26. 26 Blue mountain

    How come, she gets the lead role when her acting kind of sucks! can’t they give it to more deserving actress?

  27. 27 LangitBiru

    Since it will be on MBC, maybe I will not watch it. But then, I have a soft spot on KSW.

    Writers of Brain. No, come on. Shin Ha Kyun got the whole drama on his back even his heroin can’t help it. Noooo.

  28. 28 jomo

    I liked her in Big and AAMR.

    Director of Moon/Sun – good. He did try to make something happen between The White Pajama King and the Lame Shaman that the writer wouldn’t put on the page.

    Writer of Brain – also good. Although, SHK + Jung Jin Young = Unbelievable combo of genius making words sound even better.

    I would watch this.

  29. 29 ck1Oz

    Excuse me for being shallow.

    But LMJ can act and since notoriously medical dramas don’t do lovelines it actually fits well for her limp kisses.Which I imagine would be even more limp after marrying a famous actor.

    Please write well and it’s the directors that worry me more.

    Also comparing the age of the confirmed cast to Heirs is like comparing adult desserts to cotton candy. Like Lee Min Ho acts better than Kwon Sang Woo? I am not going into Heirs with any high or even low expectations. Just going in there to watch the eye candy. I won’t be expecting any great plot there.

  30. 30 kt

    i also liked all about my romance. not too sappy, not too dramatic, no really evil characters. i thot most of the actors were very good. there was comedy but it was also serious at times.

    • 30.1 eny

      reading many comment about “all about my romance” make curiose about the drama. Bad rating doesn’t always bad drama for me, may be it’s the genre that not everyone love, may be the drama competitor is really good or has popular name.
      I heard Bad Guy get bad rating but wanna i watch it i really love it then i read that the drama competitor is baker king which i really love too so i think it’s the genre. I see some drama with better rating but dissappointed, it’s TMETS

      • 30.1.1 anon

        Do give AAMR a try. It was a flop in terms of the ratings, did even worse than Big, but the drama itself was really good. Solid and consistent writing, acting and directing. A bit slow at times maybe, but very satisfying for those who stuck with it, especially at the end.

        • pearl3101

          I agree with you. That drama made me laugh out aloud at many instances… I really enjoyed it. If you want a break from all the makjang its really a god choice!

          • pearl3101

            *good! he he

    • 30.2 Nina

      I’m happy to read some people that liked AAMR =)

      Korean people don’t know what they lost

  31. 31 pearl3101

    Lee Min Jung is pretty. I loved her in smile you, one of my favourite dramas of all time. For a genre family drama it is one of the best. I also liked ‘All About My Romance” It was funny. Hell, even the politics in it was ROFL funny. I don’t think she is riding on anybody’s back cos for a rookie actress she has talent and she delivers. She is just plain downright unlucky. I’m sure she’ll shine more since she has potential.

  32. 32 inhyun

    damn it.. there is no another actress can lead this project??
    bad news for one of my favourite remake j-dorama has been confirmed by ‘not really’ promising this lead lady…….yet

  33. 33 Dada

    I’m glad Lee Na Young didn’t accept this basic role.

    This drama sounds so blah and generic.

  34. 34 cecile

    AAMR was GOOD.
    I used to underestimated her acting ever since MIDAS n BIG but she improve lots in AAMR. She make a good couple with GongYoo but with Shin HaKyun it was awesome. Not sure how it will turn out with KSW though but ill watch this if she’s turn in.

  35. 35 mandoo

    Ouch at that dig at Grey’s, but LOL. I love Lee Min-jung and think it’s about time she got a hit again, but I am not sure this drama is it, though it’s still early days.

  36. 36 acejihyo

    crying that quip about grey’s. so appropriate.

    anyways, it’s an overdone premise but i might be on-board if not only for the potential brain-level writing.

  37. 37 Perrie

    Lol, I like how you flat out said her last two dramas were a flop, which they were. Even internationally, I don’t know anyone who really watched all about my romance. I tried but couldn’t get past half the first episode. It sad because she’s really likeable in her dramas.

    Anyway, good luck to her in her dramas and wedding. Wouldn’t it be funny if they rushed their weddings to get to drama shootings?
    Actually…no it wouldn’t…it’d be sad.

  38. 38 NoName

    I thought Lee Byung-Heon said in a recent tv appearance he hasn’t proposed yet — are they really getting married or just a rumor?

    And is same surname allowed to marry in Korean? Lee & Lee? πŸ™‚ In Chinese custom, that usually is a no-no… because it means they are actually relatives.

  39. 39 Ceecile

    I remember reading something about a 1L of Tears remake with Park Bo Young supposed to air after Two Weeks but I guess that project died, or was never real to begin with.
    As much as I love Park Bo Young I’m glad because I absolutely do not want that remake.

  40. 40 Nina

    All About Romance was a flop in terms of ratings but it was an awesome rom com ( the best of the year in my opinion ) and have an amazing fanbase ( we’re even getting a Director’s Cut DVD … a total flop can have such a treat that even some hit dramas can’t get? I don’t think so ) …

    I’m still trying to figure the reason of the bad luck – in terms of audience – of her last projects and I totally can understand the problem with Big ( loved the drama and Min Jung – Gong Yoo’s chemistry but the end is still a hole in my heart xD ) but no the problem with AAMR … the drama was freaking amazing : so romantic and funny … in addition she rocked the badas style as No Min Young ( her role in this drama was so Seo Jung In from Smile You )

    I trust in her and I hope she can choose a very nice drama …

    P.S : For those who are saying things about her and LBH , let me tell you that she’s as popular and powerful as LBH in Korea , she doesn’t need her fiance to get lots of CFs contracts or to work with top directors and writers ( She’s already the CF Queen , one of the higuest paid actresses in Korea – in tv and movies – and also one of the most influential celebrities in the nation according Forbes Korea )

    • 40.1 bambledd

      Her popularity has gone up since BBF but I wouldn’t say she’s the CF Queen. And about the Forbes Korea ranking, she came #37 out of 40. It’s pretty good but remember Korea is a small country to begin with, having less actors when compared w/ the U.S. It isn’t the same.

      • 40.1.1 Nina

        If we take a deep look at the Forbes list in the last 4 years you can notice that only Min Jung and Kim Tae Hee are the actresses who are in the list every year , other actors or actresses join the list one year if they have a hit drama or movie) and the next year they’re not in the list anymore … BUT only the two of them are always there . In addition the list includes actors , idols , athletes and more , not only actors and since in the list we only have 3 or 4 actresses per year , being part of the list always is something big .

        About CFs , even during this bad luck period , she still managed to be the face of 9 different brands … her normal standard is 15 CFs at the same time … and not whatever brands , most of them are transnationals and high class brands . Just like some friends told me when they were in Seoul , Lee Min Jung and Kim Tae Hee’s faces are literally all over the country =)

        Fortunately she enjoyed the top of her fame before dating LBH and she’s still doing pretty well … she’s one of the highest paid actresses ( with Wonderful Radio she broke all the records for an lead actress with her first leading role … her fees are in the same level of two top notch in Chungmuro like Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Hye Soo according Movieweek ) and the same applies for the tv industry because she has the popularity and the credibility of her acting ( almost every best new actress award in the film industry during the period 2010 / 2011 was on her hand thanks to Cyrano Agency ).

        I really can’t understand how people want to evade the reality when they want to bash someone xD … they only manage to embarras themselves . Lee Min Jung doesn’t need LBH at all but I’m glad they love each other so much =) and I hope they can support each other in the future .

        • bambledd

          That’s odd. I didn’t find what I wrote to be “bashing” Lee Min Jung, as you stated. Was what I said untrue? That she is #37 out of 40 in Forbes and that S.Korea is a smaller country than the U.S, roughly the size of Pennsylvania?

          She’s likeable in my view but I commented to what was an over-stated exaggeration of her, by you, of course, her die-hard fan.

          • Nina

            I’m wasn’t refering to you , dear! I apologize if you think I was refering to you … as you can see my english is still bad and sometimes I’m not good when it comes to express what I want to say

            I was clearly refering to the people who said malicious things about LBH insinuating that he’s helping her to have contracts …. when her fans know that the reality was totally the opposite ( she lost several CFs contracts after the news of her relationship broke up )

            I apologize once again …

            P.S : And I cannot deny what you said , I’m such a diehard fan of that girl xD she literally owns my soul x_x

        • Salma

          That’s sooo true !! Lee Min Jung doesn’t need LBH at all She’s perfect with him or without him ____________ Lee Min Jung is great in everything she does —- OMG!! I don’t know why there is crazy persons who hate LMJ I just want to say to these CRAZY PERSONS How can you hate such a pretty, talented & cute girl like LMJ ______________ Min Jung u r the best ——— we love u, respect u & support you ^_^

  41. 41 xelloss

    haha, i WILL watch this drama! I love Lee Min Jung! AAMR was awesome for me, on par with The Greatest Love. It’s one of those shows that got me laughing out loud in public. The politics was just nice and quite well-balanced for me. Only in the 1st Epi tt i got lost around the political stuff, but i’m glad i stuck with it. and who could forge SHK blasting us with his smile all the way??

  42. 42 Joy

    LMJ x KSW = cannot stir my interest.

    KSW was great with Soo Ae and Go Hyun Joong. He’s better paired with solid mature actresses – Kim So Yeon, Lee Bo Young, or Yeom Jung Ah.

  43. 43 Kate

    I just might watch this drama. I like medical dramas and I found AAMR to be a nice surprise, in fact I thought it was one of the most overall satisfying dramas so far this year.

  44. 44 Ida

    The only medical drama that I really really like is ‘Obstetric & Gynaecology Doctors’ because no nonsense politics whatsoever that made you wonder if that’s what really happen in medical world. I like it since it’s a medical theme drama balanced with a touch of romance plot. Even though the main casts are not popular A-list actors. Oh.. Song Joong Ki played as an intern in this drama.. πŸ™‚

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