Mystery Drama Theater 3000: Feeling (Neukkim)
by | August 24, 2013 | 71 Comments

It’s the return of the Mystery Drama Theater 3000! In case this is your first time encountering this particular series on Dramabeans, MDT3K is our Mystery Science Theater 3000-inspired version of drama commentary, where we watch the first episode of a drama together and, well, comment on it.

The first time we tried a show that wasn’t as widely known or seen (idol drama K-Pop Ultimate Survival), which was a rough first attempt, we admit. For the next installment we decided that it might be more fun to try a show everyone had seen and could therefore follow along without problems (hence the Boys Before Flowers selection).

For our third installment, we decided to revisit one of the classic old trendies, because Feeling (Neukkim) was a formative watching experience for the both of us, way back in the day. We shoved past our fears that the passing of times may have not been kind to the now-twenty-year-old drama (it aired in 1994, which is when we both saw it, and thus now feel ancient and creaky) and took a look at a warm, familiar old favorite.

To anchor the discussion a bit: Feeling was one of the earliest trendy K-dramas around and struck me as being different for the way it was so boldly for youngsters. No older generations! Hardly any parents in the picture! No business distractions, chaebol politics, intergenerational strife!

Instead, what we had was a bunch of fun, young college students enjoying their school lives, falling in love, and fighting with their bros. Sometimes over a girl, sometimes literally fighting, as brothers will do. It was a revelation, and it was awesome. Which is why we have such fond memories of it, and why it still stands in our hearts as an old favorite.

We do talk a bit about the background for the first seven minutes of the commentary before starting the episode, so if you’d like to catch just that portion, feel free.

Names mentioned in podcast:

Actor (Character)
Sohn Ji-chang (Han Bin)
Kim Min-jong (Han Hyun)
Lee Jung-jae (Han Joon)
Woo Hee-jin (Yuri)
Lee Bon (Hye-rin)
Ryu Shi-won (Dong-wook)

To watch:

  1. Download Episode 1 (psst!) or cue it up on a streaming site.
  2. Download our audio commentary file: Get Commentary [ Mirror ]
  3. If you need subtitles, download that: Subtitles. These sync with the video file.
  4. Start the audio track first; we’ll tell you when to press play so you can be in sync with the episode.

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As always, leave a comment below if you have suggestions for future MDT3K options.


71 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. canxi

    Ahhhhh 90’s fashion.

  2. Narina

    Thanks you.Could you try Once Upon a Time in Saengchori for your next installment.I thought the drama was really fun but not many people know about it.

    • 2.1 KS

      Yes please! One of my favorite dramas.

    • 2.2 mtoh

      I support that, underrated drama.

    • 2.3 Toto

      Totally agree!! That drama is really good and funny. πŸ˜€

  3. Mohammed

    Interesting i have heard about Feelings in other podcast with JB and GF and comparing Sohn Ji-Chang to Lee Seung Gi.

    Fascinating to compare 90s K-drama to later series storytelling wise. Oldest K-Drama i have seen are from 2003 Bodyguard.

    • 3.1 Kiara

      Bodyguard was writer Kwon’s first project. This is the same writer for “Sword and Flower”. I saw the Eng subs at AZNV.TV but haven’t gotten around to watching it. Did you like it?

      • 3.1.1 Newbie

        May I ask what AZNV.TV is?

        • ajewell

          it’s an online streaming site for Asian dramas, movies, and anime.

          • Newbie

            Thank you. I googled it and only found a starting page with a direct registration and without any further info, so it made me curious.

          • Kiara

            In order to access the site you need an invitation code from someone who is already a member. I’m not sure if they are still giving out invitation codes or not. The last time I had a code to give away was in 2009.

          • Newbie

            Ok. Lol. That sounds acutally like a secret Lodge. πŸ˜‰

          • Newbie


          • pearl3101

            @kiara, newbie : Its enough now if you created an account I joined a few months back they didn’t ask any invite code.

          • Kiara

            @pearl3101 good to hear πŸ™‚

      • 3.1.2 Mohammed

        Bodyguard had two good leads in Cha Seung Won who im a big fan of and saw the series because of him. Han Go Eun i liked as the female lead.

        It was fun,early role for Cha Seung Won, had good action early on but the writing was lacking overall. I rate it 6/10 in my rating drama list. Decent but not much more.

        Must say the writer improved alot since then with Sword and Flower.

        • Kiara

          Thank you :).

          I’m not sold on the writer even though I follow “Sword and Flower” religiously.

  4. KDaddict

    Oh, the hairdos look like 70s styles?!

    In the top pic, Lee JJ is the one in the middle. Is it bcos the pics are grainy that is is hard to see who’s who? I don’t see Ryu SW. And is KimMJ the one wearing an apron in the bottom pic? Or is that a fashion statement? This is fun.

    Suggestion for future installment: Sandglass.

    • 4.1 mary

      I think Kim Min Jong is the one with glasses. πŸ™‚

  5. pohonphee

    I try to watch this drama not long ago, the story line is okay, but sorry I couldn’t stand late 80’s – early 90’s fashion period, and no one use BB cream on that drama or what? I dropped it around episode 5 πŸ™ yeah Shallow me, bring back the beauty of flawless skin (photoshop , plastic surgery, I couldn’t care less) and high fashion product replacement. :p

  6. snow_white

    Although the hair and fashion look so odd in today’s sense, I feel that is the charm of watching 80s and 90s movies or shows because you get to feel the atmosphere of those times….

    • 6.1 Peridot

      I agree. At least there is authenticity. I often find that shows that try to recreate the ’80s and ’90s fall short, as they use their own contemporary aesthetic to depict the time. I wonder if this is due to a fear that people may not find the fashion of those times palatable (and that such people might not be able to see past the fashion). I figure if you have to recreate something (and in the twentieth-century, we have no shortage of photos to be used as references), you should strive to be as accurate as possible. I hope that Answer Me 1994 will be able to recreate the early nineties.

  7. Epuni

    One of the very first kdramas I ever watched back when I was 19. Ahhhh the memories

  8. Mawiie

    omg! I never watched that show so I have no nostalgia seeing this, but all the thing about VHS and video store?? That was totally the story of my life!

    I asked for a second VHS player and blank tapes for x-mas and birthday to have my own copies of my favorite dramas back then! The lady at the video store used to have a binders with our “membership” number, and she just kept the tabs with us because we were teenagers and didn’t have the money to pay right away xD Sometimes I’d purposely forget my favorite tape at home when my parents return a bunch of cassette, hoping that the missing tape would go unnoticed by the owner of the store πŸ˜›

  9. Melissa

    can someone direct me to where i can watch other episodes?

    • 9.1 john

      Melissa ~

      A quick search shows that it’s available on YouTube. I’m hooked after watching Ep1.

      • 9.1.1 Jim

        Thanks for the youtube tip: the mega.co.nz download
        did not go smoothly for me.

        One interesting tidbit: the youtube subs were by WITHS2,
        and the main translator is listed as Javabeans ! Was this
        show JB’s first subbing love?

  10. 10 gidget

    Too funny. A couple of days ago I was in the middle of posting a Mystery Science Theater reference (well, more a wish that you did one), but deleted it ‘cuz I thought nobody would know what I was talking about.

    One of my favorite show concepts, ever. Can’t wait to watch.

    • 10.1 gidget

      It was a request that you do one for Heirs…maybe too risky but it sure would be fun.

      And bummer, the download site doesn’t work with Safari. Tells me to upgrade to a more ‘modern’ browser. Ha. Any other ‘Psst’ sites available?

    • 10.2 cherkell

      Oh ye of little faith… there are quite a few MSTies here on DB so we would most certainly catch the reference! (I am a contributing editor to the Satellite News, so I know from whence I speaketh. πŸ˜€ )

      But the link works fine on my MBP in Safari – have you updated the application recently? Better yet, throw some Google Chrome onto that Mac; IMHO, it works better than anything out there for streaming sites.

      I vaguely remember watching this on VHS rental tapes around 1996 or 1997, but memories are fleeting at my advance age. I’m now off to end my day with some hilarity — thanks gals!

      • 10.2.1 Gidet

        Oooooh, I didn’t know about Satellite News. Just put it on my reading list! It’s a sad transition in life when, making a cultural reference, you have to ask yourself ‘wait, were they even born yet?’ *cries in her Cheerios* This show was cancelled the year I retired. Granted, I retired pretty young, but that puts the whole age thing in perspective.

        I tend to stay away from all things named Google. Google experiences usually end up with having to clean too much junk off my computer. Plus the their services tend to be a bit intrusive.

        Good to know about Safari working. I’ll try downloading it anyway, then.

        Thanks for the tips! πŸ™‚

  11. 11 Lea

    All I can think about when I see Kim Min Jong is his theme song in Running Man, KEU DAE YEOOOO!!!!!!

    I’ve seen a few episodes from Feelings, almost all episodes are on youtube as well with subs.

    Do you think this will be the drama they’ll be watching in Reply 1994, like Star in My Heart was in Reply 1997?

    • 11.1 DDee

      Oh I was totally thinking the same thing about Reply 1994 too! I hope so πŸ˜‰

    • 11.2 appreciate

      Awesome idea.

  12. 12 the68monkey

    Where do you find the time for this when you are at K-Con and G-dragon and Lee Min-ho are within stalking range? I am so impressed and plan to download and watch/listen on Sunday.

    Thank you, and hope the dramabeans crew is having a blast in LA!

    • 12.1 DDee

      GF and JB have cloned themselves. It’s the only logical explanation for how they manage to do everything

    • 12.2 KDaddict

      Ya, and there I was thinking that there’d be no recaps or posts this weekend!

    • 12.3 djes

      there is a feature in wordpress ( the blog’s platform ) named scheduled post, so I believe jb & gf were neatly prepared these post before going to have some fun ( and being entourage! πŸ˜€ ).

  13. 13 Smile134

    OMG, this was actually the first K-drama I watched. I think it was broadcasted in my country in ~96-97. I was around 10 years at that time and having such a crush on Kim Min Jong πŸ˜€ (still, until now, my oldest oppa ever <3 )

  14. 14 taegyo

    I’d really love to watch the rest of it, just for kicks! It’s really hard to find, though. Any chance of them getting re-uploaded?

  15. 15 farahsyed10

    I was smiling all the way watching 1st ep . This is gold.

  16. 16 Dramafed1782

    Gosh! The 90’s style of dressing – overalls, dungrees and long flowing plaid frocks!!! I feel so old! If I see a Sony Walkman I am gonna feel like I am ancient πŸ™

  17. 17 roonie

    Aww this was so good you guys should do another episode of this drama or do another oldie classic drama for the next mystery drama theater

  18. 18 appreciate

    I just loved Feelings & Kim Min Jong in it.
    He’s the one who’s got the girl in the end, and I supposed I should know that and not wait till later episodes since he was the first of three that meet her first. And the ‘Feelings’ instrumental that played during that fateful encounter. The second last screencap in this article perfectly pictured it.

    • 18.1 appreciate

      Meet her first and lead her home.

      Is this in spoiler category? Sorry…
      Just watch Feelings till the end, don’t let this info ruined your watching experience. Feelings is worth watching. And re-watching. And more re-watching. Even after you knew what it’s all about.

  19. 19 Saya

    Thanks jb and gf! I love these (waiting for the download to finish!).

    How about a sageuk next? Something you really liked (I’m thinking Princess’ Man, one of the middle eps).

    Also, I really really want you guys to do an audio commentary for City Hunter. All of it. Okay fine, one ep will do! Beg.

    • 19.1 Saya

      That was fun! It makes me kind of wish I had grown up on kdramas. The fashion, the feelings and the atmosphere actually make me feel like Clarissa Explains It All (that started in 94 as well, didn’t it?).

      Making tapes of tapes on longplay! YES. I used to save up my 4-hour VHS tapes to longplay-record at 8 hours! And record over them again and again as my interests changed.

      This whole commentary was an awesome nostalgia trip, loved it. Thank you guys!

  20. 20 Mohammed

    For future MDT3K options i would suggest Sang Do! Lets Go to School with Gong Hyo Jin and Rain/Bi. Just saw the whole series because a great review by Ockoala in Koalasplayground.

    It was epic love story about young lovers that was written so well, so real and down to earth. It seems to be very underrated series on internet among K-drama fans.

    I saw it because of my affection for Gong Hyo Jin but i was surprised the great chemistry with Rain and the fact the idol who did a terrible action hero role in Hollywood can act alittle…..

    • 20.1 SuitDistracted

      Like this idea, because I would probably never get to watching it otherwise… I hadn’t realized Gong Hyo-Jin was playing opposite to Rain in it. Interest level: skyrocketing.

  21. 21 Dorotka

    Oh, I loved Feelings. Despite the fashion :–)
    I have seen it about 2yrs ago. Liked the brother’s relationship. And even the family secret was played out well. Some modern drama’s should take a lesson here…

    • 21.1 jomo

      Me, too!
      I can’t wait to hear what the girls have to say.

      I thought it held up very well over time.
      One character, however, didn’t look so good then wearing what was supposed to be fashionable.
      Park Jae Hoon- the actor that was in Vampire Prosecutor.

      Also, LJJ’s hair, was very nice. He was totally adorable.

    • 21.2 Dorotka

      Just wanted to say that I finally listened to your commentary track. It was a unique experience (my first time doing this). I had fun, thanks. :–) Just… how can you remember the drama after nearly 20yrs? I saw it 2yrs ago and my memory is already quite fuzzy.

      I liked that the birth secret wasn’t central, the central point were really the feelings and how the characters dealt with them (being it feelings among the friends, partners, brothers… or to Yuri). And the birth secret was there to add the complication “what if Yuri is my/his sister”.

      PS I fell for Kim Min Jong’s brother right off the bat.
      He was always my number 1 :–))

  22. 22 ajewell

    Thanks so much for the MDT!! Sounds addictive. ^_^

    There’s one thing I’m confused about though: I thought the two oldest brothers were twins? So if that’s the case, doesn’t that automatically make the maknae her real brother? Or did I misunderstand something?

    • 22.1 javabeans

      They’re twins, but fraternal, so there’s the question of whether they’re REALLY twins. (Were they born at the same time, or was one of them brought in and the boys told they were brothers and they don’t remember because they were super little?)

      • 22.1.1 ajewell

        Thank you!! That just added an entire new layer of messed up drama to the equation, lol.

  23. 23 Jules

    Ah, thank you; that was so much fun (to watch and to listen to).

    But now, having seen the first episode, I feel the need to watch all sixteen. Dammit. *downloads*

  24. 24 hannah

    I didn’t feel particularly old, since I have no reference for this show, until you said “like in 90210 the original.” That threw me back and put the show fully in context.

  25. 25 Roxy

    How about Soulmate for the next one? It would be awesome, i dont think many people know it, and id love it if more people watched it.

  26. 26 Laica

    Yayyyy, another MST! Thank you, jb and gf! Loved this one so much. It was so fun listening to you two wax nostalgic about the “good old days”. I didn’t watch Korean dramas back then but I can relate to the whole getting VHS from the dude at the store, taping over stuff, etc. Except with us it was the bootlegged Bollywood movies, haha.

    It’s also fun to see our hot ajusshis when they were younguns. I can’t believe this was 20 years ago, most of them look almost exactly the same. I don’t know what they eat to stay that youthful, I need to get me some of that.

    Oh, and I’m totally sold on this show now. Trying to download episode 2 right now! πŸ˜€

  27. 27 korean_panda

    Is that tall guy that was hitting Lee Jung Jae with the mallet in the human whac-a-mole scene the dude from Vampire Prosecutor? The bartender? Or am I crazy?

  28. 28 jomo

    Yes, that is him.

  29. 29 lyngenberry

    OMG this was my first k-drama too! I loved this series so dearly – and I didn’t even understand 1/2 of it because of my poor 1st grade level Korean skills. My favorite was Lee Ji-un – who played that overly cute girl who was crushing on the guy with glasses.

  30. 30 DarknessEyes

    Lol… this drama aired before I was even born

  31. 31 Quaggy

    Okay this was the first time I watched along with a
    Mystery Drama Theater 3000 all the way through. I totally forgot about the one for Boys Over Flowers and K-Pop Ultimate Survival was so bad I had to to bail with in the first 15 minutes. But it was so much fun! I enjoyed Feelings and now want to see the rest, even if I can’t get JB & GF’s wonderful color commentary to go with it. Thanks to you both!

  32. 32 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I enjoyed the 1990’s references that you had to explain: video stores, only 1 TV in the living room, computers with 3.5 inch disk drives, coffee shops, music concerts on campus, etc.

    javabeans/girlfriday … you might feel old now, but wait a few more decades when you are explaining these things to your teenage kids. At least you can’t say you learned computer programming on punch cards, were a flower child, or wore Vietnam War bracelets.

  33. 33 SuitDistracted

    Love this series, guys! I love watching commentary tracks on stuff, and getting to do it with k-dramas…even if I haven’t seen the episode, it’s fun.

    Something for sheer fun-value would be…well, maybe anything with Rain in it? Haha. My personal favorite is Fugitive: Plan B, but that’s not quite as widely known.

  34. 34 L4E

    Finished it a couple of weeks ago. Loved it! Thank you for the suggestion. I enjoyed watching the first episode while listening to your comments, too.

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