Mystery Drama Theater 3000: K-pop Ultimate Survival
by | June 2, 2012 | 122 Comments


We’ve had this feature suggested to us a few times, and thought it sounded like an intriguing idea to watch a show for the first time and record our reactions in real time, MST3K-style. Sort of like a DVD commentary track, where you can watch and listen along at the same time.

Our approach was to take show we really didn’t know much about, which we hadn’t recapped, and therefore would be going into the experiment fairly blind. We decided on K-pop Ultimate Survival, a cable show that isn’t, despite its title, a survival reality show but a drama about the formation of an idol band, with a tomboyish girl who somehow gets involved. Sound familiar?

The Channel A drama had a small but devoted fanbase, helped by its regular roster of idol cast members and guest stars, and was headlined by Park Yoo-hwan, aka Yoobro, aka Yoochun’s little brother. Go Eun-ah (A Million) was the love interest and other lead, playing the part of of the Go Mi-nam-esque heroine who dresses like a boy, gets roped into being part of an idol boy band, and falls for its haughty leader. Romance and hijinks ensue.

(The show didn’t perform well, however, following the trajectory of most of Channel A’s dramas, and got cut down from 16 episodes to 14, ending abruptly, to the ire of its fans.)

To watch:

  1. Download episode. Here’s the link to the torrent for Episode 1: Get file
  2. Download audio commentary file: Get Commentary
  3. Get both files ready to play in whatever programs you use to watch dramas and listen to mp3s. Go ahead and start the audio track first; we tell you when to press play so you can be in sync with us.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

And voila. Happy listening!


We have no idea if this is a good idea or a dismal one, but you can tell us what you think:


122 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. BlueBluff

    Seriously, I love you guys and anything on this site.

    That being said, MOAR, MOAR, MOARR! <3

    • 1.1 spoonie

      Sorry for stealing this space!! But for people who don’t like downloading and would rather stream:


      • 1.1.1 doozy

        oooh. Thank you for the streaming link!

      • 1.1.2 Viki

        thanks! can’t wait to stream it…’cuz you girls are so funny in writing already..

    • 1.2 jomo

      And it is on viki with subtitles, too.

      • 1.2.1 Ivoire

        Thank you Jomo, for that info. I don’t download Korean shows either. I just watch them online, with English subs or without.

        • leena

          thanks you so much, it saves so much grief from the torturous speed of my internet!

    • 1.3 Misso

      I agree!! MOar Moar!!!

      A request: maybe next time do a live commentary while watching 1n2d!?!? that would be sooo much fun! haha I love watching the show with friends.. and with your commentaries it would even be funnier!

      just a suggestion though. I love hearing your drunken conversations! please continue podcasts!!

  2. clover

    Ok, as if I didn’t love you guys enough already.

    MST3K?! The fact that you even know what that IS, let alone throwing it down on a drama has bumped you into a higher stratosphere.

  3. Ace

    *sigh* Unable to dl right now, but I’m sure I’ll be wanting moar when I (finally) see/hear it…

  4. ilukd

    Thanks Javabean for mentioning this drama … I love it …. I saw it in Viki … And I loved it … OTP is so cute … God I love them. Love story is far better than YAB …. Yoohwan is super cute and his smile so infectious and Eunah is adorable …. All the boys are awesome …. I wad mad too for rushed ending …but overall I enjoy this drama …. Thank you once again

    • 4.1 tvwithrice

      Hmmm, really? I watched it too because I like girls-cross-dressing-as-guys dramas. I thought it was cute, but nowhere near You’re Beautiful. More like a watered down You’re Beautiful.

  5. ninji

    Already seen this drama, but now I’ll just have to watch the first episode again. But it will probably be worth it. Interesting experiment.

  6. MsB

    I will listen to your audio because I am curious. I actually watched on viki because I was bored and except for the extremely confusing, rushed ending, it was not bad to me. It reminds you of You’re Beautiful but other than the girl playing the guy, its not.

    • 6.1 MsB

      Hey, I’m older than you! I took my daughters to see Backstreet Boys in concert! 😀 Yeah, the first episode was all over the place, like the writers did not know where they were going with the story but ep 2 settled down and it was ok until the end where it went crazy and I did not understand it at all. Overall, it still was fun to watch as I got a mini intro to KPOP!

      • 6.1.1 Shiku

        I used to be so in love with back street boys though never had an opportunity to go to a concert.

  7. haiyuu


    Please do this for an episode of 1N2D!

    Now I need to go download this…

  8. Pepper Fish

    Okay, isn’t the opening music video sequence based on an MBLAQ video?

    • 8.1 Pepper Fish

      Haha, it actually is MBLAQ.

      • 8.1.1 Rovi

        see my comment below why it’s based on MBLAQ…

  9. Rovi

    The reasons behind the casting of the leads (my opinion):
    -Park Yoo-hwan – Yoobro
    -Go Eun-ah – sister of MBLAQ’s Mir; her real name is Bang Hyo-jin (방효ė§„) (Mir’s real name is Bang Cheol-yong (ë°Šė˛ ėšŠ))

  10. 10 Sabah

    Where do you find time to do all these things?

    I am in awe of your ever expanding skills. Kudos!

    I remember MST3000 back in the days of my GSCE’s and youth. Yep, should have studied more. Hehe. Anyway as I grew older, I began to find ‘some’ comments ‘uncomfortable.’ It is one thing to make fun of the silliness of plot and story but quite another thing to make fun of the actors. I know I can be considered a fuddy-duddy, and each to his own but from what I have known of your style through your reviews, I don’t think you would be mean SO I would be interested in it, most definitely. However I think it would depend on which shows. Not necessarily shows I like but just shows that intrigue me, for whatever reasons, even just curiousity itself.

    Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts.

  11. 11 lizzzieQ

    You said “dongbangshinki”!! Hahaha.

    Anyway I’m listening right now, and for me it’s a nice choice. Just cos I was watching it a few eps in for Yoobro but it is slightly boring at parts..so this ups the entertainment factor for me a lot!!

    I have to figure out how to adjust my volumes so I can hear you girls over the drama though…

    • 11.1 momoisluv

      i freaked too when she said dongbangshinki. :)))))))))

      • 11.1.1 Cat

        I had a little freak out too when dongbangshinki was mentioned!

  12. 12 Ariel

    I followed this drama and was sorely disappointed with the WTF ending. My head hurts following the ending that resolves nothing, although the plot was absurd to begin with I still followed it to the bitter end. Channel A should have just continued with the series what did they get out of it anyway but the ire of the viewing public no matter how small.

  13. 13 crazykel

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to participate because the audio commentary won’t download without me joining another website, which I don’t want to do.

    I really liked this show, expect for that travesty of an ending.

    • 13.1 Cynthia

      You don’t need to download the DB audio part. Do what I did: Use the link that spoonie (1.1) provided. Minimize the window, start the audio commentary, bring the drama window back up and hit the start arrow when JB tells you to. Just be aware that the link has no commercials and pause it when GF/JB says “Oh, it’s a commercial…”
      It’s easy, no downloading required.

  14. 14 hipployta

    Channel A cut it with no notice…it was a big WTF.

    I’m sitting in the airport waiting on my next flight so I’ll check it out later.

    MST3K…their choice in movies though….

  15. 15 Llamaesque

    Eeee! This commentary track is a genius idea. Can’t wait to listen 🙂

  16. 16 TiaC

    I tried to watch this show a month ago and I couldn’t get through it without headdesking every thirty seconds. Your commentary made this show tolerable, even enjoyable!

    I love that you guys chose the MST3K/Rifftrax format! I’m definitely in the MOAR MOAR MOAR PLEASE camp. And if you do decide to do another one, any chance you might take on a really makjang melo? Might be fun… 🙂

    • 16.1 mynameisfishy

      makjang melo? Haha that’d be buckets and buckets of fun!! I second that!!! =D

    • 16.2 fluff

      I’m thinking something that’s unintentionally funny could be MUCH funnier with commentary – DR. JIN!!!

      • 16.2.1 jomo

        OMG ! I vote for Jin, too!

  17. 17 99

    Oh my God! When I suggested this idea I thought “gees it would be so much fun for these two ladies to do since they are practically doing it in writing, but naaah, this activity will take too much of their already super busy schedule. But, what the heck submit this off the wall idea anyway. ” so ladies two thumbs up for actually doing this and let me know if you are doing this from a different dimension, since I have no idea how you manage adding this to your normal 24 hrs day. Woooohoooo!

  18. 18 Elisabeth

    After finishing the show, I completely forgot how bad the first episode really was. But it does get better, the drama was entertaining, except for the abrupt ending, that partially ruined the show for me.

    The commentary definitely made the episode so much more entertaining. So I hope you will keep doing this from time to time, not necessarily for this show, because this format is really great and funny!!

    • 18.1 MsB

      Yes, it does get better and a lot is explained in ep 2. But the ending?! *Shutters*

  19. 19 luci8le

    this was seriously so funny ! loved it !

  20. 20 cherkell


    You guys can’t imagine how deliriously proud I am right now!! When I’m not off fighting crime against lawless legal litigants, or trolling the Interwebs for news of My Precious, I’m also one of the contributors/cat herders/patrol guards over at The Satellite News (mst3kinfo.com). Keeping the MST3K Flame alive since 1989!!

    That being said, I vote for MOAR!! I couldn’t never put my finger on it, but KDramas just are ripe fodder for the MST3K treatment. There have been some recent dramas that while watching, I cannot keep from adding my own snarky comments (when I’m not swearing at the screen, that is). You want to earn your Ultimate Riffing Chops? Put out an attempt on an episode of “Flames of Ambition.” Then I will be on my knees bowing in respect! 😛

    Thanks for the shoutout!! â™Ĩâ™Ĩâ™Ĩ

    • 20.1 momosan

      Bows to the cat herder! Would you believe that as a longtime reader/lurker in the MST3K world, I hadn’t realized you were on The Satellite News? Color me stupid!

    • 20.2 clover

      Shut the front door. You’re with Satellite News?

      You + Me = Need to be friends IMMEDIATELY!!!

    • 20.3 cherkell

      LOL you guys are too funny! I mostly do the behind-the-scenes HTML work and proofreading and contribute an article when time allows… and referee the odd Joel vs. Mike flame war (they still pop up even to this day!). I’ll have to give a Dramabeans shout-out in the next article that will actually sport my by-line! 😀

      I wonder if using the Rifftrax player with a DB commentary would work? ::shuffles off to find out::

  21. 21 mynameisfishy

    me likey! <3

  22. 22 Eaglette

    Some shows get better as they go….you just gotta let it get its footing as in the first episode of this drama.

    Javabeans and Girlfriday complain about character introductions in their commentary of the 1st episode. Honestly, there was nothing wrong with that. Just like in real life, you don’t meet someone and they tell you everything about themself, you have to wait and watch and everything will be revealed. What’s the fun if you learn everything in the first episode? I was kinda of dissappointed in you two making weird comments and paying less attention to what is actually being revealed. You didn’t even notice that the girl the director had an affair with in the past wasn’t thesame girl working for him. If someone hadn’t watched this drama before, you both would have spoiled it for them. Apart from the rushed ending, it was a pretty good drama. I have always hated dramas that tells me too much instead of showing me or letting me discover the answers. It is like being in the classroom and asking a question right before the teacher would have given you the answer….all you needed to do was have pay attention and have a little patience and all will be revealed!

    • 22.1 MsB

      Yeah, you had to watch to see that the girl in the hall way was a different girl than the Manager who also knew him then. A lot is explained slowly and makes sense of the beginning.

    • 22.2 lizzzieQ

      Yea well to anyone maybe wondering, the CEO mentioned the team leader under him was actually a fan of his years ago. And he denied his relationship with the girl in the scandal to protect his idol status.

      But imo JB and GF are entitled their opinions in their own podcast/commentary thing

    • 22.3 KimLuvv

      Yes, I COMPLETELY AGREE with you. The first episode will not give you all that you need and so for dramabeans to be saying that they don’t explain everything thing to them is a little bit dumb because the rest of the episodes do. I don’t like how this is based off one episode only because episode 2 gives you a lot more information and the comments made were mostly on how they looked or acted and not the characters and dialogue of the drama, but I guess that was because you became bored from the moment it started… Just like you said, a little more patience would show that this show is actually very good, and I was a little sad because their podcast made it seem as if it was a horrible show, and it wasn’t…

      • 22.3.1 Brandi

        javabeans/girlfriday explained a bit more afterwards, but the main problem with the drama is that there’s too much exposition but not for the questions the audience wants to know. For example, why does the grandma need to say that Ji Woo bakes when he’s troubled when that could have been done through the narrative? That’s not something people say in real life–unless they’re talking to someone else. The dialogue is trite.

        Now for an example of the questions the narrative didn’t address: Why did SY hide in the boys’ restroom in the first place? The characters shouldn’t bend to fill the plot; rather, the plot should bend to fit the characters.

        I watched the episode for the first time while listening to the commentary (and then started the second episode but couldn’t get anything else out of it). Like they said in the commentary, if this show was going the parody route, then it would’ve been better. But you can’t just borrow plot points from better and more popular shows–and do nothing with them. The audience isn’t stupid.

  23. 23 Maricel

    I haven’t even watched and listened to the recording yet, but i want more!!! it sounds like an excellent idea 🙂

  24. 24 Ariel

    The thing is you picked a pretty sucky drama but it was fun listening to your comments, it puts us into your thought process. I found it amusing when you mentioned the Back Street Boys and cracked up because you taught they were old but you mentioned Menudo at the very beginning and they were waaaaaay older, they were like the granddaddyof idol boy groups. I remember Menudo when I was young and Ricky Martin was what 13 then.
    This was a filler drama for me while watching Rooftop Prince and it must have hurt Yoobro’s pride that his drama was cut because he was the Actor of the family. I hope he picks a good project next time, better to be a supporting actor in a great drama than the lead in a flop is what I’m saying.
    Just to clear things up:
    M1 (played by MBLAQ) is the highly successful boy group of Sunny comparable to TVXQ shall we say.
    M2 version 0.2 where Yoobro is the leader, the talented one, the sole reason for the popularity of the group. The difference for this group, when you turn 23 you are suppose to graduate from the group either to go solo if you’ve got the talent or fade into obscurity.
    M2 Junior, these are the winner of the auditions and the blind auditions. They will choose 8 to be trained and ultimately 4 will be chosen to replace the graduating M2.
    The Tomboy (forgot her name already) is the niece of the president of Sunny, thats why she’s hiding from him.
    The Tomboy and the Baker (also forgot the name sorry) grew up together sort of like brother and sister but not and both family is super close.
    The Tomboy gets into the final round, where the President finds out and freaks out. He was all ready to kick her out when the Manager convinces him to let her finish the challenge and if she makes it to the final 4 he debuts her solo or with a girl group. Oh logic where art thou.

  25. 25 KimLuvv

    I watched the whole show and like you guys the first episode didn’t get me completely hooked but as the show went by it was amazing. That’s why I sorta don’t like this new thing cauz I don’t think you should base a drama off the first episode or one episode. I mean the first episodes could be horrible but the show could get much better (like this show for example), but the first episodes could be amazing and the rest will go downhill from there (like Spy Myung Wol.)

    So I mean you can continue doing this but I honestly don’t really think its a good idea because it only features one episode…. Yes, the ending sucked but that was Channel A’s fault. As the episodes passed by Yoo Hwan and Go Eun Ah’s acting improved and I would not compare this to You’re Beautiful like you guys because it’s much different.

    I do wish that Go Eun Ah would sound more like a boy, especially in her singing parts when she pretends to be a boy because her voice is a perfect giveaway but overall I enjoyed this show VERY MUCH.

  26. 26 KC

    I would totally listen to this if you guys covered Shinhwa Broadcast :DDD But that’s a variety show I guess…A friggin stomach splitting laughter one 😀

    • 26.1 momoisluv

      omg. the shinhwa broadcast! i totally agree with you there. 😀

  27. 27 lizzzieQ

    I definitely feel your pain watching some parts of this ep, like the audition stage, cos while I immediately just skipped through you girls had to sit through it. But the show does pick up and a lot of the questions you had were answered by the second episode I think.

    Also some of your confusion was actually due to missing some lines (that expository dialogue), heh. That’s understandable though, when you have to speak and listen at the same time. If you continue doing this for other shows maybe you girls can watch a subbed version instead. I know you don’t need the subs normally but reading and speaking at the same time seem much easier to me. And you get the whole point at once, even before the cast have finished delivering their lines, or after, if you missed it by ear.

  28. 28 x0mi07

    I love watching episodes with commentary on my Buffy & Angel DVDs. This is awesome!^^ If you guys had more time (or a timeturner), it’d be great for you guys to do have commentaries on drama finales or for your fave episodes of certain dramas. They don’t always have to be good dramas. They can also be the dramas that are so bad they’re good!XD

  29. 29 KDJ

    From reading comments, it seems like quite a few of you aren’t familiar with the concept behind MST3K. Without going into too much detail, it was a show that was designed to look like you were watching a movie in a theater and you were sitting behind a few “people” who are commenting on the movie throughout. The fun in watching thus show is that the comments were very snarky and the movies featured were considered very bad.

    That said, I haven’t listened to this yet but for those of you who are taking issue with the commentary, I would imagine that JB and GF are trying to do this in the spirit of the original series so just enjoy and no need to get upset.

    • 29.1 Eaglette

      Except when you are making the comments and those outside the movie theater can hear you and thus won’t see the movie because they thought it was very bad.

      If they have to do this, it has to feel like their written review as well. First, they have to watch the entire episode, then rewatch and make comments with greater understanding since they were not the writers or director, they do not know before hand of what is supposed to be happening..that’s the difference between their commentary and other movie commentaries. Because their opinions count to some, they have to do this more professionally. They were talking too much and guessing as to what is happening and making up their own views.

      • 29.1.1 Rashell

        But this isn’t a re-cap. As stated in the beginning, they are taking a show they haven’t seen and don’t know much about and commenting off the cuff as they watch for the first time.

        I personally think it’s great. They are just acting as viewers and asking the same questions we would if we were watching with friends. I say MOAR, MOAR, MOAR.

        • Cynthia

          True. This is what I call “knee-jerk” commentary – my sister and I do it while sitting in the living room watching movies on tv. If the movie turns into a suckfest we have no trouble in ripping it apart and laughing ourselves silly.

          I like this candid, in-the-moment style of reacting to a drama. It’s a fun and fresh approach. Thanks, ladies!

  30. 30 chichiri

    In a way, this is how I roll with 1n2d
    1) download raw video
    2) watch w/o subs (i dont understand korean)
    3) wait for recap of said episode (a week apart)
    4) re-watch video while reading recap (and pretend it’s live commentary)

    Oh, and much respect for MST3k reference! <3

  31. 31 becca_boo

    Love this feature! The episode was really bad, but your commentary made it hilarious. I hope you do more!

    About the episode itself: if they were going to do another audition, what was the point of spending the whole first episode on the first audition? They could’ve just condensed it and ended with the beginning of the second audition, or better yet, skipped the first audition completely. What was the point? *sigh* I should stop trying force logic onto shows that obviously don’t want it.

    That said, I really enjoyed the episode – mostly because of you two. Thank you! Now I can face the rest of the day with a smile on my face.

  32. 32 FunnyBunny

    I’m so excited you guys did this! And I haven’t even watched it yet! You two are so hilarious in your recaps and podcasts this it going to be awesome!
    Thank you thank you thank you!

  33. 33 djes

    I watched 1st ep out of curiosity, I wanted to know if Ricky (Yoohwan) is indeed a good actor since I didn’t watch A Thousand Days’ promise.
    Then I got annoyed by the fact ”
    – Go Eunah really really looked like Mir..weird.
    – Go Eunah’s acting which reminded me of Park Shinye’s in You’re beautiful, and I didn’t like it.

    Anyway. I like this feature. Please do more! Thank you

  34. 34 okdubu

    i would totally watch/listen to this but i have absolutely no interest in this show lol. wouldn’t this format be fun for a variety show though!!! omg for 1n2d

    • 34.1 Noelle

      That would be awesome!

  35. 35 Lise

    after ep 1 i figured the drama didnt mean to be taken seriously, its not like they’ll be holding their breaths for a Daesang, so with that mindset i followed it faithfully and altho the ending was a bit rushed i dont think any loose ends needed to be tied so yeahs all good! its just one of those dramas u watch if u wanna reminisce over young love blah blah, u get?!!

  36. 36 MsB

    Hey, idea! Do it for the first episode of Big! That will be fun!

  37. 37 queencircles

    Love the idea! I like mystery science theater so this is right up my ally. You guys should do one show like this all the way through (maybe in lieu of recapping one because of the whole space-time thing). It’s like watching a show with friends! Awesome 🙂

  38. 38 Joy

    Moar Moar Moar!! 🙂
    i know i was mad when they cut it to 14 episodes.
    I was waiting for the last two episodes, till i learned it was over. i was like WTF?

  39. 39 Kat

    I think it’s great you want to do an audio commentary, but it’s a little distracting at times. It’s like you want to listen to the commentary…but you also want to be able to listen and focus on the drama as well.

    It’s like trying to pay attention to a lecture (or insert any time you want to listen to something that requires your full attention) and you have two people next to you talking, but not so loud it disrupts the class. It’s hard to focus on anything the lecturer says.

  40. 40 Abbie

    The reason I picked “Meh. Not my thing, but I don’t care if you keep doing them.” is because I don’t know a lot about computers, so I don’t know what to do.

  41. 41 Fallensnow

    Really like the format but please, PU-LEASE pick a better drama next time. Sitting through this was akin to poking my eyes out. Only your awesome side-commentary kept me entertained enough to continue. >____<"

  42. 42 Noelle

    HAHAHAHA “I need more wine”

    I really like this new feature. I don’t think it would matter if the show is good or not it’s just hilarious to hear your live commentary. I wouldn’t mind if you did older shows or just did your favorite episodes. It would be fun either way.

  43. 43 akapbcup

    I think this is a great idea! If you can point us in the direction of versions with subtitles (or pick shows that are available on dramafever or hulu) that would be even better.

  44. 44 -K

    I say MOAR! I would like to see this done with the show Ghost or something….. cause SPOILER**** this shows ending got cut short so it makes no sense.

    Or this concept could be applied like the random picking of variety shows but instead to dramas, make sense? Yeah, I lost myself here on that one too. Basically choose a drama and an episode at shear random and that would be hilarious.

    • 44.1 -K

      Okay, I thought about it some more and realized that many folks won’t download things…. so maybe this should be done to music videos cause those are easier to watch/embed/etc. and that way folks can view other projects that actors/actresses are doing as they take breaks from shows or while they film movies/shows. Just a thought.

      • 44.1.1 Mystisith

        That’s a good idea! If there is videos they could embed directly on the post it would be simpler for people who are not into comps. But i know it’s not always possible because of copyrights, licenses etc…

  45. 45 cruthy333

    LOVE IT! Great idea. I hope you guys have time to do more.

    (Oh, and if anyone cares to know, M1 is a cameo by the real idol group MBLAQ, who’s youngest member is Go Eun Ah’s real brother. So, there was some meta humor going on with that.)

  46. 46 lovedramas

    I think it’s a nice idea 🙂 However, it’s not my thing so that’s what I voted for. I saw this drama and I was completely WTF at the ending – an ending that did absolutely nothing and left me with a huh?… but then I found that out that they abruptly cut the series so I guess they didn’t have much to work with to begin with.

  47. 47 jomo

    Thanks for doing this! I do want moar.

    Hey people who don’t understand why they
    1. Picked a bad show and not a current one
    2. Talked through and over it
    3. Made fun of everything
    the MST3K treatment is NOT a recap, it is NOT a review, it is NOT supposed to be taken AT ALL seriously.
    It is snark for the sake of snark, and gratuitous insulting.
    Actually, JB/GF were NICE during this compared to the real show.

    I watched on viki, and had to do some back and forth pausing to keep synched around
    1. The commercials on viki
    2. The commercials on the raw.
    but ultimately, that worked out fine.

    However forgettable the episode was, I will always treasure sharing the spontaneous shouting of “Ewwwwww!” when that kid puked on stage! I really felt a closeness to you guys I have never felt. Really…sniff…sniff… we bonded.
    Er, or actually, I bonded since you weren’t really here…um…oh forget it…

    My suggestions:
    1…If you know there are going to be commercials, use that time as “Dramabeans news bites.” We will eat up everything you guys have to say about actors, dramas, recappers. I guess it would be tiny podcasts in the ep.

    2. Pick even worse shows -as long as they are subbed. How awesome would it be to pick a late ’90s melo and just laugh at all the music, wardrobe, etc.

    3. Invite some other bloggers.

    Please do more. I like the fact that you only need to spend a little bit of time doing these, compared to a recap which requires lots of watching, rewatching, screen capping, writing, editing, etc, so we benefit and not feel as guilty!

  48. 48 Autumn

    I absolutely love the idea of your commentary, however I’d be more invested if the featured drama was actually good.

  49. 49 Quaggy

    This was not a terrible idea at all. It was a terrible drama, though! I had to bail halfway through. Not even, you guys could help with the pain. However, I’m still in the “Moar, moar, moar!” camp, because any commentary you provide I will definitely watch along.

    Now, I’m about to make a suggestion with assumption that the commentary track will take less time than an actual recap. If that’s not actually true, then forget it. So… my suggestion is that maybe you could do this as a way to “recap” a classic series, like Delightful Girl Chun-hyang or one of those ’90s dramas that you loved back in the day, but haven’t seen since. That way you might save yourselves (and us with you) from the truly horrific. Well, some of the fashion in the 1990s might qualify as horrific, but I think we can take that!

    • 49.1 xnopex

      i second this. i’d love to hear/watch a recap of something really corny/makjangy like ‘something happened in bali’

  50. 50 Geneva

    It wasn’t a terrible idea, just a terrible show. It’s hard to commentate when nothing new is being offered up to even react to.

    You guys are hella entertaining though, and I love commentaries almost as much as I love myself (heh) but good ol’ podcasts are better in my book. Same principle, more appeal. Not to mention more (and varied) ground covered, more time to reach for a drink..

    And less vomit. Usually.

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