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Running Man: Episode 162
by | September 13, 2013 | 97 Comments

A record-breaking number of guests visit to play some games with the Running Man cast in this Idol Special. But don’t let the number scare you off—this episode is a rollicking fun time that has just enough chaos to keep the laughs coming at any given moment. And yes, there’s plenty of eye candy for both guys and gals alike.

EPISODE 162. Broadcast on September 7, 2013.

We waste no time to introduce our fourteen(!) idol guests from seven different idol groups as they arrive with each of our cast members with an opening dance number. Let’s name them all at once:

  • INFINITE (Sunggyu & L aka Myung-soo) with Haha
  • A Pink (Jung Eun-ji & Son Na-eun) with Gary
  • BEAST (Lee Ki-kwang & Yoon Doo-joon) with Ji-hyo
  • Girl’s Day (Min-ah & Yu-ra) with Jae-suk
  • MBLAQ (Seung-ho & Lee Joon) with Kwang-soo
  • SISTAR (Da-som & Hyo-rin) with Jong-kook
  • 2PM (Chansung & Wooyoung) with Suk-jin

I never saw I’d see the day where Gary would dance to a girl group’s song, but I. Love. It. And then Gary notes that Ji-hyo’s smiling a little brighter next to the BEAST boys. Uh, can you blame her?

I love that Jae-suk has this serious look as he does the suspender dance. How is it that Kwang-soo’s idol stare is instantly comedic? It’s so funny that the MBLAQ boys have to stifle their laughter while dancing.

But above all, I’m on the edge of my seat to see Jong-kook dance to the song “Alone.” And whaddaya know—it’s totally smexy. Also, what in the world is our mat-hyung wearing? My eyes can’t unsee what I just saw. But hey, the man can dance!

Today’s race is entitled “Goodbye Summer Vacation” to wrap up the summer. These seven teams will acquire time cards at each mission statements that will come into play for the final mission. Jong-kook remarks how the all-male teams are at an advantage, but Jae-suk, flanked by idol girls, disagrees: “I love it!”

Ha, is Jo PD trying to play matchmaker by allowing the first to third place teams choose who they want to ride in the car with? The cast jumps on that bandwagon, joking that they’ll be exchanging numbers soon.

That is, apart from Kwang-soo. But he’s on Cloud 9 when the SISTAR girls choose him, then Jong-kook brings him back to earth: “They said Kwang-soo reminds them of a water strider!” Like the bug?

Jae-suk is caught between choosing either BEAST or 2PM… which does seem like a legit dilemma. What can ya do—I’m a fangirl.

Girl’s Day Min-ah whispers her choice (BEAST), which gets loudly announced moments later. Aww, she looks adorably embarrassed.

The girls get teased about it in the car before Jae-suk redirects the conversation to the idols’ busy schedules. He says they must be so busy going going going that they never know where they are since they sleep in the car. The idols concur.

A Pink’s Eun-ji names Sunggyu as her ideal type, and the boys waste no time to ship the two. Though I’ll say that I’m in the Eun-ji and SHINee’s Key boat (thanks to their recent WGM date). Sunggyu just drinks it in, saying, “Oppa will think about it.” LOL.

In another car, Dasom doesn’t hide her adoration for Kwang-soo. Aw, you’re a fangirl; that’s cute.

Cut to: 2PM and Suk-jin driving in silence. HA. Suk-jin wonders if they should have a cheer, so Wooyoung shares their group cheer with him. Chansung: “Who am I?!” “I am champion!”

The horde arrives at a swimming pool for their first mission and run to stake their spots. Jo PD introduces the game where the teams will have to swim to the island in the center of the pool. The team to get all of their members up on the island within the time limit will win the road.

The teams strategize and alliances(?) are made before the whistle blows. Everyone jumps into the pool and the first wave of idol boys duke it out on the platform.

2PM does their best to claim their turf, sending off anyone and everyone into the water. (Even Jong-kook! I know!) Unfortunately, Suk-jin doesn’t make it in time, but the 2PM boys pass the round.

They cheer Suk-jin from the sidelines, but Jae-suk calls out that having the mat-hyung on their team will ultimately be a disadvantage. They predict that Suk-jin will come in dead last.

In the second round, Kwang-soo holds Jae-suk back just like the previous time. It’s BEAST who climb on first, and Suk-jin pulling himself up right after them. The cast joins together to send the man over the edge. HA, so close.

Idols and cast members go flying left as right with every push and shove. Only three people can pass this round, so Jong-kook grabs onto L… and they both fall in.

It’s back in the water for the third round, and keke—Lee Joon lies flat on the platform. It’s pretty entertaining to watch Suk-jin climb on and 2PM’s reaction shots when he gets pushed off.

HA, both the MBLAQ boys gape at Eun-ji’s strength as she’s got a strong grip on Lee Joon. They have to throw her off together, but she earns a round of praise from the cast.

At the end of the fourth round, the INFINITE team succeeds first, and four teams have already passed by the sixth round. Teehee, it’s the Jail Regulars Trio… and Lee Joon.

It cracks me up that Suk-jin is still a contender, and Jae-suk assures 2PM that he’ll keep his promise for mat-hyung to come in last place. I’ll die laughing if that comes true.

The Jail Regulars Trio breaks into a scuffle, and then the Easy Brothers falls into the water. Suk-jin pulls the ‘ol pants-pulling prank on Kwang-soo, who returns the favor in kind. At the end, it’s the Easy Brothers who remain for the final round.

Kwang-soo climbs on first and prevents Suk-jin from even trying by stepping on his fingers. So childish and petty, and yet so hilarious. But Suk-jin manages to climb on anyway, and it’s a full-out paiiinnful brawl, trapping each other in headlocks before they fall in simultaneously.

Kwang-soo resorts to using his bare foot on Suk-jin, who just tickles him. With less than five seconds left, Kwang-soo lifts his hyung and throws him into the water. Which means the 2PM team actually does end up dead last. HA and aw.

First place earns a hundred seconds and the time decreases for each subsequent team (last place gets forty seconds). It also calls for some reshuffling in the cars, and Girl’s Day smiles brightly to sit with INFINITE. Haha shares some candy with them, and Sunggyu says it represents their hearts. Ha.

It’s oddly quiet in the A Pink-BEAST car, and Ji-hyo notes how the Girl’s Day girls had so much aegyo. Without skipping a beat, Eun-ji asks, “Should we get off then?” Pfft. The Monday Couple deduce that acquiring more time will be advantageous later on.

It’s the return of the Balloon Jump for their second game, and the cast complains that the jumping height is higher this time around. The teams practice and INFINITE is up first.

Haha gives scaredy-cat Sunggyu some advice on the platform, but those words just go in one ear and out the other. Sungyu wears this mung expression on his face, and Kwang-soo yells that he can’t be the one to freeze ’cause yunno, that’s his thing. LOL.

Sunggyu can only laugh nervously, and I love how it’s the usual scaredy-cats shouting advice from below. After a good ten minutes, the pair finally jump and L flies into the air. Woot!

2PM is up next and aw—Suk-jin wants to make his little boy proud. I worry that Wooyoung’s current position will work against them. They jump… and Wooyoung literally spins in the air. Daebak.

The Girl’s Day ladies don’t seem too worried compared to Jae-suk, who looks like he might hurl soon. Yu-ra’s like, “It doesn’t seem that high!” and the RM boys look back at her, all, Then what does that make us?!

Sure enough, Min-ah flies high into the air like a feather, and all the idols are all smiles after their thrilling jump. The ladies definitely shoot into the air much further than the guys do, though all the jumps are pretty impressive overall.

I love that we get a closeup shot of Kwang-soo’s trademark perpetually scared expression before the MBLAQ team jumps. They jump moments later, and Lee Joon takes the cake on the most impressive in-air pose of the day.

In order to get in some more shots for the day, Wooyoung is nominated to do a celebratory jump. When Kwang-soo gets reined in to jump, he exclaims, “What did I do wrong?!” The guys jump and Wooyoung spins into the air. Dayum, that a boy.

Time to announce results, and 2PM ends up in last place again. MBLAQ is abuzz with excitement as four teams rank below them at 6.40 m. They manage third with 6.50 m. Niiice.

It’s either SISTAR or Girl’s Day in first place. Jong-kook and Jae-suk immediately start bickering per usual… and Girl’s Day wins with 7.40 m.

As the A Pink-MBLAQ teams discuss their total times in the car, Eun-ji admits she thought that the final mission would be food-eating contest. 2PM, meanwhile, decides to forsake victory in exchange to look awesome for the rest of the day.

Everyone gapes when they arrive at a stadium where hundreds of spectators have gathered. Here, they’ll be playing dodgeball… as the targets.

That’s when a select group of fifty university students come filing out into the field. The rules are simple: last team member standing wins it for their team.

After a round of greetings, they begin. Er, is there just one ball flying among the fifty of them? ‘Cause that’s not really enough reason for all twenty-one cast members to run for dear life.

It all depends on who’s doing the throwing I guess, and once the first person (Yu-ra) is tagged out, the number quickly shrinks from there. One guy actually looks super sorry after he tags Eun-ji out.

We fast-forward a bit ahead where the eliminated sit restless by the sidelines. So Jo PD invites them to attack, too. Aww yeah, now we’re talking.

It brings some excitement back into the game as the ball flies in every direction. Did Eun-ji just oust her “ideal Oppa” Sunggyu? HA.

A little later in the game, the crowd collectively rallies to go after the BEAST team, and Jae-suk warns that they shouldn’t encourage the angry mob mentality: “Soon they’ll cry, ‘Kill them! Kill them!'”

The crowd keeps the ball moving, and Kwang-soo successfully eliminates Ki-kwang. Ji-hyo makes sure to convey her feelings about her team member’s elimination. It puts him in such high spirits that he gets the audience in on a massive crowd wave.

A few more eliminations later, we’re down to seven players left on the field. Jae-suk’s neighbor takes out Min-ah, and the remaining six do a pretty good job of staying on their toes.

With Jong-kook as their next target, Haha signals the crowd to do a five-point star pass (from Dragonball, is it?). Then Jo PD brings the crowd closer to speed things up.

Wooyoung has to stop himself before attacking his own, and then the guy who’s taken out many of the girl group members tags Ji-hyo out, to everyone’s disappointment. Gary: “Let’s talk afterwards!”

It’s down to either Jong-kook, Chansung, or Lee Joon now. Kwang-soo tries to make an impressive throw at Jong-kook (and fails), but it’s Suk-jin who strikes Spartakooks out and is hoisted into the air for his accomplishment.

Then with one more shot, Chansung is tagged out, giving Lee Joon an opportunity for a victory lap. They’re absolutely beside themselves to get their hands on their time card. So cute.

Just to keep track, let’s do a final count of total time (in seconds): SISTAR: 200; MBLAQ & INFINITE: 170; BEAST: 160; Girl’s Day: 150; A Pink: 120; 2PM: 110.

Here at the final mission, we finally learn what those time cards were for… and then Jae-suk says that he’s on his own. Er, what?

Turns out the Girl’s Day girls had to leave early due to their busy schedules, and they had gaped in shock when they heard about the gold prize. Ha, many people do.

In any case, back to the mission. It’s an obstacle course where they’ll have to (1) escape a cage (2) complete a puzzle (3) take the key and use it to remove the flag.

The timer starts and SISTAR gets to work to untie their roped cage. Two more teams begin twenty seconds later, and Jae-suk starts to sweat just thinking about tackling this mission on his own.

Five teams have started by the 140 second mark, and it looks like the BEAST team is working at their knots the fastest. A Pink decides to take their time, and Gary adds optimistically, “We’ve still shared memories together.” Lol.

Poor Jae-suk has barely made any headway by the ninety-second mark, even biting at the ropes to no avail. Thanks to Ji-hyo’s quick hands, the BEAST team move on to the puzzle with less than sixty seconds remaining.

With just over thirty seconds left, Jae-suk is the only one left caught at the gates. The others get caught up at the puzzle, putting pieces in haphazardly to see which ones fit. It’s confusing when there are so many hands at work, but the BEAST team solve it first with 2PM just on their tail.

It’s the final spurt as both teams runs towards the flagpole… but it’s BEAST who makes it there first. Yay!

Everyone gathers together again for the closing, and the BEAST team, including Ji-hyo, holds up their gold trophy loud and proud.


97 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. celloangelninja

    One of my favorite intros. EVER. I mean, Yoo Jae Suk/Jong Gook dancing those girl’s day and sistar dances… PRICELESS. And Suk Jin falling off the stage with 2pm, I had to pause the video because of my laughter… I felt bad for 2pm when they were like 1st to succeed, then are LAST b/c of Suk Jin. Anyway, I hope these guests come back soon… And it’s BIG BANG next week. BIG BANG. Looks like Running Man loves us xD

  2. Andrea

    I was so afraid when I heard that so many idols were coming to the show, because even if I was going to fangirl there was also the potential for disaster that usually accompanies so many idols guesting. (The cast trying to not offend the fans, letting the delicate idol girls win, uneven distribution of the airtime, etcetera.)

    Turns out, I was pleasantly suprised by this episode. It was funny, it made me tense on the last mission, and there was plenty of eye-candy. Even if it wasn’t my all-time favorite, it was really enjoyable and surpassed ny expectations.

    And that opening… I LOVED IT. It’s definitely one of my favorite openings EVER. I can’t choose a favorite dance, because everyone in the cast was just plain awesome.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that Jong Kook was totally smexy. I was laughing, screamjng, and my blood pressure was going higher with each step. All at the same time. The power of the Commander.

    • 2.1 Jess

      I was worried, too, that my favorites wouldn’t get much “face time” with that many idols competing together. But my fave, Sungkyu, proved once again that he knows how to work a variety show. So many of the pauses in the flow were about him. Eun-ji liking him, being the last member of the first team to win on the water island, the scaredy cat on the tower. He managed to stand out even in the chaos. He is definitely learning the skills to have a second career post-idol days. Love that hamster.

      • 2.1.1 midori

        I do agree with you. Love Sunggyu appearance in Running Man. He always says that he tries his best in everything he does. And to prove his hard work, he’s being invited again to Running man. Really can’t wait. Go Sunggyu!

  3. winnie

    I laughed really hard – as in big time – in this episode especially the entrance of kwangsoo with MBLAQ! The intensity of his stare is up to the highest level! LOL!

    Second is the dance part of Gary with A-pink. I love how he wiggle his hips and the stare in the sky part. 🙂

    • 3.1 jasmine

      What’s the song when kwang soo danced witch mblaq???
      i really wanna watch the orginal version….

  4. wei

    I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t do a tag-ripping game for the finale, but overall, one of my favorite episodes (wet idols ^_^)

    • 4.1 rita

      probably wouldn’t been too many people to run around trying to rip each other’s tags –> complete chaos

  5. elaine

    pretty cure that jihyo was the one who joked ‘should we get off?’ cause it was so awkward in the car, even when she was making attempts to break the ice by talking about girl’s day

    • 5.1 A

      No it was eunji that said it. Jihyo was kind of dissing them

    • 5.2 Jackeline

      Nope, that was definitely Eunji.

      It was really silent in the car, and Jihyo said the Girl’s Day girls had a lot of aegyo (comparing them to A Pink), so Eunji joked about getting off because it seemed like they weren’t hitting it off. xD All in jest, of course.

      (Plus you can tell Eunji said it by her adorable satoori.)

  6. soprection

    Thank you gummimochi! I’m glad you liked this episode because I loved it too. Kwangsoo and Jong Kook’s opening dances instantly made this a classic for me. I have not laughed that hard in a very long time.

    I was happy to see a return of the balloon jump (which I still really want to do myself!) and while I felt bad for Jaesuk in the final challenge, the Jaesuk Day~ jokes had me cracking up! Super super SUPER FUN.

    2PM really lived up to their beast-dols image in that first game. It’s a shame that SukJin couldn’t stay up so they could do better but given that it was Big Nose Hyung (and everyone was gunning for him), it wasn’t surprising. I loved seeing Eunji’s strength as well. Fending off Joon on her own (he’s in pretty good shape) – you go girl. Eunji seems wonderfully down to earth – I love that. I cracked up when she asked if they should get off the car when they talked about how different the atmosphere was before with Girl’s Day. Also HOW AWESOME was Jihyo untying all those knots with a quickness? She is such a boss – I love her. They should start calling her ‘capable woman’, lol.

    It was cute seeing one of the girls compliment Kwangsoo. I like to see people be nice to him. He’s a good guy. Also how funny was it when he ran around that huge stadium? LMAO, he looked like he was going to die when he was done.

    Those Infinite boys don’t talk much, do they? And that Sunggyu kid seems kind of blur, lol. Wonderful episode.

    • 6.1 zakin89

      Infinite are much better/more comfortable when they are all together! I have seen a few of their shows (I’m a pretty new Inspirit so I am still searching for the shows they’ve been on^^) and they are hilarious! They have a pretty great dynamic going on.
      Though Sunggyu was also quite good on High Society!

      • 6.1.1 advisercookie

        I agree! Infinite is the best when they are all together. Sesame Player is great and anytime they go on Weekly Idol (so much Leader Gyu bullying occurs ><) has me in stitches.

        Although throughout the episode I kept wondering when Leader Gyu would turn into Grandpa Gyu. So much physical activity…

        • zakin89

          I have to admit that I prefer MBLAQ’s Sesame Player but Infinite’s is fun as well.

          Oh yeah the Weekly Idol episodes xD The Random Play Dance with Infinite is always a highlight and it cracks me up everytime because it always is Sunggyu who messes up 😀

          He probably did we just didn’t get to see it 🙁

          • Informantxgirl

            I knew the moment they threw MBLAQ and Infinite into the mix, fun times would ensue. True, both these groups are better when they are their full configurations, but variety blue chip Lee Joon and perpetual heodang Sunggyu were gonna bring it, no matter who they were with. And they did.

            And Eunji. Dang girl, I love you! Her never-say-die attitude was awesome. If I didn’t love her from Reply 1997, I would’ve loved her here. MBLAQ tossing her off into the pool together and still being eliminated, pure gold. And Sunggyu’s “cool” attitude in the car versus his “This is our first day together, right?” later at the jump. I don’t ship them (I love the Eunji-Hoya combo), but they would make great friends!

            And was it me, but was Girl’s Day infinitely (pun intended) more excited to be with Infinite than the other way around? Thought that was kinda odd. Those girls are hot, you would think there would be more enthusiasm…I mean, if I was a guy, I’d be excited, in a totally shallow way. 😀

      • 6.1.2 sara

        i cant find high society episode… could you please give some advice or wedside that i can watch it… anyway this ep of running man are the best

    • 6.2 luis

      They invited L who doesn’t talk at all unless prompted. Infinite would be bickering throughout the whole episode if they got Hoya or Woohyun with Sunggyu instead.

      I agree with the others that Infinite are better when together because their dynamics as a group is great. I enjoyed watching their Ranking King and Sesame Player shows and of course Weekly Idol where all they do is make fun of their leader Sunggyu.

      Sunggyu is actually hilarious on his own. He made quite an impression in Immortal Song 2 and the whole cast – fellow contestants, MCs and audiences loved him because he was funny and witty. Maybe the fact that he had won rounds against Ailee, Lee Jung and Cha Jiyeon helped too.

  7. shams_mimiim

    i am totally satisfied with this episode 😀 kwang soo really has his own style and charisma so adorable <3 <3 <3

    • 7.1 PL

      Can I have a ‘Super-Like’ button for this comment? Hehe.

  8. Mia

    Haha it was a really funny ep, i thought it will be slightly messy editing, but it came out better than expected 🙂
    RM members were awesome as usual, and the guests had fun nd did their best, hurrah!
    I can’twait for princess Ji hyo ep!
    Thank you for recapping!

  9. Helen

    This was definitely one of my favorite episodes. I can’t remember laughing so much or so hard in some on the most recent eps.

    The intro was awesome and I was blown away by how well everyone danced! Definitely the best longest intro of all time.

    Like many others, I was thinking that programs only brought on a flood of idols when their ratings weren’t so great hoping to increase their ratings when it really makes no difference. However, this episode made the number of idols work smoothly – which I enjoyed a lot.

  10. 10 relegated

    KIM JONG KOOK!!!! Man what an intro this episode had. Hands down one the best

  11. 11 Cynthia

    Water games!
    Balloon Jump!
    Lots and LOTS of idols!!

    All of my favorite games and guests with the RM!

    I was really surprised to see that the Pd’s went with such a high-profile show after just having the coup of Shinhwa appear and now
    the next ep will feature 3 of our Big Bang boys?!
    No breathers allowed this month. Will it give the ratings a much needed boost? Let’s hope so.

    APink’s Eun-ji really is a hoot. The girl is funny and fearless (OT, but watching her on the amusement park rides with Key (who was screaming in horror) for WGM was hysterical. Too bad they’re not one of the new WGM couples.)

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi – this ep just flew by, it was that good!

  12. 12 zakin89

    Okay this is gonna be one long comment (sorry for that^^) but this episode was just AWESOME and my little fangirl heart (A+, B2uty and Inspirit) was just happy to see a few of my favourite idols on RM =)

    The intro… DAEBAK!

    My faves:

    B2ST + Ji Hyo > loved it that they chose “Fiction” because I think any other choreo would have been to difficult for Ji Hyo (and I cracked up at Haha’s Hot Issue interruption^^)

    MBLAQ + Kwang Soo > EPIC xD Seung Ho and Joon trying so hard not to laugh and KS being all serious just cracked me up 😀 ‘Y’ will never be the same!

    Sistar # Jong Kook > now that was a performance! Didn’t know Spartakooks was that good!

    I am such a Eunji – Key shipper as well (they’d make a better WGM pairing than Taemin and Na Eun *hides from their shippers*^^) but Sunggyu’s reply was just… hilarious! That straight face was just the icing on the cake 😀

    And the cut to 2PM+Suk Jin… the silence was to be expected^^

    Oh the first game… I don’t even know where to start^^ So amazing… it was pure chaos but funny chaos xD I kind of pitied the 2PM boys but then it was their own fault to win the first round^^ they should have just stayed in the game to make sure Suk Jin survives first 😀
    I LOVE Eun Ji so much! She’s not the ordinary idol girl which is refreshing.
    Pffft at Kwang Soo stepping on Suk Jin’s fingers but that got a good laugh out of me^^

    Blobbing again =) Love it^^:
    Poor Sunggyu. I’m not a big scaredy cat but I wouldn’t want to jump off that ‘tower’ as well^^ And it cracks me up that he is up there with Haha who is just as much a scaredy cat as Sunggyu xD
    Wooyoung’s somersault was amazing though Joon beats them all! That was one pretty great pose he did there =)

    Heee dodgeball =) It would have been funnier with more balls but as soon as the eliminated members were allowed to throw it got really interesting.
    I laughed out really loud when Eun Ji ousted Sunggyu^^ I guess they are not destined to be together 😀
    Suk Jin ousting Jong Kook was just another great moment BUT I was so happy that Joon won =) It was adorable how happy they were^^

    I so would have failed to put together the R in the last game 😀
    Yay for B2ST to win though I would have preferred MBLAQ a wee bit more though as MBLEAST shipper I am totally fine with Doo Joon and Kikwang winning the thing with Ji Hyo^^

    I am just a bit sad that the Infinite boys didn’t get much airtime but then again there were a lot of guests (and it was still one of the best episodes ever > I’m so gonna watch it again^^)

    And next week GD, Seungri and Daesung? BRING IT ON!!!

  13. 13 lovenwait

    I loved the intro of this.

    I have always enjoyed watching Jung Eun Ji but for some reason, I found her a bit rude and arrogant here. The way she talked to Ji Hyo in the car came off a bit disrespectful. I felt bad for Ji Hyo bc she tried hard to break the ice.

    I love the relaxed team of Beast and Ji Hyo and the funny Kwang Soo and Mblaq team.

    • 13.1 Brittni

      Although I respect your opinion, how was she being rude? Don’t you think its kind of uncomfortable for the girls when all ji hyo was doing was comparing them to Girls Day? Saying how cute they were and how talkative. Eun ji was clearly joking and it got everyone to laugh. I personally was unhappy with ji hyo for making the girls uncomfortable. The way she was talking made it seem like ” geez we’d rather have Girls Day.” Of course its going to be a little uncomfortable they don’t know each other.

      • 13.1.1 lovenwait

        Hi Brittni,

        I hope I didn’t start a fight here. I followed Eun Ji and I really like her. It’s hard to explain why I feel she was a bit rude to Ji Hyo, mostly I think it’s because Ji Hyo is her sunbae (I hope I spell right) so Ji Hyo has been in the business longer so the way Eun Ji dismissed Ji Hyo’s word came off as rude to me. I may have misinterpreted it but even if Ji Hyo was to diss Girls’ Day, which I don’t think she did, the way Eun Ji responded sorta shut Ji Hyo down. I watched the episode 2x and I had the same feeling both times. I’ll rewatch it again and maybe I’ll see something different.

        • vivi

          for me ji hyo is really2 rude for comparing them. it is okay if ji hyo say that girl day adorable and talkative etc but only in two statements enough. but she talk endlessly about them. I’m agree that girl day has a lot of aegyo, but who wants to hear people comparing u in negative state?
          and plus i don’t like seeing jae suk at the final without partner. if they cannot participate until the end then why they still participate. is there no other girlgroup outside there?poor jae suk oppa..

          • zooey

            Actually it was Beast who initiated the conversation, saying that the atmosphere was so different from their previous car ride. And then Ji Hyo just explained by saying that the girl’s day girls were very cutesy. She said it in 2 statements, so she didn’t endlessly talked about them. And I think they all took it in jest, so no big deal. No one was trying to diss anyone.

        • bd

          Really, it’s no big deal.

          I think the comment by Ji-hyo was innocent enough and so was the response by Eun-ji, which was humorous.

          Btw, Eun-ji looked cuter here than she did in AM1997.

          • luis

            If you thought she was cute her, watch her cuts with Key from Shinee in We Got Married. I don’t watch WGM anymore ever since The first round of couples were gone, the last one being Kim Hyunjoong with Hwangbo but I watched her cuts because she and Key were hilarious and adorable at the same time. Their blind date was a much welcomed addition to the episodes and I hope they got to stay longer.

    • 13.2 luis

      I found her refreshing and endearing, definitely not rude at all. Girl’s plucky and got spunk. If anything, I didn’t appreciate the implication of Beast and Jihyo’s conversation that led her to saying that statement in the car.

  14. 14 JCyy

    I really liked the 2PM boys here! They were so supportive of Sukjin! Like after the water game, Sukjin looked so sorry for coming in last. But they still cheered for him anyway. And when Sukjin ousted Jong Kook, Wooyoung started chanting his name. Nice to see Sukjin respected in here. And their team was so good! With the least amount of time, they managed to come in second!

    • 14.1 RM fan

      yes! agree in your comment here. 2pm boys are really nice in this episode. i haven’t see them get annoyed when paired to Ji Suk Jin unlike those other guests that I have seen their reaction when paired to JSJ. Also, in the water game, when JSJ and LKS were fighting for the last round, Chansung even said that. “Stop it Hyung”. maybe, he is really worried about their Hyung. really love them both! (Wooyoung and Chansung)!

    • 14.2 Shikurai17

      Those two from 2PM really endured me to them. Like RM says, most guests ignore and dismiss Suk Jin. They genuinely cheered for him.

    • 14.3 monologue

      If you think about it from the point of view of variety hunger, Sukjin really did 2PM a lot of favours. He was really funny, so 2PM got more airtime. If I was clown Jang Wooyoung trying to be funny, I would cheer my face off for Sukjin hyung and then thank him profusely after the filming.

  15. 15 Mint

    yay next week is GD, Seungri and Daesung <3

  16. 16 dewaanifordrama

    I LOVED this episode. I’ve only recently gotten into watching full episodes of Running Man (the one with the pirate Shinhwa got me hooked). I think I about peed my pants watching Kim Jong Kook dancing to SISTAR’s Alone. Wow! It was so hilarious! And Lee Joon, what a goof. Love it!

    • 16.1 KJKFan

      If you like Joon in RM then you should watch episode 8 as well 🙂

  17. 17 the68monkey

    Best. Intro. Ever!

    I was seriously replaying that intro after watching the whole, fantastic episode. What FUN! I can’t believe I was worried that too many idols would make for a mess. It was great!

    I’m happy that B2ST and Ji-hyo won, yet I couldn’t help but wish that 2PM and Suk-jin had been just a wee bit faster with the R puzzle and won. They did SO WELL to go from last place to 2nd, and with how awesome Youngwoo and Chansung had performed in the Blob Jump (A 10 for artistry!) and Dodgeball, not to mention they were the first two winners for the swimming pool island. Oh, well. Poor Suk-jin never seems to get a break.

    Okay, off to re-watch those intro dances again. 😛

  18. 18 marc

    just by this episode alone you can really tell which idols has variety sense lol. wooyoung and his impressive flips, what can i say? going for artistry and airtime more than winning. wise guy is wise. chansung is so athletic so he fits right in, lee joon being lost but being the last one standing in the end, by the way MBLAQ cheered you would think he won the entire episode. eunji, the girl is witty and strong lol, and minah even though all she did was to smile at the camera.

    really love that opening though. gary is so cuteee dancing to apink lol. and jihyo outdone herself, adding another dance to her repertoire lol.

    was so surprised for 2pm/sukjin team being a close second when they have the shortest time ever.

  19. 19 capablanca

    Wow, loved the intro so much. Had to download the episode just to rewatch the first part everyday.

    I’m not even a fan of those idols, ie, I only knew the 2PM song before this, but this episode got me hooked that I was humming along when watching.

  20. 20 MariD

    I loved loved loved this episode. My 2 favorite groups were there (2PM & Beast) it was hilarious. I kinda let out all my feels on twitter while watching this but I just got to say that the openings were great. Glad beast won!

  21. 21 jel

    It was a great episode, much better than I’d expected considering the number of idols on it. The opening was the funniest we’d seen in a long long time. I didnt watch the raw, and had heard alot about Jong Kook’s opening dance. However, I must say I laughed harder at Gary, Kwang Soo and Suk Jin. They made me laugh till I cry. And I guess Ji Hyo will now have the Beast’s Fiction dance to last her for the next 4 years. It was hilarious how Haha started singing Hot Issue to Ji Hyo’s dance.

    The water game, which we’d seen so many times, was a lot of fun. And 2PM really lived up to its reputation as beastly idols. Man, were they fierce in the first round, the way they just pushed everyone mercilessly off the island. I was agape when I saw one of them push Jong Kook real hard into the water. How often do we see that happen to him? And Doo Joon and L were really competitive as well, especially L who took on Jong Kook. I really like L in both his RM appearances and can see the competitive streak in him though he tends to be quiet; would love to see him come on an episode where there are fewer guests. When Lee Joon was the last 4 alongside the Jail Trio, I had to laugh, because trust Lee Joon to still not go through, its just so him. Eun Ji showed the fierceness I’d always thought she had. I know some people are unhappy about Eun Ji’s comment to Ji Hyo “Shall we get off the car then?”, but I thought it was much ado about nothing. I’ve always had a soft spot for the girl ever since her awesome performance in Answer Me 1997 and am glad she finally came on RM.

    The blob game went on a tad too long, since it was just the same action over and over again. I was surprised why Haha didnt seem to be afraid of the height and all the attention was on his Infinite teammate, until the guy shouted “its not me!”, that was so funny. One question though, Hyorin couldnt do this and needed Wooyoung to substitute her, she seemingly didnt complete the 1st water island game as well, and even needed to hold on to Jong Kook to get to the island in the first place. If she cant do water stuff, why was she on RM? Then Sistar should have sent Bora, whom we all know is a very athletic girl. Oh well, I guess she is the face of Sistar, but she really did nothing.

    The dodgeball at least was more fun than the many versions we’d seen on RM. Jong Kook really dodged a lot of bullets to hang in there till almost the end, he had some amazing escapes considering the number of balls aimed at him. It made me LOL that the final victor turned out to be Lee Joon though. Of all people, lol.

    I would have much preferred the final game to be name tag tearing (no episode is complete without one), and I feel people like Doo Joon, L, the 2PM boys would have felt the same way, though at the same time, it’d be unbalanced given that some teams are made up of all men, while some had 2 girls out of 3 persons. At least this final game required a bit of thinking, which is much better than some of the final games we’d seen recently. Girls’ Day missing at the end didnt really bother me, considering how I barely noticed them throughout the episode, though I did feel bad for Jae Suk. I cut the PDs a bit of slack for the conflicting schedules, as Girls’ Day could have committed to the whole episode, but the filming might have carried on longer than expected. If they were the only guests, it’d have been disastrous, but with so many other people, the impact was reduced. Tough for Jae Suk to be without teammates, but he’s been winning so often, one less shot at winning doesnt matter.

    • 21.1 jamie

      I do agree with your Hyorin comment, That is what i saw the whole episode, she did not do a thing, all i see is Dasom, Dasom Dasom.. would have been better if it was Bora

      I like the opeing! I enjoyed Jongkook’s dance the most, next will be Jihyo’s

      • 21.1.1 mrshobbes

        Also have to agree on the assessment of Hyorin’s appearance here. I think she’s funny in interviews, but for this show it’s like she blended into the background.

        After I read your comment, I remembered I’d seen her in a previous RM idol episode (with Minho, Siwon, Sohee, etc) and my impression was all she did was laugh at the proceedings and helped her team only a little.

        (Not hating on her, Sistar is one of my favorite Kpop groups.)

      • 21.1.2 bd

        Bora may very well be the best idol athlete and it’s a shame she wasn’t one of the members representing Sistar.

  22. 22 Viki

    One of my fave and funniest episodes everrr. Haven’t had that much laugh for a while….esp. during the intro

  23. 23 Jackeline

    The intro was GOLD. I love how all the cast members were all super serious about their dances. xD

    It was pretty amazing how 2PM & Sukjin came in 2nd at the very end, considering that they had the least amount of time.

    So many hilarious moments in this episode, I don’t think I’ll go into them all. But this was definitely a good episode, considering the number of guests.

  24. 24 KDrama Fan

    Thanks for the recap Gummimochi.

    Loved this episode from the entrance dances right through to the close ending final mission.

    Definitely one to watch!

  25. 25 wag-a-muffin

    I don’t know anything about ratings. Is running man doing poorly? Seriously, I would hate to lose my once a week fix.

  26. 26 mrshobbes

    I have to say when I first watched this episode I replayed the intro like three times. Then multiple times for the first three groups, because OMG Gary is AWESOME, and Jihyo is SO freaking cute. And HaHa…just is HaHa.

    I loved the water island fight, in that you can totally see which idols are more competitive and I cracked up when one of the 2PM boys threw off Spartakooks. Then L challenged him, which was freaky; Jongkook is like twice his size!

    I mentioned it in another blog, but I appreciated how the producers created activities and the final showdown in a way that didn’t need TOO much athleticism. I think if it were a traditional RM race it would end pretty quickly :p

  27. 27 Rovi

    Error, this episode aired 08 Septmeber 2013.
    Thank you.

    Back to reading…XP

    • 27.1 Rovi

      Surprised Gramps!Gyu didn’t come out. XD
      And Kwangsoo should be given credits for (trying) dancing to “Y”. XD

  28. 28 Running Man Fan

    I enjoyed this episode and look forward to the next episode with Big Bang!!! The intro dance is so classic and hilarious!! 😍

    1) Haroro and Infinite – Best coordination. Well they all can dance very well. Haha can dance like an idol. No surprise here but like it. 🙂

    2) Gary and A pink – Cutest dance. Gary is always so adorable especially the pointing the sky and floor dance.. Lol. He really can dance! 🙂

    3) Song Ji Hyo and Breast – Ji Hyo is the only one that can’t dance at all but I appreciate her effort. The choreography is easy for Ji Hyo to just concentrate on her footwork.. Kind of cool through.

    4) Yoo Jae Suk and Girl’s day – Yoo Jae Suk is like a pro dancer with a serious look.. That makes it hilarious. He is so versatile and live up to his name. Oh.. The tight pants shows off his firm butts!!

    5) Lee Kwang Soo and Mblaq – I like that they started to dance at the red carpet and ended up not dancing on the stage. Mblaq tried not to laugh and Kwang Soo with his serious idol expression is too funny! Only he can do that!!! Lol.

    6) Kim Jong Kook and Sistar – I am shocked to see Jong Kook so sexy.. I remembered years ago in Xman, he does not want to dance at all.. That is a great leap from the past.. He is gradually loosen up and is so funny now. Noted that he is still good from his Turbo days.. 🙂

    7) Ji Suk Jin and 2pm – I love to see Ji Suk Jin image!! He look young… Papa suk Jin dances well too.. ‘Put your hands up!’ Crack up when he slipped and fall from the stage.

    Classic moment:

    1) the usual jail trio with lee joon left behind at the first game.

    2) Kwang Soo and his blur expression..

    3) Kwang Soo and Ji suk Jin – easy brothers fighting.. Pity Ji Suk Jin, naughty Kwang Soo. Lol.

    4) 2PM and their competitiveness. I was shock that they shove Jong Kook off.. I love that they were supportive of Ji Suk Jin mat hyung.

    5) Haha interrupt Ji Hyo Dance with hot issue..

    6) The dodgeball were fun and all especially Ji Suk Jin managed to oust Jong Kook surprisingly.

    7) Lee Joon ended up as the winner in dodgeball.. His classic jump at the water float game etc..He has great variety sense.. Love to see him in Running Man.. Please come again!

    8) The water float game and sunggyu is very cute. He make up the scarey cat duo with Haha when they were preparing to jump.

    9) 2pm almost make it the first during the last mission. Too bad, but I like breast too so.. Haha.

    10) kim Jong kook protective of his teammates, his competitive steak and how he takes care of his hoobae as a Sunbae.

    I did not really notice the girls groups as much as the boy groups to comment anything.. Haha.. Too busy looking at the male idols!! Lol.. Anyway, the last mission Jae Suk is left alone.. Kind of pitiful to see him trying hard till the end.. 🙂

    • 28.1 yukasato

      errr…it’s BEAST…not BREAST….

      • 28.1.1 Running Man Fan

        Typo error.. Fangirls/fanboys don’t kill me! LOL.. BEAST <3

        • Quiet Thought

          If Dramabeans every puts together an Indy rock band for a convention, they need to name it “Song Jeeho and Breast’ to freak out the crowd.

  29. 29 John

    gummimochi ~

    Thanks for the recap. I’ve never watched this show before, but, since this episode features Jung Eun-ji, I’m going to watch.

    Jung Eun-ji ! Love you baby.

  30. 30 jae

    on this RM episode you can watch and enjoy it even without subs ^^

    thank you gummimochi as always..

  31. 31 Indi

    Aaaawwww all the girls were so adorable! Loved, loved, loved Eunji, the girl can do EVERYTHING! From acting, to singing, to variety skills… She was born to be a star. I loved the earnest of 2PM boys in winning the game, so cute! Lee Joon and Sunggyu were also a plus, they light the mood. And I also love the fact that the RM cast are so down to earth and they make everything they can so their guests can shine even more.

  32. 32 darksilvercloud

    ROFL at the opening. *Shivers* for jaesuk and jongkook’s dance. Thumbs up for Suk Jin’s dance (if only he didn’t slip, it would have been near perfect! *pouts*) and Applause for all their attempts (successful or not) at dancing the idol dances!

    LOL. Jaesuk just had to claim that he could win eventhough he was ALONE XD

  33. 33 Lilian

    My fav part was definitely the beginning. So damn funny. Loved Jong Kook-Sistar + Gary Apink most =)

    The two water-related games were fun too. I didn’t know Sung Gyu was like that too! And Woo Young was amazing with his twirls! And if not wrong, he also jumped in Hyorin’s place too =)

  34. 34 Genie Yang

    0MG! This episode gets added to one of my Top Running Man episodes. Maybe even #l or #2. lt was just Daebak! I love it when idols come on the show. The opening scene was hilarious especially our entrance of Giraffe oppa! Gotta love kwangswoo. Eunji and Sunggyu would be cute, bwtl also prefer Key and Eunji! They fit so well. Can’t wait for the next episode with Big bang!

  35. 35 Quiet Thought

    I loved Song Ji Hyo’s earnest concentration doing the first dance number. She was trying so hard to remember the steps!

  36. 36 Quiet Thought

    . . . Having said that, she struck me as being tired and cranky in appearance most of the show. Her highlights were mainly from her grim competitive spirit. She was well and carefully placed always during the dodgeball competition and she looked absolutely fierce working the knots and the puzzle . . . like her character at the end of ‘Jackal is Coming’, asserting herself over the pretty boys on either side.

  37. 37 Quiet Thought

    One minor puzzler: some of the participants in the balloon jump don’t seem to understand that the secret to winning s pure physics: you put the lightest person of the three at one end and the two heaviest have to land together on the other end. Any team that didn’t put their lightest member out as the diver was handicapping themselves.

    • 37.1 Betty

      I know right? I was puzzled as well about that because for me it seem logical that the lighter the flyer, the higher they go. Like for Beast and Song Ji Hyo. I am sure they would have scored way better if they had put SJH as the flyer. But my guess is that maybe they wanted that not always the same person have the fun of flying so maybe they tried to let others experience it even if it was going to affect their score. It’s the only explanation I can think of to explain their strategy.

  38. 38 gigi

    Wow, talk about contrasting viewpoints. I thought the intro was hilarious but after that? It was all pretty meh, tbh.

    At least it seems like a LOT of people liked it so that’s good. Especially since apparently ratings are falling for RM, I just hope they climb up enough to where the show won’t have to worry about getting canned.

    As always, thanks for the recap.

    • 38.1 bd

      I agree. Aside from a few chuckles here and there, this ep. was devoid of hilarity and the games were decent, but hardly great.

      That’s the problem w/ having too many guests – prevents the fun banter btwn the RM cast and guests.

      And even more of a problem when the guests are all (young) idols since they don’t have the experience/gravitas to give and take w/ the RM cast (Eun-ji did a little bit).

      The best eps have been when the guests and the RM cast banter among themselves during the entire ep. – esp. when the guests give as good as they take.

      Not going to get excited just b/c this ep had a whole bunch of idols; now if it had someone like Hyori – who knows how to entertain (be funny, instigate trouble, etc.) – then, it would be another thing.

      It was a decent enough ep I guess, but not one I would ever watch again.

      The most memorable thing I got out of this ep is that Na-eun is pretty,

  39. 39 sophia

    Ive rewatched those into dance scenes about 4 times…finally my neighbor came upstairs to ask if I was ok/ tell me to shut up because i was HOWLING with laughter. holy hilarious-balls. kwang soo was THE BEST.

  40. 40 Kyosuke

    This ep was pretty good.
    The intro was hilarious to say the least.
    Pool game had lots of action, blob game was a funny filler, dodgeball was kind of fun.
    Only the last game was a bit of a bore.

    Wonder why wasn’t the last car ride with Jihyo-Beast team and Jong Kook-Sistar team not shown?
    Were both teams completely silent that nothing was deemed worth the airtime?
    Hyorin in particular was basically non-existent in most of the ep.
    She disappeared during the pool game and didn’t participate in the blob game.
    They didn’t show her getting hit during dodgeball either.

  41. 41 Bauhinia

    I started shipping L and Na Eun upon watching this episode…

    • 41.1 girlatsea

      I’ve heard they’re really good friends

  42. 42 Carmensitta

    They had to bring L and The Snugly One of Infinite to kill me didn’t they? I need to go make a print screen of L’s sexy pose when he fell and got ousted from the dodgeball game. BRB. Thanks gummi for the recap!

  43. 43 Perrie

    Like everyone has said, this is one of the best openings in a long time. Personally i thought Ji Suk Jin’s was the best, then Gary (so fucking amazing!) then Jong Kook! Didn’t plan on watching but ended up enjoying it! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  44. 44 Cdaze

    THanks for the recap…

    Can’t remember how many times i re-watched the opening!

    highest squeal factor: Jong kook followed by Gary!

  45. 45 cinthy

    loved this episode!!!!! jong jook dancing was the BEST and loved eun ji and lee joon they are too funny!!

  46. 46 Raptor

    Song Ji Hyo daebak! Last female to stand alive in Dodgeball, helped her team jump from 4th to 1st even though KJK had a 40 sec lead etc. she must have been studying the knots carefully while awaiting their turn! Daebak! Yeah the RM cast wasn’t sidelined this time due to the presence of the idols. It seems as if despite 21 people around, everyone managed to receive credibly equal screentime. Well of course Kwang Soo will find ways to get more than others with his wave again. LOL

  47. 47 panshel

    Normally, the biggest guest is paired with Jae Suk, so I was surprised to see Girl’s Day as his partners because out of the girl groups, I would have expected Sistar. But Minah was adorable as she always is, and Kookie dancing to Alone was gold. It was sad Girl’s Day had to abandon Jae Suk in the last round due to their schedule.

    I was jamming to the idol soundtrack. This Is War was perfect for the Easy Brothers duel.

    EunJi was my favorite this episode. Her “Should we get off then?” comment is even funnier because Beast and A Pink are Cube Family. I can’t wait to see her on another Running Man…

  48. 48 myn

    I really like how great the 2PM boys were with JSJ. Respectful, supportive and positive!

    • 48.1 myzoya

      Yep, yep. Two thumbs up for them. I love when Chansung personally came to get Sukjin in the pool when he lost.

      Usually many guests didn’t even show any interest/interaction towards Sukjin.

      • 48.1.1 Raptor

        That’s actually very sad and true. I find myself getting frustrated watching him sometimes (not frequently though), and I can understand why guests would be uncomfy being paired up with him. The 2PM boys were really class acts in this ep then. 🙂

  49. 49 jj_20

    daebak!! Spartakook is soo sexy…
    It’s a very fun episode and the guests are very sport about it… Poor Yoo Jae-suk playing the game alone but I’m happy that team SJH won…

    Very excited for the next ep.. Long live RM.

  50. 50 melsea

    Can someone tell me what song as background music, when kwangsoo and MBLAQ win the dodgeball game? I am clueless…

    • 50.1 Janet

      late reply but the song is called “No Love” by MBLAQ from their latest repackaged album Love Beat…..

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