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2013 Blue Dragon Film Awards
by | November 22, 2013 | 107 Comments

Fall marks the start of awards season, and today we have the 34th Blue Dragon Film Awards, one of the major film industry ceremonies, along with the Grand Bell (Daejong) Awards earlier this month and the Baeksang Awards in the spring.

You’ll recognize many familiar faces, not just from the other festivals and ceremonies this year but from years past. It’s kind of funny how the films change, but the pool of nominees seems almost static from year to year—perhaps one actor will hop from a lead role to a supporting one, or maybe someone will take a year off from the nomination circuit, but by and large we’re looking at a pretty small world.

But the fun part is always the red carpet, which was pretty star-studded this time around. Most attendees stuck to safe and familiar, which as a viewer and fan is less exciting because I get the feeling we’ve seen these all before. And it’s been a trend for the past year or more to have an overwhelming amount of black on the red carpet, followed by a smaller contingent favoring white, which makes me sad: Where be the color? The fun? The drama? I guess I’ll have to content myself with the handful of WTF choices, which aren’t necessarily attractive but are at least interesting.

Let’s take a look at who won this year…


Best Picture: Wish
Best Director: Bong Joon-ho (Snowpiercer)
Best Actor: Hwang Jung-min (New World)
Best Actress: Han Hyo-joo (Cold Eyes )
Supporting Actor: Lee Jung-jae (The Face Reader)
Supporting Actress: Ra Mi-ran (Wish)
New Actor: Yeo Jin-gu (Hwa-yi: The Boy Who Swallowed a Monster)
New Actress: Park Ji-soo (Mai Ratima)
New Director: Kim Byung-woo (The Terror Live)

Cinematography: Berlin, Choi Young-hwan
Lighting: Berlin, Kim Sung-kwan
Music: Hwa-yi: The Boy Who Swallowed a Monster , Mowg
Art Direction: Snowpiercer, Ondrej Nekavsil
Technical effects: Mr. Go, Jung Sung-jin
Screenplay: Wish, Kim Ji-hye, Jo Joong-hoon
Short Film Award: Mija, Jeon Hyo-jung
Box Office Audience Award: Miracle in Cell No. 7
Popularity Award: Kim Min-hee, Lee Byung-heon, Sol Kyung-gu, Gong Hyo-jin


Yay for Hwang Jung-min, who won for crime film New World. He’d been nominated for a Grand Bell Award a month ago (Grand Bell co-winners Ryu Seung-ryong and Song Kang-ho were also nominated for this category), so it’s nice to see him get the prize this time.


I feel like I’ve seen this gown on the red carpet before, maybe more than once, maybe even worn previously by Han Hyo-joo. It’s a reasonable choice for an award winner who wants to look classy and put-together, even if it lacks Best Actress drama. Still, she won (for Cold Eyes), and she looks fabulous, so overall it’s a plus.

Lee Jung-jae, my forever oppa! His co-stars Song Kang-ho and Jo Jung-seok were awarded previously for their performances in The Face Reader, but the Blue Dragons gave Lee Jung-jae the Supporting Actor prize for his role playing a future king.

I wonder how Jung Woo-sung (Cold Eyes) felt being beat out by longtime best bud Lee Jung-jae. Somehow I feel like they’re the type to shrug it off and go out for drinks instead, all hugs and laughs. Don’t ruin my fantasy.

Adorable. By all accounts, 16-year-old Yeo Jin-gu had a strong performance in his dark movie Hwa-yi, and he won for New Actor. I haven’t seen the film, but having seen Yeo rock role after role, I have no doubt he earned it.

He beat out Im Seul-ong, who was also nominated for New Actor for 26 Years. Seul-ong has improved so much in the past couple years, and it’s gratifying to watch him keep the progress going.

Another New Actor nominee was Lee Hyun-woo for Covertly, Grandly, which I did see and agree that he was wonderful in. I don’t know what’s going on with his dyed hair or his idol polish, but I like it. (And yet, I don’t want him looking too much like an idol, because I actually think it makes him look more generic—idols are so pretty, but man it takes effort to tell them apart. He’s too good an actor to get lost in the pack!)

Go Kyung-pyo was nominated for New Actor as well, for Scary Story 2, which starred a ton of familiar young names (Sung Joon, Baek Jin-hee, Lee Soo-hyuk, Kim Seul-gi). Doesn’t he look sharp? (With a healthy does of mischief thrown in; I always feel like he’s got a joke planned, or is playing one out in his mind.)

And last in the New Actor pack is 15-year-old Seo Young-joo, nominated for the movie Moebius and currently also in weekend drama Gold Rainbow.


Yes, Gong Hyo-jin is wearing all-black like so many of the other attendees, but she just looks so chic and elegant. She took home a popularity award.

I love Kim Min-hee in this; she’s an actress who always finds a way to change it up, and almost always succeeds, whether she’s being avant-garde or classic or experimental. She didn’t win for Best Actress (she was nominated for Temperature of Love, aka Very Ordinary Couple, where she had a very strong and naturalistic performance), but she received a popularity award.

Park Bo-young (Werewolf Boy) must really, really like this dress, since she has it in every color. I’m pretty sure this is just this dress, and this one, and also this one, only with a train stuck to it. Honey, you are a Big Movie Star! Please wear a new dress! You are way too young to have One Signature Look.

Eom Ji-won was nominated for Wish in the Best Actress category, and while she didn’t win the hit film did win in a number of other categories.

For instance, her Wish co-star Ra Mi-ran did win in the Supporting Actress category. She can be pretty hilarious when the role calls for it, usually in a wry sort of way. And as you can see, we’re now in the thick of the black dress trend, which sort of goes on and on and on…

Uhm Jung-hwa, nominated for Best Actress for her thriller movie Montage, always kind of scares me a little on the red carpet. To be fair, she did kill a giant bat and wear it on her boobs as a warning to us all, I’m pretty sure.

Nam Ji-hyun is growing up nicely; I guess she’s still technically a “child actor” in the sense that she’s still in her teens, but she’s transitioning gradually out of those parts and doing pretty well. She was nominated as a New Actress for Hwa-yi.


Phew, out of the morass of blackness with Lee Yeon-hee (Night Before the Wedding). Okay, admittedly her gown is still black, but I’m just glad it’s got something else going on, and while I’m not even 100 percent sure I love the dress itself, I AM pretty certain Lee Yeon-hee is physically incapable of taking a bad picture. She looks amazing.

Aw, I still think of Go Ah-sung as the little girl in The Host, and here she is arriving with her Host daddy and Snowpiercer co-star Song Kang-ho. They were both nominated for awards, though neither won. She’s grown up well, and looks quite mature in this dark navy gown, which kicks off another color trend of the night. I mean, dark navy is so close to black as to not count as a different color, but at this point I’ll take what I can get.

More dark blue for Im Soo-jung, who wears her lacy beaded gown like a pro.

I love how confident Kim Go-eun looks—remember last year when she was the brand-new, fresh-faced ingenue cleaning up the awards shows for her role in Eun-gyo?

Speaking of new faces, here’s New Actress nominee Jung Eun-chae (Nobody’s Daughter Haewon). It’s a little casual for a red carpet, and now that I’ve seen her at a couple awards shows, I’m thinking perhaps slouchy and messy isn’t a mistake but just her aesthetic. Maybe she’s a hipster?

Daniel Choi! I love youuuuuu.

I would say the same of Choi Jin-hyuk (Heirs), but I fear getting trampled to death by several hundred of his rabid fans. It’s okay, I will love from afar.

Joo Sang-wook (Good Doctor) is a good-looking man. That said, I don’t know if anyone can make brown suits look great, and not like a remnant of your ’70s-themed retro costume party.

Aww, I can’t hate on Jo Jung-seok, especially on the night he didn’t win the Supporting Actor award for The Face Reader. But… that slicked hair… that waiter’s jacket from the Copacabana… sigh.

I think Lee Byung-heon’s jacket is made of velvet patterned into flowery shapes. He still looks good.

Moon Jung-hee, nominated for Hide and Seek, is rocking a gown that looks like the epitome of unforgiving. I’m not entirely sure sitting is recommended in that fitted satin, but I love how it pops on the red carpet. (Uh, let’s just hope it doesn’t pop any other way.)

It looks like So Yi-hyun (Top Star) saved herself from having a nip-slip moment on the red carpet when one side fell off her shoulder. Which, phew. Although I’m not sure that would’ve been the most boob we saw at the event even if it had happened. Oh, you’ll know what I mean when you get there.

Park Ji-soo won in the New Actress category for her movie Mai Ratima, which happens to be the film directed by actor Yoo Ji-tae.

There’s a distinct “Woman in White/gothic nightgown” quality to the gown worn by Nam Bo-ra, but I still like it, mostly because it’s styled simply and plays up her youthful freshness. Also: points for comfy! Who wants to go to an fancy gig and have to suck in your stomach all night?

Not Jang Young-nam, certainly (she’s pregnant). She was nominated for Supporting Actress for Werewolf Boy.

Another supporting actor nominee was Jo Jin-woong, for Hwa-yi. He always seems a little uncomfortable on the red carpet, though he certainly knows how to let that go when he’s acting the hell out of a role.

Sexy ajusshi (and real man) Ryu Seung-ryong didn’t win for Miracle in Cell No. 7 this time, but he did win back at the Grand Bells so they’re just spreading around the love.

Lee Joon (Rough Play) looks a little white-faced and dark-circled in some photos, but I’m going to trust that that’s got to do with makeup more than, say, latent vampiric tendencies.

Thank you, Jeon Mi-sun (Supporting Actress nominee, Hide and Seek), for wearing a color, any color at all. I wouldn’t have even cared if it were a pretty one, but as it turns out, she looks classy and polished.

Park Sung-woong was another nominee for Supporting Actor for New World. I love that flash of gold lining in his jacket, as much as I’m a little disappointed that the fun part never gets seen.

No awards or nominations for Ahn Sung-ki this year, but given his incredibly long track record of churning out commendable work, I expect to see him back on the lists in no time.

How’s this for an unlikely pair? Singer Insooni and pianist Lang Lang were both at the event as performers, and arrived on the red carpet together.

Sol Kyung-gu, Best Actor nominee and popularity award winner, came with his Wish director Lee Jun-ik:

There’s nothing really terrible about this gown on voice actress and SNL Korea performer Seo Yuri, but it feels all wrong—the shape(lessness), the fit, the baggy feeling, the saggy boob area. Also, it kind of looks like a dirty wedding dress?

How adorable. Here are two notable child actresses at the awards together, Lee Re of Wish and Kal So-won of Miracle in Cell No. 7. I love the look on Kal So-won’s face in that last picture.

Without that last photo, I would have dismissed this look on New Actress nominee Lee Eun-woo (Moebius), because the side angles make it look like it’s only going for the provocative see-through effect. But the color blocking from the front view is flattering enough to make it work.


It’s a heck of a lot better at being sexy than this number, for instance, which is as head-scratching as it is meant to provoke. Kim Hye-soo (The Face Reader) is known for being sexy and glamorous, and she usually works that to best effect in her red carpet selections, but this? FUG. LY. No defending it.

Even if you ignore the part where she’s obviously going for the peep-show factor (that side view is the bestworst at this, oy), the netting, the shaggy feathery Yeti sleeves, the puke green color? No no no.


And yet, is it better or worse than this choice by Kim Sun-young (Grand Outing, Moby Dick)? I am all for interesting body art, but whether or not hers are real tattoos (the consensus seems to be that it must be fake, but you never know), I just don’t know that this pulls together. Clearly the gown was designed to emphasize the artwork, but there’s so much going on that I feel like the patterns are fighting with each other for prominence. That lace train is distracting to no end; maybe it would have been better if the front were similarly paneled? Or if it were a minidress with no train? Orrrrrr maybe there’s no saving things.


107 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. apqaria

    Congratulation to the winners and you shared exactly my though when I saw Park Bo-young dress 😀

    • 1.1 KDRAMA addict

      guys its not same dress, just same looing material in different lenghts and designs

  2. shisuisen

    Gong Hyo Jin is so effortlessly beautiful~ Kim Min Hee too~

    I for one could never figure out Kim Hye Soo’s gown when I watched the streaming for Blue Dragon Film Awards. Her second gown was slightly better.

    Lee Jung Jae’s smile is just too ❤

    Congratulations to all winners~

  3. Jolyn

    Yeo Jin Gu~~~
    Enjoying him a lot in his sitcom (Potato Star) and please please grow up faster so we can see you being nominated in the Best Actor cateogry!!! 😀

  4. givemekimminjong

    Dammit Daniel Choi. That wink. Siiiiiigh.

    • 4.1 billie

      I like Choi Jin-hyuk (Heirs Kim Won), hair style best. Youthful, boyish look. I find this seem to be 2013 hair style for boys. Really look good. Don’t need heavy hair gel or hair spray.

  5. blokkoms

    Oh my, Kim Min-hee’s earrings are gorgeous – but Gong Hyo-jin’s shoes aren’t too bad either. 😀

    And Kim Hye-soo’s in an universally unflattering Gucci:

    Seriously, the top of that dress is insane – I particularly take issue with the sleeves.

    • 5.1 ladyluck

      That’s a GUCCI?!? I thought it was designed by her 5 year old niece or something.

    • 5.2 trotwood

      Yup. I LOVE Gong Hyo-jin’s shoes.

    • 5.3 jomo

      It’s almost as if she picked the ugliest, strangest one daring people to tell her it is beautiful.
      It looks like something the designer drew after waking up from a nightmare wanting to capture that horrible feeling.

      • 5.3.1 Momos

        Or,,, must be that “ghost – now you’re the prettiest” from MS looking out from her shoulder. And thus the feathers in an attempt to ward off the cold.

        • jomo

          LOL – Yes!! Like that hideous outfit poor Yi Ryung wore!!

          If only the feathers were in a jacket that hid the whole thing.

    • 5.4 Bidan Ran

      Kim Hye Soo is the sexiest Actress of all time. Period. She has so much confidence that even wearing what many considers a horrible dress, one can see she has real assets!!!

  6. Kiara

    Thanks for reminding us that Yeo Jin-gu is only 16yrs old :p. I kind of like Kim Min-hee’s dream-catcher dress lol. Kim Hye-soo sigh* terrible even for a Halloween costume. Joo Sang-wook, can I have your babies? So darn smexy.

    I lup Insooni, one of my favorite Korean diva. Congrats to Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae <3. Looking forward to Veteran and Big Match.

    Thank you JB, we don't get to see our movie stars that much so this is a treat. Can you just post a picture of
    Park Hae-il even he wasn't there? Lol

  7. sososo

    do they still practising corruption on the winner?looks easy to get an award now days especially to some who didn’t deserve it.

    “From the early 2000s, strong viewer objections to the awards ceremonies’ choices have also caused controversy. The Grand Bell Awards in 2001, in which the little-watched A Day won Best Director and Best Actress, drew particularly fierce outrage from viewers, leading to the resignation of the organizing committee and a new nomination system that factors in the opinions of ordinary viewers (for better or for worse).”

    A public opinion poll held in July 2004 was telling: when asked which local film awards ceremony they most respected, the greatest number of respondents (30%) answered “none.” The Baek Sang Art Awards (18.7%), Grand Bell Awards (18.7%), Blue Dragon Awards (14.8%), and Critics Choice Awards (11%) each claimed moderate levels of support.”

    “Judged by these criteria, Korea’s established film awards ceremonies fail the test of usefulness. Throughout their history, government interference and organizational mismanagement have resulted in a list of awardees that owe as much to personal/political connections as to artistic achievement. The Korean public seems to recognize this, and the awards ceremonies — though followed on TV and covered in the press — have nowhere near the influence on ordinary viewers that awards in other countries do.”

    • 7.1 Windsun33

      Interesting post and link. I hate to say that it confirms what I suspected, but it does.

    • 7.2 XiaXiaXia

      I wonder what they think of the music awards lol
      Probably 99.9% “none”.

  8. saranga

    favorite looks, in no particular order:

    1. so yi-hyun (ugh, white perfection)
    2. gong hyo-jin (body, body, body!)
    3. lee yeon-hee (the bold lip really topped off the look)
    4. jeon mi-sun (i just love red dresses on a red carpet- you’d think it wouldn’t work, but done right, can be so flattering)

    didn’t think much of kim go-eun’s dress. the style of it, combined with the deep eggplant hue, made her look just a tad too mature.

    those pictures of jung eun-chae remind me of shim eun-ha a bit.

    i actually really like kim hye-soo’s dress, it just didn’t work for her. but she still managed to look confident and daring. but i could see someone like han go-eun rocking that dress. basically somebody with tall, thin, supermodel proportions…

    • 8.1 ht

      Oh my, you spoke my mind.

      & I adore Jung Eun-chae, but every time I see her, she reminds me of !someone! yet I couldn’t put a name or face to her…. YES, it’s a bit of Shim Eun-ha. + a lil Lee Young-ae.

      I didn’t like the KHS’s dress (though I liked the one when she changed during the show), however, I do agree Han Go-eun could pull off the look.

    • 8.2 pogo

      Gong Hyo-jin’s so unusually slender even by Korean actor standard that you’d think she might be straight up-and-down in the loose clothes she usually wears, but the woman is actually a true hourglass figure (a very narrow one, but still). I love it when she shows it off!

  9. Dramafed1782

    I am sooooo happppyyyyy Lee Jung Jae finally won in a category. I haven’t seen the movie but the man was long overdue in for an award. Maybe he does suit the anti-hero roles with his powerful eyes. Love you oppa 😡

  10. 10 canxi

    So Yi Hyun and Lee Yeon Hee look very pretty. Love their dresses. Im So Jung as well.

    Daniel Choi looks so wonderful and happy <3

    And yay for Han Hyo Joo!! She is really coming into her own and doing amazing since switching to movies. But, I also want to see her in a drama again, too!

  11. 11 zia

    Miss Han Hoo Joo didn’t deserve that award and netizen are not happy either, but she looks so proud achieving it. Standard of Korean awards -so sad.

    • 11.1 lan nguyen

      tại sao bạn lại ko thích han hyo joo,trong khi cô ấy dễ thương,xinh đẹp và là diễn viên tốt?

      tôi nghĩ han hyo joo là number one,hehe

    • 11.2 lan nguyen

      han hyo joo so pretty,so beautiful and she is a best actress

      why you don’t like her?

    • 11.3 lan nguyen

      why you don’t love her

    • 11.4 Jackie

      I was shocked too. At first I thought she won a popularity award but then I was like “Han Hyo Joo won an award for ACTING?!?!?!”

      I should have known better though since most award shows are flukes anyways and not to take seriously.

  12. 12 tata

    OMG. Choi Jin Hyuuuuuuk. Hearts are poppin’ out of my eyesss. Too much candies in here 🙂 Joo Sang Wook, Lee Hyun Woo. Im so speechlessssss gaaaaaaah!

    Gong Hyo Jin. I love her. Soooo classsssyyy 🙂

    Ang Lee Yeon Hee. That dressss. Omo!! Stunning!


  13. 13 sososo

    When DB mentioned about the small circle in Korean movie world-I wonder where are the other actresses, actors. Is that hard to get into that line?

  14. 14 domino

    Gahh.. I love Gong Hyo Jin, she’s effortlessly chic. Her gown is perfect and her shoes is amazing!!

  15. 15 Yumi

    I love Daniel Choi also.

    Saw Insooni on Barefoot Friends. I couldn’t get over how much the shape of her face and her speaking voice reminded me of Gong Hyo Jin.

  16. 16 D's handphone

    harbard guy *right click, save*

  17. 17 Alixana

    So Yi Hyun looks wonderful in that white dress. She’s the fashion winner for me.
    I saw on Lang Lang’s facebook that he was performing with Insooni, hope I’ll be able to find a performance video. ^^

  18. 18 siwonsea

    han hyo jo best actress ?!?…

    • 18.1 risa

      My reaction exactly.

  19. 19 risa

    The Lee Jung Jae pix slay me. Particularly how he’s all James-Bond-esque suave in the 2nd shot, then the epitome of adorkableness with his little-boy smile in the next. Speaking of adorkabilty, Daniel Choi! I, too, love youuuuuu!

    Ryu Seung Ryong proves that Real Men can wear paisley. Excited that Ra Mi Ran won– I love her.

  20. 20 Uhnny

    Ahhh~ I really love Gong Hyo-jin!!! <3
    And hello there gorgeous Go Kyung-pyo! 😀

  21. 21 readlead

    Ah Gong Hyo Jin onnie, You looked so perfect last night. My personal most favorite of your appearance in red carpet. Perfectly lovely from top to bottom, love the hair, jewelry, dress and just so beautiful!

    So happy onnie and her best friend Kim min Hee won popularity award. Didnt expect it before, just thought that she would only present an award, no wonder she looked so surprise, hahaha. So, 2 years consecutively you won popularity award, hope next year you can win best actress award. please do more elegant and gorgeous role in future onnie like one in Happiness, M or Love Fiction!

    I dont hate Han Hyo Joo, but I do think there was more deserve actress to win that best actress award, and somehow I feel that she was kinda uncomfortable with her dress(?)

    In other side I’ve to admit that Lee Yeon Hee looked so fabulous!

    there was 3 goddesses, sadly, we couldnt see the lord of all korean men, so ji sub hehehehe

    and so sad actually I anticipated Ha Jung Woo to appear last night but maybe he was too busy(?) I mean he has two success movie of the year so….., oh well. T-T

    last, waaaah Park Bo Young, hahaha cute cute cute. So there is total 4 similar dress ?!, well at least she still looked good in it! 😀

    • 21.1 lan nguyen

      i think han hyo joo verry good,she is best actress

      u don’t say her no good,ok

      • 21.1.1 readlead

        dont worry dear, she is good, I adore her and like her too just for this time since I watched the other nominator’s movie too, she is rank 5th among all best actress nominations. I also like her personality 🙂

  22. 22 ht

    Insooni and Lang Lang totally slayed last night.

    I didn’t like Kim Go-eun’s look at all. 🙁 The dress was way too mature for her age, when she could easily pull off the sweet, lovely look. Too much bb cream on the guys, especially the idol actors. I was shocked when I saw Im Seul-ong. & Kwangsoo didn’t walk the red carpet?

    Goodness, no way Han Hyo-joo could have won the Best Actress award. No… way. I like HHJ (for her personality) but I mean, really? Cold Eyes was overrated anyway.

    I wish Park Sung-woong/Jo Jin-woong won instead of Lee Jung-jae but I have not seen The Face Reader so I can’t say much, but LJJ was one of the weakest in New World…

    So, so happy for Hwang Jung-min. Wow, best film and best screenplay? I’m intrigued to see Wish (or Hope) now, though I have to wait for another five months. Congrats to all winners.

    • 22.1 Celery

      Agreed on HHJ. I enjoyed the movie – it is no doubt a good and well-made action thriller but it isn’t groundbreaking or as great as the critics make it out to be. Good but definitely not great.

      And her performance in it was blah and weak in my opinion so her getting the Best Actress Award surprised me. And they really need to implement a rule about actors wearing circle lenses – if it’s not part of character moulding, please get them to make do with it.

      • 22.1.1 Celery


      • 22.1.2 maymay

        Oh I saw cold eyes too and since I know it’s a remake of a Hong Kong movie (Eye in the sky) which I thought was great. It has acquired a more korean flavor in the remake and while I enjoyed it – HHJ didn’t quite stood out like the Hong Kong actress in her role (Kate Tsui).

        She was fine in it but it didn’t felt like a best actress kind of performance for me. Is there a lack of serious contenders for best actress this year?

        • Celery

          That’s what I thought too! Someone on the Open Thread told me that wasn’t the case though – there were better performances. Perhaps they just wanted something related to Cold Eyes to win?

          It definitely wasn’t best actress kind of performance for me either :/

          • Celery

            Oops, I realized that the someone was ht, lolol.

            Am bad with online nicknames! Or rather, I don’t usually pay much attention to them, haha 😀

          • ht

            Haha, Hi Celery, after reading all the comments on HHJ, I think I was being too harsh on her… I kind of feel bad now, lol. The thing is, I watched the film with high expectations after hearing all the never-ending praises for the movie, in the end I was left disappointed. (and imo….. the rain scene was rather silly.)

    • 22.2 canxi

      Aww, I am really happy for Han Hyo Joo–I really do think she is doing great now and her acting has improved a lot. But, I haven’t seen Cold Eyes yet and don’t know who else was nominated.

      Well, it doesn’t seem like there is too much wtfery this year, so who knows.

      • 22.2.1 Celery

        Cold Eyes is good entertainment. The kind of movie you sit back, relax and watch. Nothing groundbreaking, but really well-made. Somewhat like Mission Impossible ala Borne Identity… along those lines, lol.

        I don’t follow her career so I wouldn’t know how advanced she is as an actress, but I honestly don’t think she deserved the award based on her performance in CE. Nothing against her though.

        Given how political award shows are, they probably wanted something related to Cold Eyes to win since the other nominees for Best Film all won something? I dunno.

        • canxi

          Ah, I understand. Maybe.

          I will not even pretend to understand the politics of awards shows, lmao.

          • Celery

            Haha, I tried.

            I wonder if the actors/actresses actually take it as seriously as the viewers do. Probably not if they are well acquainted with the (underlying) politics.

    • 22.3 Laura

      yes park sungwoong was AMAZING in new world but I don’t agree with you on lee jungjae. I mean with a cast that includes choi minsik, hwang jungmin, park sungwoong and lee jungjae ofc one of them is bound to be weaker than the others but that doesn’t mean they didn’t do a good job in the movie.

      • 22.3.1 ht

        Lee Jungjae did a decent job but his acting was forgettable despite having 60% of the screen time. He appeared in almost every scene but after the movie ended, the two most memorable performances I would love to applause for, are from Hwang Jung-min and Park Sung-woong. I dare say PSW was better than CMS (and he’s my FAVEEEE actor) and LJJ even though PSW’s role was the least significant out of all four. I do think that their characters were pretty poorly written, but my opinion still stands.

        • Celery

          I have to agree with HT.

          I caught New World yesterday and 10 minutes into it, I was like why did LJJ not get nominated for Male Actor when he’s like hogging the screen 80% of the time!? Ans: He faltered pretty badly at the key scenes me feels (though spotty writing probably contributed a fair bit to his take on the character), and that might have caused him a nomination.

          CMS was da bomb. Dude was born to act – I haven’t watched anything with him in it (Old Boy doesn’t count cos I only caught parts of it). I was actually more impressed with PSW than HJM. And the assassin hobos, LOL, dude who played one of them was:

          a) ruthless gangster in Cruel City
          b) dodgy broker in Cold Eyes
          c) drunkard gambler/ex-con framed for murder in IHYV

          All within the span of 2013, lol.

          The one thing I took serious issue with the movie was the hyped twist. I kinda saw it coming a mile away :((((( Otherwise, I enjoyed it. The elevator scene was :OOOOOOO

  23. 23 yoeda

    Jo Jung Suk!!! almost cry seeing his tux last nite and really have a hard urge to fly to SK and fire his cordi. LMAO. couldnt blame that hair coz he still filming King Wrath now.

    Couldnt expert Han Hyo Joo win best actress either but Blue Dragon is award that also base on viewers vote beside jury choice. international viewers also can vote. thats why we can see there’s truly no film dominated the awards like Golden Bell before.

    Have to agree with JB about seeing the similar face. we can see more face in drama but for the film the director seem to trusted the same face that bring the success. common, who dont want to pick an award winning also box office star like Song Kang Ho, Kim Min Hee, Hwang Jung Min or Jo Jung Suk for their film?

  24. 24 Celery

    GHJ is the winner for me here. So effortlessly elegant and cute and chic. The rest… meh. I saw both HHJ and lady in white at BIFF irl and they looked marvellous there. Here not so.

    I don’t get what the last lady is wearing. Are those her bare boobs showing or is it a nude bra of sorts?

    • 24.1 canxi

      Gong Hyo Jin always looks great, to me *o*

    • 24.2 pogo

      I love that GHJ is wearing a watch. A watch! And not one of those silly little bracelet watches, but a proper one with a leather strap.

      • 24.2.1 Celery

        And that watch is said to be worth 21k! :00000

        • pogo

          oooh, any idea of the brand? I know watches can run seriously expensive, especially if they’ve got any jewellery detailing (diamond-set dial, etc).

          • opheliadrowning

            It’s a Van Cleef & Arpels watch–you can tell by their signature clover shape. I wonder if she owns it or if it is a loaner?

        • readlead

          No, the watch is about $74k.

          • Celery

            Oops, I think I might have mixed up the price with the ring or something.

            All in all, goddarn expensive!

  25. 25 hibz

    Haha so much ugly and yet so much goodness
    My only piont is the teen actors 15 16 ones who actually oook more twenty something loooove them stilll

  26. 26 aa

    I agree on the similar and regular faces in the nominees and winners. Sight.

  27. 27 aa


  28. 28 maldita

    Lee Yeonhee had the best overall look that night. 🙂

  29. 29 pogo

    I know it’s black, but Gong Hyo-jin makes that dress WORK here. That simple cut + perfect styling/accessorising (I died at the waist detail and back, she does that severe-but-sexy thing so well)… wonder people call her a style icon.

    I love her and Kim Min-hee for showing the rest of the red carpet how it’s done, and it makes me squee really hard that they’re such good friends irl.

    • 29.1 pogo

      And also, they’re both ample proof of the saying that women who aren’t conventionally the prettiest (not saying they aren’t pretty, just that their looks are not standard for k-ent) often have the best style.

      • 29.1.1 Celery

        I was at the BIFF red carpet and it was really a cringe-fest to see how heavily “plastic-surgerized” the stars were (with a few exceptions). It’s more obvious when you are like what, less than one metre away from them.

        I have nothing against plastic surgery but it’s really pretty sad to see how pertinent and necessary it is in the media industry in Korea for actors/actresses to attain its standards of conventional prettaaayy. Which is why those who are natural beauties (I say that with a pinch of salt cos’ they might have gone under the knife too) like GHJ, KMH and the Empress Ki actress (she was the most gorgeous on the red carpet – I was blown away when she appeared in that simple white dress) look much better IMO. Especially more so IRL.

        • pogo

          I have no moral issues with plastic surgery either as long as the result doesn’t end up looking unnatural. Some of my favourite young actors have indeed gone under the knife, and it doesn’t change the greatness of their work (Lee Jong-seok, Lee Bo-young and Lee Yubi are just my most recent faves), while there are some lauded ‘natural beauties’ who probably have no business acting at all.

          That said, it is sad that the kdrama/Chungmuro ‘look’ has become so standardised/enforced now. I feel like unconventional beauties like GHJ and KMH were far more likely to break out into lead territory ten years ago than they would be now – the comments about Answer Me 1997’s Jung Eun-ji (saying that she’d have a hard time getting lead roles because she doesn’t have the expected leading lady face) make me really sad.

          • Celery

            Yeah. I felt really uncomfortable looking at the stars, arriving one by one, with the same manufactured and manipulated faces. I mean, it looks good enough for TV or print but it is just surreal and in-your-face fake irl :((

          • pogo

            I don’t exactly blame the actors for doing it as a career move (the naturally beautiful are already unfairly blessed, I can’t hate on those who buy their looks from a surgeon), but I wish there was more of an appreciation in Korea for the beauty of imperfections – or the jolie-laide, if you will.

            And it really gets my goat sometimes, when actors who looked perfectly fine to begin with, get their faces tweaked so the very features that made them stand out get altered out of existence (Lee Min-ho’s jawline!)

          • Celery

            Yeah, definitely no hate for the players. But without a doubt tsk-tsking at the game. Crazy standards of beauty, seriously, and the pressure manifests itself everywhere from regular peeps to stars.

            I am almost going off topic but there is a whole lot of subconscious social commentary going on in my head as the stars strut their stuff at BIFF. It’s just so uncomfortable to see the effects of that pressure x 1000 because of the sheer number of celebs with their neatly shaved noses and Euro-inspired eyes. Almost like seeing dolls tumbling out of a factory line *shudder*

            Oh, and I saw a screenshot of LMH in Heirs and he looks… different. In a bad way.

  30. 30 XiaXiaXia

    Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae !!! I love New World, not the most original film but still pretty damn good anw.

    And “Wish” as the Best Picture, congratulations!

  31. 31 damianna

    can i like BE gong hyo jin for a day? can i?

  32. 32 lan nguyen

    han hyo joo verry good

  33. 33 lan nguyen

    han hyo joo han hyo joo han hyo joo fightting

  34. 34 fatul

    I just love GHJ here. She looks so damn pretty. Effortless beauty.

  35. 35 ravens_nest

    I totally agree about Joo Sang Wook’s brown tux.

    He should have swapped this suit out for one of the totally-not-80s suits he wore in Giant.

    PS. Gong Hyo Jin looking too fabulous in that black with silver accessories. <3

  36. 36 Elaine

    Choi Jin Hyuk is looking hella yummy. But I’m so so so having a crush (girl crush yes) on Kim Go Eun. So nice to see a fresh face and she looks like a pro on the red carpet.

  37. 37 girl

    Congrats to all winners! Being a HHJ fan, I actually feel happy and scared for her that she had won Best Actress. Scared because I know there will be alot of antis giving negative comments abt her. Tbh, her performance in Cold Eyes was great but not to the extent for a Best Actress. I think she feels this way too cuz she was so shocked when her name was being called out and was a little teary as she walked up the stage to give her speech..

  38. 38 Tampopo

    I’ve never even heard of Lee Eun-woo, but she wins by a landslide here. Sexy from every angle. And, those had better be fake tattoos defacing the otherwise amazing body of Kim Sun-young! 🙁

  39. 39 Emily

    I adore the bodywork of Kim sun young. so pretty! A pity its fake – woulda been hell of a statement if real. of course, the dress doesn’t show it off well at all. A basic black dress with suitable cutouts or see through bits actually would have worked well in that case!

  40. 40 Noelle

    Daniel Choi was the cutest ever. Love him

    Kim Hye Soo was a disappointment. I always lover her clothes but for some god awful reason she chose this thing to (sorta) cover herself with. Did she lose a bet?

  41. 41 junjae

    Gosh!Gong Hyo Jin!!! So gorgeous! Kim Min Hee too!

    • 41.1 amy

      Gong Hyo Jin!!! natural beaty! love from Malaysia!

  42. 42 miookk

    this year blue dragon award’s winner too different from Daejong. congratulation for all winners

  43. 43 Locturne

    I actually like the last actress’s outfit, it’s fun, especially the colourful tattoos, so pretty! usually I don’t like this new trend of wearing a transparent trail attached to a skirt, but she’s working it!

  44. 44 dearly

    Kim Sun-young’s dress looks tacky and cheap. Beautiful lady but what an ugly dress.

  45. 45 Perrie

    For me Lee Yeon Hee wins best dress, Jeon Mi Sun wins most fun dress, Kim Hye Soo (I’m so disappointed in her) win WTF dress and Daniel Choi wins my heart.
    I’m so happy for Yeo Jin Gu. Proud noona fan here!

  46. 46 CMB

    So… that’s korea folks…

    BH entertainment surely well connected…

    Shin Se Kyung should follow hhj’s path …

    • 46.1 Mei Hwa

      hhj must be singing “my way” now…

  47. 47 a8

    Han Hyo Joo looks surprised too. I watched the HK original version of Coldeye – Eye in the Sky. I like HK version better but HHJ has better and more dynamic acting than Kate Tsui, the lead actress of HK version. Coincidentally, Kate also won best new actress from the film too. And HHJ also won best actress from Buil. Guess this movie is a female award factory – nothing ground breaking but a great pop corn killer.

  48. 48 Momo

    Gong Hyo Jin is the best!!! I’m so jealous of her body and fashion sense. Perfect!!!

  49. 49 Taber

    Moon Jung-hee love it!

  50. 50 Sajen

    “Uhm Jung-hwa, nominated for Best Actress for her thriller movie Montage, always kind of scares me a little on the red carpet. To be fair, she did kill a giant bat and wear it on her boobs as a warning to us all, I’m pretty sure. ”

    That cracked me up, and I’m pretty sure my parents think I’m crazy now.

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