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Blue Dragon Awards 2008
by | November 20, 2008 | 77 Comments

Kim Haneul and Kang Ji-hwan

Did the Blue Dragon Awards sneak up on us this year or what?

As one of the largest year-end awards shows, the Blue Dragon always tends to draw out a good number of A-listers, and we saw plenty of them out on the red carpet on November 20 and posing pretty for photos.

One big winner of the night was the “kimchi Western” The Good, The Bad, The Weird, as was the thriller The Chaser and even the sports movie Forever the Moment, from way back in January.

But, as with any awards show, sometimes the fun is less about the actual awards and more about parsing all the red carpet looks.

Winners List:

Best Picture: Forever the Moment
Best Director: Kim Ji-woon (The Good, The Bad, The Weird)
Best Actor: Kim Yoon-seok (The Chaser)
Best Actress: Sohn Ye-jin (My Wife Got Married)
Best Supporting Actor: Park Hee-soon (Seven Days)
Best Supporting Actress: Kim Ji-young (Forever the Moment)
Best New Actor: So Ji-sub, Kang Ji-hwan (A Movie is a Movie)
Best New Actress: Han Ye-seul (Miss Gold Digger)
Best New Director: Lee Kyung-mi (Crush and Blush)
Cinematography: Lee Mo-gae (The Good, The Bad, The Weird)
Lighting: Kang Dae-hee (Modern Boy)
Music: Park Joon-seok (Go Go 70)
Art Direction: Jo Hwa-sung (The Good, The Bad, The Weird)
Technical Skills: Insight Visual (Modern Boy)
Scriptwriting: Lee Kyung-mi, Park Chan-wook (Crush and Blush)
Popularity Award: Seol Kyung-gu, Kim Haneul, Jung Woo-sung, Sohn Ye-jin
Honored Popularity Award: Choi Jin-shil
Most Attended Korean Film: The Good, The Bad, The Weird
Best Couple: Kim Joo-hyuk, Sohn Ye-jin (My Wife Got Married)

Winners: Kim Yoon-seok (The Chaser), Sohn Ye-jin (My Wife Got Married), Han Ye-seul (Miss Gold Digger), and Park Hee-soon (Seven Days)

Kang Ji-hwan and So Ji-sub accept their awards for A Movie is a Movie; the guys of The Good, The Bad, The Weird

Sohn Ye-jin (My Wife Got Married) is a goddess. Her dress’s single beaded strap is elegant and pretty, and she racks up yet more awards to her name:

Su Ae, also a goddess, is having a phenomenal year with her role in You’re Far Away. I love her in this gorgeous forest green, enough that I will choose to ignore what looks like gold-plated oversize brooches stuck to the front of her skirt:

Does anyone think that Kang Ji-hwan may have been indifferent about coming with his Civil Servant Class 7 co-star Kim Haneul? He sure isn’t looking AT her, even though her legs look pretty awesome and her hair, ever the source of envy, is lovely as usual:

Jung Jun-ho (The Last Scandal of My Life) and Kim Hye-soo (Modern Boy). From a distance, Kim Hye-soo is her usual glamorous self, but up close, her dress is kind of a disaster. I don’t know what’s up with the wonky stitching, but it’s like some student ran out of thread and just started zigzagging it through a sheet of black fabric haphazardly. At any moment those threads may burst and we’ll be seeing a lot more of Kim Hye-soo, if ya get my drift. And yet, she wears it with aplomb, because she is Kim Hye-soo:

Oh, Lee Jung-jae (Disturbance in Her Barroom), you can do no wrong.

When I say that Han Ye-seul (Miss Gold Digger) is looking oddly stiff and plastic here, I am not casting aspersions onto the status of surgery history. Rather, I mean she looks like a life-size Barbie Doll (take that, Han Chae-young!). Also, her dress is pretty but looks like it belongs at the top of a wedding cake. Actually, SHE looks like she belongs at the top of a wedding cake:

So Ji-sub (A Movie is a Movie). I don’t have much to say about his look. I guess I should just be happy he isn’t doing the chic hobo or a preppy bag lady with cornrows look tonight.

Old-school glam is back with Han Chae-young (Boys Before Flowers)! This dress has the opposite effect of a lot of other dresses, where it looks fab from far away and against the red carpet, but rather garish up close. But it’s okay, ’cause we’re all looking at her lovely face anyway, right?

Go Jun-hee (General Hospital 2) is stunning:

Gong Hyo-jin (Crush and Blush) kind of fades into her gown, and her muted makeup doesn’t help, but up-close the dress is really lovely.

Uhm Tae-woong (Devil) accompanies Moon Sori (Forever the Moment). It’s always so cute when people color-coordinate.

Lee Byung-heon (The Good, The Bad, The Weird) is reliably well-dressed:

Jung Woo-sung in three pictures.
#1: Ooh la la.
#2: Does he think he’s still acting the gun-toting badass in The Good, The Bad, The Weird?
#3: It’s a life-size Jung Woo-sung action figure!

Lee Hana (Women in the Sun) looks pretty from a distance, but up close that dress is a mess (a total Monet?). The weird fit, the saggy floral gathering at the butt, the bad makeup? Not her best look.

Han Eun-jung (Lawyers of Korea), perfect:

It was a big night for Kim Joo-hyuk with his film My Wife Got Married. Here he does black-on-black-on-black, but mixes it up with different finishes and textures:

Kim Min-sun (Portrait of a Beauty) is pretty in pink, but I’m not really feeling the dress. Maybe it’s because she’s come out multiple times for film promo work sporting similar looks.

This first shot of Hwang Woo Seul-hye (Crush and Blush) doesn’t show her very well, but the shot itself is beautiful. The framing totally makes the shot:

When did Joo Ji-hoon (Antique Bakery) turn so smug and smirky?

Kim Yoon-seok (The Chaser) and Seo Young-hee (The Chaser) look classic and clean together:

I usually think black-and-white is too safe for big events like this, but Kim Yun-jin (Seven Days) works her simple gown. Love the way it drapes, love the big black bow:

Has Lee Bo-young (I Am Happy) gotten scary-thin all of a sudden? It’s startling.

Man, is Lee Ki-woo (A Star’s Lover) tall. I wish he’d gone for a tux instead of a plain black suit, though:

Lee Mi-sook (East of Eden) looks every bit the glamorous grande dame:

I hate the Christmas-bow bodice, but Lee Mi-yeon (Crazy in Love) seems to always love dressing up and showing off her pretty frocks:

Why is everyone so ridiculously tall these days? Lee Soo-kyung (Lawyers of Korea) looks even taller than usual in this black gown:

Shin Hyun-joon (Cain & Abel), crisp and clean, is always one of my red-carpet favorites:

Song Yoon-ah (On Air) looks terribly pinched and anxious in most of her photos from the event. Wonder what the backstory is there…

Park Shi-yeon (The Sweet Life) and Kim Kang-woo (Bichunmu) look okay, if nondescript, from the ankles up. But. Those. Shoes. Her dress says “I’m going to a formal event with my pet possum,” but the shoes say, “But let me stop at the strip club first.”

I’m sorry, Wonder Girls fans, but So-hee looks awful. Her dress is inoffensive, but she needs to either fire her makeup artist, or get one. And learn how to pose. And to sing.

Lee Young-hoon (GP506), Park Hee-soon (Seven Days), Ha Jung-woo (HIT) with Jung Kyung-ho (Boys Don’t Cry)

Ahn Sung-ki (Divine Weapon), Kim Nam-gil (Modern Boy), Im Won-hee (Gourmet):

And, yes, the event presented a posthumous special award to the deceased but beloved Choi Jin-shil. RIP.

Via Star News, Newsis

77 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. otk

    no east of eden winners ? so its going to be next year for them riite ? lol only one EoE red carpet scoop .

    but the others look great, except ya Sohee looks creepy..

    btw, last scandal 2 is cancelled right ? Iam glad they gave an award to choi jin shil ^.^ great actress RIP

  2. AIYA

    WHOOO!!! The first post…that’s a first for me! Great pics! Thanks!!!!

  3. javabeans

    otk, these awards were for films only.

  4. S H A Y

    I want Lee Mi Yeon’s dress.

  5. kotatsulove

    Lee Soo-Kyung is SO ADORABLE! look at her big smile in that first picture!

  6. rocketfuel

    Kim Haneul almost has really nice legs.

  7. orr

    haha i think we WANT kang ji hwan to be uninterested in her.

  8. crazylazybum

    yeah!!!totally agree bout sohee!!!

  9. Dele

    Ki Woo is sooooo handsome….I

  10. 10 deeta

    You know who’s most surprising for me? Gong Hyo Jin. I can almost always count on her to come with the weirdest, most eventful, and sometimes down right faux pas dress of the night. And I totally love her strange sense of fashion. Sadly, she might have finally hired herself a stylist.

  11. 11 mzpakipot

    Quick question? Is this award equals to Oscars?
    Lee Ki Woo-hottie.

  12. 12 paranblue

    -post #7 orr- i tottally think you’re right hehehe πŸ˜€

    ahahhahahhaahh.. love and agree with (90%) of your comments!!!

    -maybe you should be a stylist as well as a blogger (teehee) – cuz mann, do some of these people need help….

    -and really kang ji hwan seems like hes being dragged by an annoyed and frustrated kim haneul LOL
    -agree, sohee’s makeup is AWFULLY done, and yes the pose is errr cutte……..
    -lee hana also… uhhh not great choice in makeup or dress or hair…. (or maybe im being harsher cuz uh hum… shes replacing YDHLL…. rawrrrr)
    -and man o man,,, lee ki woo…. i personally dont think he can look phenomenal in any piece of clothing… just cuz hes just too tall… >->
    -song yoon ah… shes practically jogging in her dress… lolll and you can even tell by the pics shes out of breath hehehe (running late maybe)
    -kim hye soo’s dress is just plain awkward… and shes the mc for the night… so yea….-_-;;;
    -looll… what happened to his idn, his ‘image’ he seems too slick…and yea “smirky.” >_<;;;

    anyways thanks for sharing your thoughts on the blue dragon awards ^_^- enjoyed it very muchh!!

  13. 13 bebe


  14. 14 Sere

    Oh pretty, pretty pictures!

    Has anyone watched Antique Bakery yet?

  15. 15 nileey

    Oh wow, love this post. Some of you comments are spot on! (e.g. Han Ye-seul).

    And Kim Ha Neul certainly looks gorgeous there!

  16. 16 amy

    I just finished watching the awards and boy Jung Jun-ho was a horrible host this time.. I don’t know who’s to blame, him or the people who coordinated this event but he was so unprofessional. I hope he doesn’t host this award show anymore. Kim Hye-soo on the other hand was very good.

    Thanks for the post though.. I enjoyed reading your comments πŸ˜‰

  17. 17 fizzle

    Congrats to So Ji Sub, Kang Ji Hwan, and the lovely Son Ye-jin (who looks absolutely stunning, as always)! I’m so glad SJS has his old look back.

    Lee Ki Woo looks like the gigantic, manly version of Kim Bum and this Kim Kang-woo feller looks like he could be Kwon Sang Woo’s little brother.

  18. 18 Anonymous

    Dramabeans, i truly love your comments. they make me laugh and that gave me a good break from my midterm exam cramming πŸ˜€

  19. 19 din

    aww.. i miss choi jin shil..

    it sucks that i only got to know her in last scandal πŸ™
    i was looking forward to season 2 too..

    but alas.
    and i don’t blame you CJS.
    you’ll always be special.
    RIP dear.

  20. 20 ames4eva

    hey javabeans, this is kinda unrelated (though I do love the photos, thanks!) but how do u hide some of the content of this page on ur homepage so that people have to click on a link to see the rest of the article?

    I’m trying to work it out on WORDPRESS but to no avail (I thought I was more computer literate but obviously not enough!)

    If you could send a msg to my email account thats included with this comment, I’d really appreciate it πŸ™‚
    thanks in advance!

  21. 21 all4movies

    Lol at your comment on Joo Ji-hoon being “smug and smurky”, when is he not?

  22. 22 Aazmi

    *looks at Sohn Ye-Jin and Kim Ha Neul’s…ehem…legs*


    Kim Ha Neul was definitely trying to be fun and flirty with her short dress. And, Sohn Ye Jin has definitely done it again as you would expected her to do so, she looked impeccable, choosing to accentuate her best feature; her toned shoulders.

    One thing though, I just wished all the girls would just ditch the faux fur thingy they wore on/over their shoulders. It lends nothing to their overall look whatsoever.

  23. 23 starz12

    Jo Ji Hoon is looking more like Shin Hyun Joon in this picture.
    i love Son Ye Jin’s dress, i think its gorgeous.
    Kim Haneul looks fabulous, but i thought i already saw her wearing a dress something similar to this. she still looks good no matter how i see it.
    So-hee, what the hell is she doing in here? if she’s gonna attend the party, at least wear something nice. sorry to offend you, but the dress is not my type and the big thing is, Fix her make up ,did she do that hereself? she looks like she’s going clubbing..

  24. 24 eevee

    AHHHHH i love u for being brave enough to criticize sohee, i mean shes awful! and wondergirl fans are crazy. im so scared to say anytrhing remotely bad about them, er, just sohee really.

  25. 25 nayong

    i like Kim Ha Neul and Son Ye Jin dress.they are beautiful

  26. 26 wandergirl

    So many nice outfits from the ladies! My faves: Sohn Ye-Jin, Han Eun-Jung (I think it’s because of the first photo; it captures the sway of her hips perfectly)

    I also love the looks of these three ladies: Su Ae, Go Jun-Hee and Kim Yun-jin
    All very similar gowns but they look so comfortable!

  27. 27 gom3malee

    Thanks for the post Javabeans!

    Gong Hyo Jin is wearing the same dress Choi Ji Woo wore for her new drama “A Star’s Lover” poster!! Isn’t that a huge faux pas?

  28. 28 sonam

    Kim Haneul looks fabulous. This is how a star should look like on the red carpet. Awesome!

  29. 29 alice

    lots of guys.. in black suits. it gets repetitive. i don’t notice the details as much.

    ps. how is ji sub up for new actor? he isn’t a new actor is he?

  30. 30 saryKIM

    Gawd, I want to say the same thing about Sohee. Learn to sing, little girl! And yea, she looks like she’s going to go clubbing with that makeup. BLeh.

    Wow, Kim Haneul, Han Yeseul, Han Eunjung, Soo Ae… they all look gorgeous. And I’m starting to like Lee Ki Woo more and more these days…

    But omg, I have to agree with your comment about Lee Bo-young. She looks freaking skinny all of a sudden. I don’t remember her like that before! Don’t tell me she’s become a victim of the whole thinning down thing going on, like with Jung Ryeowon and stuff…

  31. 31 sonam

    Shin Hyun Joon doesn’t let his suit wear him. He owns it totally. The most elegant man in Korea.

  32. 32 pabo ceo reom

    Great hair AND legs?!?!

    Damn, I hate Kim Haneul.

  33. 33 yMa

    Kim Haneul looks amazingly gorgeous here, her legs really are awesome lol.

    Her dress says β€œI’m going to a formal event with my pet possum,” but the shoes say, β€œBut let me stop at the strip club first.”
    LMAO! your comments always seem to make me laugh out loud. =)

  34. 34 lovelovelovee

    agreed about sohee. isnt she a little young to be wearing things that short anyways?! i bet if one of the other girl idol groups wore that there would be major bashing.

    but i must say joo ji hoon is looking hot as everr!
    my dress has got to be Sohn Ye-jin. she looks absolutely gorgeous. i wish i could get a dress like that.

  35. 35 ripgal

    First of all, congrats to all the winners of the nite! Esp Kang Ji Hwan and So Ji sub <333 I managed to catch their victorious moment on stage, and I JUST COULD NOT STOP SWOONING….=P

    Lee Jung Jae and Lee Byung Heon looked the best for me. (tho the guys almost always look the same in tux and suits..)

    As for the girls, I really liked Son Yeh Jin, Han Eun Jung and Gong Hyo Jin’s dresses. They pulled off their dresses with near perfection IMO.. esp SYJ, she was just like what you said, the Goddess of the nite! (She was so freaking lovely!)

    KHN looked good, but the dress was a bit too short for her? And the fur, OOPS.. big NO NO~

  36. 36 dramafreak19

    Kang Ji Hwan!!

    When did Joo Ji Hoon’s head get so big??

  37. 37 popcorn

    Wow they look better than the last one I saw…

    I really like Sohn-Ye Jin, Gong-hyo jin, Han Eun-jung, and Go Jun-hee dresses. TT__TT I wish I can wear them…

    Now I want to go shopping lol.

  38. 38 jippo

    The fur trend drives me bonkers!

  39. 39 ohgeeze.

    LOL at Sohee.

    God Lee Kiwoo’s hot.

    And damn, Kim Haneul’s legs.

  40. 40 nayong

    pabo ceo reom

    you’re so rude. plz talked in the way polite people use.

    don’t envy other people if they got special.

  41. 41 mookie

    I’m with u jippo.

    I dont really like SYJ’s dress though, SHE is more than fine, impeccable and goddessy, but the dress is nth new for me. For goddessy, I like Go Jun-Hee’s more, it just looks more updated.

    The guys are all very put tog, but I do not like what JJH has on (it’s still put tog), and he’s looking quite pervie these days, and pervie on him is a turn-off (for me).
    @ dramafreak, r u asking ur Q figurative?! lol

    KJH is VERYVERY yummy. And count me in too, I’m not sure if that’s the reason I’m not liking KHN. (but pabo, she DOES have great great legs and hair)

  42. 42 jinkzz

    thanks for the recap and pictures javabeans.

    Congratulations to all the winners esp KANG JI HWAN and SO JI SUB.

    Ji Hwan looks really good…so happy for his win…hope he wins one more award…Best New Actor at Korean Film Awards.

  43. 43 Peepster

    although Sohee does look like she’s going to go clubbing, I’m loving her hair!

    Kim Haneul is gorgeous. Always have been, always will be.

  44. 44 Song

    aww, they were all so pretty and handsome!

    True about Sohee on where she needs some new makeup and a new posture! or pose!

  45. 45 missmanderley

    i was suprised to see Sohee of WG… isn’t this a film awards event? why is she there?

    mostly everyone looks amazing in their red carpet looks…

  46. 46 alchocoholic

    Love son yeh-jin & shin hyun-joon!!!

    Celebrities really know how to work a good tux/dress but I’m seriously hoping those stoles aren’t real fur!!

  47. 47 snoopyvkd

    Jung Woo-sung #3 cracks me up!
    I’m not complaining that Kang Ji Hwan wasn’t looking at Kim Haneul. By the way, why is her name all attached in one word unlike usual 2 words korean names?

  48. 48 omg

    i saw POPSEOUL just put up its post on this and they posted the exact same comments as you! i dun mean pix or news but this time they even copied ur comments on makeup and clothes and everything! but of course it’s popseoul so they didn’t credit anyone. >___<

  49. 49 Felicity

    Sohn Ye Jin is a godness alright, she practically glows. However, her dress is soo last season!

    Gong Hyo Jin is so boring this time and Lee Hana looks like an old lady with her hair and make-up like that. Disappointed with their choice of gowns. Han Ye Seul and Han Chae Young always pull off the glamourous Barbie looks, haha. I also like the simplicity of Kim Yun Jin’s white dress and black sash and Go Jun Hee looks like a sexy greek goddess.

    Lastly, the guys. Joo Ji Hoon has always had a smug and smirky face. He looks like a pimp here in that get-up. Moldy chocolate suit? Ekk.. Love Kang Ji Hwan, but his hair makes him look silly, hah. Lee Byung Hun, Lee Jung Jae and Shin Hyun Joon are so manly….*sigh*. And of course, Jung Woo Sung. My yummy macho man! πŸ™‚

  50. 50 formosa

    that 2 barbie girl han chae young and han ye seul… are so cute!!!!

    wwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooo!!!! was that kim ha nuel? look at that legs!!!!! hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    its so unfair…. lots of good looking female are present on that event… only few good looking men are there….or is there any?!

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