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2012 Blue Dragon Film Awards
by | November 30, 2012 | 120 Comments

The 2012 Blue Dragon Film Awards were held last night, and now it feels like we’ve entered awards season in earnest, following up on last month’s Grand Bell Awards.

There were a few of the same names and titles, but on the whole, I’d say the Blue Dragons were much more in line with what I would’ve projected, rather than being juggernauted by one film. I’m all for a film winning all the prizes it’s due, but there was something strange about having Gwanghae so overwhelmingly dominate the Grand Bells (it swept 15 of 23 categories!); it’s nice to see the love spread around with this ceremony.


Best Picture: Pieta
Best Director: Jung Ji-young (Broken Arrow)
Best Actor: Choi Min-shik (Nameless Gangster)
Best Actress: Im Soo-jung (All About My Wife)
Supporting Actor: Ryu Seung-ryong (All About My Wife)
Supporting Actress: Moon Jung-hee (Deranged)
New Actor: Jo Jung-seok (Introduction to Architecture)
New Actress: Kim Go-eun (Eun-gyo)
New Director: Kim Hong-sun (The Traffickers)

Cinematography: Kim Tae-kyung (Eun-gyo)
Lighting: Hong Seung-chul (Eun-gyo)
Music: Jo Young-wook (Nameless Gangster)
Art Direction: Oh Heung-seok (Gwang-hae, The Man Who Became King)
Technical effects: Yoo Sang-sub, Jung Yoon-heon (The Thieves)
Screenplay: Yoon Jong-bin (Nameless Gangster)
Short Film Award: Kang Won (Night)
Box Office Audience Award: The Thieves
Popularity Award: Ha Jung-woo (Nameless Gangster), Bae Suzy (Introduction to Architecture), Kim Soo-hyun (The Thieves), Gong Hyo-jin (Love Fiction)


First he gets a special judges award at Grand Bell, now it’s Best Picture for Kim Ki-duk. Now that he’s no longer the black sheep of Chungmuro, will his movies get any less hard-edged and aggressive? Or will we see him go even darker than he has with his achievement this year in Pieta? He’s here with his leading actress Jo Min-soo, who was nominated for Best Actress (though she didn’t win).


The actress award went instead to Im Soo-jung, who’s having a strong run with All About My Wife. I loved her look at the Grand Bells, but this ensemble, not so much. I get what she’s going for, and she pulls off the effect convincingly—it’s gothic and dramatic, very Angelina Jolie at the Oscars, with her red lips and white face and dark everything else. But I’m not a fan of that effect, and the hairdo seems so matronly.

Ryu Seung-ryong wins again! He not only won at the most recent Grand Bell Awards, but also in this very category at last year’s Blue Dragons. This year was for All About My Wife, while last year was for Bow: The Ultimate Weapon. When you’re such a perpetual name on the awards list, do you ever run out of things to say in your acceptance speeches?

Gong Hyo-jin was another nominee in the Best Actress category (for Love Fiction), and it took me a moment to decide what I felt about her gown, which actually looks a bit more eggplant-colored in other shots. She looks great and I like the effect. I just feel like I’ve seen it before, I guess? It’s one of the better gowns of the night, though, in my opinion.

Park Hae-il (Eun-gyo) is such a sexy bastard. He always has a movie in the running at these affairs, and often is up for a category himself.

Kim Haneul (last year’s winner for Blind) tends to pick gowns that could very easily go boring, but keeps them on the side of elegant. It’s a simple silhouette, but she looks awesomely pulled together, and I love her easy, classy hairstyle.

I can’t imagine that the glamorous movie star and probably clotheshorse Kim Hye-soo (The Thieves), pictured here with Yoo Joon-sang), would wear the same gown to more than one awards show. Thus logic dictates that she must pick new gowns that somehow all look just like each other. Does she have a walk-in closet at home dedicated solely to long, slitted, boat-necked black evening gowns? Would that be awesome, or a little bit creepy?


Omg. That strut. The confidence. The crisp tux. The Superman hair.

Work it, Kim Soo-hyun, work it.

Like Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Hae-sook was at the awards for The Thieves, and in fact arrived with director Choi Dong-hoon. It wasn’t a huge winner (though it had a number of nominations, including both Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Hae-sook, as well as Best Picture and Director), but picked up a few lesser awards.

Jo Jung-seok won a Newcomer award for playing the “Napdeuki” sidekick in Introduction to Architecture. Aw, he looks like such a mischievous little boy on the red carpet.


Go Ara was nominated as a newcomer for Papa, and steps it up a notch with a regal dark blue gown. Just the kind of thing a starlet might wear on the cusp of graduating to more mature leading roles.

The good: Park Bo-young (Wolf Boy) finally got a new dress! The bad: It’s… this one. I actually like the bright sunny color and the concept of a flowy, strapless number, but this looks sloppy to me. I do like bias cuts and asymmetry in hemlines, but not when you can so clearly see the underlining, which makes this look unfinished. Like you’ve got a harried designer backstage who just glued seams together and is chewing fingernails in agitation, madly hoping the thing stays together for the rest of the night.

Aw, Lee Kwang-soo, adorkable as usual. He was here as a Newcomer nominee as well (for All About My Wife), though I’d argue that it’s his drama Nice Guy that had the bigger profile.

I do not like this dress. Kim Min-hee (nominated for Helpless) likes to experiment with avant-garde and modern designs, and she looks pretty comfortable wearing all sorts of crazy things. I don’t think this one has that zing, although is saved from being too boring by the back.

Jaejoong (Jackal Is Coming) is back to looking like his usual fabulous idol self, with the pop-star haircut and the smart tux. Only, why the red eyes and the ghost-white face? He should really play a vampire. Preferably a vampire idol. Yes, I know they did that show, but you’ve got to admit that alien idol is a sadly underrepresented slice of vampire canon.


Kim Go-eun arrived at last month’s Grand Bells looking like the fresh-faced ingenue at her debut; here she picks up another award for Eun-gyo, the sleeper film with good buzz, and arrives looking every bit the next-generation leading lady. I have arrived!, seems to be the unspoken message.

Red was a popular choice, which I think was worn to good effect by most of the ladies who opted for it, though I’d give the crown to Kim Go-eun. Hong Su-ah (I Trusted Men) opts for a more structured look, with the high neck and peekaboo bust.

More red for Bae So-eun, a rookie actress who started in theater. Again, I like the look; I just think you can’t top the fresh-faced buzz actress who’s on a winning streak on the award circuit.

Remember when Kim Sae-ron showed up to all those awards ceremonies with Won Bin the year that Ajusshi was out? This time she’s on the arm of her My Neighbor co-star Kim Sung-kyun. Adorable.

Not a huge fan of the fur stole on Jang Young-nam (it ages her), but I love her anyway. She was also in My Neighbor, and nominated for it in the supporting category.

Moon Jung-hee took home that Supporting Actress award instead, for Deranged. She’s looking flawless in her chic blue gown.

Kim Dong-joon may be an idol (ZE:A), but he’s also got a budding acting career, with Company Man being his latest project. And yes, I totally see the Han Ga-in comparisons.

Park Ha-sun and Yoon Sang-hyun look so cute together, and I’m pretty sure their new movie Vocal Clinic (where she’s basically tone-deaf but wants to sing) is going to be adorable. They’ve both got the ability to throw themselves whole-heartedly into their comic characters without shame, and that makes them winning. As a bonus, I love her sparkly pink gown (and gold heels).

I am willing to bet cash money that Park Shi-hoo practices that pose in the mirror every day. It’s probably part of his daily regimen, along with the sit-ups and ab flexes. I have seen it at every red carpet and photo op he’s done, like, ever. It’s kind of awesomely predictable.

Hwang Woo Seul-hye (I Need A Fairy) opts for a flowy white gown, kept interesting with the black belt.

Han Hye-jin arrives with Jin Gu, looking crisp in her slate-gray (or is it periwinkle? Pictures will lie) gown. I love the detail on the straps.

Ha Jung-woo, I want to iron your pants or maybe swap them for ones that fit! Of course, that would entail removing said pants. There’s no way this plan is not good.

Ahn Sung-ki, still churning out great work, year after year, movie after movie. This time it’s for the based-on-a-true-life legal thriller Broken Arrow, which earned him a nomination in the Best Actor category.

Gong Hyung-jin (SNL Korea), lookin’ sharp. And happy—though doesn’t he always? It’s one of the things that makes him such fun.

Yoo Yeon-seok is a name I’m thinking I’ll have to take notice of—he’s a virtual unknown against two super-popular stars in Wolf Boy, but he’s drawn notice for the role. *Makes mental note*

Han Ye-ri drew notice for her role in As One, the heartwarming movie about table tennis players from North and South Korea, playing on a joint team that was based on a true story. It earned her a Newcomer nomination, though she didn’t win.

Aw, Jo Sung-ha. He’s the poster boy (man?) for the term “flower boy middle-aged man,” which is a terrible term to begin with, even though I see how it works in theory. But, you know, sometimes you don’t have to coin that word, when it’s a dumb word. I wonder how many tuxes this man has in his closet. When you go to this many awards shows over so many years, and you’re always rockin’ something a little bit different, they’ve got to add up.

Jung Ji-yoon isn’t a name I’m familiar with, but her movie The Traffickers put in a strong showing, and she was up for the Newcomer Award as well as the disappeared woman whose husband (Daniel Choi) goes on a desperate hunt to track down.

Kim Sumi was a winner at last year’s awards. I love her penchant for gowns you might expect on starlets one-third her age, but that she’s totally at ease wearing.

I love Ma Dong-seok (My Neighbor), who always plays those lovable gruff types. Or gangsters. But mostly lovable gruff types.

Yoon Jin-yi had a breakout playing young Meahri in A Gentleman’s Dignity, and looks adorable and fresh in her shimmery peach. The beading is lovely, and accessorized nicely with lots of sparkle.

Yoon-ju is another new face, most recently of the crime movie Dirty Blood). I feel like her gown is a variation on Gong Hyo-jin’s, though she wears it more awkwardly. It’s just a bit messier, like there’s too much going on—ombre skirt, sparkle detail, asymmetry, stiff bodies, sheer bottom… I liked Gong’s ultimately, but I think I’m gonna have to pass on Yoon-ju’s.


Okay. To be honest, I don’t like this gown of Moon Chae-won‘s. But I do like the effect, or maybe it’s how she wears it. She’s been on such a hot streak, and she’s riding that wave with confidence. Recall how she won at the Blue Dragons last year (Bow: The Ultimate Weapon), and that was also after having a smash drama with the lush fusion sageuk The Princess’s Man, and now she can add the character melo Nice Guy to her string of successes.

So yes, I suppose I’ll give her odd-fitting, half-matte, half-shiny, slitted-up-to-THERE black gown a pass, since she looks so fabulous anyway, topped off with great hair and makeup. But I still hate the shoes. Bo-ring.


Black was the other popular trend of the night, but Suzy opts for a cute short look. I was totally fine with her run of cute white party gowns for her big first year in movieland, but I love that she’s moved on, while still retaining her freshness. Funny how I don’t hate the black heels on her, though it’s probably because it works so well with the little black minidress.

More black on young Joo Da-young (Feast of the Gods), who has suddenly started looking like a young lady! She’s only 17 years old, and has been steadily working in child roles, but all of a sudden she’s shot up and put on heels and looks like a grown-up, almost.

Park Hyo-joo (The Chaser) wears black with the other big trend: huge slits. I’d point to her as an example of the slitted look down well, since it’s balanced with the boxy shoulders and her tall, strong posture.

It’s a little less successful on Uhm Jung-hwa (nominated for Dancing Queen), though I think that’s more the fault of her makeup and the vaguely leopard-print sleeves than the slit or the shape of her gown. I know she’s known for her strong fashion choices, but the makeup is garish and I can’t love this look. Boo.

But the black slit is worse on Kwak Hyun-hwa (Runaway Plan B), who… is only 31? Wow, that look ages her by a decade at least. It’s the combo of the slit and the plunging neckline and the shiny metallic stripes that tip this one into tacky territory…

Speaking of tacky… here’s Kim Ji-young (May Queen), who…? I… can’t even about this dress.


And yet, it’s nowhere near as bad as the one worn by Ha Na-kyung (New Gisaeng Story), who was clearly out to get noticed one way or another. That is not a look that makes you wonder, “Does she know I can see her underwear?” It’s a dress that screams, “Duh, otherwise what’s the point?”

In a hilarious/sad/ironic twist of fate, it turns out Ha Na-kyung got buzzed about after all, but perhaps not the way she intended—she took a tumble on the red carpet, and THOSE were the unsightly images splashed all across the interwebs. Oops.

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  1. kixbaby

    all the men look the same

    • 1.1 Danna

      I waa just thinking that…most of them anyways…they seem tired

      • 1.1.1 ladida

        I don’t know, I saw Park Hae Il and was like, “Hell-o.”

        • jomo

          Omagod, Park Hae Il always makes me go “Eep!” in a good way.

    • 1.2 Miss D

      For me, Kim Soo-hyun sure stands out. He looks….well…there’s just not enough words too describe how fantastically handsome he looks. I will admit that I might have just stared at his picture for a while with thoughts such as “beauty god” and “I bet he looks twice as good without the suit” running through my mind. So yeah, many of the men looked the same, but Kim Soo-hyun made quiet the entrance.

      • 1.2.1 Fidelity

        Yes, Kim Soo Hyun stood out amongst the men for me too; confident, but still kept that humble and likeable energy with him. Kim Soo Hyun!

    • 1.3 JO

      But the women, I would have to say, look great. I think there were barely any FAIL gowns in this show; in fact, everyone looks demure, and I like the cuts and colors. Maybe I just prefer fall color schemes. But there was no overwhelming black dresses or sparkles. That’s a plus.

      • 1.3.1 JO

        also…is that reallly suzy? it doesn’t look like her

  2. Matt

    MCW for the win! So lovely yet sexy all at the same time

    • 2.1 cg

      oho….cannot recognize so many of them 😉

  3. Pitch

    Moon Chae-won, my Queen <3

  4. Arhazivory

    LOL. That May Queen dress was horrid. But overall the fashions were quite nice at this ceremony. Thanks for the effort you put into this post. 😀

    I’m so happy for Jo Jeong Suk. Eunbot fighting!

  5. Jinny

    Ahh Park Ha-sun, Yoon Jin-yi and Park Hye-jin are my favorites. Especially Park Ha-sun. Hooray for Kim Soo-hyun and his swag heh. PSH is looking good too, can’t wait for Alice in Cheongdamdong to air!

  6. dewaanifordrama

    Thank you. Eye candy is always a pleasure to look at.

  7. Raine

    Moon Chae Won, my queen <333 Looks so fabulous and sexy <33

    • 7.1 Matt

      OUR Queen Moon Chae Won does look fabulous indeed :). I can’t wait for her to be in another drama/film.

  8. kay

    i feel bad for laughing but that falling pic is just LOL i hope everything didn’t fall out…

    • 8.1 queencircles

      so lol. just so much. horrible yet super hilarious

    • 8.2 inxomnia

      Sadly, it did.

      I actually think I’ve seen that dresses on other actresses at some movie festival before. But I can’t be sure, hmm.

    • 8.3 houstontwin

      So sad and pathetic. Will that dress destroy her career? Does she have a career?

    • 8.4 Mystisith

      She was tempting the devil and she lost. A real OMG moment.

  9. SH

    Thanks JB!

    Park Shi-hoo — suede blue? and errr… what’s wrong with his pants in this pic? 😉

    • 9.1 Jushi

      Not loving the suede suite at all. Looks like he got his mother’s old carpet or curtain of sort.

  10. 10 dramacafe

    OMG! Ha Na Kyung’s stylist must have hated her so much! They must have hid the mirror so she can’t take a look at herself before she went on her way to the red carpet. There’s all sorts of tacky but this one took the cake. It made it even worse when she tumbled down. Poor woman!

  11. 11 lilly

    moon chae won wins

  12. 12 jandoe

    OMG the last dress, I can’t even… Mostly misses for me on this one but I just LOVE the swag and obvious confidence (based on her posture) of Moon Chae Won! Love.

  13. 13 Danna

    Nice variety of winners they got here *Gives Grand Bell awards the side eye*
    Dang, Ryu Seung Ryong is such a hot ahjussi…he’s one if the sharpest men here…..also Han Ye Ri!!! She was so wonderful in As One….really looking forward to seeing more of her

  14. 14 ilikemangos

    Aww — earnest earned new actor.
    Congrats to him. 🙂

    • 14.1 ilikemangos

      Moon chae won’s dress (although i dont LOVE it), seriously stands out the most for me. She is really glowing. Must be the way she wears the dress. That bright smile! Man, she is lookin’ so VAVAVOOM.

      Ha Na-kyung — surprised that there wasn’t a nip slip accident considering the cut was so deep.
      I seriously believe in balance when it comes to showing skin.
      If she wanted a deep v line she should have covered up the lower half. If she wanted the lower half, cover the upper half.

      • 14.1.1 Annie

        There was a nip-slip. You can search for the pictures if you’re so inclined 😉

      • 14.1.2 GaksitalPyong

        I agree that Moon Chae Won’s dress stands out the most. It’s mostly the confidence that shines through.

      • 14.1.3 Jushi

        Yes. She is glowing indeed. That’s the reason why that even though I kind of want to nitpick on the dress she just look so good.

        She’s still feeling the ‘love’ of Maru, I guess. Hahahahaha. MCW haven’t moved on yet.

  15. 15 Blue

    i was like is this wpmen really crazy to wear tha!! *uff fan myself*
    Hahaha… that fall..hahaha*wipe tears*ha ha
    im bad i know but cant help it,i wonder how she goes through her post-dramatic-fall days.haha..

    • 15.1 birdscout

      Yes, I know it’s mean, but I had to laugh at that fall, too. It takes guts to put yourself out there as she did with that choice of dress, but the risk is that ALL eyes are on you if you happen to stumble as she did. I hope she has good friends around her to console her…

      Her stumble was so inelegant (as is her dress), but Lee Min-ho’s stumble a few years back was so adorable.

  16. 16 Annie

    Unf, Park Hae Il.

    Moon Chae Won makes anything look so elegant. The guy who snags her will be a lucky one indeed.

    • 16.1 leeminho

      Our Queen’s glow is a bit suspicious. LOL I wonder if those rumors with her dating Song Joong ki are true. I will be over the moon XD Chaeki forever

      • 16.1.1 Kgrl

        Lols, CW is glowing, but rumors are only rumors at this point. We don’t want to cause anymore focus on SJK’s love life at this point, it’ll drive him even more underground. Lols.

  17. 17 Blue

    But the overall fashion. was worth its effort.

  18. 18 Gom

    Dear JB or GF or all the other authors here,

    Would it be totally crazy to request for a review/recap of A Muse (Eun Gyo)?

    I don’t think I’ll get to watch it soon with subtitles, which is sad. And reading a recap here is as close as actually experiencing the movie. Pretty please?

  19. 19 Kiara

    Park Park Hae-il yummy. Park Ha-sun lovely as usual. Love Mon Chae Won but hate the dress. I’m not a fan of the frontal high slit dresses.

    • 19.1 kumi

      I hate that up-to-there slit too.

  20. 20 Hui Ting

    So Choi Min-sik didn’t attend the awards ceremony? Hmm.
    And Kim Ki-duk, please do not change your style, ever.

    Oh god… Ha Na-kyung.. To wear a dress like that and falling down in front of many reporters… Umm..

  21. 21 crazedlu

    That’s what I thought about Gong Hyojin’s dress too. “Nice. But dude I’ve totally seen that somewhere before.” Where? I have no idea.

    Oh, sweet Park Boyoung. New dress, YES! New dress, WHY?!!

    Ha Nakyung.. I feel bad for the girl, but next time, let’s go with matronly.

  22. 22 areen

    why did they put so much make-up on jaejoong?

  23. 23 pauper

    Moon Chae-won’s dress slit is up to there but that Ha Na-kyung’s dress… the slit started from there. I can already see there. Honestly, woman.

  24. 24 mellowyel

    JYJ’s court case finally ended a few days ago – is that why Jaejoong’s eyes look so red?

    I like most of the looks here. The men were working it. Kim Soo-hyun, return to dramaland please

    • 24.1 (permanent) visitor

      Not sure why, but if you look at the screencaps from the awards (he presented), he actually looks pretty normal (gorgeous). Maybe he got some eye drops? Maybe he was asleep on the way over and just needed some time to wake up! ^^

    • 24.2 nasus

      i love jaejoong’s look! his red eyes and white face, those kinda makes him a sexy vampire…

  25. 25 Dix

    The man behind Uhm Jung-hwa looks like a bronze statue.

  26. 26 dream2000star

    Even though I don’t like Im Soojung’s look… I LOVE her skirt. WANT.

  27. 27 bebu

    I guess I’m different from everyone. i actually like Go Ara and Han Hye Jin’s dress.

  28. 28 jc

    The more makeup they put on Jaejoong the odder he looks… which is weird, considering he’s an idol boy and all

  29. 29 Midnight

    I hate photos of ceremonies with stairs. All those slanted , over- exposed photos , where the actor or actress is too near the photographer with ten other photographers immediately behind them, actors bending forward with their suits bunched up , actresses trying to navigate the stairs in too long or too short dresses in very high heels! AND the photos are always right down the actresses’ neckline because they shoot from too near. I wish they deleted all the stair photos and just keep the downstairs and upstairs ones. The ceremony’s overall fashion was quite nice, but HATE those stairs!

  30. 30 picklemonster

    Oh my goodness….the last couple of photos….>.< She may as well be naked. It's unlike the other dresses worn by actresses before her, which had a slight dip down the center of the cleavage. But Ha Na Kyung's dress was a HUGE cut down the middle, and it hardly covers her groin. +___+ I do feel horribly bad for her though. But since she chose such a provocative dress in the first place, perhaps she won't care so much that she fell and ended up revealing more of herself? </3

  31. 31 Cielo009

    When I saw the tumble Ha Na-kyung took and how it is now all splashed on the interwebs, i felt so sorry for her, then I saw the whole dress… Low cut front, high slit up to there and apparently a low cut back as well, then you have to expect something terrible to happen, unless she taped herself up like a Christmas present which she obviously didn’t, and you could actually see her underwear when she was walking up the stairs coz she was pulling her dress up so she wouldn’t trip.

  32. 32 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

    My Park Shi Hoo is just so adorable. <3 <3 <3

  33. 33 ida

    Woah. Ha na kyung… I do feel bad about her fall, but she was just asking for trouble.I cant believe any woman would want to wear that dress..
    When she took the fall it really really exposed herself… I dont think that’s sexy or hot. Just looks tacky on tge red carpet
    On the whole though, I think it looked to have been a rather normal awards ceremony.
    The dresses are all kinda . Meh, they mostly look fine, but no real standouts I’d say.

  34. 34 Serenity

    Moon Chae Won is looking so gorgeous. I have never seen this level of confidence in her. Her makeup looks flawless. Definitely channeling her inner Angelina Jolie. LOL she even has the leg part down.

    • 34.1 Gaksitalpyong

      LOL @ Angelina Jolie reference. Our queen does look gorgeous. All hail the queen XD

    • 34.2 leeminho

      OMGOMG it’s so true. It’s so reminiscent of the Angelina Jolie dress. I think though Chaewon pulls it off better. Our queen is just too gorgeous.

  35. 35 Pokioki

    I actually like Kim Min-hee’s dress. It was the most interesting dress out of all the others for me. Among a sea of red and black slit dresses, it was nice to see something a little different. It kinda reminded me of the awesome silver dress Versace Lucy Liu wore.

    Also that tumble looked nasty. This is why double sided tape was invented people. To prevent wardrobe malfunctions everywhere! :p

  36. 36 lala

    The last picture, oh mannn.. looks disastrous!

  37. 37 tq

    Anyway I love Mr. Ahn Sung Ki.

  38. 38 Jushi

    I don’t know, but Kim Ha Neul’s look is my favorite. And I think it is more to do on how she carries herself than the gown itself. But I love the gown as well. She’s oozing with elegance and sophistication.

    MCW gives that same aura of classic elegance. She just needs to pull it more together next time. However, this is the best look she has so far. And I say, good job!

  39. 39 ilovedramas

    Park bo young looks amazing!

  40. 40 Na Ra

    Yuk the actress in the last photo looks like a ***
    JEAJOONG <3 He should be in : A vampire Man *faint*

  41. 41 pampi

    no red carpet is fun to watch without son ye jin and ha ji won

  42. 42 watch&listen

    I really don’t understand why certain actresses in S. Korea try to show everything she got on red carpet. I know they want to look the best and sexy but wearing dress that only cover their nipples and their underwear can almost be seen every time they walk is like they didn’t know the differences of being classy and cheap. Sometime I even thought that they want to beat the previous hot issue dress even though that dress wasn’t the best dress (normally the worst dress) of the night.

    • 42.1 melusine

      For easy publicity? It’s probably #4 on the starlet handbook. But the tripping… oy vey. Poor girl – but yes, laughing and cringing over here.

  43. 43 Jushi

    Hah! Noticed that both SJK and LKS wore checkered tux for their respective events. Only LKS’s checkered ensemble is much much MUCH better than SJK’s.

    • 43.1 Ryoko

      I noticed that as well. Kwang Soo’s is definitely better. I don’t know what Joong Ki was thinking, wearing those checkered trousers with the black stripe down the side. (Although Jung Il Woo was a bigger fashion offender at MAMA with his terribly ill-fitting suit.)

  44. 44 Katie

    WORK IT Kim So Hyun. So hot.

    And I love Kim Haneul in everything! I’ve been watching all of her dramas/movies now after AGD.

    Moon Chae Won looked really pretty and her dress looked good when she was posing without the slit but she definitely pulled it off.

    Last pic…oy vey really? That was just a disaster waiting to happen. Poor girl.

  45. 45 Joowonies

    You know something is suspicious regarding Moon Chae Won. I have never seen her this gorgeous. And she definitely is carrying THAT glow that you get when you are in love. Hmm..I wonder if all those rumors and insider sources circulating around all the Korean forums are true about her and Song Joong Ki. The evidence is definitely piling up against them XD They were even matching even though they were different countries.

    • 45.1 Vincy

      She does yea? At least I’m not the only one that thinks that! She’s glowing.

    • 45.2 Kgrl

      Hahaha…only speculations at this point. NG definitely produced a lot of ChaeKi-shipping hearts.

  46. 46 srainy

    i don’t know if it’s the difference in lighting or poses or the dresses themselves or just the picture quality, but i feel like celebs in korean award shows never seem to dress as grand as hollywood award shows. or at least, in the pics, they don’t look as grand. i’m not saying that it applies all the time, just in general. does anyone share my views?

    but the few last pics though, those were just disastrous! not just the dress, which barely had any coverage but to trip in it too? she must’ve flashed everyone everything!

  47. 47 Fafa

    Jo Sung-ha ajushi looks gooooooood.
    And my Si Hoo oppa is as dazzling as ever.
    And my Sang Hyon oppa is just adorable.
    And that last lady: do not wear it if you cannot manage it! Ridiculous!

  48. 48 rascal

    I watched the show last night. Everyone was so beautiful. the best was
    -IM SOO JUNG. she was outshine other actresses with her dress, look and elegant character. she always reminds me Audrey Hepburn. so elite and her reaction when she learned she won the best actress award was so cute.
    -MOON CHE WON surprised me with her over-weight body. she has to lose weight immediately also her dress made her so old!:(
    -KIM SOO HYUN was hottest individual of the night. I have a feeling he will be next LEE BYUNG HUN! he is so charismatic and talented.
    -HA NA KYUNG. what was that dress?. she forced herself to look sexy but her dress was so cheap and not elegant

    • 48.1 sarcastic

      Your username fits you well.

      • 48.1.1 rascal

        ahh…thanks, your one too!! 😛

      • 48.1.2 joowon

        HAHA good one XD

    • 48.2 jomo

      The very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very
      LAST thing I want to hear about any actor or actress is that he/she needs to lose weight.

      She/he already has more stress than any of us could ever imagine. The actors and idols of K-pop and K-dramas/films work their tails off. It breaks my heart to hear some of them talking about going to sleep hungry, and only eating chicken and veggies for months to get the choco abs look.

      At this point, there is no one source to blame for the bias against roundness and flesh. Is it the media? The audience, me included, who drools over their sleekness? The fashion designers who display their clothes on people who can be replaced by hangers? The advertisers?

      I just wish from the bottom of my heart, that we could NOT hear about people being fat anymore. All body shapes and sizes are beautiful, if only we could see more than just the sticks every where we look.

      Soap box deactivated

      • 48.2.1 rascal

        pleasee, I’m not also thin. if someone has over body fat, that shows her/his body is not healthy at all. Fat harms organs! so dont talk meaningless! no one make joke about her! I only warm her. also fangirling thing is so childish. I’m sure ıf another actress rather than her, gain a weight, you all say ugly things easily! like she looks ugly! bla bla… (dont say I’m not a fangirl, If you not, you could understand my point) be real. she took weight and continue to gain it. ıf she cant stop it now. she could lose her health and her chick look! (unfortunately, korean industry and viewers only like presentable actresses) also everyone has own thoughts, you like it or not! dont try to force them!

        • Kiki

          Wow, your english is almost incomprehensible. I’m just trying really, really hard to see it from your angle. How is she in any way overweight? I think you really need to check up the definition of the word, and possibly look up overweight people in google image before you proceed to reply.

          • maya

            I couldn’t agree with you more Kiki. I just don’t understand it. How is Moon Chae Won overweight or even fat for this matter? She is so skinny.

          • rascal

            Over-weight means having over standard body weight! Is ıt hard to understand? ıf rate of your high and body weight is not compatible that means you are overweight person! you dont have to be 50 pound for calling as over-weight person! she is not fat but she needs to be careful! ıf your body fat pass healthy rates that means you have to be careful. Can you understand it now?

            Look at her photo and be real! didnt she take weight or not! she is not obese but she needs to be careful!


            and quit your childish argument! and learn to respect other thoughts!

          • Kgrl

            Lols, some ideas are just so entrenched that the word “standard” and “normal” has now become the entire basis of an argument. Since it’s not the “normal” weight, MCW should watch out. LMAO.

            I guess from a different perspective, it’s good that people care so much about her health and image. Lols.

          • umm, what?


            You are blind. She is not overweight. Perhaps her face looks a bit more round from that angle than usual, but that doesn’t mean she’s overweight.

            Also, if you check the most recent research you’ll find that people who are slightly overweight are more long-lived than people who are underweight – because when the body is under any kind of stress/illness, it has more reserves to maintain itself. Again, I’m not talking about people who are obese.

            But I still don’t think that MCW would even fit into this category. In the picture above (which was what, yesterday?) her thighs aren’t touching – she looks like maybe a size 4 at most.

    • 48.3 SP

      I’m happy the MCW gains more weight though since she was too skinny during NG especially the first half of it. MCW is a food lover so it’s not surprise that she must enjoy eating a lot during her free time these days. It’s just 2 weeks after NG end so it seems like she gains weight quite easy to see this obvious different between her NG and post NG time. But don’t worried she can lose weight very fast when she has new project or when she want to.

    • 48.4 Gom

      Okay. It took me time to comprehend this. Moon Chae Won has to lose weight? If the girl loses any more weight, the wind will blow her off the sidewalk.

      When did Nice Guy wrap up? Like a couple of weeks ago, right? Because I just finished watching it and all I could think of was how thin she is. I must be looking at a different person then. How strange.

      Oh, if anyone cares though, here are other photos of Moon Chae Won during the Blue Dragon Awards thing. And yes, she really REALLY should lose weight. I mean, if she doesn’t, she wouldn’t look like a Q-tip! And that would be such a shame.

    • 48.5 Maris

      I am sorry to disagree with you but MCW does not need to reduce weight at all. For me she was looking great if not the best among all if I have to pick one actress.

  49. 49 malta

    Ugh, Pieta won best picture.

  50. 50 malta

    Kim Go Eun’s shoes! I cannot stand platform heels especially the ridiculously large ones. They look so disproportional…like there’s a growth on your foot bejeweled in crystals. How did stripper heels become mainstream? Her dress is lovely though.

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