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Gong Yoo considers grim reaper role in new fantasy saga
by | November 22, 2013 | 51 Comments

Woohoo. Well I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met a fictional grim reaper I didn’t like. Popular fantasy webtoon With the Gods, about life in the afterlife populated with gods and mortals, is being turned into a big-budget blockbuster movie saga by the producers behind Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King, and has been getting lots of attention for fantasy casting lists among fans. First to actually be cast is Gong Yoo, who is currently being courted for a grim reaper prequel to the saga to set up the universe.

The webtoon by the same name by Joo Ho-min is about the 49 days after a person dies, the end of which marks the day of judgment for the soul. The fictional universe draws from Buddhist myths about the ten gods who rule that realm and pass judgment on the dead, and the webtoon is described as a satire that moves freely from the land of the living to the afterlife, and explores both mortals and gods as characters whose fates intertwine. I’m picturing an Arang and the Magistrate setup of gods with personalities and foibles of their own, and small choices that cause massive consequence for the tiny humans below.

The webtoon is both sageuk and modern, and has sections devoted to this life, the afterlife, and the mythology of the gods. It’s an omnibus series which makes it a little harder to adapt for the big screen, which may explain the massive undertaking to do it in parts. Director Kim Tae-yong (of Manchu/Late Autumn and You Are More Than Beautiful) decided to begin the series with a prequel instead, focusing on the grim reaper character who passes between both worlds to deliver souls.

Gong Yoo is favorably considering the role for now (DO IT. Pretty please?) and meanwhile his new action movie Suspect is due out in December. Oh, and here he is in High Cut this month, because why not.

With the Gods (The Prequel) plans to start shooting early next year for a 2014 release.

Via My Daily, Sports Chosun


51 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. tonbotomoe

    that is a pretty ambitious project to undertake but if successfully pulled off, it could be so amazing. looking forward to it! πŸ˜€

  2. hipployta

    A multi movie commitment and headlining the foundation film…Gong Yoo Hwaiting!

  3. Orion

    I hope this works. And I hope Korea can tackle sci-fi more seriously too. Bring on the interesting worlds beyond/after/later in this one. πŸ˜›

    • 3.1 Peridot

      Yes, we need some epic scifi fantasy!

      • 3.1.1 bd

        “Joseon X-Files” was a great blend of sageuk/sci-fi/fantasy/horror.

    • 3.2 alua

      Kim Tae-yong is directing. He’s a sensitive director, I’ve liked everything of his that I’ve watched.

      • 3.2.1 alua

        Wasn’t finished with my comment yet (my computer is being weird)… anyhow, I’ve got faith with KTY being in charge. He’ll make sure there’s a good script and the film will actually have meaning and depth (you know, symbolism, carefully choreographed cinematography and so forth).

        Gong Yoo of course would of course be the cherry on the top. (And if he turns this down, fingers crossed we get someone like Kang Dong-won.)

        • Orion

          I have not seen any of his works, but I hope he is as good as you say. Also, why not have both Gong Yoo and Kang Dong Won? πŸ˜‰ Although many of us would never survive that…

  4. Cingdoc

    Hehe….. If he’s the grim reaper…then I can die now( & have gone to Heaven)

  5. Peridot

    Oh wow! Something to be excited about! It’s a shame that we will have to wait a while for English subs after the movie is filmed and released domestically. If only I knew Korean :(. What I have been studying is not anywhere near sufficient, lol!

    • 5.1 Shukmeister

      Peridot – I’d watch it for the pretty now and rewatch when subs are available. That way, there are no pesky words to block the view…. 😎

      • 5.1.1 Peridot

        Lol! Good point, Shukmeister :).

  6. Cingdoc

    Btw….thanks girlfriday… These are gorgeous pix of my I lub yoo

  7. redfox

    to die for.

  8. Nancy

    @javabeans & @girlfriday
    There are news that Gong Yoo will be filming Running Man on Monday, November 25th for episode 174. I can’t wait! πŸ™‚

  9. Jules

    I love you. (And by ‘you’, I mean Gong Yoo. Sorry, Girlfriday; you’re awesome and all, but… Gong Yoo. *licks screen*)

    • 9.1 Shukmeister

      HAHAHAHA, Jules.

    • 9.2 kfangurl

      Oh Jules! XD With the amount of GY coming out these days, Imma guessin’ you’ll be licking your screen a LOT. ^.~

      Who can blame you tho? I’m swoonin’ all over the place myself! XD

  10. 10 come2noona

    Sounds exciting! You know what else is exciting? Gong Yoo lying on the rug with tousled hair and a “come hither” look in his eye. RAWR. Copied and saved!

    • 10.1 ys

      I like your comment and I like your name even more.

  11. 11 John

    I’d watch this.

    • 11.1 TS

      Me too. This is exactly the sort of thing I like.

  12. 12 jangeusu

    Does anyone know where this webtoon can be viewed online.

    • 12.1 Shadow-chan

      Mangafox has it for example (it’s called “With God” there) or Mangapark – I guess most manga sites will have it then.
      *will start reading tomorrow since it sounds really interesting*

      • 12.1.1 jangeusu

        Thanks Shadow-chan.

      • 12.1.2 John

        I’ve read the first few chapters, it’s funny. If they can covey the quirkiness to film, it’s going to be a treat.

        • JanatM

          I looked up and read the first few chapters too. It was indeed very funny and sarcastic in a comedic way. Hope Gong Yoo takes up this role, I know he will rock as the grim reaper.

          P.S He looks hot and adorable in these pic.

  13. 13 jennie

    omg, do it!!!!!!!!
    he looks so bombβ™₯

  14. 14 eaglette

    Is Gong Yoo getting younger? He looks almost as young as he was in “Hello my Teacher” in the last two pictures!

  15. 15 Noelle

    I understand the hesitation. It’s a lot of time and dedication to one role over the course of what, 4 films? That being said, I hope he takes it.

  16. 16 damianna

    oh the ‘why not’, more of them please. he looks like a teenage boy in these pics. i hope he’ll take this and rocks it. more movies mean more powers to him but please gong yoo, at least a drama a year?

    • 16.1 kikidee

      I don’t think we’ll be seeing him in a drama anytime soon. With a movie, you get the whole script and can see the resolution. With a drama, you just have to have faith that the writers know what they’re doing. He took that leap of faith with Big, and well…look how that turned out.

  17. 17 danna

    This sounds really really interesting…I’ve pretty much h liked ever Korean dram series featuring a grim reaper…..he he…I’m liking the sound of the premise very much….the multiple gods thing kinda reminds me of the manhwa Bride of the water god…. Makes me wonder whatever happened to the supposed drama adaptation of that one by Group 8

  18. 18 sarah

    I’m not exactly sure what you wrote about, all I saw was Gong Yoo looking fabulous..

    Written words are pointless when you have several pictures of him up on the same page.

    • 18.1 DDee

      LOL. I so get where you’re coming from.

  19. 19 eny

    ‘m not really excited about fantasy movie/drama

  20. 20 Robin

    How many of us thought, Grim Reaper? Come ‘n get me!

    • 20.1 DDee

      *hands way up in the air* πŸ˜€

  21. 21 Ihsi

    Sounds like a pretty ambitious project but hope they can do justice to it. And my love for gong too is infinite ❀️❀️

  22. 22 Ihsi

    Gong yoo* stupid autocorrect messing with my love here.

  23. 23 Ennayra

    I saw the second to last picture of Gong Yoo, pointed at the screen, and said “I’ll take it!” I wish, lol.

    I hope he does the project too!

    • 23.1 joo

      haha!! I’ll take it too please… hehe. Anything Gong Yoo piques my interest… he’s a marvel to watch… even in his characters’ more subtle moments he can capture quite a lot. I’m looking forward to this! The premise already sounds meaty and intriguing… adding Gong Yoo to the mix sounds quite promising. (;

  24. 24 Norule

    Such beauty. …lost of word..

  25. 25 Whatsthescenario

    Gong Yooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Oppa! Saranghe!!!!

  26. 26 scarlett

    the grim reaper role reminds me of brad pitt’s joe black.i’ll welcome death anytime if the grim reaper is as good looking as these two

  27. 27 Carinne

    I’d see him in anything, even in black drapes. I know he won’t be suited in the practical, he’ll wear fancy pants and all, but still… I prefer the black drapes, ehumm, with nothing underneath. =)

    You know you support my cause. πŸ˜‰

  28. 28 Lulu

    I’ve never had such a crush on a “celeb” like I have on Gong Yoo. I legit want to date him, get to know him…whatever. It’s his personality that won me over and I actually much much prefer his candid shots to his professional photos. I’ll watch anything he does and he is a great actor which makes supporting him a real treat.

    • 28.1 Lulu

      also does anyone know how to get
      this edition of High Cut to the US? I don’t know anyone in Korea either πŸ™

  29. 29 illsabell

    Aaaaaaaah~ it took me a second to realize that the webtoon is μ‹ κ³Όν•¨κ»˜! I’m so looking forward to this (although the part of the series that takes place in our realm made me cry several times)!

  30. 30 sandra

    I want to see this movie. How do I get to see it in the US? Anyone know? twitter @bluehealing

  31. 31 Beky

    Cant wait for the drama gods and magic are so awesome.

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