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Prime Minister and I: Episode 4
by | December 18, 2013 | 163 Comments

Soooo… that happens. But don’t you worry, there are plenty of other things that happen, too. This episode goes for the heartfelt emotions and lets sincerity and earnest feelings shine through, even in the midst of the world’s most rushed wedding charade.

Then it’s as if I want to tell Da-jung that she’s treading in dangerous waters by taunting an experienced man and drawing close to him like that. He’s got three kids, after all. But this is all part of the contract you two wrote up, right?


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Da-jung is stunned by Yul’s decision to marry her, though he makes sure to clarify that he’s agreeing to a contract marriage, not a real one. He already knows about her father’s condition, which momentarily makes her wonder if he’s agreed out of pity, but he says that isn’t the case here.

They each have their own interests at heart in the matter, Yul explains, and though he doesn’t know why, little Man-se seems to like her. There’s no time to lose and she needs to make a decision. So what’ll it be?

Now we learn what influenced Yul’s decision: he was previously called in to see the president, who was concerned that exposing the marriage rumors as false would invite more unwanted attention towards the government.

So they go ahead with the marriage announcement, and though Yul knows that it isn’t necessarily the right decision, it’s the best decision he can make for everyone. They don’t have any other choice and he can’t retract the statement.

When In-ho blames himself for these turn of events, Hye-joo tells him to do his job properly so that the prime minister doesn’t make this mistake again. She stops in her tracks when In-ho asks if she’s okay, but turns to say that she has no reason to be upset over a fake marriage, even though he seems to be.

As Da-jung hands out wedding invitations, she warns her Scandal News team that no photography is allowed at the wedding. I love how they’re like, Suuuurrree, okay *wink wink*.

But when they ask whether they’re getting a pre-nup like all the celebs do, she runs out in a panic, having just realized that she’s forgotten the most important part of the contract marriage: a contract.

Yul scoffs at the idea, but he humors her and listens to her demands to keep their personal lives (and sleeping arrangements!) separate, no verbal or physical abuse, and work to be sincerely kind to each other’s families, as he silently nods along on occasion.

Feeling rather proud of herself, she cheerily hands him a copy… and he tears it in half. HA. But that’s because Yul argues that if they’re going to write up a contract at all, they should go about it properly.

Cut to: Yul and Da-jung sitting down to define the terms of said contract with epic music playing in the background. She takes issue with being written as the promisor, but he reminds her she was the one who proposed first. Well, fine then.

He rattles off the conditions (played out by hilarious imaginary scenarios) which states that the fake marriage stands until his prime ministership ends, with the possibility for indefinite extension. Da-jung: “But why would that happen?!”

Furthermore, her wifely duties will require a classy and elegant fashion sense accompanied by modest behavior, and while they’ll have separate sleeping arrangements, she must be prepared to occasionally share a room—to keep up the ruse of course—but does that in no way give her permission to (literally) get touchy-feely with him. Pffffft.

She points out that there isn’t a clause for his husbandly duties, so he writes in one line: to cooperate with loyalty. The end. Hahahaha.

Da-jung calls this highly unfair—what will they do in the case he actually does fall for her? He firmly assures her that won’t ever happen (“Or are you hoping that I will?”), and they seal the deal.

She leaves head hanging, but can’t shake off the anxious feeling about the terms of this contract marriage.

Madam Na is worried about the impending marriage too, to which her husband Joon-ki says it’s her fault for picking a fight with Da-jung in the first place. Fuming at the idea of Yul getting re-married, he decides to send the lovebirds a wedding present.

Meanwhile Da-jung goes ring shopping with her new idol best friend (the same one who previously lent her the black dress), but she gasps and runs from the expensive price tag.

Back in his study Yul wonders to himself what’s gotten into him to write up such a ridiculous contract. He tucks it in his drawer, but there’s an ominous mood that suggests it won’t stay there for long.

He’s then promptly called into the office and exchanges terse words in jondae with Joon-ki. The argument over the strained budget remains professional yet distanced, and ends with Yul ordering him to revise his report yet again.

Joon-ki then drops in banmal to point out that Yul looks too somber for a man who’s about to get married, adding that he at least seemed happy about marrying his sister.

Yul ponders over those words later as he holds his old wedding rings. He flashes back to when he was shopping for them with his late wife, and then quickly tucks the box away when he’s told that Da-jung is on her way.

Yul has his kids line up to greet her, and eldest Woo-ri asks if they’re to address Da-jung as “Mom.” Yul thinks on it for a minute before answering that they don’t have to.

Da-jung arrives with her father, who fawns over Yul and the children. But Dad earns perplexed looks all around when he mistakes the kids as hers and asks when she gave birth to all of them.

In-ho is surprised to learn that Dad is terminal and suffers from dementia. He asks if Hye-joo knew beforehand, then blinks back tears, feeling guilty for his previously harsh words.

Dad addresses his concerns to Yul like any father-in-law would, saddened by the thought of having his only daughter marry a man with children. Through tears, he issues the stern warning that he better not make his daughter cry. Aw, Dad.

Da-jung whispers at her father not to go overboard, but Yul can see how much her father adores her. In a gentle voice, Yul apologizes and thanks Dad for giving away such a precious daughter to him.

“I cannot promise that life won’t be difficult for her or that I will make her happy,” Yul says. “But while we are married, I assure you that there won’t ever be a reason for Da-jung to shed a tear because of me.” Excuse me while I swoon here for a minute.

Da-jung meets with Man-se afterward, who adorably says he’ll only call her “Mom” after she makes him a mountain of paper frogs and squares.

She does finally gets to speak with Woo-ri and Na-ra, who make it perfectly clear that they have no intention to treat her like a mother. They are of course, model children in front of their father, and the about-face completely baffles her.

Once they leave, Yul assures her that he knows his kids to be well-mannered and won’t cause her any trouble. Yeahhh, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Yul is informed that the budget is currently strained like Joon-ki had reported, though the problem seems to lie in a curiously large budget for an environmentalist project backed by Joon-ki’s side. In-ho is told to look into it.

In-ho also reports that Da-jung’s father called, adding that he didn’t know that her father was ill. But that’s why it weighs heavier on his heart, Yul says gravely; he wonders if Dad would approve of his daughter marrying a widowed father that easily if he were healthy.

Yul adds that Dad probably would have been happier if his daughter ended up with a young, single man like In-ho.

After a rough time choosing wedding dresses, Da-jung meets with Yul, who’s about two steps away from flipping his lid. He shows her an uploaded photo of Da-jung and the idol going ring shopping that caused a storm on the internet.

She confirms that it is her picture, but she was merely browsing. He asks if this is all a game to her—did she want to go through the motions of wedding preparations that badly? Da-jung starts to explain herself, but then asks why she can’t because she’s a woman, too.

With a scoff, Yul asks if she wanted to create her own Cinderella story. She counters what kind of fairytale would have a prince with a short temper and a princess getting so much hate.

He reminds her that she was the one who brought up the topic of marriage first, but she retorts that she doesn’t want to go through with it either. He says he would have never agreed to this deal if he knew she was this pathetic, but Da-jung just calls his bluff and says they should call the whole thing off then.

Their heated argument is interrupted when Yul is called away to a meeting. He tells her to wait for him here. “That’s an order.” Is that your way of getting people to listen to you?

Da-jung storms out with her head held high (though she agrees to wait for him, heh) and Na-ra spots her leaving with a smirk. That’s because Da-jung is on the receiving end of one of her pranks, her hands now firmly glued together from what she thought was soap.

Na-ra rubs it in before skipping away, and the housekeeper makes a thinly-veiled barb that they’ll eventually come apart before doing so by force (the insult also carries the meaning that Da-jung will leave them).

Hands now glue-free, she asks Yul how much longer she has to wait when she sees him next. Yul says he’s going to wash his hands… and Da-jung bolts up to stop him.

But she slaps her hand down on top of his in her efforts, effectively bonding their hands together. HAHAHA. Insta-skinship!

They have no choice but wait for the glue to wear off, and interestingly, Da-jung doesn’t reveal who was behind the prank. They start to bicker, unintentionally splashing water in each other’s faces.

Problem is, Yul can’t afford to push off the rest of his day’s schedule, and the helicopter is waiting, so he has no choice but to take Da-jung with him, holding hands.

Joon-ki is informed that Yul is on his way to inspect the polluted stream. He seethes, wondering if Yul intends to take this fight to the end.

Meanwhile, a call comes in and Da-jung has to physically reach into Yul’s jacket to take it for him, as In-ho looks on with a dark expression. The entire process of taking the call and putting his phone back leads to another round of bickering, and at one point, they literally butt heads. Hehe.

When they arrive, Yul helps Da-jung out of the helicopter, and the image of the two holding hands certainly gives off the appearance of an affectionate couple.

Having overheard Da-jung’s name though the call, Hye-joo wonders what Da-jung is doing with the prime minister. But her train of thought is interrupted when Joon-ki greets her and asks if she’s here working while Yul is off with wedding prep.

Hye-joo turns to leave, but Joon-ki has one more thing to ask: “Are you okay?” It’s the second time she’s been asked that question, and he’s genuinely asking if she’s okay with Yul getting married again. She says that she’s fine.

In-ho and Da-jung chat while Yul works nearby, their hands now separated. He apologizes for being harsh with her when he didn’t even know about her father’s condition, but she understands where he would get the wrong idea.

She playfully teases that she won’t get over it that easily, and In-ho wonders in a slightly strained voice what he has to do to be forgiven by the “madam.” The formal term of address gives them both pause.

In-ho breaks the silence by asking if they really plan to call the marriage scheme off. He admits that he initially thought it was a bad idea, but now he doesn’t think so. He says the decision is hers, and he’ll support her no matter what.

Yul surprises everyone by walking into the stream himself to inspect the pollution levels. He’s disturbed that the locals were told to clean it beforehand for his benefit, and orders his staff to check the water quality levels and report back to him.

Citing that Da-jung needs to do her part to pay for the helicopter ride, Yul plops the dead fish from his hands into hers. She shrills.

Da-jung joins him after collecting samples of the area, and he picks up where they left off in their conversation. Does she still not want to go through with this marriage?

Da-jung finally admits that she was scared and wanted to run away, overwhelmed by the thought of becoming the prime minister’s wife.

She guesses that he wouldn’t be able to understand, but he says he had a desire to run away every time he was faced with a greater responsibility in his career. “Because I was afraid.”

“But being afraid doesn’t become a reason that you can use to run away,” he finishes. Da-jung asks if it’s okay if she doesn’t do well, as long as she doesn’t run away. She promises to do her best, regardless. That gets him to smile, and they shake on it.

Wedding day comes ’round, and In-ho does his best to calm Da-jung’s pre-wedding jitters, telling her that she looks beautiful but awkward. He adds haltingly, “It’s awkward for me to stand here seeing you like this.”

She misinterprets that to think that she looks awkwardly stilted, and her veil comes lose. He leans in close to fix it for her… which is when Yul barges in to see them together.

After In-ho leaves, Yul reminds her of the clause in their contract about her proper decorum. Da-jung argues that In-ho is his aide, but he says that she needs to be more careful about being seen with other men.

He asks when her father will arrive and is alarmed to hear that the Scandal News team will be in attendance. He instructs her to keep a tight rein on them, and she asks him to leave already, exasperated.

But before he leaves, Yul drops a box in her hands and she gasps, wondering where Yul found the time in his busy schedule to buy a ring. Yul: “What d’you mean? I bought it off the internet.” HA.

She gripes, but concedes that a ring is a ring, and he takes issue with her white dress. At that statement, Da-jung gets up in a panic and asks if she can’t wear a hanbok for the wedding instead.

The reason has to do with Dad, who mistakes any woman wearing white for his late wife, who was a cook. That explains why he referred to his doctor as his wife, and then the editor boss realizes that Da-jung is wearing a white wedding dress.

Which is why it’s extra sad when Dad fawns over Da-jung and calls her “honey,” pushing Yul away from who he thinks is his wife. Da-jung can only scream at her father through tears to come to his senses, crying that he has to recognize her on her wedding day.

But Dad doesn’t blink an eye, and they’re told that it would be difficult for Dad to attend in his current state.

Yul asks for some more time and checks in with Da-jung. She slaps on a brave face and says they have to get going. Noticing the snow falling outside, Yul wonders if it’s the first snowfall.

The sight has Da-jung think back to how her father said he’d be happy to live long enough to walk her down the aisle holding her hand. (Note: my mistake earlier; the words “to hold hands” and “grandkids” sound similar to the ears.)

The thought brings tears to her eyes, as she speaks to her father in voiceover, telling him that she granted his wish by getting married today, even if she’s not holding his hand. Yul sees her tears and holds out a hand as if to comfort her, but stops himself.

“They say that your wish comes true at the first snowfall,” Da-jung continues. “Then my wish… my wish is…” …and it’s at that moment that Dad returns to his senses.

Da-jung wipes her tears and blows into Yul’s handkerchief before returning it. Ha, I love that she’s so delightfully ungraceful. He looks a little horrified at first, but then breaks into a smile.

Dad arrives just then near tears, and father and daughter share a tearful embrace.

It’s showtime, and at the bride entrance (Man-se’s the only one of the three kids who’s actually excited, aw) Da-jung walks down with Dad hand-in-hand. It’s heartbreaking how Dad earnestly asks that Yul take good care of his daughter before giving her away.

Hye-joo finds Joon-ki drinking alone afterward. Turns out he called her out here, and when she turns to leave, he takes her by the wrist.

He says that he thought he would be comforting Hye-joo today, but he’s the one who needs to be comforted because he was reminded of his sister.

She joins him and calls him sunbae, finding that address more appropriate today. But Joon-ki gets a text while he’s gone, and though Hye-joo picks up his phone, we don’t get to see if she checks it.

Why do I find that shot of Yul and Da-jung sitting on opposite ends of the couch so awksomely hilarious? Yul receives a call for Dad with the hint for grandkids (ha) and Da-jung hurriedly hangs up the call.

He tells her to leave his bedroom so that he can get some sleep, but she designates this room as her bedroom. He says that they never agreed that this would be her room, but she uses the same argument on him, and then lies on the bed, refusing to budge.

Now it’s her turn to give him a taste of his own medicine as she backs him into the wall (rawr), asking if he wants to sleep in the same room, in the same bed. He’s not hoping for what comes next, right?

Growing uncomfortable, he relents but tells her that this isn’t the end. Hee. He retreats to his study, and then decides that they need to write up a new contract.

Yul walks out and run into Da-jung, who has just received a call from Hye-joo that there’s a spy within the estate. Completely oblivious, he keep rambling on about how they have to revise the contract, ignoring her attempts to shush him.

Seeing no other option in sight, Da-jung kisses him to shut him up. Well, that’ll do it.


Ooh, smoochies so soon? Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but I like a girl who can think on her feet and is a tad impulsive. Sure her foot-in-mouth tendencies and the “act before you think” mentality gets her in trouble sometimes, but Da-jung has just enough spontaneity in her that makes her a nice foil to Yul’s rigid and principled character. So if an unplanned kiss is the ticket to get his attention, then I vote for more kisses.

What I like about our leading couple (er, since they are “married” now) is that they’re both decent people who care about their families. It’s a different kind of opposites-attract approach than other dramas that stressed classism or alternate selves or loveless arranged marriages. But what I appreciate most of all in this setup is that even though the dramaverse dictates that they don’t have a choice in the matter of the sham marriage, they still leave the decision open for the other to choose to press forward or not. And if they didn’t get married, we would be robbed of the world’s most awksome wedding night.

Dad’s storyline was a major standout in this hour, and I loved the moment when he broke down in tears in front of Yul, overwhelmed by the emotions of giving his only daughter away. I love that we could see that sense of understanding on Yul’s face of how much a father adores and cherishes his daughter. There’s a sincerity that comes across in Yul’s words then since he’s also a father who knows how precious his little one is (even if he has a tough time expressing it). Then the earnestness in his voice to make sure she doesn’t cry because of him… well, I’m a goner.

It was so heartbreaking then to see Dad continue to deteriorate in front of their eyes, especially when he couldn’t recognize Da-jung, who wanted to fulfill his wish. What more could you ask of a girl who regards her father’s happiness as more important than her own?

Given how much I adore our married couple, I hope that the show can continue to flesh out our second leads, who seem to be following the typical one-sided pining crush trajectory resulting in misunderstandings and bits of jealousy thus far. I did find In-ho’s words in the previous episode harsh considering how little he knew about Da-jung, but the quick turnaround and apology allows us to move on… to his nursing crush. Well, we’ll leave that there for now.

Hye-joo on the other hand, is another interesting character whose interactions with Joon-ki makes me raise a suspicious eyebrow. It’s clear that she interested, but what is interesting is that the revenge-fueled brother-in-law does seem to be interested in her. A part of me wonders what kind of history they have besides being college sunbae-hoobae, and also a bit sad for his wife, who’s harmless at this point but hilarious all the same. The marriage isn’t a happy one (at least for him), but at least we’re given a clue that Yul’s marriage to his late wife was indeed, happy.

Which then brings us back to our bickering couple whose mutual respect for each other (whether they realize that they do or not) leaves me impressed. I love that they both have short tempers and aren’t afraid to call a spade a spade. I’ll continue to enjoy watching them stick to their denial for as long as it lasts, but at least I know that they’re now stuck together.


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  1. Octopus

    I LOVE this show. My new crack since Heirs didn’t satisfy me…
    Didn’t believe I’ll actually buy this couple at first but now I love them so! 😀

    • 1.1 DayDreamer

      For once, a main couple to root for without feeling a sense of doom or second lead syndromes. I am certainly a happy person right now.

      • 1.1.1 Minea

        I heartily agree. No mystery husband, no chains being jerked around, no OTPs to defend, no nothing. It’s like OTP heaven. 😛

        • Mashimomo

          I was not going to watch it since (no offense) was iffy on the 2 leads and how they will pull this off. But apparently this is the drama crack that I may be able to get into, a needed breather from my OTHER drama crack that you guys are alluding to. LOL

          • Minea

            LOL! Precisely. I was a bit skeptical, too, when I initially heard about the pairing but I’m just so happy to be proven wrong. It’s definitely a welcome breather from the Drama-that-must-not-be-named-‘cause-if-you-do-people-start-to-get-jumpy”. I’d love to know what you think about this show when you finally get a chance to watch it.

      • 1.1.2 Shadow-chan

        Yepp, definitely no second lead syndrome coming my way here 😀
        (I just hope that Hye-joo will become more likeable rather than unlikeable in the future, because I totally WANT to like her)

        Actually right now this is the only drama I’m up to date on, and that says a lot I guess xD

    • 1.2 AJ

      I feel the same way, Heirs did not cut it, and this is turning into serious crack. The show brings on the good stuff fast, which is a breath of fresh air. And while I know its a little cliche, I love the spy in the house concept, because that means our couple has to act like a couple ALL THE TIME, and I am not expecting annythingggg good to come from it… nope… not at all 😉

    • 1.3 jaeng

      you just right 100%

    • 1.4 skelly

      I was certain this show was going to be terrible. I love being proven wrong!

    • 1.5 Min

      Same thing happened to me! I thought the couple was too disparate in terms of more than just age, including acting experience. However either Yoona worked her butt off and took acting lessons or LBS has magic skillz that give his co-stars a boost. They are awesome together, I’m looking forward to when there will be love-sparks lighting up the stage… at least now we’ve had some moments where they’ve both become aware just a tad bit about their partner’s attractiveness 🙂 I’m looking forward to more!

    • 1.6 Kindra

      Please. No. Amnesia. Please.

      • 1.6.1 Gidget

        No worries. Dad’s story is covering that territory.

        • Minea


  2. yuki95

    episodes 3 and 4 just ended but next week can not come any sooner…. wednesday to sunday are just days for waiting for new episodes of this drama!

    • 2.1 yuki95

      anyone not watching this drama yet better check out an episode or two… or even just the 8 minutes highlight clip in S.M.Culture&Contents youtube channel…

      give this drama a chance!

  3. Mommai

    This show is so great!!! I’ve been loving it so far! Thank you so much for recapping! If it hadn’t been for the recaps, I probably wouldn’t have watched it, and would have been missing out!

  4. dramasaregoodforyou

    I am surprised by how much I love this show. Who would’ve thought, Lee Beom Soo and a SNSD girl almost half his age?

    • 4.1 BaileyOtaku

      *sly laugh* I am raising a glass in your direction. This series is really unfolding quiet interestingly, even the wedding happened rather quickly (for lack of a better word).

      I also really hope that the second leads will have a better fleshed out story, instead of just raging jealousy, and unrequited love.


      • 4.1.1 unnieutu

        What I like so far from the second leads, especially Secretary Seo is that she is not acting like an evil witch. She is still professional and does what she has to, she clearly does not like Da Jung but that doesn’t mean she is not going to professional at her job like many other second leads who forget their jobs and just focus on ruining the main lead so props to her for that…at least for now.

        • Gidget

          What I’m wondering is if they’ll make her a protagonist for their breakup by having her (sincerely but wrongly) draw the conclusion that Da Jung is the spy. And then she’ll see it as her professional duty to break their relationship.

          While the interactions between the OTP in this episode (so sweetly) laid the groundwork for us to anticipate that their marriage could eventually be happy and deeply satisfying; I thought the interactions of each of the three second leads laid the groundwork for how the they will try to break them up.

          And, I must say, hats off to YSY for his acting. Seems to me that he’s shown us three dramatically different aspects to his character. And each time his character makes a transition, we take the bait hook-line-and sinker.

      • 4.1.2 Thursdaynexxt

        ikr? The wedding happened so quickly I had to backtrack to make sure this wasn’t some dream sequence scenario…

    • 4.2 KDaddict

      I love LBS! I can stare at him all day as the principled PM! It doesn’t make sense that a short middle-aged man can be so sexy?!

      I’m not a Yoona fan at all, but find that she is growing on me in this role.

      This drama is turning out way way better than anyone expected. Loving it very much indeed.

      YSY doesn’t have much acting to do besides standing there looking sadly at Yoona. And poor Ryu Jin has been playing roles similar to this one like forever!

      • 4.2.1 unnieutu

        OMG I know! it baffles me too!! have you seen pictures of his chocolate abs?!? **fans self** I never knew he could be so sexy…I loved him for his acting before but now hes on my top list..

      • 4.2.2 yong

        that’s right!!! LBS so Hot in this drama… I dont know why, but his charisma that radiates… OMG I love that kind of guy.
        and yoona, she was in on her role… good job!!
        I cant wait until next week…

      • 4.2.3 Minea

        Oy, let me join in this fangirling! LOL. Yes, the hotness! Omo. If LBS is a pepper, he’d be a habanero. And it doesn’t help that the role of Kwon Yul gives off a Darcy-esque vibe. It’s one of the reasons why I liked his role off the bat.

        • lyn

          latecomer to world of LBS. And it’s PMAI that LBS catches me. Oh yes… so agree with all of you…
          @KDaddict “It doesn’t make sense that a short middle-aged man can be so sexy” Oh yes…add married to that… he is just so cool and full of charisma

          @unnieutu “chocolate abs”…have you seen his fair abs… he actually has that on his mobile background… woooo….

          @yong “charisma radiates”…so right to the notch…

          @Minea “a pepper” phew…hot hot hot indeed…esp in PMAI…he carried the role so well… and love how he changes from a stern difficult person… can you imagine all those smiles he gives automatically to DJ

  5. ziggystardust

    I initially wasn’t sure I’d even watch this show and now I’m impatient for more episodes! I hope it continues to be this enjoyable (and let’s face it, with marriage hijinks and 2 of 3 kids to win over, there’s plenty reason it could get even better).

    • 5.1 Windsun33

      We still don’t know much about the two oldest kids, especially the boy. I think his daughter will be the next target just going from the fact that she is the culprit in the instant glue shenanigans, and the preview says something about a recital apparently by her.

      • 5.1.1 ziggystardust

        Makes sense, plus I think Woo Ri will be the harder nut to crack, since he’s older and probably remembers their mother the most clearly… if she died 7 years ago the other two were probably very small.

  6. Waiting

    I can’t say that it is my crack (reserved AM1994 for the next week or so), but still remain pleasantly surprised and Yoona is doing a good job. Parts of her character and her interpretation remind me a bit of TaeYang in MS. Maybe just because I miss that character.

    • 6.1 jessie

      Well, Gong Hyo Jin and Yoona are close friends in real life (GHJ even said she considers YA as her cute actress hoobae and not as an idol) so I wouldn’t be surprised if the former gave the latter lots of acting tips on how to be an awesome rom-com heroine!

  7. jessie

    I still can’t believe how much I love this show! On paper, everything about it sounded like it won’t work but somehow everything works perfectly. They’re hitting all the right notes with this drama.

    I usually don’t mind if my favorite show has low ratings but I love this drama so much I wish more people give it a chance because it’s just that good. It’s fun and heartwarming, well-written and well-acted as well.

    LBS is so charismatic as Kwon Yul. I’ve always loved LBS and YSY as actors, and they don’t disappoint. Yoona has improved a lot, she shown her much improved range in this episode. The daughter-father scene was really touching. Kudos for her.

    • 7.1 Minea

      Oh, I know, me too (about the ratings). I don’t usually care about that but, in this case, I really want it to do well. It just kills me that the show is really good yet not a lot of people watch it and they’re missing out.

  8. tebz10

    Yoona is really impressing me with her acting in this drama. I was worried how she would hold a candle to Lee Bum-soo, but boy, is she proving me wrong.

    Also, Lee Bum-soo’s facial expressions are priceless! Esp. the one where Yoona was reading her made-up contract, and his expressions was like ‘Bitch, please’.

    • 8.1 DayDreamer

      Also, Lee Bum-soo’s facial expressions are priceless! Esp. the one where Yoona was reading her made-up contract, and his expressions was like ‘Bitch, please’.

      Buahahaha. Seriously! I just love how only in front of Da-jung he loosens up a bit from his usual rigidness. She brings out the inner pettiness, childishness, and expressions that he commonly would not use in front of others.

      • 8.1.1 Minea

        “She brings out the inner pettiness, childishness, and expressions that he commonly would not use in front of others.”

        LOL! You’re so right about that! They’re just too adorable together.

  9. tebz10

    Also, I’m loving the background music in this drama!

    • 9.1 unnieutu

      the piano pieces are amazing…

    • 9.2 jomo

      Me, too!
      I can’t wait to get them on my ipod.

  10. 10 Jolyn

    See the difference between the 2 kisses? Heirs had a similar kiss where Kim Tan kissed her so she would not answer the phone (which I think many people dislike).

    It all boils down to execution. Heir’s kiss felt aggressive and even a tad uncomfortable (though it was supposed to be romantic). This kiss is more comedic and definitely not aggressive because of the way the scene played out!

    Prime Minister and I is definitely a pleasant surprise (and I hope it will continue to be)! Breezy, nice watch, with just enough heart in the characters 😀

    • 10.1 yuki95

      LBS’s face here is shocked…

      but PSH’s face was a myriad of negative facial micro expressions – scared, disgusted, etc. kind of implying she did not want the kiss…

      • 10.1.1 tebz10

        Well, PSH’s kiss-face always looks like a deer in headlights.

        • kina

          This is the 4th comment in different recaps about PSH and kissing scenes from heirs, whenever there’s a kiss scene, it’s always been ccompared to her. I’m currently on ep 2 of heirs, so no kiss scene yet, base from all the comments, maybe it really is that bad, seeing how its always being compared to other kiss scenes.

          • skelly

            Unfortunately, I think that PSH’s kisses, especially in Heirs, are going to be the litmus test from now on. In terms of body language and facial expression, they are a textbook example of the uncomfortable, unromantic clinch. Hopefully someone else will come along who is just as terrible, and we can use their example instead, because in other respects PSH is a fine actress.

          • gummimochi

            I know we’re all excited about the kiss (myself included), but let’s not deviate too much from the drama itself. 🙂

    • 10.2 petmink

      Well in this case, he is holding her wrists so they are both aggressive which makes them on equal footing.

  11. 11 coby

    Oh my oh my! I have to see this!
    I love this show!

  12. 12 noernov

    I think Yul already getting jealous,getting hooked every eps and can’t wait till next week 😉

    • 12.1 BaileyOtaku

      OH gosh! I didn’t really “see” it as jealousy, but now that you mention it *clearing throat

      It’s getting good, and we’re only at ep4

      • 12.1.1 Minea

        Not sure if it’s already jealousy this early on but maybe male pride? It’s like wait a minute, she’s gonna be my wife but why are you in her personal space? Or maybe it’s realization that In Ho is seeing his fake wife as a woman.

        But the thing I’m sure of is that when he really becomes jealous, it would be a hoot to see what things he’s gonna do. Would he check her phone from time to time? Would he stalk her? I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of silent fuming (adorable!) and a lot of conversations with himself when that happens.

        • DayDreamer

          Yeah, I don’t think Yul is jealous as of yet…..he seems more like, “You better not ruin my image by being caught in some rumors on possible affairs.” It’s like he saw that they looked a bit cozy and knew others would assume the same so he gave a warning to Da-jung.

          I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of silent fuming (adorable!) and a lot of conversations with himself when that happens.

          I think this will fit Yul more….and it would be so adorable!! Just thinking about it makes me giddy, hehe.

  13. 13 Natalie

    I am seriously suffering from Second Lead Syndrome. It’s the first time it’s ever happened to me…sigh…but surprisingly I find myself enjoying the main pairing at the same time. LBS is so darned charismatic! I love his acting!

  14. 14 JD

    I love that the focus of this drama isn’t limited to the whole contract marriage fiasco. It’s not about lust, or selfish ambitions, but there’s a greater force that drives our hero and heroine to engage in this contract marriage, and that is the importance of family. I love that this drama is grounded on those values and the importance of family. That sense of family and familiarity is not also restricted by a legal bond, but we can see how Mansae is developing a sense of family in Dajung, and vice versa. This is a really warm drama. As much as it is hilarious and random, the story is quite deep and meaningful. We’re only four episodes in, but this drama has made a strong impact, and I would definitely consider it as one of my favourite dramas of the year 🙂

  15. 15 Windsun33

    It is not often (if ever) that I get addicted to rom-coms, but this show has done it. And I am not sure why – I think perhaps partly because it avoids many of the common story-dragging tropes, and things actually move along at a pretty good pace.

  16. 16 Arhazivory

    Wow. I love Da Jung. She just sasses right back. I’ve always been a huge fan of LBS and that scene where he stares at her while she reads the contract with slight amusement was….Very sexy. I don’t know but it was just so hot. He’s not a typical flower boy like some people like but dayum, the man is charismatic and sexy as hell.

    • 16.1 Windsun33

      Da Jung is definitely not a Candy Girl, she gives back as good as she gets, and is not afraid to speak up to anyone. That is SO freeking refreshing to see in a rom-com where we often just see a bunch of haters and angst.

      • 16.1.1 Minea

        Agree. She’s no doormat either (which is a dime a dozen in the kdrama landscape) and speaks her mind if she knows she’s in the right.

      • 16.1.2 DayDreamer

        To me, Da-jung definitely has a backbone but she is the type that doesn’t raise a big issue when she’s being put down. She’ll calmly have her say and then quiet down, letting the other person feel like a fool on their own for behaving crassly. Like in previous episodes when Yul yelled at her for “kidnapping” Man Se or when In Ho called her two-faced and being the type to exploit others, she gave very terse responses and tamped down her anger by staying quiet. I think that’s a very unique personality on a character in dramaland.

    • 16.2 Minea

      “but dayum, the man is charismatic and sexy as hell.”

      Yes, yes. He has a certain je ne sais quoi about him that just intrigues you and the more you watch him, the more you want to watch him. Without realizing it, you’re spazzing about him constantly, as is the case with me. Fangirling never felt so good. 😉

      • 16.2.1 dfwkimchi

        Agreed! When watching ep 4 – i was amazed at his sexiness/suave vibe although he is not your typical Hallyu celeb pretty boy/man. Some of his looks the camera captured was smoooking!

        Am enjoying the drama so far – many LOL moments and swoon worthy camera shots of handsome LBS and YSY – seriously – I do NOT know who to root for to get our girl Da Jung! I flip-flop between the 2 guys with each scene.


      • 16.2.2 Arhazivory

        Yes yes yeeeees!

        *ahem* Ok, let me get a hold of myself.

    • 16.3 Kris

      YES, I would have to concur. LBS has a huge range of expressions that he uses so well. But I must say, something about slouching in his chair and feigning interest while Da Jung rattles on, making his eyes do all the talking, SEXY!

    • 16.4 Ibu

      Totally agree! I replayed that scene several times just to see that charismatic and sexy expression of LBS. Hehehe…

  17. 17 ERIKA

    man, how can this drama is getting awesome and more for each episode still makes me wonder. I love everything this drama gave me and I didn’t have any regrets for trying this one with no expectation but boy its even makes me like yoona.now tell me how I can make monday come sooner to fulfill my hunger for this drama new episode?? I love lee boem soo so much, he’s really the bom!

    • 17.1 yong

      I agree with you… I hope monday come faster….
      I love yoona, I love LBS , I love all actor and actris in this drama.

  18. 18 warmhand

    Not really like the lead pairing before its start, but after watched 4 episodes, im fell with this pairing, i don’t mind thr age gap anymore.
    Overall, i think this is one of awesome drama. Well story, well acted and well directed

  19. 19 Carole McDonnell

    Thanks for the recap!

    I can’t help it. I like Madam Na. So Joon-ki had better not divorce her or have an affair. I don’t like all this hovering past stuff. Everyone seems frozen in time or in college time or in a long enduring past love. I want to shout, “Move on, folks!”

    • 19.1 DayDreamer

      Yeah, I’m a little meh about him showing what seems like romantic interest in Hye-joo. His wife may be hilariously dim or whatever, but I’d feel bad for her if he cheats.

      • 19.1.1 Lala

        Hye Joo is Joon Ki’s first love. When she started to show interest in Yul, he introduced his sister to him to avert Yul ever giving that type of attention to Hye Joo.

        • DayDreamer

          Really? Did I somehow miss this in the drama?

    • 19.2 Windsun33

      I think So Joon Ki is seriously stuck in the past in more ways than one. On the surface he seems to be hung up on his sisters death, but I suspect it goes back further. Most other characters seem to have joined the 21st century, but he is still living in college mentally.

      • 19.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        A little amount of time-stuckedness is acceptable. The Prime Minister and the kids lost a mom so that’s okay. But the second leads…..Joon Ki… it’s like “People!!!! There are new people to love, new folks to admire, adore, etc.”

        I suspect the heroine’s dad and Mrs Na represent the two extremes. One lives in and out of the past and the other just doesn’t want anyone to bring up her past.

        I feel very sorry for Mrs Na because she seems to genuinely like her hubby and to be looking at someone who is looking at someone else…aaargh! wounding.

      • 19.2.2 Gidget

        I think he’s living in the past, but I also think what we’re seeing may be him manipulating her for his own agenda.

  20. 20 Oluchi

    Is it the total episodes 16 or 20?

    • 20.1 101Q

      16 🙂

  21. 21 Jennipoh

    What the – I totally didn’t recognize Chae Jung Ah! She looks different from her Coffee Prince days

    • 21.1 DayDreamer

      Whoah, I didn’t even know that was her until you mentioned Coffee Prince. She does look different.

    • 21.2 Lalaland

      OMG She’s Yoo Joo in Coffee Prince? OMG!!! I really dont recognized her

    • 21.3 LG♥ (@JJaeyumixx)

      she also acted in when a man loves with Song Seung Hoon & Shin Se Kyung~

  22. 22 DayDreamer

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi! Looks like sleep is still not an option, lol.

    The kiss at the end….even though I knew it was coming the moment Yul was rambling on and Da-jung couldn’t get his attention, I still felt surprised. I just wasn’t expecting a smooch this early or rather any at all considering the age gap of the leads. But I’m not complaining. These two are damn good at building chemistry and creating rawr-inducing moments. I absolutely loved that scene when Da-jung slapped a hand against the wall as she cornered Yul. And the way he slipped out uncomfortably from her? Hilarious. I didn’t know I missed cohabitation hijinks so much until this drama happened.

    One other thing I really liked about the drama is its background music. The piano piece is especially lovely.

    • 22.1 mommai

      I too LOVE the piano piece they use for the soundtrack!

      • 22.1.1 Windsun33

        The background music they play is interesting by itself, it seems like every scene has it’s own little theme song.

        So much better than Love is the moooooommmmennnt played 93 times 😀

    • 22.2 Carole McDonnell

      I love it when you can see love in an actor’s eyes. Saw it in heroine’s eyes. She’s already falling for him, poor sweet thing.

    • 22.3 dfwkimchi

      The back ground music is too funny sometimes – theme from “Love Story” and “Godfather” to go along with their wild imaginings!

      • 22.3.1 Rizzo

        I particularly liked the use of the Mission: Impossible theme while they were drawing up the contract… bwahaha. 😀

        The haunting piano tune that plays in the serious scenes is really beautiful, though. Great work by the Music Director/Composer.

  23. 23 faris

    Love this drama…love the character…

  24. 24 melly

    It’s a breath of fresh air to have the two characters hold their own and not be weighed down by the other. Da Jung especially is killing it when she stands her ground each time they get into an argument, and I hope she doesn’t lose that edge. It’s such a lovely change compared to dramas whereby the female characters are often screamed at or ordered around.

    I am still not sold on their relationship, but I think the chemistry is moving along and growing with each episode, and maybe that’s the nice thing about this show. Watching them get used to the other, getting more comfortable. (It btw still kills me every time theres a frame with just Da Jung and Chief Kang alone. they look so good together?!)

    Please don’t go on a downward spiral show, let’s end 2013 on a high note *crosses fingers*

    • 24.1 Deb

      ” (It btw still kills me every time theres a frame with just Da Jung and Chief Kang alone. they look so good together?!)”

      they would make a gorgeous couple in real life (not on the show though *ahem*) The way she looks at him during scenes, i feel you can tell she’s attracted to him in real life. I don’t blame her though and I’m not even into pretty boys. His skin is like velvet too.

  25. 25 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I like that both Da Jung and Kwon Yool have a basic decency and honesty. Every reveal to each other when they tell the truth is a breath of fresh air.

    I still have so many questions.

    Is Kang In Ho related to Kang Ta that Dajung followed around in high school? Is DJ the first crush of In Ho? What are In Jo’s ulterior motives? In Jo is all about secret emotions in his eyes, think there is more than just attraction to DJ. Is In Jo trying to spy on PM? Destroy PM from within? Working for personal or professional reasons? It all seems some dark plot to me.

    Will Dajung’s political activism from college (constantly going on strikes and in and out of police stations) become a problem when she is PM’s wife?

    If Na Young was the passenger who opened the car door, who was driving?

    What is the backstory with brother-in-law Park Joon Ki and Chief Secretary Seo?

    • 25.1 Windsun33

      Many things are just hinted at, and every episode brings up new questions. I am still suspicious about how his wife died, and Yul apparently was not the driver.

      I have rewatched episodes trying to figure out DJ’s past, but not much is said about it.

      Typically the first 3-4 episodes are the setup for roles, so perhaps next week we will get more info.

    • 25.2 mommai

      I think the Kangta might be a reference to her loving celebrities, and being a fan of H.O.T. At least, that’s how I looked at it.

    • 25.3 Lala

      Kangta was talking about her love of H.O.T. & other idols which is where she got her photography skills from. It has nothing to do with In Ho.
      Though I love the mention of Kangta since this is a SM C&C drama lol

  26. 26 Alice

    I have to admit, I teared up when Da Jungs father scolded her for thinking that he wouldn’t recognise his own daughter. //sniff

  27. 27 Noelle

    I’m freaking obsessed with this drama! Next week is gonna be awesome!

  28. 28 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Please forgive the long post.

    I don’t know much about the ROK’s governmental structure, and so I am having some difficulty understanding where all the characters in Prime Minister & I fit in the hierarchy.

    The legislative branch is the National Assembly. The executive branch is headed by a president.

    The Cabinet includes the President, the Prime Minister, the Vice Prime Minister (the Minister of Strategy and Finance), and the cabinet-level ministers of the 17 ministries.

    President resides in the Blue House Cheongwadae (청와대). The president is assisted by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is appointed by the president upon the approval of the National Assembly, and has the power to recommend the appointment of the Cabinet ministers.

    I thought at first Kwon Yool and Park Joon Ki were both in the National Assembly, but I guess they are both appointed ministers to the President’s cabinet. Is it important to know which politician & wife pair go where in the heirarchy? Do I have to figure out the political factions?

    I guess I’d be more like a Scandal News reader who cares about who PM is dating but don’t give a fig about the politics.

    In PM&I,
    Prime Minister Kwon Yool (국무 총리)
    Seo Hye Joo, Secretary Manager of Kwon Yool
    Kang In Ho, PM task director
    Minister Park Joon Ki, brother-in-law

    Please correct me if I have made errors in trying to piece together the South Korean politics.

    • 28.1 mommai

      Joon Ki is the Minister of Strategy and Finance, I think, in addition to being the brother-in-law.

  29. 29 Beng


    thanks Gummi =)

  30. 30 Nena

    Thanks for the recap gummimochi!

    This is a wonderfully sweet and funny show! Aaand it gives us awkwardly awesome moments between the leads! I really like how they snap at each other! I’ll love to watch how their romance goes to full bloom! And those kids! It’s gonna be fun seeing them all getting closer to each other! Already love this family!

  31. 31 Niki

    I replayed that ending kiss 15X. The whole scene starting from DJ’s anxious attempts to shut Yul up to his surprised reaction to the kiss. Daebak.

    Everytime when i think that DJ might choose the cowards way when engaged in a face-off with Yul, she surprises me with her frank brashness. She’s like “Yeah. That’s the case. So what? U got a prob?” i hope she doesnt get a brain lobotomy 1/2way through the series. I freakin love her ballsyness. Lol

    Man, i had heart pulpitations when Yul strode down the church aisle. Omg….that was so hot. Seeing him doing his strut with that purposeful and determined look. And that smexy smirk…*fans self*

    It just struck me how small in stature LBS is when Joon Ki and Yul stood face-to-face in his office. I think Yoona is slightly taller than him as well but in some scenes, LBS looks just a slight taller. No hate though. Just wondering…

    • 31.1 Orion

      He’s 171 officially so given celebs need to cook the numbers to get roles more easily (yes, they do sometimes cast by height XD), I’m going with about 167-168. That would be 167-168cm of pure manly hotness and talent. They don’t call him Little Giant and Little Tiger for nothing. 😉

    • 31.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Yool’s stride down the aisle struck me as strange … like he was on his way to a gun fight, not a solemn occasion like a wedding.

      I never got the step-together-pause rhythm for the bride’s glide down the aisle until the day of my wedding when I was suddenly so shaky I could barely walk. The immensity of committing to one person for the rest of your life can make even brave people take a deep breath.

  32. 32 Lalaland

    this drama is getting better~~~ WUHHOOO I LOVE THE WRITER AND DIRECTOR OF THIS STORY… the scene when Dajung cornered Yul to the wall is so hot.
    The scene when their hands stick together is so hilarious.
    And when the appa couldn’t remember his own daughter, oh man, I almost cry.

    I like the kiss at the end…finally I can see a girl character kiss the male character first..and the male’s face is O_O! oyeah~

    Cant wait for next episode~
    Thanks for the recap 😀

    • 32.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      kiss at the end of a Tuesday ep, so that we all can be in that kiss for the next 6 days … happy sigh

  33. 33 Rache;

    I didn’t have any regrets watching this show and I’m glad I did watch it! My weekday schedule: Tuesday: For running man (because the sub comes by tuesdays) Tuesday-Wednesday: For Prime minister and I. Thursday-Friday: For You Came From the Stars and then boring weekend ahead. Thanks for the recap!!!

  34. 34 Ssie

    Awwww <3 Yoona does seem like she's really enamored with LBS. I mean, just look at her eyes! They're like full of adoration to the amazing LBS. Just… aww.

    I never thought of Yoona a bad actress, though I don't think of her as good either. She's neither here nor there, w/c is good in a way because that only means more room for improvement. And after two shows, I think it's finally showing. Which I think is greatly due to LBS's presence. He brings out that swoon in her that the role calls for, which I think what her former leads failed to do. This right here shows what casting a man vs a boy can do greatly to improve that elusive spark between the actors. Sooo excited for how this show would turn up. Please don't disappoint!!

    • 34.1 dfwkimchi


      I just recently marathoned History of Salaryman with LBS and Jung Ryeo Woon about 1 month ago.

      LBS brought out the good/best performance out of JRY in HoSM and i believe he is doing the same thing here for Yoona.

      JRY’s dramas since HoSM has been middling though I still enjoy watching her (KoD and recently MTT comes to mind)

      • 34.1.1 tebz10

        Oh my! I’m just halfway through History of a Salaryman and damn, Lee Bum-soo sure can act. I agree that he’s bringing out the best in YoonA in this drama.

  35. 35 madman999

    This show is turning out better than expected. Lee Beom Soo has always been a good actor with a presence that commands the screen-I like the way the way he goes from comedy to seriousness seamlessly. I liked him in History of Salary Man and Dr Jin.

    Yoona is not bad in this role. seems to be improving her comedic skills. She was a little stiff in Cinderella Man. I didnt catch Love Rain. And wouldn;t love to be slammed up against a wall by Yoona?!!

    Thus far, definitely a level up from Marry Him if you Dare.

    • 35.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Just watching History of a Salesman now, and boy is Lee Beom Soo a different character there! Can’t imagine the Prime Minster crawling on a bathroom floor looking for used gum stuck to the back of a toilet.

      • 35.1.1 nine

        Lol! History of a ‘salesman’, I love auto corrects!

        That was a really funny scene, also I can’t imagine a prime minister putting on guy liner, dreessing up with atrocious fur coats and clubbing all night long.

  36. 36 houstontwin

    I have been thinking about Inho’s secret (which we only know about because of some dark expressions in the first episode. Could it be that Inho is an illegitimate son that was conceived prior to the PM’s 1st marriage? That would be a typical kdrama secret. The PM doesn’t know that his embittered illegitimate son is working side by side with him.

    Or…Is Inho the spy? It seems like he has personal integrity so I hope that this is not the case.

    • 36.1 Orion

      In Ho is 32 years old. Unless Yool had him at 10, that is a no. 😛

      But In Ho does have a secret. 😉

      • 36.1.1 houstontwin

        I missed the Inho being 32 part. If he was in his 20’s and the PM in his 40’s, it could work.

  37. 37 John Smith

    So far the show sound nice. Can’t wait to actually watch it. Though I have to wonder if In Ho might not actually be the PMs son that he isn’t aware of. Thus the guy is semi conflicted between revenge and wants to also help the PM. oh well that is a question for another time I suppose. Love to see her win over the kids eventually and by that time she will discover to her shock that she has actually become attached to the family/

  38. 38 docster6

    Aish! I hate to crash the “I like Prime Minister” party. I was actually infuriated after watching Episode 4 with English. I normally watch the raw video in the morning and then read the subtitles later in the day. The way the Prime Minister treated Da Jung reminded me of how Kim Shin treated Mirae in the previous drama. He has this self-righteous attitude that the girl is not worthy of him. I know, I know, that is part of the plot and that he would treasure her in later episodes, but for now, the guy is a freakin’ jerk. Yes, I do admit there are tender moments that he actually appreciates what Da Jung has done for him, but those are few and far in-between. Meanwhile, I love the girl. In fact, I think she is too wonderful to be true. How can someone as beautiful as she is not have a boyfriend when she is 28. Also, her personality of treating everyone kindly and cheerfully is unreal. But I will enjoy that character, as unreal as it is, this way I will be happy. I love this drama just like I did “My Princess” but I have a sinking feeling the darker parts will roll in soon. But I do love this show a lot, I am glad I am following. I apologize to my friends on here that I am not on the Prime Minister’s side yet.

    • 38.1 Windsun33

      The big difference to me is that DJ fights back and takes no crap. As far as not already having a boyfriend I think she used to and something happened in the past, but not sure about that. Also she has been taking of her dad for much of that time.

    • 38.2 houstontwin

      I am agree. He promises to never make her cry but some of his obnoxiousness could make a sensitive young woman cry.

    • 38.3 Deb

      I think after the experience with her dad and that wedding, he might start to be more gentle with her. in his sight though, she’s a bumbling mess and does act jerk like. I’m glad she stands up decently to the way he treats her though.

  39. 39 unnieutu

    Is it just me or does anyone else think the spy could be In Ho (YSY) or at least he could be somewhat involved with it??
    I don’t know if I am over analyzing things but I just feel that there is something off about him. I think he is being truthful about Da Jung and what he feels towards her but regarding his position as chief of staff there is just something that doesn’t click with me. Please correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t it be easier for the chief of staff to help plant a spy? or maybe he is just pretending to be a spy to help keep controlled what information leaks and what doesn’t.
    Maybe I am reading too much into it.

    Thanks for the recap Gummimochi!

  40. 40 Lizzy4e

    I am enjoying this drama. Thank you for the recaps.

    I am looking forward to watching Da-jung win over the elder son and daughter.

    I think the possibility of Da-jung being an opportunist is such a blow to In-ho’s nascent feelings for her that he lashes out. His misunderstanding of her motivation for marriage was a betrayal of his expectations of her.

    Yoon Si-yoon does heartsick well.

    • 40.1 docster6

      I think the weak points for older boy and girl have been exposed already during the Judo practice. The older boy wants a smart phone badly, that also means he wants to be like the other boys of his age. When he met his cousin at the party he said that it was enough already to see him at school. So he is a typical teenage boy that his father is not helping. For the girl she badly wants English lessons so Da Jung might know English? At least she knows Chinese and Japanese during the garbage can incidence. Maybe English and Spanish too? Also, the girl’s idol is Da Jung’s best friend, that should help a lot. But they might have to do it secretly since the Prime Minister does not approve of Urie. I am a better father than the Prime Minister because I watch a lot of Korean Dramas with my 15-year old daughter. Now I am more hooked than she is.

  41. 41 Minea

    Thank you for the recap, gummi!

    I sound like a broken record but I can’t seem to say it enough: I love this show!

    It’s just the perfect blend of writing, directing and acting that engages me to watch and keeps me wanting for more and more and more. If there were any flaws, I’m still blinded to them because I still haven’t gotten down from the high that this show put me on. I’m just amazed at how good and addicting it is. Finally, a romantic comedy that’s true to the definition.

    How this drama treats misunderstandings and fights feels like a lesson in how to have a good marriage: Don’t sleep on it, resolve it before you go to bed and kiss and make up. In our couple’s case, they shake hands. Seriously, all the misunderstandings that I thought would drag over a couple of episodes are just nipped in the bud. That talk about getting scared and wanting to run away was one of my more favorite scenes in this episode. They just laid it out in the open, discussed it like two rational adults and decided there and then that yes, let’s jump into this with eyes wide open. How great is that?

    • 41.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      When they both talked about being scared, it really deepened the drama for me. That’s real opening up. That’s not just playfully jumping in without thought, but considering consequences and your role to fulfill and going forward anyways.

      Wow, I’m in love.

      Of course, the extend indefinitely clause also got me … at least one of them is thinking this is a marriage forever.

      • 41.1.1 docster6

        Yes, it might be noble to think that the Prime Minister is thinking more long term. But it totally sucked for Da Jung. When she left the room, she said, “I am screwed.” It was a one-side contract, I would even consider it as bullying because there is nothing to protect the girl at all. The fact he is thinking more long term is that when he is done with the job of being the Prime Minister, he might be so old and useless that an attractive girl wouldn’t marry him.

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          When you are a savvy businessman, you learn how to craft deals favorable to yourself, including contracts, as second nature. But fear not, Da Jung is a match for the PM, as he discovered pushed out of his own bedroom with just a few female wiles.

        • Cathy

          I was thinking the same thing but it seems like everyone else is so enamored with Kwon Yul and LBS’s presence that they don’t realize that he does not always treat Da Jung well. Sure there are moments in the drama where he cares for her and shows her respect but there were also more than enough times where he said some really hurtful things to her. Granted they were all misunderstandings but he never formally apologized. Da Jung is just nice enough not to dwell on his criticisms.
          Plus the marriage contract only favors him. Her gains from the marriage are already over-she fulfilled her father’s wishes by getting married but in return she must pretend she’s married to him for 5 years, carry out all the responsibilities of a prime minister’s wife, AND take care of his children. If anything, if the whole world already didn’t know the two of them were “dating,” a more practical solution for Da Jung would have been to put on a fake wedding with In Ho (since he’s not famous) just to make her dad happy.

          I still like the drama a lot since I’m mostly watching for Yoona but it just annoys me a little that Da Jung seems to have gotten the shorter end of the stick. I also want more In Ho-Da Jung scenes together (and not one where he’s trying to make Kwon Yul jealous).

          • Arawn

            If you think he’s been mean to her just wait for him really starting to fall for her… He will fight tooth and nails because he clearly has intimacy issues and does not want to have strong feelings for anybody. This will turn on the object of his feelings, namely Da-Jung.

      • 41.1.2 Minea

        What’s great about this is, it’s not just fluff. There are some real meaningful life lessons and believable characters you can totally root for because of the values they try to uphold.

        When I heard that “extend indefinitely clause”, I had this huge smile on my face. His unconscious is definitely thinking along those lines already.

        By the way, how did your birthday go yesterday? Aaaand, did you get the tote and the mug you were thinking of getting? 😀

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          Pretty wonderful birthday, feel all loved 🙂

          Got a deck of Hwatu cards instead of the mug and I’m now teaching myself Go-Stop.

  42. 42 Carole McDonnell

    oh my gosh!!! Thanks for the KHJ song. Had to listen.

  43. 43 LizC

    When they had all of the “hilarious imaginary scenarios” during the contract signing, all I could think of was the effort of filming 5+ different short takes to insert into the scene, and what that might have meant on the live-filming schedule. (I think a few of them must have been thought out in advance, and filmed alongside earlier scenes.) This is what King of Dramas has done to me: I’m obsessed with the mechanics of the live shoot!

  44. 44 DS152

    I love it, OTP are funny and have good chemistry. I am hoping that the ratings will go up. Thanks to the writers/producer/staff for creating this drama.

  45. 45 Appelsin

    So far so good!! 😀

    I’m enjoying it a lot. Specially I like how they show us the main couple falling for each other slowly. It’s not like other dramas, where someone is in love from the very beginning (or the two of them) and the core of the story is how they overcome the obstacles to be together. Seeing how these two fall in love, day by day, the small moments, is delicious. I.e. when she looked at him while he was inspecting the polluted stream, you could see respect and admiration in her eyes…so sweet!! I love this show <3

    • 45.1 jessie

      Exactly! It’s only episode 4 yet it’s already filled with those sweet little moments and even some heartfelt talks between them. In this episode I like how Yul’s horrified face quickly turned into a small laugh when Dajung innocently blew into his handkerchief before returning it. I guess I’d miss his epic disgusted face sooner than expected haha

      • 45.1.1 Appelsin

        Yeah, they are supercute together ^^
        this setup is great, both will fall for each other but trying to hide it and to keep themselves in denial…I hope the show goes on the same direction and delivers the stuff that is promising 😀

  46. 46 potatoluvah

    I love this show! This episode has heart in it. I can’t believe it made me cry a few times. I also like the scene where KY and DJ were talking about fear and running away. It does get a very positive message across. It made me reflect upon past decisions I have made and things I might have run away from because I was scared. Aside from the romance and the laughs, I’m happy to be getting something more out of this show as well.

    Oh, the last scene was great! While DJ was panicking and KY wouldn’t shut up, I just blurted out to the screen, “Just kiss him already!” Funnily she did. 😀 It’s probably something I’ve been waiting for in Kdrama because I haven’t watched a show do what they did. It’s always the man who always forces himself to get his way with a woman (cough*Heirs*cough). Now in PM&I it’s the other way around. It’s the woman and the “less dominant” character who initiates the act. Nice execution as well. With the “desperate times call for desperate measures” scenario as the driving force for the kiss, it’s ironically funny how it would sort of become the start of KY’s “awakening.” Oh, I’m just really loving this show. Monday couldn’t come any sooner!

  47. 47 Thandy

    I love this drama, it’s now my next drama addiction , really love the leading couple and their interactions , it’s funny. sweet …I want the next episode already.

  48. 48 Laura

    Buahahaha, I have never thought that it’s the main man’s turn to be stunned and “fish-faced” (in the best sense possible) by heroine’s kiss :D. Nice reversal of roles. You go there, woman!

  49. 49 ruthiepoof

    I am one of those people that was very skeptical of Yoona’s acting due to her previous dramas and I have the guts to admit that in this drama, she really improved. I also have the balls (well, I’m a girl) to admit that I initially did not want to watch this because I thought Yoona’s acting would not complement Lee Bum Soo’s great acting chops. I know I ate my words but at least I’m owning to my own fault. I like how she portrays her character in this drama! I am enjoying this drama!

  50. 50 MissBelle

    Is anyone else reminded of the kids from the Sound of Music when DJ interacts with Woori and Nara? Loving PM&I so far!

    • 50.1 pumpkinattack

      She must teach them all to sing! 😉

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