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Prime Minister and I: Episode 7
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As Da-jung gets more acquainted with the prime minister’s family, it’s about time that somebody finally challenged what role she has in it. The bitter truth that being married doesn’t automatically make her someone’s wife or mother isn’t an easy pill to swallow, and perhaps now’s a good a time as any for our heroine to reflect on the reason why she does so much for this family.

Because of the KBS Drama Awards, Prime Minister and I will only air one episode this week, which means we have to wait seven long days for Episode 8. To make up for it though, the show will also be extended by one episode to even out the broadcast schedule, bringing the episode count to 17 in total.


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As Yul reads from “One Thousand and One Nights” about Scheherazade, Da-jung’s head falls upon his shoulder. He’s about to tuck her in so she can sleep comfortably when Da-jung’s eyes fly open and she pops up in alarm.

Still groggy and feeling awkward, Da-jung doesn’t believe his chivalrous intentions and calls him a wolf, which puts Yul on the defensive. He leaves in a huff, and then stands outside the locked piano room reflecting upon the source of his insomnia. And inside, we see a portrait of his late wife sitting at a piano.

Yul comes by to collect Da-jung the next morning and looks endearingly at the book, when Da-jung exits the bathroom wearing a robe. He averts his eyes and awkwardly tells her to use the other bathroom from now on.

A sudden snowfall reminds Joon-ki of his conversation with Hye-joo on Christmas Eve. He had teased her as usual and brushed away the snow that fell on her clothes and hair. Then he had asked her not to hate him no matter what happens. Ack, that statement always precedes villainous deeds!

The prime minister’s office is in an uproar this morning because a majority of the cabinet-level ministers plan to be absent from today’s council meeting. That’s because Joon-ki has gathered them at a separate location, and cancelling the meeting due to non-attendance would cause great embarrassment to the new prime minister.

So In-ho employs Da-jung’s help to stall Yul from leaving the house, and she blocks the bedroom door (with impressive strength, at that) from the hallway.

When Yul manages to push it open, Da-jung falls on top of him and pins him to the ground in order to prevent him from leaving. Hey, whatever works, right? The housekeeper gasps in shock to find them in this compromising position and closes the door. Ha.

Yul pushes her off and says they’ll deal with her behavior later. But Da-jung stands in front of the door and refuses to let him leave on In-ho’s orders.

Yul beelines for the office anyway, and marches past the crowd and his staffers to open the doors to a near-empty meeting room. Quite the blow to the new prime minister.

Da-jung wonders what’s going on at home, dismissing the thought of the earlier incident from her mind. She takes care of the kids and discovers a set of keys in Woo-ri’s room.

After Joon-ki sends away the other ministers, Hye-joo marches up to him and slaps him across the face for his coordinated act of defiance. She bitterly tells him that although she doesn’t hate him, she does find him pathetic.

Yul returns home in a subdued mood when he suddenly hears the distant sound of a piano. He follows the music to the supposedly locked room where sure enough, we see Da-jung playing on the piano for Na-ra and Man-se’s enjoyment.

But from Yul’s perspective, he momentarily imagines his late wife playing there instead, and the thought brings a small smile to his face. He comes to his senses a minute later, but he stands there speechless as his children scurry away, and Da-jung explains that the room was unlocked.

Da-jung belatedly learns that the piano once belonged to Yul’s late wife, and then gets a worried call from Dad informing her about the cancelled cabinet meeting. She delivers a cup of hot cocoa to Yul in his office, telling him that something sweet might lift his spirits.

But Yul stays up late that night, thinking back to how he had imagined his late wife sitting at the piano in Da-jung’s place. He pops a few more sleeping pills in his mouth.

Da-jung wakes in the morning in surprise that her sleep was undisturbed. Wondering if Yul pulled another all-nighter, she knocks at his study door and finds it strange when he doesn’t answer. Oh no, I’m not getting a good feeling about this.

She walks in to an alarming sight of Yul passed out in his chair and the bottle of pills on the floor. She rushes over towards him to wake him, slapping him repeatedly when he doesn’t stir. She keeps hitting him until Yul puts a hand up to his cheek and asks, “How long were you planning on hitting me?” Oh thank the heavens.

Yul is still stinging in pain as he heads out to work later. He finds it absurd that Da-jung thought that he would consider suicide because of yesterday’s events, and she barks back that she offered to read to him so that he wouldn’t rely on his sleeping aids.

But she does catch him to apologize for her actions yesterday—for trespassing upon the piano room and playing on the instrument without permission. He asks her what else with this amused glint in his eye, and Da-jung racks her brain before recalling how she jumped on him.

He laughs, admitting that he hadn’t thought of that, and tells her to reflect on her behavior. Da-jung is surprised that Yul isn’t as angry as she had expected, and wonders what other big thing she had missed.

In the car Yul answers that question as he thinks to himself that Da-jung had made him think about his late wife.

Da-jung meets up with the Scandal News team later, who pitch the idea to write a feature on the prime minister that might benefit them both. She declines, saying that Yul will never agree to it, which has editor, Editor Go leave in disappointment. However, the idea of somehow assisting Yul has her thinking.

Meanwhile Yul is distracted during his meeting with Hye-joo and In-ho, who argue on how best to address the international port center project (the one that Joon-ki’s father-in-law is gunning for). Hye-joo believes they should bide their time, but In-ho counters that the prime minister always sticks to his principles, and Yul sends them both out.

They pick up their argument outside where In-ho challenges her certainty that Yul always makes decisions that align with his strict principles. Hye-joo asks where he’s getting at, and In-ho answers that he’s more curious about what decision Yul will make as a human being versus a prime minister.

Yul stands in his courtyard deep in thought later that night, thinking back to In-ho’s words about his principled nature, Hye-joo’s words that he’ll be in danger of bearing all responsibility in case of the fall, and Da-jung’s words that he’ll become a prime minister who’s a strength to the people.

That’s where Da-jung finds him and she encourages him not to dwell on the past since he can always do a better job tomorrow. That’s easier said than done, and Yul admits that he doesn’t know what decision to make.

To that, Da-jung says she may not know much about politics or what choice he’ll make; however she is certain that Yul will be a prime minister who serves the people because he’s a man of his word. Yul smiles in amusement at how Da-jung can make the problem seems so simple, and Da-jung suggests that they go out for a drink then.

In-ho is surprised to hear that both Yul and Da-jung are out. He runs into Woo-ri on his way out and marvels at the teenager’s flip phone. Woo-ri snatches it back and leaves, but something about the phone gives In-ho pause.

So In-ho reviews the estate’s security tapes to when he had seen Woo-ri onscreen one night. He notes that Woo-ri had used a smartphone to make a call and finds it strange.

Meanwhile Yul and Da-jung go out for that drink, and he points out that it seems like Da-jung was the one who wanted to drink. I love that she doesn’t hide it at all and says they’re killing two birds with one stone by getting out of that stifling estate.

Yul looks up in surprise at that statement. Clearly the thought hadn’t occurred to him before, and listens as she says she’s the free-spirited type who can’t be cooped up. When he keeps staring at her, she offers him a shot of soju, telling him that it’ll get rid of all his worries and he might even get a good night sleep.

He asks why she’s being so good to him, from the diplomatic banquet to Man-se’s school festival to the Christmas gifts—what can he do for her in return? She eagerly asks him to do away with the assignment to write up daily records on the children. Ha.

She smiles sheepishly at his look of surprise, and says that it’s obvious that a wife should comfort her husband in his time of need. She’s the prime minister’s wife after all, and the words echo what Yul’s late wife similarly used to call herself.

Da-jung tries to feed him some soondae instead, and when Yul says he’s allergic, she grumps that she’ll just have to eat everything herself. But then she nearly chokes on her food to see the Scandal News team plop down at a nearby table.

She hastily whispers at him to get up, saying that it won’t do him any good to be met with a headline about him out and about drinking soju. It cracks me up that Yul still feels strongly about paying the bill even when they have to sneak out, and that’s when they get recognized. Whoops, time to run!

Yul and Da-jung make a run for it with their security guards a few steps behind them and the Scandal News team on their tail. When Da-jung starts to fall behind, Yul takes her by the hand and keeps running.

They eventually lose their tail in an alleyway and set off in a run in the other direction with a smile on both of their faces. Aw.

They exchange a knowing smile when they get back to the estate, and then laugh good-heartedly at the bodyguards’ remark on how sweet they are together.

Da-jung comments to Yul that his smile suits him and encourages him to smile more often in the future. That’s when Yul looks back at her and his eyes linger on the image of Da-jung smiling at him. He snaps out of it moments later and barks at her to go to bed.

In-ho is still at the estate, having waited to give Da-jung a belated Christmas gift. She gasps in surprise at the fountain pen, saying that she always wanted one. He notes that it seemed like an appropriate gift since he remembered her dream is to become a writer like Jane Austen.

Da-jung says she gave up on the dream long ago, and decides to use the pen to write up the children’s daily logs instead. He asks if she doesn’t find it taxing doing assignments for Yul, and wears his disappointment on his face to hear she went to comfort Yul.

Holding back tears, In-ho asks if she isn’t trying too hard. He says he has one more thing to discuss with her, but we don’t get to hear what it is.

Yul stays up working again that night, and he stops Da-jung from reading to him again, saying that it was enough to see her fall asleep snoring once. He tells her to go to sleep instead, and Da-jung reluctantly complies. But she does look over and watches him work at his desk…

… and then bolts up when Yul pulls out her nightgown lodged in his chair. HA. This gives Yul the perfect opportunity to criticize her messy habits, which Da-jung takes offense to. She asks why they have to share a room then, citing that even real married couples sleep separately when they’re fighting.

Yul calls that the smartest idea she’s had tonight and orders her to leave. Da-jung scoffs and agrees to gladly go sleep in Man-se’s room from now on. Pfft, you two have no idea how much you already bicker like an actual married couple, but I love it. She curses her nightgown outside and cringes in embarrassment.

Now that Yul has the entire bedroom to himself, he sprawls on the bed and scoffs at the idea that Da-jung would read him to sleep. He spots the stack of books by the bedside and starts reading out of curiosity. And whaddayaknow, he actually falls asleep that way.

The other ministers come to Yul with feigned apologies and excuses for missing the cabinet meeting. They’re taken aback when Yul smiles that the international port center proposal is still on the table and reminds them to hand in their respective reports by the end of the day.

Hye-joo holds a press conference and confirms that the prime minister knows of the rumors said about him and apologizes to the public. Editor Go causes a stir with his question about why the prime minister would be out on a date and drinking at a local restaurant the day after, but Hye-joo promptly puts him in his place.

Unfortunately they’ve got no photos to prove their case, but when Reporter Byun saunters up to them afterwards, the Scandal News Team freely expose his currently unemployed status in front of the other reporters and leaves him spluttering in their wake.

Hye-joo follows Yul on his way out of the office. It seems the question about the restaurant outing weighs on her mind more than she let on because she asks if it’s true. She makes a note to scold Da-jung when Yul confirms it, to which he comes to Da-jung’s defense.

He says there’s nothing wrong with a married couple having a drink together, and Hye-joo is quick to point out that they aren’t a real married couple. When he asks where she’s getting at, she replies with a tinge of jealousy that it seems like the prime minister holds Da-jung in special regard, words that weigh on Yul’s mind afterward.

Now we learn that In-ho had mentioned to Da-jung that Woo-ri appears to own two different phones. Da-jung discovers the smartphone along with an advertisement for Woo-ri’s concert tonight and gets caught red-handed by Woo-ri moments later.

She gently asks how he acquired the phone, and Woo-ri comes out with it to admit that yes, his uncle bought it for him. Slightly panicked, she asks Woo-ri if he’s the spy, and then tells him that while she may be able to hide the fact that he’s in a band, it isn’t right for him to spy on his father. And that’s when Yul’s voice cuts in, asking what that means. Oh crap.

You can see the fear settling in on Woo-ri’s face as his father demands in a stern voice asking who gave him the phone. But Woo-ri lies that he knows nothing and runs away.

Yul gets his answer when the phone rings seconds later—it’s Joon-ki, and Yul suggests that they meet up. After they hang up, Joon-ki turns to In-ho and says they’ll have to discuss their business at a later time.

Then Yul confronts Da-jung about knowing that his son was in a band and had a phone all along. Da-jung replies that she felt sorry to Woo-ri and intended to help him bring it up to his father in person after his concert. Yul asks, “And are you his mother?”

He’s grateful for her kindness towards him and his children, but he reminds her that Da-jung is neither the children’s real mother nor is she his real wife: “What are you [to this family]?”

Yul asks her why she continues to involve herself in his family’s affairs then, and the stinging words bring tears to Da-jung’s eyes. He tells her not to overstep her boundaries again and walks away.

Da-jung holds back tears as she tells herself that it isn’t her place, but then Na-ra comes running in a panic and says that oppa must have run away.

Meanwhile Joon-ki explains that he bought Woo-ri that smartphone because his own father wouldn’t buy one for him. He adds that Woo-ri also has an affinity for music like his mother and called earlier to confirm where his band was playing tonight.

That’s news to Yul, a moment which Joon-ki takes full advantage of the fact that Yul doesn’t know anything about his children. Joon-ki tells Yul that he’s just getting what he deserves with a cancelled cabinet meeting and driving his son further away.

However Yul gets in the last word and tells Joon-ki that it doesn’t matter what he does to Yul, but he wants to preserve that familial relationship for his children’s sake. He warns Joon-ki against dragging Woo-ri into their affairs again, and if he does, this won’t be the end.

Woo-ri is distracted during rehearsal and he’s less than happy to see Da-jung show up. Once they’re outside, he asks if she’s trying to curry favor with him this time after persuading his little brother.

But Da-jung replies that she’s here to change his mind about running away, and suggests that they return home after the concert to talk about over with his father. Woo-ri has had enough by now and asks her to get lost.

He turns to leave, at which point Da-jung grabs onto him and asks what’s gotten into him. She tries to appeal to him with sympathy, to think how difficult it must be for his father, and Woo-ri bites back: “Who are you to get involved? Are you my real mother?”

It’s the second time Da-jung has heard those words today, and she’s left stunned when Woo-ri asks why she’s doing this to him. He wrings himself out of her grip and runs while Da-jung thinks to herself: “Why am I doing this? I’m not even their real mother, not even [his] real wife, but why am I doing this?”

As Da-jung runs after him, she asks herself what the reason is: “We’re not even in love but the reason why I stepped in, the reason why his firm hand felt so warm, the reason why I felt such heartache and sorrow while looking after him, the reason I cried without realizing…”

Da-jung chases him to the crosswalk just before light turns green. She stops in her tracks like a deer caught in headlights as an oncoming truck approaches…

…which is when Yul grabs her out of the way and they safely roll onto the pavement. As Da-jung looks up at Yul, she answers her own question: “The reason is because… of him.”


Well I’m not going to complain about a truck of doom device if the end result gives us more skinship. In fact, I’ll be the last person you’ll see rooting for threats of physical harm on our main couple, but then again, this is a couple where “accidents” bring them closer together. Hmm, what a dilemma.

Even though I love Da-jung to pieces, I’m so glad that this episode sought to challenge Da-jung’s intentions and place in this family. She may be the prime minister’s wife and stepmother to his children to the rest of the world, but it’s an entirely different story within the estate. I had worried that the show was giving her character a bit too much slack for her behavior at times because she’s such a lovable and kindhearted character, like how she told little Man-se not to follow strangers when they first met and she was technically a stranger herself.

Da-jung had easily morphed into a wife and mother in the family, which was wonderful to see, and certainly a blow to her when both Yul and Woo-ri had delivered the bitter truth pill that she is neither of those in this family and therefore has no right to intervene in their lives. I’m inclined to believe that Yul’s words are a reaction to the painful reminder and similarities between Da-jung and his late wife. It’s apparent that Yul hasn’t allowed himself to deal with his grief properly, but Woo-ri does have a point when he challenges Da-jung’s involvement—she hasn’t earned that kind of trust with him despite being married to his father.

That brings us to the point wherein Da-jung finally asks herself why she did all those things for Yul and this family unit. It makes me wonder if she was on autopilot mode to this point, where she felt that doing these gestures didn’t feel like a far extension of her kindness. But the challenge was for her to scrutinize the motivation behind why she continued to do them, even when no one asked her to. Her realization that the reason is because of Yul reinforces the idea that acts of love is because of the intended person and are outwardly expressions of the feelings already involved. What I hope is for Da-jung to continue to explore and further develop in this area since it’s rich with character conflict and development, though, boy am I glad that our heroine finally arrived that the realization that her heart is a-stirrin’ with feelings. Now just to get the prime minister to get in tune with his feelings.

Along with the moments where they actually enjoy being in each other’s company, I rather like the times where they challenge each other’s worldview and speak simple truths into each other’s life. Sometimes it reinforces hidden truths about themselves (which could be praise or criticism) or the warning that those sleeping pills could be harmful. Why take a pill when a book can give you a better night’s sleep?

As we move forward, there are still the central mysteries that are left unanswered but mostly I like how quickly we’re continuing to address smaller conflicts. I’ll just have to take Joon-ki at his word that the smartphone was just a present for his nephew for now while I still don’t know why In-ho was riding in the car next to him. We’ll have lots of time to mull over these issues and more over the next week, which I’m sure will be the longest week of our lives. Time to read up on One Thousand and One Nights in the meantime?


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    • 1.1 Minea

      Agree. Normally I don’t like extensions but dang it, I can’t get enough of these two so I’ll welcome this news with loving arms.

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        omg – did these two KISS? do you think the lead actress’ parents are okay with that?

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        @ Ash
        LOL! I’m with you!

        I’ve only watched LBS in History of Salaryman prior to this and there’s no kissing there. I wonder if he had any great kissing scenes in his other works… And I haven’t seen any of Yoona’s dramas before… Hoping for more skinship in this drama for our leads 🙂

        @ Cleo
        Yes, they “smacked mouths” already, in the earlier episode 🙂

        • Orion

          He has some nice kissing in ‘Giant’ and other works. Even tongued Lee Bo Young in a movie, but that was too funny, because it was quite a weird melodramatic scene.

          • wunderbar

            Oooh, I’ve heard of the positive reviews for Giant, thought of watching it, but ouch, it’s 60-ep long!

            Will check out that movie though, thanks!

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          I think its the movie Descendants of Hong Gil Dong (2009)
          with lee si young try GIANT with park jin hee

        • babyshattered

          @ wunderbarI think its the movie Descendants of Hong Gil Dong (2009)
          with lee si young try GIANT with park jin hee

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            All right, thanks for the info! I did manage to catch the ‘love eraser kiss’ from Descendants of Hong Gil Dong (2009) 😉

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          try watching LBS’ My wife is a gangster 3, he was so funny in that one. Before watching PM&I i thought he was more of a comedian, but then he can do both, and so well at that 🙂

          He also had a cameo on 200 pounds beauty, which was also funny.

          For the first time in my life, i’m excited for Monday and Tuesday to come because of PM&I, not because of work :))

    • 2.2 docster6

      Dear tebz10, I can’t wait for Monday also. Wow, I watched it more carefully the second time and realized the street running scene is the cement of no return for this couple. In “My Princess” the lead couple had a street date near the end and that was the public proclamation of affection. In “Lie to Me” the male declared to the world he loves the female lead at a street corner and the video went viral and even the Chinese investors saw it. In “Master’s Sun” the second leads took a walk on the red carpet. In “My Fair Lady” with YEH, they also had a street date. I am sure there are more examples. I think next week the couple would have to explain to the country that they are indeed a real couple because of Scandal News’ website sighting of their street date (plus whatever else Reporter Byne put out). I think in the preview I saw Da Jung walking with Kwon toward something (with her holding his arm) and she told him not to be nervous, just act like oppa. That scene had both second leads behind them as if they are going to a press conference. I simply cannot wait, I can’t concentrate on my work. Aish!!

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    I love how this is my dramaland fireworks for the new year! Full of sparks and crackling chemistry!

    I love how they’re realizing their feelings for each other at a preferable pace, not too fast not to slow either.
    This show’s not all fluff and I love that it brings a sense of reality that balances out all the good stuff.

    So far, this show is doing all the right stuff. Loooving Yoona so much more and Lee Beom Soo is a new discovery for me!

    The side characters are not to be ignored as well. Is it just me or does Hye Joo and her Sunbae the other minister (Ryu Jin) have so much chemistry?

    Anyway, thanks for the recap Gummimochi and Happy New Year to Everybody!

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      I also think that Minister Park Joon Ki and Hye Joo have chemistry, but ack! He’s married!

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    Though 8th episode won’t be aired, at least we’re confirmed on one thing: THE EXTENSION.

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    Wish you a good year [of drama] ahead of us!

  10. 10 sassysuzy

    team nam da jung!

    it is so sad… nam da jung is always reminded to remember her position as someone who is married to kwon yul, and yet she is also always reminded that she is not a real wife and not a real mother.

    kwon yul and his three children have a lot of unresolved issues and them lashing out and/or acting out is possibly needed for their own character growth. but it should NOT be a given that nam da jung would be getting hurt in the process – like an unavoidable casualty.

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      What’s the point of having the award then? Surely all nominations are worthy, but it’s called the Best Couple for a reason?

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      • 14.1.1 docster6

        The worst Truck of Doom in 2013 was in “Secret,” it made the first 5 episodes of that series almost too sad to watch. Although the truck didn’t kill anyone in that rainstorm, it caused all the heartaches for all the characters involved.

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  15. 15 docster6

    I love reading all the comments on this site for the past 6 episodes but I can’t helped but noticed most of the positive comments tilted toward Kwon Yul. I am glad that people are starting to recognize that Da Jung is the main character in this show. The title is “The Prime Minister and I” and that means “I” is Da Jung. (Of course, there is also another title, “The Prime Minister is Dating,” for that one, Kwon Yul would be the main character in the story.)

    I suppose most of the commenters for the earlier episodes are female and that is the way it has to be. I just want to write that I feel a star is born in Yoona in her role in this series. She is at the same age as Yoon Eun Hye when she had a breakout series in Coffee Prince. I read Yoona’s interview online saying how she is blessed to act with Lee Bum Soo and found that he is very humorous and easy to work with. She also said that she has been praying harder than ever to do well. I want to give her all the support she needs to become great.

    I find Yoona to be so involved in her role that she was not even acting. Here are some of her most natural scenes I witnessed:

    (1) Cried before the wedding, accepted a handkerchief from Kwon Yul, wiped away her tears and BLEW HER NOSE in it, handed it back to Yul. Perfect.

    (2) Cried after being scolded by Yul, accepted a handkerchief from In Ho, wiped away her tears and BLEW HER NOSE in it, handed it back to Chief Kang. Perfect.

    (3) I normally hated “aegyo” scenes but Yoona did fantastic in those. She said to Yul after she woke up, “so are you going to give the exclusive interview to your lover?” Also, She was forced to call the Prime Minister by her Scandal News colleagues, she said, “Oh, Jahiya (honey), its Da-Jung-eeeee….” After pretending the PM has a late meeting, she turned around and had a huge embarrassed smile for disappointing them. Fantastic acting.

    (4) Putting on her Idol friend’s short and backless black dress to attend the PM banquet, she was the same person even though she was dressed sexy. She had that huge smile, affectionately grabbed the PM’s arm while talking, helped Man-Se with fog-folding, shyly accepted Chief kang’s compliments, talked banmal to the Lilly Club big-shot women. Priceless.

    (5) Woo-Ri, “are you blackmailing me?” Da Jung, “exactly, now go to Man-Se’s concert.” She was totally in charge as a mom. Love it.

    I find Yoona so attractive in her simple and conservative clothing (even Hanbok) and extremely light make-up. I hope that is the trend for the young actresses. That is my two cents worth in the support of our heroine.

    • 15.1 Thursdaynexxt

      Exactly, she’s handled herself really well, and I like how Da Jung’s character even handles her mistakes well!

      When the main cast appeared recently on Happy Together, the host actually asked, “Who’s the Prime Minister” and “Who’s the ‘I’?” (The host then proceeds to ask if Ryu Jin is the other guy in the love triangle, which was an amusing faux pas!)

      While I love her scenes with LBS, I hope they show how she finds her own two feet as First Lady and mom to the 3 kids.

    • 15.2 Minea

      Yes, yes! Loved the scenes you listed. I haven’t watched her in anything so she is a much precious discovery for me. She’s so natural in her scenes and the acting is so effortless that I feel like Da Jung is Yoona and Yoona is Da Jung.

    • 15.3 Cleo

      for a few episodes I thought Director Kang was obsessed with the Prime Minister romantically in which case Director Kang would be the “I.”

  16. 16 kaka

    How much i love yoona!

  17. 17 Thursdaynexxt

    It’s now 2014 here – Happy New Year, fellow beanies!!

    Funnily enough, they were showing Sound of Music on telly on NYE: it was the scene where the similarly accident-prone Maria and the children were rowing on the river and they all fell out of the boat, splash!

    Really loving this drama, and pleasantly surprised at the zippy pacing. It’s interesting that Da Jung is being challenged to find her place by the Prime Minister’s side, but I also like how they’re using the so-called villain Joon-ki to challenge Yul’s shortcomings as a family man.

    So much has happened already, our heroine has already fallen for our Prime Minister … what next?

    • 17.1 docster6

      Happy New Year, Thursdaynexxt, it is before 7am here on Tuesday in California, USA. Wow, Korea is way ahead of USA on the timeline, that does mean that the USA people don’t have to wait as long for next Monday’s episode, YES!!!

      • 17.1.1 Thursdaynexxt

        Same, happy new year, docster6!

        I’m actually in Sydney, Australia, plus we have daylight savings, which puts us 2 hours ahead of Seoul, and some parts of Australia, even!

        Can’t wait for next week’s episodes!

        • kngdrama

          Happy New Year and exciting Kdrama watching to you.

        • Minea

          Happy New Year to you, too, Thursdaynexxt! And to all you awesome beanies! Wishing you all a kdrama-filled goodness for 2014!

        • Thursdaynexxt

          @kngdrama and @Minea: a very happy new year to you too!

          Look forward to more thrills, spills, aliens and abs with my DB buddies in 2014!

        • Stuart

          Still a couple of hours behind me, though – being almost first to see ach new day means being almost last to see eacn new ep! 🙂

        • Stuart

          You’re still a couple of hours behind me, though 🙂 Somewhat ironically being almost the first to see the sun makes Aotearoa a sup-optimal place for watching K Dramas, the time difference means I’m almost always last to see each new ep. 😀

  18. 18 katakwasabi

    I want to watch this! Thanks for the recap 🙂

  19. 19 Cynthia

    Lee Beom Soo should continue (as Yul) to smile lots in this Kdrama. Seriously, smiling makes him look YEARS younger!

    • 19.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      LBS’s smile SLAYS me. I’m determined to now watch everything he has ever done just to soak up his smiles.

  20. 20 Carole McDonnell

    Thanks for the recap! Am really liking Yoona. Saw her on Happy Together. She seemed so sweet. Heck, they all seemed sweet.

    Favorite scene this episode: The security guards give our OTP a talking to and as the OTP are leaving: “They’re a sweet couple.” Soooooooo good.

    So many betrayals everywhere in this drama that I’m not gonna trust Joon-ki.

    So, is the 1001 Nights the meta/theme for this drama? Did dead wife betray him? I don’t think hero is shown as hating women, but he is definitely shown as prickly about possible betrayal.

    So Chief of Staff is really going to follow through on his revenge? How can one bring Prime Minister down to a vegetative state?

    • 20.1 Minea

      “Favorite scene this episode: The security guards give our OTP a talking to and as the OTP are leaving: “They’re a sweet couple.” Soooooooo good.”

      Me, too! Lol. I love their bodyguards (and the driver, too!).

      Although I love Yoon Shi Yoon, I want to exile his character somewhere where he can’t touch our OTP. Argh! He is indeed going through with his plan. When I saw him revealed in the car sitting next to Joon Ki, all I can say was, “Oh, shit!”.

  21. 21 earthna

    This episode was awesome! I liked the narrations at the beginning and the last part. The first one was Yul’s and the last one was Dajeong’s. They’re both starting to realize how much they care for each other and how much they changed after meeting (and marrying).

    Still confused about In Ho but I’m still thinking that he’s not going to be the ultimate bad guy. /crosses fingers

    I didn’t know that we’re not getting episode 8 this week. Oh gosh, how that breaks my heart. How am I supposed to wait after that scene? T^T

    I’ve always wanted to read A Thousand and One Nights but I always forget. Because of this drama I remembered it again and I finally ordered the book today. haha.

    Thanks for the recaps, gummimochi!

  22. 22 DAEBAK!

    I am loving this series so much ^.^
    Happy New Year to all beanies!!!

  23. 23 amber

    Congrats to Yoona for winning 2 awards.

  24. 24 Minea

    Thanks for the recap and insights, gummimochi!

    This episode was another good one. If PM & I is a pill, then it’s a pill I’d be more than willing to take every single day. It’s my happy pill.

    I loved their conversation where Da Jung was telling the PM that she believes he’ll be the Prime Minister that will serve the citizens. I just love how the PM’s face seemed to light up as if a huge burden was lifted off his shoulder after hearing that from her. He gives importance to her opinions and views and I love him for that.

    I’m still in awe at how good and addicting this drama has been so far (for me, at least). I just love what it does to me. Whenever I watch it, I have this goofy grin on my face all throughout the episode. Whenever I remember a particular scene, I just automatically smile like an idiot THEN giggle regardless of wherever I am. One time it was at a grocery store at the checkout line and then just yesterday, during a meeting. People probably thought I’m nuts! PM & I just meanders its way to my consciousness at random times. I’m hopelessly in love.

    • 24.1 luthe

      i love the drama wish all dramas last year could have been this great the drama before this drama mireas choice was horrible what a horrible script even horror movies are better

  25. 25 Eunha

    I hope Da-jung ends up writing a book or writing an awesome article or just continuing her writing. It’s great that she can support Yul and be part of his children’s lives…but I just can’t help hoping that she’ll have her own goals to pursue as well.

  26. 26 aly

    this ep was a bit men for me apart from the last 10 mins. yoona is doing a decent job tho

  27. 27 DHM

    Why did his first wife call herself the Prime Minister’s wife? Didn’t he only become PM just before he married Da Jung?

    I agree with another commenter- the 1001 Nights theme hints largely that his first wife either betrayed him, or, at the very least, he believes she betrayed him.

    I wonder if In Ho’s brother is involved more deeply than as a mere innocent bystander casualty. That would be interesting.

    • 27.1 Minea

      I thought the first wife referred to herself as the governor’s wife and not Prime Minister’s wife. At least, that’s what was on the subtitle.

    • 27.2 gummimochi

      She did call herself the governor’s wife (since Yul was the Governor of Jeju Island at the time). The intent was that his first wife referring to herself as such was similar, not the same. Hope that clarifies the confusion 🙂

      • 27.2.1 docster6

        Dear gummimochi, whenever I see a yellow box written by you or your colleagues, I bow down with respect (the really low kind in Korea or Japan) for all the effort you put forth for us. I hope some day I could meet some of you in K-convention somewhere, you are celebrities to me.

    • 27.3 itaeonni

      Dear DHM : I don’t think the first wife called herself “prime minister Kwon Yul’s wife”, she said “Governor Kwon Yul’s wife”. Forgive me if I’m wrong..

    • 27.4 Kim Yoonmi

      I think that’s a red herring, myself. ’cause it’s more clever if it’s a red herring. But that may just be my personal preference in plotting.

  28. 28 Exquisitemelody

    Loving this couple!!! So cuuuute! I was enjoying the cute moments but I guess it’s time for some conflict. I’m not too interested in the brother in law stuff…more cute couple and kids moments!

  29. 29 ziggystardust

    I’m just loving this show. It’s not necessarily ground breaking but it’s sweet and satisfying, simple chemistry laden comfort food in the recent landscape of makjang revenge and complicated time travel. Which, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for, but one misses a good old fashioned romance done right without the frills.

    Normally I’d balk at an extension, but any extra time Da Jung gets to endear herself to Yul and the kids can only be a good thing, right?

    • 29.1 Gidget

      That’s what I’ve been thinking about too! This drama is written to be laden with loads and loads of low-hanging fruit. Sometimes we don’t want everything to be high-concept art. There’s art in being able to tell a story in a straightforward way that gets you invested; but that primarily aims to entertain.

      The characters are written to wear their heart on their sleeve. So we feel. They’re acted with depth. So we believe. The pairings are matches that would work out well in the real world. So we hope. The premise is straightforward. So we relax and simply enjoy the happiness.

      What got me thinking about this is comparing how I’ve reacted to this show compared to You From A Different Star. I like that show, it’s pretty to watch, and the acting seems good. But for all the show’s merits, it’s only inspired me to follow it in a detached way. The story has stretched out the backstory so long that it’s given me little reason to care about the characters. It pokes fun at so many tropes that the suspension of disbelief is snapped. And I feel like it asks me to gloss over the OTP’s mis-matched flaws. In the real world, the pairing would only result in them bringing out the absolute worst in each other. It asks me to want them to heal each other so they can be in a fairytale ‘destined’ relationship. In the real world that wouldn’t require just growth, it’d pretty-much require a miracle. So the romantic premise just evokes old memories of times when I asked ‘why’ and was told ‘because I said so.’

      Not intending to bash the show. I enjoy watching it. I was simply trying to figure out why I had connected to PMI more, in light of the shows’ relative merits. Of course, in all likelihood I’m just missing something there.

      One thing is for sure, if PMI continues the way it has, it will be my favorite feel-good show of the year.

      • 29.1.1 ziggystardust

        While I am enjoying You From Another Star for the story and acting and general pretty, I’ve found it more difficult to connect with emotionally so far, whereas PM&I I was with pretty much from the get go, because it told it’s story in a straight forward way without Fate or serial murder gumming up the works. Not that Fate and serial murder can’t work perfectly well in their own right.

        … Er, in *dramas*, that is.

        I just prefer PM&I’s more realistic approach (whereas YFAS’s unrealistic elements have absolutely nothing to do with the Hallyu star/alien from another planet concept, weirdly enough). The characters are regular people you’d meet on the street — with flaws, but largely easy to overcome ones, like Da Jung not realizing when not to butt in or Yul neglecting family in favor of his career. It’s the kind of growth I love so far, particularly in the main couple, and look forward to in the future — the little important things they can teach each other, not to scold each other, but to make each other better.

        • Gidget

          Ziggy, maybe you or someone else can help me with this. The thing I don’t get is why people see Da Jung’s tendency to speak up as a character flaw.

          The only thing she’s done is told people things they didn’t want to hear. But it wasn’t her inputting into the lives of strangers. I has only been to encourage the various family members to reconsider their choices when they’re hurting themselves and/or eachother. The way I see it, that’s the right and decent and healthy thing to do. That’s what separates humans from animals. Being willing to intervene and help others when they’re being hurt – even when it carries a cost – is what Love does.

          I think the limitations of her position as a contract wife would be that she can’t require them to do anything or be demanding of anything other than being treated with common decency. Has she crossed the line and been demanding? I cant recall a time she’s done that (other than when she blackmailed WR into going to a concert -and, well – he’s a teenager). Has she exercised her right to be treated with common decency? So far, no. But I thought that was the point of her character development in this episode. She needed to come to grips with the question: Why do I keep trying to help these people when they don’t even treat me with common decency? And for that question to solidify a realization that she’s doing it because of love for Yul. Being willing to help others when they’re hurting – even when it carries a personal cost – is what Love does.

          So what am I missing here?

          • Orion

            You have to remember that this is a different society as well. In Korea, hierarchy and knowing your place are important. Da Jeong is not only picking on wounds which make them lash out, she is also overstepping her boundaries.

            She is young, of lower social standing and in a position ruled by a contract. For her to have any input on what an older, non-related stranger way higher in social standing than her does with his personal life and family is already too bold of her.

            Also, she does not have a strong enough relationship with the kids for it either and as far as everyone is concerned, she is only a business partner of sorts to Yool.

            Also, in a family already struggling, she keeps undermining Yool’s authority and that is a huge no no in any society, because children need to take parental authority seriously and not have conflicting messages. Conflicting messages mean that any time dad is wrong, they find it more convenient to disobey or not take him seriously. It makes parenting harder, makes passing of values harder.

            So while they need to hear those things and we know they need to hear those things, they should be said to each one separately, not by belittling Yool in front of the kids and also by a person who has earned the right to say them. Da Jeong has not, which is why it is good that she is now realizing the reasons why she is doing all of this. Since it really would take a special relationship to make one want, but also have the right to do them.

          • sassysuzy

            this is why my heart breaks for nam da jung!

            she is seriously getting the short end of the stick in this marriage/relationship… she become a wife, a mother of 3, and the prime minister’s wife. that is five responsibilities too many. especially considering that her own father is dying from a terminal illness.

            because kwon yul and his three children are ‘broken,’ people are taking it for granted that in their process of healing they are also hurting da jung.

            this highlights that women are usually outsiders even in their own nuclear family, more so for nam da jung because she is not the birth mother. someone told me that she initially thought Korea is progressive because women do not change their names when they marry. she later realized that Korea being a patriarchal society, this practice is possibly to keep the woman as an outsider – the children have dad’s parentage so they get the name.

          • sassysuzy

            when nam da jung found out that her dad is dying, she drank and cried alone. this did not change after she married. when kwon yul scolded nam da jung because of the written contract, she was crying alone. kang in ho found her later, but she did not seek him out. when kwon yul confronted nam da jung about not being a real wife and a real mother, she was crying alone. when nam da jung visits her father, she was also alone.

            nam da jung prepared christmas gifts for everyone – from the whole family to all of the staff. no one gave her anything. except kang in ho.

            nam da jung contradicting kwon yul at the breakfast table is her fault, although she did not say anything wrong.

            but thinking about it, nam da jung was more of a parent to the children in the short time she spent with them compared to the years kwon yul spent with them no?!

          • sassysuzy

            oh, have a question too that someone might be able to answer…

            read the latest 3 episodes with English subtitles both from viki and dramafever… it is still not clear to me if when kwon yul is referencing his first wife – is he just using the word for wife, or if he is using wife with other words such as first wife, dead wife, late wife, and such?

            nam da jung is doing her best being the wife and mother even though she knows it was just a contract marriage and she was still not aware of why she is doing the things she is doing (realization happened end of episode 7). isn’t it sad if kwon yul keeps reminding nam da jung that she is married to him but he does not think of her in the same way? kwon yul does not have to think of her as wife real wife, but like wife he is in a contract marriage with or wife with a shelf-life.

            but it seems like kwon yul does not really ‘see’ nam da jung yet… he still sees his first wife in nam da jung, even though they are entirely different persons. nam da jung should be her own person in kwon yul’s life, not a shadow of someone else.

            kwon yul is great, and his children are adorable… but so is nam da jung. they better realize that she is precious soon, and show their appreciation! in the words of a knetizen, “kwon yul and his family are too mean to nam da jung!”

  30. 30 pumpkinattack

    Thank you for the recap! 🙂
    It’s going to be a looooong week.

  31. 31 meanrice

    I am pleasantly surprised at the chemistry between everyone so far, makes for a love triangle with actual conflict.

    I am also loving the comedic elements interspersed throughout, that slap scene had me howling. I REALLY hope the comedy continues as we move into angsty territory.

  32. 32 madman999

    I love the scenes where Yoona gets all physical with LBS. too cute for words!

    I think the writers/producers/director of this drama hit a homerun with this pairing.

  33. 33 Evelia

    I am also enjoying this drama a lot. Though I was worried at the end when the truck was coming. But then Yul came to the rescue.
    I also liked this episode since Da Jung is question as to why she should care about the Prime minister’s family.
    I also want to know more about what happen to Yul’s wife. It seems it has to do something with Chief Kang’s brother, but so far I can’t figure it out.
    Happy New Year to everyone!

  34. 34 Toystar

    Happy new year everyone. I love the PM & I. Great drama and actors.

  35. 35 ojou-san

    Loving this drama! Hooray for Yoona! Thanks for the recap! 😀

  36. 36 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I have found Da-jung very take charge. Shows a strength of character to stand up to someone as powerful as the prime minister. He may yell, sputter, order, and do kendo exercises, but in the end I never doubt that Da-jung will win.

    I did find 1st wife calling herself the Prime Minister’s wife 7 years before he became prime minister to be chilling. I hope it was meant to be encouraging but it struck me as unabashedly ambitious and political. Makes me wonder if first wife loved Yul or only joined with him for her chance to be PM wife one day. I hope I am wrong. Somehow, I want the first marriage to have been a happy one. I know that doesn’t make much sense given that I want Yul and Da-jung to be happy now too. I guess I just don’t want bitterness from first marriage to be a factor.

  37. 37 belle3005

    This is totally irrelevant but OHEMGEE guise have you heard? LEE SEUNGGI AND YOONA ARE DATING!!! (you can see more the news on A Koala’s Playground). I’m so happy for them (mostly for Seunggi HEH).

    • 37.1 Val

      *raises eyebrows* Where did this come from? Congrats to the happy couple anyway.

      • 37.1.1 belle3005

        I know right! I mean. Seunggi has mentioned multiple times during his Strong Heart and 1D2N days that Yoona’s his ideal type but I never thought that it’ll actually happen in real life (that’s why ideal types are called ideal types, no?). I guess dream DO come true after all.

        • aly

          omg girl I CAME TO TELL EVERYONE THE SAME THING!! both their agencies have confirmed it so it’s legit!! for at least 3 months now. eeek. i’m still in shock because i really didn’t see it coming. and sm confirming it is something in it self but they are both lovely so congrats to them. thankfully i’m not a big seungi fangirl or i might have been crying in a corner right now lol. can’t say the same for gf and jb tho. *hugs all around girls who need them*

    • 37.2 tebz10

      OMG!!! Just saw the news on Soompi. I’m happy for both of them.

    • 37.3 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Too cute 🙂 Happy for them.

      • 37.3.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Dramagods, can you please put these two together in a rom/com for me in 2014?

        • sassysuzy

          always wanted lee seung gi and yoona in a romantic comedy drama for years!

          kind of sad that this announcement would limit the possibility of this ever happening… because they are already in a relationship. but if they break up later, it will be awkward too. although hopefully they will last a long time, and possibly marriage? they look really good together! and happier (individually in their recent activities)!

    • 37.4 Katie


      Okay, no more caps. But OMG!!!! I’m SO happy. I totally remember Strong Heart and the episode when Seunggi was like Yoona is my ideal type (and other shows hehe).

    • 37.5 Betsy

      I’m surprised dramabeans and girlfriday haven’t written a post on this yet!! So glad somebody finally posted about this on here. I’m happy for Seung Gi and Yoona. She’s his ideal type and he actually ended up with his dream girl, good for him. Hehehe.

  38. 38 Megan

    Is it just me or does Yul resemble a slightly younger Asian David Hyde Pierce? I think it’s their eyes or something. Or all the suit-wearing.

    Yeah, it’s probably just me.

    Oh well, happy New Years to everyone at DB! I hope 2014 is a great year for dramas!!

    • 38.1 ktiep

      Dr. Niles Crane…yes, I can see it. I think it’s the mannerisms or the formality of the suit.

  39. 39 Noelle

    I really love this show. The writing is wonderful. I love that we get answers and the characters are not in the dark about their own feelings. The moment where she figured it out was great. Sadly I said (while watching) that the realization is gonna hit her like a truck… after saying that I thought “Oh S**T” cause it dawned on me that it was gonna happen. Luckily she didn’t actually get hit. Hopefully, episode eight will begin with his point of view cause I would love to get into his head.

    Someone give Woo Ri a hug.

  40. 40 Ethalina

    “As Da-jung gets more acquainted with the prime minister’s family, it’s about time that somebody finally challenged what role she has in it.”

    I thought that maybe one of Yul’s children would say this, or maybe In-ho (out of jealousy) or Hye-joo, but Yul was the one who brought it up? Ouch. I hope he was asking that as a ‘shield’, like he’s asking himself out loud, to stop from falling for her.

    And what is with In-ho? Does he like her or not? Is he a good guy? Bad guy? Double agent? Gargh what a mystery!

  41. 41 yama

    I watched the first six episodes in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The storyline, as absurd as it is, is actually pleasurable to follow. Reading this recap, however, gives a different feeling to the show. On “paper” the May-December coupling is just too hard to wrap my head around and a younger guy like In-ho makes so much more sense. In fact, I’ve become a fan of Yoon Si-yoon because of this show. I’m looking forward to the twist he’s going to bring to the show.

    And I swear, the number one cause of death in Asia must be traffic accidents. I’ve never seen another ethnicity trying so hard to perpetuate a stereotype about its own kind.

  42. 42 opio

    I’m really loving the storyline!

    There’s just the right amount of angst, family problems, political struggles, relations to the past and a tad bit of romance. It’s awesome! The date they had was a good moment and the jealousy from both (maybe even three?) parties [Secretary Seo, Chief Kang, Joon-ki] is developing perfectly.

    It helps the storyline move forward and help the two leads realize they’ve become accustomed to being husband and wife and actually care about each other. Even if there’s a huge age gap, the (family) romance is in the air! The actor who plays Woori is so far doing really well too.

    Do people in South Korea really not like the couple because of their age gap? At first, I was hesitant to watch this series, but it turned out to be hilarious and fantastic! In fact, maybe it’s the main couple’s age gap that attracted me to keep on watching because we don’t get to see this type of couple often on the small screen.

    I can’t get enough of this drama! 😀

    • 42.1 G1223

      I like the show. But some of the plot holes are at times painful. I can buy the whole not up on everything the kids are doing. But seriously what chief of staff does not have the birthdays listed somewhere.

      The story angle with her working to become a mother to the kids they way she is trying works. Not greatly but works.

      Also the number of times she is calling him by his title around staff not in on the scheme rather than his name is a little off putting. And would be a sign that all is not as it should be.

      But I like the way the leads are playing off one another. And how the kids are playing. The side plot of how the in-law is rebelling against his future ex father in law is interesting and how the chief of staff and him had the beginning of a relationship is good.

      I plan to see this through but really these shows need to learn from previous series and line up to eliminate these plot problems.

      • 42.1.1 sassysuzy

        not sure why da Jung calling the prime minister by his title is such an issue. this is probably a culture thing. in Korea, the bride is called by that title until she gives birth then her title will be her ‘kid’s name umma’ – and that is how she will usually refer to herself outside the house as well as inside the house. nam da jung and kwon yul have more than 10 year difference in age, kwon yul has a very important government position, the three kids are born by the first wife – this limits the possible names they can call each other, especially since kwon yul seems to be averse to jagiya.

        in sweet 18 drama, han ji hye and lee dong gun have similar ages in real life but their characters have a huge age difference in the drama (guy is prosecutor, girl just graduated from high school), when they married and fell in love later (this is another contract marriage drama!) girl still refer to guy as ajusshi…

        • Orion

          Said series is by the same writers, by the way.

          • Alwaysmyself

            Seriously…maybe that’s why I love this one also.. I did enjoy sweet 18 a lot but I like this one far more

    • 42.2 Cleo

      the domestic audience is not pleased, really? then I give credit to the Korean audiences for their moral integrity. The male lead even said before the wedding that no father in his right mind (heh) would be happy to see his daughter with the male lead instead of the second lead. My heart expanded when they said that – I like when the Koreans indicate that they have character.

  43. 43 mishlee

    Yoona and Lee Seung Gi confirmed to be dating!!

  44. 44 Idz

    Hi Girlfriday! What can you say about Puppy dating Yoona? 🙂

  45. 45 Webfoot

    I was just wondering if the narrative voice she uses, when she is contemplating her emotions – I wonder if this is what she’s been writing in her journal all this while. Maybe Yul makes her write them, but he never has time to read them.
    Maybe he’ll discover them one day. Or we’ll have her growth into a writer come from these moments.

    I doubt it will happen, but it would be interesting to see an alternative Happy Ever After here, where Yul, sends her off with In Ho with his blessings, because she’s healed his family and his old grief, but he can’t keep her because In Ho and her are far more suitable. Sort of a Daddy Long Legs figure.

    • 45.1 docster6

      NOOOOO!!! We cannot ship In-Ho for Da-Jung because Da-Jung is married. Da-Jung better makes her marriage work or she would be ruined by the divorce. If you’d watched the Lee Soon Shin series you would know how hard the oldest daughter, Hye-Shin, tried to hide the fact she is divorced from her cheating husband so the older generation wouldn’t know. Even the evil mother-in-law wanted her to stay married so her son could continue to cheat with another woman. Divorce is not a joke in South Korea, in fact, a contract marriage is only a concept in a drama (Full House, for example), it cannot be practiced in real life. For a woman, it is much worse. The ship for In-Ho (Chief Kang) must sink right now, it cannot be allowed or the ratings will drop like a rock in South Korea.

    • 45.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Nooo …. love YSY, but he doesn’t get the girl in PM&I. This from someone who usually has second lead syndrome. jmho

  46. 46 arin



  47. 47 pinkcarnations

    I was initially hesitant to watch this drama after reading a summary of its plot. Heck, I would totally scroll down the page whenever I see the episodic summaries of this drama being posted on Dramabeans and move on to other read other posts except the PMNI’s. However yesterday for some unknown reason, I decided to give this drama a shot and ended up watching all seven episodes at one go. I was taken aback by how the simplicity of this drama managed to get me hooked on it from the get go.

    • 47.1 sassysuzy

      hopefully more people that are hesitant to watch this at first will still give this drama a chance and enjoy watching this!

    • 47.2 Alwaysmyself

      Yes I am in the same position.. A friend told me about this drama before it was aired and I was going to watch just because I am fan of yoona but didn’t like the pairing and wasn’t really looking forward for it… But first 5 minutes a was in…first chapter I was already an addict and follower of this drama… Script is simple but not too simple, is funny, fresh, romantic and I really love it’s not a slow story that you have to wait forever to have some kind of development…good actors and good script… I’m rather surprised of the low ratings!

  48. 48 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Prime Minister & I has inspired me to seek out the works of the actors in other dramas.

    I watched Ryu Jin in Secret Agent Miss Oh. He was too utterly adorkable as the I’m-Too-Sexy Art Gallery boss with the silver spoon. I tried to watch Pure Heart for a much younger Ryu, with a swimming pool scene in the first 5 minutes … but I couldn’t find all the eps. Ryu with idol hair style was a sight to behold. imho, the man is quite handsome.

    Watched “Lifting King Kong” film, and the more I look at LBS on screen, the more I notice how solidly muscular he is. A well fitted white shirt reminds me of SSH.

    • 48.1 Madkdr

      Go watch LBS in Hong Gil Dong the movie!!!!

      Awesome he was………and shirtless!!!!

  49. 49 Cleo

    I find this drama hard to swallow even though I was initially relieved that this was not another cougar romance with a much younger babyfaced male lead (Director Kang in this kdrama). I stopped paying attention around episode 2 to 4 and then I started to suspect that this was some contrivance on the part of guys the prime minister’s age to justify marrying their Maria Von Trapp. I also got a Tuptim from King and I echo from these episodes in that the two leads are really inappropriate not because of their career backgrounds but the generation gap – the only thing about their relationship is that he has power and maybe money and she has youth and beauty so not a socially mobile union but probably one that any man his age would prefer.

    There seem to be a lot of hoops jumped through that she is a legitimate respectable person when in reality, that type of female would be more a Roo Ri type or worse.

    There is no way two respectable careerists are so comfortable platonically reading arabian nights together. This whole series is pretty weird.

    It’s not as visually inappropriate as say the female lead of Heirs opposite the father of the male lead of Heirs but this leading man’s appearance and over fondness for vests is really jarring.

    • 49.1 Cleo

      I didn’t know that the female lead was in a girl band (Girls Generation) but that would make MORE sense as to what this drama is really about.

      Imagine a politico – someone not as pristines as the male lead but fairly typical in Asia who has a pop idol girlfriend who is MUCH younger – in order for her to not be a secret – his wife would have to die, he would have to fake marry UNDER DURESS, they are both pristine and above board and no one even NOTICES the age or background difference. I think that if there is about to be a corrupt politician exposed in the future – his excuses have already been detailed and portrayed beyond expectations in this kdrama and what that will do to an Asian audience already consuming this drama is that they will be inured to excuses made by a real politician.

      There are a lot of inconsistencies in the script and it would be explained if this were the David Lynchian perspective of the story.

      • 49.1.1 Cleo

        AKB 48 in Japan looks like the kind of group that would have this type of scandal with older Japanese elite


        • Cleo

          Remember in the beginning episodes when she was mistaken for an underage girl because she was wearing a plaid miniskirt and jacket? Plaid school uniform skirts are a common costume for the members of AKB 48 which seems to have been created as an overcompensating reaction to the large Korean girl groups.

          Otherwise something so nonsensical does not make sense coming from the Koreans – especially so frequently.

      • 49.1.2 Stuart

        Thank you for the funniest thing I’ve read all week – Twin Peaks is one of my all time favourite TV series, and the idea that there is anything REMOTELY like Lynch’s work in the PMAI is so far beyond hilariously risible that a neologism is needed. But now you’ve got me excited to look out for dancing dwarves popping up in DJ’s next dream sequence.

  50. 50 Cleo

    The wife of the brother in law used to be very tall and skinny and striking when she played the female lead as a single mother like a decade ago if not more so it is funny that she said her son is not her husband’s.

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