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Jung Ryeo-won offered lead in Big Man
by | February 18, 2014 | 25 Comments

…but may not take the role. I know, way to give me a cookie and take it away. Still, hearing about this potential casting definitely piqued my interest in Big Man: Jung Ryeo-won (King of Dramas, History of a Salaryman) has been offered the leading lady role in the love-and-revenge drama starring Kang Ji-hwan (Incarnation of Money) as the poor everyman who’s out to take down a huge corporation, of which Daniel Choi (School 2013) is the sole son and heir. (The ten-million-dollar question: Who’s the bigger man? …snerk.) (You can’t name a drama that and not get juvenile jokes. You just can’t.)

Big Man centers around Kang Ji-hwan’s character, who grew up an orphan and lived a “third-rate life” before deciding to turn himself around and work himself to the bone, with humble dreams of owning his own restaurant. He gets involved in a plot to save the life of the chaebol heir who needs a heart transplant, and then learns that he himself is the son of a chaebol and begins a shinier new life in that world… and then later learns that was a lie. Ack! Talk about a raw deal. (Also, I don’t know how these disjointed plot points fit together, but that’s what the news articles have told us thus far.) Disgusted with the corruption of his chaebol family, he embarks on a reckless revenge mission in order to protect himself and those he loves, and along the way ends up in a love triangle against his rival.

Jung Ryeo-won was reportedly in the negotiation phase, but the very latest articles suggest that she has either passed or will be passing shortly. That would be too bad, because although these three actors have all acted in some flops in the past, I’ve adored them in at least one thing each. Fingers, assuming crossing position!

Looks like the Monday-Tuesday KBS slot will be busy with intense melodramas, since Big Man will take over the slot from the newly premiered Full Sun. It’ll premiere on April 14. Now that we’ve got the cast (nearly, almost) in place, can we turn our attention to changing that title please? Something tells me inadvertent laughter isn’t the reaction you’d want in an emotional revenge story. Just a hunch.

Via Hankook Ilbo


25 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Nicole

    I love her! And Kang Ji-hwan! Together, they could make some screen dynamite. Please please be attached to the project…

  2. Orion

    I saw the news this morning. Then a Daum search killed my hopes. It seems she has declined the offer. I wanted to see this so badly. I really like her and Kang Ji Hwan too. I can’t say I am loving the series’ premise, but she’d have just been an extra big motivation to watch. I hope she chooses a good project instead though.

    • 2.1 wannabean

      this is totally off-topic, but how do you embed a link into a word?

      • 2.1.1 Orion

        Whatever you want to say

        Just remove both 1s. You can also add outside of those to make it bold, I think.

        It would be nice if Dramabeans added this information somewhere. Or maybe it exists and I have missed it.

        • Orion

          Apologies, it seems I failed. The platform rejected the code. Ask the ladies. And my comment above and this one can be removed. Sorry for the mistake.

  3. Mandy

    Since everyone in DB are such huge fans of King of Dramas, I decided to marathon it last week. That’s the first drama I saw her in and I thought she was really good. She has this earthiness to her that I rarely see in actresses these days. Too bad it seems she’s most likely not picking this up. Whenever she does a project though, I hope it achieves success with the knetizens. I think she’s definitely underrated in Korea.

    • 3.1 Orion

      She is magnificent. She just emotes like nobody’s business. Draws you in completely. I suggest ‘Castaway on the Moon’. Lovely movie and you get to see her in a different role. Obviously, ‘History of the Salaryman’ is a great suggestion too, if you prefer dramas.

      It would have been very interesting to see her with Kang Ji Hwan. Chemistry is very hard to guess until you actually see them interact, so I’ll always wonder about what could have been. Maybe they’ll meet each other in another project. It’s a silly fan’s wish.

    • 3.2 ilikemangos

      Agree. She gives off a very down-to-earth vibe and her eyes are like a beautiful fountain, esp. when she cries.

  4. sososo

    Not many of her drama high in rating, even they are good, maybe the ahjumma not to keen to see her on TV. Her movies also not doing well. She got talent, but not a crowd puller.
    Good that she decline this drama, female role not tempting enough, just a subject of love and protection.

  5. Fab

    Oh too bad she declined, I would really want her to take part of the drama. Fingers crossed they’ll cast someone as good.

  6. Esmeralda

    Yes too bad that she declined, I hope she make a new drama soon.

  7. dmohican14

    So it’s confirmed she passed? Boo, I really want JRW to do a drama and while this doesn’t sound great, melos seem to be the only thing I can sit through lately.

    KBS will probably change the title eventually, like they’ve been doing with most of their dramas. Anything’s better than Big Man.

  8. gees

    I love her so I’m hoping there’s a chance she’s still gonna take it. But, I hope it’s not gonna be like her last drama which should just be forgotten. I’m still pissed that she was underutilized and that she was given a really bland character.

    • 8.1 Hollie

      Tell me about it, I loooove her but hated MFT with so much passion. It was infuriating when halfway through it felt like she was demoted to second female lead when she was cast as the main lead, I will never understand why the 2nd fe. lead got more screen time than her when those scenes were boring and added nothing to the plot.

      She is so underrated and I wish her next drama becomes a huge hit because she deserves it.

  9. sori2say

    she’s one of those Kactresses i’m not really fond of, i dunno why so i hope they get another lead for Kang Ji hwan! i’ll be watching bcoz of KJH anyway! 🙂 sori if i hv this comment about this actress i’m sure there’s a lot of fans who like her since what planet are you from! one suggestion or two: how about one of my fave K actresses…..oh never mind 🙂

  10. 10 kanz

    Oh I would watch it for JRW but too bad she declined it. Hope I see her in anything soon since I couldn’t watch MTT.

    Anyway the big 3 network seems having theme on those upcoming dramas. SBS: time-thriller (God’s Gift, 3Days), KBS: melodrama (Full Sun, Big Man), MBC: reunion story (Triangle, Cunning Single Lady)

  11. 11 ilikemangos

    Oh boy. The next few months of dramaland will be lacking light rom-coms. Lots of heavy(not necessarily a bad thing but it doesn’t bode well for a YFAS addict who’s looking for a cure for her withdrawals once it ends). In two weeks the best rom-coms currently airing(my subjective opinion, of course) will end and there remains 3: Cunning Single Lady, the cute and lowkey Let’s Eat(which only airs once a week, and Emergency Couple (if you consider it light). Not the juiciest buffet to choose from.. But when you need a fix you need a fix.
    With this new season of shows comes a new chapter in my drama world — mostly i’ll be switching from giddy feels to feeling either extremely melancholy or so thrilled i’m falling off the edge of my seat..

    • 11.1 ilikemangos

      Edit: INR3 ends in 3 weeks. Why do i always feel like 16-episode dramas end as soon as they start and 20-episode dramas go on forever?

      • 11.1.1 Fab

        But sometimes INR3 feels like going forever… to nothingness.

  12. 12 Noelle

    Love her but I would rather watch her in something else.

  13. 13 apollo11

    I love her!! Esp in king of dramas. And a huge difference back when she was in my lovely samsoon. I had loved jung woo in reply 1994 too, and it’ll make me so happy if they end up in a drama together.

    Although kang ji hwan is still my first big love back fr hong gil dong zzzomg

  14. 14 Beng

    Isn’t Daemul means Big Man too?

    Yeah they really need to change the title

  15. 15 korfan

    First time I saw Jung Ryeo-won was in King of Dramas and she made quite the impression. She was fantastic in that!

    If she takes this role, let’s see what happens. ….. If not, then she’ll accept another role elsewhere and perhaps delight us all once again.

  16. 16 astromantic

    Good, I say. I think she can do so much better than a melo (and Medical Top Team was such an uninspiring drama).

  17. 17 olach

    I like her in historical drama, just like the princess of Nakrang, she is very good . I watched all her dramas.

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