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Kang Ji-hwan is a Big Man (for KBS)
by | February 10, 2014 | 39 Comments

…snerk. My Kang Ji-hwan is coming back to television, and I can tell you now, I’m going to have a lot of fun with the drama name: Big Man. I mean, you can’t name something that and not expect a slew of silly, and possibly dirty, puns, can you?

Kang Ji-hwan would play “an uneducated, poor, trash-like man” who is born a penniless orphan; he sets out to leave that life behind and become a top financial leader. That goal’s worlds apart from his former dream to be an aspiring boxer, but he is spurred on by hatred of the world’s unfair realities. Thus he decides to set up a business for himself, and along the way he’ll seek revenge against a national chaebol group. (Birth secret alert! He’s the chaebol’s hidden son, but has no love for their corrupt ways.) He’ll also fall in love with a woman he meets in a “fateful encounter,” of course. So… many… inappropriate BIG MAN jokes…

This isn’t exactly the same thing as Incarnation of Money, Kang’s last drama, though the fixation with poor beginnings, money, and revenge against the uber-rich are enough to draw some connections. Still, this drama will take quite a different tone, I think, being written by Choi Jin-won of the ’90s drama Sunflower, campus sitcom New Nonstop, and movie Mister Socrates. It’ll be directed by PD Ji Young-soo of Flowers For My Life (which I absolutely loved) and My Fair Lady (which I did not love at all). Jury’s still out on what to think of that creative team.

This means Kang won’t be taking on that other revenge drama after all, Golden Cross, which he was previously considering. They’ll have to look for a new leading man, though, as it seems Kang Ji-hwan has committed to doing Big Man. (Pfft.)

Big Man will follow Full Sun as a KBS Monday-Tuesday drama and premieres on April 14.

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39 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Rubysing

    My hero! Can’t wait to see this 🙂

  2. taraJJ

    I never mind if the leading lady is Yoo Eun Hye again 🙂

    • 2.1 sogazelle

      oh boy…you want me to dye of happiness?

      My baby! I can’t wait to watch you again.

      • 2.1.1 sogazelle


        Ooops….I meant to “die” …not dye

    • 2.2 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

      I Love Yoon Eun Hye I would like to see them pair up again

  3. chhavi

    I will totally watch it..

  4. yuhoo

    the story isn’t exactly new (/sigh) but hey it’s kang ji hwan so yahooooo!

    • 4.1 Me

      what story is new? seriously humans have been around for so long only thing new to us is tech.

  5. Mandy

    LOL, if this is anything like every-other-drama and they refer to its name in every-single-scene – no matter if I’m not fond of KJH, I’ll be here to read all the recaps (if you guys take it up). And of course the comment section – it will be a blast lol.

  6. tebz10

    Excuse me while I pick up my brain from the gutter.

  7. Big Man Lol

    I’m waiting for someone to make a Big Man joke in the comments.Come onnnn.

  8. Fab

    Kang Ji Hwan is always big in my eyes…

    • 8.1 wannabean

      i apologize for the snort I just made as i read your comment.

  9. Fab

    I went through Big so I can’t pass this one over-

  10. 10 jensredshoes

    Love, love, love me some KJH! Can’t wait!

  11. 11 coffeenlucia

    oh dear. the plot sounds very typical… but I’ll stick around because he was amazing in Capital Scandal

  12. 12 Fab

    I prefer them big to genius after all-

    • 12.1 themugen

      Sometimes I think they’re geniuses just to compensate for the fact that they arent BIG men.

  13. 13 Suzi Q

    He has made a lasting impression on me as the Joseon Lady in Incarnation of Money. He was a HOOT!

    Glad he is back.. He’s always enjoyable to watch!

    If I could stand watching BIG, BIG MAN couldn’t be that bad… I hope

  14. 14 ziggystardust

    Ah, I was excited but the storyline sounds a bit same old same old… I don’t know the writer but if they manage to tell it in an interesting way maybe? Flowers For My Life ranks among my top dramas ever, but there’s only so much a PD can do if the writing is a melo snorefest. Fingers crossed?

    I would be so much more interested if it was this ridiculous plot but as a straight up comedy (which I find to be KJH’s strength anyway).

  15. 15 tura

    Kang ji hwan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That should say a lot

  16. 16 midwestmz

    he’s back – he’s back – he’s back . . . .


  17. 17 tapioca pearl

    Coincidence! I was just thinking about him the other day and wondering when he was going to do his next drama. This is good news! I love him so!

  18. 18 A


    I've been rewatching Incarnation of Money (which is the most underrated drama of 2013 omg everyone go watch it pls) lately just to see his face on my screen again. I'm so excited for this drama omg. I don't think I can watch KJH as a serious character anymore, all of his past roles were so bizarre and great omg. Hopefully Big Man is as good as IoM 😀

    • 18.1 AAAA

      I discovered his first leading drama, Be Strong Geum Soon, because I was also missing seeing him after Incarnation of Money, and you’ll see him in his best melo role. He’s great, great story and cast. All around fantastic classic drama you shouldn’t miss out on.

  19. 19 ColleenFH

    I really like Kang Ji Hwan, he is always so much fun to watch!!!

    Also “Mr. Socrates” is one of my favorite movies it was a lot of fun, Kim Rae Won was really great in it. So, this might be a lot of fun.

  20. 20 jin.jin

    I haven’t seen all KJH’s projects other than his drama Lie to Me and movie My Girlfriend Is An Agent.
    After watching that movie, oh my, i’m a fan.

    • 20.1 AAAA

      Omo you need to watch Incarnation of Money ASAP amazing amazing amazing hilarious romantic drama. He is THE man. watch it without commercials on gooddrama dot net. thank me later, go watch it now! 😛

    • 20.2 AAAA

      You also need to see him in Be Strong Geum Soon, what a beautiful and amazing drama that was. You will fall in love with him all over again. And it has 160+ quality episodes to keep you entertained. Not only is he great in it, you can see the talent in him, even though he’s only starting out at this time. And he’s gorgeous too. You won’t be disappointed in investing your time in that drama, I promise.

  21. 21 chan

    Oh!! Loved him in Coffee house. And Hong gil dong too. Waiting for this one

  22. 22 Carinne

    I miss him in a rom-com. He’s a natural comedian.

  23. 23 jinkzz

    KJH!!! glad to hear a confirmation on another drama for him…

  24. 24 mischa

    KHW! I want to grab Coca Cola from the fridge!

  25. 25 Mindy


    He need a strong female lead. I believe in KBS casting.

    Can we have Kim Ha Neul back on television.

  26. 26 MsB


  27. 27 shel

    I love me some KJH, but I like him much better in comedies. Still, I wont be missing it. :0)

  28. 28 Chandler

    I heard that Daniel Choi got cast in this too. Is it true?

    • 28.1 Chandler

      Also, if it is true, I hope he’s not a bad guy. I love him too much.

      • 28.1.1 marie

        He is the bad guy XD
        ” Kang Dong Suk (choi)is a two-faced character who is a gentle elite on one side but someone who doesn’t hesitate to do anything, including committing crimes, for the sake of his success.”

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