Odds and Ends: Naps, emails, error messages
by | February 16, 2014 | 76 Comments

javabeans: So, another week has flown by and it’s time for another edition of Odds & Ends. What was this week like, you ask? Hold on, I’m going to need to grab a drink first.

girlfiday: Already ahead of you.

javabeans: I don’t know why things suddenly got so hectic around here, but this week was a killer. It could have been the hundreds of emails in our inbox we had to reply to. Or maybe the minion boot camp we had to devise for prospective new recappers. Or maybe all the time-travelers in dramaland have actually been stealing our time in order to increase their own, damn those beautiful bastards.

girlfiday: What, that’s not fair.

javabeans: In which case, they owe us big time. And yes, I will take my payment in kisses.

girlfiday: And piggyback rides, and home-cooked meals in non-snack-bar-shapes. Basically, everything Sung Joon is doing in I Need Romance 3, with a side of Do Min-joon for whimsy. I think in general we were underprepared for the amount of work it would be to read everyone’s minion applications and respond to everyone.

javabeans: …which we’re still working on. If you haven’t heard from us, we promise you will! Soon! Ish!

girlfiday: That also means we’ll be seeing a few new names cropping up on Dramabeans to add to recaps and the occasional news post.

javabeans: As a whole, though, we aren’t changing much about Dramabeans and we’ll still be recapping and writing like madwomen, so this doesn’t signal big changes. We’re just trying to sneak in a few extra naps is all.

girlfiday: Oh yeah, we’re not going anywhere! And by the way, that nap thing she just said is a LIE.

javabeans: Well if you just worked harder and faster, maybe you would deserve more sleep. (Thus saith the Laws of Dramaland. I didn’t invent these rules!)

girlfiday: No, but we continue to live by them!

javabeans: *hollow voice* It’s the only way I know how to live.

girlfiday: But based on those rules, we should be getting more in the way of rewards. Is it because we’re not working six part-time jobs, having regular nosebleeds, and dressing like men during the day?

javabeans: If I were living a drama, I’m pretty sure I’d be the evil mastermind. Or maybe the bitchy mother-in-law, but without the children. (Sometimes these are one and the same.)

girlfiday: So… you just want to be the rich bitch, is what you’re saying.

javabeans: You say that like it’s a bad thing. ANYWAY, back to the real world. I’ve noticed a few comments here and there about site glitches, and while we have certainly weathered our fair share of them (more than that!), those should all be at an end after a server and host move, some tweaks, and maybe some voodoo magic.

girlfiday: There was some praying involved. Server moves are nerve-racking.

javabeans: So if you’re still seeing problems, please let us know what they are, but only if they happened very recently. If you’re thinking of an incident that took place more than a few days or weeks ago, we’re crossing our fingers that the problem is a thing of the past.

girlfiday: Yes. Death to Error Establishing Connection to Database!

javabeans: Don’t say that! Just reading those words gives me an eye twitch!

girlfiday: I should’ve printed one out so we could burn it in effigy. Cyberspace is so…not tactile.

javabeans: Yes, hugging your computer screen set to Gong Yoo’s abs just doesn’t have that punch, does it?

girlfiday: Have you been spying on me again?

javabeans: Oh look, a UFO!

girlfiday: Where?! Do Min-joooooooooon! Don’t goooooooooo!

javabeans: Also, don’t dieeeeeee!


76 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. fun-lugha

    Y’alls are nuts 😉

  2. splash

    Sometimes when i access this site on the computer, it shows up in the mobile devices view

    • 2.1 Y.W

      I thought there were something wrong with my browser, glad I’m not the only one who have encountered with this problem.

  3. coby


  4. Yaniah

    I admire you dramabeans!

  5. Fab

    Haven’t got that Error Establishing Connection to Database in weeks, so thrilled.

    I like the new mobile format, it’s more accessible and it got nice colours.

    Keep up the good work! The new ‘staff’ is great.

    • 5.1 Whisper

      Ha! I thought my internet connection was crap every time I see those time annoying “Error Establishing Connection to Database”…LOL! Glad to hear that it got fixed!

      Thank you Dramabeans for everything you’ve done for us K-drama lovers!!! Wishing you longevity, lots of love and tons of patience to last for a lifetime! ❤️💖💕💞

  6. rudz :)

    I’ve always wanted to comment, but never really around to doing so (ey! what can i say, I’m shy! 😛 ).. But this time around, I couldn’t help mysel

  7. noernov

    U 2 are AWESOME 😊

  8. Jules

    Hee, I love your conversation posts – it’s like getting a tiny peek into your (presumably) caffeine-soaked, sleep-deprived (and somehow still awesome) brains.

    (also: girlfiday? *giggles*)

    • 8.1 tokkioncrack

      I guess if it was not something that was done on purpose for laughs, it just shows exactly HOW much sleep they need to catch up on 😉

      Get a few winks in “girlfiday” and javabeans 🙂

  9. rudz :)

    ooopps! it got sent before i was finished…. that’s what i get for reading in the office (someone suddenly came in the office and i thought it was my boss! 😀 )
    Anyway, just wanted to say to say , YOU BOTH are CRAZY and i meant that in a good way. Thank you for making my K-experience more fun! :))

  10. 10 Fab


    They were recently in the news, some UFO hunters spotted a UFO flying. They’re not really far from where I live so I was ready to pack and go stalk my favo alien Do Min Joon!

  11. 11 Nissa75

    I do enjoy your drama recap guys. I feel like something is missing when I finished watching dramas without read the recaps here. Thank you very much!!!

  12. 12 Orion

    I sent you an email with a couple of bugs I noticed. The mobile version issue appears here in a comment as well.

  13. 13 banalaxy

    Hahaha…I do thankful cuz’ I found this website….which I can say a home for raging along with everyone….u know, watching drama without raging to someone is devastating…
    So…I really wants to thank you all in dramabeans to make dramaland more enjoyable to read (since it have a recap here)
    u guys always make my day!!!! Until my handsome alien come~~~~

  14. 14 Distrustful

    Your convo posts are super rad. Makes me wanna have drinks with you guys! Mmm, drinks….

    Where was I?

  15. 15 Sakura

    Love you two as much as I love my kdramas <3

  16. 16 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

    Lol ready this in the morning totally made my Day 😉 Love u guys 😍 keep doing what you do… I know its hard but definitely not with Good results Thank you from the bottom of my heart 😘

  17. 17 korfan

    Fantastic as always! Thank you and the entire staff again for all you do!

    Regarding error messages/glitches, this just happened about 5 minutes ago:

    – I tried posting a comment with my old e-mail address(habit, because it’s the one I’ve always used) and it didn’t appear.

    – Tried re-posting with a new e-mail address, then got a message saying Duplicate Message Detected You’ve Already Sent That (or something to that effect). Needless to say comment didn’t appear. *sadface*

    Still lovin’ Dramabeans though!!

  18. 18 Jael

    you girls have never failed to make me laugh, thanks for the recaps and news, it can’t be easy to write those recaps at the speed you guys write. Thank you very much. God bless

  19. 19 hummie

    In mobile view, there is no menu bar. The three bar thing doesn’t have a drop down menu not does it bring up a menu page.

  20. 20 mem916

    Thankful for you both love your writing and conversation

  21. 21 Tammy

    Okay, so I’m not the only one who no longer has a drop down menu in mobile, which is where I do all my drama beans reading and giggling, on my stupid phone. Makes it very hard to search for my favorite posts or look up recaps for dramas I may or may not want to watch.

    • 21.1 javabeans

      Mobile menu should be working now. Fingers crossed.

  22. 22 kwoots!

    HAHA you guys are awesome!!! I wish I had friends like y’all in real life so we can spazz about kdramas together… And y’all write so eloquently I am so jealous hehe.

    Have been lurking on Dramabeans for 3 years but this is my first post haha hi everybody! 🙂


  23. 23 cicciomon

    Web version ecstatic. Haven’t met those error sumthin sumthin in a while.

    But yep, experiencing the same about mobile version. 3 bars didn’t drop anything.

    Anyway i love you guys sooo much. Thank you for all the hardwork and sleepless nights. May the future comes with rewarding dramas!

  24. 24 Dusty

    I haven’t gotten the “Error Establishing Connection to Database” in a couple weeks either, so hopefully that’s done and over with. it never lasted long anyway!

    I love these posts where we get to hear what you guys are thinking and doing. I hope that having new recappers (and I can’t wait to get started!) will free you two up for more of these, and of course MORE NAPS!!!

  25. 25 Francian


    Thanks for the quick response to my cyberspace problem awhile back. Though I don’t know how you manage to reply to me as quickly as you did is beyond me. Given your very busy schedule. It was very much appreciated. Wish you both more naps-(ish)! 🙂 happy sunday to you both

  26. 26 divyrus

    You both are two crazy girls across ocean who make my day brighter no matter how bad its going !
    Love you both and fighting !!!!

  27. 27 divyrus

    And yeah haven’t got that database connection again !!! Thank you !!!

  28. 28 Kristy

    Thank god yo solved that ‘error to establish connection’ problem….
    and all the while i have been thinking that it was my server which was the problem!

  29. 29 hanie

    I havent got that error establishing…. for some time now buutttt I think Dramabeans is hungry this few days. It keep eating my comments…. probably it thinks ‘this ones is not funny enough’ and ate it ;p

    • 29.1 javabeans

      If your comment literally just disappears without giving you an error message, then it probably went into the spam filter. I’m trying to fish all legit comments out, because the spam filter may be acting more aggressive these days. I may miss a couple because there are thousands of spam comments, but I’ll try harder not to miss them.

  30. 30 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Girlfriday, Javabeans, Headsno2, Gummimochi, and the new recappers

    What is your favorite snack? Is it pocky, choco pies, choco heim? I feel the urge to send the hard workers at Dramabeans a care package, and need to know what will make you smile.

    • 30.1 ilikemangos

      This is such a good idea. Im sure alot of people want to send you guys gifts for all the hard work you put in at dramabeans. Maybe have a po box for dramabeans-related mail? although i wonder if our care packages would fit in those tiny little things. Figure out a way girls!
      I’d love to send in some snacks and candddiiiess!

    • 30.2 Whisper

      That’s an awesome idea! Don’t forget to include bottles of soju or how about some delicious coffee w/shots of espresso delivered by So Ji Sub hehehe😁😁😁

  31. 31 grateful1

    Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my ♥ for all the blood, sweat, tears, time, talent, money, and energy you’ve put into this site. It seems impossible that you could run a site of this size and calibre with no paid staff and just a few (marvelous) minions, but somehow, you’ve managed to do it. We take so much for granted, especially in regards to all the BTS stuff that you have to handle~ please take ♥ in knowing that you’ve made a huge difference in so many of our lives.

    Sorry that it’s been so stressful and exhausting for you lately. Being buried under a mountain of emails and minion applications sounds overwhelming enough, but coupling that with coordinating a move to a new server and host, on top of having to maintain the usual recapping schedule, sounds like a nightmare. Now that we’ve got the thumbs up button, how ’bout adding a “buy us a drink” button? Hope the extra-crazy settles down to being just regular-crazy soon.

    I love you, as others have said, as much as I love k-dramas, i.e. muchísimo! I love you for being so talented, smart, funny, progressive, hard-working, generous, and just plain nice. I love you for creating such a wonderful hearth and home where we all can gather. I love you because you’re jjang! ♥♥♥

  32. 32 aaannie

    Maybe you’re working on this or someone already asked, but could you possibly put a link in every article that takes us back an article or forward to the next one? Please & thank you!

    • 32.1 Dusty

      That’s there already! Right above the bright yellow line that says “comments from the peanut gallery”.

      • 32.1.1 Pearl~ai88

        Although it actually says “Beanut gallery”. Pretty sure that was on purpose right? Beanies+Peanut?

        • aaannie

          not in mobile…unless i’m blind, which is a high possibility.

    • 32.2 Nippon

      In addition to this and I hate to ask because you ladies have done so much already so if it can’t be done no problem. Sometimes when I start to read recaps for an old drama, to read the next recap, I have to back to the main recap page to access the next recap. I can go backwards in the post but not forward. Could there be a way to access the next recap within the same post?

      There are many awesome things about this site already so if this is not possible that’s okay. It’s me just being lazy.

      • 32.2.1 javabeans

        Sorry, this one isn’t gonna to happen. I understand that it would be super helpful, but when we write a recap we don’t have access to the next episode, since it doesn’t exist yet. So to add the link, we would have to go back to every recap AFTER the next episode came out to add in the line. We have thousands of recaps on the site. The math says no.

        • Nippon

          Thanks for replying and I understand. The site is already awesome as is.

      • 32.2.2 colors

        What can help is to change the URL address. Like for instance, the last episode of I need romance 2013 is
        so if you just change the “10” to “11”, you go to the next episode (not that the recap has been published yet, but you know, they’re quite consistent in naming their posts, so that’s convenient).
        When the month is over (and thus you have trouble accessing the next recap), you also need to change the month, “02” in “03” for instance, and when it’s the end of a year you need to change it too, and on you read.
        I find it easier than going back and forth.

        • Nippon

          Thanks Colors. I’ll definitely be doing it this way from now on.

  33. 33 Abbie

    LOL! You guys are hilarious! Glad to know the web problems are cleared up! Fighting!

  34. 34 eunyungah

    You gals are wonderful!

    Not sure anyone else is seeing this but I cannot access the site menu from the mobile version on my phone. Maybe this is no longer available given what appears to be a new format. Just FYI.

  35. 35 ryoko

    I love reading the conversation posts. 🙂

    Hmm, I’m still having a bit of a problem with the Like button. If I try to ‘like’ a comment, the icon changes to look like (..)

    If I want to ‘like’ another comment on the same page, nothing happens when I click the button. I have to refresh the page for every additional comment that I want to ‘like’. And each time the icon looks like (..), instead of showing an increase in the number (which it did before when it worked properly for me right after DB first got the Like button).

    This has been happening for a couple weeks now, right up until this very article. So, not a huge bug, but annoying nevertheless. (Note: I access DB from a computer, not a mobile device.)

    Oh, and like someone else up top already mentioned, I have also seen the mobile site view a few times when I have visited DB from my computer. I thought you guys had redone the whole site design again, haha, but then you never mentioned DB getting a new facelift. Now I know what was happening.

  36. 36 Christine

    I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else since this started happening to me this morning, but when I go onto the mobile version Ican’t actually click anything. when I do it leads me to different pages based upon how far I am on the page. I hope you guys get my lousy explanation! >.>

    • 36.1 Nadine

      I think I’m having the same troubles on the mobile version. No rhyme or reason to it, but I’ll try tapping a post title or Read more link and be routed to the Contact us form or Tag list. I had to go to the desktop view to make this reply.

      Also, anyone else losing words on the right side of posts and comments on the mobile version?

      • 36.1.1 javabeans

        I’m trying to figure out why, but for now I have found that this problem does not occur when using Chrome on my Android. It does occur in Dolphin, and I’ve been trying to target why. For now, can you try using Chrome?

        • Nadine

          Will do! BTW, I’m back after work & not having issues…so maybe it’s fixed?

  37. 37 bd

    JJH and her character are carrying YFAS (she looks adorable w/ the hairstyle in the screencap).

  38. 38 coffeenlucia

    One of the problems I think is the like button– I can “like” about three comments before the function doesn’t work when I try to like other comments… don’t know if it’s only me with this problem though.

    Thank you Dramabeans team for all the awesome recaps and news bits 🙂

  39. 39 owl

    You’re so cute and so much fun to be with (sorry, I’m not your date saying that to you across the cafe bistro table for two). Anyhoot, you worked hard! Go take that nap (are we in fantasy land now?)


  40. 40 Eunyungah

    Mobile menu back online! Thanks! 우와 진짜 고마워요!! ^^

  41. 41 newgirl

    You two are adorable!

  42. 42 August

    Like others, I want to say Thank You for all the time and hard work that the both of you have dedicated to the Dramabeans website. I extend my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Javabeans, Girlfriday, Gummimochi, HeadsNo2, Suneedelight, Slappyunni, Awcoconuts, and all of the other past and forthcoming recapping team members.

    Would you add Name That Drama and Oh Snap! to the Categories section? For a limited period of time they are briefly accessible under the Recent Posts section, but as time passes other posts inevitably rotate in their place.

  43. 43 ingustroll

    I love you gals soooooo much
    your recaps are just hilarious and always made my day
    thanks for your hardwork ^_^
    *huge faaaan

  44. 44 unicornwholovescoffee

    Thanks so much for all your hardwork javabeans, girlfriday and the awesome minions ^_____^

    I feel like my drama watching is incomplete when I haven’t read your fantastic recaps and the comments in this community. This site is daebak!!! You guys are daebak!!! Cheers!!!

  45. 45 Mia


  46. 46 Honey_honey

    Awesome. Thank you for sharing amazing story.
    Keep up the good work. Hwaiting!!

  47. 47 Whatsthescenario

    Sorry for the late entry ,however, It would be helpful to have a button (or arrow) at the bottom of the page that returns to the top of the page. Once you scroll down the page after reading all the messages, you have to scroll back up, this can be simple if the thread is not long, but in threads that tend to be longer it can be a bit tedious (at least for those on a laptop with a trackpad and not a mouse). Thanks.

    • 47.1 Jules

      CNTL + home. Tada!

  48. 48 LMG

    that mobile format sounds lovely, and so easy


  49. 49 Thursdaynexxt

    Heaps n heaps of thanks to you javabeans and girlfriday (and all the awesome rookie and veteran recappers) for this wonderful portal into the world of K-dramas!!

    A siesta or two sounds like a great idea – I keep wondering how on earth you do it all, and envisaging the panda-eyed editor from Flower Boy Next Door, brandishing her chopsticks!

  50. 50 ChoiHyeRa

    “They owe us big time”

    No pun intended.

    Forgive me, I’m just sleep deprived.

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