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Lee Sang-woo and Park Se-young headline weekend drama
by | March 20, 2014 | 57 Comments

Oh, I like this pairing; it’s got cute and sunny written all over it. SBS’s newest weekend drama Feel-Good Day must’ve just closed some deals, because the show is releasing casting announcements left and right. Park Se-young (School 2013, Faith) has been cast as the heroine of the family drama, and as previously teased, Lee Sang-woo (Warm Words, Goddess of Marriage) will be playing her leading man. The press releases promise “cheery” and “bright,” so I might actually be able to watch this drama. (I refuse to watch shows where Lee Sang-woo is anything but Perfect Oppa, which severely limits my options, I know, but that’s just how I roll.)

Feel-Good Day is the next project from the PD of King of Dramas and You’re Beautiful, and the writer of I Miss You and Can You Hear My Heart. Er, the I Miss You credit scares me a little (okay, a lot) but the other dramas make the team fairly promising. The family show will be about a single mom (Kim Mi-sook, Empire of Gold) who raised three daughters on her own and is determined to marry them off. It’s standard weekend drama fare, but given the lack of birth secrets and twelve-year separations in the one-line description, it sounds pretty appealing so far.

Hwang Woo-seul-hye (I Need a Fairy) plays the first daughter who’s beautiful and smart, and helped raise her younger sisters with loving care. She’s perfect bride material, which I’m guessing easily makes her Mom’s favorite. Park Se-young plays the middle daughter and heroine of the story, described as a girl overflowing with warmth and boundless optimism, who cheers up anyone around her. The family’s maknae will be played by idol Go Woo-ri from Rainbow.

Lee Sang-woo plays the boy next door, the eldest grandson of a family who runs a rice cake store. He’s a salaryman at a large company, and has some brusque and conservative traits inherited from Grandpa, but also some sweet gentlemanly traits from Dad. It makes him rather stuffy and old-fashioned, but he’s a good guy, and he’ll have a romance with Park Se-young’s middle daughter. The other sisters’ love interests have yet to be cast.

Feel-Good Day follows Passionate Love and premieres in April.

Hwang Woo-seul-hye, Go Woo-ri

Via E Daily, Osen, IS Plus


57 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. nadia

    Will definitely watch because of Lee Sang-woo, he’s a really good actor.

    • 1.1 sayda

      Im so in love with him

  2. twingals

    Looking forward to this…LSW has a soft spot in my fan heart:) and PSY is interesting.

  3. ManOnTheMoon

    I’m man but i find lee sang woo better actor and better looking than lee min hoo. he is so underrated & for me lee min ho is so overrated.

    • 3.1 Keya

      I agree! I love Min Ho, but he is more eye candy than anything. Lee Sang Woo is acting and good looks combined 🙂 also his eyes just GET me! I want him to stare at me the same way dammit

    • 3.2 glory

      couldnt agree more.. =)
      LSW is great.. just finished Warm Words and he’s gold in that drama… along with Park SeoJoon’s acting…

    • 3.3 Eileen

      I SO agree with you on this one! I know this will get a lot of hate, but I find Lee Min Ho to be rather one dimensional. All of his characters are acted the same. Lee Sang Woo has better acting skills, is better looking, and (and here comes the hate male) is more manly looking!

  4. Karl

    Those amount of bad drama…

  5. Tracy

    I like both of them enough to give this a go

  6. John

    Yay, Park Se-young . Maybe she’ll get a kiss or two, Lee Sang-woo is worthy. Poor girl, all those boys in School 2013 and all they did was punch each other.

    • 6.1 Elfie

      hahaha this comment is gold!
      Hmmmm I do like me some LSW…

  7. all4movies

    Finally, a drama where he gets to be the guy who gets the girl.

    Definitely a must watch for me.

  8. mudaepo

    I will totally watch this for Park Se Young! She was great in Faith but then underused in School and wasted in Sincerity Moves Heaven (and that’s being polite). Hopefully she will be able to shine in this drama. 😀

    Writer has a good track record with female leads week-end dramas. She also wrote Smile, You and if Park Se Young is anything like Lee Min Jung was, this is going to be a must-see. 😀

  9. Tee

    I loved her in both school and faith but besides the mother I’ve never seen any of the others in anything before but I do like weekend dramas

  10. 10 pogo

    I’m glad to see another talented young actress getting a break into lead roles, Park Se-young has always done well in the projects I’ve seen her in.

    And at the very least, if she’s the heroine she’ll be on our screens for a good long time, since it is a weekend drama and all.

  11. 11 djes

    I think Woori looks older than Seyoung, so it’s kinda weird that Woori is the maknae.. (I know that they’re actually dong-gap IRL ).
    But! so far I love the casts, so I think I’ll tune in. I have special spot for weekend family dramas~

  12. 12 Rushie

    I loved Can You Hear My Heart so much and I like You’re Beautiful. I didn’t really pay attention to Se-young’s character in Faith and I couldn’t get past one episode of School. I’ve never seen the other actors before. But might Marathon this drama just for the writer of Can You Hear My Heart.

  13. 13 linalina

    Shallow comment…but THANK YOU for sharing that pic of Lee Sangwoo! HOTness overload! The zipper needs to be lowered ^_~

    • 13.1 JoJo

      No doubt, he’s got a great body.

  14. 14 Clover

    Definitely watching this. It sounds light and breezy so far and I could watch Lee Sang-Woo in anything, except for Goddess of Marriage again – that show killed my patience.

  15. 15 snow

    I was already happy with this pairing and the ‘feel-good’ vibe from the title as well as the plot….and then another factor to make me try this drama— the PD directed my favorite dramas like You’re Beautiful and King Of Dramas…yes, I’ll be watching it 🙂

  16. 16 Cynthia

    So far so good. I love LSW, although I have to agree with Girlfriday when it comes to his roles. But… I’m looking foward to this one, hope it´ll be good!

  17. 17 ColleenFH

    I hope PSY has a better time of it in this drama than she did in Sincerity Moves Heaven. That drama started out so promisingly then went straight to daily drama hell. It was another one of those where you wondered how a writer could so thoroughly lose the plot.

    LSW is a very sexy man.

  18. 18 Enjoy Life

    “Park Se-young’s middle daughter…” I guess there is a typo wrt to the actress’ name here…

    • 18.1 Z

      This confused me for a second, too. But I think what is meant is “Park Se-young’s middle daughter [character].”

    • 18.2 Fab

      Same here, I was scrolling down to see if anyone else noticed. LOL

      On another note, the show sounds great.

  19. 19 hummie

    He looks like Hyun Bin!

    • 19.1 jusash

      Up there in that picture … I was thinking Lee Byung-hun!

    • 19.2 aqf

      Me too! TOTALLY thought it was Hyun Bin until I looked really closely…on screen I’d never confuse the 2 though

  20. 20 needaname

    Wow, I thought at first it was Lee Byung Hun and that you posted the wrong photo!
    I like Lee Sang Woo too and like you refuse to see him in anything else than the perfect hero! So we can dream about him and not get too frustrated! I hope I will finally be able to see him in another drama as I have only seen him in Feast of Gods, as I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch his latest projects but have kept him on my radars!
    I am a bit afraid of watching him again though, as after FoG I was obsessed with him for months! Afraid to relapse in my obsession…not healthy.

  21. 21 Rossi

    Adore her! And this sounds like such a sweet fluffy piece that make you feel all fuzzy inside (which jdrama tend to do really well but so far I haven’t seen that kind of fare from the Kdrama world) so I’m looking forward to checking this out.

  22. 22 Sadie

    this totally has my interest…i love HAPPY weekend drama’s without the angst…cuz it’s just a crime to watch over 50 epis of angst… 😉

  23. 23 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

    I love LSW n I’m definitely going to watch this …… So happy last thing I saw him in was goodness of marriage and we all know how tht wrked out 😃 LSW fighting 😃

  24. 24 cute

    What does “maknae” mean??

    • 24.1 kopytko

      the youngest (in the family, or the youngest member of a group)

  25. 25 kopytko

    Although the writer of I Miss You scares me a good deal, I hope this turns out what it promises: a warm and light story.
    I cannot deny that I like Lee Sang Woo, so it is good to see him in something less dramatic for a change. Although I must say that I appreciate his last role in Warm Words – he finally had a chance to show a wider range in emotions and used it well.

    I am curious about him and Park Se Young playing a couple. I like them both so I hope for some good chemistry.

  26. 26 Chandler

    Aw I really like Park Se-young and I’ve been waiting for her to get a lead role! Would rather a shorter drama, but this weekend drama looks like it could be cute and I’ve enjoyed some weekend dramas quite a bit so I’m not too worried 🙂 I really like Lee Sang Woo too. I haven’t seen him in all that much and so he’s yet to have a role that’s really stuck with me, but I’ve been meaning to check out more of his stuff. He’s certainly been around a lot this year.

  27. 27 bebeswtz

    the GOOD: YAY MORE LEE SANG WOO OPPA COMING UP ON MY SCREEN *drools* *fangirls* *fawns*

    the BAD: someone needs to teach this man the meaning of “rest” *goes to worry and fret for his health*

  28. 28 Langit13iru

    Perfect oppa is perfect. but why he looks so much different in that picture. But I forgot what drama I so him last. But for sure I don’t watch Warm Word.

    And I think Kim Mi Sook will be forever the single mother that raised kids in her dramas.

  29. 29 Cynthia

    Park Se-young!
    She was one of the few characters I liked in Faith.
    She’s currently doing We Got Married with 2PM’s Wooyoung. It’s amusing to see how much of a bossy-pants she is. Wooyoung has all the aegeo and she is one bundle of seriousness. This is one odd couple.

  30. 30 Waiting

    “cheery” and “bright,”

    So there is a chance of seeing Lee Sang Woo smile in a drama after all!! Happy day, indeed!!

  31. 31 exquisitemelody

    aw, this sound super sweet! I haven’t had much luck with weekend dramas because they tend to go off the deep end, but I’m willing to give this one a shot 😀

  32. 32 Carol

    I think she’s perfect to play Nodame …

    • 32.1 jomo

      Was she selected or are you dreaming this?

      • 32.1.1 Carol

        I’m dreaming. I really think she’s perfect to the role. ^^

  33. 33 sulthanah

    I am sorry out of topic but … .

    Calling all the HEARTIES all over the world…

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    When: March 21, 2014 (Friday), 9pm – 11pm KST
    Where: Worldwide
    Hashtag: #TK2H2ndAnniversary

    Ok, PSY was good in School. I like her with LJS.

  34. 34 jomo

    LSW is hotter than anyone out there. Please give him a good script so he doesn’t sound soooo depressed all the damn time.

    He needs to be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.

    • 34.1 John

      jomo ~

      I see what you did there. GWTW is one of my all time favorites.

  35. 35 consortoflight

    Does anyone else feel like Lee Sang Woo looks a little but like Hyun Bin in that picture? Cause I did a double take! Maybe it’s just Binnie withdrawal… Sigh….

    Otherwise this drama is turning out to look pretty interesting, though it takes a lot for me to stick to a weekender! Maybe this’ll be one of the few!

  36. 36 kooriyuki

    Lucky girl!!

  37. 37 changmoonhan

    wow i like her now Hwang Woo-seul-hye thank you 🙂

  38. 38 changmoonhan

    wow i like her now Hwang Woo-seul-hye,thank you. i’ll support your and your drama 🙂

  39. 39 akinosora01

    (First comment here at DB!)

    Ooooh….Lee Sang Woo and Park Se Young? Count me in.

    I’ve been looking for a light-hearted role with Lee Sang Woo–his last two have been….erm…shall we say not for the faint of heart?

    And Park Se Young–love her.

    Still wondering about the male counterparts for the other two daughters, but this is definitely on my to-watch-list already~!

  40. 40 korfan

    Lee Sang-woo is always cool to watch.

  41. 41 Mono

    I can’t wait:) I will watch this drama:) main theme reminds me of You’re the best Lee soon shin (mom with 3 daughter, I loved it), but the story will be in the details and characters:D I hope there are lot of cute lovey-dovey scenes between daughters and their love interests:D I don’t want so much sadness…

  42. 42 Sabreena

    Is this likely to be over 40 episodes.
    Sorry I’m not familiar with the term ‘weekend drama’

  43. 43 Engshi

    Where can i watch the english sub of this drama?

    Can we also have a recap? I know this is a really long drama so summary recaps will do 😀 😛

    Thanks a lot!

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