Dramabeans Podcast #24
by | September 25, 2014 | 40 Comments

There’s a lot of ground to cover in this podcast, so let’s get right to it! (Note: We recorded it about a week ago, so references to new shows may be a little less new than they were when we made them!)

Podcast #24

Running time: 1:08:57

In which we:

  • start out by wrapping up on shows that just finished, like Joseon Gunman;
  • and also Fated To Love You (6:20);
  • before moving on to shows we’d talked less about in previous podcasts, beginning with It’s Okay, It’s Love, which we liked in some ways and disliked in others (10:20);
  • then catch up a bit on Records of a Night Watchman and its strangely ghost-less ghostbusting storyline (19:57);
  • move on to the love triangle dramas, beginning with Discovery of Romance, with its enjoyably flawed characters (24:10);
  • and also My Secret Hotel (29:45);
  • touch on Plus Nine Boys, its use of music, and tvN’s growing pool of talent (34:48);
  • talk about Three Musketeers and how great Lee Jin-wook is in it (37:56);
  • then return to broadcast dramas with Iron Man, where our opinions diverge (43:33);
  • briefly talk about My Spring Days (49:27);
  • move on to the awkwardly cast She’s So Lovable (51:55);
  • revisit the cute High School: Love On (57:37);
  • mention the quirkiness of Surplus Princess (1:02:08);
  • and wrap up with OCN’s thriller Reset.

Names mentioned: Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Jo In-sung, Gong Hyo-jin, Sung Dong-il, Lee Kwang-soo, Jung Il-woo, Jung Yumi, Eric, Sung Joon, Yoo Inna, Jin Yi-han, Namgoong Min, Oh Jung-se, Lee Jin-wook, Lee Dong-wook, Park Chan-wook, Ji Sung, Shin Se-kyung, Han Jung-soo, Kim Sae-ron, Woohyun, Jo Boa, Ohn Joo-wan, Chun Jung-myung

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

“그대 머무는 곳에” (Where You Stay) from the Joseon Gunman OST
“Cross My Mind” by Twin Forks from the It’s Okay, It’s Love OST
“A New Hope” By EDEN from the Records of a Night Watchman OST
“별 일 아니에요” (It’s Nothing) by Sweet Sorrow from the Discovery of Romance OST
“Lost in Love” by Neon Bunny from the My Secret Hotel OST
“Hello” by Park Gyuri & Han Seung-yeon from the Iron Man OST
“Sometime” by Kim Tae-hyun from the My Spring Days OST
“Chocolat Cherry Night” by Mad Clown & Yozoh from the High School: Love On OST
“Ship and the Globe” by Little Suns from the It’s OKay, It’s Love OST


40 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Amberscube

    Yay! Im squeeing just to see another podcast.. Off to listen.

  2. luvnlife

    perfect picture to go with this podcast. Excited to listen.

  3. mud

    YEAH! I’ve actually been re-listening to the older podcasts and was just thinking this is usually the time when you ladies post a new podcast so as to avoid the year end Everest of things to do. Thank you for posting and I can’t wait to hear it!

  4. James94131

    With so many current shows being mentioned, seems strange that very popular Yoo Na’s Street is not discussed at all.

    • 4.1 TiredOfHearingYNS

      Maybe cos they are not watching it?

      • 4.1.1 james94131

        You’re probably right, and maybe they won’t ever watch it. But, I can always hope and maybe interest other beanies into watching.

        • cingdoc

          You can count me in… It’s on my to watch list…. Thanks for the recommendations 😄

    • 4.2 dukdam

      Bless, James. You really like Yoo Na’s Street don’t you. I’m actually considering watching an episode of the drama just because of all of your positivity towards it.

      It’s just like Mary and Rim… I actually watched an episode of Surplus Princess because of her fangirling.

      • 4.2.1 james94131

        LOL @ Mary and Rim … I know she’ll be very pleased with you.
        Please watch the first 3 episodes of YNS. Even if not your cup of tea, I’m sure you’ll admit that it’s extremely well written, acted, directed and produced. Have fun!

  5. Aigoooo

    Fated to Love You was a little bit of a letdown but I can honestly say that for the limited amount of songs they used for the OST, they were all outstanding! Same with IOIL, the OST was really good.. lots of really cool, eclectic songs.

  6. dramaqn

    I continued watching FTLY for JNR too. She was simply gorgeous in that drama. Haha…

    IOTL I’m like… err… and that’s it.

  7. starrish

    YAYY!!! Finally been waiting for this <3 thanks guys!

  8. haedorable

    YAY! Something to keep me awake this cold afternoon at the office ^^ thanks girls!

  9. ZogZog02

    Check this out guys! (sorry, I’m off topic). I just want to know what can you say about this. haha obiuosly mostly all us agree with PHJ here. 😀


  10. 10 ZogZog02

    Oh! sorry I forgot, Thank you JV and GF for the podcast, I’m always waiting for the podcast and here it is!

  11. 11 owl

    Thanks javabeans and girlfriday for the bonus comments above and beyond the recaps you do. I was chuckling about the discussion of bad idol acting in She’s So Loveable – My theory: idol to actor conversation at least gives it half a chance. But idol to idol conversation – there’s no chance. Idol monologues too, unh unh *shaking head back and forth*

  12. 12 tee

    Thanks for the podcast JB,GF it’s always a fun experience.
    I agreed with nearly everything you said except DoL. There’s something rubbing me the wrong way about that show.

    LJW is simply killing it in TTM.

    • 12.1 bloop

      Another interesting podcast, liked hearing about your opinions on dramas you’re watching, but not recapping.

      Although, I’m actually surprised to hear the rave reviews Discovery of Romance and My Secret Hotel are getting from JB and GF.

      DoR is rubbing me the wrong way (like tee said above). I love Jung Yumi, but after the first 6 episodes, I couldn’t take the idiocy of the characters anymore. Unlike what GF said, I don’t think Jung Yumi could redeem her character in this for me. It’s a shame because I really wished for it to be good.
      I’m still watching My Secret Hotel, mainly for Jin Yi-Han, but is it just me or is the hazy, out of focus shots, and weird directing angles more nausea-inducing than it is artistically pleasing?

      • 12.1.1 totokoko

        I agree that it was sort of painful to watch the first half, but the second half gets REALLY GOOD. At first My Secret Hotel was love, but it’s been slowing down right as DoR ramped up.

  13. 13 cingdoc

    Yay… So glad that I’ve figured out how to listen to the podcast and doing housework the same time- fun 🙂
    Thanks JB & GF… It’s always nice to hear you guys( chatting)discussing the latest dramas and our similar / different opinions on them….

  14. 14 husky

    Agreed that FTLY should’ve been shorter but the Jangs are too adorable I could watch 20 plus episodes with them just being together.

  15. 15 Carole McDonnell

    listening. thanks

  16. 16 samsooki

    JB / GF – thank you so much for the podcast.

    1. on FTLY. The problem was that it was a remake… just out of curiousity, could the Korean version have gone in a completely different direction or do you think that remakes are generally “contracted” to keep the original plot points?

    2. on DoL. LOL on QSS. Aww, Eric! Disagree on NHJ – the reason he loses every fight is because he realizes that he’s not in control of the relationship.

    3. on Blade/Iron Man. Have to agree that it gets better, but it was so odd in the beginning that it was uncomfortable to watch. Then again, what have they done to the mighty Han Jung Soo. How the mighty have fallen.

    4. on ShesSoLoveable. Rain is a total switch from prior roles I’ve seen him in. I like him a lot here! So surprising. But everybody else… I mean, seriously, why would ANYone want to work at ANA? It must be the very worst place in the world… the worst… the worst. The only way that this workplace could be worse is if the Ebola virus was released in every room and people had to breathe in sufficient air for toxic exposure, thereby accelerating the murderous, killing atmosphere.

    JB, GF! Love you guys and thank you for your insights!

  17. 17 olengjus

    Thanks JB and GF, it is interesting listening to the podcast on the current drama.
    Aside from Discovery of Romance and My Secret Hotel, glad that I have listened to your podcast helping me to pick and choose what I should watch next (to reduce any disappointment of picking un-watchable drama).
    I started Joseon Gunman out of curiosity ended up finishing it just for the sake of finishing the drama.

  18. 18 Bex

    I too was disappointed with fated to love you it just felt like it lost its way mainly because it diverted too much from the original, the original I felt did well in keeping the plot relatively simple the reasons they have such uncertainty in their relationship made sense even if a little tedious and angst ridden, by solving those problems early on the Korean version had to invent something even more ridiculous just to keep the drama going and that’s why it spiralled out of control.

    Ia with you guys about secret hotel the lead couple are my favs I really want them together but I wish that the drama had a better balance with the mystery aspect my idea of how it would be was that the two leads would actually be more involved in the investigation kind of like masters sun where they team up but like you say it was more just a plot device to keep the romantic leads in the same area.

    I really like she’s so loveable but I guess I like it because it feels very comfortable, I know where it’s going and I like the tropes, I like the small supernatural element that the ghost actually wants the two leads together and that this has been established early on rather than shoehorned in later.

  19. 19 EmmaLee

    In episodes 3 and 4 of My Spring Days there is the most awesome milk scenes and I would love to hear your interpretion. I was wondering if it was product placement or what :). In episode 3 it is the secretary’s description of how they would have fun on the farm (with some hilarious how to milk a cow instruction) and then he is actually with her in those situations in episode 4. I could not stop laughing when he was drinking the milk!

    • 19.1 KoreasTina

      Holy crap that was funny. It was so cheesy – literally!!!
      I will never look at dairy the same way again.
      Also ahjusshi Kam Woo Sung is adorable and Sooyoung is a revelation – watch out Yoona (heehee).
      I hopes them ladies will pick up MSD because it is getting quite inter-ma-resting. Not too predictable but predictable enough not to get us out of out comforoshpere.
      MY SPRING DAYS peeples!

  20. 20 Spi

    Love everything you girls say about Discovery of Romance! Thanks for the podcast.

  21. 21 August

    Thanks for another fun and insightful podcast Javabeans & Girlfriday!

    JG – Cast Posters 🙂 Lee Jun-Ki 🙂
    Looking back on the options available to LJK and kdramas that courted him publicly (Age of Feeling & Angel Eyes) – which LJK ultimately declined, I’m satisfied with his choice. Granted JG wasn’t as A+ or A++ excellent like we’ve been spoiled with in recent years years, but it was still first-rate. And worth it just to have another successive year of LJK on screen.

    FTLY – The 2 Jangs: Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara 🙂
    Ailee’s OST Goodbye My Love 🙂
    Both the Korean & Taiwanese versions have their respective pluses & minuses. However, if you’ve been fortunate enough to see both, then it helps one garner a much better perspective and appreciation for both individually and combined.

    Records of a Night Watchman – Girlfriday you’re right it’s all about curiousity and definitely a low concept show. If anything it can be boiled down to a bad attempt to copy or draw from elements the trendsetter and tour de force life/afterlife/rebirth drama Arang & The Magistrate.

    Discovery of Romance – 🙂
    Eric Mun’s acting. 🙂
    You’re right the characters are are enjoyably flawed and it’s certainly delving into timing and choice in relationships.

    My Secret Hotel – Namgung Min 🙂
    Yoo In-Na’s wardrobe. 🙂
    You’re right that it’s moody sentimental.

    Plus Nine Boys – 🙂

    The Three Musketeers – I agree with the both of you that the show has done a good job of: 1) interweaving the history of that time period; 2) with the characters falling in line in an interesting and fun way, and 3) working with the setting.

    Iron Man – Takes time to grow on you. Its starting to settle down now. Watching for Lee Dong-Wook & Secretary Ko.

    My Spring Days – Yes to the lovely Sooyoung. Her aura and presence just radiates on screen. 🙂
    I like Sooyoung as Lee Bom-Yi. I would have preferred the romance to develop (happen) organically instead of being forced due to interference by the 1st wife’s ghost mixed with the cellular memory concept/theory.
    Total Product Placement (PPL) for the Dairy and Beef Industry.

    She’s So Lovable – Rain and Dalbongie the Golden Retriever. 🙂
    Part of me wishes that Sooyoung had been cast as Rain’s leading lady instead of Krystal.

    High School: Love On – 🙂

    Surplus Princess – Disappointed that the total episode count was reduced from 14 to 10. TVN caved in on the low ratings. I wish they had let SP finish its entire run without interference.

    Reset – Waited for more subbed episodes before checking it out. 1st episode – Not bad.

    It’s my goal to watch It’s Okay, It’s Love before the year ends.

  22. 22 August

    High School: Love On – If a romantic pairing has to happen then, I would prefer for Lee Seul-Bi & Hwang Sung-Yeol to be the end game.

  23. 23 elric

    I actually wanted FTLY to end like 50 First Dates. A happy ending but with the couple working around Gun’s disease. I think it would have made up with the angst we went through than knowing in the end the disease wouldn’t resurface. It was the couple’s problem in staying together, and just throwing it away and saying everything was fine in the end was a bit off. It was like all those angst-filled episodes was not worth it and had no purpose at all except showing how two characters are lying about their feelings.

    On the side note, thanks for the podcast especially for adding Twin Forks! This is the first time I’ve heard them and they sound awesome. Going to check out their LP 🙂

  24. 24 hons.niech

    I watch Reset.. And totally love it..

    Dear JB and GF could you recap RESET it’s really good detective drama..

    After listening to the podcast I suddenly remember that drama, and I watch the first, second, and without realize it I finished watched the fourth and when I’m looking for the Fifth episode, apparently it’s still on going.. And due to my thirst for this drama I’ve been googling for recap, but it’s hard to find one..

    So please if you like it, please consider to recap it.. Of course if you have time.. Thank youuuu…..

  25. 25 Sophie

    I’m watching High School: Love On, and I totally agree about the idol acting. Woo-hyun and Sung-yeol aren’t bad, but compared to Kim Sae-ron, she is a much better actress.

    Another note about the show is that it has gotten much more sad over the past couple of weeks. I hope it gets happier.

    I’m also watching Plus Nine Boys, which I absolutely LOVE. No matter what is on the screen, it just makes me smile throughout the whole episode. The music on Plus Nine Boys is really good, too.

    Both of these dramas are really pretty to look at.

  26. 26 Ennayra

    Just had to say that Fated to Love You felt like 2 different dramas to me. I watched the Taiwanese version back when it was running and at the break in the middle, I was so fed up with it that I stopped watching for 2 months. Then I came back and got to watch an entirely different drama.

  27. 27 Lilium

    Iron Man does get better with every episode.

  28. 28 ben

    I quite liked noh hyung kee that winter tbh. What are others opinions

  29. 29 shf


    I SERIOUSLY think if the main character was given to HAN JUNG-SOO, it would have been SO MUCH BETTER!

    Yes, I super love LEE DONG-WOOK fine, BUT, I think Han Jung-soo would have done a superb job, too!

    He’s literally stealing this drama away from Lee Dong-wook.

    I want a lead role for Han Jung-soo in dramaland!

  30. 30 shf

    OOPS, to correct myself, javabeans was talking about Ji Sung, lol

    Yes, Ji Sung would have done better, but I really think Han Jung-soo would have done great, too.

  31. 31 shf

    heck yeah, i’m still watching High School, Love On!

    i look forward to the show every fricking Friday!

  32. 32 shf

    was it just me, or did anyone get slightly annoyed at the English OST of IT’S OKAY, IT’S LOVE.

    It felt slightly too “trying to reach its English speaking audiences” to me.

    I got annoyed by that.

    I felt kdramas were already popular that they did not have to “try” to reach that audience.

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