Dramabeans Podcast #21
by | April 3, 2014 | 69 Comments

We’re back with another podcast! With so many dramas to talk about, this one’s on the lengthy side, so I’ve tried to delineate the subject breaks clearly so you can skip the stuff about dramas you haven’t seen.

Podcast #21

Running time: 1:29:53

In which we:

  • Start off by revisiting You From Another Star;
  • branch off into a discussion of acting in dramas, specifically in regards to Jeon Ji-hyun, Jo Seung-woo in God’s Gift, Kim Hyun-joong in Age of Feeling, and Taecyeon in Wonderful Season (9:58);
  • turn the conversation back to You From Another Star and Kim Soo-hyun (14:09);
  • move on to I Need Romance 3 (18:00);
  • cover Emergency Couple (21:49);
  • segue that into Sly and Single Again (27:54);
  • discuss God’s Gift – 14 Days (36:42);
  • veer off on a slight tangent about time-centric dramas and how God’s Gift and Three Days both handle that aspect of their stories, with mention of split screen awkwardness (47:43);
  • head back to God’s Gift territory (52:45);
  • and then go back to Three Days (59:03);
  • touch on Let’s Eat (1:05:10);
  • talk about weekend angst-fest Gold Rainbow (1:11:39);
  • and wind things up with Wonderful Season (1:17:40);

Names mentioned: Do Min-joon, Song-yi, Jeon Ji-hyun, Jo Seung-woo, Kim Hyun-joong, Taecyeon, Kim Soo-hyun, Sung Joon, Kim So-yeon, Chang-min, Lee Min-jung, Joo Sang-wook, Lee Bo-young, Sung Yuri, Yoochun, Sohn Hyun-joo, Yoon Doo-joon, Uee, Jung Il-woo, Kim Hee-sun, Lee Seo-jin

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

“별에서 온 그대” (You From Another Star) by Younha from the You From Another Star OST
“Welcome to Earth” from the You From Another Star OST
“Late Love” by Linus’ Blanket from the I Need Romance 3 OST
“Love Again” from the Emergency Couple OST
“Alone Again” by Big Baby Driver from the Sly and Single Again OST
“나라면” (If It’s Me) from the God’s Gift – 14 Days OST
“날 부르네요” (You’re calling me) by Gummy from the Three Days OST
“아름다운 시절” (Beautiful season) from the Wonderful Season OST
“Stars Love Mambo from the You From Another Star OST


69 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. pereleal

    Thanks for talking about Wonderful Season! It’s my drama crack at the moment, even though I thought I would never watch a weekend family drama. Totally agree with your comments about Taecyeon, though.

    • 1.1 javabeans

      Taec ㅠ.ㅠ

      Also o>_<o

    • 1.2 MO

      Uhm, was he awful there?

      • 1.2.1 Aigoooo

        He’s awful everywhere. Just more noticeable in this latest drama since it has a solid cast of real actors. He looks like a guy who’s trying way too hard to act so everything he does doesn’t feel natural.

        • MO


          How about Lee Elijah? Did she improve?

        • Saya

          I watched Taecyeon and So Yi-hyun in Who Are You, and I actually enjoyed the show (and think SYH is SO PRETTY especially her hair XD) and didn’t really agree that either of them were exactly bad actors. But since I’ve been watching Three Days, I realised that because those two were the leads of that show, they set the tone and level in a way that worked for it – slightly cold, slightly emotionally distant.

          So Yi-hyun’s acting is characterised by coolness, but where it worked when she was the lead, it is painfully wrong in Three Days – everything else is fast and impassioned, but every time her character is on, it all grinds to a halt. And then I wonder how she gets work and THEN I feel bad because I like her hair.

          Wait, did I digress XD

  2. Jill

    Yay! I have been waiting for another podcast!
    Thanks 🙂

  3. crayJ

    I’m a little disappointed that you guys didn’t mention “Bride of the Century.” If you guys are following it, I would love to hear your wrap-up on it when it ends 😉

    • 3.1 MeLiYasha

      Another request for Bride of the Century here *waves hands* It’s cliche and quite messy but I love it! Would love to see it’s discussed even if it’s only one a Series Review like Let’s Eat

  4. trisha

    I listened DB podcast only once (DB Podcast #19) since want to know JB and GF voices. I’m a girl and it’s weird that think I had girl crush on JB’s voice, just for some secs, after listening. Never imagine you have that cheerful and full of spirit, and I dont know your age but you have one young girl voice. And GF, she has the mature voice.

    • 4.1 MeLiYasha

      I also listened to Podcast #19 and I agree with you. Been reading recaps for a while now, I must admit I thought JB’s voice was GF’s since it suits with GF’s personality and vice versa, hurrr sorry didn’t mean anything bad just speaking my thoughts. And I’m addicted to podcast just to hear JB & GF’s convo :3

  5. bakedshrimp

    Girlfriday, your frustration with Dong-hee with the whole ‘I-cry-for-what-should-have-been-there-instead-of-what-is-there’ is super funny. Just listening to the podcast, I can feel your frustration from continents away.

    Thanks for the podcast, ladies.

  6. autumn93

    Yay! Love your podcasts!

    Thank you for your discussion of God’s Gift! It’s my drama crack this season!

    I agree with all the praise heaped on JSW!! He is such an amazing actor! Thanks for shedding some light on JSW’s popularity in Korea, since it’s hard to gauge that kind of stuff from the States and not being korean myself! And I definitely agree that this drama has put him on the radar of a lot of international fans and why not, he’s soooo very very very very good!

    Glad to see y’all are shipping the romance between DC and SH also! 😀

    • 6.1 Kiara

      Yes, thanks for the Jo Seung-woo love. I love all his movies and musicals except maybe for his character in Hedwig lol. I just cant picture this manly man with fake boobs, make-up etc….noooo I refuse to.

      • 6.1.1 latteholic

        I saw his musical clips and and the exclusive photos for Hedwig. And even though I can’t unsee it in my head anymore, I have to say that the man probably has better legs than I do. lol.

      • 6.1.2 autumn93

        Haha I’ve seen some of the Hedwig clips and I find it commendable that he takes on a variety of different and challenging roles (and manages to pull it off)! The mark of a true actor! 😀

  7. RookieMe

    Totally agree on emergency couple. Like i mean i’ve seen episodes with Jin hee subtly hinting to the chief that she likes him ( acting all girly and stuff when she said she saw his message , asking him if he likes someone who is familiar etc etc ). All of the sudden after the death of Changmin’s father , she falls for Changmin and doesn’t even bother Chief Gook anymore (?) Like not even a scene of her trying to decide between the two. It’s Changmin straight for the win.

  8. buticut

    I will totally listen to this after I will get a few hours of sleep. Yay for the JSW/GG love, can’t wait to hear your comments. I was just thinking the other day that I would do the Snoopy dance just to have a new podcast released soon and there it is.

  9. jess23

    You from another star was so popular that my mom, aunts and uncles, and my mom’s friends in Hong Kong were all talking about the drama even though they never watched kdramas.

    • 9.1 bloatyramenface

      I was in a similar situation here (in Canada) with my parents, relatives and their co-workers (who all usually stick with HK dramas). They were all talking about You From Another Star! Half of them didn’t even watch it, but it came up so often in the Chinese papers/entertainment programs, that it naturally became a water-cooler topic.

      There have been times when they’ve brought it up during gatherings and I’ve had to run away because I wasn’t live-watching it and hate spoilers. (I’m done the drama now, so I don’t have to approach the Aunties table with caution anymore!)

    • 9.2 Manin

      Yeah I’m in China and that drama was/is huge here. And yes they have talked about it on the news on the radio from the little I understood.

      One of my collegues got up at 4 am every week so she could watch the episode as soon as the chinese subs were out.

      and to cought another collegue/friend: “My husband feel angry at oppa because I always see oppa. Then husband see oppa and now he likes oppa” xDD

  10. 10 latteholic

    Yeay a new podcast and yeay Jo Seung Woo! I’m so happy that I decided to give God’s Gift a chance. Not only because it’s my drama crack this season (and it’s been a while since I had a drama crack), but it also allows me to “discover” Jo Seung Woo. I LOVE him as Dong Chan. He can be awesome without having to work for it. It’s just like a natural coolness. And his comic timing is just perfect. He made me go back and watch almost all of his movies (subbed and even unsubbed) and also his musical clips. The man is just wonderful – and he can play guitar too! *squeee* His youtube playlist serenades me to sleep every night 😀 *rave over*

    In other news, I’m only watching 3 days alongside God’s Gift this season, and even though it doesn’t have the same level of intensity and the same emotional stake as God’s Gift, I really like Park Ha Sun and Yoochun there. I just hope they will have less round table discussion and more actions. Your comment about the awkward split screen had me cracked up. I know I feel a bit iffy about those, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Now that you point it out, I don’t think I will ever look at it the same way again 😀

  11. 11 DayDreamer

    Yay, a podcast! Had a blast listening to it. Pretty much agreed on a lot of the things you ladies said. Just want to put out a few thoughts in response:

    1. Kdramas, particularly in TvN, are trying out slice-of-life type of storytelling which excites me because I always loved that when I used to read shoujo manga. Something about the way a romance plays out in the little moments makes me giddy. However, it’s way too slow in Kdramas (as seen in Reply 1994 and Let’s Eat). Things barely progress for ages and I think that’s because there’s the other agenda/focus that takes away from how slice-of-life actually works. I mean, in Let’s Eat, there was so much focus on the food porn and Reply 1994, there was the focus on the mystery husband. So I do wish that Kdramas continue to experiment and finally find a way to share a slice-of-life story full of emotional beats that keep the audience connected to it rather than feeling detached.

    2. The more I watch of God’s Gift, the less enthused I feel about it because it started out with such a bang and felt so perfect that anything short of it bothers me a lot. All these little flaws keep cropping up and they nag me with their presence in the corner of my mind. Feels like Mirae’s Choice all over again: so much promise but things like the time-travelling and disconnect towards Ajhumma Mirae kept bothering me to the point that I couldn’t enjoy the story and always irritably pointed out the flaws like a broken record. I see that happening with God’s Gift particularly in the way Soohyun and Saet Byul do the stupidest things ever. *sigh*

    3. I have a thing against weekend dramas. Like you ladies said, they start out so wonderfully promising for about ten episodes or so and then dwindle down to such a terrible mess that they become unbearable. Which is why I’m constantly on the edge while watching Wonderful Season because it’s so good right now but I fear it will become blegh later. Still, I watch anyways. I guess the only thing I’m really interested in is Seo-jin’s character finally reconciling with the whole family and sharing a very lovely and heartwarming bond. My heart just clenches whenever they clash. I’m not interested in the heroine….her younger self was much more interesting but right now, even though I get her moroseness, I actually prefer the younger version. There was such a spark in her eyes. As for the kids, omg, I can’t wait until the tables turn when current uncle and nephew switch places with just one birth secret revelation. That will crack me up. I suspect the child aunt who will become neice will get a good treatment whereas the uncle will be avenged and schooled, hahahaha. But yeah, totally spot in what you guys said about this drama. It’s great…but too bad about Taecyon (which I have been pronouncing as Tie-cee-own all this time, lmao).

    • 11.1 autumn93

      Comparison between the mess that was Mirae’s Choice and GG’s it a little uncalled for…

      • 11.1.1 sm

        true, I am overlooking all the criticism directed against Saet Byul. every minute of the episode is such a delight to watch. Its well planned out, well written, amazingly acted out. Its perfect.

      • 11.1.2 DayDreamer

        I know God’s Gift is ten million times better than Mirae’s Choice. What I was trying to say was that it made me feel a bit of what I felt during MC’s run: always expecting things to be a bit better than what was being shown. Like, you can see the things that are fixable.

        Anyways, I like GC a whole lot…I just wanted to put across my feelings of how sad I feel that it isn’t living up to my higher expectations that it had created from episode 1.

  12. 12 Mandy

    Hahaha, the split screen awkwardness being mentioned. I actually looked up the PD for three days (and there are two). The only one I saw out of both their works is TWDR and that was so awesome, so I’m just going to go limb and say the other PD is probably the one that sucks.

    Definitely agree that last year had no great dramas. 2009 was actually one of those awesome years that had so many great and memorable ones – even if the quality wasn’t awesome, I was definitely addicted to quite a few. Christmas, You’re Beautiful, Boys Over Flowers, Shining Inheritance, City Hall, Smile You… Yea, I’ll stop lol.

    I was hoping you guys would talk about the lack of romance in the upcoming dramas 😛 They’re all so action packed and Kdramas aren’t really good at those vs heart sweeping romance. I miss Sageuks too, but Joseon Gunman should be on soon.

    • 12.1 DayDreamer

      Joseon Gunman…..knowing my favoritest Oppa is in there, I am just ecstatic hearing this title anywhere. I really can’t wait. I need Lee Jun Ki back on my screen ASAP.

      But so true about so many action-packed dramas filling the screen. I wish there was variety so I’d be more interested in more dramas but since a lot of them currently have overlapping themes and ideas, I’m only able to watch like two dramas at the moment.

      • 12.1.1 Man Song Yi

        I don’t know why they always churn the same genres(and themes) out in batches depending on the season. I always tire of one genre before moving onto the next, and it goes on an endless loop. There are some rom-coms right now amidst all the action/thriller/mystery but none that i’m in love with.

    • 12.2 Man Song Yi

      I think the main PD behind the wonderfully directed TWDR was PD Jang Tae Yoo — same one of YFAS. He was the one that picked up TWDR’s best director award at the 5th Korean Drama Awards.

  13. 13 Man Song Yi

    Hey ladies, love these podcasts.

    In regards to how our star couple managed to reteam for YFAS, in an interview, KSH said that he and JJH at first were exchanging texts as simple greetings and updating each other on how life was going(KSH likes to keep in touch with his colleagues/costars via texting). Both were discussing which projects they should take on next, and JJH revealed she was offered the role in YFAS, as was KSH. Both thought it would be a good idea to do another collab. Naturally, both came to the conclusion that they should work together on YFAS — a team effort, despite reports of KSH asking his noona accept the role as a favor and vice versa. JJH seems to be going in a pattern of re-teaming with past costars in her new projects too, so KSH was probably a big factor for her to accept.
    They’re so adorable — KSH supposedly visited her during her Bazaar photoshoot after shooting a CF since he was in the area (he did the same for costar nam ji hyun during her angel eyes shooting since he was filming in the same area for YFAS, despite his hectic schedule).
    JJH also recommends him restaurants in Taiwan when he was in taipei for his fanmeeting. When asked what he wanted to try in taiwan, he said pineapple pastries, because his ji hyun noona brought some for him to eat on set and he thought it was deliciousss.
    Anywho, April 18 the two will be meeting up again for the launching of Samsung galaxy S5 — the two will be filming (i presume, multiple) CFs together for Samsung electronics for China.
    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. Is my love for this noona-dongsaeng relationship showing? I just wrote a novel detailing their cute friendship.

    I also love the influx of married actresses recently gracing our screens in leading roles and doing well in them:
    Lee Bo Young(gods gift), Jun Ji Hyun(yfas), Lee Min Jung(csl), Han Ji Hye(full sun), Kim Hee Sun(wonderful days), Kim Hee Ae (secret love affair)
    Slowly but surely, k-ent is changing. Now, i just have to wait for the day where rumors are called rumors and not “scandals”.

    I love how you girls mentioned the whole actors in film vs actors in drama. I tend to admire actors in film and really appreciate their artistic craft, but for some that’s where it ends. Then when you put them in dramas, you really see them in a different light. You fall in love. You see MORE of them as you follow them on a weekly basis. The joys, sorrows, laughter. You feel it all. That’s why i liked JJH in il mare/sassy/thieves/berlin but then came to LOVE her after yfas.

  14. 14 sritaA

    I think Jin hee never really liked the chief, I think she was kinda curious about what kind of person he likes since they included her in that conversation. She probably felt flattered and happy that the chief recognizes her and thinks of her highly as to send her a message.

  15. 15 ilovekyo

    Yeah! I really enjoy your Odds and Ends posts but it’s not the same as your podcasts 😀

  16. 16 Kristy

    Thank You!!
    I thought now that odds and ends are here there wont be more podcast……
    Gotta Listen!!!

  17. 17 Aigoooo

    I can totally understand where you guys are coming from with Emergency Couple. It kinda reminds me of the ghost of the week concept with Master’s Sun or the weekly threat of expulsion of School 2013. I also wished the characters were more consistent. It’s a pretty comfortable watch though and I am seeing Song Ji Hyo in a new light. With Sly and Single Again, the OTP’s chemistry is the only thing that’s holding that show together. They are just so adorkable together. YFAS was a great drama but I never got addicted to it. INR 3 was also a good one and I have watched it twice already. The one thing all the dramas above have in common though is that they all have great soundtracks, Just amazing!

  18. 18 redfox

    dramabeans, I noticed you haven´t given an overall rating to You From Another Star yet in the ratings section.

    I hope it is at least 9/10

    • 18.1 ilikemangos

      I am a YFAS fan and i would rate the drama a 10 on enjoyment and maybe an 8 overall, for how well or not it accomplished what it sought out.

      • 18.1.1 Kiara

        I’d give Jun Ji Hyun a 10. I don’t think I would’ve watched YFAS without her. Maybe I need to watch “Secretly, Greatly” cause I need to see more of KSH’s comedy side. I can feel the rom from him but not the com.

        • ilikemangos

          Completely agree. Jun Ji Hyun by herself will always be a 10 in my heart. And so will cheon song yi.
          She gave us the com that was sorely lacking in do min joon, heh.

        • ilikemangos

          And KSH does comedy rather well, as the bumbling idiot in secretly greatly. too bad the movie lost the comedic factor in the second half. But i still enjoyed seeing a different side of him, he’s taken on quite different roles.

          • Kiara

            I ‘ll try the first half then, thank you :).

        • latteholic

          Also agree. I think Chon Song-yi was the main attraction of YFAS for me. I like KSH there, but I don’t think I will like it as much if it wasn’t for CSY

  19. 19 Dawn Shew

    Just wait until ep 41 of Gold Rainbow….you”ll hate it so much you would gladly play “Russian Roulette” to escape the pain of it, wink. Better to imagine your own happy ending than to lament to 50 hours you wasted!

  20. 20 enZ

    thanks for the podcast. I was one that found ‘sweet potato’ laughably perfect. really didn’t care for any of the characters exc sung Joon’s and his, as you pointed out was completely unbelievable.

    I laughed out loud at your review of let’s eat. I was one of those who loved the drama and I didn’t feel that the food was product placement. but the reaction I got from listening to you talking about let’s eat us the same
    reaction I get watching it!

    and then gF’s take in GR really cracked me up. I HAD to skip about 3 episodes maybe more coz it just got sooooooo awful AND boring with all that ridiculous scheming. also secret love affair came along and is so mind blowingly awesome that I just couldn’t take the bad anymore. I watched the last episode gouge with lots of ff and am
    glad I skipped some episodes and used that time to rewatch SLA repeatedly!! :p

  21. 21 phau

    Yay! New podcast! Teeeehannnks!

    I have not watch yet most of these show cause I’m just watching Bride of the Century, Full Sun and Secret Love Affair. But I’ll still listen.

    I thought javabeans is watching Full Sun and would mention Yoon Kye Sang….

    Oh well that’s okay! Thanks again!

  22. 22 Chandler

    Actually Joo Sang Wook is adorably talkative and warm on variety and is nothing like the cold chaebol characters he usually plays! He’s such a sweetheart! I too wish he’d play more characters like this. He did mention in an interview that he doesn’t want the same roles anymore so heres to hoping!

    • 22.1 ilikemangos

      Yeah, i watched him on happy together and the guy is actually very warm and funny , unlike the impression I got from his roles. his stories about how his mother would openly flaunt the fact that her son was an actor to her friends and bug him about his acting activities was hilarious to listen to. she’s so brutally honest about her son and she’s even joined him on variety once or twice — he’s such a mamas boy. For variety show “Qualifications of Men” — she said “I’m positive he doesn’t have a girlfriend right now. When he does, he always goes into his room and whispers into the phone, but he doesn’t do that nowadays.” LOL love her!

  23. 23 coby

    Yay new podcast and I have ni earphones. .. it could have been a good company while waiting… sigh.. I love Let’s Eat!

    Oh Taec…

  24. 24 km

    …no Secret Love Affair? :/ It’s one of the best dramas this year by far. I don’t know why DB’s ignoring it, especially when it’s doing so well.

    • 24.1 Technokeats

      Is DB really so conservative, to ignore SLA?

      • 24.1.1 Kiara

        They are recapping 6 dramas and 2 variety shows right now. Imagine how long it takes to recap JUST one episode.

        Jomo is recapping Secret Love Affair at Koalas, go check it out over there.

      • 24.1.2 ilikemangos


        I hardly think you should classify/assume them as conservative if they don’t mention a show. I heard no mention of Bride of Century, Empress Ki, Full Sun, or the other weekends aside from Gold and Wonderful. Would that then make them conservative? Time is a tricky beast.

        Here’s a post dedicated to SLA :


        Also, like they’ve mentioned in the broadcast themselves, they don’t “ignore” them rather they don’t have the time to recap/watch EVERY single show; I don’t know about you but i’m only following 2 right now and i feel like that’s alot, but they always report on several shows, which they really don’t have to. It’s hard to please people. People always get upset or “disappointed” when these ladies don’t talk about a show they want talked about.

        Like Kiara said, you can go to Koalas, she and JOMO — another beanie regular — is doing a wonderful job recapping it. Jomo in particular is in love with the show.

        • jomo

          “in particular is in love with the show.”

          I guess I am not as subtle and neutral as I could be…LOL

  25. 25 Gaeina Lee

    Ahh Wonderful Days.. the artistic touch and cinematography always remind me of Ordinary Love.. And I love it~!

    Thanks for sharing another lovely chat (podcast) with us.

  26. 26 indek

    Thanks for this. It really brightened my Friday!!!

  27. 27 Carole McDonnell

    Great podcast.

    Sly, single:
    I love what you said about pretty geeky guy. He really does use his chiseled handsomeness humourously.

    Listening to the discussion of Three Days, I’m beginning to think I’ve missed out on an unintentional comedy.

    So true about the time progression issues in God’s Gift.

    So true about Wonderful Days. I love that drama.

    Thanks for the podcast.

  28. 28 Ann

    Even though I understand why nobody is capping Empress Ki (so many episodes), I was hoping someone would mention it since I think it is so good. I haven’t been bored with any episode yet, and I get bored easily unless I find at least one story that is compelling. (which doesn’t explain the crazy Wang’s family addiction). I am liking Wonderful Season, and the type of things that are happening in this family are very much like things that happen in Southern US families with everyone pretending it never happened.

  29. 29 an_nhien

    I think they kinda giving us an explanation for the wormhole thing way back when the lawyer read an article about 2 comets coming to earth and one disappeared. Wish they spent a tiny bit more time on that point to give us a stronger connection and a better answer.

  30. 30 jyyjc

    My explanation for why Songyi and Yihwa are doppelgangers is that there’s only so many faces the universe/cosmo human face-designer can come up with therefore our faces get reused every few hundred or so years.

  31. 31 Hoang

    Jo Seung Woo is just so great. Wonder who will win the daesang? Jo Seung Woo or Jeon Ji Hyun. The YFAS’s fans will obviously choose Jeon Ji Hyun. As a fan of both dramas, YFAS and God’s gift, i would prefer Jo Seung Woo since he does not just have a great acting but also deliver meaningful message.

  32. 32 August

    I Need Romance 3 was well worth it just for Sung Joon as Sweet Potato (aka Joo Wan), the adorable giraffe, and the french music and tone. The parallelism of the actions and feelings displayed and expressed by Shin Joo-Yeon and Sweet Potato was different and a nice twist.

    I adore Let’s Eat and I definitely agree that it’s best to avoid watching on an empty stomach. Let’s Eat delivered each and every episode with the cast of characters, the slice of life feel, the comedy, the antics of Barassi, and the food porn. The food did not come across to me as Product Placement. If anything, it provided a peak into Korean food (cultural diffusion) and reignited an appreciation of and passion for eating great food while dining with friends and loved ones.

    I applaud TVN for trying something different in terms of scheduling with this drama. I loved that it only aired once a week on Thursdays from November 28, 2013 – March 13, 2014. It didn’t feel like four months because time flew by and you could count on Let’s Eat once a week to humor you with the writing and comedy. 🙂

    It’s a must see for all the gastronomes, gourmets, connoisseurs, epicureans, and foodies as well.

    Emergency Couple – Enjoying the cast but I recognize that the writing sometimes has a tendancy for character development/actions to fluctuate.

    You From Another Star 🙂

    Age of Feeling 🙁

  33. 33 coby

    I just love how jb and gf described INR3 and that’s exactly how I feel and the reason why I dropped INR3.

    I really love YFAS. But I don’t know if Song-yi will be as lovable if it was not played by Ji-hyun.

    Barasshi deserves db podcast mention! Good thing that when I started watching Let’s Eat its already finished thus didn’t have the same sentiments of watching it one episode per week. Though I wonder also why it can be ok vs American series that usually airs one episode per week.

    Sly and Single Again is so cute! Yay for ep 12’s ending.

    Till the next podcast!

  34. 34 iana

    Wow.. recap, db, podcast.. it’s my very first time.. going to download it! Thank you! ^^

  35. 35 jomo

    Thanks for this. Since I didn’t get to go to Boston, listening to you funny ladies for an hour and some made me feel slightly better.

    The give them more time idea – there MUST be a way for the production agencies to make that happen. BOTC ended filming two weeks before it ended airing. Hello! It is possible.

    Love Sly and happy JSW has found a way to use his sad smiles in a winning character.

  36. 36 Carinne

    I’m loving Emergency Couple, and I can probably fill in what’s missing.

    Why Chang-min has a huge revelation falling in love with Jin-hee again?

    I think, ever since their “stuck in the elevator patient trauma” Chang-min revives his romance for Jin-hee slowly. There are so many subtle moments between them as interns which awaken their romantic nostalgia back in college days. That’s why we get it how doctors marry doctors in the real world. They can share so many precious moments together from interning in the hospital to being practitioners. Makes sense. And, I can’t help but roll my eyes when Chang-min goes back being the caveman when another man goes in for “your woman” (past or present) do you realize you may lose her forever to shoot some blitz courage to get her back. Lazy pig(s).

    Why the Chief back down from being a heated love rival?

    One reason, OTP’s married yet divorced lingering feelings. He declared not backing down before OTP revealed their fated connection being a divorced couple. Since the unveiling, the Chief opens up his dysfunctional emotions towards his divorced parents, which I love seeing his sensitivity. He’s conflicted in that sense. He’s such a big man for standing in the sidelines waiting for Jin-hee to choose the right man for her.

    • 36.1 Carinne

      Oh, I can’t wait till you speak of Secret Love Affair, Wild Chives, adding closing thoughts on Emergency Couple and Sly and Single Again.

      Aren’t you loving the Return of Superman? I love it! Sarang ❤ I wonder, are you both watching that show?

      I have yet to start Hotel King. Mr Nayo, don’t fail me.

  37. 37 Nadia

    Why are the podcasts not downloading from itunes. Did it move? I’m able to download other one’s but not this one.

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