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Jin Se-yeon joins Jung Il-woo for Korean-Chinese web drama
by | June 22, 2015 | 94 Comments

Is there anyone who isn’t doing a web drama these days? It’s an interesting trend, especially with more and more international co-productions being made, like this one, starring Jung Il-woo (Records of a Night Watchman). It’s a Korean-Chinese web drama called The Greatest One-Sided Love No One’s Ever Seen Before, and now Jin Se-yeon (Doctor Stranger) has signed on to play his leading lady.

The web series is being produced by Kim Jong Hak Productions (Hwajeong, Masked Prosecutor) and the Chinese portal site Sohu.com, where the drama will air. Despite the title’s claim, it sounds like a rather common romantic setup, between a perfect man and a poor girl from a mountain village. She’s pure as the driven snow and knows nothing of the world, and he meets her and falls in love for the first time. It’s described as a romantic comedy with an innocent love story.

Maybe an innocent mountain girl won’t know human emotions, and therefore will struggle to express them. Maybe they’ll have surprising chemistry? Um… maybe they’ll be dubbed over in Chinese? At least she won’t be a doctor? I’m trying to be positive here. I don’t know why Jung Il-woo insists on picking projects that don’t get me excited, but on the upside, I’m pretty sure this one will be gloriously short. See, there’s always an upside to everything.

The Greatest One-Sided Love No One’s Ever Seen Before plans to be released online in September.

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94 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jennifer Watkins

    I wanna see this. I’ll try it cause I agree about his last project choices and just couldn’t get into them. 🙁 We miss you JIW!

  2. redfox

    could be called “charisma vs rock”…

    • 2.1 redfox

      like “no matter, how much charisma you apply to a rock, it will never move.” Is that like, a talent, too, actually?

    • 2.2 Gidget

      You’re on to something! If she plays a rock the title, description and casting would all make perfect sense.

      …”The Greatest One-Sided Love No One’s Ever Seen Before”
      “a romantic comedy with an innocent love story.”
      …character “knows nothing of this world”

      • 2.2.1 Holli

        LOLOLOLOL……. I could not have said it any better!

      • 2.2.2 Gidget

        Gah…picturing her face superimposed on a rock made me think of that weird sun baby in Teletubbies and now I can’t get it out of my head.

      • 2.2.3 redfox

        I had a very mean thought. If…she had been in Night Scholar… would she have…. um, instead of… no, that´s too mean of me.

    • 2.3 Snickers👽


  3. Kiara

    Poor Jung Il-woo.

  4. bbstl

    * sigh*
    Dang it, JIW.

  5. risa

    At least it’s only a web drama. I’ll save my tears and frustration for the next WTF casting news.

  6. Ella

    Can Jung Il Woo choose better projects that doesn’t suck..and one with better female leads?

    I love the guy but he’s really testing it with three back to back wtf decisions. Bring back the glory days of Iljimae, Cha Chi Soo and the Scheduler, please!

    • 6.1 Ella

      As for Jin…sighs. How many more hot, talented actors can she be paired up before she gets better? I’m hopeful but glad this one will be short.

    • 6.2 Curly Nadine

      From your lips to … someone in K-dramaland’s ears!

  7. Kay

    “She’s pure as the driven snow and knows nothing of the world, and he meets her and falls in love for the first time”

    Because you know, if you’re not as pure as snow (whatever that means) then you’re not innocent and no one can love you.

    Probably why I’m #foreveralone.

    • 7.1 Arawn

      That description makes the heroine sound retarded.

      • 7.1.1 Gidget

        Or that she’s been in an environment that’s sheltered her from today’s harsher sensibilities.

    • 7.2 informantxgirl

      I am on that #foreveralone boat too…which, I guess makes it no longer a forever alone boat…?

      Still, question, just how isolated are mountains in Korea? Are we talking like a mountain ringed by a moat of fire or something? Cause pretty sure they gots WiFi otherwise.

      • 7.2.1 Gidget

        No matter where you are in the world, remote areas rarely have robust communications infrastructure. And what’s available (satellite, depending on the terrain and vegetation) isn’t affordable for the people who live in those places.

        • Gidget

          BTW. The mountains in coastal northeast Korea are stunning. Definitely worth the trip to hike there. 😊

  8. concreteroads

    Ughhh Jung Il-Woo, why….

    A pretty boy who can actually ACT and emote and even sing, but why does he insist on picking the worst projects and leading ladies? I thought his career would take off years ago, after 49 Days and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, but most of his other choices have been abysmal.

  9. Mindy

    I’ve honestly never seen either of their projects and the premise sounds soooo boring. Interesting how it’s a Korean-Chinese web drama when both leads are Korean.

    I think I’ll pass.

  10. 10 Lizzie

    Hahahahaha doctor stranger…*sigh* anyone know of a drama where Jin Seyeon was really good?? I’m really curious if she just gets stuck with awful characters or if it’s something else… Also I’m probably going to skip this as the premise doesn’t sound relatable or particularly interesting..more like Christian romance novels..which is not a good thing..skiiiiip.

    • 10.1 Sajen

      “I’m really curious if she just gets stuck with awful characters or if it’s something else…”

      It’s something else, if your good at what you do you can take an evil character and make the audience hate the character but love you as an actor, recent example Jo Soo-hyang as So-young in School 2015, or take a potentially annoying character and make them strangely charming example Yoo Yun-suk as Gun-woo in Warm and Cozy. Jin Se-yeon however I don’t know maybe she can’t connect with her characters or something, but whatever it is you feel it as you watch she just leaves one cold while watching her attempt and fail to act.

      • 10.1.1 Sajen

        *you’re instead of your

      • 10.1.2 guoxia

        amen to that.

  11. 11 namedx

    Jung Il-Woo has beautiful hair!

  12. 12 Kayla


    i can’t even.

  13. 13 j2hr

    Poor JIW, but we are safe from her to destroy “Cheese in the Trap”

    • 13.1 Kayla

      IKR. But she has a history of jumping onto new projects before completing her ongoing ones so heaven forbid she does it again this time. PLS LEAVE CHEESE IN THE TRAP ALONE. Omfg I would die

      • 13.1.1 Mini

        I honestly doubt TVN would even consider her for Cheese. TVN likes casting (way more often than not) underrated actresses or actresses who have proven themselves many times over

        • pigsnout

          Lol yeah I don’t think tvn will go near her, their actress cast usually has some talent.

    • 13.2 Zinabean

      Why would you even speak that into existence?

  14. 14 Waiting

    “Maybe an innocent mountain girl won’t know human emotions, and therefore will struggle to express them.”

    Now that’s a gem of a statement right there, GF! LOL

    Redfox…you cracked me up with “charisma vs. rock”.

    Ah well, one day she’ll catch on. She seems to want to stay in this business and so far gets steady work. The why and how the heck is too much for my little brain to solve. I need her to pick lottery numbers for me. 😛 Luckiest girl eva…

    • 14.1 Sajen

      “Ah well, one day she’ll catch on. She seems to want to stay in this business and so far gets steady work. The why and how the heck is too much for my little brain to solve”

      Has Song-seung-heon ever caught on?

      • 14.1.1 Waiting

        I didn’t see his latest movie so from what I did see of his work, no, he had not caught up as much as I’d hoped for someone in the industry so long.

  15. 15 lilac

    Poor Jung Il-Woo. Once again he is being paired with a mediocre actress. He really deserves better than that, given his talent.

  16. 16 aX

    This guy just can’t seem to catch a break. I, too, wish to see him opposite actresses like Moon Chae Young or Park Bo Young.

    And I don’t want to be harsh on Jung Se Yeon because I’ve only seen her in Bridal Mask but it was not a good… first impression at all. I’ve read some comments about how other’s feels about her and I don’t want to judge her completely based on one drama. I’m sure she can recover and since she seems to continue getting lead roles, I hope that she does redeem herself and soon. Maybe this will be it? Who knows.

  17. 17 Kat

    I feel like all you guys do is look down on Jin Se Yeon, like she’s not that bad of an actress.

    • 17.1 anon

      It’s very sad that’s all the international fans like to do. With comments like hoping she’ll die or fall off a mountain in dramas -_- oh so very mature.
      But it’s okay, it’s their problem that they’ll have to go through all this frustration every year cuz she’s not going to stop acting.

      • 17.1.1 Jon G.

        I don’t think there is a huge gap of hatedom between Korean and international fans when it comes to her.

        The “fall off a cliff” comments are usually addressed to her characters, not to her (because her characters had the tendency to die).

        But it’s okay, it’s their problem that they’ll have to go through all this frustration every year cuz she’s not going to stop acting.

        My main problem with her is that she’s not going to start acting, to be honest.

        • pigsnout

          She’s not going to stop……whatever it is that she does in front of cameras in acting projects, which like u said has never been ‘acting’

          But after 5 years of consistent poor performance in acting roles along with tendency to run away in live shoot to do another drama, I think her chances to be public broadcast lead are dried up. The korean public dislikes her even more than international fans do.

          • soapbox

            “The korean public dislikes her even more than international fans do.”

            This is true. If people think dramabean/international comments are being mean, they haven’t seen anything yet.

        • Mandy

          “My main problem with her is that she’s not going to start acting, to be honest.”

          HA, that’s peach.

        • concreteroads

          hahah +1 to “my main problem with her is that she’s not going to *start* acting”

    • 17.2 soapbox

      Damn, give her all the awards for being “not that bad”. The industry is so unfair, she just needs to do the bare minimum and be “not that bad” to get tons of lead roles, while so many talented actresses can’t get the time of day.

    • 17.3 Elle

      Yes she is…..she’s ruining all of my favorite actors!!

  18. 18 Danna

    So how will this one end Will she be falling of a mountain

    • 18.1 meme

      …or into a river from a hanging bridge.

  19. 19 anon

    Look at the neverending complaints about Jin Se Yeon, as usual. *rolls eyes* Too bad for you, she’s not going away.
    Anyways, webdramas honestly mostly all suck, sooo I don’t think this will be any interesting.

  20. 20 Mandy

    Sorry, but I don’t see a reason to pity JIW. It’s not like anyone is forcing him to pick the crappiest projects out there with some really underwhelming leading ladies. Individuals are responsible for their own career decisions. In some cases, their agencies.

    JIW hasn’t done anything worth my time since Iljimae – 49 Days was just not my thing. So, I just can’t find a reason to feel sorry for him getting stuck in a crappy sounding premise with an equally terrible actress.

    • 20.1 AJK

      Having only seen him in Night Watchman and FBRS, I really wonder if he can act. His character choices in the former seemed really bad, even in a sea of bad directing and writing choices.

      • 20.1.1 John

        AJK ~

        Unstoppable High Kick is probably Jung Il-woo ‘s best role.

        Sure, it’s a 167 episodes long, it also features a young Kim Bum and Park Min Young.

        • neri

          yunho is the quintessential bad boy with lots of charisma and surprising maturity. they also made him confident and sure of his place in the world, unlike his brother who was bookwise but totally naïve. yunho’s love for minjung at that age was surprisingly mature as well. never forgot that scene of him begging his teacher not to marry his uncle. there was no declaration of love or passion. just a simple ‘you know why I’m doing this’ which was surprisingly effective. whoever wrote that drama was a genius. and jung il woo as yunho…I mean, I continue to search for that same character in other youth oriented shows or movies and couldn’t find him. that’s how affected I am by unstoppable high kick.

      • 20.1.2 Mandy

        I think JIW is extremely overrated in these parts. I haven’t seen him in anything that really blew me away – and tbh, I’ve seen a lot.

      • 20.1.3 Elle

        You need to watch him in Flower Boys Ramyun Shop (correct spelling?) He is funny!

        • neri

          he is freaking hilarious. that role was tailor-made for him.

      • 20.1.4 Gidget

        Glad you’re bringing this up. In Watchman I was wondering…..

      • 20.1.5 concreteroads

        He’s hilarious in Flower Boy Ramyun shop, if you can stomach that particular brand of humour. (I despised the drama, but thought he did really well.)

        I think my favourite role of his was 49 Days though. He was only a supporting character, but his stint as the tragic grim reaper was SO GOOD.

        He was also really talented in Iljimae, but that drama wasn’t my cup of tea.

        He has a lot of acting skill… just no “how not to choose shitty projects” skill.

  21. 21 mccooks

    girlfriday, Thank you for the sarcasm and for your honest, broken faith in those you want to admire. Speaks to my soul.

  22. 22 Suzi Q

    Is she from a Chinese mountain or a Korean Mountain village since it’s a joint venture?
    Poor JIW hasn’t had good choices in roles lately.
    Jin Se Yeon …never like her in anything, but she keeps getting lead roles. Why?

    • 22.1 Gidget

      Split the difference…North Korea?

  23. 23 ag

    We can all pray this might be a hit for JIW! Love him, but I couldn’t watch the last few dramas he’s been in.

  24. 24 pigsnout

    At least it’s not a public broadcast drama or even a cable drama. A web drama is just her level, as long as she does not screw up these people’s production too.

  25. 25 kanz

    Jung il Woo is really determined to make me NOT watching his drama again.. after GR, then NWJ then this one..
    On the upside, it’s just web drama, not a public broadcast drama. I’d be depressed if it was the case..

  26. 26 Pyromaniac


    Maybe she will surprise us with something worth watching this time????? Maybe she took acting lessons between projects?????

    As they say when you hit rock bottom the only way is up… unless you have a shovel.

  27. 27 Marianne

    Thank god JIW is not one of my fave actors, I would be so frustrated…I cannot bring myself to watch another drama with JSY on it. Hope she never takes a drama with Park Yoo Chun, Yoo Yeon Seok or Ji Chang Wook XDDD

    • 27.1 kanz

      Well she acted with Ji Chang Wook AND Joo Ji Hoon before in Five Fingers..
      Couldn’t believe her luck sometimes!

  28. 28 Marry Anne

    Seems like that Kim Jong Hak Productions love actress that can’t act. I’m really frustrated everytime I watch Hwajeong, great storyline, superb acting by other actor&actress but really really bad heroin. Jin Se-yeon=Lee Yeon-hee

    • 28.1 fan

      agree on Lee Yeon-hee in Hwajeong. What happened to LYH from Miss Korea where she was great. My thinking is that it depends on who the partner/opposite actor is – SGJ in Hwajeong is awful as well. (And good example is Gang SoRa in Dream High 2 where she was awful along with other awful idol actors vs she was/is great in everything else with more experienced actors. Love Sunny, Ugly Alert, even in Dr. Stranger she was good)

      • 28.1.1 fan

        Just a min. This is not true with JinSY though – does not matter who the co-star is, CONSISTENTLY suck. I give up.

      • 28.1.2 Suzana

        I wouldn’t say Lee Yeon-hee was great in Miss Korea but I would say she show some improvement there. I think she suit that type of drama just like Shin Se Kyung in Girl Who See Smell… Yeon-hee&Kangjoon didn’t suit heavy drama. Well, Lee Yeon-hee, Shin Se Kyung, Jin Se-yeon all three kinda in same level. Imagine if all three act in one drama…

        • Waiting

          I didn’t watch Girl Who Sees Smells, but I thought Shin Se Kyung did a good job in Iran man/Blade man. She was finally expressive in different ways which was lacking before making her acting very flat and one dimensional. It was good to see she improved.

          Lee Yeon Hee was okay in Miss Korea. I thought she did well and was endearing as the other beanie mentioned.

          I’ll be happy to say the same for Jin Se-yeon if she can just finally bring it. There are so many times where she is out-shined and out-acted by those around her. It’s too bad, really. Feels like a wasted opportunity each time for her and hard to root for, honestly.

          • JoAn

            She’s did better in Girl Who See Smell. Really show great improvement and SeKyung-Yoochun so cute in that drama.

    • 28.2 skinnymocha

      Aww, shame to hear about LYH – have yet to watch Hwajung, but she was absolutely endearing in Miss Korea.

  29. 29 fantasy

    I so wanted his comeback but with her !!!!!!! errrrr… I could wait 😛

  30. 30 Shwe

    HOW is she getting all these lead roles?! HOW?!

    • 30.1 Gidget

      CEO Byun?

      • 30.1.1 Adal


        Good one. But she’s no Cindy that’s for sure! 😀

      • 30.1.2 concreteroads

        heh, +1 for producers love <3

        now i'm imaging jin se-yeon's CEO showing up at the drama production offices, lying down on the floor and being all "cast my baby. cast my baby or i'm going to lie here for the next two days."

  31. 31 Quiet Thought

    On the bright side, this series might get Jin Se-yeon out of Korea for a few months. Long enough to cast the next batch of kdramas.

  32. 32 JulyB

    what’s wrong with you guys?
    Jin Se Yeon is great.
    Doctor Stranger was a mess drama. You can’t just blame it to Jin Se Yeon alone. I couldn’t even enjoy to watch Lee Jong Suk character in this drama. The best character in this drama was Kang So Ra’s character.

    Have you guys watch other drama besides Doctor Stranger?
    You should.

    • 32.1 JoAn

      I watched 3 of her drama Doctor Stranger, Inspiring Generation, Bridal Mask and she suck in all… All the same expression, no improvement.

      • 32.1.1 JulyB

        I must say she delivered great story behind her performances. Her chemistry with her co-star leading actor in each drama so real. How can you say such things?
        It sounds like you’re jealous about it.
        She’s a great actor. She’s not some kind of leading actress in a drama that loves to be good or cute, or very nice in anyways.
        For me, she loves to be Anti-hero character. Which is really amazing.
        I’ve been notice, it’s hard to give performance as Anti-hero leading role.
        Jin Se Yeon nailed it. She gives you heavy materials and maybe that’s why you guys kind of hard in digest them.
        She’s smart.

        • JoAn

          LOL! Is this real or troll? WOW finally I found someone who really like her acting because I never come across someone who like her acting. Even in Korea she’s been critized for being such a bad actress. It’s not about jealous at all, girl I got a life there’s no need to get jealous over an actress. Jin Se Yeon, Lee Yeon Hee and Shin Se Kyung are well known for being lead heroin but really bad at it.

          • JulyB

            I laugh as well. I’m not a big fan of Shin Se Kyung even though I watched her K-Drama in Fashion King and suffocated so hard until the end just because all I want just to watch Yoo Ahn In and Sensory Couple because of Park Yoo-chun.
            And, I’m not watching Lee Yeon Hee dramas.

            But, yes, it’s real. I like Jin Se Yeon. Netizens really overrated to say she’s a bad actress.
            She is not a bad actress. She’s not doing anything wrong-doings.
            I watched her in Inspiring Generation, when she had a skiing scene with Kim Jae Wook. That’s amazing, ever. She stole the whole things in Inspiring Generation, I mean both of them. She deserves an appreciation. She supposed to be a second woman-role in that drama but turns out she gets the lead in the end, I mean, it’s one of approve that she’s a great actress.

  33. 33 jane

    tsk tsk tsk…Jung IL Woo has SO MUCH BAD LUCK. Most of his dramas are NOT a big hit. Golden Rainbow flopped; Night Watchman was a failure. he got paired with Go Sung Hee (a horrendous actress) and now he’s being paired up in web drama with Jin Se Yeon, who is also one of the worst actresses…sigh. as for my opinion on JIW. he’s not good looking; his acting is good but not the best.

    • 33.1 LilianS

      I agreed his last 2 projects are not a big hits but not that bad,Despite Watchman had received many criticism regarding the wierd plot,it still got lead ratings at the same time slot

      • 33.1.1 LilianS

        Im ilwoo big fan,anyway, i will watch everything he do!

        • Tara

          I don’t take you seriously because you’re a very biased die hard fan. Despite the decent lead rating, So many people including Korean netizens said Night Watchman is a really bad drama. It got mostly negative reception because of the poorly written story and terrible female lead. That’s what matters more than the ratings.

  34. 34 Dramallama

    JSY isn’t so bad but kind of stone lookingand I’ve yet to watch night watchman but considering the raving reviews I think I’ll pass

  35. 35 mcfire

    it’s horrible how people keep on dissing her when the drama has not even started shooting yet. i really hope that jin se yeon would make everyone who cursed/dissed her shut their mouth with her latest acting skills. i pray hard for that.

  36. 36 wooyeonbuddies

    bad actress? a lie, now I know the netizens and critics are wrong for hating Jin Se Yeon whatever the drama is web atleast the web drama is captivated ,successful and being great web drama and now Jin Se Yeon is considering the new hallyu star along with Jung Il Woo. Now se yeon prove she is not making ruined to il woo, actually il woo and se yeon are popular because the web drama is good writing and they have great chemistry and their good acted in High End Crush. The problem for the netizens and critics they first to judge even they didn’t watch the drama first see the more you hate Jin Se Yeon the more she going to success. I don’t believe that Jin Se Yeon ruined her previous drama all her second choice drama are didn’t good writing first in FF, IG, DS hope she’s not accepting that project if you are blame her if she received best roles and good writing drama it doesn’t unfair in her acting skills because she has potential when she cry laugh she didn’t bad . I don’t think she is not well acting in BM when I watched her in BM I saw her potential. Explanation for all the narrow minded, her drama in past are heavy and she new in drama that is not good in the beginner to cast in heavy drama the improvement cause of ruined because on not right drama, se yeon had less drama in past only MDTF and BM making good to her like il woo’s drama his few drama are not good same to se yeon but because of web drama this is only short web drama but they both success and they have achievement to be proud. Thank you all haters because you are bitter il woo and se yeon were continuing success in their upcoming drama and the korean and international viewers give them a chance and appreciating their hardworks.

  37. 37 noukina

    I truly enjoyed watching this. I don’t really understand the negative opinions towards it. It was a lot of fun and very convenient for people who prefer watching shorter episodes. So far, I can’t complain on the roles Il-woo Jung has played. Hopefully he’ll get the chance to do a variety of roles.

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