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Dramabeans Top 10: Korean dramas whose endings are better left unwatched (trust us)
by | October 20, 2015 | 555 Comments

javabeans: Sooooo, we’ve been wanting to bring back the “If You Like…” series of reviews, where we take a theme or motif and recommend other shows like it. We really liked the idea when we first brought it out…

girlfriday: But then we got tired. Mostly, it was just daunting because we wanted so much to be all-encompassing, and never leave out a drama.

javabeans: And as many shows as we’ve seen, there’s just no way we would be able to write about every single workplace romance drama, or makjang tearfest drama, or drama about heroes with good eyeliner.

girlfriday: Wait, I might still want to do the one about eyeliner.

javabeans: But then it occurred to us that we could cap our lists, instead of trying to name every single applicable title ever made.

girlfriday: Hence, the birth of Dramabeans Top 10. Because ten is a number we can handle.

javabeans: Plus, it sparked a wave of fun future list ideas to tackle, so we’ll roll those out in due course. We promise! I’m pretty sure we said that about If You Like, but we mean it this time! I feel good about this. Because Top 10 means Not Top 100.

girlfriday: For our first Top 10, we decided to start at the end—or more specifically, with endings.

javabeans: And for better or for worse (mostly just worse), drama endings have lacked a little something recently. I still haven’t seen the finale of Yong-pal, for instance. I know all about it, and I just can’t bring myself to sit through that.

girlfriday: I think you’re better off skipping it.

javabeans: But I have to finish it! I invested 17 whole hours already, and even loved 6 of them! I can’t NOT see the last one!

girlfriday: … And therein lies the perpetual problem that we face, time and again. To finish, or not to finish… that is the question.

javabeans: Would you rather preserve a pleasant memory despite harboring a gaping hole about the ending, or would you rather tarnish the whole experience so as to save your curiosity from expiring?

girlfriday: We’re here to help out! If you choose the gaping hole, feel free to stop reading here.

javabeans: However, if you choose the red pill, we’ve got a whole list for you below, so you can read up on the ending but not waste your hour.

girlfriday: Oh, and SPOILER ALERT, because of the obvious.

javabeans: These are in no particular order, if only because how do you measure the weight of one heartbreak against another? *sob*


1. 49 Days (2011)

javabeans: The ending for 49 Days may be more polarizing than universally decried. But it gets added to this list because for those to whom the ending felt wrong, it felt really, really wrong. The crux was this: You gave your heroine a second chance at life, she earned it, and then you killed her anyway! What in the WHAT.

Dying wasn’t the problem, since this whole drama was built around finding new meaning in life via death. After the heroine was killed before her fated time, she was given the chance to win back her life if she could find three people who truly loved her. If she were to fail, we all knew she was taking that big elevator up to the sky, so we were always aware of the threat hanging over her head. The problem was in giving her all these narrative plot hoops to jump through, awarding her the victory, and then declaring that she had been fated to die soon afterward anyway, claiming her life for a wholly unrelated reason. That’s not just withholding a cookie from you; that’s giving you a piping hot cookie, describing all the ways in which it is delicious and gooey and mouthwatering, then snatching it away before you can eat it. And throwing it on the ground. And crushing it under a dirty, heartless boot. Stomp, stomp.


2. Who Are You—School 2015 (2015)

girlfriday: I swear, my resentment for this show’s ending isn’t all about being on the other romance ship—it’s also about not giving our twin heroines a proper resolution as sisters. On the one hand, this show’s ending isn’t actually offensive premise-destroying anti-matter like some of the others on this list. But the ending still took all the wind out of my sails when I really enjoyed the ride up until the finale.

Who Are You—School 2015 put a fantastically tense twist on the usual high school drama, with Kim So-hyun playing two diametrically opposed twin sisters who swap fates. It repurposed melodrama tropes—amnesia, hidden identities—to intensify high school drama, which made for some crack viewing through its run. But in the end one sister basically took over the other’s life, becoming her stand-in rather than gaining a relationship with a sister. Where was the sisterly bonding, the character growth for unni? And don’t even get me started on the romance, where we watched the hero pine over one sister all series long and then suddenly love the other one, reinforcing that whole replacement motif (which I find worse in principle because they’re identical twins). Or set up the second lead to pull all of our heartstrings to the bitter end, only to kick his heart to the curb. Ugh, I take it back. I’M STILL MAD AT YOU.


3. God’s Gift—14 Days (2014)

girlfriday: This one actually pains me. Because this show was so good. SO GOOD. I actually wish I could tell people to watch only 15 episodes and imagine the rest, because the ending you picture in your head will invariably be better than the one the show delivers. But the problem is, you can’t not find out what happens at the end of a mystery thriller where lives are at stake… so then you’ll just have to watch and join the rest of us who carry the rage in our hearts.

God’s Gift was a brilliant show that wove together two mysteries—a dead girl and a killer on death row—and put a heart-stopping, sweat-inducing ticking clock on the story by sending its two lead characters back in time 14 days so they could stop their loved ones from dying. It unfurled in tense, gripping action and suspense as a mother stopped at nothing to save her daughter. The problem, of course, came in the final episode when our hero discovered the role he played in the girl’s death the first time. He could have just not killed her the second time, but no, he decided he had to sacrifice himself to Fate (that bitch) to save the girl who was already saved. Sadly, Captain Awesome was not also Captain Smartypants. Worst. Gift. Ever.


4. Surplus Princess (2014)

javabeans: I can almost excuse Surplus Princess for its off-the-rails ending in light of the meta knowledge that the show was being suddenly cut down by two episodes, with barely any time to adjust for the new timetable. But knowing why a show flipped everyone the narrative middle finger doesn’t magically make sense of the narrative chaos, so the show earns its spot on this list.

Surplus Princess had a quirky and zany charm that may not have resulted in a ratings bonanza, but entertained its cult audience with its wacky comedy and silly plot about a mermaid princess who became human to win the man she’s crushing on, which required her to score a job at his company. Thus the show entwined the familiar Little Mermaid premise with the topical theme of the younger generation struggling to find gainful employment in today’s fiercely competitive market.

Did she win her man? Yes. Did she win the right to keep her legs and remain on land? Ish. She disappeared into tears and mist, only to make a literally last-minute reappearance after the obligatory finale time-jump, marked by the deliberately provoking caption “I’ll be back.” The show dropped a tantalizing plot twist, and then dropped the curtain, as though to punish us for the cable station’s misdeeds. What did we ever do to you, Show, but love you and watch you faithfully?


5. Vampire Idol (2011-12)

girlfriday: I can’t be entirely mad at Vampire Idol for not delivering a satisfying conclusion when the network cut its episode count down from 120 to 79. And in some ways, I admire the ballsy approach to write a big F—you ending for being robbed of a third of its intended run. I could imagine doing the same in the heat of the moment, with a bottle of bourbon at my side. But it still sucks to be on the other end as a viewer who invested time in these characters over 79 episodes, to be left wondering, basically, WTF.

Vampire Idol was a wacky show to begin with—a sitcom that brought alien vampires down to Earth and found comedy in acclimating them to human life. It was low-rent, low-tech, and filled with acting newbies (many of whom would go on to superstardom). But it was also hilarious and witty and totally out there, and found ways to embrace its own limitations with inventive jokes and storylines. We even started to care about this crazy family of vampires, idol trainees, and assorted guardians. So imagine what a punch to the face it was to get to the last episode where instead of a resolution, we got a series of cryptic glimpses into the future that left a zillion more questions and everyone hanging in the balance. I mean, it literally closed on: And then that happened… *surprise face* THE END.

I can’t imagine a single person who watched that ending and didn’t throw something at their screen. And if you didn’t, you are a better person than I am.


6. Hong Gil Dong (2008)

javabeans: Admittedly, I did write in defense of the ending in the finale recap, and I still think there’s some merit that can be mined out of the ending. Or maybe that was my heartache talking at the time, trying to glean purpose from a finale that yanked the rug out from under our collective feet. Sure, the drama had been growing increasingly dark, and yes, war is a harsh mistress… but for the type of show Hong Gil Dong was—a rambunctious romp that portrayed a legendary fictional hero in a slapstick rom-com light—it was rather a slap in the face to kill off all our good guys in the final hour in a futile burst of bravery. It wasn’t the death itself that hurt, but the clash between our expectations of a boisterous happy-ever-after and the bitterness of the closing massacre (however beautifully filmed) giving us a sacrifice that amounted to nothing. If Hong Gil Dong had been presented in a more nuanced, complex, or dark light from the get-go, perhaps the ending wouldn’t have felt such a betrayal of rom-com trust. Instead it left us like the drama—the ground razed and barren, smoking in the aftermath, just like our spirits.


7. Rooftop Prince (2012)

javabeans: Structurally, Rooftop Prince was a bit of an oddity, sandwiching an uproarious fish-out-of-water comedy in between a romantic mystery-melodrama. For most of the drama, we focused on the Joseon prince and his three sidekicks who time-jumped into present-day Seoul, where one plucky everygirl took them under her wing like very adorable, color-coded ducklings who relied on her to acclimate them to modern marvels like toilets, public transportation, and evil chaebols. Hilarity, much of it side-splitting, ensued. On either end, we were given a heartfelt romance and mystery set in Joseon times, where the prince struggled to uncover how his beloved wife came to die.

That made for a finale episode that felt, tonally, jarring compared to the wackiness that preceded it. But tone shift aside, what gave Rooftop Prince its disappointing ending was the conclusion of the romance, inasmuch as the lovers were split apart by 300 years: The heroine got a second chance with a reincarnated version of her prince, while the prince… died alone, forever devoted to the sweetheart he left behind in modern Seoul. Sure, future Yoochun may have gotten his girl, but past Yoochun had to live out his life without her. Well, at least he had his Power Ranger sidekicks with him to soothe the pain.


8. Gu Family Book (2013)

girlfriday: Loving your girl’s 422-years-later doppelganger is totally the same as loving her… right? WRONG. I seriously felt like Gu Family Book got dropped on its head just before the finale, because whatever possessed it to kill off our heroine and propel our hero four centuries into the future as an ending resembles no earthly logic.

I know, it was a supernatural drama to begin with, about a half-gumiho hero who learns to tame his inner beast and save Joseon. No one ever said it was realistic. Gu Family Book was certainly flawed, but it also had a fun, comic-book style and I enjoyed the hapless beginnings of a young hero-to-be. But the show had a bizarre idea of narrative payoff if it thought that killing his one true love and making him wait generations for her reincarnated doppelganger was some kind of cosmic reward for being a hero. There are some dramas where this kind of ending could work [javabeans: NO THERE AREN’T], but this one didn’t support that kind of epic scope, in story, scale, or execution.


9. Mi-rae’s Choice (2013)

javabeans: Here’s a simple, clear-cut fail for you: You designed a drama all around a character making a choice, and then? WE GOT NO CHOICE.

Okay, sure. The character did make a choice in the final episode, which we’d been building up to all series long: Which man would she pick? The one she’d initially fallen in love with but grown to bitterly resent later, or the one her future self was convinced would lead to a happier life, prompting her to time-travel back to her youth to convince herself to pick Door Number 2? (The dilemma was a tad bit more nuanced than a mere love triangle, but since the key premise was withheld from us, the drama forfeits its right to claim nuance.) And so, we’re shown that she chose… but not shown the choice. Who does that?

When you refuse to deliver on the most basic, fundamental element of your story, you’ve basically copped out of telling a proper narrative with a beginning, middle, and an end, inasmuch as we never got out of the beginning territory. You’ve essentially reneged on telling a story at all, which means this drama barely gets to be called a drama. Go away, dram.


10. Big (2012)

girlfriday: You know what’s funny—Big got its romantic happy ending, and yet it still angers me more than any of the other dramas on this list where characters met untimely deaths, ambiguous fates, or were forced into second romances with reincarnated doppelgangers. Because, go figure, this happy ending was supposed to be between the heroine and the hero of our story—aka Coma Boy—not the heroine and the body he was borrowing while she fell in love with him.

Big is really simple in premise—it’s a body-swap drama that asks us to spend an entire series believing that there’s a teenage boy inside a grown man’s body. Which is a head-twister in the romance department, because you’re not quite sure she’s falling in love with the true person on the inside and not the hot man on the outside (because, um, Gong Yoo), but you still put faith in what the story is telling you. Because you believe in such a thing as blind love. And call me crazy, but in exchange for going along with that, I wanted to see those two characters, in their own bodies, getting their happily-ever-after to prove that she really did love only Coma Boy. Is that asking for too much? Is it really? To get a happy ending with your two leading characters in their true corporeal form? I think not, Show. I think not.

+7 Honorable Mentions:

11. Oohlala Spouses: On paper, saving a troubled marriage via body-swapping hijinks sounds heartwarming and hilarious. In practice, the marriage should never have happened and wasn’t worth saving.

12. High School King of Savvy: We were with you until you married a high-schooler. Is “He’s eighteen—it’s legal!” really the message you want to be sending?

13. The King 2 Hearts: You killed the only thing that was good and true in this world when you killed off the king’s bodyguard. RIP, Earnest Bot.

14. Secret Door: You were supposed to give us a secret door into the untold truth of the infamously grisly, captivating true story of a king who forced his son to kill himself. What we got was a blander, tamer ending that told us nothing new. I could have gotten a more riveting story reading my history textbooks.

15. Prime Minister and I: It’s a romantic comedy that ends on a handshake.

16. Bad Guy: In a word: nihilistic. In more words: Our “hero” ends up destroying the thing he wanted all along (family), lets his sister shoot him, and dies alone and friendless. Nobody ever finds out he’s dead. The murdering sister blithely relaxes to a massage after killing the brother she never knew she had. Fin.

17. Nice Guy: Maru may or may not have lost his memory, and may have started a new romance or rekindled an old one. We may never know. Maru is mysterious. No one will ever know Maru.


555 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Bellamafia

    omg! those.. I totally agree!!

    • 1.1 belltinct

      hahhaa…me too ..totally agree…
      yes..im in on “big” ..wat an ending…a ridiculous ending ..mehhh

      • 1.1.1 chloe

        Ok, my two cents..
        High School King Of Savvy – for the exhilarating ride and for the love of Seo In Guk, I did forgive the ending, in their minds it was supposed to be a fairytale, so be it then.
        BIG – such a waste! But in the end, we all watched it coz of Gong Yoo. I truly wonder which one of the Hong sisters is to blame. ditto for Warm & Cozy, saved only by the chemistry of the main leads.
        Mirae’s Choice – blame the curls, the open ending,too but methinks it was the cold chemistry of the main leads. stop playing this downtrodden characters with no spunk, Ms. Yoon Eun Hye coz it is so painful to watch. Just be the haughty and naughty Kang Hye Na.
        Surplus Princess was cut down to 12 episodes so they couldn’t hv a proper ending, but she got the wrong prince. For me it should have been Song Jae Rim, aim high and hit the mark, baby!
        God’s Gift – that was a total mindf*#%, I had to look around for someone to talk to after it ended but since I’m alone, I just stared at the rolling credits and asked myself “what the hell just happened?” I wanted to talk to a shrink after that but they might think I’m crazy?!
        the others on this list, since it is a futile attempt to change the ending, I simply accept and move on. The others like 49 days, vampire idol, bad guy and nice guy I haven’t watched yet so I’m saved from any agony.

        and for my biggest disappointment, got my blood boiling to a hundred degrees and made me want to crash my macbook on the wall if only it wasn’t my most precious laptop, would have to be – WHO ARE YOU SCHOOL 2015 – yea, this is the biggest, stupidest, mind boggling, angst-inducing ending of all time for me. You have two identical twins, c’mon! why can’t they have one each, just to make everyone happy. Am I supposed to imagine that maybe in college eun bi and Sung jae met each other again and finally then they live happily ever after? I was like, is there another episode after that or an epilogue, why oh why, why, wHY?
        can’t move on… sorry, I can’t. my heart bleeds for Sung Jae or Tae Kwang. uh, enough, I see red every time this comes up. whatever did whats-his-name do to deserve the girl? yes, he was upstaged by the 2nd lead but when your character is so limited by the capabilities of the actor playing it, what can you do. uh, I hate it! It should be no.1 on the list. The pain is so raw still! argh!

        • Bobbie

          I normally only lurk on DB but chloe, I had to comment on your comment to thank you for making me laugh out loud multiple times! Your indignation at these dramas is simply adorable. “…wanted to talk to a shrink but they might think I’m crazy?” and “…crash my MacBook on the wall if only it wasn’t my most precious laptop” ahahahaha I’m still giggling at this.

          Thank you! Definitely know what dramas I will NOT be watching in future :’D

      • 1.1.2 akita

        King 2 Hearts – I watched that when there was nothing else to watch then I had to skip a lot of scenes coz it was kinda boring then the cute bodyguard died. ok, stop watching and just start knitting mittens.

        Prime Minister and I – they don’t really suit each other ok, the age gap is so glaring, it’s incest just to see them try and be romantic. ee, cringed much!

        oh, that reminds me, where in the world is Yoon Si Yoon? yea, in korea probably but no news?!

        • Lixie

          He is serving in the Marines.

    • 1.2 Yui

      im totally rooting for the +honorable mention.. especially :
      1. the king 2 hears. i TOTALLY stopped watching it at the time, our cute bodyguard died. end!

      2. Bad Guy. i wish it would be at ‘best 5 worst ending ever’, gosh. sigh.

      Well, may i add some ‘better left unwatched trust me’?
      mine :

      1. IRIS!!! a looooonggg sigh.
      2. Queen Seondok. (after watching Bad Guys, i learned that i wont watch anything with Kim Nam Gil except romcom! thanks).

      • 1.2.1 Mag Mag

        How I cried when he was killed my husband thought I was crazy!!

      • 1.2.2 ara

        I keep sobbing for a week after Bad Guy and Queen Seon deok end
        like why? just why?

      • 1.2.3 Lwx_23

        Bad Guys really made me angry. It was really good untill the end. I wasn’t angry about he died but rather the kind of messege it sent the way he died. It basically said that those people with power will always have their happy ever after; however, people trying to punish them will have a horrible fate. Beside his murderer sister, the real bad guy (woman) is released and continues her life as if nothing happened. By the way I couldn’t care less about his family beside the older sister as they were piece of sh*t.

        • kalel

          Once we keep in mind the genre Bad Guy belongs to everything should fall into place. It’s a “noir” series meaning happy ending is not an option. Thousands of noir films have similar finales and they all seem appropriate and true to their genre to begin with. The narrative, though, which is used to get us to that ending is a whole other issue. If you felt it was rushed, you’re probably right,- it doesn’t, however, change the concept of the storyline which is not redemption and forgiveness…

      • 1.2.4 Pearl3101

        Yes. So did I. I loved Ha ji Won and Seung gi in that drama. But I was totally bumped-out when they killed our body-gaurd. I stopped watching it at once.

      • 1.2.5 niizuma

        the I.R.I.S ending still haunts me till this day!

        bad guy ending-WTF?

        49 days-WHY?

      • 1.2.6 J

        Omg Iris!!!! Talk about horrible ending!

      • 1.2.7 Sice

        OMG. IRIS. I almost flipped my laptop when I saw that ending. Totally felt betrayed LOL.

        God’s Gift too.

      • 1.2.8 ajbny

        You’re totally right about Kim Nam Gil! Why didn’t I know this! I gave my heart and soul to Shark ( I love Kim Ji Woo chakkanim, man!) and then I got a bullet in the head. Thinking of that reminded me of Soo in Heartless City . . . Oy voy, voy!

    • 1.3 K Stars Fan

      Can Answer Me 1989 be added to this list? Its ending left me in depression upto now (2 weeks after it ended) and I know many felt in a similar way.

  2. melovestage

    I agree with 2/10 of the list but I didn’t watch all though. GFB’s ending got me jaw dropped because other than the time skip and the death of the heroine, they just have to end it hanging. And for God’s Gift, the drama got me crying buckets of tears and only to end with the hero dying. I was actually hoping both the mom and the hero to be together!

    And at the honorable mentions, it looks like you guys have yet and never will get away the death of Honest Bot for King 2 Hearts 😂😂

    • 2.1 LoveSeoinGuk

      Any one thought of City Hunter?? That abrupt and open ended ending…That scarred me for sometime. I wasn’t sure why he was driving away by himself in that car and could they not hug and kiss?

      • 2.1.1 Crazyahjummafan

        That ending plus the Prosecutor’s death left me very frustrated and I was enjoying the drama so much.

      • 2.1.2 salt n' pepper

        Yes! City Hunter’s ending left me wanting more. That was one of the first dramas I watched that had a mildly whuuuut ending and I thought it was a waste to end it like that.

      • 2.1.3 niizuma

        i agree the city hunter ending is needlessly ambiguous SMH!

    • 2.2 kalel

      If the killer and the mom had ended up together, what would we have been saying about that ending today? I could have understood forgiveness but never, ever romance!
      Poor, poor God’s Gift… It suffered tremendously for the sake of SBS, advertisements and Dr. Stranger’s trailer. I WANT the last 2 minutes as the original ending but, alas, nobody is listening…

  3. westerngirleasternboy

    Many of these I didn’t start, but the ones I did… I agree!! I either hated the ending, or didn’t even get to the ending.

    Awesome, excellent Top 10 (Top 17?) list! 🙂

    • 3.1 Pipit

      It’s scary to think that I actually see most of the dramas on this list although not finishing many for the obvious reasons.

      But from those I watched and finished I also agree with both JB and GF except for High School King of Savvy.

      This Top 10 warning +7 dishonorable warning is super excellent!

      Love the mention of the handshake in the Prime Minister and I!

  4. D

    I fall on the other end of the spectrum of reactions to the end of 49 Days. I absolutely loved it despite the fact that I went in already knowing this might be it and I thought I would hate it. I think it had to do with how the last two episodes were delivered where it was more heartfelt than gut wrenching. I also agree that King 2 hearts could’ve totally done without killing our earnest bot at the end even though I loved the show. I also loved Nice Guy though I agree that the ending was perplexing.

    • 4.1 PlumWine

      I’m also one of the few that didn’t mind the way 49 Days ended.

      • 4.1.1 KDaddict😍JCW

        I couldn’t stand the ending of 49D. I was really mad at K dramas in general for months there after, and honestly don’t trust them ever after.
        Love that the list starts off w 49D.

    • 4.2 exquisitemelody

      I also liked the ending for 49 Days. I guess I wasn’t really expecting happily ever after, so I wasn’t terribly surprised that she died in the end.

      • 4.2.1 Lixie

        I loved it too. The ending wasn’t random as most people think, it made perfect sense. If she had lived the story would have been about surviving and it wasn’t, she was supposed to help people around, her family, her sister and herself, who was clueless when she was alive. It was about making the most of your time and learning to let go, which everyone had to learn, the hero who never confessed, Scheduler who never apologized, the sister who never knew the truth, the parents, everyone.
        It is not a perfect ending, I’d rewrite the lost sister thing and explain better how the villain changed but apart from that it was one of the better written endings.

        • Lindy12

          Beautifully said. I loved the ending of 49 Days and thought it made perfect sense as well.

        • kalel

          +1! I totally agree. This kind of story should have that finale and that finale alone. Anything else would have been nothing but fanservice. It’s not usual for writers to insist on their initial storyline despite what majority of viewers (and/or channels) may think of it; so, yes, it was one of the best endings and consistent with this particular plot.

        • JCW Memesmerizing Eyes

          The ending made perfect sense to me as well. I loved 49 days even though I cried a bucket of tears and my eyes were all swollen the next day. I tried to justify the whole lost sister reveal was the only way for her her to possess her body because of their sisterly bond. Loved … Loved 49 days including the soundtrack. 🙂

      • 4.2.2 Sice

        Thought I was in the minority on this, good to know that there are others who feel the same way.

        While you go asking why even bother giving Ji Hyun another chance at life when she’s about to die anyway, through that she had the chance to tie all loose ends. If there was anything, I just felt bad for Han Kang. He didn’t even had the chance to confess.

    • 4.3 kanz

      49 Days is one of my fave shows..
      Even though I wish it ended better, like somehow Yi Kyung ended up with Han Kang. The ending makes sense for me..
      I love it anyway!

    • 4.4 Smile134

      I love 49 Days as well and think its ending was perfectly fitting and more memorable (even though it made me dehydrated from crying after watching 2 last episodes). Writer So Huyn-kyung never fails me with her dramas 🙂

    • 4.5 doubt_no_more

      As much as I understand 49 Days’s ending, it still leaves a bad taste for me, its like waiting for dessert, but it wont come! And I still feel like it couldve done better, especially when the sisters just got reunited! I honestly wanna see them interact more, with less….ghostly (sorry for the lack of better word).
      I still love the show tho, and I just have to avoid watching final episode, so I wont feel bitter ^^

      • 4.5.1 jane

        49 days was fine all the way until the last ep, in fact maybe the last 30mins of the drama. It traumatised me and burst my bubble of nice korean dramas. Together with other melodramas, it taught me the angst of korean society. Somehow the unresolved war with North Korea just crept into dramas as angst and unhappy endings.

        Bad guy opened my eyes to the perils of live shoot and how terrible that system is, being all for fan service and profits sacrifising the storyline of the drama. It is a classic case against live shooting, where your hero just had to report to army and cant continue filming period.

        Marry him if you dare is a total waste of time. Why did that drama got make in the first place? It is also another classic case of pandering to fans lead you nowhere, because I believe had it been pre-produced the script writer would have make a choice. This was a drama, I felt sorry for all the actors involved.

        I was tempted to watch Nice guy given all the fanfare return of Moon Chae Won in Mr Black and all the fervent shipping of Chiaki. But now that its listed as one of the dubious endings candidate. I will not touch it with a ten foot pole.

        For Gu Family book, I am okay with the ending. Coming from a chinese background. many hero/heroines died and get another life thru reincarnation. So I can accept that arrangement.

        • pogo

          The thing about Gu Family Book is, it just dropped the reincarnation/rebirth thing out of nowhere. Like there was NO mention at any previous point in the story that people can reincarnate, but suddenly we get one when it’s convenient? I don’t think so.

          I’m Indian and many Hindus also believe in reincarnation/rebirth, but that doesn’t let the story off the hook for being so sloppy. In a fantasy story, I expect to have some rules laid down, not pulled out of the writer’s behind at the last minute when they need a plot device.

          Nice Guy’s ending wasn’t that bad, all things considered. The ambiguity isn’t nearly as frustrating as any of the other dramas on the list, and I think someone who’s watched the whole run can figure out what’s up…..eventually. I would have happily paid for a whole lot more hugging and kissing, but knowing how Lee Kyung-hee dramas usually end (spoiler: with death and tears), I can’t complain.

        • Just passing by

          You should give Nice Guy a chance.. The ending was really not that bad. It’s just that for some people, they might have preferred a sad ending coz they think it’s more logical given the writer’s previous works. And to those who are still confused about the ending, even Joong Ki himself clarifies it (I opt not to give full details so as to avoid spoilers)..it was a happy ending. Plus the stellar acting of the casts will surely blow you away..not to mention the chemistry of the leads..

          Btw..it’s CHAEKI not chiaki..😅

        • Kgrl

          I must be one of those that was so impressed with the subtly and depth of the cinematography that I was so used to looking for the cinematographic meaning behind all the scenes.

          So yea, I didn’t think the ending was confusing at all. It could have been better written, but compared to all the horrific Kdrama endings I’ve seen, Nice Guy actually has the directing and acting going for it.

    • 4.6 MeLiYasha

      I agree, I went into the drama knowing that I might not get what I want so I wasn’t really disappointed by the ending,, I personally think it’s beautiful. It’s just…like any other melodramas, I won’t watch it the second time.

    • 4.7 ara

      I didn’t mind it either, it’s sad but I get it,
      it’s sad but it fill me with the journey

    • 4.8 fantasy

      I thought I was the only one who took the ending positively. what I liked about the ending was they explained it beautifully why she got to live in her body for the second time. But the ending of God’s Gift makes no sense for me 😛

    • 4.9 Pearl3101

      Me too. I thought it was fitting too.

  5. Ali

    I totally agree about King 2 Hearts. I held on too long hoping he wasn’t really dead and never got closure. Also, I stopped watching Prime Minister and I when his dead wife appeared. Bye, I’m here for a cute romcom, not that bullshit.

    • 5.1 anniemo

      Eun Shi-kyung’s death scarred me so much that I was juuuuuust starting to watch life-or-death stakes dramas live again when WHAM! a new death sent me ducking for cover again (gah… Tae-in… you went through all that just to die anyway?!?!).

      • 5.1.1 anniemo

        Although, upon reflection, that wariness has paid off more than a few times over the years. At least 7 out of 10 of these dramas were on my to-watch list…. until I heard how they ended.

      • 5.1.2 KDaddict😍JCW

        I stopped watching the drama the min. Eun Shi Kyung died, and couldn’t bring myself to watch the rest of it till a year later. Still resent it to this day.

    • 5.2 earthna

      Lol, me too. I haven’t finished Prime Minister and I to this day. One episode left but I just couldn’t do it.

      • 5.2.1 nomad

        I have quite a bit of those on this list…where I basically left the one last episode. Case in point: OLL Spouses. Some endings better not be watched. ever.

        • KDaddict😍JCW

          Becos of the dramas on this list, I’ve become very wary of drama endings in the last couple years. I generally check comments on streaming sites for the last 2 eps before starting those eps.

          Sadly, the trust that they’ll give a worthy ending is all but gone! Those writers are trying to be clever rather than honest to their stories is my opinion.

      • 5.2.2 skelly

        I am amazed at how many of the shows on this list that I dropped:
        – Rooftop Prince
        – Prime Minister and I
        – Gu Family Book
        – School 2015
        – Mirae’s Choice
        – Big
        – OohLaLa Spouses
        – High School King of Savvy

        The only ones I managed to finish were Surplus Princess (ugh that ending) and King 2 Hearts (chain yanked but I forgive you)

        The rest I was able to avoid thanks to heartfelt warnings from other reviewers. Thanks to all at Dramabeans for falling on these grenades!

    • 5.3 bjharm

      for me the reason I dropped King 2 hearts was when the king set up the bad guys mistress just to insult the bad guy knowing it would likey lead to her death, after that I lost all emotive contection with the guy and stopped watching.

  6. Jules

    Every drama on this list gets my vote (my terrible endings vote, at any rate), though I’d add one more: High Kick 2, because it was a freaking sitcom. Who does that? Who?

    *still angry*

    • 6.1 javabeans

      Omg I forgot High Kick 2. Forgive me! It will be honorary #18.

      • 6.1.1 momsan

        Going old school on you hear. Sangdoo Lets Go to School and Lovers in Paris. Buff said.

        • Ek Ladhki Thi

          I actually liked the ending of Lovers in Paris. To me, it seemed like the leads would get their happy ending without all the angst of the fictional characters in the heroine’s story.

        • Wag_a_Muffin

          Oh, I hated Sangdoo’s last episode. I just watched it recently and was blindsided by the ending.

        • Celest

          damn. Forgot about the ending to Lovers in Paris. So many years ago! One of the weirdest endings to a kdrama ever

        • ara

          sangdoo need a special episode , sometimes I wish Kdrama adapt Jdrama habit of making a special episode of drama

    • 6.2 exquisitemelody

      omg that’s the one I was looking for in this list. That is my number 1 horrible drama ending. I’M STILL MAD ABOUT IT. Someone should’ve warned me to stop like 10 episodes before the end. Like…WWWWHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

      Still crying over the ending. I wish I didn’t see it.

    • 6.3 gadis

      Totally agree with this. High Kick 2’s ending scared me so much to start watching the next installment. I will forever imagine Hwang Jung Eum reunited with Ji Hoon and Se Kyung live happily with her family abroad. Though this ending is still far better than what God’s Gift pull on us. Why oh why my awesome ajusshi can’t get his happy ending?

    • 6.4 Ilikehim

      OMG. FOR REALS. I resent that ending so friggin much, yo, so friggin much. I’ve never hated an ending as much as I hated that one.

    • 6.5 Dearj

      it has nothing to do with k-dramas but your mention of high kick 2 reminded me of how i met your mother ending. lol
      what’s up with sitcoms trying to be deep and dark.

      • 6.5.1 ara

        naaah I don’t think HIMYM should end like that
        I mean, Barney……

    • 6.6 junsungmin

      OMG, i watch HK2 several times, but not the ending!

    • 6.7 K

      FOR REAL!!!!!! WORST ENDING EVER!!!!!!!!!

    • 6.8 bjharm

      total agreement total WTF moment made worse as yes it a sitcom for…counts to ten slowly

  7. Wag_a_Muffin

    I just wrote about “Gu Book.” Suzy’s character had such a STUPID reason to die. Why, if you know you can’t be “brought back again if you do die” would you sacrifice your life for a being who CAN’T DIE!!!!!????
    Come on, I know you love him and all, but that makes about as much sense as finding your one true love and then deciding you must travel to Italy for a year to learn how to make coffee.

    • 7.1 I don't give Six Flying Dragons

      TWO years, she was gone for two years. Seriously….

    • 7.2 Waiting

      I am beaming with pride because I know which drama this is!! …and maybe there second one with a similar ending.

      “Come on, I know you love him and all, but that makes about as much sense as finding your one true love and then deciding you must travel to Italy for a year to learn how to make coffee.”


    • 7.3 Lixie

      Yes, but it wasn’t about making coffee, c’mon we all know that. 🙂

    • 7.4 KDaddict😍JCW

      I enjoyed Gu FB for what it was worth, but for the life in me, can’t remember its ending. That’s how good it was for me.

      • 7.4.1 Crazyahjummafan

        I on the other hand, will never forget it. Hee. Not because it was good, but because of the reactions it got!

        I was watching it raw while messaging my chat-group of LSG /k-drama fans. When the screen flashed modern Seoul (400 yrs later), I initially thought that it was a commercial….to realise that it was! – with all the PPL they were stufing down the viewer’s throat at the last minute. And the messages that were flying to and fro from the chat group! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry – from the comments and the so so bizarre ending.

        I couldn’t bring myself to watch the last ep with subs till 2 weeks later. i did it, only because of LSG.

    • 7.5 Whatsthescenario

      LMAO@ the shade in this comment. But I totally agree, like WTF? it’s coffee , you can get it ANYWHERE!!!!

  8. nil

    Cantabille tommorow. That pre-shooted later episode that missed the link with their previous episodes (that shot weeks after this horrible episode) orabaaaaangggg

    You forgot lie to me tho. Their ending also super awful.

    Ah. I know Skip Beat! is a T-drama. But siwon and donghae headlining it so lets just count it. That only kiss at the very end happen to be dream and heroine not able to debut/graduate-from-that-awfully-shocking-pink-uniform yet.

    • 8.1 elric

      Yes on Cantabile Tomorrow!!! nope, still not over it

    • 8.2 Dearj

      I’m okay with skip beat just because i’m hoping for a sequel one day. *delusional*

    • 8.3 John

      nil ~

      Cantabille Tomorrow should have never been made, period. They butchered that.

    • 8.4 Whatsthescenario

      Lie To Me – I do give it props for an awesome kiss scene but that ending ruined it…. OMG, I sat there staring at the screen like “SRLY!!! That’s it??? WTH??”

    • 8.5 trekkie

      Cantabille Tomorrow HORRIBLY OVERRATED!

  9. Fab♥Hilleo

    It’s the most aggravating when the drama is fan-freaking-tastic and the end is basically dagger in your guts. I’ll never forgive whoever was responsible for ruining a gem like God’s Gift—14 Days! *clenches fist*
    I have skipped countless endings, the fear of a let down is real.

    • 9.1 KDaddict😍JCW

      “I’ve skipped countless ending. The fear of a letdown is real.”

      Fab, I can’t agree more. 😘

    • 9.2 Dramalava

      I don’t think I’ll ever forgive for God’s gift!! It makes me sad that I can’t recommend it. I had so much love for it but that ending was the ultimate betrayal.

    • 9.3 pastmidnite 🌃


      It’s a good thing to have dramabeans around when a show unintentionally (or intentionally?) gives us hints of an ‘unwatchable’ ending by going downhill after some episodes in. In these cases, I always just “read” the finale if I really want to know how it went.

      But, like you said, when a drama is so freakin-tastic till almost the end just to drop you a freak bomb in the last episode?? That.is.scary.

      • 9.3.1 Fab♥Hilleo

        Basically A NIGHTMARE.

    • 9.4 kalel

      We all know who’s responsible for butchering God’s Gift at the very last minute: SBS and Dr. Stranger’s trailer. I still blame them for ruining that ending… I agree, it was a rare gem and I can’t get over what happened to my “precious”!

      • 9.4.1 Fab♥Hilleo

        Oh my, you have to tell the connection between God’s Gift and Dr. Stranger! I wanna know who my real enemies are. *gets in a fighting position*

        • kalel

          Dr. Stranger’s trailer deprived God’s Gift (and us) of essential minutes during its final episode. The director himself complained about SBS’s urge to show the trailer, hence the sloppy editing that made little sense and provided more questions than answers. This whole drama was based on last-minute revelations (I think more like a film than a TV series) and crazy CEOs chose to sacrifice God’s Gift for their new and promising(?) projet. To be honest, I was a bit happy when viewers were furious at all the mess in Dr. Stranger. But, alas, they had already caused irreversible damage to one of the most remarkable storylines on mainstream channels for the last couple of years.

  10. 10 Wag_a_Muffin

    Oh, and I thought “Shine or Go Crazy” was an excellent show (maybe not in my top 10, but definitely an “is it on yet?” type drama,) until at the last episode it DID go crazy.

    And what is it about Korean Drama frustration that makes me write stupid long run-on sentences?

    • 10.1 Dearj

      LOL. You word play has me laughing so much!!! XDDDD

    • 10.2 nomad

      Ugh! Hate that ending too! Thank God I didn’t watch the last episode! (read the recap somewhere first)

    • 10.3 doubt_no_more

      I was just finished watching the drama a few days ago, it was my third times actually, and everytime I still feel bitter about the ending. I guess thats the downside of being sagueks lover, especially one that has historical value in it, because no matter how much you love the characters, and the pairings, if the history said she actually a fictional character, then she will always be fictional, or when she has to go, she must go!

      p/s: now I understand Jumong/So Seono’s fans. I love him with Yesoya ;p

  11. 11 Master's sun 👻❤️

    100% agree with the top two – 49 Days and School 2015 hurt my soul, I don’t think I’ll ever be over Tae Kwang and Eun Byul’s endings 😭 Don’t even get me started on 49 Days 😭😭. The only two I would add here is Birth of a Beauty, I hated the last few episodes. And I hated Cruel City’s ending so much 😭 soo and doctors son will forever live on in my heart 💔

    • 11.1 FGB4877

      Dear Master’s Sun, for your nickname I suppose you are a Hong Sisters Drama lover.

      I have a question: is Big that bad?. In the ratings is 6/4 and 5/4. I saw Warm & Cozy until ep. 13 and it was abysmal but received a 6/5 and 5/5 ratings. Is Big safe to watch in a house containing a handgun or if I see it will I blow my brains just for soothe the pain of it?.

      • 11.1.1 earthna

        Big was good except the ending. You’ll forget the rest of the show because of the ending though so I suggest not going through it with the handgun still in your house.

        • FGB4877

          @earthna, In which episode do I stop watching?.

          • Mr Chuckles

            Ep 15 is enough. But halfway through, you know it is nearly impossible for them to land the plane.

      • 11.1.2 emi

        How much do you hate Suzy? This will impact your reaction to Big.

        Also. How much are you skeeved out about a grown woman ostensibly dating an immature teen boy (albeit in the hot bod of Gong Yoo). He starts out the series sleeping in a racecar bed type of immature.

        I lurve Gong Yoo and the Hong Sisters, but Big was a big WTF for me.

        • Lixie

          There is a time skip and when he returns he is 19 if I remember correctly, hardly a teen anymore.

          • emi

            It’s been a long time since I watched it, but I remember at the time I felt that it came across as grooming.

            To each their own, though! 🙂

          • bjharm

            there alway a time skip if one of the two leads is underage..always..or say like sweet 19 where they never sleep together until she of ‘age’ even though they where married.

        • FGB4877

          Dear Emi, as an actress I am afraid I only saw her in Gu Family Book or in the occasional Cameo. As a man I consider her beautiful and admit if I come across a woman like her I would certainly approach even if only by curiosity.

          Long story short: I like her so far but know her (work) only from afar:) .

          • emi

            I mentioned Suzy because there are a ton of people who have really strong feelings about her on this site. If you’re cool with her then you should be fine.

          • FGB4877

            Emi, thanks for your answer. I don’t know if Suzy will ever show a high acting calibre as Ms. Park Bo Young, the actress who was both a meek rug and a sassy posessed woman in Oh my Ghosthess, but will be eager to be shown otherwise.

            If I were to watch BIG, in which episode should I stop?.

          • emi


            Out of love for a fellow beanie, I looked at the recaps for the last few episodes of Big. This gave me the opportunity to remember some of the noble idiocy that I’d blocked out in my memories of the show. If you’re adverse to noble idiocy and lots of crying, then don’t watch past episode 12. If you like noble idiocy, then everything but the finale and write your own ending in your head.

          • FGB4877

            Dear Emi, thanks and please feel loved back 😉 .

        • les

          @Emi, you just also described why I never watch those high school dramas either…I get grossed out getting the feels from a bunch of teenagers…and yes, Im in my 30’s! but that’s like my opinion man 🙂

      • 11.1.3 ara

        big is confusing but cute with very big premise which make you think a lot when warm and cozy also confusing but it doesn’t take itself seriously so you can enjoy it without expectation

      • 11.1.4 Minaboom

        for Hong sisters dramas, i would recommend
        – My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox . It’s perfect.
        – You are Beautiful. last few eps gets angsty but it ends happily, i rewatched about 5 times however i think i overgrown it now, funny and cute, and i don’t laugh easily.

      • 11.1.5 niniko

        but,but, i loved big, and for me anding wasn’t that bad, yes i wanted kisses and hugs but it was still ok, so watch and decide yourself 🙂

  12. 12 PlumWine

    While I agree with some Oh La La spouses is #1 for me. To the extent I never watched the last episode and made up my own ending.

    Great list by the way! Looking forward to the next.

    • 12.1 Fab♥Hilleo

      I didn’t even watch it, and I was still mad at that ending. Only a twisted mind would come up with that.

    • 12.2 Fab♥Hilleo

      And how about Golden Cross(I keep calling it RED cross lol)?! Again, good drama, disappointing end. Maaaaaybe a little fitting, but still. “(

      • 12.2.1 Fab♥Hilleo

        Didn’t mean to post this here, excuse…

  13. 13 Jazzelm

    Haha, yes!!! Some of these endings made me SO MAD!! Especially the God’s gift one, like I can maybe get over the others but NOT THAT ONE!!! ‘Captain Awesome was not also Captain Smartypants’ indeed!

    Love the honourable mentions too! R.I.P Earnest Bot…

  14. 14 PlumWine

    Wasn’t there show where the lead guy was shot in the head while driving with the girl in that last 20 seconds? I think that was the first time my daughter her my curse mantra.

    • 14.1 Fab♥Hilleo

      The first IRIS had such an ending.

      • 14.1.1 PlumWine

        That’s it! I think I stared with mouth agape for a full minute. Thanks!

        • Fab♥Hilleo

          Ow, about a year ago I’ve watched snippets of the dubbed version on TV, and even though I wasn’t invested in it, that ending still shocked me.
          So was there IRIS 2 where he survived??

          • PlumWine

            I’ve actually been to scared to see Iris 2 just because of the way the first one ended. I would also like to know if it’s worth it.

      • 14.1.2 August

        IRIS was my very 1st foray into kdramas and marathoning. At the time, I was so shocked and pained by ending. Because for the lead to die was new to me and I didn’t expect it. He’d survived everything else. Now when something like that happens, I’m more aware that it’s possible even though it still stings.

        IRIS will forever have a place in my heart because it introduced me to the world of kdramas.

        • kalel

          My sister went through the exact same thing. She first watched Iris the TV movie version and then she marathoned the whole series knowing the “un-happy ending”. Now she’s pretty much prepared for the worse (unlike me). She has watched War of Money, Sign and Bad Guy and considers all those finales to be appropriate plot-wise. I guess we all need to toughen ourselves up at some point, especially those who have been watching kdramas for years (and,at times, even help the rest of us accepting odd or simply sad endings like caring old sisters…or am I asking too much?).

    • 14.2 Ofl

      That’s reminded me the ending of Memory in Bali.. Stars So Jisub, Jo Insung, Ha Jiwon.. They all died at the last minute of the show.. What an ending !! I still shocked…

      • 14.2.1 skelly

        Actually, I think the ending of What Happened in Bali (or Memory in Bali) is one of the best in all of KDrama. It made sense, given the personalities and clashes between the characters, their lives and the world they lived in. It is shocking, and you don’t ever forget it, but it didn’t come out of nowhere, narratively, and it was certainly plausible for these people.

  15. 15 tiadebella

    Successfully missed all of the top ten and most of the “honorable” mentions. Fully agree with the commenters who’ve mentioned Cantabile Tomorrow and Shine or Go Crazy.

  16. 16 Cafe

    “Maru is mysterious. No one will ever know Maru.” hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    • 16.1 Sparkzy

      I died reading that.

    • 16.2 korazy lady

      I cried at that ending, not for the ending itself, but because I spent 19 episodes loving that drama so much only to be given something that made no sense. To this day I believe the original writer was pissed that the fans wanted a happy ending and in a rage threw the script at the PD, who then asked the first person he saw to quick, write an ending. Either that or the writer left all sanity behind and got roaring drunk while writing the last episode.

      • 16.2.1 mskololia1

        I quit it at the “whitewash” stage of the drama. I was upset that she received a reprieve by the writer after trying to kill someone…anyone just because it was the kdrama way to have the heroine pure as the driven snow. BS.

    • 16.3 Rini

      that drama ruined me….I was ok with the ending but after 19 episodes all I wanted was to be sure that he was alive and happy. Kang Maru you are the biggest mystery of my life.

  17. 17 Lixie

    Completely Agree about Big and Gu Family Book.

    Kind of Disagree about Rooftop, it was a messy ending but it still made sense, they had to go back.

    Disagree about School 15, Surplus Princess and Mirae, they had a good start but were awful shows so the ending being bad matches the rest.

    Completely Disagree about 49 Days, it wasn’t about her being alive, she just had to appreciate life and become a better person. It was the only show that had a sort of Candy heroine that was disliked because she was so nice she really didn’t understand anyone. It is a brave story with a kickass ending. 🙂

    • 17.1 Mr Chuckles

      Agreed about RP, it made sense to me and left me conflicted at the same time which I thought was fine.

      Mirae wasn’t bad either. You could tell from the picture in the box in the ground who she chose. The kid was the same kid as the old Mirae and the reporter from the future.

    • 17.2 Pearl3101


  18. 18 mskololia1

    Hmmm. I only watched two on the list, RP and NG and could not bring myself to finish either.

    Yet, the honorable mention for me is WBDS. I will not ever accept that ending or watch anything else from the writer.

    Thanks for the laughs.

    • 18.1 No Name #6

      Oh, the ending of WBDS was awful, wasn’t it? I can’t believe I stuck around through all the pointless stuff in the middle of that drama, hoping for an ending that lived up to the promise of the beginning, only to get something that managed to be even worse than the middle.

      • 18.1.1 mskololia1

        A resounding, YES!. To be taken advantage of by a writer after spending 20 plus hours of one’s life only to be humiliated by an ending is a bit much. I no longer accept that from Kdramas.

    • 18.2 Quiet Thought

      WBDS is what, exactly??

      • 18.2.1 mskololia1

        A genre under sageuks. See comment #37.

      • 18.2.2 Snickers👽

        Warrior Baek Dong Soo

        • mskololia1

          LOL, I’m not mentioning this Kdrama name…

          • Snickers👽

            I rewatched it many times but always stopped a couple minutes before the end of ep 28. I accepted and rationalized the ending but I would not watch it again!

    • 18.3 momsan

      Don’t even get me started on the end of WBDS. No. Not going there.

  19. 19 soidfsod

    missing noir m left me confused. the series as a whole was amazing but the ending just didn’t work out for me

    • 19.1 No Name #6

      Agreed. I loved that show, but the ending was totally underwhelming. And depressing to boot. But maybe they’ll make up for it with a second season? Probably wishful thinking.

    • 19.2 No Name #6

      Reading this list, I feel like I dodged a lot of bullets, because I’ve never finished a single one of these. I watched several of them to various points, but dropped them all. Haha. I must have bad-ending radar or something. Or maybe not. Because I did watch the last episode of Yong Pal. 🙂 Although I would say that it’s by far not the most infuriating ending I’ve experienced. Just merely okay with a side of WTF here and there.

      • 19.2.1 No Name #6

        Annnd…this was not supposed to go here. Not sure what happened.

    • 19.3 kalel

      Missing Noir’s script had written “film” all over it…or a second season by all means. To be honest, MMB’s ending was worse: “the finale is in the eye of the beholder” always makes me furious! I don’t mind depressing, open or silly ending bust I hate with all my heart the indecisive ones…

  20. 20 Fk

    It’s not the journey that only counts, the ending matters too. I fear pissed off writers as much as crazy netziens and saesang’ fans

  21. 21 Itenoria

    My list has Answer me 1994. Why? Because i just finally watched it last week and I still can’t get over the fact that she didn’t choose Chilbongie. Sorry Garbage fans. The heart wants what the heart wants.

    • 21.1 nomad

      I’m not upset because she chose Garbage…but I”m really really really upset that we never learned how CB got HIS happy ending. He NEEDS ONE!!! HuAAAAA :((( (all these comments bring all the emotions back to me)

      • 21.1.1 day_dreamer

        Chilbongie ;____; Even with the ridiculous episodes length, they couldn’t manage to squeeze in some time to explore the potentials of his character’s story (outside the love triangle), nor give his character a proper closure.

        We get to see every boarder’s parents but not his. I was honestly waiting for his story with his parents to be told and resolved but nope. What’s so costly about telling us how the story of him and his parents is resolved (since there were a lot of mention about this throughout the show)? Also, we get to see how the other boarders develop their feelings and relationship with their significant others but none for him. Ugh at the last minute vague encounter with chicken girl – it was not even interesting nor smile inducing.

        Some says his happy ending is that he cured his loneliness by finding a ~family and ~friendship in those boarders. Lol honestly, even tho I kinda like the friendship between NJ, YJ, SCP and HT, I am not that convinced with them as Chilbong’s best friends other than Binggeurae. He was his only family and friend who knew about Chilbong’s loneliness and /feelings/ while the others are rather ignorant and not caring about it most of the time – for years. It made me even wonder if he’s not a famous star athlete, would they still even bother about him.

        ooops. I ranted. sawry.

        • Luvkdrama

          Yes, I too felt upset about the lack of closure for chillbongie. As u said the fact that it was 1 1/2 hrs there shld be more mention on his family, career n esp his love life which to be seems to be hanging… So sad for him 😢💔

          To me, he needs to experience the love he needs the most 💝💕💖 but it wasn’t there 😔😔😔

        • Itenoria

          I agree. Seriously though. They didn’t even know it was his birthday?! What utter bullshit. All I kept thinking was that this sweet sweet man, who knew what he wanted and went after it, who put his heart out there, both romantically and family-wise, lost out on both counts! Sometimes I wish we could just move him to Answer me 1997. I’m sure the motley crew of Shi-won, Yon-jae, Joon-hee, Yoo-jung, Hak-chan and Sung-jae would have been better friends for him. They wouldn’t have forgotten it was his birthday for chrissakes! Alas, Answer me 1994 failed me on several counts.

          • day_dreamer

            omg that moving Chilbong to R97 wish and imagining him being friends with those adorbs motley crew *___* It would be sooooo cute!

            (Trivia : R94 PD said he wanted YYS for R97 it was not materialised – http://tenasia.hankyung.com/archives/336667 But him being R97 would probably mean we wouldn’t see one of the 97 boys in the show so I don’t think I can take that either. haha.)

      • 21.1.2 Itenoria

        Thank you! Chilbongie needed a developed happy ending. Like seriously, this is till why I prefer Answer me 1997 to 1994. The writer at least took the time to develop Tae-woong’s loveline. So, even though he didn’t end up with Shi-won (I danced when that happened because no one is as perfect for Shi-won as Yoon-jae), they developed his relationship with the doctor. Chilbongie got nothing. *wailing Chilbongie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 21.1.3 thelady

        yes not seeing CB’s happy ending is what upset me the most, he really didn’t get any character development

    • 21.2 ara

      aaah I hate the Photoshop picture, like seriously?
      you don’t have to show that because all people will never guess it is Oppa and……..the after photo squeezed chilbong at the back like super tall baseball athlete

      I still Mad

      • 21.2.1 Itenoria

        Do you know how many times I pondered about the cheekbones and concluded that yay! Chilbongie was the husband? How many times I figured with the catches, and long strides and carefully kept togetherness of the person, meant that it was Chilbongie? For the first time in a long while, I fell for second lead syndrome. It’s depressing. Chilbongie!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 21.2.2 Pearl3101

        So it’s like this.. I was watching A94 happily, Was totally rooting for chillbongie. But I got spoiled with the ending that Chill Bongie didn’t get the girl.Couldn’t bring myself to watch the show after that. Can’t help feeling that the writers did that just to mess with the viewers 🙁

        • skelly

          This. A94 made me so mad, because much moreso than other shows I really felt jerked around by the writers. As I writer, I know the tricks, I could see what they were doing and why, and it just made me more angry that they had me suckered in. I ended up hating just about everything about that show, from the churlish and egotistical Garbage to the hapless Chilbongie to our clueless heroine. Shoot, even the parents got on my nerves after awhile. I finished it, but I swear there was a red mist over my eyes, LOL.

          • skelly

            still so angry I skip words!

      • 21.2.3 kstar28

        That ep 21 that to this day still makes no sense…big bed becomes 2???? No character growth for heroine????? Everything is trash and nothing hurts???????

        Whatever the drama should’ve ended at ep 18 lol things would’ve made a lot more sense. The writer clearly did not care about the laws of time and physics and just life in general.

    • 21.3 Fab♥Hilleo


  22. 22 K4Ice4Thu

    To this day (all my drama friends know this lol) I still feel so salty over the ending to Hong Gil Dong. I loved that drama to pieces despite the increasing angst and darkness but really did you have to kill off ALL the good guys Hong sisters?! It was beautifully filmed and yes, I understand the underlying msg and all, but after you invest so many hours into a drama that was supposed to be light, you want your happy ending damnit!

    If it weren’t for Who Are You? (YKS and Go Ara version) which I had started watching before HGD ended, I might’ve sworn off kdramas for a long time lol

    • 22.1 bjharm

      same same I was so put off by that ending it tooks years before I watched a sageuk type drama again. Did they not know god always protects idiots and the lead girl had to have been one of the biggest of drama history. A real ending would have been to trick everyone to think they had got killed… and living happily ever after as will..that would have fitting the style of the drama way better

  23. 23 cher

    #1 should be FASHION KING… i can never… ever… forgive and forget that drama. EVER. Its like a quotation (of all quotes) now for me and my friend. Whenever we watch a new drama we always say “i hope its not a fashion king ending!!!”… 😞

    • 23.1 PlumWine

      Ohhhhh….. Yes yes yes! What was that?! I think we must of all blocked it from our minds.

    • 23.2 hanie

      OMG YES!!
      FK itself was bad in a non-funny way (to me) but that ending… as if I’m watching totally different equally bad, or maybe worse than FK. wtf is going on behind closed door is my question & I hope someone spill some secret because I need to know why and how they decide on that ending~

      and we totally drama sister because that is how I rate drama now-days.. ‘ehh, bad but not FK bad’ or ‘at least they didn’t gave us FK ending’~

    • 23.3 Dramalava

      Yoooooo! I forgot about that one! Seriously, what the heck! Omg. So. Bad!!

    • 23.4 Luvkdrama

      Yes I totally agree…. Fashion King got me freaking mad 😡😡😡 max cos of the ending. Watched till the 2nd last episode n when I read some comments about the ending, I chose not to watch … Till this day.

    • 23.5 Rie

      Maybe Javabeans didn’t watch Fashion King cause she saw the crazy ending coming from far far away and decided to skip it altogether, unlike us :'(

      Whenever we watch a new drama we always say “i hope its not a fashion king ending!!!”… >> Preach!

    • 23.6 LizJ

      Yes, Fashion King should have been number one on the list, IMO. Numbers two and three for me would be Mi-Rae’s Choice and The Woman Who Married Three Times. I’d putGod’s Gift – 14 Days as number four.

      I look at Big, Gu Family Book, etc. being somewhat disappointing endings, not the truly bad endings of the first three above.

      Some of the others mentioned I dropped before the ending or never got invested in watching.

      • 23.6.1 korazy lady

        OMG! I totally blocked The Woman Who Married Three Times out of my mind. I agree, it’s right up there as one of the worst endings, mostly because it was just so stupid.

    • 23.7 kalel

      The huge issue with FK’s finale was the fact that it was pre-filmed and, as I’ve read in a forum, the production team and the actors were debating whether to go all the way with their original idea or not. In the end, they decided to follow the initial finale as they thought it was more appropriate (let’s not forget about the genre which was more noir than melodrama). I’m not saying that I didn’t want to poke my own eyes out at the time (preferably with a fork for a neat and tidy job) but, to be honest, altogether it wasn’t retrospectively a bad artistic choice.

  24. 24 moochie

    Haha! I havent seen most of the drama’s mentioned here. Though i would whole heartedly agree with the Rooftop Prince comment. Im getting depressed just thinking of Joseon Yoochun being alone his whole life after his gig in the 20th century. Though he does have the option of his concubines i would rather ignore that and make myself believe that he was a devoted lover.

    And Maru, my dear beloved Maru. Its been 3 months since i started watching you and I still havent had the gutts to finish the last quarter of the show. Ha!

    • 24.1 spazmo

      watch it, if only for all of his cool coats/jackets, boots… loved the wardrobe stylist for that drama.

  25. 25 KDramaNewbie

    Regarding #17 (Nice guy) Maru definitely rekindled his old romance. How do we know? Because of the ring box. He couldn’t give it to her first time around. Maru was not mysterious, just someone who had spent half his lifetime sacrificing himself for others.

    • 25.1 Yoori

      I agree, I thought the ending wrapped up nicely.

    • 25.2 pogo

      yeah, it takes a little thinking but the clues are there – he definitely remembers her by the end.

    • 25.3 Fab♥Hilleo

      Agree. The only thing that made me slightly angry was seeing what’s-her-name-again released from prison.

  26. 26 Battle Angel

    Thank goodness you mentioned Bad Guys in the honorable mention section cuz that ending burned me. I think I threw something at the screen and it changed how I watch dramas forever.

    • 26.1 Holly

      the drama mentioned was Bad Guy, not Bad Guys which was just awesome start to finish.

      • 26.1.1 pogo

        thank you for standing up for the honour of Bad Guys, it does NOT deserve to be besmirched by accidentally sharing a similar name to that other drama!

  27. 27 czakhareina

    I dont know some of the dramas in the list though was totally heartbreaking, i totally understand why ended thus. I mean i wish they did not write it so but narratively it made sense to me… and some of then I totall loved.
    Like 49 days, kings 2 heart (crying still because of my fave bodyguard dying), gaksital and memories of bali, happiness, cruel city.
    I can list down as dramas with the most devatating kdrama deaths but not the confusing-or-did-not-understand-the-ending-dont-watch-it.
    That list is this one: Mirae’s Choice, Big, lovers in paris, Heirs, high kick2, gu family book, surplus princess, gods gift, rooftop prince, prime minister and i, blood

  28. 28 noernov

    CAN’T AGREE MORE!!!!! But i didn’t watch the vampire idol cos i can’t find the show with sub, hong gil dong n ohlala spouse i didn’t start also with them but the secret door, i watch 2 episode n then i let go but the rest of them I WATCH n I WANT MY HOURS BACK PERIOD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. 29 Sumee is eternally Ji Chang Wook's😍

    I seriously seriously,Think that I wasted my precious time on fashion King .. It was the absurd of absurds..

    Agreed with mire’s choice..

    Let’s not talk about big ..it pains so bad

    And school 15 I will seriously never forgive you show for whatever reasons ..

    • 29.1 Dramalava

      Seriously! Those really take the cake for worst endings ever! So much time we’ll never get back!

      • 29.1.1 Sumee is eternally Ji Chang Wook's😍

        @dramalava I seriously will not forgive myself for watching fashion King

    • 29.2 Giegie

      I didn’t even watch the whole drama FS but I got really mad when YAI’s character died at the end. :/

      And I know that “whatever reasons”. :p

  30. 30 hella

    Ugghhh Nice Guy gave me palpitations. We spent ALL that time struggling for control of this dumb company and you end up on the seaside?? I don’t f*cking think so! And who gave you a medical license, ex-felon former conman with amnesia??? What kills me is this show is fantastic until the last 18 minutes. Why you do this, show?

  31. 31 FGB4877

    Dear JB and GF, sadly I don’t join you in your dilslike to Gu Family Book’s ending. Of course, I am not the most impartial judge since it was my first K-Drama.

    Kang-Chi had to earnestly wait through many generations (not unlike Simone de Beauvoir’s Raymond Fosca in “All Men are Mortal”). That jadedness and repetitiveness had to be the price he had to pay for a remote possibility in finding again Yeo-Wool, or at least the shadow of her smile in someone else. That was a huge leap of faith.

    Anyways I loved this show in its moment, and I am still grateful for it.

    • 31.1 nomad

      Kdrama has it right if it were to compare first love to first kdrama we fall head over heels to. First kdrama will forever be flawless despite its obvious flaws later on.

      • 31.1.1 Pearl3101

        Amen to that!!

    • 31.2 lemondoodle

      It was too sad of an ending for a good guy who had a shitty life though. He did nothing wrong, never had a family who loved him and then lost it all for 422 years. Depressing. It’s not that type of show tbh.

  32. 32 rinoak

    As someone who has seen all of these dramas except Bad Guy and Secret Door, I must say, I TOTALLY agree with all of them! I only wish I had known before watching, I could have saved myself a lot of time and frustration. (Sigh) And sadness.

  33. 33 LetItGo👻

    I like the ending of 49 days, maybe its because I expect some authors might decide not to give all her characters a happy ending and its not a “school drama show” wherein you expect a good feeling after you watch because duuuh “students” will watch this show. For 49 days, I am not too attach with the characters because I did not wait patiently and loyaly for each episode every single week. Unlike, School 2015 !!! I ask my friends to watch school 2015 and their reaction was not intense like mine 😒 Too bad! I want them to experience what I felt! Learned my lesson! Gonna wait for the entire episodes of a kdrama, I am interested in , to be broadcasted before I watch it.

  34. 34 bmore

    Forgive me, it’s been a long time since I watched Rooftop Prince and there’s been a couple hundred dramas in between. But, I swear I remember that both of them existed in the present and the Joseon time periods. That the woman he was married to was the bad sneaky sister who accidentally scarred her sister (our current time’s doppelganger), the girl who was supposed to marry him. So when he went back, though his wife was dead, she was never his fated love anyway and the girl with the scarred face was still there waiting for him, having loved him all her life in the background. ??? Someone correct me if I’m wrong? I figured he ended up with his original intended when he went back??? Still, it was a dumb ending. Because they look alike they are the same person? I think not.

    • 34.1 PlumWine

      I thought the scarred sister ate the poisoned plums in place of her sister to who he was married to, but something also happened to her. Or I could be completely wrong also.

    • 34.2 Scarlett

      @bmore, when the prince went back to Joseon he discovered that the one dead was his sister in law (the one he loved in present times) and the wife was alive.
      The prince’s wife planned to murder him so she could be together with the bad guy she dated in present days (he only appeared at Joseon period in the ending). The sister in law discovered the plan and died in the prince’s place so she could save him and her evil sister.

      • 34.2.1 Itenoria

        You got it a little wrong Scarlett. She didn’t plan to murder him to be with the bad guy (or like I say, the most in-effectual killer in kdramaland). She was forced into the murder plan by her father for the sake of power while the bad guy would get the throne, being our prince’s illegitimate brother.

        • Scarlett

          Thank you, @Itenoria!
          You’re right! It was more complex than I remembered!
          I should watch it again. Until the end!

    • 34.3 Karen

      You’ve remembered the sisters the wrong way around. The wife was still around, hiding with her family. The scarred sister ate the poisoned fruit and drowned. So when the prince went back his true love in that time was dead, having sacrificed herself for him and her family honour.

    • 34.4 mykonos

      don’t worry, it is much better to remember it your way than the alternative

  35. 35 Gelai

    49 days! Totally get the point about you get the rules of 3 tears for the heroine only for her to die at the end anyway but I wasn’t expecting a happy ending on this show anyway. I didn’t buy much the Han Kang and Ji Hyun romance to be sad for them.

    I don’t know if anyone else is with me on how random Dream High ended. We got invested so much with Jin Gook and Hye Mi’s chemistry and then randomly Hye Mi have Sam Dong’s picture on her wallet? Loved the whole show but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it again thinking about the ending!

    • 35.1 Dearj

      still a better ending than dream high 2, which left me with a… what was the point???

      I was on the Sam Dong ship though, and it still wasn’t that satisfying because I wanted them to be still dating and stuff.
      And I’m trying to pretend that that cameo in You from another star was just in another dimension, because go hye mi definitely ended with sam dong.

    • 35.2 Pearl3101

      For me, I didn’t buy that HyeMi had chemistry with both the leads. The show was awesome. But I rather liked IU’s romance than the first-lead romance story.

  36. 36 I don't give Six Flying Dragons

    Am I alone with “Golden rainbow”?.
    Is it because nobody saw it?.

    Jung Il Woo, blowing your head off is not the way to ammend for your father killing UEE two fathers, (yes, that was totally a think that happened, for realsies).

    • 36.1 Jennifer Kristie

      I’m with you. That one had me all, “Wow, really?! He was supposed to be *smart*!”

      • 36.1.1 Jennifer Kristie

        If the purpose was to save her, how could he save her dead?

        • Jenn

          You must put logic aside when watching dramas – so frustrating for me too!

  37. 37 cherkell


    *still weeping 4 years and 10 days after the finale…*

    • 37.1 mskololia1

      It’s because we got played.

      Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, I won’t be back.

      • 37.1.1 cherkell

        Amen to that. My scars are deep and ever-lasting. My roommate swears that even to this day, I still moan in my sleep, “Woon-ah….. Woon-ah don’t go… Woon-ahhhhhhh…” *sobs*

    • 37.2 momsan

      No.no!!!!! You mentioned the unmentionable! Oh man, you brought it all back! Sigh. I’m still traumatized.

    • 37.3 Adal

      So glad you mentioned that drama. WARRIOR BAEK DONG SOO in my opinion had the suckiest (if that’s a word) ending ever! How dare they kill my darling Yeo Woon and in such a manner for the stupidest of reasons under the planet! Gah! I am scarred for life!!!!

    • 37.4 SilentSquee

      I don’t know what you all are talking about. Episode 29 never happened. >.<

  38. 38 Djoching

    Fashion King is the worst for me even if I love Yoo Ah In. I can’t forgive its ending. It made me my second worst (Lovers in Paris) look good.

    • 38.1 Holly S

      I’ve never “WTF”-ed more than I did at the end of that drama. I mean, it was never good to begin with, so I wasn’t expecting brilliance or anything, but that ending was on it’s whole own track of the crazy train.

  39. 39 Waiting

    I’ll add another to the (dis)honorable mentions list…

    What Happened in Bali

    Or, as I like to call it, WTF!!!!!! Happened in Bali

    16 hours I will never get back…ever.

    • 39.1 Booradley

      OMG, same here!!
      I was warned but thinking what’s the worst that can happen,
      and THE ENDING happened!!
      I feel like burning and hella destroy the DVD.
      the worst thing is I like the 15 hours of the drama but the last 15 minutes URGHHHH

      • 39.1.1 Waiting

        So glad I am not alone in this.

        There should be a list which gives exact times when one should stop watching. Agreed…do not watch the last 15 minutes of this.

    • 39.2 Kay

      Omg YES.

      Even though I was warned – NOTHING prepares you for that ending…

      YES, WTF Happened in Bali!!

    • 39.3 moana

      yes yaaaassss! true story.

    • 39.4 Fab♥Hilleo

      I’m going back to give my past self a pat on the shoulder for skipping the end. I just knew the ending would crush me. The drama wasn’t the most satisfying one in the first place, so yeah I kinda saw it coming. Phew.

    • 39.5 croissant

      ehh I like what happened in bali ‘s ending every character of that show are unlikable. Its ending fits well with the mood of the entire show.

      • 39.5.1 skelly

        Me Too. I actually love that ending. These three people were on a total collision course from the very beginning. The show never had a “happy ending” vibe. I though the writer took these people to their inevitable conclusion.

  40. 40 Ci

    The mystery of Maru… Hahaha..

    On the other hand, totally agree with you guys here. Untimely death, second chance with incarnation (the worst kind of love if I may say) and the worst ending of all is BIG. Such a BIG disappointment. Well one may say it just as second-chance-with-incarnation but no! At least for Rooftop Prince the prince is DEAD some hundred years ago but in Big the boy that the heroin fall in love is still alive in that particular year and drama wants us to believe she’ll be happy with the outer shell of the boy instead. Well of course it Gong Yoo but still….

    • 40.1 Lixie

      I think it was the boy she ended up with but because she always saw him as the man they kept showing us how she saw him, as Yoo, but it is stupid choice because it feels like she could never love the boy completely.

  41. 41 kanz

    Where’s Goddess of Fire when you need one?
    The show basically ignores its history, legion of shippers, logic and common sense..
    Why must kill Taedo in the last one when the show can give happily ever after for the couple???!!!
    And not only Taedo, but thousands and thousands of people killed in the last episode.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Shark – wtf they kill KNG again!
    Reply 1994 – the husband mystery kills me! #TeamChilbong

    • 41.1 jane

      oh yeah, why do KNG always dies? haha. He died in Queen seon deok too. poor guy. but Shark was a train wreck from the beginning so when the finale come, it wasnt such a blow in the mind.

  42. 42 PlumWine

    As I read thru these I reliese that at some point I started looking for dramas that had already finished just to make sure I didn’t feel like throwing my laptop that I can’t afford to replace.

    I also think I need to start a ‘Never Watch or Finish’ list.

  43. 43 earthna

    Up to this day, that drama is still my BIGgest drama disappointment. I really felt cheated after watching the ending. Plus, Shin just laid on that darn bed through out the show!! Give me back 16 hours of my life!

    I actually enjoyed the ending of 49 days and I wouldn’t want it otherwise. They did a remake of the drama in the Philippines and I was so excited for it only for them to changed the ending where she lived in exchange of her father’s life. WTF?! I was so mad I probably swore a ton.

    The ending to Gu Family Book is just crazy and I didn’t like it myself. I only have fond memories of that show though because it was the first show I ever subbed in viki. You were my first, show, so I forgive you for that ending.

    Your summary made me so curious of 14 days but I don’t wanna go through that ending.

    • 43.1 Dramalava

      Don’t do it. Don’t watch 14 days. I was seriously looking at my blank screen wondering what I just witnessed. I’m scarred to this day. Spare yourself! Run for the hills!!!!

      • 43.1.1 earthna

        I promise, I won’t! What about reading recaps? Where should I stop reading and start writing my own ending?

        • Dramalava

          Everything but the last episode. Well really the last 20 minutes of the show. That’s where it becomes garbage.

          • earthna

            Maybe I can still watch it except the last 20 min then? HAHAHA. Sometimes, I hate myself for being like this.

          • June

            Don’t watch it at all, or you’ll be so consumed you forget to stop. Then you’ll join the rest of all of us cursing and swearing at the finish… =_=

    • 43.2 Fab♥Hilleo

      Fate is a recurring theme in God’s Gift—14 Days, keeping that in mind you could try to make sense of the last 15 minutes or so. I made up an alternative universe where my favourite characters are happily together. Personally can’t imagine not watching and recommending it.

  44. 44 catDLN

    King2heart killed me…i was so angry, still am. What were the writers thinking?!

  45. 45 kaekaed

    Potato Star. went from being a super silly, super cute sitcom with a cute romance between the OTP (and even secondary characters) – to what the heck are they pulling. They even changed some plot points completely so they could get the twisted ending they wanted. I really want to say what the twisted ending is but I won’t spoil.
    It went from this is my favorite drama to why or why did I watch this.

    • 45.1 Jenn

      YES totally agree – I wrote about Potato Star too somewhere in this thread!

    • 45.2 Liang

      I have never, ever hated an ending in anything as I hated Potato Star’s >.>. I loved the show and the humor (once they toned down the toilet jokes), absolutely *ADORED* the otp (I mean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Nrdj7411cw ;_; __< I was traumatized and teary for days, I couldn't believe they did that. Unfortunately I didn't know that the PD had a fetish for "sadness" (found out in an interview later), and hoped that he would keep it light as he promised.

      Seriously people, if you watch it stop at cca the last 10 mins of the penultimate episode, and forget the last one exists. You'll be a happier person that way. I will watch again the whole drama someday, and do exactly that.

      • 45.2.1 Liang

        eeek the first part of the post was weirdly cut off, so here it is, apologies if it’s my computer

        I have never, ever hated an ending in anything as I hated Potato Star’s >.>. I loved the show and the humor (once they toned down the toilet jokes), absolutely *ADORED* the otp, and yeo jin gu’s character was for me the most adorable, most lovable male lead in a drama ever, I wanted to hug him whenever he was on screen – and then that infuriating, ridiculously poor excuse for an ending came >__< I was traumatized and teary for days, I couldn't believe they did that. Unfortunately I didn't know that the PD had a fetish for "sadness" (found out in an interview later), and hoped that he would keep it light as he promised.

        • Waiting

          I never saw the end as it was not subbed and I was not into it that much to watch it raw. Glad I stopped watching when it was cute.

    • 45.3 seungjae-ya!

      Ugh yes to Potato Star. WTF was that kind of ending! It was such a mess and I felt so betrayed after watching all 120 episodes!! T_T

  46. 46 The IRIS

    You forgot IRIS, where the main guy just gets shot out of nowhere at the end, for no reason.

    • 46.1 Dramalava

      Ugh. It had so much potential. It was my first action drama. Such a let down! Def should have made the list

    • 46.2 PlumWine

      I hated that ending too, but I always thought her dad had him knocked off because he was always warning her away from him for some stupid reason I can’t even remember now.

    • 46.3 jane

      they clearly wanted a part two, so i wasnt so surprise.

    • 46.4 Oyabun

      I think the ending great. Something like Siegfried being killed by a traitor when he went to the source drink water.

  47. 47 pala2

    I happened to absolutely love the ending of Nice Guy and Maru. Only question was – why did he give her the same rings he’d previously bought? Had he really lost his memory? This was the only happy ending that could have happened for the two of them. And Yong Pal – after an ending that didn’t meet my expectations I watched it a second time with no expectations for the ending and found I really liked it. One thing I’ve learned from these reviews is that I don’t always have to agree with you. At least unexpected endings cause me to think more, which is greater than ordinary, predictable endings.

  48. 48 visesten

    Awwww I don’t think that the ending for “49 days” was so bad, somehow it just worked for me although it was a depressing ending. The ending that still has me fuming is “Who are you – School 2015” for being so crazingly unsatisfying on both the romance front and the narrative with the sisters as well as the whole bullying issue *facepalms*

    I definitely dodged a bullet with “God’s Gift – 14 Days” since I stopped at around a third into its run and never picked it up again (especially not after reading recaps of the horrible ending…)

    “King2Heart” is still a very good drama despite the poor bodyguard being offed. And I still love “High School King of Savvy” even if the whole wedding thing was awkward (seriously what’s wrong with waiting?!)

    Ahhhh… “Prime Minister and I” was initially so good! I loved it but then it turned stupid with noble idiocy and ended with an even more stupid and mindboggling ending. Totally unforgivable!

    As for the rest… I managed to stay clear of most of them pretty early on and it seems to have been a wise choice 😛

  49. 49 Karen

    Can’t believe nobody mentioned Royal Family…

    • 49.1 KDaddict😍JCW

      For RF, it wasn’t the ending that was bad, the whole damned show was completely rotten!

      • 49.1.1 Gaeina Lee

        I like the first 4 or 6 eps of RF, when Jisung still a happy-smitten-bright prosecutor. He’s so damn cute in there, but Ah Yo Na of KMHM slay it.. ^^

  50. 50 Tae-kwang ♡

    I’m so bitter over school 2015. I’ve seen some amusing cartoons that fans made. They should have not spent so much time on Taekwang and just spent more time developing the romance between the leads. I was hoping for a dream high ending, where they just switched the ending couple.

    Ah yah. I remember disliking the 49 days ending.

    • 50.1 DINS

      me tooo, i thought taekwang would be the 2nd sam doong:”
      DAMN YOU SCHOOL 2015’S WRITERS!!! It’s been months and i still can’t get over taekwang:””” it hurtsss

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