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Ji Jin-hee considers SBS remake drama Second Love with Kim Hee-ae
by | March 30, 2016 | 37 Comments

Second Love is the new title for the drama remake of Second to Last Love (uh, they so don’t mean similar things!), the SBS series based on a Japanese drama about a fortysomething woman finding love. It previously offered the lead role to Kim Hee-ae (Mrs. Cop, Secret Love Affair), who’s still considering, and now it’s also courting Ji Jin-hee to play her love interest.

Ji Jin-hee’s character would be a civil servant who works as a chief at City Hall’s environmental facility, and he comes to know the leading lady, a chief producer at a broadcast station, through “misfortune” that leads them into a bickering romance. I like the offbeat way the characters are described, with Ji’s would-be character being a fortysomething man “who dearly wishes nothing will happen” and Kim Hee-ae’s character being a fortysomething woman “who wishes that something would please happen.”

The casting makes sense all around, with Ji Jin-hee just coming off another SBS weekend drama, I Have a Lover, which was not a ratings hit but drew an avid fanbase; he also starred in Warm Words, which was helmed by this drama’s PD, Choi Young-hoon. The PD also directed dramas High Society and Five Fingers, while writer Choi Yoon-jung wrote Mr. Back and Emergency Couple.

It’s not quite clear from the description what tone is intended — whether it’ll be a thoughtful melo, a human drama, or heck, a rom-com — but based on the producers’ resumés, I’m going to take a cautious guess that it’s something along the lines of light melo or heartwarming romance. (Plus, calling a relationship “bickering” is often a keyword for lighter comedic elements.) Second Love will air as a weekend drama following Beast’s Beauty, which in turn follows Mrs. Cop 2.

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37 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Chris

    I love this couple..
    Both are good actors.
    Hopefully the writer can translate the atmosphere from the original works well.

  2. Nathan

    Love him but isn’t he too young to play that character? I thought it suppose to be 50 years old ahjussi..

    • 2.1 Sera

      He is already in 40s so I think he suit the character.

    • 2.2 fab

      The characters are both “fortysomethings”.

      • 2.2.1 NamNavi

        It’s 45 and 50years old. For someone who’s watching the original, Ji Jin Hee do look like he’s too young for the character.

        • Annie

          KDrama adaptations are rarely faithful to the original work.

  3. Waiting

    I like Ji Jin-hee quite a lot, but I don’t see how he fits this role. Having just watched the original two seasons, I can complete;y see Kim Hee-ae as Chiaki but he is too young and would make the role seem very different, IMHO.

  4. Purple

    I like Ji Jin-hee, he was good in I Have a Lover. Wait, didn’t that air in this same time slot?

  5. Rozen

    Good choice👍👍 am in

  6. Mandy

    Didn’t see his last drama but I so loved him in Lotus Flower and wished that was longer than 2 episodes. Him and Lee Ji-ah had great chemistry! I think she’s very similar to Kim Hee-ae in terms of acting style so hopefully this’ll turn out good if casting is locked.

  7. Sera

    It is pretty soon for him to have a new drama, but why not? I never watch the original drama, but he and Kim Hee Ae are enough to draw my attention.

    I never thought he is awesome actor before but IHAL changed my mind about him😊 I wish to see Kim Hyun Joo in another drama soon.

  8. Hwari

    Somehow this remind me of his character in drama “He Who Can’t Marry”. It kinda got similar vibe too and isn’t that drama also remake from j-drama.

    I’m all in.

    • 8.1 bd5

      Yes, it was a remake and a darned good one as well (just too bad, it didn’t get much attention by the viewers).

  9. genkibaka

    Ahhh, I was hoping for Yoo Dong Geun. 🙁

    • 9.1 Hwari

      Yeah, he is good too. But not sure if he will be in new season of Show Me The Money. I think it been long time since he acting.

      • 9.1.1 genkibaka

        I think you’re thinking about a different actor. 🙂

        I was referring to the veteran actor, Yoo Dong Geun. If I’m not wrong his previous drama was, ‘What happens to my family?’…

  10. 10 Zah

    He doesn’t like breaks does he? Male Hwang Jung Eum.

    • 10.1 Sancheezy

      yes, I feel the same way

  11. 11 Sam

    It’s a Korean version so definitely YES!
    I’m looking forward to the chemistry between the two and I especially look forward to the simple eye-staring scenes that captures the heart even without them saying anything 🙂

  12. 12 Jenny

    Way too young, Nakai Kiichi’s character was definitely in his 50’s while Kyoko’s character was in her 40’s.
    They should cast someone more closer to the original work.
    People should watch the jdorama it’s great!

    • 12.1 Waiting

      Jenny, I just finished marathoning the two seasons this month and loved each one. 🙂

      I completely agree with you comment and said something similar above. JJH doesn’t suit this character though I really like him in general.

      Who do you think is a good fit for the male lead?

      • 12.1.1 Jenny

        It’s great isn’t it, I absolutely loved all the characters. I also love how friendships are portrayed. It’s nice to have no bitchy second female lead for once.
        I think a older Korean actor would be better, JJH is way too young and suave to portray Nagakura, I’d like someone similar to Nakai Kiichi who is a very versatile actor.

    • 12.2 genkibaka

      The first season was great. But the second one I had to force myself to watch because I love Nakai Kiichi. I got bored because all they did was bicker.

      • 12.2.1 Waiting


        I just laughed and I have a character crush on Mariko. I want to hug the actress who managed to pull off a lovable and quirky character.

        Which of Nakai Kiichi’s shows do you recommend?

  13. 13 Drama fan

    If you have seen him Spring days, he is a good actor.

  14. 14 Annie

    Ugh, they just couldn’t stick to the original dorama, could they? JJH’s vibe is totally wrong for this – he is younger than KHA and looks like it too. It’s kind of funny that 45 plus males are so underrepresented in romantic dramas. I would have loved to see a dialed down Han Suk Kyu (pipe dream, I know) or Kim Sang Joong. Heck, Yoo Dong Geun too.

    • 14.1 Kiara

      Big fat yes to all 3 (Han,Kim and Yoo). Like you, I’m not sure if Han will take another drama after Secret Door :(.

    • 14.2 Waiting

      I would love to see this go to an actor like Kim Sang Joong. If he dial into the character, that is. I don’t think I’ve seen him in something where he is a conservative, old fashioned upright human mush like the original.

      I’ll watch it either way especially if KHA signs on.

  15. 15 Al'sBevy

    I’ve always thought he has the nicest face.

  16. 16 Sancheezy

    I watched the original and I really think he fits if he just a bit older, funny

    on the other hand, I think he can carry the character, but I hope he gives a dif charm since the sometimes JDrama feel like grandpa meet ,
    if he act like in he who can’t get marry, it fit, since that’s what his character in this drama kinda supposed to do,

  17. 17 Afenie

    Potential spoilers :

    I just hope it doesn’t go the same route that the original JDrama did whit his brother and the main lead woman. It totally broke the romance for me. Actually not just the main female lead but all romantic potential he could have gotten, his brother get’s to the them first ….if you know what I mean. I really hated that aspect of the story.

  18. 18 lavania

    Oh absofu******utely yes!! waddup Han Mi Mo reference.. 😉

    I luv luv kim hee ae….and I luv luv ji jin hee… these 2 r versatile and they can totally nail sauve and funny and serious at their will… do hope they make da final couple!!

  19. 19 bita

    kim hee ae and ji jin hee?…i dont like it…kim hee ae older than JJH..kim hee ae is nice choice..but JJH dosnt suit for this character…

  20. 20 Ellettaria

    To be honest, with this casting, i think that they’re going to merge the character of the younger brother/younger “love interest” in second season a bit and Nakai Kiichi character in the original, seeing the possibility that the lead character in this remake will be younger than Chiaki (Koizumi Kyoko’s character). I kinda see Kdrama adaptations like to blend/even change some of the original character.
    This remake seems to be different than the original since in the original, because I didn’t remember that there were disapproving family members. The drama was just about how people in older age who think that they’re not suitable for having love relationship anymore to deal with it when it came to them.
    So as usual, I’ll just wait and see.

  21. 21 hanyko

    i dont like this couple..they dont have chemistry..JJH is younger than KHA..kim hyun joo and ji jin hee have great chemistry and Kim Min Jong or kim myung min are better than JJH for this character.

  22. 22 Ivy

    I’m so excited to see JJH in this drama series.

  23. 23 JV

    Just saw the first episode, not subtitled both leads look great, and JJ can do no wrong, love this actor.

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