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Yoon Doo-joon, Kim Seul-gi up for drama reunion in Second to Last Love
by | May 23, 2016 | 93 Comments

Eeeeeee! This is the drama reunion I want most in all the land, and it might come true? I must’ve done something good to make the universe happy with me. There’s a possible reunion in the works for Splish Splash Love co-stars Yoon Doo-joon (Let’s Eat 2) and Kim Seul-gi (Oh My Ghostess), who have been offered supporting roles in the new SBS weekend series Second to Last Love (which for reasons unknown went through a spell with the title Second Love before changing back). I am suddenly so interested in this drama.

Second to Last Love is a remake of the Japanese drama of the same name about a bickering romance and second adolescence between a fortysomething woman who desperately wants something to happen in her life, and a man who wishes that nothing would happen in his. Kim Hee-ae (Mrs. Cop) is up for the leading role, a chief producer at a broadcast station, and Ji Jin-hee (I Have a Lover) has been confirmed to play her love interest, a civil servant at the City Hall’s environmental facility.

Kim Seul-gi has signed on to play Ji Jin-hee’s little sister, a webtoon writer. And Lee Soo-min (She’s So Lovable) has been cast as his daughter. Yoon Doo-joon has been offered an unspecified role, but the press releases say it’s one of the leading characters, and he’s currently considering the part.

Hm, as much as I want Yoon Doo-joon and Kim Seul-gi to reunite in a drama, if they’re not going to get a loveline, that changes everything. So I’ll amend my hope for the reunion to include the fine print: Only if they get a romance of their own, ya hear me! I don’t think I’d want a reunion this badly if they’d been co-stars in a full-length drama, but something about the short 2-episode format of their lovely time-slip romance Splish Splash Love left us all wanting more. Of their adorable chemistry, comedic charm, and heartfelt looks, that is. Sigh, I won’t really be satisfied until they get leading roles in a rom-com together, will I?

Second to Last Love will be helmed by the PD of High Society and Warm Words, and the writer of Emergency Couple and Mister Back, and is set to follow Beautiful Gong-shim on Saturdays and Sundays beginning in July.

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93 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mary

    They HAVE to be paired up. Please Drama Gods. PLEASE.

    • 1.1 pogo, Go Go Splish Splash!

      *joins prayer circle*

      Oh, and they better get to kiss too. Just so we have that VERY clear. And no dead fish kissing, we know they can do better!

      • 1.1.1 Lidyadya

        And if they got a kiss scene under the rain, please don’t make her disappear *traumatic*

        • ju

          If it happens, we are going to freak out each time it rains in the show haha

          • diya_

            rotfl….yeah i will also feel the trauma whenever it rains in the show haha

    • 1.2 KDrama Fan


    • 1.3 jiayouravs18

      *joins the prayer rally*

    • 1.4 Gem

      Joins prayer circles and chants along make it happen Drama God or Drama Lord whoever is not too busy with more important matters, please come visit dramabeans threads and grant these lost in dramaworld addicts a good splashy reunion.

      • 1.4.1 Sweet Pea


    • 1.5 Marina

      Make it happen! Make it happen, God!

    • 1.6 gem

      please, please, pretty please.

    • 1.7 Jenny

      In the dorama version, the sister had a crush on the leading lady and not a male love interest at all!
      The male lead had a younger brother as well, who ended up with a female colleague of his brother (after basically fighting until they realized that they liked each other)

      • 1.7.1 sky

        This can work out only ‘if’ do joon’s character has loveline with seul gi’s character ,that is the story line needs a bit of revision.Doubt that will happen.Seriously this year they are really playing with our emotions and giving nonsensical pairs for no reason! Like why? I would rather that this does not happen.I would rather see them together on ‘let’s eat’ season 3,so wish do joon rather doesn’t take it.

    • 1.8 Sera The Ms Temper


      They should just date in real life after that. The second couple that I really shipping hard. First was Soulmate couple (but still no reunionnnnnn.. )*cries*

  2. kanz

    Oh it’s happening! It’s really happening!
    Dramagods, we want a reunion with cute romance on top, do you hear us??

  3. Damianna

    People, dreams do come true!!!

  4. Vini

    Gonna pull Dramaworld on them as main lead.

  5. Boomboompow


  6. gyu

    Pls dramagods let it happen!

  7. pogo, Go Go Splish Splash!


    • 7.1 pogo, Go Go Splish Splash!

      *reads the words ‘supporting role’*


      They’re both lead role material, but if this happens, it’d be such a waste to not give them a love line.

      • 7.1.1 Boomboompow

        Oh man, if Doojoon will be paired up with the daughter character instead of Seul Gi, I would be so pissed

        Don’t toy with us, dramagod!

        • mary

          This is what we get for not making our prayers more specific. :(((

          • secretup

            I hear ya, chingu!!! Lesson learnt!!!!

        • Ellettaria

          Daughter character? If you mean the “male lead’s” daughter character? In the J-drama, the daughter was still basically a kid… That would be impossible….

          The pairing probably can work if the role offered is the role of the younger man who was also kinda a love interest to the female lead in the second season? I really have a feeling that they will change the story..

  8. Ryuja

    Ommo do I save a country in my previous life? my other oppa will finally on big 3 after he conquered cable tv while the 1st oppa also did the same and his drama will air this wednesday! I am so blessed!

    • 8.1 Meh

      what drama? :O

      • 8.1.1 Hyun

        I think Ryuja is talking about RJY’s new drama Lucky Romance with HWE

  9. rei

    If this one will not be that drama, its ok.
    I want to see them together in a drama

    But I want them as lead couple in a drama
    Drama gods, please make it happen

  10. 10 che

    so close… yet so far

  11. 11 Xxvxx


    DRAMAGOD we believe in you, please make it happen. In the mean time I will continue doing good deeds aka watch more dramas.

    • 11.1 light

      This makes me laugh! You made my day after a bout of depression from watching GoT.

      • 11.1.1 Faith

        Speaking of Got, *sad face*
        WHY? JUST WHY?

  12. 12 Faith

    This made me so happy until I read about the whole supporting role thing. Why???
    But if they do accept, then at least there *must* be a love line between them. You hear me, upcoming show?!

  13. 13 sue

    Confused. I’ve watched the original. The second male lead is the male lead’s brother, so DJ and SG will be siblings? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, I really wish they wouldn’t remake this classic. Plus, I didn’t like the sister’s character in the original. Plus, DJ+SG aren’t lead material? Urg. Why dooj why? Sorry for the rant, it’s just that I love him too much for my sanity. XD

    *lemme crawl back to my hole and rewatch splish splash for the Nth time*

    • 13.1 pogo


      Boy, do the drama gods love messing with us. First those crappy age-inappropriate castings involving the Kim girls and now they’re going to take one of the most perfect onscreen couples of the last five years and reunite them, but as siblings?!

      What have we done to deserve this?

      • 13.1.1 sue

        OMG this just reminds me the characters were fraternal twins in the original #facepalm

        • pogo


          I guess that rules out the possibility of them being ‘siblings’ in kdrama-style, then. (see: That Winter The Wind Blows)

          and I am so going to hell for wishing for fauxcest.

    • 13.2 Cara

      What? Darn!
      Can you hear us dramagod? You want a good rating, then get them both in a loveline!

    • 13.3 light


      • 13.3.1 pigsnout

        Make this comment of the week in Beans of Wisdom please?! This is exactly how we all feel about it.

      • 13.3.2 pigsnout

        Maybe we can hope one of them got switched at birth?

        • blnmom

          Yeah, or something like Kill Me Heal Me! An adopted twin who has lost her childhood memories.

          BTW that is a VERY nice picture of Doojoon.

    • 13.4 mary

      I trust in kdrama’s talent of mucking up adaptations and adding 1000 lovelines where there was none.

  14. 14 Mikanjjj

    The minute I saw the title I was screaming in my head coz my parents were sitting right in front if me. But after seeing that thèy are supporting roles I’m a tad disappointed. I hope they have a super romantic love line.

  15. 15 Aigoooo

    Kim Seul Gi got demoted from webtoon manager (Flower Boy next Door) to webtoon writer. lol It would be awesome if she had the same look as before.

    A bit disappointed that she is not the main lead but I’ll take what I can get especially since we’ll get to see them both in the same drama again.

  16. 16 erwinia

    I hear you Girlfriday!!! I hope he is not up as a young lover of Kim Hee Ae and I cannot stand if I have to watch him and Kim Seul Gi together as strangers or even worse polite acquaintances!!!!!! Summon the rain, thunder, lightening, earth, wind to make our wish come true!

  17. 17 Ck1Oz

    Hey! Why doesn’t sound as if they won’t have a loveline? Can’t we get the writer to watch Splish splash love?

  18. 18 ito

    I don’t know about yoon doojoon, but kim hee ae and kim seul gi are already confirmed cmiiw.

  19. 19 Nanoo

    HOLYCATFISH!!! Am I dreaming or what ?????? DJ and SG reunite omaigosssh someone slap me. But he’s still considering right? Cube, please let him in. So, he will have love line with Kim Hee Ae? NO?

  20. 20 Noona K

    She was so cute in Splash Splash Love too! But I don’t recognize Kim Seul-gi anymore. I hope it’s just the Photoshopping.

    • 20.1 pigsnout

      Probably just the effect of her phone camera. My face always looks that kind of small and pointy when I take pics at that angle even igmf in real life it’s round and big

      • 20.1.1 bd5

        That and KSG probably losing some weight.

        Seems like so many actresses who after achieving a certain level of commercial success – feel the pressure to slim down even further.

        Suzy, YEH, etc.

  21. 21 disney_den

    As much as I love to see Doojoon back in dramaland and a reunion with KSG even more, I don’t like the sound of this. For the fact that he’s touring Japan for practically the whole of June, then a Beast album to released in the summer (most likely July/August). How is he going to fit in filming a drama scheduled to premiere in July???

    • 21.1 pogo

      I suppose they think he could manage it if this is a supporting role.

      But I’m still coming down on the side of hoping he holds out for better (i.e. a lead role and being OTP with Kim Seul-gi)

  22. 22 elric

    Okay, calm down self. It’s just news that Doojoon and Seul-gi will be in the SAME FREAKING DRAMA!!! AGAIN!!!

    But wait, there’s no love line between them? With such sizzling chemistry between these two?? What were the writers/producers thinking?

    I hope. No. I pray that the they see the potential romance in these two in whatever story/plot development the writers/producers are thinking.

  23. 23 starnger

    WHAAAAAAT pls let the king and the eunuch reunited once again!! Why can’t they be together even in modern Seoul full length weekend drama. WHY pls just get together alr!!

  24. 24 makoto

    Girlfriday, you wrote just everything that goes on my mind about these two. Proper loveline for Doojoon and Seulgi, please…

  25. 25 Chandler

    I should probably read the post first but, AHHHHH!

    • 25.1 Chandler

      Hmmm, but this reunion may keep them from an even better one.

      But then they might not have on at all…

      Ahhh, the dilemma…

  26. 26 browngoldeyes

    I am joining the prayer circle. Love line or nothing.

  27. 27 Waiting

    Okay, Drama gods…a couple of things to get straight.

    1. We do want these two together in a full drama
    2. As leads, not second leads
    3. Rom-com, because, come on its LSG and YDJ. They can do all the melodrama stuff later…years from now.

    So, I actually don’t mind if they are the twins in this. LSG can certainly pull off the Mariko character. Honestly, it is so oddballish that not everyone can do it. YDJ as the twin brother was more of a flat character – handsome ladies man, not cocky, just a nice guys that helped lonly ladies. If he does play this role and they keep to the original, he’ll actually have a quick love line with the female lead and well, I really can’t see that in my mind any more than I see JJH as the male lead—the original had a much different vibe to him.

    I’ll still watch all the same.

    • 27.1 Waiting

      KSG not LSG,,,sorry!

  28. 28 Peach

    Nooooooo, reunite them as romantic leads, or give me nothing at all dammit!

    Also, just give KSG more leading roles in general.

  29. 29 Irochka

    Oh yay! Nice news for a Monday. Just going to try and remain only mildly excited until it’s announced that they will be falling in love and solving math problems until happily ever after.

  30. 30 Liang

    With all these prayers to the dramagods…have you guys read Pratchett’s small gods? 🙂

    I’m joining the prayers, the more believers there are, the more powerful the god! 🙂 Dramagod pwetty please? We believe in you!

    • 30.1 smeebean

      OO..Terry Pratchett fan? Hi 5!

      Yep, more believers, more powerful god!
      *joins dramagod prayer group*

      Love line! No fauxcest!! No siblings or twins please…

  31. 31 Lisa

    Loved these two together in the drama special and been wanting to see them reunite. Not so sure about being seized leads though. Would love to see them in a romcom being leads instead. XD

  32. 32 Bùi Quốc Khánh

    This drama will replace by ‘Saimdang, the Herstory’, hope it good

  33. 33 kdramaluvshassey

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Omo. Omona. My sister thought I was crazy when I screamed after seeing the headline. I am sooo happy. It seems drama gods exist after all. They answered our prayers. *wiping my tears of joy*

  34. 34 kdramaluvshassey

    Ohhhh. Wrote my comment before reading the article. Now I’m so scared there won’t be a love story between them, and I will be left cussing every time I watch and angry at the lost opportunity.

    No, drama gods, this is not what we want. We want them to be leads in their own drama. But if I can get a love story between them in this drama, then I will take it. A beggar has no choice, after all.

  35. 35 anglvue

    Awwww….my summary of this post is initial excitement leads to utter disappointment as fans find out no actual loveline between doojoon and kim seulgi….this took me on an emotional rollercoaster. Only oh hae young again is gonna save me now…

  36. 36 MastersSun👻❤️

    Rages 😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😧😧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 WHY CAN’T THEY BE PAIRED UP WHY FFS ahhhhh *screams at drama gods* *screams at the sky* 😭 They deserve to be leads of their own drama for 16-50 episodes 😭 I can’t cope with the amount of times Kim Seul Gi has been passed over man 😭 She needs to be a lead of a weekender or prime time drama not a supporting role again hope she passes 😭

  37. 37 Cocoboo

    Ahhhhh I love these two! I would love to see them in another dram together, but they have to be a couple (preferably the main leads too)!

    • 37.1 Cocoboo

      another drama*

  38. 38 Cingdoc

    Until my favorite OTP reunites as a couple, I just have to watch Splash as a 16 epi drama….or 24…or heck, 100 epi to satiate myself…. They are too cute together !!!!

  39. 39 Wedding Boys would you marry me?!

    LOL at the comments!!! How i wish you guys is a k-netz and make a petition about Dujunxseulgi pairing lmao

  40. 40 spazmo

    well, i’m just starting the original to see what the story is about…

    so far, i love it!! so cute/funny!
    : )

  41. 41 kororo

    Second to Last Love the japanese drama is good, i loved it !!! Now I kinda feel like YDJ and KSG might play brother and sister in this, which is fine by me. These casting news make this way more exciting to me, now I’m totally on board. !

  42. 42 JoyCB

    OK. We need to be VERY specific with what we want coz it appears that Drama Gods do listen.

    1. Reunion
    2. Love-line
    3. Beautiful kiss

    • 42.1 anglvue

      sneaky sneaky those drama gods…lemme give u everything u want except you didn’t say it had to be with each other. ergh…

  43. 43 Hrtofdorkness

    Omg… I’ve been praying for Doojoon and Seulgi to star in a full length drama for the past 5 months. I was so excited when I saw their names together in the same article. But if they’re not in a love line together, then I don’t want to see them in the same drama at all. I think I would hate anyone else that’s paired with Doojoon, if Seulgi is right there. Please, please let them reunite in a drama of their own, a romantic comedy preferably.

  44. 44 Beanfan

    Clearly, someone in casting hasn’t watched Splish Splash Love…

  45. 45 ehc

    I’m just happy to have Doo joon back on the screen!! Paired up with Kim Seul-gi is just icing on the cake!!

  46. 46 kiwilove

    lol the comments…

  47. 47 seora

    the reunion happened, now LET THERE BE A LOVE LINE!

  48. 48 techan0893

    Just when I thought they’d be playing the lead roles… Nooo! I want these two to have their own drama what with all the overly adorable chemistry that they haaave? TT.) Please drama Gods… I’ll join the prayerrr…

  49. 49 Nanda

    I was going to write “my dreams come true” right after I read the title…only to find out they are not exactly the leads. It is Kim Hee Ae and Ji Jin Hee drama.. i mean great but if there isn’t a love line story for DooJoon and Kim Seul gi.. count me out.

  50. 50 franbergh

    no waaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!
    looks like the producer or director or whoever ofering the cast has listen to our voice 😀
    please yes! please make it happen! puhleeeeeze!!! 😀

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