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Colorful tears and devil horns for This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair
by | October 7, 2016 | 7 Comments

New colorful character posters are out for This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair. It looks like they’re going for a fun, comedic tone, which is an interesting way to approach such a touchy subject matter. This upcoming JTBC drama is based on a 2007 Japanese drama by the same name (Konshu Tsuma ga Uwaki Shimasu). Like in the original, the drama starts out with an ordinary man who begins to suspect his wife of cheating. Instead of directly confronting her, he decides to pour his feelings out on the internet like any not-so-well-adjusted 21st-century individual. And of course, the internet responds.

The recently released character posters show Lee Seon-kyun (A Hard Day, Miss Korea) as the husband plagued by unwelcome doubts, with a half-smile, half-grimace and cartoon teardrops rolling down his face. His description reads: “The devoted married Do Hyun-woo reaches a critical point in this life.” His potentially unfaithful wife, played by Song Ji-hyo (Ex-Girlfriend Club), looks chic and flawless even with her mismatched mustache. Above her head, it says, “Super working mom Jung Soo-yeon is from an altogether different class.”

Then we see cutie Lee Sang-yub (Master–God of Noodle) with tape over his lips. Apparently, he will be the “married PD Ahn Joon-young with no curfew but a complicated past.” And BoA (Anticipating Romance) will be playing “divorced workaholic” Kwon Bo-young who is the “cool girl and head screenwriter.”

But perhaps the best expressions are made by Kim Hee-won (Awl) and Yeh Ji-won (Oh Hae-young Again), who play Lee Seon-kyun and Song Ji-hyo’s characters’ best couple friends. For This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair, Kim Hee-won makes a complete transformation into devil-horned Choi Yoon-ki, “an expert on cheating and a divorce lawyer.” His wife Yeh Ji-won, she with the no-nonsense eyebrows, is not having it. Her poster says, “Naive full-time housewife? More like a tigress hiding her claws, Eun Ah-ra.”

Marriage rom-com This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair premieres on JTBC at the end of this month on October 28. It will be the next Friday-Saturday drama to air after Fantastic ends its run.

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7 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. aweebit

    So excited for this!!!!!!

  2. Mon

    I’m really looking forward to this drama, specially the moment Yeh Ji-won shows her claws 😂

  3. franbergh

    hahaha!!!! the stickers in boa’s poster! how come she looks like a psychopat???? her smile looks like she sees something painfully nice for her or she’s planning to do a very bad thing 😈

  4. AJ

    I thought the first pic was of Um Tae Woong and was about to say…that’d be SUPER awkward to be in a drama about affairs when he’s under investigation for partaking in prostitution while married and having a kid

  5. MapleSilver

    Mr. Voice never disappoints and I have high hope for this drama. So far the promos have been reassuring. Can anyone tell me who the writer is though? Does she have other work before this?

  6. Ann

    looking forward to this series. Looks exciting and fun.

  7. bjharm

    I find it interesting that it says her husband think she fooling around, but not that she actually is in the drama blurb. I wonder if it going to be course and effect thing in the making. ie husband thinks she being unfaithful she kinds out and insulted, decides to make it true…or maybe as this is Kdrama pretends it is true to teach him a lesson.

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