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Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 16
by | January 11, 2017 | 232 Comments

The pieces are falling into place, and while that results in happy resolutions in some instances, we’re also blowing open new discoveries in others. We’re starting to see close to the complete picture, but the challenge is for the characters to understand how the pieces they’re privy to add up as a whole, and what that means for their fates, their families, and their futures.



Across a wide intersection, mother and son realize they’re about to reunite after years of searching, and stare at each other with their hearts in their eyes. As Joon-jae walks toward his mother, he envisions her as she looked when he last saw her, just as she sees Joon-jae as the little boy he used to be.

Their steps quicken until they meet in the middle, and then Mom clings to Joon-jae, sobbing that she’s sorry. At first he just stands there in shock, but then he hugs her back.

Chung watches the reunion and thinks, “Of the many things I’ve learned after coming to this place, the best words are ‘happy ending.’ This moment right now is a happy ending. But the hope and despair given by life is that time keeps flowing, and the moment passes. Nobody knows what other moments will come after the momentary shining happiness.” That… sounds foreboding.

Mom keeps her head bowed as she and Joon-jae sit in a coffee shop afterward, filled with guilt over leaving him now that she knows that he was neglected by his stepmother. At the time, she’d thought he’d be better off with his rich father, thinking he’d be looked after, and believed that he’d been schooled abroad and lived well.

Joon-jae assures his mother that he lived well anyway, and met good people. She asks why he ran away in high school, and Joon-jae replies, “Because I missed you. I missed you so much.” He’d thought he could find her right away, but when he couldn’t, he’d even wondered if she’d died. Mom starts sobbing again, but he asks her to stop saying sorry, because he’s grateful just to have her alive and well.

Joon-jae dabs at her tears and pulls her close, and teases that his mom has gotten small: “When I was young, I was always held in your arms. I’ll have to hold you every day now.” Mom says he must have endured so much, growing into adulthood all on his own. He tells her she can’t go anywhere now, and she nods.

While Joon-jae talks with his mother, Chung rejoins her birthday party and fills in the others on what just happened. Nam-doo’s amazed that the mother Joon-jae looked for so desperately was close by all this while, and Homeless Fashionista points out that this sort of overshadows Chung’s birthday. Chung doesn’t mind, though, saying that picking today as her birthday enabled the reunion to happen, and Nam-doo compliments her on her logic.

Then he stubs his toe on the couch, and the sensation jolts the part of his memory that Chung had erased when he’d discovered her swimming in the pool. He doesn’t understand the full memory, but it’s enough to make him eye Chung suspiciously and think hard about what he’s unable to recall.

As they walk back to the house arm in arm, Joon-jae tells Mom he never imagined that he was eating her food all this while, thinking only that it tasted similar to his mother’s. Mom asks if it’s true that he’s dating Shi-ah, as she implied, and is relieved when he says Shi-ah’s just a former classmate.

She guesses that Chung is his girlfriend, and recalls all the times Chung helped her, like pulling her out of a car’s path. Joon-jae gets alarmed at that and nags his mother to be careful around cars.

Mom asks how Joon-jae can afford such a nice house, and he assures her that he made lots of money and can take care of them, and tells her to move in with him. Mom asks what kind of work he does, and Joon-jae mumbles vaguely, “This and that.”

They join the party, where Joon-jae reminds Chung to make a wish before blowing out her candles. She immediately wishes, “I want to live here happily with Heo Joon-jae for a long, long time!” Nam-doo chides her for saying it aloud, saying it won’t come true then, and she looks crushed until Joon-jae assures her that it will still come true.

When Joon-jae reaches to pull out her candles from the cake, she stops him and suggests that they relight them to celebrate their other happy event. So this time, Joon-jae and his mother blow out the candles together to another round of applause… and then Chung asks if there are any more congratulations needing to be given. Little Yoo-na says she got a perfect score on her test, so cue a third round of candle-blowing, and then Nam-doo calls an end to that before Chung can find more things to celebrate.

Nam-doo calls Shi-ah to invite her to join the fun, sharing the news of Joon-jae’s big reunion and saying that she must be quite close to Mom since they lived in the same house. Shi-ah just collapses and whimpers, heh.

The party winds down and the guests say their goodbyes, and Homeless Fashionista—who’s been commenting the whole time on how she’s used to other parties being more lavish—asks for her goody bag. Nam-doo offers her leftovers, and she says she doesn’t eat food more than two hours after it’s been cooked, ha.

Nam-doo notes that all Chung’s friends are very strange, but she says she likes all the friends she’s made here, including Joon-jae’s mother. Joon-jae’s surprised at that, but Mom confirms that they’re friends.

Over drinks, Nam-doo recollects how hard he tried to locate Mom, and she supposes it was difficult, because she spent a few years abroad after the divorce, then lived in other people’s homes once she returned to Korea.

Then Nam-doo asks if she knows the name Kang Ji-hyun, since his research showed that the woman (whom we know to be Stepmom) went to the same high school that Mom did. Mom confirms that she knows her—and that Joon-jae does, too. “She’s your stepmother,” she informs him.

Joon-jae is stunned, but when Mom asks after his reaction, he tries to dismiss it. Nam-doo starts to explain that they’re looking into the whereabouts of the fugitive Ma Dae-young, and how this woman is connected to him somehow.

This is news to Chung, and she asks what their relationship is. This time, Joon-jae cuts in and tells Nam-doo not to say more, and brushes the matter off as no big deal. Neither lady looks convinced.

Shi-ah paces nervously in front of Joon-jae’s front gate, unable to ring the bell. Tae-oh comes upon her as she’s winding herself up in knots about Joon-jae’s mother, and rather than joining the party, she drags Tae-oh along to get a drink.

Over soju, Shi-ah offers to help Tae-oh get over her (pfft) by admitting something that’ll cool his affections, and says that she knew her housekeeper was Joon-jae’s mother. She’d been so terrible to Mom that she thought she could make amends before revealing the mother-son relationship, but now recognizes that it’s all over for her, and that Joon-jae will hate her when he finds out.

She calls herself a bitch and says that Tae-oh should be glad she’s enabled him to get rid of his feelings for her. Sobbing, she wishes for her feelings for Joon-jae to disappear too.

Joon-jae informs Detective Hong about his stepmother’s true identity, and this at least explains why Dae-young has been targeting Joon-jae. He suspects that Stepmom was behind it, motivated to claim Joon-jae’s inheritance. Still, Detective Hong warns that because there’s no evidence to support their investigation, poking into the case could backfire on them.

That’s not good enough for Joon-jae, who is determined to investigate on his own terms and find the evidence himself.

Thankfully, Chi-hyun didn’t succeed in killing Manager Nam in the hospital, though it does put him in a coma. The doctor assures Ajusshi’s wife that there’s still hope that he could wake up healthy… although he does call that a miracle.

Meanwhile, Manager Nam dreams of his Joseon doppelganger, who goes Dam-ryung’s orders to find a scroll hidden in a secret room. When an intruder enters, he manages to slip out quietly, only to be confronted in the yard by Joseon Chi-hyung—and Nam-doo? Aw, man, so you are evil. I should’ve known better than to hope.

Joseon Ajusshi runs, but they easily keep him in their sights. In the present, Ajusshi’s hands twitch ever so slightly as he reacts to his dream.

Chi-hyun bursts in on his mother to ask, point-blank, whether Ma Dae-young is his father. Stepmom just tells Chi-hyun that she’s doing all the work and all he has to do is wait for her to make things happen. He bursts out that he can’t stand the idea of being the son of someone like Dae-young—it makes him feel like moss that can’t go out into the sunlight.

Stepmom tells him of how she and her twin sister were abandoned together, and her sister got adopted into a nice family. She, on the other hand, grew up in poor home with an abusive drunkard for a father, and saw no future for herself. “In that situation, I had one advantage,” she says.

In flashback, we see a teenage Stepmom sobbing to a police officer that she thought her father was just sleeping, looking heartbroken at his death. Years later, she cries at her dead husband’s memorial for him to take her with him. She tells Chi-hyun that people believe the words of the weak, and has used that as a weapon to get where she is now.

Chi-hyun looks devastated, and she cradles his face in her hand and says that she doesn’t want him to take the long, hard path she had to travel, considering Dae-young and Chairman Heo merely parts of that road.

Chi-hyun flings her hand away, but she presses him to continue on this path, and to step out into the sunlight and live as a flower rather than moss. This is kind of a weird metaphor.

Tae-oh sees Shi-ah home, and tells her that he’ll be able to get over her now. She seems a little disappointed at his quick recovery, and he adds that she should confess her feelings openly to Joon-jae. She worries that she might not be able to see him again if she does, but Tae-oh points out that seeing him this way isn’t exactly desirable either.

Mom calls Jin-joo to let her know she’ll be staying with her son tonight, and Jin-joo reacts excitedly to the news. She really is invested in Mom’s comeback, in a cute way.

When they’re alone, Chung asks Nam-doo to elaborate on what he was saying earlier about Kang Ji-hyun and her relationship to the killer. He tells her what we know so far: that Kang Ji-hyun was involved with Ma Dae-young, and that she’s surrounded by suspicious deaths. They were unable to confirm whether the couple had a child together, but if she is in fact Stepmom, then Chi-hyun is likely that child.

Chung supposes that Joon-jae must have been quite lonely, and Nam-doo says it’s a good thing Joon-jae met him when he ran away from home, because his family home was so cold.

After Chung leaves, Nam-doo remains behind to stare at the pool, trying to piece together the memory fragments of that day he can’t remember. Suddenly, he remembers himself urging Chung to cry. He can’t figure out why, and mulls it over.

Chung shows Mom up to her loft room, and finds a present waiting for her from Joon-jae. The card reads, “My beloved Mung-Chung-ie [dummy], you went through a lot to come to me. Thank you for coming. From now on, I’ll make sure you only wear pretty shoes and walk in good places.”

Inside the box, Chung finds a pair of shiny new sneakers and giddily puts them on, then lights up to see the pink stuffed octopus in the next box.

Then Mom pulls Chung into a hug, saying that she’s grateful to have her with Joon-jae. Chung says the same right back, that she’s glad Mom is here with Joon-jae.

Then Chung adds, “If something ever happens and I’m not with Joon-jae, don’t go anywhere and stay with him.” Brow furrowing, Mom asks what might happen, to which Chung just says it’s a hypothetical. Gah, I hate you, foreshadowing!

Down below, Joon-jae smiles to hear Chung thanking him in her thoughts, and sends her a text asking why she’s not asleep yet. She replies via her thoughts that she didn’t get a proper chance to look at his face on her birthday, so he texts her to open her door and beams up at Chung when she does.

He texts for her to go to sleep now that she’s seen his face, but Chung pouts that on TV, birthdays come with kisses. So Joon-jae laughingly waves her down, and Chung does, after first checking that Mom’s asleep. (Mom totally isn’t, and smiles to herself.)

In the pool area, Chung puckers up for her birthday kiss, and Joon-jae chides her for trying to steer their romantic love toward the dirty side. What, like that’s bad? He also requests that she keep her nighttime thoughts down, since it’s so noisy in his head that he can’t sleep. She mutters that it’s unfair that he gets to eavesdrop on her thoughts, although he replies that he doesn’t want to hear them either.

She asks if he called her down to complain, and Joon-jae says no, pulling her close in a hug. He says he’s checking that her heart is still running properly, and notes that it seems weak right now. He gives her a kiss, then declares her heart back to a strong heartbeat.

The next day, Mom returns to Jin-joo’s house, and Jin-joo thrills at the thought of Mom and her son regaining their rightful places. Mom isn’t interested in that for herself, but does want Joon-jae to reclaim what’s his.

Jin-joo calls Mom “unni” and tells her not to bother cooking today, and suggests tea, wanting a nice long gossip session. She gets up to serve Mom, and then her husband comes home and treats Mom like a guest too. Jin-joo has even sent him to grab groceries in Mom’s stead, although she then berates him when Mom doesn’t like the look of the produce.

Shi-ah does a quick 180 out of the room when she sees Mom there. But Mom notices, and drops by Shi-ah’s room to guess that she already knew Joon-jae was her son. Shi-ah stammers that she was going to speak up, and asks if Mom will tell Joon-jae.

Mom surprises her by taking her hand and thanking her for being a good friend to Joon-jae. She asks her to continue being a friend, and Shi-ah is so relieved and thankful that she swoops in for another hug—but Mom is prepared this time and wards her off, hehe. She also tells her not to call her “Mother” but to act as she did before, leaving Shi-ah wondering if she just drew a line keeping her from being too close to Joon-jae.

Joon-jae shows up unexpectedly at the company to demand his father’s whereabouts from Chi-hyun. Chi-hyun dismisses his entourage of executives, who walk away murmuring about Joon-jae being the chairman’s son. Chi-hyun repeats his earlier lie about Dad being off on a vacation, and when asked where, he pauses for a moment before saying Hawaii. Joon-jae doesn’t buy it and says plainly that he doesn’t trust Chi-hyun, and walks away wearing a grim face.

Detective Hong confirms that there have been no records of Chairman Heo leaving the country in the past six months. Joon-jae calls Nam-doo to announce that they’ve got a new target to infiltrate: his father’s house.

Nam-doo’s excited to have a new job, though confused at the target, while Chung perks up to hear Nam-doo’s end of the conversation. She even offers her help, and he rejects it right away, knowing Joon-jae will get angry. Then he suggests they can just keep it from Joon-jae, and she agrees.

Even Mom gets in on the action, asking for Jin-joo’s help in drawing Stepmom out of the house for a few hours. Jin-joo’s thrilled to play a part, and ensures Stepmom’s presence by specifically inviting everyone but her to a gathering, promising to tell them juicy news. Ha, that’s clever, since Stepmom decides immediately to go, not wanting Jin-joo to shoot off her mouth.

Chi-hyun drops in to see Chairman Dad in his bedroom, sounding pretty drunk and asking if Dad can just have one son, promising to protect him through the end. “Do you really need Joon-jae?” he asks, a bit despairingly. At Dad’s non-response, Chi-hyun plays it off as disappointment in Joon-jae for refusing to see his sick father, lying that Joon-jae had told him, “He’s your father, so you take care of him.”

Trying to get his father on his side, Chi-hyun adds that Joon-jae is a con artist now, asking if he really needs him. Dad just tells him that he’s drunk and sends him away.

Nam-doo scopes out the chairman’s neighborhood by going around with advertising flyers, and notices that their mailbox contains a letter from a pest control company. Then, we see a van in their fleet of cars with that company’s logo on it.

Joon-jae dons his disguise for the day and gets ready to move out, as does Chung. He asks where she’s going, but when she asks the same of him, he quickly deflects to avoid having to answer. Nam-doo shoots her a wink behind Joon-jae’s back, which she returns.

Joon-jae complains that her dress is too short, and when Nam-doo points out that he’s objectively wrong, Joon-jae fumbles for another reason to object. “It’s too… pretty! Go change!” It’s absurd, but on the other hand, Chung does concede to herself that looking too pretty doesn’t suit her purpose today.

The moment Stepmom leaves her house, the team swings into motion. Detective Hong and his partner keep watch from the pest control van, while the con artist trio head out dressed as exterminators. I love how Detective Hong tells the team to not do anything illegal and to be careful, like a worried mama hen.

The team presents themselves as the household’s regular pest control team, and Nam-doo keeps the housekeeper busy while the other two split up, pretending to inspect for bugs. Joon-jae is hit with a wave of emotion as he looks around his old home for the first time in years.

Nam-doo had assured Joon-jae that Chi-hyun would be late coming home, and now we see that he’s ensured this by Chung going out to dinner with him. Chi-hyun is happy that she called him out, but his face falls immediately when she asks if he knows Ma Dae-young, and what his relationship to the man is. Neither of them seems aware that Dae-young is, at the moment, just tables away.

Chi-hyun asks why she wants to know, and Chung explains that Dae-young keeps popping up in their orbit for unknown reasons. But she wonders if it’s something Chi-hyun could have a part in stopping, if he’s somehow related. But Chi-hyun tells her coolly that he can’t do anything, because he has nothing to do with Dae-young.

Tae-oh hacks into the security system to disable the cameras, then copies files from the chairman’s computer regarding company investments. Joon-jae makes his way to Stepmom’s parlor, and takes a few quick photos of all the purple flowers decorating the space. He finds a jar of pills and swipes some, in addition to a vial. He sticks a device underneath her table, then heads upstairs.

He pauses for a moment before opening his father’s door, and steps inside to find his father sitting on his bed in a dark room. The chairman looks up blankly as he asks if it’s his wife. Joon-jae watches with sad eyes as his father fumbles for the light, then squints at his figure and asks if he’s Chi-hyun.

Dad gets alarmed at his silence and feels around for his phone, but Joon-jae approaches and places the phone in his hand. Dad recognizes Joon-jae’s voice, though his face remains a blur.

Joon-jae’s worry and frustration come out in an angry shout as he demands to know why Dad is here, and what’s become of him. “Did you leave Mom and treat me so horribly just to end up like this?” he asks accusingly.

The housekeeper gets suspicious of the voices from upstairs and shakes off Nam-doo’s attempts to distract her, hurrying away to check on the situation.

Joon-jae tries to usher his father out, saying that it’s dangerous for him here. Dad scoffs at that, but Joon-jae tells him that Stepmom was behind Ajusshi’s accident, as well as Dad’s condition. But I guess that just sounds like childish complaining, because Dad bristles, taking Joon-jae to task for coming home for the first time in years and accusing his mother. Joon-jae, on the other hand, takes offense to that use of “mother.”

Dad says defensively that Joon-jae must want for him to admit he was wrong about everything, and Joon-jae readily agrees. But Dad says it was his life and his choices, insisting, “I wasn’t wrong. I was happy.” He says that his eyes will heal with surgery, clinging to his denial.

Upset at his father’s reaction, Joon-jae says, “I’m not the only thing you can’t see right now. You can’t see anything. You have no intention of seeing how far your life has fallen.” But Dad thinks Joon-jae is only driven by hate of his stepmother, saying that she’s a kind woman who waited for his return for years. “I know her best,” Dad says. “What do you know?!”

At that, Joon-jae lays out the facts: Stepmom’s real name, and her backstory, with two dead husbands. That shocks the chairman, even as he insists weakly that it’s all nonsense. Joon-jae says that Dad doesn’t have to believe him, but he refuses to leave him here, and intends to drag him by force if necessary.

Joon-jae reaches for Dad’s arm, and at that, Dad bursts out, “They say you go around conning people! And now you’re acting like this to your own father, you bad guy?” Stung, Joon-jae lets go of his arm.

The housekeeper calls Chi-hyun to tell him that the exterminators seem strange, and that there are loud voices from the chairman’s room saying something about Father. Guessing that Joon-jae’s there, Chi-hyun tells her not to let Dad leave the house and to call the police if necessary. He also supposes that Chung called him to draw him out.

Chi-hyun drives off in a hurry, leaving Chung on her own—and that’s when Dae-young, who’s been lurking, steps out and approaches Chung in the parking lot. She doesn’t seem scared and starts walking toward him, and doesn’t even seem that fazed by the hammer he holds up.

But suddenly, Dae-young throws it upward—not at her, but at the pipe above, triggering the sprinkler system.

Chung starts running as water spurts from the pipes, and Dae-young chases. She makes it into the stairwell without being sprayed, and runs up with Dae-young close behind. Near the top, she heads through the door—and when Dae-young opens the door moments later, he’s surprised to find her standing right in front of it, waiting for him.

Chung grabs his arm and pulls him out onto the rooftop, warning that his memories will erase now, and then he’ll be apprehended. Dae-young tries to pull his hand away, but she grips tightly, telling him that he’ll be in a kind of hell, not remembering anything but having to pay the punishment anyway.

She closes her eyes to begin the memory wipe, and we see a succession of murders flash through his mind: a man in a stairwell, a woman in a field, Younger Stepmom crying over a body, Adolescent Stepmom and her adoptive father…

Then his Joseon lifetime mixes in with the images, and the scenes play in Chung’s mind too. She watches the scenes from Se-hwa’s life that involved Lord Yang, such as her initial capture and reunion with Dam-ryung, culminating in the final encounter in the water when Dam-ryung had thrown himself in the path of the harpoon meant for her.

In shock, Chung lets go of Dae-young’s hand as she remembers Joon-jae telling her of Dam-ryung and Se-hwa’s happy ending, horrified to realize it was all a lie.


Oh noooo, why do I have a sinking feeling about this discovery? I was pleasantly surprised when Joon-jae found out the truth of Chung’s heart and didn’t insist she return to the sea or do some other nobly stupid thing “for her own good.” I was relieved when his response to seeing Dam-ryung’s and Se-hwa’s tragic fates was to decide that it was an opportunity for him to change his ending with Chung, especially when this couple is so darn cute when they’re together and open about their feelings.

But now that Chung sees that fateful ending for herself, I wonder if it’s too much to expect for a similar reaction from her. For one, this is a mermaid story, and dramas do love to play with the story of that little mermaid who died while her prince lived on. I don’t for a second believe that’s what’ll happen, but that doesn’t mean we won’t flirt with that angst. And I don’t love the whole “If anything ever happens to me” speech Chung made to Mom. (I’ll comfort myself with the recollection that Joon-jae said that too, and that didn’t lead to too much trauma.) I just hope that the show will continue its pattern of addressing conflicts swiftly and letting them move aside, not lingering too long in them.

I’m intrigued by this revelation of Joseon’s version of Chi-hyun and Nam-doo being in cahoots. It wasn’t at all a surprise that Joseon Chi-hyun was involved, or that Nam-doo would turn out to be dark, since those are elements that have been teased before. I just didn’t expect them to be in cahoots, and now find myself really curious to know if modern-day Nam-doo has anything to do with Chi-hyun or his mother.

I wonder if it’s purely optimism to think that there’s still hope for either/both Chi-hyun and Nam-doo—I’d like to believe that there is, not just because I want them to shed their dark sides but also because I find them more interesting that way. Both are well-acted, by actors who know how to play up both good and bad aspects in their performances for morally ambiguity, and both have flashes of something promising in their personalities. Does having one trajectory in the Joseon timeline guarantee that their modern counterparts will follow? I really feel like it’s up to them to decide which way to tip, and not a foregone conclusion of fate. Which we can then extrapolate to the drama as a whole, in an optimistic sense, because I’d rather believe in Joon-jae’s declaration that fate isn’t fixed, but changeable. In that sense, tragedy can be used to prevent future tragedy, rather than predicting it.


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  1. gureum

    At this point, the character that scares me the most is Nam Doo hyung. I freaked out when he started to remember bits and pieces of what Cheong erased…chills

    • 1.1 JessA

      His reaction when he realized Chung was a mermaid terrified me. I am legit scared for her if he gets his memories back. Especially since we know he was up to no good in the past. But Chung just might need to do him like Dae-young. Just wipe it all, girl!

    • 1.2 Outfromlurking

      Yes, JND is the scariest of them all, especially because he has the advantage of hitting HJJ from the back and unexpectedly. Chills.

    • 1.3 Grace

      My whole thing is why is he even beginning to remember anything?! Why is this memory wipe thing so weak?!

      • 1.3.1 Outfromlurking

        Being exposed to the same person, the same room, same toe stubbing may have something to do with his recollection of memories. Also, SC said herself that she has been away from sea too long so her ability to erase memories weakened.

      • 1.3.2 Vin

        Maybe it’s because Chung just use her hand touch to erase it? Using kiss is the most powerful memory eraser.

      • 1.3.3 Kai

        I vaguely rmbr SC saying its her first time wiping people’s memories on land instead of water and she didn’t know it’ll work as well. So I’m guessing the memory-wiping power doesn’t work as well on land?

    • 1.4 AniLoh

      He’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Even after 16 episodes, I can’t pin point if:
      1) he’s evil
      2) he pretends to be evil
      3) he is not exactly evil
      4) he pretends to be not evil
      5) he is foolishly evil
      6) he is just a school-bully-kind-of evil
      7) he is actually fatally evil
      8) he is greedily evil

      Till. Now…

      • 1.4.1 Outfromlurking


        After today’s episode, I have this strong feeling that he is actually the one who sent the harpoon to strike KDR and perhaps, they are tricking is by using CH’s body behind the blur but when the actual revelation takes place, it’ll be ND.

        • smittenkitten

          I wonder, too. The only new info this episode revealed is that it was either him or the evil step-brother. When the secretary was having his flashback they showed that one of the men had a ring, then when they showed the hand holding the harpoon it had the same ring. SOOOO… which one? Although one of the last episodes hinted at the step brother.

        • AniLoh

          I guess that is still better than fatally evil. So #8 would suffice.

      • 1.4.2 Shefa

        What is he’s just foolishly evil? You know, the kind of evil that’s shown in cartoons?

        A person/character enough to scare people but is just an epic fail at the end…

        I guess it could be 5+8+4.

      • 1.4.3 Luc

        Still wishing for No. 3. I mean, he’s a big part of the gang that IF he turns out evil, I just can’t….

    • 1.5 Kendi

      I think he will be evil for a while but then turns into a good guy later, dying good guy probably.

      I doubt everything will happen exactly like the Joseon timeline, for starter, I still believe the leads story will end happily, just like YFAS. Tragic past, happy future.

    • 1.6 nchoe

      Yes. He’s the scariest out of the 4 baddies since he’s Joon-jae and Chung’s friend and they trust him, he lives with them, he knows Joon-jae and Chung’s characters very well, not to mention his erased memories are coming back slowly but surely.

      Aaah… even though I’m sad that I lose another character to join the good side (I should’ve known that Nam-doo is a bad guy, he styles his hair up… duh!), I’m still feel glad because finally I get what I’ve been wanting from this show. For the first time, I can feel that our OTP is in a real danger… which means that this show is doing a good job.

      I love Chung in this episode though. She’s such a badass!!! Yeokshii… she’s smarter and more proactive than Sae-hwa. I’m sure she’ll make it till the end (I had no idea that when she’s erasing someone’s memory, she’ll be able to see that memory as well though.)

      • 1.6.1 Kai

        I’m still hoping Nam-Doo won’t turn full evil and be a better person in the current timeline! T_T

      • 1.6.2 gureum

        It’s quite interesting that when she takes away memories, she literally takes them away, like she’s absorbing them through touch. We never got to realize this until now though, since Cheong has always taken memories that she was a part of.

    • 1.7 Lulu

      OMG yes! I said it before in pasts comments, Nam Doo is a bad guy, I knew it and said it. He’s being a bad guy since the beginnig, I bet he conned HJJ because of his father’s money.

      That past scene just confirmed it to me.

      I felt like playing clue… I bet he was involved in KDR-SeHwa death… I said it before too… {

  2. L


    • 2.1 Van

      Exactly! 👍🏼 Let’s learn from this future dramas! I’m so proud of everyone for respecting and properly utilizing the rules of the road.

    • 2.2 Lenny

      Yes!!! I was too worried to watch the episode so I had to come here first to read if there was a truck of doom. So happy that cliche did not make it into this drama. Also very happy that Manager Nam is not dead 🙂 yes, he’s in a coma but there’s still hope. Maybe CH won’t be evil somehow in this world. I have a feeling that Nam Do will be the one I want to rip his eyes out

    • 2.3 Kethy-chan

      i knooooooow !!!!
      So grateful !!!

    • 2.4 Charul

      I KNOW RYT!!! I was so glad too!…. Their reunion was one of the best… I challenged myself not to tear up… When they showed young HJJ mom I stopped breathing… But when they showed the anxious face of young HJJ (He was crying too!!)… That’s it… Tears started to roll down automatically…

    • 2.5 WishfulToki

      I know!! I was still anxious as their feet were moving across the crosswalk. But then it was over, yay! And Joon-Jae is the best antidote to Truck of Doom casualties: ‘mother, you and Chung need to watch out for cars on the road!’. You tell them HJJ. 😀

  3. Newbee

    I must admit that this drama made me see LMH in a new light. I have never have had any special love for LMH despite the fact that I get infatuated to actors very quickly. I always felt he is overrated and could never understand what’s with all this fanfrenzy surrounding him even after watching best of his dramas.

    I came here for the writer and JJH since I loved her so much in MLFAS. But I should admit that more than the story and JJH I am drawn to LMH like everyone else. He smiles a lot and his expressions are so nuanced. Sad that it’s gonna end soon. But hoping that he takes up more roles like this.

    • 3.1 안혜진

      Same here.
      Watching him working that pink coat at the beginning..: I’ve fallen hard haha

      • 3.1.1 SmittenKitten

        Man, that guy can pull off pink!

        • Kethy-chan


        • Luc

          Don’t forget Neon Green. Hairy Neon Green, at that. *tries erasing from memory*

          • SmittenKitten

            I *loved* that fuzzy sweater. I wish I had one of those, looks so cute and cozy!

    • 3.2 JessA

      Same. I watched City Hunter and a little bit of Heirs and Boys over Flowers and wasn’t that impressed. But he is doing his thing in LotBS! I love his portrayal of Heo Joon-jae so much. Heo Joon-jae was made for him. Also, watching him in LotBS got me to watch Faith. These 2 shows are my favorite of LMH’s dramas.

      • 3.2.1 Outfromlurking

        Lee Min Ho as Choi Young in Faith is dear to my heart.

        • hasy

          OMGOSH!! I’m so happy to see some Faith fans in here. I have actually watched every drama Lee Min-ho was in (BBF and after) but besides Heirs (never will). I LOVED LEE MIN HO in Faith and honestly, I think there are different nuances when it comes to these shows. He was so serious in Faith and he is a COMEDIC genius in here.

      • 3.2.2 AniLoh

        Dude, Personal Taste also deserves to be there.

        LMH rocked it in that drama and according to a poll, the best look that LMH carried was in Personal Taste.

        Through that drama, he showed that he can also do comedy, be it sadistic or slapstick.

        • Outfromlurking

          It’s funny how we all find him charming in roles that are different from each other. I guess it’s personal taste (pun intended). I actually find it extremely charming in City Hunter.

          But, I think we can all agree he’s doing a great job in LOTBS.

          • Outfromlurking

            Him extremely*

          • AniLoh

            I definitely loved him in all his post-2009 dramas except Heirs and only because that choice of drama sucked on LMH, although he acted well.

            It’s just that I find Personal Taste mostly vanishes because the drama before and after Personal Taste were blockbusters and career-boosters for him.

        • gherk

          OMG, I LOVE PERSONAL TASTE!! Even after watching tons of dramas in various Asian languages, I still haven’t seen a funnier concept of a-straight-guy-acting-as-a-total-gay EVER!!!

          And yes, his looks, smile, hair (I died), clothes were chosen excellently there. And then there was City Hunter (for suaveee and swaggg), BOF (for bad boy avatar), Faith (for sageuk). Heirs was just meh.

          • Leeminholove

            I love how everyone is liking him very much…. Though I don’t want to share him with anyone but still I’m loving when everyone praises him…kamsanmida….
            I totally love all of his drama and every character is different from each other either 1arrogant boy GOO JUN PYU,2 gay (though he was not)JIN HO,3 action hero country saviour LEE YOON SUNG,4 daejang CHOI YOUNG or 5lover boy KIM TAN,
            6dreamy boy GONG CHAN (mackerel run)
            I’ll always cheer for him !!!!

        • JessA

          I’ve never seen Personal Taste but I will add it to my list! Especially if he is as good as you say he is.

      • 3.2.3 Ma. Selena

        If you really want to see the best drama LEE MIN-HO did, watch PERSONAL TASTE or Personal Preference. He was really very good there and his chemistry with Son Hye-jin is the best he’s ever had with any of his leading ladies… aside, of course from Jun Ji-hyun, which we are seeing now in LEGEND of the Blue Sea.

        • AniLoh

          I thought I was the only one to think of Personal Taste here..hehe. yes, SYJ was also too good.

          • PakalanaPikake

            I’m late to the party. Just wanted to state that I really enjoyed LMH’s performance in PERSONAL TASTE, which I watched a couple of months ago. Marathoned it in a couple of days while live-watching MOON LOVERS and MOONLIGHT, so my memory of it is not as sharp as it could be. The “Game Over” kiss was epic. Ryoo Seung-Ryong was simply terrific in episode 7, whose emotional weight was reminiscent of Han-Gyul’s “alien kiss” scene in COFFEE PRINCE, cup 10. And Jung Sung-Hwa had me laughing my head off, as I recall. Enjoyed Kim Ji-suk’s next role after CHUNO, too.

            I thought LMH did well as Choi Young, too, but looked a little too young to pass for 29, IIRC. After that five-year time jump, he still looked too baby-faced to pass for a grizzled veteran, IMHO. And he didn’t have the build of a 30ish guy — like he does now. But I still loved his deadpan performance. And the cracktastic OST!

          • AniLoh


            OMG, I remember, that Game Over Kiss changed the whole LMH kiss perception because his kisses in BOF were not that great.

            I don’t remember the vamp’s name but she was just so good in that role and I remember that she looked really pretty as well.

            Yes, PT was a great drama and my first drama as well.

        • Klurker

          Yes, yes, yes to Personal Taste! I love that quirky drama with all its crazy characters. LMH did shine in that one. <3

      • 3.2.4 Lucifer

        I wanna ask something.

        When nobody likes Heirs and everybody is of the opinion that LMH could had done better, why is it still popular/loved/awarded?

        -From an unknowledgable fan (me)

        • AniLoh

          1) A star pairing of LMH and PSH (the two popular Hallyu stars). Naturally, the drama was sold.

          2) A star writer, who was then extremely popular for Secret Garden, another Hallyu drama.

          3) Too many good looking up-and-coming stars and a sea of popular idols, supporting actors, villains (including Kim Woo Bin, Kyrstal, Min Hyuk, Choi Jin Hyuk).

          4) An SBS venture that was shot in LA. Foreign shootings gain too much buzz always- a tried-and-tested formula applied to many dramas (including LOBS, shot in Spain, initially).

          5) A relatable and then-popular high school genre. Many high-school genre dramas had come then in 2013.

          6) [From the viewpoint of local Koreans] SBS had a series of hit dramas one after the other at that point, on those days and at that same time slot. [I Can Hear Your Voice, Master’s Sun and then Heirs].

          And the reason why YFAS got a good start during the pilot was because YFAS replaced Heirs. Yes, again at the same time slot and same day.

          That’s how Korean audience perceived it. For us, international viewers, #1, #2 and #3 were enough to “lure” us to watch it. And it was a rat trap for many. Haha!

          In fact, my first reaction was also something like, “OMG, LMH and PSH are coming together in a KES story?” *dies*.

          This was also my reaction for LOBS: “OMG, LMH and JJH are coming together in a PJE story?” *dies*

          • rhinestone

            OMG. bang on!

            Also, I never knew that ICHYV was replaced by MS and MS was replaced by Heirs and Heirs by YFAS. Then, SBS might have had a successful year then.

            Coincidentally, I have watched all 4. Haha!

            And that is how even I had reacted for both Heirs and LOBS. Hahaha! That’s so me.

          • hhgj

            I also never knew that these 4 shows came in succession. #Newknowledge

            @rhinestone, yes and running man was nearly at its peak in 2013 with too many foreign shootings as well.

            So, 4 shows+ Running Man= super duper lucky year for SBS.

          • caligirl

            My reaction was exactly the same as yours. Hahahaha!!

          • PakalanaPikake

            For those who have not yet discovered the joys of AsianWiki or DramaWiki, both sites include information on the shows preceding and following each drama listing in the broadcasters’ schedules.

            I especially like AsianWiki because of the thumbnail mugshots they include for the main cast. It’s very helpful, especially when watching a sageuk with a cast of thousands. 😉

            In addition to alternate English titles, there are links to the actors’, directors’, and writers’ filmographies. I sometimes find that DramaWiki is a bit more comprehensive in that regard. It’s been especially helpful for tracking down information on drama specials, usually 1 to several episodes in length. KBS has made a ton of them over the years, many of which are subtitled in English and available on YouTube on the KBS World TV channel.

            I went bonkers looking for the 2008 series KOREAN GHOST STORIES, and managed to locate it under the title HOMETOWN LEGENDS with the help of DramaWiki. It’s pretty good if you like Joseon-era mini-sageuks.

          • Lucifer

            Thanks, @AniLoh.

            I agree @rhinestone and @hhgj, even I didn’t knew that these shows came one after the other.

            Thanks @Pakalana, I have seen that website. But I still wouldn’t have had known that ICHYV preceeded Master’s Sun. I am so ignorant. Haha!

            Also, AniLoh, even I had thought that LMH+PSH+KES would means a super duper amazing drama. It was a blockbuster (at least for the cast), but I still never understood why it was even liked when I don’t recommend Heirs to anyone.

          • Leeminholove

            Lee min ho after this drama he is going to army *dies*
            BTW LMH I’ll cheer for you

        • Dee

          Along with a great answer of AniLoh, I will say a few things.

          It is:-
          popular: because we watched it and number of view increased.

          awarded: because we watched it and number of views increased.

          loved: because some people feel that they have to be loyal to either LMH or KWB or PSH or the writer-nim. Or because some people genuinely want to love the drama by any means.

          Moral of the story: “Heirs” was a piece of cheese. We were mice. And the whole thing was a trap. Period.

          • AniLoh

            “Heirs” was a piece of cheese. We were mice. And the whole thing was a trap. Period.

            Yes. Haha, brilliant analogy! Lol…And that’s why we were lured. Like mice.

          • caligirl

            Haha, +10000 for the closing sentence.

          • PakalanaPikake



            Just substitute MOON LOVERS and you’ll know why I have a SCARRED HEART. LOL.

            LJG delivered with bells on. That’s why I watched.

            Trapped Mouse 😉

          • Lucifer


            The only reason why I watched it was because I “heard and saw” that there were great actors and great writer.

          • AniLoh

            @Palakana, is Scarlet Ryeo a good show? I always hear mixed reviews and the only people who tell me to watch it are those who ship the OTP.

            I can’t waste 20 hours on an indecisive drama, the reason why I can’t watch Uncontrollably fond.

          • Luc

            I’m still thinking about walking into that trap to get a glimpse of Park Hyun Sik and Kang Min Hyuk. I should probably just fast-forward everything but them?

          • WishfulToki

            Cheddar cheese, brie or Blue Cheese? To me Heirs was more like fondue. I can only have so much fondue.

            It’s funny though how actors who had minor roles in Heirs have really made a name for themselves: Kang Ha Neul probably was my favourite character. Kim Ji Won was good too, but the story didn’t favour either of these.

            Now, watching Hwarang, Park Hyung Sik looked really familiar, so I looked him up… guess what? He was in Heirs, as a forgettable high schooler with a camera.

            So, for these actors’ career Heirs was good because it made them known to a lot of people.

            But yes, the rest of us were like trapped mice squeaking pretty please make the girl stop crying.

          • PakalanaPikake

            @ AniLoh January 12th, 2017 at 5:02 AM

            @Palakana, is Scarlet Ryeo a good show? I always hear mixed reviews and the only people who tell me to watch it are those who ship the OTP.

            Sorry to take so long to get back to you.

            Unless you’re a hopeless Lee Joon-Gi junkie like I am, you’d do well to give MOON LOVERS a pass. His performance was terrific, as I expected. Then again, I’d watch him read the phone book, preferably in Three Kingdoms-era garb. 😉

            MOON LOVERS had its moments, but there weren’t enough of them, and they weren’t organized well enough to yield a satisfying epic. The editing and the flow of transitions were too often puzzling or illogical. I ended up feeling frustrated with the show’s missed opportunities. That said, there were a few iconic scenes that were gorgeous and deeply touching (e.g., the death of Lady Hae, the demise of Court Lady Oh, Hae-su examining So’s scars, the rain ceremony). YMMV.

        • Petmink

          Despite me not liking Lee Min Ho after Heirs, it had some good parts.
          The hilarious frienemyship between the moms.
          The secondary pairing was cute.
          The dialogue was fun and zippy.
          Basically it was a lot of fluff acted out by a lot of very pretty people.

          • AniLoh

            Exactly. And that’s all because KES had written the story. Believe me but Secret Garden is my favourite drama, DoTS is 2016’s hallyu and Goblin is a talked-about show.

            No doubt she’s a great writer.

            So, it ultimately boils down to #1, #2 and #3.

          • Klurker

            True. KES knows how to choose the best ingredients (and some secret spices) to come up with an expensive looking dish. There’s good stuff in between, bits and pieces of good meat enough to sustain the viewers, although the sum of the parts may not come out as great.

          • Djkeb

            Man, I love Goblin. And even I love Secret Garden (my fav drama too). And even DOTS was still better than Heirs.

            And even after all these things, I can’t believe she had written Heirs. *gulps*.

          • Diana


            HAHAHAHAHA, I KNOW RIGHT? My reaction when Goblin came was like: Such a brilliant story. She wrote this year’s hallyu too. And how did that great mind think about writing Heirs?

          • AniLoh

            When “The great” Hong sisters could make a BIG mistake, why can’t KES?

            Even SJN wrote a flawed script of Faith when she’s the one who even wrote Healer’s script and even W’s script (although maybe she forgot her own set rules in W, W was a breakthrough drama).

          • Alice Mendoza

            I am replying to @Aniloh regarding Scarlet Heart Ryeo – I suggest you read through the recaps and just pick scenes with LJG & IU (or any of your favourite princes) – do not watch the whole 20 episodes because you will end up trying to stop yourself from damaging your viewing gadget / device in utter disbelieving disappointment … sigh … another effing family politics drama of course – with so many princes in a saguek too. And it’s actually a more rushed and hurried KDrama version of a Chinese period drama (same storyline but different setting). The Chinese one has about twice as many or more episodes, so the characters AND STORYLINE were much more developed whereas the KDrama version leaves viewers scratching their heads (at best) or fuming in exasperation … SIGH … and LJG was just so daebak – he saved the drama. It was a complete mess.

        • Leeminholove

          Seems like you haven’t seen his dramas….
          LMH is a great and good actor he has acted well in boys over flowers ,personal taste,city hunter,faith,heirs,even his movies gangnum blues, bounty hunters were mind blowing…..
          He did hiers because he said in an interview that he wanted to again experience school boy role in his 27 (back then when he did hiers)
          And why he is popular because the foremost reason is that because of him (bof)many international fans including me got connected with kdrama..Bof is first drama of many of us….
          And important reason is after seeing GOO JUN PYO every fangirl wanted a boyfriend like him and they started watching his another work….BUT if still you want to know then you should try watching his dramas you’ll definitely know why we like him…..I insists 🙂 🙂

      • 3.2.5 Charul

        Did you say FAITH ?!!! That drama is so close to my heart… LMH was too good as warrior Choi Young… It took me sooo many days to get over him as Choi Young and move on to the next drama… But unlike in LOTBS, LMH had a very serious, mature role in Faith…. But he nailed that one well too… He’s really a great actor…

    • 3.3 Alice Mendoza

      Agree with you +100000000000000000000000000!!!
      EXCELLENT actor extraordinaire!
      I am waiting to ‘recover ‘ & let go of HJJ (I will need some time!) before I watch Gangnam Blues!

    • 3.4 Nicjumma

      Hi Newbie!
      It’s like you wrote EXACTLY my thoughts and feelings. Definitely seeing LMH in a new light. Along with the smiles and expressions, I’m just adoring his dimples.:D

      • 3.4.1 Leeminholove

        Yeah!! He is very attractive!! 😛

    • 3.5 opheliablack

      I still have my doubts about LMH. I see what you’re saying when it comes to sad emotions and happy emotions. I think what bothers me is that he doesn’t act well as part of a couple. I never believe that he falls in love with any of love interests. Every time he has to hug or kiss in a way that is not brotherly, he looks like he’s struggling and can’t wait to get it over with. Who kisses with eyes open!? 🙁 Even that peck that he gives her is with his eyes open. Weird! He comes off as completely asexual. Not a biggie in real life, but as an actor… Especially when I compare him to someone like Jo Jung Suck who always believably acts like he’s into his love interest. Or even the couple from Another Miss Oh. They act like they WANT to kiss each other. Like they actually LIKE it. Never have I seen that with LMH. But loved this episode and most everything else about this show.

      • 3.5.1 Moon

        I beg to disagree. He is one if not the best kisser in dramaland IMHO. You really should watch Personal Taste. He had a lot of kissing scenes with Son Ye Jin there and it was anything but asexual.

        • KrisS

          +1000000 Add Gangnam Blues, City Hunter, and Heirs closet kiss to the list. You can’t compare JI kiss with LOTBS kiss esp. in todays episode which is supposed to be a fun and quick peck on the lips. and not a passionate or serious kiss.

          • opheliablack

            Kisses are kisses are kisses when they are done right, whether quick and fun or passionate and long. It’s not about the length, but the feeling behind them and to me he just doesn’t, no can’t make the connection to show it. Sorry ladies, let’s agree to disagree.

        • opheliablack

          I’ve seen PT and thought the same there. No connection and blah kisses.

    • 3.6 Leeminholove

      But we have to wait Long for his next project because he is going to join army soon… 🙁 cries

  4. AM

    Sigh … my comments kept disappearing … thanks for the recap … am freaking out now because am wondering whether the writer will separate our OTP and give us an open ending …
    I am still wondering which underwater scenes JJH was shooting on 31 Dec 2016 – according to LMH, that was why she couldn’t attend the Awards ceremony… it could mean SC has to go back to the sea …

    • 4.1 Hello

      I think the scene was SC and nam doo’s scene. Where he found out about SC and got it erased. Bcoz that is the scene where HJJ was not required.

      • 4.1.1 Leeminholove

        Yes! I agree with you….but still nam doo was also in the award ceremony
        But not to worry we’ll have a happy ending…..:)

  5. Outfromlurking

    Amazing episode!

    Lee Min Ho! You’ve outdone yourself! He expressed all the pain, frustration, and disbelief flawlessly! I can feel all the emotions as he struggles to not break down in tears. HJJ’s desparation to save his father left me breathless and touched. It’s sad to see how his father refuse his help and even accuse him of trying to deceive him. Acting on point! Enough said!

    The ending was as intense as I’d want it to be. It’s heartbreaking to see how hurt she is seeing her past. The great thing is, SC is now on the same page as HJJ. I love JJH in this scene! She expressed the agony of the truth beautifully, as she cries and calls him a liar breathlessly.

    I can’t seem to get enough of this drama. Why do you do this to me? Especially with only 4 episodes left!

    • 5.1 AniLoh

      Wow, you echo my thoughts. That’s what I think as well. Agreed 200%.. 😀

      He definitely has polished up for this drama and he gave it his all.

  6. Mzpakipot

    I wonder if the writers of this drama and dokkaebi shared notes on how to loss/gain memories by touching or kissing.. 😅😅😅 Don’t get me wrong, I love both drama. ❤️❤️❤️

    • 6.1 Van

      That’d be something, huh? I kinda wanna see a meta-filled drama showing the BTS of Dramaland a la King of Dramas and see a scene of writers getting together to share (or steal? Ooh, scandalous) ideas and gah, why aren’t there more fun meta-filled dramas? Anyways, while I don’t think that was the case, I do remember noticing some similarities between Goblin and Legend. Or maybe I’m just so obsessed with Goblin that I see aspects of it in everything else… yeah, that’s probably it.

    • 6.2 AniLoh

      And here I was wondering which drama you’re talking about when it means Goblin. *Facepalm*

      There’s one hugeeee similarity between the two and that is again a correlation/parallel between the past and present.

      • 6.2.1 Sandra James

        OMG, same here. I skipped this comment because I thought I don’t know any drama named dokkaebi but after reading Van’s answer, I realised that it means Goblin. Hahahaha!

        Perks of not knowing Korean properly.

    • 6.3 Manel

      I think that both drama are based on YFAS. One that plagiarized her own drama (the kiss in YFAS have other side effect though 🙂 ).Both drama have a sageuk tragic part with reincarnation or an old living soul (Goblin and do min jo), fantasy elements but I think surprisingly KES version is better and the director is really good.

      • 6.3.1 Diana

        Goblin is older than Do Min Joon by maybe 500 years. Haha…

        But yes, there’s teleporting, after-effect kiss, tragic joseon era and a reincarnation theory.

        But you know what actually works the best? The camaraderie between the Goblin and the Grim Reaper. Oh how amazing that is!

      • 6.3.2 AniLoh

        Most of the bromances that I have seen were between young cast. But this is a very unique bromance in Goblin to which I agree with @Diana.

        Goblin actually warms heart (psychologically). It’s theme and color (if you notice) is really subtle. The color theme actually makes the drama greater. If you notice, when the moments are happy, the colors are warm (red, yellow, orange, etc.) and when it’s sad, colors are cold and dark.

  7. Pink Octopus

    💙💙💙Lee Min ho’s acting in that father-son scene was DAEBAAAk!!! His facial expressions, eyeees 😢😢😢😢😢 love you Hoe jun Jaeee!! Lee Min Ho is Rocking!!! 😎😎😎😎

    PS LMH looks so handsome in that father-son scene. The scene is intense ans sad but he looks HOT 😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😆😆😆

    • 7.1 Leeminholove

      Totally agree with you all those emotions angst everything was so beautiful. I was falling again and again for him….

  8. paramount

    even if this love story ends in heartbreak, i pray for mom to get her vengeance on evil stepmom!!
    i was also really surprised to see chi hyun & nam doo together! i expected one or the other but both of them…. kudos to this show for surprising me.
    i’m honestly sad that they are both evil tho, & it would kind of be nice if they DON’T go that route & show us that this fate isn’t predetermined by past lives… therefore chung & joon jae can be together!

    • 8.1 caligirl

      NOOO! Walls also have ears. I really don’t want a sad ending for the OTP. :'(

  9. JessA

    For a moment, I forgot Chung is not a mermaid in distress. I was screaming for her to run and when I saw her standing behind that door waiting for Dae-young, it hit me… Chung is the G.O.A.T! I was scared a bit for but she got this! I was worried for nothing.

    • 9.1 Van

      Haha! I was scared for her, too! But like you, I remembered she’s not your average girl (she’s way cooler and more awesome with a wicked fashion sense!) and believed that she’d be okay on her own. LOVED that she was standing right there waiting for him when he opened the door. But what’s a G.O.A.T? Lol.

      • 9.1.1 submonkey

        I believe it’s “Greatest Of All Time.”

      • 9.1.2 Phelps

        Actually it stands for Greatest Olympian of All Time. “Of” is a conjunction and is usually not featured in acronyms.

        • JessA

          lol! Well, she did swim for 3 mos and she outran the sprinkler system like a boss so you might have a point there. 😂

      • 9.1.3 JessA

        It’s the greatest of all time. lol

    • 9.2 Grace

      Loved that scene where she’s standing there at the door just waiting for him. Daebak!!! I enjoyed scary Ma Dae Young having his own little startled jump upon seeing her there.

    • 9.3 Alice Mendoza

      Agree with you +10000000000000000000!
      JJH is DAEBAK!! I am going to watch all her movies all over again!!! Especially My Sassy Girl!

  10. 10 Lord Cobol

    If the only way in & out of Chung’s room is that ladder and the tiny sliding door, how did the furniture get there? That huge bed??

    • 10.1 Mythicalove

      Hahaha, isn’t it funny how we choose to question certain things that makes way more sense than what’s actually at stake? A few girls and I were wondering how SC manages to get out of the pool without flopping, and suddenly in the midst of discussing it, I realized, we have a drama with a mermaid who can walk on land, she cries pearls, and her heart only beats for man in all eternity and here we are, discussing issues that are much smaller? Lol.

      • 10.1.1 JessA

        I was literally thinking this! Haha! Like with all that’s at stake, this would be the takeaway. lol

        And Lord Corbol, they could have moved the furniture in before installing the doors.

      • 10.1.2 Tipani

        I get caught up in those details too lol.

        In this drama, I also wonder about people’s sleepwear – whenever they show characters in bed, they are almost always still dressed like they are ready to go out! Joonjae in his sweaters…Chung in a dress… PJs anyone?? 😛

        • Alice Mendoza

          Yup!! Maybe the weather is so cold and they don’t need to bathe before going to bed?? (Uggh!) Also, of course SC CANNOT bathe/shower right??? So she’s forever clean cos she’s a mermaid … hmmm …

    • 10.2 Ahjuma

      Like ikea… assemble on your own

    • 10.3 Van

      Either there are more windows and doors to open up that room or they opened up the roof of the house and put in all the furniture, then put the roof back down. The second one sounds childish, but that’s all I’ve got. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • 10.4 Christina

      In Korea moving companies actually take out windows of places and use a huge crane that lifts the furniture up (really useful when a good number of places in Korea don’t have elevators) and thrb they move furniture into the house through the window

      • 10.4.1 WishfulToki

        Oh my gosh, yes! I learned that in Flower Boy Next Door haha.

    • 10.5 Ammy

      This was a constant question rolling in my mind from when they showed that attic room. How? Now, someone clarify how is it even possible?

    • 10.6 PakalanaPikake

      There are windows up there that face the flat roof..

      I recall seeing movers in action in the film BLOSSOM AGAIN, in which one of the character’s families moved out of their house.

      A platform lift that looked like a mutant hook and ladder fire truck quickly and efficiently glided furniture from upper stories. It was wild, and makes so much more sense than having people ruin their backs carting heavy stuff up and down twisty staircases. The capital investment likely costs a pretty penny, too, but it might make up for it in safety and efficiency — and Chippendale antiques not turned to kindling. 😉

    • 10.7 hellocam

      I just had a vacation in Korea last October and the Airbnb flat I stayed has the same loft setup as Joon-Jae. My sister and I stayed at the loft while my mom and the rest of the family stayed downstairs at the normal bedroom.

      Anyway, I do not know how they move the furnitures but it is possible. The bed and some of the furnitures, I believe, were bolted. They can move the parts then assemble it at the top. Also, when you check Airbnb, you’ll notice that Koreans love lofts. Hehe

      • 10.7.1 Alice Mendoza

        Wow!! Thanks for this info! I will definitely look out for AirBnB lofts if I plan to go to Korea for a holiday!! I love lofts/attics!

  11. 11 Van

    Man, I love it when a drama does things right! We’ve got:

    1. Nobody got ran over while crossing the street.
    2. Chung being the one to reunite Joon-jae with his mom (I was once afraid it’d be Shi-ah, but when I realized she was too selfish to do it, I was reassured that the reunion would happen eventually and it’d be beautiful and even more meaningful because Joon-jae would be with two of the most important women in his life).
    3. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Yes! It’s one of my pet peeves when watching a K drama and something’s (usually fun and exciting) supposed to go down but gets interrupted with something major (like if they got ran over. Just sayin’) and we NEVER GET TO SEE THE HAPPY THING. I always think about that one scene in Boys Before Flowers where Gu Jun-pyo never got to see and eat the kimbap and foods Geum Jan-di prepared for their date…
    4. Joon-jae being able to see his dad in his sad state and then revealing the horrible truth about his evil wife.
    5. Chung erasing Ma Dae-young’s memories! I wasn’t too afraid for her because she’s kinda superhuman, but when he broke the pipes and water squirted everywhere, I was like OMG! I was imaging her turning into a mermaid right then and there. Then they took it up to the roof and I’m like, omg, please don’t push her off. It was sad when she realized that the couple didn’t have a happy ending (aww, it’s one of her favorite things), but I was also worried that she’d stop too early and didn’t erase ALL his memories. What an ending!

    Side note: who else couldn’t help grinning like a fool thinkin’ that Chung’s been watchin’ Goblin (she IS an avid drama fan, after all) and kept wanting to blow out the candles in hopes to summon Mr. Dokaebi, himself? Aha! I know my delusional ass was expecting Gong Yoo to pop up. Sigh… good episode! Can’t get enough of her homeless (oh, excuse me, street person) fashionista friend!

    • 11.1 SmittenKitten

      HA! The candles! How awesome would it be if Goblin showed up? 😀 (I think half of us would faint from deabak overload)

  12. 12 DeeGee

    If Chi Hyeon and Nam Doo were reincarnated again it means there was something unfulfilled in their previous lifetime right? I’m looking forward to find out what happened. I’m so glad the Joseon backstory isn’t totally over yet. I wonder what happened to Dam Ryung’s best friend – he got reincarnated too!

  13. 13 Sweet&Sour

    Okay so we’re at episode 16, and the story still feels like it is in the setup stages. I mean if this was a movie of nothing but fluff, I would be fine with that (because I like fluff and nothing is wrong with fluff). However now we’ve had 16 episodes with barely any movement in the plot, and with boring/bland family backgrounds/stories. I admit the only reason I still watch this is the fluff.

    I don’t mean to offend anyone but LMH is not the type of actor who oozes charisma or has effortless good chemistry with his leading ladies. The only time he had good chemistry with his leading lady was in Faith: Great Doctor. I have to say that him and JJH barely have any chemistry, I feel that they are more brother and sister than anything else.

    In addition LMH’s character could’ve been so much better. Imagine if he was a real con artist, who ends up sort of holding JJH’s character prisoner to get her tears (pearls to sell), instead of the cliche/inane family drama we have now. Or maybe not him, but his partner Nam Doo doing that, and other characters. Then we could’ve seen LMH’s character’s journey to stop being a con artist and find love.

    JJH is one of my favorite k-actresses, and yet I feel that so much more could’ve been done with her character as well. Imagine if she had really been feral in the beginning and without the super human strength, and then slowly learning about humans and human interactions and love. Then learning about the bad side of humans as well. The mermaid theme could’ve been explored so much more, and her pearly tears and the danger that could pause. The conflicts could’ve been so much more compelling, without the need for most of the supporting characters/ family-members that are boring for the most part, and cliche.

    • 13.1 Sweet&Sour

      Wow this was long, but the reason I typed this up is because I can see all the missed/lost potential in this drama. With a creative mermaid premise, the story could’ve been so much better, but alas…

    • 13.2 Outfromlurking

      You and I are certainly watching two completely different dramas. I cannot see eye to eye with you on any points.

    • 13.3 AniLoh

      I, sadly, am on a different boat, then. Because my opinions are exactly opposite to yours.

      However, I agree with one point and that is the underdevelopment of mermaid powers.

      Considering that it’s PJE who wrote this, SC could have had been given a few more and better powers to make the “mermaid-ness” look interesting. Like DMJ’s time-stopping and teleporting ability were super cool and good to watch.

      And every 3rd drama I watch is a family-and-birth-secret drama. Honestly! Used to it now.

      • 13.3.1 Alice Mendoza

        Yes, agree with you totally about the under utilisation of SC’s superhuman mermaid power especially now that she’s loved by HJJ!
        Also, whatever happened to HJJ’s abilities to hypnotize???

        • AniLoh

          All of that got lost in the family drama, I guess…

          I found that hypnotism technique and Tae Oh’s hacking so cool. Thank God City Hunter and Healer had all of these things in plenty.

          Healer was also a family-and-birth-secret-drama but it never lost the “Healer touch” of a hacker ahjumma sitting and guiding Healer. That thing was just so cool.

          This is one thing that I hate about MOSTTT korean dramas. Such cool things just simply vanish near the end due to more overpowering plot lines.

          • San James

            That hacker-and-Healer partnership, with Healer owning some really cool gadgets and running and jumping everywhere with a cute OTP, who together, with their Uncle, solve the birth secret and mystery is what makes Healer so successful internationally.

            Those 4 people (OTP, hacker, uncle) totally sell the drama.
            I have hardly met anyone who would tell me not to watch Healer.

            Even CH was interesting. Honestly (please no offence), I find Healer better than City Hunter. Although LMH and JCW both are equally good and heroine, well, she was same.

            But here, oh noes, such a good sub-plot of 3 con-artists is totally dug under the family-woes, stepmom-CH-MDY-trio and madness here and there.

    • 13.4 Nhi

      Agree with you. I wish the plot was written with more twists. Right now, the plot seems very predictable, and I feel like it is too safely written. It is a pity because this project has a good director, writer, and actors (they all have quality projects in the past).

      I always think more of Lee Min Ho as a Hallyu star than an excellent actor. However, I wish I could see more of him, because I see a lot of potentials in his acting.

      Also, I can’t find any chemistry between him and the female lead…

    • 13.5 Sara

      Agree 100 % I’ve actually dropped the drama and just read the recaps. I have to say I was soooo looking forward to it though 🙁

      1. There is 0 chemistry between the leads. And that is a must for me when watching a drama. I tried and tried to get attached to their love story but it feels empty. I agree that LMH chemistry in Faith and Personal Taste was out the charts!! and while the story in Faith was very flawed, the leads kept me glued to the screen.

      2. Story plot. Some suspense, but averall, nothing much happens and sorry but it feels boring

      3. Sub plots and secondary characters. NOt developed at all and very boring. I found myself forwarding a lot.

      Again, if the chemistry was there, I wouldn’t mind points 2 and 3 so much.

      • 13.5.1 Sweet&Sour

        I am close to dropping this drama too

    • 13.6 Diana

      Okay, before someone pulls the trigger over me, I would say that I agree. But I have one good point to make which I realized when I commented a similar thing down.

      Actors are fine, story is also fine. What sucks with LOBS is the really bad usage of some of the brilliant actors.

      PJE, with all due respect, has taken the best actors. The PD is one of the best. Everything is nice.

      But characters, many of them, are USELESS!!! They are just showpieces. Maybe to look good, maybe to accompany a more important character or maybe to just increase the cast count.

      The only person to be mentioned here by me is Sung Dong Il. That brilliant guy was not even given a well-defined cut-out role. He is also one of those who actually made It’s Okay, That’s Love so interesting. And his comic timing in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was so great.

      In fact, he had more role as Lord Yang. In the present time, I haven’t heard him say even 8 dialogues continuously.

      • 13.6.1 Kendally

        OMG, yes…that guy rocked it wherever he went and here, I don’t know what is he doing. He shouldn’t have had done this drama, maybe he came in only because there were so many good names associated with this.

        Even Jin joo and her husband. Her husband, I remember, had such a great role in Master’s Sun.

        The characters are good, the actors are great. They aren’t used properly. It’s like PJE has no idea what to do with such characters.

        But she used her characters so nicely in YFAS. I still remember that the prosecutor and his partner were given so much screen time. And small but important moments with all characters existed.

        But here, the prosecutors just kill flies because HJJ is enough.

    • 13.7 Sanitymin

      Chemistry is 0. It was still good at the beginning.

      Before anyone bashes me, I am honestly telling you that this family drama crap has become too heavy and has literally eaten every other interesting subplots.

      All that is left is to find the killer that too in the Joseon era, unveil evil stepmom, MDY and would-be evil Chi Hyeon. And then the cute OTP will be together with a few more problems here and there.

      You know the one of the best scenes in this drama was when HJJ sleekly took the jade bracelet off her hand.

      I initially thought that HJJ was actually a 100% bad guy and become great slowly. (Based on those teasers and that trickster magazine cover).

      Even though this was achieved, the biggest flaw is a cliched and extremely dominating family drama which I simply hate hate hate.

      • 13.7.1 Alice Mendoza

        Sigh … all romance and comedy flewnout of the window … (or screen) because family politics come first … WTH … I am seriously doubting whether the OTP will progress beyond any more displays of affection because even though I am so shipping this drama, I kinda feel like I am on a sinking ship (with no mermaid in sight …)
        Why or WHY did they waste talents like JJH & LMH???

      • 13.7.2 Sadly agree

        I agree.. I thought the HJJ and the mermaid became very blend characters from episodes 4 onwards.. I wouldnt say they have zero chemistry but it didnt feel as engaging as Faith and YFAS.. No amount of skinship can make up for the lack of relationship and character development, not just for the main couple but for the supporting cast. The evil mom/bro plot is really really predictable as well and the antagonists are so one dimensional so I’m watching only for these 2 leads. I say this as a fan of LMH who has gone to his FM.. I’m kind of disappointed he chose this and that slapstick china movie as his last works before going into military service. He’s not a bad actor (not the best of course) but he needs to choose less safe projects like gangnam blues in the future.

    • 13.8 Sunshiner

      @Sweet&Sour, you don’t need to apologize.

      I can’t even defend this answer. Because this answer is harshly true. Those who think that EVERY single point of Sweet&Sour’s comment is false, you are lying to yourself/ are not ready to accept.

      I am one of the biggest fans of LMH and JJH. I followed this drama since June 1, 2016, when the news of their drama came out.

      The problems with this drama are:

      1) A really tiring, heavy and cliched family drama plotline. Dude, it’s 2017. What the heck are you guys thinking before showing?

      2) This time, the love triangle exists among the elder people. But it’s still there.

      3) What I (and most of us) thought before coming here? A sweet, cute and probably a bit tragic drama centered around our beautiful OTP.
      What we are getting? A drama whose main purposes are to find the killer and give a happy ending to OTP.

      4) A constant overshadowing and comparison with YFAS, a super duper blockbuster predecessor that excelled in all departments and lagged a bit in romance.

      5) Who are we to complain about romance when chemistry is decreasing day-by-day due to more impressing plots?

      6) Pathetic usage of characters. MDY could have had been made to look and feel scary. Shi Ah could either be a second lead or a vamp. Yoo Na a guardian angel for SC. More screen time to the police officers, Jin Joo, her husband.

      7) No clear relationship (except of the OTP). We don’t know how deep Shi Ah-Nam Doo, Shi Ah-Jin Joo, Shi Ah- her own brother, Yoona-SC, etc. relationships are.

      • 13.8.1 Djhj

        This, Sunshiner, defines why I am frustrated right now.

        No, it’s totally true that this dramas has become a mess.

        LOBS= Little Mermaid (only in bits) + YFAS (only in bits) + A cliched family-drama-with-a-lost-mom-lost-son-lost-happiness-etc.

        It’s so damn predictable right now (of course the murderer part). Our pair went through so much to reunite, find the murderer/real threat and be happy.

        So does every. damn. cliched. korean. drama. on. this. planet.

        There’s nothing wrong with actors, direction, editing. The only think that went wrong is perhaps the story.

        I am not a connoisseur, but as an audience, I know that it went wrong somewhere. It’s just not what we were expecting it to be.

        All of us have only compromised with this drama by finding the good points. But, underneath, it’s totally cliched. We all know this. But we aren’t ready to acknowledge it.

        I am a shipper of this drama, but yes, I am saying this, that 16 episodes should have had been enough for LOBS. Even though it might have broken my heart, but a neat story is a better story. Than this mess.

        • AniLoh

          “All of us have only compromised with this drama by finding the good points. But, underneath, it’s totally cliched”

          I agree. I have been motivating myself to curb my impatience. I have been telling myself that “for me, knowing the murderer and seeing the OTP is peace enough.”

          It’s obviously because there are many plot holes in this drama and I have made myself blind enough to not see those cliches. And so have many people.

          One thing I will confess is that other than impatience, I am not emotionally vested in this drama. But all my top 3 dramas (Healer, YFAS and Secret Garden) made me into a goofball of emotions. Because I used to analyse and over-analyse and re-analyse those dramas.

          But only after reading you, Sunshiner, Sweet&Sour, Diana & Sanitymin, I realised suddenly that I have become blind to those cliches.

        • Alice Mendoza

          Sigh … I thought I signed up for a ROMANTIC COMEDY … how did it become a family drama?? Correct me if I am wrong, but at least Healer was promoted as a THRILLER, right??
          Sigh – I want to be loyal to LOTBS until the end but it’s seriously getting Super depressing & melodramatic – even SC is so serious now … sigh ..:

      • 13.8.2 WishfulToki

        I am quite enjoying Lobster but I think it has suffered from two things:

        1) The death of Dam Ryung and the loss of that awesome connection across time. Now it’s mainly ‘find the Joseon murderer’. HOWEVER, there is definitely something going on with Secretary Nam, who in his Joseon version was looking for a scroll or something in Dam Ryung’s house to fulfill the last task assigned to him. So Dam Ryung isn’t all gone…

        2) The family drama. Yeah, I really did think it was stupid of the mother to leave HJJ all those years ago (have to agree with stepmom on that) and now the father is acting stubborn. Tragedy is bound to happen there. Korean audiences might still love this kind of plot. I wish it wouldn’t take over though.

        There is still the issue of Chung’s heart. And HJJ gave her SHOES. That’s my piece of foreboding. 🙁

        Show keeps shocking me with little twists. I hardly saw Chi Hyun in his Joseon dress (I was expecting it) because next to him was Nam Doo?! *shivers*

        • Alice Mendoza

          Oh, please tell me about the shoes … wait … OMFG … I think SC is going to erase all his memories in order to save him … yes, I don’t think we’re in for a Happy Ending then … I think it would be an ambiguous ending … NOOOOO! I think all the Knetizens plus everyone around the world is seriously going to end up at risk of destroying their viewing gadgets … like many did for Scarlet Heart Ryeo … I think the writer is REELING all of us in (we are WORSE than mice) – we’re those tiny fishes that fell for every damn thing about this Family Drama/Searching-for-the-Killer masquerading as a Romantic Comedy … Sigh … I can’t believe my very first KDrama did me in like this … Damn it …

          • WishfulToki

            Is Lobster your first drama? I do think the shoes indicate that Chung will leave, because it’s a cliche of drama land that when you give shoes to your loved one, he or she leaves :'(. However, I have a feeling that the writer won’t give up on a happy ending. There are still 3 episodes to go.

    • 13.9 Escapade

      There’s nothing wrong with LMH or JJH. They are giving there best.

      To those people who might think about the above users as haters, no, they aren’t.

      What every single answer has pointed out is that there’s a huge flaw in the writing/script which can’t be unseen.

      Most importantly, the cliched family drama and under-usage of some great supporting actors disturbs everyone.

      I didn’t even realize, like AniLoh said, that I have become blind to these things.

      It’s only now I realize that the family drama has taken 70% of the script and some great plots and subplots have vanished.

      In short, in the Joseon era, the main concern is to find the killer. In the present, the main concern is to happily unite OTP.

      ~~~The End~~~

      • 13.9.1 Dramajunkie

        omg. this is exactly how i’ve been feeling. unlike most i do believe there has been great chemistry, and LMH and JJH are the only reasons why i keep on watching.

        the problem in my opinion simply boils down to the story. not intoxicating enough. not sharp enough. even the best actors can help a weak plot.

        the villains in the beginning were pretty much useless up until the last few episodes. the stepson surprisingly gave it a much needed jolt. and nam doo is a great villain.

        but it’s just so frustrating because as many said this drama had so much potential. they had such strong actors. but i feel like people were kept on a leash because of the script. the director should have also pushed harder for rewrites or have interpreted the script more passionately. and LMH and JJH should have had more romantic scenes. too mild. is it because she’s married. why does it matter. they’re actors. and she didn’t have this issue with KSH and she was married then. is it because she has a baby so they went the more modest route. if i were the director i would have pushed it. you know how LMH said at the press conference that he had a hard time at firs twith JJH because he was intimidated. well isn’t the director and writer’s job to have a sitdown with everyone and be like okay look how can we ramp this up for everyone. really push them to the limit.

        i seriously wish i could have been a consultant on the show. they could’ve easily had ratings in the 30s if the script was stronger. having said all that i still love the drama, but i wanted this drama to be epic if not for the sake of its leads. they deserve to be in an epic production.

  14. 14 Kylie

    The drama is getting so good,im still hoping Nam Do will turn out okay,JJ helped him,he can’t just turn his back at him,at least i hope so.

    The scene with JJ and the dad was so heartbreaking to watch, LMH my man,he is doing such an amazing work with this role, im glad he is finishing strong before going away to do his service,standing ovation to him.

  15. 15 bytme

    How come in kdramas nobody ever buttons their coats?

    • 15.1 SmittenKitten

      What’s rock&roll about that? so much more cool/dramatic when their coats are unbuttoned and they are shown walking in (mandatory) slow-mo

      • 15.1.1 bytme

        thanks. needed someone to confirm since i keep thinking unbuttoned coats are impractical in cold weather.

    • 15.2 Van

      ‘Cause they’re not really cold. Coats in K dramas are ALWAYS worn as fashion statements. Kidding. Not really, because I really want all the K drama coats I see–like the lovely pink one Lee Min-ho was rocking and pretty much every other coat in other shows. But they do button up sometimes!

    • 15.3 bbstl

      because their clothes are also PPL and need to be seen.

  16. 16 grace0798

    I completely forgot about this, but what was up with Nam Doo handing over money to Shi Ah in one of the earlier episodes? I hope they explain that unless I missed the connection?

    • 16.1 Van

      Ah, I’m pretty sure that was just because he lost a bet with her about something having to do with Joon-jae eating and complimenting “her” food or she believed he was interested in her or something like that. I don’t think there were any ulterior motives behind that encounter… but after seeing Nam Doo with the step brother in the past, I worry that he’s gonna stab Joon-jae in the back any day now. I’m hoping his character turns out to be different than his bad guy doppelgänger.

  17. 17 Purple Owl

    So early. I’m marathoning Bok Joo rn so I’ll be back!

  18. 18 AM

    Thanks for the recap – but I think my comments are being banned … I have posted 3 times, This is my 4th time for this thread, yet I don’t see them …
    Anyway, I am wondering whether we will just get another open ending and SC & HJJ will be separated…

    • 18.1 mary

      Your comments were caught in the spam filter. Please wait for us to fish it out of the spam folder (this sometimes takes a while, since there are thousands of spam in there!), as explained in a section of the commenting policy:

      If your comment got held for moderation or didn’t show up, there may be a few reasons. Most likely it got stuck in the spam filter, either because it contained links or because the spam filter got aggressive that day and did it by mistake. We’ll fish those out of moderation and approve them. Please don’t try to outsmart the spam filter and post the same comment ten times, because then we have to deal with ten comments in moderation instead of just one.

      (Also, based on my observation, posting quickly and repeatedly makes the filter think you’re even more of a spammer. 🙁 So it’s always in your best interests to just wait for the comment to show up.)

  19. 19 AniLoh

    I am getting impatient.

    I really want to see the drama’s ending, but don’t want it to end.
    I really want HJJ and SC to be together, but don’t want them to repeat the fate of KDR and SH.

    I literally feel like shooting MDY, CH, Step mom and ND myself so that HJJ and SC can live happily. But that’s also not an option.


    • 19.1 Outfromlurking

      I laughed out loud reading your comment. Oh god, just thinking of it, the things we would do if drama fates were in our hands. Hahaha.

      • 19.1.1 AniLoh

        Hehe, if only we had powers to do so. But these 4 people are threatening our otp’s fate and making us feel impatient/anxious/scared etc etc.

        • Outfromlurking

          We can elaminate one off the list now. MDY is useless to them since he lost all his memories and is basically a lost soul wondering around seeking his identity. I saw him asking what kind of person he was in the preview for episode 17, and I’m thinking, “oh trust me, you wouldn’t want to know.”

          • AniLoh

            You know what? I feel bad for that actor. He’s brilliant. The only thing that hurts me is that “he wasn’t used properly”.

            He was just kept as a showpiece. 🙁

            I always thought that “his role would magnify someday surely”. That “someday” never came.

          • shefa

            I too feel bad for him.

            The first thing is that he is a great actor and he was not properly used here. I loved him so so so so so much in It’s Okay, That’s Love and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

            He and Kwang Soo (apart from the brilliant leads) actually made IOTL one of the best dramas ever.

            And, at least, he was used in Scarlet Ryeo as well, even though it was an effed up drama.

            Till now I don’t know why MDY exists. And he’s ready to depart nearly.

          • Diana

            Not only he, but also many such people are there who weren’t properly used.

            The actors who portrayed Yoo Na, Jin Joo and her husband and Shi Ah are just there to probably just increase the cast count.

            A really big loophole in this drama (the only one) is the insufficient usage of actors. PJE has probably casted the “best among best” but didn’t place them properly.

            In this case, YFAS wins hands down. None of the characters were wasted, even the prosecutor there gained popularity. But here, like what the heck is the prosecutor for? Everything is commanded and done by HJJ, they are just companions.

    • 19.2 Leeminholove

      I too want to do the same but yet I feel like asking beggar though she always says that she is not but I want her to kill all antagonist fighting!!!!

  20. 20 Mzpakipot

    The backstory of the evil step mother is confusing.. did she marry the cop that helped her? 😳

    • 20.1 Alice Mendoza

      Yes, and could the cop be a young MDY???

      • 20.1.1 hellocam

        Yes, I think so. I believe it was mentioned in the previous episode that Ma Dae-Young was a policeman before turning into a murderer?

  21. 21 saranga

    1. i still don’t know how shi-ah and nam-doo are supposed to know each other. shi-ah seems comfortable being herself around nam-doo, while she tries harder with joon-jae. i thought there was something secretive/shady going on between her and nam-doo regarding joon-jae, but now it just looks like shi-ah had a massive crush on joon-jae and enlisted nam-doo to help her out.

    it doesn’t seem plausible that they would know each other otherwise. they’re literally from opposite walks of life. shi-ah from a wealthy family and prestigious education, and nam-doo a con artist.

    2. what does shi-ah think joon-jae does for a living though? i mean, they both went to KAIST (very prestigious school) and she doesn’t know that he’s a con artist. so what does she think that he and nam-doo do for a living? i don’t think it’s been addressed yet.

    3. really liked the scene between joon-jae and his father. best bit of acting i’ve seen from lee min-ho since BOF. he really seems to shine with intense emotional scenes like that—WHEN he can bring everything he’s got. the dad breaking down in tears was pitiable. poor man, he’s only just starting to realize his errors, and nothing could hurt him more than the fact that his son ended up nothing more than a con artist, when he possibly could have been more.

    4. i think there’s hope for both nam-doo and chi-hyun. nam-doo is a bit shady, but essentially good-hearted. same for chi-hyun. no matter what he did to joon-jae when they were both young, doesn’t seem to be a bad guy at heart. until his recent change of heart, he did try to protect his stepfather by delivering that veiled warning to joon-jae. though he genuinely loves his stepdad, his weakness is his mother. as we’ve seen, she is his priority. likely he knows how much she’s gone through in her life.

    • 21.1 AniLoh

      Now that you say, I actually wonder how Shi-ah is so true and comfortable around Nam doo and why she isn’t suspicious about the 3 people and why she doesn’t wonder why they are still living together.

      Even if she took Nam doo’s help, why didn’t she think about why ND is also equally comfortable around her to inform her about everything?

      Maybe her KAIST brain is overshadowed by her love for HJJ.

      • 21.1.1 shefa

        Even I am wondering now about how shiah and namdoo are so comfortable.

        Also, why are these 3 people still together? Shouldn’t they both move out from HJJ’s place? Or maybe HJJ is still being friendly and considerate.

        That’s one of the primary reasons why I don’t want Nam Doo to backstab HJJ after he let him stay at his place

        • Alice Mendoza

          I think HJJ feels indebted to Nam Do because ND took him in when he was a teenager …

  22. 22 Van

    I still think the step brother’s sudden turn from nice guy to bad guy (you can tell it’s official because his hair went from being down to up. Forehead = bad guy. Bangs = good guy. Lawl, jk) was so unnecessary. The transition was quite jarring because I recall it happening from one scene to another. I really liked him when he was nice and even thought, “Wow, I’m so glad he’s not really a bad guy.” I’m sure he’ll redeem himself soon–that is, if he’d stop yanking out people’s breathing tubes, my goodness.

    • 22.1 Map

      For some reason, your last line cracked me up HAHAHA. But yes, I’m hoping that hair will go back down again (PLS BE A GD GUY) and not because prison doesn’t exactly allow for hair wax lol.

      • 22.1.1 Alice Mendoza

        Hahaha! I like your last line too!
        But yeah, I really wish he could redeem himself in this life … those unimaginable emotions of disgust yet deep sadness were so well acted by the Lee Chi Hoon!!
        I don’t quite understand his Mum ‘a story though … and the policeman (could he have been a young MDY??? Maybe he was driven mad by her???)

        • Van

          Wow, I should really go back and rewatch that scene because that totally went over my head. I didn’t even realize the cop could be something more…

      • 22.1.2 Outfromlurking

        @van @map both of you had me laughing out loud at your last sentence. Hahaha.

        • Van

          Glad you got a good laugh! And that you’re out from lurking! 😉🤗

      • 22.1.3 Van

        Lol @ your last line, too! 😂👍🏼 I want his hair back down, but not if that means he’ll be locked up! 🙈

      • 22.1.4 Luc

        Just a random bit… I was wondering why they didn’t mine the wax commercial potential out of Chi Hyun’s hair. I mean, the show got pretty heavy with female cosmetics PPL, why not the male?

    • 22.2 Kethy-chan

      lol @ hair analysis

  23. 23 Kendi

    Poor Tae Oh. I guess he will stuck with Shi Ah, then.

    • 23.1 AM

      Hmmm … don’t think so, because Tae Oh told Shi Ah point blank that he’s got no more feelings for her – lol!! And Shi Ah was left wondering how he could settle his feelings so fast when she’s still pining for HJJ – I sort of feel sympathy for Shi Ah actually…

    • 23.2 Alice Mendoza

      Hmm … I don’t think so, because Tae Oh told her he has gotten over her – lol!! And she was wondering how Tae Oh could have gotten over his feelings so quickly when she’s still grappling with her own feelings for HJJ – I felt sympathy for her actually- and it looks like (from the preview for Episode 17) she is taking Tae Oh’s advice and she is going to have a talk with HJJ …

      • 23.2.1 Kendi

        Tae Oh never likes her, the one he’s crushing on is Chung. If anything that’s prob a sign he’s gotten over Chung and start liking Shi Ah.

        • Van

          Haha, ikr?! I can totally see him starting to like noona now. I don’t like her character, but I do get a kick out of watching her thinking Tae-oh’s obsessively in love with her.

          • SmittenKitten

            I thought he started to like noona, too. We’ll see if they develop their story more, because it’s been hilarious so far.

          • AniLoh

            Shi-Ah is plain silly but not bad at heart. It’s better if she gets Tae Oh so that Tae-Oh forgets SC and SA forgets HJJ. Everyone would be happy then. 😀

    • 23.3 nchoe

      Sweet and cute Tae-ho deserves someone better T_T

      • 23.3.1 Kendi


    • 23.4 Luc

      I hope not. I had this weird idea when Tae Oh was asking for Yoo Na’s hand to walk her home: What if he ends up with Yoo Na instead?

      And then my head goes into math mode (I’m not very good at it): If Tae Oh is 20 and Yoo Na is 8, they’re “only” 12 years apart. That’s not gonna be too icky in 15 years, I’m sure.

      • 23.4.1 Leeminholove

        Haha this is not gonna happen for sure
        But still yoo na is also having some past life connections which they hadn’t revealed it yet and take oh too

        • Luc

          I know, just my wishful thinking. But I don’t Shi Ah to get Tae Oh as consolation romance. I know he’s been amused by her antics, and from the fact that he’s never just said no when Shi Ah asks him to meet it’s pretty obvious that they likely end up together. I just don’t want them to, though.

  24. 24 Alice Mendoza

    Ok, I am trying to post again – thanks for the recap – I have a bad feeling that our OTP may need to separate… or maybe no Happy Ending … sigh …
    Also, I am still looking out for the underwater scenes that JJH was shooting when she missed the SBS Drama awards – that was the explanation given by LMH for her absence … so I am wondering what underwater scenes … Does it mean SC has to go back to the sea … and so, we are left with an open ending???? Unless it’s scenes of SH (flashback to Joseon period …)
    PLEASE, no … in fact, Knetizens are already pleading for a Happy Ending from Writer Nim …
    I wonder about the reasons for the inclusion of all the foreboding thoughts, though …

  25. 25 Alice Mendoza

    Thanks very much for the recap once again! Yes, IT was an intense episode and I think the criticism that there’s not much chemistry between LMH & JJH could be because they seem to share little screen time together as a couple … wish they could have more scenes together in their Joseon incarnations … sigh …

    Also, at this rate we’re going, I don’t think we’ll get to see any Hot Love scenes LET ALONE, Dirty Love! Ok, ok, I know this is KDrama, and we have romantic leads not going further than passionate kisses … (in this case, there’s hardly any passionate kisses … sigh) – so, I can understand how some people would think LMH & JJH appear to be more like a brother and sister, rather than lovers. I would think that their love has to mature (in the ‘physical’ sense too) – I am not expecting the sort of explicitness in Western dramas but I think they’re still too stuck in the Romantic Love mode and LMH & JJH are not acting to their fullest potential as ROMANTIC leads … Sigh … and they are such FANTABULOUS actors!!

    I mean we had LMH kissing passionately in the vapid Heirs and JJH doing passionate kisses too in MLFAS, so their romance here as SC & HJJ seems stunted … and I don’t think it’s the actors’ fault.

    Maybe, it’s a cultural thing – like, you have to respect an actress who’s married and who’s a Mum, so she can’t be doing passionate kissing / romance … sigh …

    • 25.1 Kethy-chan

      I was indeed expecting some hot kisses too… but oh well…
      I’ll go watch “1% of something (2016)” to get my fill of perfectly grown adults kissing like they have raging hormones. lol

      • 25.1.1 Luc

        Oh My God, I love that drama! My head told me it was just fluff but it was a good kind of fluff, where you actually root for the characters and then the actors and then you can’t tell the difference between the characters and the actors anymore and you just want them to hook up in real life and make pretty babies soon.

  26. 26 apple

    Spoilers. Joseon Nam-doo and Chi-hyun were “brokeback brothers. Joseon Tae-Ho and homeless fashionista will revealed as husband and wife and Shi-ah their daughter as speculated on the discussion boards. Observant viewers will notice this makes Tae-ho and Shi-ah father and daughter. Their fauxcest arc will be explained away in the finale. Homeless fashionista will also be revealed as the “good” twin that got adopted into a good family in the modern timeline because she needs closure too. And truck of doom and Grim Reaper death card will finally hook up after coincidentally missing each other for the last 49 episodes but unfortunately Gap-soon will crash their rendezvous for an opening ending.

    • 26.1 Alice Mendoza

      Woah … now I am TOTALLY confused … but why is Joseon Nam Do going after KDR’s Friend (modern times Ahjushi)?? Both Joseon times ND & HCH seemed to be in some sort of uniform, So WHO were they working for?? And what was KDR’s Friend trying to retrieve??

  27. 27 Chi Dang

    Im quite angry at the reason mom left and how easy it was to forgive. She left her son 10 years or something, never bother to contact. And she was kinda somebody rich’s wife but she decided to be a maid?

    Sometimes parts story feel childish, like its the behavior of teenage rather than adult. It’s a fairy tale for kids rather than an adult romance.

    • 27.1 Kendi

      It’s not childlish but one dimensional characters. You are right about the reunion…I also feel nothing with the mother son meeting and everything is so easily swept under the rug. They don’t behave like a human being should but hey, that’s prob happen 80% of the times in kdramas. If you want to watch childlish done right, I suggest to watch Weightlifting Fairy. The characters feel more human and act/react like human should. And it just happened to end yesterday (sob) so there is no weekly waiting torture.

    • 27.2 Bliswifu

      Yes i dun understand how she can juz dump her child to someone who snatched her husband…n never keep in touch with her son nor look for him at all…v illogical n makes zero sense if she loves her son so dearly….

      • 27.2.1 Leeminholove

        She wanted her son to be raised well cause her husband was having money which she wasn’t and that’s probably the reason

    • 27.3 Kethy-chan

      my main grievance with this Show has been that mother-son relationship. It juuuust DOESN’T m a k e any s e n s e!
      I mean, this woman comes in and steals your husband and you ask HER to take care of YOUR son????? REALLY? Worst: you LEAVE him for 10 yrs+?!!

      Don’t get me wrong: I don’t really have the patience for 15 episodes of angst, trying to have Joon-Jae reconcile with his mother the way any normal human being would, after being abandoned in a foreign country by their own mother in the name of “your father has remarried – she told me to never see you again – she’ll take care of you”. So, yes, I am somewhat glad that it all boiled down to hugs and tears and poof! they’re a happy mother-and-son duo !

      let’s be real though: had this happened 9 (when they met at Shi-ah’s aunt’s place), we would have had a bit more time for a realistic development on that…

      but hey…

      Good episode otherwise!

  28. 28 Kai

    This episode was great.

    When MDY threw the hammer towards the sprinkler (which I totally did not expected) I was like crap crap crap RUN SC RUNNNNNNNNNN! Love episodes with more action! And I guess now MDY is officially out of the ‘who will kill them’ list? So now we’re left with Chi Hyun and Nam Doo? I was hoping so badly that none of them will turn full evil T_T hopefully they’ll be a better person this time round!

    Also, I do wonder who’s Shi-Ah’s Joseon counterpart, considering her brother & aunt were Jun Jae’s mom’s maid.. Hmmm…

    • 28.1 Anna

      Hehe was wondering the same thing! Kinda fixated about this whole doppelganger thing with Goblin 👺 featuring such theme as well.

  29. 29 Anna

    Was just wondering after the previous episode aired and showed other Joseon counterparts, where was Nam Doo and Tae Ho? Will they make an appearance? Whew somehow the other did. Now wondering if there’s a Joseon Tae Ho we should look out for. And is there a Joseon Shi Ah as well? Or was she the wife of Dam Ryung that he left on their marriage night?

    Love love love the episode to bits!!! 😍 Good grief there’s no truck of doom aye?! Oh Lordy I would die if that nasty truck/black car/motorcycle ruined the reunion. Loving Jin Joo here as well! She’s still quite a nutcase but she can be well-meaning too. Hahaha. I wonder if Joseon Mom and Jin Joo had some sort of bonding moment that made things turn out this way–present Mom is loveable but she was kinda mean back in Joseon. 😁

  30. 30 turagot7

    I’ve been praying that Joon jae saves daddy heo but watching this episode am pissed off at daddy heo, no wonder JJ ran away from him.
    Through out this episode I kept praying that ND would not regain his memory, he scares me.
    I was wondering what Shi ah thinks the boys do for a living is.
    When I saw that ND was with CH in the past I went crazy, I really did, I flailed so much and jumped around the house.
    I would have been disappointed if it was just CH cos I never stopped suspecting NR

    • 30.1 Anna

      Agree on Daddy Heo! Oh God I dunno about Daddy Heo—it was beyond frustration I tell you! Perhaps it is a metaphor (his blindness) on how really blind he was to the evilness of Stepmom and to the things around him for that matter (his life, his failed relationships, everything). I dunno his issue—when he’s with Chi Hyun, he keeps looking for Joon Jae, when Joon Jae’s there he keeps berating him and making him feel like a loser. *Cue in Spice Girls: So tell me what you want what you really really want!* Daddy Heo wake up!!!

      • 30.1.1 WishfulToki

        HJJ: ‘Father, tell me what you want, what you really really want?’

        Daddy Heo: ‘I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig ah’

        HJJ: ?

        • Leeminholove

          Your comment was like I was singing a song What do you want I wanna I wanna hahaha

  31. 31 hellocam

    I think Nam-Doo will be the ultimate baddie. Chi-Hyun, I think (I hope) has more redeeming qualities than Nam-Doo. Nam-Doo as the ultimate villain will be the most heartbreaking though since both leads trust him enough to be considered family.

  32. 32 Kethy-chan

    am I the only one who thinks the meeting between Joon-Jae and his mother was long over due?

    I doubt mine is the popular opinion here, but gosh was I tired of the unnecessary dragging of that!!! I mean, they were is the same room SO MANY TIMES and yet, they couldn’t even see each other at the corner of their eyes??!?! I mean!!!! I would roll my eyes every single “failed meeting”, it was soooo frustrating !

    So when ep16 came out, I was really anxious about how it would roll out. I mean, they’re on the side of the road. I was expecting an accident. and the Show did a wonderful thing: THEY MET ! and TALKED ! and revealed the evil stepmom !!!

    Dear Show: T H A N K Y O U !


  33. 33 Greenfields

    I’ve dropped this show. Can’t even get through a dramabeans’ recap anymore, without losing interest, that’s how little I care now. (and I LOVE dramabeans, just to be clear)

  34. 34 Luc

    Oh my gah, so many comments already! I’d like to chime in too.

    1. On Nam Doo
    I was disappointed when I saw Nam Doo and Chi Hyun about to kill Past Ajusshi. It’s a bit too neat to have Nam Doo be Chi Hyun’s accomplice in the past timeline; I don’t like it one bit. Does everyone has to be in the past timeline too? Why can’t Nam Doo be just a bit of a gray character in the present timeline? Well, maybe not a bit. But his character is an interesting one as we were being kept on our toes episode by episode. Though, still, I’d like better not knowing if he’s gonna turn on the gang; maybe I’m a masochist.

    2. On Chi Hyun
    I’m curious about Present Chi Hyun. From the confrontation scene with Stepmom, he seemed as if he was growing a conscience. His character is probably how this show is push-and-pulling us viewers. I kind of like it, but not like it at the same time.

    3. On Stepmom
    I can’t believe Stepmom. But then we’ve established that she’s basically psycho. Still, knowing how she manipulates people by playing victim, even from a young age is… I’m getting goosebumps. I wonder what happened to her twin sister, though. That moss-flower metaphor, how apt.

    4. On Jin Joo
    One she’s out of the victim pool and into the circle, wow, she’s being very, very useful. Don’t estimate the power of rich, gossipy ahjummas!

    5. On Shi Ah and Tae Oh
    I don’t want them together, but I hope they both meet someone. Especially our Resident Puppy. How he must be feeling, having to watch our crazy couple being lovey-dovey. And there should be no other way than up for Shi Ah if she manages to be less of a bitch to people, just please not give my Puppy to her, cute, embarrassing misunderstanding notwithstanding.

    6. On Dad
    Part of me says “You reap what you sow,” but it’s not Dad’s fault that Stepmom is a psycho bitch who likes killing husbands and family members. It’s heartbreaking to see him still clinging on that small hope that Joon Jae was wrong. But I hope he opens his eyes and sees Stepmom for what she is and starts believing Joon Jae.

    7. On Foreshadowing
    This show has too many of them.

    8. On Past vs. Present
    So far everyone hasn’t proved that Past doesn’t dictate Present, but I’d like to see that, aside from a Happy Ending for our Mungchung-ie and Resident Cute Conman.

  35. 35 louise

    So … it sounds like we’ve returned to the point where many viewers are lacking patience. Let the drama play out, and then decide if it was predictable. There are things yet to be revealed, but hey, we’ve already figured it out? I don’t think so. What is real and what is fake? The cliches are included as part of the fake-out. I’m interested to see what happens.

    • 35.1 Alice Mendoza

      Sigh … but why is a supposedly ROMANTIC COMEDY getting so bogged down with family politics and who-is-the-killer melodrama?? And why this constant foreboding foreshadowing? Also, I am not getting enough of the OTP … it started off so well … sigh … then it got dragged down by all the heavy family mess … they should have labelled this as a FAMILY DRAMA, then – after all, the lovey dovey scenes of our OTP are tamed & PG-rated … no passionate kisses so far … only hugs …

      • 35.1.1 Alice Mendoza

        I am trying my best to be a loyal lobster … but it’s just too difficult to watch …

        • louise

          I think k-drama genre names are pointless. It seems that every drama has a romance, a mystery, a villain, etc. etc. I, too, was expecting romantic comedy. I started Uncontrollably Fond thinking it was a rom-com. Hah! I think we will eventually see more passion. (But still not as much as we want!)

        • minnie

          Different viewers have different liking
          Many are enjoying. Those who could not agree and do not like ..i would suggest to stop watching and stop reading recap and review totally!

          The viewers who only criticise everything from plot to performance to lack of chemistry is obviously just to demote the drama.

          Some apparently did not watch but can also comment on bad chemistry etc. So dont waste your time and others time.

          Thank you

  36. 36 VP

    How did HJJ not know that Chung is going to meet his step brother? He can hear her thoughts right??

    • 36.1 Leeminholove

      Yes he can hear her thoughts and SC is very well clear about the fact that’s why she didn’t think about meeting chi hyeon so this is probably the reason he did not know anything about that

  37. 37 Leeminholove

    Before going to bed its already 2.35 am and I’m awake I wanted to give some highlight’s about today’s episode what I loved..
    1.wow wow our CITY HUNTER is back…..yoyoyo!!! 😉
    2.wow mother son reunion was so beautiful…,
    3.bday kiss wow!,
    4.after seeing past nam doo as a culprit I remembered the bday scene where he called si ah and blabbering about Cheong friend beggar (I was like YO CHINGU I KNOW YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CAN PUNISH HIM 😀 😀 though I want to make it funny but still now NAM DOO is a big danger……. But maybe he’ll turn a good one in present day but yet anything can happen can’t predict
    5.Uri jealous HJJ is back and he can come back at anytime 😀
    6.the father son scene was amazing!! A great round of applause to both of them
    7.WAHH!! SO NOW WE HAVE A CON FAMILY haha even the COP we’re helping CON
    8.jin joo now should also know about her past life rofl she actually started serving her old master :D..
    9.maa dad young is not a much danger!!
    10.hope tae oh and si ah turn into a couple… Hehe 😉

    • 37.1 WishfulToki

      Yeah, I was loling at the detective going ‘Don’t do illegal things! while sitting in a fake pest control van.

      • 37.1.1 Leeminholove

        Yeah!! And his partner said ‘Is he your son’ haha…

  38. 38 Leeminholove

    Lol he is the one who purchase clothes for cheong and asking her not to wear short dresses
    Yet why you are buying those attires!!!
    Debak!! I love you HJJ (Lee min ho) 😉

    • 38.1 Lulu

      I said it in ep 14

      7.3 Lulu January 5th, 2017 at 8:33 AM
      probably. It maybe any of those two. Nan Doo is driven by greed and jelousy and CH is that way too. I think Nam Doo is shady and HJJ shouldn’t trust him cuz he took advantege of him and didn’t help him to find his mom. Nam Doo, we don’t know his past character. and CH probably wad a loyal to Yang. and maybe that is why he reborn as his son.

      The writer is now sending all of us in a good mistery


      SO… I almost screamed “I knew it” when I saw Past Nam Doo and Past CH together hurting ajusshi.

      From last ep I though that mother-son reunion was going to be something, but not this. It was meh… First of all, come on, mom’s reasons to leave littler HJJ alone in a foreing country, just because the *b whole stole her husband asked her to? really? I mean even YS in City Hunter questioned his mother reasons to being “abandoned” even though he was stolen from her… HJJ said nothing, not even asked why? Sorry but this plot didn’t got to me and neither did the scene.

      On the other hand the father.son second reunion was very emotional to me (LMH ‘s so good at it !) He questioned his dad’s choices and he loves him enough to try to save him but the rejection and HJJ’s face was heartbreaking, cuz his father judged him to for conning people.

      I hioe they can get the hell out of that house safely.

      Why the hell did Cheongie got involved? she wasn’t an y helpful , she can’t lie, why she’s all the sudden asking CH about MDY and his mom relationship? she’s crazy.

      It’s interesting that Cheong and MDY got connected like that, now she knows the true ending of past story, and I hope last episodes don’t become a noble idiocy ode. dude, don0t give your girlfriend shoes as a present, she’ll runaway from you they say… please noble idiocy stay out of LOTBS

      BTw, Why the hell is she staying so long with NDy in a rooftop? don0t do that, is scary… I thought he was going to throw that hammer into her head or hit her legs with it…

      I am shipping for Tae ho and Shi ah 😀 , and if Nam doo was a good person I’d ship for him and homeless friend.

      Now that he’s starting to remember, when he reovers his memories they’ll be living with the enemy, maybe past Nam doo was just as greedy, I bet He’s the killer, or has a big role in it.

      CH is moved by greedy and loathing himself because of his real parents identity, and jelousy and envy. I wanted it gor him to good.

      Nam doo is also very greedy, maybe past ND was all about the pearls and mermaid oil… present ND looks at Cheong like a cash machine,,

      The pool scene, could they be any cuter¿ I was question they’re chemestry but to me it took a jump after ep 9-10 now I think they’re very cute together and in tune.

      • 38.1.1 Leeminholove

        “Why the hell did Cheongie got involved? she wasn’t an y helpful , she can’t lie, why she’s all the sudden asking CH about MDY and his mom relationship? she’s crazy.” On this basis I totally agree with you!
        And yet I had a great laugh when you said nam do and homeless friend just imagine they become a couple and I hope that homeless friend will get the whole antagonist from him by biting him thrashly 😉 :p lol

      • 38.1.2 louise

        “SO… I almost screamed “I knew it” when I saw Past Nam Doo and Past CH together hurting ajusshi.”

        But … we haven’t seen this happen. It is an assumption.

        • Lulu

          My thought was that he was bad in past time. And one plus one maes two. He’s obviously Yang’s soldier with past CH. I bet one of their harpoons killed them.

          The ring guy. that one I don’t know. I’m now thinking it maybe me past time dad?IDK. cuz in presente time he’s evilness doesn’t go beyond any other men who preferencia his new wife and stepson over his own child… some men and women are like that.. anyway…

          • louise

            Are they obviously Yang’s soldiers?

  39. 39 cloud

    I think CH saved the father. Faking death i guess..hopefully huhu…

  40. 40 Lisa_wackycashew

    Thanks for the recap, JB!

    So many heartfelt moments in this ep. So glad JJ and Mom finally reunited and I hope they can stay together for a long time. Love Mom and Chung’s relationship as well.

    The pool scene makes me uneasy and I think JJ calling her mermaid is not a good idea.

    Stubborn Dad is driving me nuts and I fear for his life. Those purple plants can’t be anything good.

    I feel kinda sorry for CH and somehow still holding out hope that he won’t be truly bad. But ND being evil doesn’t surprise me and I think he’ll recover his memories or deduce things soon. I hope Manager Nam will wake up and spill everything to JJ.

    MDY eating in the background with CH and Chung freaked me out. Was rooting for Chung to get away safely. Man, those MDY memories are horrible. So, Stepmom put him up to all those murders?!?! *shudders* The end scene was so devastating for Chung. I could feel her heart breaking from witnessing those memories of DR and SH’s deaths.

  41. 41 minnie

    The chemistry of the two leads are excellent.
    They were so funny and cute in modern life..and the joesen time was so fascinating.

    Lee min ho acting is solid and convincingly good. He brought to the drama all types of emotions and he has done it so naturally.

    As to negative comments on the plot etc and massive comparison against other drama..seriously i am not sure why such negative viewers are still watching.

    To me, the professionals know best. Different audience has his own preference or liking on how the drama should have been.i would prefer to let the drama follow how it was designed to be.

    The casts have tried their best and struggled to show their best dispite all the difficult shooting conditions and lack of rest.

    Why dont we encourage them instead of giving those negative comment unnecessarily.

    I hope many can stop their negativity thots if they would like to follow the drama.
    Otherwise i would rather they dont watch and dont read rhe recp at all

    Thank you

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