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Gender roles get swapped around in Strong Woman Do Bong-soon
by | February 2, 2017 | 90 Comments

The promo for this show is so cute that I’m going to be SO disappointed if the show isn’t as advertised. But with Park Bo-young (Oh My Ghostess) as a small but mighty woman in charge and Park Hyung-shik (Hwarang) and Ji-soo (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo) on either side of her, it would just be impossible not to make this utterly adorable, right? *knock on wood*

The new JTBC rom-com stars Park Bo-young as a woman born with Herculean strength, who breaks things if she just touches them wrong. She’s harbored a longtime crush on Ji-soo’s character, a rookie detective who’s cold on the outside but passionate about his belief in justice. He truly believes that a just and righteous society is achievable, and does everything by the book.

On the flip side is gaming company CEO Park Hyung-shik, a second-generation chaebol and total weirdo whom Park Bo-young is hired to protect. He’s not at all your typical guy, and he thinks it’s cool that his tiny female bodyguard is so strong. Well that just makes me like you already. The three of them will get swept up in an unforeseen incident and end up in a love triangle.

What I’m excited about is that it sounds like the show plans to reverse some typical gender roles with a woman as a bodyguard and a man who needs her protection. Park Bo-young’s character poster says, “What’s womanly?” while Park Hyung-shik’s poster counters, “What’s manly?” And tough guy Ji-soo’s poster asks the both of them, “What the heck are you guys?”

I really love this idea that our heroine is going to overturn the classic notions of what ladylike qualities are, and that the hero will defy classic ideas of manliness too. The main poster reads, “Three outwardly strong and strong-minded men and women begin a romance that will be a trial of strength.” Will it be a trial? I don’t know, she seems pretty happy with one boy under each arm if you ask me!

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon will air on Fridays and Saturdays beginning February 24.

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90 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Even

    I reeeeeallly hope this is my new drama crack, I’m in such a slump right now and I need a show that I can get excited about! I haven’t been in love with a show in so long.

    • 1.1 Oshi

      Ditto, I really hope it is what I think it will be.

      • 1.1.1 jellybine

        I’m highly anticipating this and Tomorrow With You. Can’t wait for them! This show is already adorable with Bo-young plus the 2 cute boys. πŸ™‚

    • 1.2 Lea

      + 10000. Yup.

    • 1.3 Newbee

      I loved PBY ( and JJS) to pieces in Oh my ghostess. Same with Ji Soo in angry Mom. He really nailed it as a bleeding high school sweet heart. Now I am sad that Ji soo wont get the girl. Haven’t seen PHS in anything. Recently I started developing an aversion for actors who can’t act. Just hoping that he can act well and the drama does well.

      • 1.3.1 Hu

        No worry. Park Hyung Sik certainly can act. If you can’t trust Hyung Sik, you can at least trust Dramabeans. He is among the Top 10 Idols Who Genuinely Can Act chosen by DB.

      • 1.3.2 nami2

        Do you have a biased against idols turned actors? If not, you’ll be pleasantly surprised…he’s good, he has proven countless times that he can act. Plus, should I call him the ‘King of Chemistry”? Look at his poster, he even managed to have chemistry with a lollypop XD I recommend you to watch “What happens to my family?”, “Sirius”, “Nine” , High Society (only for his scenes) and even his on-going drama “Hwarang”. Warning : Hyungsik is a show/scene/hearts stealer, better be prepared!

        Lastly, have trust in Dramabeans, he was ranked in their top 10 of idols turned actors. Have also faith in Knetz who also seem to have a soft spot for him as he’s one idol that rarely got bashed for his acting.

        • Newbee

          No prejudice at all! In fact I loved Yoon Doo Joon so much in Let’s eat and Splish Splash Love. The guy can certainly do comedy.. And yes I almost forgot PHS in DB’s list of idols who can act. So fingers crossed!

        • catt

          “he even manage to have chemistry with lollipop”

          You got the best way to explain him. And I want to be the lollipop.

          Yayayay for this drama!!

          Anyway, can someone educate me why ‘Womenly’ and ‘Menly’ words in the posters are written in hanja? I am eager to have more expanded cultural knowledge.

      • 1.3.3 TrinPie

        I’ve started watching Hwarang which PHS is in and find him cute in it. I’m only a couple episodes in so haven’t really gotten to any meaty acting from his character yet but he seems good in that role. I don’t know how he will do as a lead but here’s hoping he does well!

    • 1.4 moosie

      Same! For some reason, none of the dramas airing right now have really caught my interest, but I’m so so so excited for this.

    • 1.5 agree

      In past 4 years this is the first time I haven’t seen any K drama for two weeks straight ..😫

    • 1.6 Dee

      Same here! After Jealousy Incarnate and WFKBJ, i have a hard time connecting with the shows that are currently airing. The premise sounds super cute, and hella excited cos well, Park Bo Young and Ji Soo (!).

    • 1.7 Carmi

      Totally agree, we need a new drama ever since Weightlifting Fairy finished !

  2. Mindy

    This looks like so much fun and I ADORE Park Bo-young and Ji-soo! I have only seen Park Hyung-sik in Nine and enjoyed him there, too.

    This drama and Tomorrow With You are my most-anticipated dramas so far of 2017! I hope at least one of them lives up to my expectations!

  3. Juliesean

    Please be good, please be good. Please be a straight up rom com with no melodrama or noble idiocy. Please be as fun as what the trailers has shown so far. Love the cast so much !!!!

    • 3.1 Diya_


      I am also in drama slump…
      End up marathoning loads of web drama πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Is defendant good?or too heavy?

  4. gadis

    Please be as cute and adorable as the teaser promised, drama.

    On a side note, am I the only one who distracted by the lollipop in Hyungsik’s mouth? I mean, how come he looks THAT sexy? Or is it just me?

    • 4.1 Flightey Gazelles

      I came here for the lollypoped mouth!

    • 4.2 MikoDee

      I could look at Park Hyung-sik all day. Gosh, what a cutie.

    • 4.3 Omomo

      This sounds really embarassing, but how I wish I’m that lollipop lol.

      • 4.3.1 Flightey Gazelles

        lol @Omomo, your thoughts are in the right direction. I know this because I share the same thoughtsπŸ˜™

    • 4.4 nami2

      Hyungsik and a lollipop, can’t take my eyes off it *hyperventilating* I need it nowwwwww!! XD

    • 4.5 Gwenola

      I, for my part, am very distracted by Ji-Soo’s no less sexy but very obviously painted/tinted eyebrows.

      On second glance, Park Hyung-Shik’s eyebrows look like they’re tinted as well… Aaaand now I’m suddenly picturing the two guys having a pajama party, wearing silly pajamas and cute headbands while trying on Etude House’s “Tint my Brows” in the wrong shade. THAT is distracting as hell.

    • 4.6 transient

      Now this is a good time for some lolipop PPL.

  5. kobrakiddo

    The cast is already perfect <3 as long they don't screw the plot up, add in lots of sass, fun and fluff, this drama will be a certified crack. PLEASE BE GOOD SHOW !!! I have high hopes on you :'D

  6. nahaluk

    She should keep them both, for a through happiness!

  7. blu_blu_skye

    Gahh, I get more excited for this show with each passing day. Really looking forward to this plot. Come faster, Feb 24!

  8. Chi

    Park Hyung Sik ears are so special

    • 8.1 JC

      So glad I’m not the only one who noticed that. Him and Lee Joon Ki and Taecyeon all have very distinct ears.

      • 8.1.1 WishfulToki

        Cool, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one noticing his strange but beautiful ears. His hair is the best in Hwarang, and with those ears he could easily pass as an elf in Lord of the Rings. πŸ™‚

    • 8.2 nada

      Yeah, it’s weirdly kind of cute lol

  9. siesta

    i always want to keep my expectations low with a kdrama but this show is making it so freaking hard! >.<

    Hyungsik's eyes reminds me of that mammoth's from Sesame Street with their long, fluttery lashes lol

    • 9.1 transient

      Finally, someone else who notices his eyelash! I noticed his lashes in Hwarang. At first I wondered why my eyes frequently focused on his lashes every close up. After 14 episodes and comparing his lashes to other actors’, I realized that he has longer and darker lashes compared to other actors and actresses.

      • 9.1.1 siesta

        i always noticed whenever someone has amazing lashes/eyebrows. i guess i have some sort of lash envy lol
        besides hyungsik, lee jongsuk also got some (natural) ah-ma-zing lashes/eyebrows. some people are just blessed with those hmph

  10. 10 elric

    I’m with you girlfriday. After being disappointed by Introverted Boss, I just really need a good romcom.

  11. 11 PBY

    Ummm, not to be a perv, but that is one good poster with Park Hyung-sik. Good use of props, the marketing team – I appreciate it.
    The poster also makes me think they won’t really reverse or question gender roles in the drama, but simply use them for comedy, with maybe just a touch of personal development.
    I’m not sure – hopefully the drama proves me wrong.

    • 11.1 Mae.ash

      Hyungshik is advertising that heart shape candy for Valentine’s Day. LOL Now I want to buy one. Good marketing!! Haha

  12. 12 Celine

    I hope this one is good. Like most beanies, I’m in a drama slump and in need of something truly nice. I just did a marathon of WFKB and I absolutely love it. I’ve been re-watching it for days and since nothing new that I like is in the horizon, I’ll keep on watching Swag Couple. I don’t mind re-watching WFKB forever, but a new show to squeal over is welcome in my book. I hope this is a fun and cute romcom.

    • 12.1 lizzieB

      I’m soooo glad you loved WFKBJ Celine! <3
      I was thinking exactly the same. I need a new show to love the way I love 'Fairy', and I have a good feeling about 'Strong Woman'. Let's hope some of his buddy Nam Joo Hyuk's Fairy magic/SWAG rubbed off on Ji Soo after his cameo and brings it on to this show!

      • 12.1.1 Celine

        I love dem buddies. I hope NJH will do a cameo here. hehe! Fingers crossed that this will be a fun show!

  13. 13 Gidget

    The show looks cute.

    However I t won’t happen a day too soon when the incessant drumbeating about gender falls silent. With training and technology someone can be skilled as a protection officer whether they’re male or female. And someone who’s immersed in business won’t have time to learn skills that are equivalent to protection personnel. Male or female. Gender roles have absolutely nothing to do with any of this.

    • 13.1 Mindy

      The posters say “What’s manly?” and “What’s womanly?”.

      So obviously the promotional team thought gender roles had quite a bit to do with it.

      • 13.1.1 alua

        But it’s not gender roles. It’s gender stereotypes.

        Or at least I wish we would have gotten this far to realise this in the 21st century.

        I don’t know how the drama writers are approaching this, but I hope it’s not just for the sake of some cute jokes rather than addressing (whether in a direct or in a more subtle way) the issue of stereotypes (which are a problem).

    • 13.2 Jibber Jabber Drama

      But gender bias is very real and ignoring a problem will never get it fixed.
      I think inclusiveness and story diversity are things that should be praised and pointed out, hopefully to encourage more of that. Which can only be good for us drama fans!

      • 13.2.1 Gidget

        It’s a pipe dream to think people or society will become perfect. They/it won’t. I rose to the top of a very male dominated profession through the simple means of being the best at what I did. And yes I suffered having my job threatened through sexual harassment and had promotions postponed by the good ol’ boys club. But I didn’t let myself be cowered by it and always ended up advancing.

        What I’m saying is that I’ve seen the worst of it. And I don’t think the right strategy to solving the problem is to sit around complaining about it. Or protesting it. Just figure out its internal rules and go out and beat it.

        Incidentally, the most trying experience I had was when a senior exec/boss was putting my career at risk because I wouldn’t have an affair with him. (Yuck!). He was sloppy in his strategy and would have been easy to beat in court. The point when it became tricky was when he recruited the head of HR to come up with a strategy to disrupt my career. I ended up leaving the company because it was too much brain damage to stay (got a great job offer from our top client company when they heard I was thinking of leaving.). The year after I left, the head of HR was on the front cover of the US’s leading business publication for promoting a diverse workplace. LOL And yes, the head of HR was a woman.

        I never saw it as a gender war. Rather that these things happened because individual people are self serving and unjust. And sometimes downright creepy.

        • Jibber Jabber Drama

          Well, it’s truly amazing that you have managed to do that, and I applaud you- but I don’t see this as an either/or scenario. We can use everything we have to try and make things better! And just because you could do it doesn’t mean everyone could- or *should have to*.

          And to your point of it not being a gender war- I don’t think it’s a gender war either. I don’t think most men are intentionally attacking women or vice versa, they are behaving the way society has told them to behave. In some cases, people like your previous boss are self-serving- but ultimately they are using genderised norms to their advantage, and it is the *structure* that allows this. I think a good way- but, yes, not the only way- of tackling that is to do so through dramas and films and literature. These are the things little boys and girls see themselves doing when they grow up, and can be a huge influence on them. It can be a huge influence on anyone watching.

          Without acknowledging that this type of role- a strong, physical and typically male dominated job- does not go to women very often, we are ignoring a huge part of the picture. It wouldn’t feel truthful or illuminating for the drama to ignore it, and I’m hopeful that this will add some interesting characterisation to our heroine.

          But aside from that, I think this show looks really cute, and I’m hopeful that our strong woman will be strong in heart AND mind. Looking forward to the end of February.

          • ar

            Gidget, you are freaking awesome! I don’t know who this head of HR is, but wish you a life full of misfortune. And Jibber Jabber Drama, I agree with using everything that we have to try and make things better.

            I think a mix of protesting and figuring out the internal rules would be ideal. How will the issues come to light if no one spoke up and how do we find allies? If someone is living a particularly sheltered life, they may not be aware that what they thought was a personal issue was a societal issue that we should all be working on. But how can we do anything about it if we can’t figure out a way to beat the system from within and get to a place of power so we can start disrupting the status quo and start making changes? Not all of us will be able to do that successfully, but hopefully there will be enough successes to make meaningful actions.

            I’m sure we’ll never reach a perfect equality and the problem won’t ever be solved – unless something catastrophic happens to the human population. But hopefully, with each year, with each generation, fewer women will encounter the sort of obstacles that aren’t usually there for men.

            I really hope they do this drama with some sensitivity and social commentary instead of playing Bong Soon’s superpower just for laughs. Maybe a young, physically strong girl will see this drama and aspire to become a bodyguard. Maybe a young boy will watch this and think twice about what it means to be womanly and what it means to be manly.

          • Gidget

            Thanks to both of you! I just honestly don’t think that it does much to shout this type of message from the mountain tops. Because in my personal experience it hasn’t been a gender issue, it’s an individual character issue. And without exception it was the women who were way more brutal in how they’d try and compete. There were laws protecting women from the knuckle-headed things that men did. But nothing to hold the bad-actor women in check. Their methods were to tear colleagues down through gossip, defamation and slander. And as a rule they’d never do it to men, only women. They’d try and charm the men. (Yeah, so the things the women do are also illegal, but it’s near impossible to prove.)

            But back to dramas. What I’d like to see is competent, good humored female characters that are shown getting to the top. And have it treated like no big deal… because it shouldn’t be a big deal to see competent women compete and excel with their integrity intact. (Of course also to ultimately have both female and male bad-actors get their comeuppance.) To me that’d be much more compelling and transformative than a drama that kind of lectures and nags us about gender equality.

    • 13.3 Gidget

      Yup. Hence my comment about the drumbeat. It’s become tiresome. The point that they even bring it up says they’re not very evolved. In my mind, you should be able to show competencies without either apologizing for them or subliminally yet pretentiously badgering people about a ’cause’. Gets rid of all the divisive and arrogant faux outrage.

  14. 14 dramatickimchiqueen

    The new posters are too convincing to not tune in when it airs!!!!Ji Soo-oppa!!! *heartbeating*
    And I also started to really like Do Bong-soon since her romcom: Oh My Ghostess!!(hilariousssss must watch!!!)
    So now I am really anticipating this romcom…cannot wait!!

    On the side note..did anyone noticed the eyebrow painting of Ji Soo??? Left eyebrow? His eyebrows are certainly not that long and have another color…^^Didnt know men in kdrama get their eyebrow done as well…^^

    • 14.1 Boomboompow

      All men in k-ent world does wear make up, even the casts of Running Man and Infinity Challenge. I remember in one episode where they talked about how Jun Ha and Kwang Hee got their eyebrows tattoed, which certainly isn’t weird considering they have to appear on TV.

      And remember Lee Min Ho’s fuschia lipstick from Heirs? Let’s hope that trend never repeats.

      • 14.1.1 Newbee

        Oh goodness! Now that you have put it that way, I can’t unsee or unremember LMH’s lips in heirs! Hehehe.. I have ignored kdrama heroes wearing pink lipstick for around 100 dramas.. now I can’t unsee them anymore! Maybe it’s me, but I think Kheroes look attractive without lipstick.. or atleast it shouldn’t be distracting.

        • transient

          I remember back then I used to avoid kdramas like plaque because the actors’ lip were more red/pink than actresses’. I did not know how I learned to blissfully ignore that, or made my brain to block that image from being registered.

  15. 15 BlessingWind

    Ok, this is weird. Really weird, that whenever someone mentions Park Bo young, my mind really cant remember how ‘exactly’ she looks.

    A vague picture comes in to my mind, a small round face with bangs that all. There is no distinct feature of her i remember. For eg, if someone mentions Gong Hyo Jin, Kim So hyun, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim hye soo, or ANY other actress, i know ‘exactly’ how they look, they all have so much distinct features from one another.

    It is more strange because, i watched two of her works, one is werewolf boy movie, and the next one is oh! my ghostess k-drama. Normally, i can identify who is who from the look itself, but i seem to ‘forget’ how PBY ‘really’ looks.

    Some people might not even get this. haha

    • 15.1 Lulu

      This happens to me aswell! But with Hollywood actors. I honestly can never remember certain faces. I’m especially bad with that Fiftey shades actress. I could look at her face 1 minute and honestly forget what she looks like the next. Its just a blurry face in my mind. So weird.

      • 15.1.1 BlessingWind

        You mean Dakota Johnson. Yes, in Hollywood also, some people’s faces are hard to remember,

    • 15.2 GiLL93

      It not weird at all just depends on your perception. just a matter of how you see, hear, you feel to describe/ identify a person etc., Its sounds like you see her as common so you don’t find any distinctive features or nothing unique πŸ™‚ Its true that most have bangs both women and men alike. round face is somewhat common too but she’s an exception you just cant remember her face. so maybe next time you pay a lil extra attention you might discover something unique hehe. As for me I find her cute and sounds like a young girl with a nice teeth, beautiful smile and adorable. She’s bit short too. Good for you you can memorized where you saw her in my case i cant even memorize K names we all have in perfections. just saying πŸ™‚

      • 15.2.1 BlessingWind

        all those memorization of K names, comes with time. This is my 9th year watching k-dramas, so i should be able to know the drama names, the actresses/actors etc. Still, i cant understand Korean language, without subs.

        • Boomboompow

          Names are the hardest! Like I know the male lead name from WFKBJ has initial of NJH but I mispelled the full name a lot and had to google everytime to get it right.

    • 15.3 MJUSIkurd

      unbeliavable lol,i feel exactly the same saw her in warewolf boy and even in the movie i couldnt remember her face she is someone who i wouldnt recognize in pics or even in the street.

      • 15.3.1 BlessingWind

        we are in the same boat. haha. For me , she is the ONLY Korean actress, whom i really cant remember the face. All other actresses , their distinctive features come to my mind except her. She really is a great actress though. Even now also, seeing her pictures for a minute, and the next minute, i cant remember her face.

        • ar

          Hahaha! I have the same issue! I just know she’s short and cute. This has happened with some random people I’ve encountered in real life. It’s not always because I find the person plain and nondescript either. It has happened with attractive people. But I just seem to forget how they look like.

          I wonder if that gives PBY an advantage – like if she was too memorable, it would be weird to see her in different roles and may take a moment to adjust.

          And then there are those people who look really distinctive to me in a drama than elsewhere. I’m attracted to PHS in dramas, but sort of have trouble remembering how he looks like outside of dramas.

          Ji Soo’s got a pretty distinctive look – both on and off screen.

          • BlessingWind

            OMO. PHS was the same with me. I watched his debut drama i think ‘ High Society’, where he played the second male lead, and that was the first time i ever saw PHS, i did not even know he is an idol. He looked a teeny tiny bit similar to Jisung,
            Then i next saw him in Hwarang, and believe me i did not even know he is that guy i saw in High Society. He looks different from the previous drama and in this fusion saguek drama Hwarang. But now, i think, after this little experience, i might be able to distinguish him from other dramas he play.

    • 15.4 siesta

      this happened to me with IU. she just looks like a different person in anything i saw her in so i can’t recall her face or recognize her until someone pointed her out to me.

  16. 16 Llian

    After Goblin nothing excites me from watching… cant wait for this drama to come out. Park Bo young is indeed a cutie and one of the best in dramaland. I need a good laugh in this cold winter nights.

  17. 17 Omomo

    These promotional materials are on point and the cast is EVERYTHING. I’m liking their character descriptions. Hyung-sik’s sounds particularly interesting.

    I hope the show manages to subvert gender roles and tropes in an original and entertaining way. Fighting, Do Bong Soon!!!

  18. 18 Mandy

    Let us do a little guess work here.who do you think she’ll end up with.the detective or the ceo

    • 18.1 Sandy

      ceo. Hyungsik is the main lead.

    • 18.2 siesta

      ceo. besides from hyungsik being the lead, in the promos jisoo’s character seems to have no romantic interest in her and even thinks of her strength as something weird (instead of something great as in the ceo’s posters)

    • 18.3 Mae.ash

      The CEO 100%. Plus PBY and Hyungshik have so much promotion already that it is just the 2 of them without Jisoo. So I think that is already indication that they the are couple. There are like 3-4 teasers for this drama of just the 2 of them being sweet or hugging each other. They even did a few photoshoot together already.

  19. 19 katshirou

    Uhm, sorry, not sure how the scheduling works…but now that SP is finished, and this drama (please recap this, dramabeans team!!!) will air Feb 24…what will air during SP timeslot until this drama premieres? Because SP ended last week, and this will start three weeks from now…but it’s only Feb 3 today, so ???????????

    Thanks in advance!

    • 19.1 katshirou

      BTW, I hope PHS finally gets the girl! I mean, 99% of the time in dramaland, the main guy gets the girl, but this show might decide to be cruel and let the second guy win just to be different, once again depriving PHS to his happy ending with his lead girl.

      Jisoo (kinda) got his happy ending with SH:R with IU (but calling that ending as happy doesn’t sound right…well calling that drama as a whole as happy doesn’t sound roght either…ANYWAY) SO PLEASE DRAMALAND, GIVE. PARK. HYUNG. SIK. THE. GIRL. DAMMIT.

      • 19.1.1 katshirou


        (Fat fingers made the typo πŸ˜› hehe)

      • 19.1.2 Lisa_wackycashew

        Pretty sure PHS will get the girl as lead. Jisoo sorta had a happy ending in Fantastic in that he got the girl–erm noona-ssi woman–though ending was open-ended. XD

  20. 20 Kay

    Joining the prayer circle

    *please let this be good*

    • 20.1 Yasmina

      hopefully this would be really good. I haven’t seen Park Bo-Young in anything, but she sure seems charismatic in this.

  21. 21 Needaname

    Park Hyunsik! I’m in!

    I’ve only seen Park Bo Young in Werewolf Boy, and she was ok so I hope I like her in a drama.

    Regardless…I may just watch this for Hyunsik no matter which direction this show goes!

    I can just look at him if nothing else!

    Can’t wait!

  22. 22 bbstl

    oh.emm.gee! This looks so cute it makes my teeth hurt! In a good way.
    Dream eye candy casting to combine PHS and Ji Soo in one show, both with good hair. Be still my shallow heart!

  23. 23 Kendi

    Please be good.

    Sigh, I love both PHS and JS but I don’t know if I can afford another second lead syndrome. :((

  24. 24 Soiia

    I’m gonna cry if this is a flop. I am soo excited and happy Park hyung shik gets to be the leading man here!!

  25. 25 nchoe

    Whaaaat?! Ji-soo is taking another second lead role? Please Ji-soo yaaa… have mercy for this poor noona’s heart. I can’t bear to see you having another heart break… T_T

    • 25.1 Mae.ash

      How will he get a heart break when he do NOT like the main girl. He will be the one to break her heart. LOL

  26. 26 Bluetoile

    Lol when I read about the reversed gender roles and saw the candy in Hyungshik’s mouth, I immediately thought of candy girls.

  27. 27 Lisa_wackycashew

    I’m super excited and all the teasers plus posters have been so cute. I just want to see Jisoo in a drama again, and of course more PHS is awesome. PBY is so cute between the two tall guys. Saw their script reading vid and I can’t wait!!


  28. 28 nada

    After Hwarang last episode, which is kind of a mess imo since they let King Jinheung to be such coward, I hope this drama will redeem it all, I will watch this one for sure.

  29. 29 WishfulToki

    Do we know if this will be a 12, 16 or 20-episode drama? From the synopsis, it sounds like it could be a fun zippy drama in 12 episodes.

  30. 30 Aigoooo

    Can Jisoo get a break with a female co-star already? I have a feeling he will not get the girl yet again. hehe

  31. 31 Mary_x

    The whole female body guard is giving me “Wild Romance” vibes (with Lee Dong Wook and Lee Shi Young), so the premise is not that new/unique in my head.

    But I still love Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Shik – so I can’t wait to see how it is.

  32. 32 Mia

    I seriousy can’t wait for this show! I mean look at PBY!!!❀❀❀
    And I actually got nothing to watch right now πŸ˜… except General and IπŸ‘

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