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Jung Ryeo-won and Yoon Hyun-min courted for legal drama Don’t Trust Her

This pairing is unexpected, but one that I like the sound of. Jung Ryeo-won (Bubblegum) and Yoon Hyun-min (Tunnel, Beautiful Mind) are being courted for a new KBS legal drama called Don’t Trust Her. Jung’s favorably considering the starring role of a ferocious ace prosecutor who’s led several daring investigations.

Her character has worked in a number of different Seoul departments, and is known for her knowledge of the law. She’s not the straight-laced, upright type, however, as she has no problems waging personal attacks, tampering with evidence, or convincing witnesses to commit perjury. The lead will precariously toe the line between legality and illegality, and she’ll be faced with even greater moral challenges once she gets appointed to head a team specializing in sexual assault crimes.

In contrast, the role Yoon is up for sounds like the polar opposite. He’s a rookie prosecutor with an idealistic view of the system, but who has the same goal of bringing criminals to justice. There aren’t many details regarding his character yet, but it sounds like he’ll call out his sunbae prosecutor on her questionable tactics, which will lead to tense conflicts and begrudging mutual respect.

I’ve missed Yoon since Tunnel, and Jung sounds like just the person to give her brash character touches of charm and humanity. While I’m admittedly burned out on courtroom dramas lately, I’m anticipating strong performances from both and think this show would be worth watching for their potential chemistry.

Previously known as Witch’s Courtroom, Don’t Trust Her will be written by Jung Do-yoon (The Time I’ve Loved You, Baby-Faced Beauty) and directed by Kim Young-kyun (Mary Stayed Out All Night). It will air on Mondays and Tuesdays and will follow Lingerie Girls’ Generation, which follows School 2017 on KBS.

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