Drama Casting & News
Queen of Reversals begins filming
by | September 20, 2010 | 19 Comments
MBC’s sequel/spinoff series Queen of Reversals, which hopes to capitalize on the popularity of 2009’s Queen of Housewives, began filming on September 18 and released these first stills. In the drama, Kim Nam-joo and Jung Jun-ho play husband and wife, and seeing as how the atmosphere on set was described... More »

Drama Casting & News
Heechul cameos on I Am Legend
by | September 19, 2010 | 52 Comments
For all you Super Junior fans out there: Monday’s episode of I Am Legend will feature a special appearance by idol star and sometimes actor Kim Heechul. In the episode (the 15th), the ladies of the drama’s Comeback Madonna Band visit a radio station, as guests on Lee Sook-young’s “Power... More »

Drama Casting & News
Su Ae and Jung Woo-sung in bed together for Athena
by | September 19, 2010 | 42 Comments
Literally. It’s funny to compare Athena‘s promotional blitz with IRIS‘s, because there are so many similarities. On one hand, I do NOT want to spend all of Athena‘s run nitpicking every detail and comparison to IRIS, but on the other hand, it’s sort of inevitable. Example: Compare the above still... More »

Drama Casting & News
Oh Ji-ho cameos for Runaway
by | September 19, 2010 | 25 Comments
The KBS drama Chuno shot Oh Ji-ho to the greatest success of his career to date, so now he’s returning the favor to the writer and director by making a cameo appearance in their follow-up series, Runaway (Plan B). Eee, will there be enough room onscreen for the pretty?? (And... More »

Drama Casting & News
Jung Jun-ho to romance his hyung’s wife?
by | September 19, 2010 | 19 Comments
It’s funny that I didn’t put two and two together, but it turns out that when Jung Jun-ho took the lead in Queen of Reversals, he signed on to romance Kim Nam-joo, who is the wife of his friend and hyung, Kim Seung-woo. I love it. It’s a real-life drama... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
18th Icheon Chunsa Film Festival
by | September 19, 2010 | 26 Comments
Saturday, September 18, was the day of the 18th Icheon Chunsa Film Festival, held in the city of Icheon in Kyeonggi Province. The overwhelming winner was the film Moss, a crime thriller from the director of Silmido starring Jung Jae-young, Park Hae-il, Yoo Jun-sang, and Yoo Sun. It picked up... More »

Celebrity News
Gong Yoo’s live stage in Japan
by | September 19, 2010 | 92 Comments
Sigh. … … … Oh, were you expecting news? Sometimes silence is just better, no? … Buh… … What, don’t enjoy girlfriday as puddle of goo? Fine. Actor and all-around prettiest human Gong Yoo announced that he’ll be heading to Japan for a special live stage: a fan-meeting with his... More »

Drama Recaps
Playful Kiss: Episode 6
by | September 18, 2010 | 309 Comments
We don’t exactly pick up the same momentum started in the last episode, despite my fervent cheers of, “Come on, Show! You can do iiiiiiiiit!” I just adore Ha-ni’s embarrassingly realistic girl-with-a-bleeding-heart-crush so much that I want more for her. More story, more conflict, more…everything. In this episode Seung-jo ups... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Check out the New York Korean Film Festival 2010
by | September 18, 2010 | 34 Comments
Good news for Korean film lovers in the New York area: The New York Korean Film Festival 2010 (NYKFF) will be screening eight Korean films from September 22 through October 3, at both the MoMA and Brooklyn Academy of Music. It looks like a good lineup, too, and includes a... More »

Drama Recaps
I Am Legend: Episode 13
by | September 18, 2010 | 33 Comments
I would name this episode ‘The Rise and Fall (and Rise Again) of Jun Seol Hee.’ More push-and-pull between Seol Hee and her ex-Ji Wook. As others have mentioned in the comments, I do think that I Am Legend is trying to do a lot of things at once. But... More »

Celebrity News
Park Bo-young settles contract dispute with management
by | September 18, 2010 | 18 Comments
Park Bo-young has finally settled the legal battle with her management company, Humane Entertainment, which hopefully means that we’ll be able to see her back onscreen soon. (Finally!) Back in April, Park had filed a complaint against her management company alleging forgery of documents and requesting the termination of her... More »