‘Sword and Flower’

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Dramabeans Top 10: Korean dramas about enemies-to-lovers romances
by | January 22, 2016 | 111 Comments
girlfriday: We promised more Dramabeans Top 10s and now we’re back! Year-end shenanigans kept us busy for a while there, but it’s a brand new year and there are many more dramas to be watched! javabeans: Our last Top 10 focused on friends who became lovers, so what better counterpart than ye olde dramaland favorite,... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
A Year in Compliment Sandwiches [Year in Review, Part 3]
by | December 16, 2013 | 196 Comments
It’s been an interesting year for the world of dramas, hasn’t it? Usually any given year will at least give us that one epic drama we can all rally around like a big ol’ communal campfire, allowing us to share s’mores of our feels filled with chocolate (abs) and, okay, maybe this analogy is getting... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
2013 Beanie Awards: Vote for your favorite dramas of the year
by | December 3, 2013 | 701 Comments
Here are your Beanie Awards! It’s December, which means our monkeys are madly typing away in the backroom to prepare our annual Year End Review Extravaganza, which we’ll be kicking off soon. But before we do that, here’s your chance to vote for your favorites of the year and see how it stacked up for... More »

Dramabeans Podcast #18
by | October 13, 2013 | 76 Comments
New podcast!   Podcast #18 Running time: 63:25 In which we: talk about our just-released ebook and Seattle meetup; revisit I Hear Your Voice with a tangent on Lee Bo-young’s impending marriage and what happens when actresses get married, the strengths and weaknesses of the drama, and how it fares as a legal show and... More »

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Sword and Flower: Episode 20 (Final)
by | September 8, 2013 | 148 Comments
I’ve had pretty bad luck with finales lately (in that I’m starting to forget what it feels like to watch a good one), and while the ending for Sword and Flower doesn’t strike like lightning out of a clear blue sky, it does serve as a textbook example of everything that makes viewers wary to... More »

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Sword and Flower: Episode 19
by | September 7, 2013 | 65 Comments
Our princess’ future with her eternally loving bodyguard is at stake, but you’d hardly know it by the way everyone moseys around this hour. A literal war happens off-screen in the time it takes for Mu-young to not make a decision, which gives the Slim Bad of the show all the time he needs to... More »

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Sword and Flower: Episode 18
by | September 3, 2013 | 35 Comments
There’s a bit of cuteness in an otherwise bleak hour as everyone’s lives just go from bad to worse. Mu-young faces a tough decision going forward—will she learn to let go, or die holding on?—while our hero tries to give her a third (and some would say better) option. Whether they’ll have a hand in... More »

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Sword and Flower: Episode 17
by | August 31, 2013 | 34 Comments
It’s our princess’s last chance to exact her revenge, and if she doesn’t succeed, she’s sure as hell going to go down trying. This episode is an improvement without actually improving all that much—it just makes it easier to forget most of what didn’t work when the payoffs are good. I think I’d hate this... More »

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Sword and Flower: Episode 16
by | August 30, 2013 | 34 Comments
So much of this story makes so little sense sometimes, leaving me with a sinking feeling that while the bigger plot movements might’ve been charted out, the connections between those dots were mostly left to chance. Thus, we get an episode where some things just happen. Why? If you know, congratulations! You’re either not me,... More »

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Sword and Flower: Episode 15
by | August 29, 2013 | 34 Comments
It’s a little funny that when one character learns a life-altering secret in this show, every other character just so happens to find out at the same time. A few characters do get left behind (considering that the story would end if they found out), but for the most part I’m hesitatingly hopeful in saying... More »