Kim Seo-hyung stands at a crossroads in ENA’s Paper Moon

ENA is still keeping much about Paper Moon under wraps, continuing to tease us with more of our contemplative heroine Kim Seo-hyung (Mine) in a new poster and short video trailer.

Based on the Japanese novel Kami no Tsuki by Mitsuyo Kakuta, the suspense-thriller follows the life of Yoo Yi-hwa (Kim Seo-hyung) as she journeys to find real happiness. Having long felt suffocated by her marriage to an apathetic Gong Jung-hwan (Imitation), Yi-hwa strives to re-discover her identity by getting out of the house and starting a new job at a bank. But a new kind of trouble enters her life when she one day decides to abuse her access to the bank’s VIP accounts.

Although their roles still remain a mystery, the drama also stars Yoo Sun (Eve), Seo Young-hee (Would You Like a Cup of Coffee), and Lee Shi-woo (The Fabulous), as well as Lee Chun-hee (Law School).

In the new video teaser, the camera follows our heroine as she walks under the moonlight at night, her hand grazing over the flowers along the road. She then comes to a stop at a crosswalk, where she meets the gaze of a young man on the other side of the street.

After a pause, Yi-hwa begins her walk across the intersection and we hear her contemplating in voiceover, “Can I betray real life for the sake of fake happiness?” The teaser then closes on the drama’s title card as the narration continues, “GenieTV Original drama, Paper Moon releases in April.”

With scripts penned by Noh Yoon-su alongside PD Yoo Jong-sun (Secret Royal Inspector and Joy, Designated Survivor: 60 Days) and filmmaker Jung Won-hee (Doom Doom) at the helm, ENA’s Paper Moon premieres next month in April.


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I love her, but seeing her in something lighter for a change would be nice.


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