[Beanie Review] The Uncanny Counter 2

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Season 1 was wonderful and I think Season 2 ending up being somewhat average was very disappointing. Before this golden age of TV and streaming, it's like watching a wonderful movie in theatres and then some direct-to-video sequel comes along. It was fun seeing the characters who have won my heart again. But the characters end up being trapped in a less exciting story.

I think the entire drama should have just been a special movie. The bad guys were evil in a flat, mustache-twirling cliche way. The new recruit that our gang needed so badly was more like a screechy hindrance, which was stressful because the bad guys were multiple times more powerful and destructive than the first season. The fight scenes felt repetitive.

On a mental level, I can appreciate the story of the Counters' struggle for one man's soul and them learning that not even the most kind-hearted man in the world - Ma Joo-seok- can resist giving into an evil spirit when his life and his reason for living are so terribly ripped away from him. Everyone is vulnerable.

However, on an emotional level, I have trouble connecting. The bond between Ma Joo-seok and So Mun was more of a tell not show. Though I can mentally understand it, I couldn't feel it despite the actors acting their hearts out. I do connect with Ma Joo-seok's revenge goal as what was done was so terrible and the moments when the good within him comes out were touching. However, my sympathy for MJS conflicted with the Counters' goal of preventing him from seeking vengeance.

This season also leaned a little too much into So Mun being the savior. Like he is done growing and has hit the peak of Counter-hood at this ripe age of 21 - which makes him a flatter and somewhat obnoxious character this go-around.

On the positive side, the original characters were still charming and it's still magic when they're sitting around together and fighting alongside each other. It is like seeing old friends again. Some of the more emotional moments involving Hana, Ms.Choo, and Mo-tak hit pretty hard. And I think the ending is quite solid.

I started off with a live watch and sort of binged the last half. I think this drama works better as a binge. And give yourself permission to just FF or fold laundry through the boring parts. Enjoy the bonding moments!


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