@reply1988 here is a link to a drama list template. Please try and comment.


    To demonstrate how the formula and styling work, I did not erase all data.
    Since the work of putting the names was done, the actors names are all here.
    And you have my full list of tropes 🙂

    Tell me how it can be modified to better suits your needs (such as adding more users for ranking the next dramas for the watchclub?) or take it and do the modifications by yourself.


      Oh excellent 🥰 thank you so much. I will set it up on my computer tomorrow and see what works for the club. I co facilitate the club with @mellowarmadillo so if we keep the original up to date with the monthly watches between us it should work for our purposes. We have set questions that shape the discussion so we could turn those into headings. I will definitely give feedback.


    I’ve not had success in “a-tag” linking any links on this site besides YouTube and internal DB links, @darwi. That link above got stripped by the editor, i do believe.

    You can paste the link inline, though, and it should work.


        Thank you for resending this. I have opened it in view only ok. It looked fine and operational so now waiting to see if I can download and type into it. Depending on how long that process takes I will send the feedback in a few mins or later today. My computer just woke up so it is very slow. I am looking forward to the Apple event in Sept when I will see if they upgrade the chip before I get my next iMac and then I can rejoice as these slow starts will be a dim and distant memory.


        Yes so far it is letting me make alterations so we are good to go thank you so much for the notes and leaving info in so I can see how it works. It’s a great piece of work.


        @ceciliedk this is the link to the spreadsheet that puts all others in the shade.


        Thank you for this link and your great idea, I love it!
        You really need something multi- like this to talk about these things.
        I have made a bingo card cooperating with @reply1988 and @attiton, but it started out more like a fin drinking game-ish thing (with or without drinks), for newcomers to be introduced to the tropes and oldcomers to enjoy recognizing them … again, but it really makes one discuss the variation so you end up looking for some kind of cross-referencing there, too.


          Please do let @darwi know if you use it. We are going to trial it to track our monthly dramas at the Watch and Discuss Korean Drama club. The more people use it the better, it’s such a great resource to be generously shared so we can do the easy part of personalising such a detailed template.


          I love the idea of bingo cards !
          My trope list is a kind of bingo.

          Tell me if you have ideas/needs that could be implemented in the file.


            This is the Bingo Card, still with one slot free for that very special trope, when I decide which one.
            This one is just for viewing or copying.
            I don’t adhere very strictly to terms, I write extra stuff and cross out things, but the main idea are tropes common in Kdrama and not common in, say, Hollywood. And that are fun to notice. So like, if someone runs to the airport to confess their love, it does not belong here, but if they fall in love at a bus stop or are beaten up by their parents, it does.
            On my wall you can se links or pictures of some of the bingo cards filled out. 🙂


            I would use your template, but I must admit I have never learned to use spreadsheets, so I … gave up. I stick to my bingo cards, footnotes and lists. I have felt bad about it because it could look as if I was only paying you lip service when I said I liked it.
            But really, my brain is just too oatmeal-ish to use your template.


          I laughed a lot with the bingo card !
          Unsurprisingly we have numerous tropes in commun, though the formulation is different.
          I am also puzzled by the apparent lack of pijamas in Korea. And it is not only for convenience/rapidity of the scene as when Lee Rang enters the room and goes to bed immediately since Moon Seo Ha and his secretary-friend had the time to prepare their bedroom (and change into bed-pullovers?).
          I do not notice the interrupted kisses in kdrama as the scene are way more exagerated in cdramas. Or maybe I’m watching less k-romances.

          What is “verbal innuendo” ?


            Pajamas: Even if it happens more frequently than normal, I don’t count the times people sleep wearing their shirts and trousers, because they’re either drunk or have to sleep with someone they so not feel they can dress down with. But even in those situations you would normally take off your sweater, right? And certainly your coat! But in K-dramas you often see people go to sleep with a big knitted sweater, even if they have a blanket, and last time I saw it, it was to male friend, het for all I know, with each their big sweater, going nightie-night. And I have seen people slepp with their coat on, too … I think one of the times was in Strong Girl Bong… what’shername. Her elegantly dressed boss slept wearing his fancy coat.
            There’s almost always interrupted kisses in K-dramas. And they never go back to kissing, even if it they are still alone. Like, in “It’s Okay Not to Be Okay”, they are one time interrupted by a dear saying it’s loud sound in the forest, and ML Gang-Tae (Kim Soo-hyun) says something like “Damned dear!” Mostly, it will take some episodes before they get the chance again.
            Verbal innuendo was introduced by @attiton, who gave the example of someone asking someone to get “Ramyeon”, while meaning something like “Netflix and Chill” (which, if someone hadn’t enlightened me, I would take totally literally, too). Or someone saying something innocent, and another person understanding it as a metaphor for something.
            Actually, I have started just writing “innuendo”, because I see many visual innuendos. I can post an example or two in a minute here. But really obvious is “Live up to your name”, when he sharpens his needles … if you haven’t seen it, I believe it happens first time in the very first scene, so you could watch the first ten minutes and get a prime example.


            I can’t put a picture here, so it’ll be on my own wall. I hope this is a link that works to that:


          “Do you want to get ramyon” is explained in a few dramas, so I got the traduction quite early. Recently, Sooyoung asked while lasciviously lying on the hood of the car in Tell me your wish. I believe I have not seen a positive answer to this question (though sometimes they do eat ramyon).

          Innuendo are also quite present in western shows. I might be too naive because I cannot find example of innocent talk that is taken for something with other intentions.


            Yes, innuendo is really all over the place … I think maybe I notice it more – and maybe they are used more, too? … in shows, where people sleep together with their coats on and don’t kiss untill they are more or less engaged.
            Like, if you look back at Hollywood in the fifties, a man dancing in the rain while swinging a closed umbrella in front of him … you know, that’s the best way to use an umbrella.


            Comment was deleted


            I can’t quite remember an example of the last thing, but you know, someone saying “I need to put it in, but I can’t find the button that opens it” … and someone reacting to that in a way that shows they are either misunderstanding it or just have associations that they don’t say aloud.


            Oh, I’ve seen it accepted at least twice, but probably more: Run On by the OTP and Sh**ting Stars by our youngest pairing!

            My original square was only for the “rameyon” line, but was/am happy to have it more generalized to being about innuendo in general. There’s that funny interaction about “doing it,” in True to Love/Bora, for example.


          That’s ok.
          The template is a bit obsessive. I totally understand that other people do not have the same urge as me to count everything.
          The bingo card is nice. Thanks for sharing.


            I totally understand the urge to counting. It’s not the same, but if you look at my latest couple of bingo cards, they are surely flowing over the edges.
            And @attiton comma I think I have seen the “doing it” thing in several dramas, in variations of “I don’t like to see you doing it with him” to “let’s do it” referring of course to peeling potatoes or doing hopscotch or taking the stairs. Often followed by a nervous/hopeful/overwhelmed “do what?” before it is clarified.


            Besides, I have filled out several “Did the dog die” questionaries, and also I have this:

            1. It’s okay not to be Okay 3
            2. Itaewon Class 3
            3. Wok of Love (Greasy Melo) (Melo er kortform af melodrama) 4
            4. My ID is Gangnam Beauty 4
            5. My Love from the Star 4
            6. Dream High 4
            7. Rookie Historian 4
            8. Mr. Queen 5
            9. Live up to Your Name 5
            10. A Hundred Days My Prince 5
            11. Moon embracing the Sun 5
            12. Flower Crew 5
            13. My Sassy Girl 5
            14. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo 6
            15. Triad Princess 6
            16. Mad for Each Other: 6
            17. Put your Head on my Shoulder: 6
            18. Hyde, Jekyll, Me: 6
            19. Suspicious Partners 6
            20. The Bride of Haebak 6
            21. Girl who sees the scent 6
            22. School Nurse Files 6
            23. Run on: 7
            24. Oh My Venus * 7
            25. Love to Hate you 7
            26. Start-up * 7
            27. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho * 7
            28. Secret Garden: 7
            29. Crash Course in Romance 7
            30. Meteor Garden 7
            31. The Kings Affection 8
            32. Who Rules The World (kinesisk) * 8
            33. The Secret Life of my secretary 8
            34. Birthcare Center: 8
            35. Hotel Del Luna * 8
            36. Oh My Baby 8
            37. Couple on the backtrack 8
            38. Twenty Five Twenty One 9
            39. He’s Expecting 9
            40. Because this is my first life 9
            41. W – Two Worlds Apart 9
            42. Glitch 9
            43. Coffee Prince 9
            44. Good Morning Call Season 1 10
            ○ Romantic Killer/Romance Killer 10
            45. Uncanny Counter 10
            46. Revolutionary Love 10
            47. I am not a robot 10
            48. Move to Heaven 10
            49. Mystic Pop-Up Bar 11
            50. The Master’s Sun 11
            51. The Tale of Nokdu 11
            52. Are You Human 11
            53. You are Beautiful * 11
            54. Cinderella and the Four Knights 11
            55. Our Beloved Summer 11
            56. The Producers 11
            57. Crash Landing on You (*) 12
            58. Tomorrow 12
            59. Strong Girl Bong-Soon 12
            60. Good Doctor * 12
            61. Extraordinary attorney Woo 12
            62. Nevertheless * 12
            63. AI love you 12
            64. Don’t Dare to Dream/Jealousy Incarnate / Jiltooui Hwashin / 질투의 화신 13
            65. Pasta 13
            66. When the Camellia Blooms 15
            67. Café Minamdang 15
            68. Romance is a Bonus Book 16
            69. You Are My Destiny/Fated to Love 16
            70. My Shy Boss (også kendt som “introverted boss” el. sådan noget) 16
            71. Her Private Life 17
            72. Beautiful Gong Shim/Pretty Ugly/ Remember/ Dear Fair Lady Gong Shim 17
            73. Kitty 18
            74. Be melodramatic 18
            75. Dali og Cocky Prince / Dalriwa and Gamjatang 18
            76. Love in the Moonlight (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds / Gooreumi Geurin Dalbit) 18
            77. Lovestruck in the city 19
            78. Taxi Driver * 19
            79. King the Land 19
            80. See you in my 19th Life 19
            81. Clean with Passion for Now * 19
            82. Under the Queen’s Umbrella 19
            83. Doom at Your Service 19
            84. Memories of Alhambra 20
            85. Angel’s Last Mission: Love 20
            86. Reply 1988 20
            87. Full House 20
            88. Unlock My Boss 21
            89. Good Manager/Chief Kim/Kim Gwajang 21
            90. Hot Stove League 21
            91. Hello, My Twenties/ Age of Youth 22
            92. (J-Drama) I Will Be Your Bloom 22
            93. Homemade Love Story * 22


            It’s a list of what I’ve watched, with little stars by the one I neglected to finish. I have written a few words about each one. Partly because I simply forget which one was which if I don’t, and partly in the vain hope of making someone I know watch some of them, too.


      (and I was quite frustated by the 200 characters limit that was reached so fast that I was not able to finish my sentence. How do you manage to write articles on your fanwall ? is there key to unloking more writing space ?)


      I’d love to have your feedback if your have looked and played with the file.


    what this is about if anyone can guide me ?


      Well, the other day there was a discussion on dramas-list that we use to follow which dramas we watch. I mentioned the file that I’m using, which is an multi sheets file with
      1)dramas that I’m watching (with a list of tropes that I count just because)
      2)dramas I might watch
      3)personal rating of seen dramas
      4)personal rating of actors and actresses.

      As some interest in my dramas-list-template was expressed, I have made a template available. (with a few data as examples)

      It count how many times I have watched an actor/actress, and there are some formula to calculate a note that is put back in the “Dramas watched” tab (even when the columns and lines are moving because dramas are added and tropes are reorganised).

      The first tab can be sufficient (and possibly already overly detailed) for following up one’s dramas watch.
      I played with excel/google.sheet and if others see an interest… the file is available.


    I am loving this these are my queries so far. The notes have helped a lot.

    Tech support😊:
    On the actors and actresses pages if I delete the notes tabs D & E and in the Dramas seen lines 3&4 Person D and B watch will that mess up a lot of the formulas?

    In notes tab
    in column J it has actors play what does this mean they literally play like arcades or sing nursery rhymes or play an instrument?
    Column R situation not ok is that when they are racist or offensive in another way?
    Column S is that you eye rolling because scene is too ridiculous?
    Column AE what is the difference between that and strong female is it like Ajumma in Healer or not usual figure or pretty face?
    Column AH like She was pretty calling each other husband and wife?
    Column AJ is that toilet humour

    In dramas seen tab
    Column A lines 41 and 42 3e female and 3 e male I could not work out what this was.


      > On the actors and actresses pages if I delete the colums D & E
      -> then there will be no different colour to indicate who are the preferred persons. No consequence on the formula.

      > Dramas seen lines 3&4
      -> these are just individual drama count. It will mess up the formula in line 33 (giving the note). But I guess that you do not need it. So you can delete all 3,4,5,6, 33 and 34 lines.

      >Dramas seen lines 41&42
      These are just possibilities to have a 3rd actress and 3rd actor mentioned for the drama.
      In examples, this allows to have Jo Han Chul name for Healer. We wanted to have more than just the lead couple counted.
      These lines are used in the formula to get the drama name for the actress/actor in respective tabs. But there is a priority on lead role and most recent/more left in the table. Example : I added Love in contract. Go Kyung Pyo is male lead, so this is this title that appears on the “actor” tab because is 2nd in the other drama. Love in contract is also the title for Park Min Young, because this drama is left in the table (so added later, watched more recently) than Healer.
      I don’t know if these features interest you… These were really to answer the questions which actor have I seen ? in which drama ? Am I watching more the actors that I prefer ?.
      I let all the names in the file because the work of imputing the data has been done, but it’s superfluous.


        Thank you so much. I really appreciate seeing all the actors and adding their names in Hangul was a nice touch 😊. This means I should be able to see the range of their dramas without having to keep going into the different Asian wiki pages for each actor I like in the most recent of their dramas.


      The note tab…
      So that is my formula to obtain a note for a drama. This is set of personal criteria, that maybe I should have kept personal…
      I’m sure that you have other personal criteria to give a note. Just add/replace the columns as needed.

      But since I disclosed my noting system here are the details
      – column J : sorry for the bad translation into english. It’s global quality of acting. Is the cast good ?
      – column R: any situation that is NOT OK. Racism, violence… anything that I would prefer not to see.
      – column S: yes, anything that made me roll my eyes because this is really too much or it overcome my suspension of disbelief.
      – column AE: this is taken from “dramas seens” tab. I have a line for “strong female” and a line for “FL is non conventional” because there is a slight difference. Non-conventional is more like “not the usual FL”, she as something that set her apart.
      – column AH: sorority or femance. I’m feminist so if there sorority in the drama, that’s a bonus for the note.
      – column AJ: annoying comic relief. I might have become more tolerant or more used to the comic relief roles, but at the beginning they annoyed me a lot. It is more a role/character that is doing too much (Hwang Bo Ra in WWWWSK) and whose role is just to be ridicule so as to reduce some tension/create cheap laughs (the neighbours detectives of Zombie detective).

      In fact, all the criteria on the note tab could be in the Dramas seen tab, and the note could be given with a simple formula.
      My notes are on a specific tab because we are two persons, with each specific criteria. So having a tab is easier than scrolling to a dedicated range in the first tab. (and allowed me to play with the index.match formula)

      I should simplify the file before proposing it to the others beanies.
      Is there an interest to the actor&actress tabs ?
      Shall I replace the list of tropes by a invitation to imput personal notation criteria ?


        I have similar things that stand out for me too so loved the list of tropes. I think if you are putting it out for general use you may want to just have a couple of generic examples so people can get the idea and chose their own.

        I think the actors and actresses tab is invaluable and is a keeper well done for putting in the work on that one. I like the idea of including others as the ‘always second lead or best friends’ would flash up so you would celebrate when they finally got their lead role. I expect some beanies would have a PD and writer tab so Hospital playlist and the Reply series would be easy to identify as must watches if you liked the writer PD combo in one of them.

        I agree as two of you are using yours there needed to be differentiators especially loving the way it helps you decide what will be an appropriate joint watch and what to watch separately. I think this is great for those who have drama buddies/family members they watch with. As our watch and discuss club is made up of so many people I don’t think we could utilise that feature hence removing it but I am keeping your template as is because I think it may help us to choose future watches as we have some diverse thoughts and had some dramas that a few of us didn’t like and didn’t finish so there may be a way for me to utilise the feature to track those but I am not at that stage yet. I am not good with excel.

        Most people would be using it for their own records. I get the impression that a lot of beanies use mydramalist and this spreadsheet is something that is offline, and can be personalised and is a lot of fun to engage with.


          I’m happy that you like the file. 😊

          Yes, writer and PD could be added, and counted. It’s not a lot of work to create the tab.

          > some dramas that a few of us didn’t like and didn’t finish so there may be a way for me to utilise the feature to track those
          What about having one column per person in the “next drama” tab ? If each person indicates the dramas that they [do not like / did not finish / loved / is excited for] it might help.


          So… as there can be 2 writers and 2 PD the formula are not so straighforward.
          But the tabs have been added.
          I’ll add several comments to explain how to do it. (mosty inserting the lines and naming them for easy use in the formula for counting and displaying the drama name)


          I love to play with excel so I’ve added a few columns in the “next dramas” tab with data validation (ie drop down lists) so that several person can express their love or disinterest in the dramas. These are columns G H and I. If you insert a new column in-between the data validation roll-over.
          It’s quite black-or-white, but you can add more choices by modifying in Data > Data validation.


          I realised that there is a flaw in the drop down menu.
          I will make a how-to this evening so that you will be able to make the adjustments.


          In the template file, there is a new tab “workbookadmin” with how-to instructions to fix the drop-down list in the “next drams” tab. I hope it’s okay.
          Sorry for the mishap.