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Penthouse series officially comes to an end !!!
I have lot to rant and dont know wher to start.

good things first
I loved the character growth of Hera Kids. With three seasons they matured from spoiled rich brats to sensible individuals esp SK. It made sense that she is working hard like MSA despite having a rich brother.
After waiting so long, SH and RN had their cute pasta date.
Kang Mari and Jennie too had their character development and I was happy how she is the owner of a penthouse now. Jennie and Ro Na being best friends was something we wouldn’t have imagined in the first episodes.

The Bad things
One of the biggest flaws I find in this season was the inconsistency of SSR. She was shown as a badass lady in S1 who was brave and intelligent but as the season progressed she kind of made a lot of bad choices. I had my biggest complaint about her when she set the loan sharks on EB. It doesn’t make any sense that she committed suicide to frame CSJ. The dashcam evidence and EB’s confession would have been enough to send her in jail. She just survived a bomb blast only to jump a cliff. It was so ridiculous. OYH asked SSR to look after RN before dying while HYC asked the same from Logan. And what did they do? One jumped from the cliff while the other refused the treatment for his ailment. Why didnt they think about the kids? SSR and Logan could have been a guiding force in the kid’s lives, SSR has SK and SH and could have made a lot of warm memories with them but in the end they both acted cowardly and ended up dying. And what was the need to revive Logan this season if they were to kill him with cancer? He didnot do much contribution to this season story wise.

I never though I will feel this bad when CSJ died. I should have been happy, she totally deserves it but I felt so emotional seeing her falling on knees and passing away after watching EB at the church. It’s so sad that EB was going to the prison after 3 years wearing the dress she got in the name of her mother without being aware of the presence of her mother in the rooftop nearby. KSY has been the show stealer in all 3 seasons. The way she portrayed her remorse and regret was like punch in the gut. I hope she gets the deserving recognition in future for her stellar performance.

The court scene was well acted. I was shocked when EB silt her throat and Hopefully CSJ might have understood how OYH felt before.
I wished for a EB and RN reunion but …..

HYC had the a sad end. I guess had he resisted CSJ’s advances in the past, half of the problems might not have happened. It’s sad that he was talking about OYH even while dying and I cant imagine how bad CSJ might have felt.

There were a few cliffhangers in the episode like the anonymous blue flower sender and the creepy old man. I didnot understand why they were included.

Finally it’s silly but the actual baddie apart from JDT in the whole series was a ” Pecan pie”. 😀😀


    I haven’t watched the final episode yet but I will later tonight. I totally agree with you regarding Dr. Ha. His was indeed a sad ending.

    The “pecan pie” comment! *laughing*




One of the images I couldn’t take out from my mind after finishing the premiere episodes.