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Coffee Prince: Sixth Cup
by | July 17, 2007 | 127 Comments

Coffee Prince is (so far) proving to be better than I expected. Episode 6 was tons of fun, and starts getting a little more emotionally meaningful, but doesn’t get bogged down with too much seriousness.

And the gender-bendy, pseudo-gay-homoerotic mindfuck really gets going!


The Smiles – “Rainbow”… The Smiles is an indie-rock band that reminds me of American indie-popsters Of Montreal. They’re both a little twee, a little unabashedly precious, a little offbeat (they’ve even got a ragtime tune on their album). I think they’d make a fabulous soundtrack band, really. The only thing is, they sing mostly in English (clearly not their native language); I wish they’d sing more in Korean, actually.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(Also, I keep hearing that there’s a Coffee Prince manhwa, but I haven’t seen any indication of that. The series is based on the novel, but any comic-related images I’ve seen are based on the drama, not a manhwa. If anyone knows for sure that there’s a manhwa, please correct me!)


At the art gallery opening, Eun Chan recognizes Yu Ju and runs off, trying to hide her face, afraid of being found out.

Han Sung talks to Yu Ju while Eun Chan goes to the bathroom, and when Eun Chan sees them talking, she’s bummed to realize Yu Ju is Girl B. She mutters in dismay that Girl B was supposed to be ugly.

Seeing Han Gyul unexpectedly show up (he’d said he couldn’t make it), Eun Chan tries harder to hide (look at her scurrying behind him). I like that Eun Chan still acts in the same boyish way even when she’s dressed up prettily — despite the fact that she’s completely female, she’s not comfortable with feminine frills, and that makes sense to me.

Unable to escape the notice of the others, Han Sung drags Eun Chan over for introductions (he half-jokingly refers to her affectionately as his “girlfriend” and also his “kid friend”). But Han Gyul’s fixated on Yu Ju and doesn’t notice anything. Yu Ju doesn’t get a good look at her face, and doesn’t recognize her either.

Feeling uncomfortable, Eun Chan leaves early, and Han Sung apologizes for putting her in such an awkward position. He sees that she’s upset, and says he should have made sure she didn’t bump into Han Gyul. Although she’s mostly upset at seeing him with Yu Ju, I think she’s also partly disappointed that Han Gyul didn’t notice her, because she wonders how he could work with her every day and still not recognize her.

Han Sung tries to take her home, but Eun Chan insists on going alone, trying to fake cheer. He gives her money for a taxi, but Eun Chan walks along dejectedly and takes a bus anyway. Her feet hurting from the heels, she digs out a discarded pair of slippers from the trash, and cries.

“Guy A… Girl B… There’s no room for me… not even in my dreams.”


Eun Chan crying in her fancy dress, taking off her long wig and messing up her makeup makes for a sadly grotesque sight, and I respect Yoon Eun Hye’s lack of vanity in her portrayal of Eun Chan. Most of the time, pretty actresses do their best to look gorgeous regardless of its place in the story (waking up with perfect makeup, or dressing a poor girl in the most fashionable clothes), so I always appreciate when an actor gives up his or her highly safeguarded image for the sake of the work at large. Actors have to be emotionally stripped bare to be genuine, and often their protective vanity interferes with their art. Sorry to sound all pretentious about acting as a “craft.”

Anyway, Han Gyul is suffering the same depression at seeing the happy A/B couple together, and mopes around the house. Finally, he calls Eun Chan for company (who has him entered in her phone as “재수없어,” or loosely, “pain in the ass”).

They eat pizza together on his porch, and he motions her over to test her coffee-smelling ability. She says if she gets it right, he has to show her the room in back that he didn’t let her see before.

Guessing correctly, Eun Chan is shown the back room, which houses Han Gyul’s collection of Legos (he used to work with them in the States). He marvels at the concept of playing with toys: “Here, I can do anything I want.” (Eun Chan retorts, “You do whatever you want outside, too.”)

They play with the Legos (in a cute moment, Han Gyul “corrects” Eun Chan for bringing a bulldozer toy into the mix, because it doesn’t fit the time period of his horse-mounted knight-era setup).

Eun Chan comments on how sad Han Gyul is for his lingering crush on Yu Ju, and after a beat, he agrees that he’s dumb for liking a girl who’s unavailable. He wants to stop now, and Eun Chan tells him he made the right decision: “Goodbye, our unrequited loves.” Han Gyul asks what she means by “our” and she answers that it’s her business.

While Eun Chan falls asleep, Han Gyul muses: “Tonight, I really hated the idea of eating dinner alone. But on a day like this, why of all people did I think of you?”

Seeing that Eun Chan has fallen asleep, Han Gyul stares down at her face… and cautiously touches his fingers to her face, lightly… And then he realizes what he’s doing with an alarmed shake of the head, and gets up immediately, prodding Eun Chan awake and telling her to go home.

After a meal at home, Yu Ju tells Han Sung she occasionally has very selfish thoughts (only occasionally?): “I think, if it were always like this, I could get married. Then I think, Ah right, this isn’t all there is to marriage. I like how things are now.”

At work, Han Gyul gets a kick out of ordering Eun Chan around, enjoying her disgruntled expressions. That causes Min Yub to step in and take over (misguided chivalry = still cute), telling her she should pass on the heavy labor to him. (Aw.)

In fact, Han Gyul can’t take his eyes off Eun Chan, and at one point appears directly behind her to help her reach something on a high shelf. He’s standing way too close for comfort, and after he leaves, Eun Chan nervously smells her hair, thinking she ought to have washed it (since he must have been close enough to smell it). Hehe.

Han Gyul’s obvious attention toward Eun Chan is noted by Mr. Hong (who smiles knowingly) and Min Yub (who looks on worriedly). For what it’s worth, Ha Rim notices too but he doesn’t get it. Mr. Hong tells Han Gyul to just admit he likes Eun Chan instead of harassing her with work, causing Han Gyul to bluster that he isn’t doing that.

Han Sung drops by to talk to Eun Chan, worried that she’s been avoiding him. She makes the excuse that she’s working earlier in the day, and is going to give up the milk delivery because it’s hard working both jobs: “I’ll miss Sseulja a lot.” Han Sung: “What about me?” She deflects, saying she can call him whenever she wants to see him.

He apologizes again for the day of the art show. With tears falling from her eyes, Eun Chan tells him: “Because you’re such a good person… because I like you… I didn’t know it myself, how much I really liked you… I went home that day and my heart ached. But I’m fine now. She’s pretty, and refined… so I’ll give up. I hope you two will be happy.” She puts on a brave smile and insists she’s okay. Han Sung looks on with a mixture of (I’m inferring) sympathy, pity, and maybe a little sorriness.

With that issue aired out, they resume their friendly relationship. At one point, Han Sung puts Yu Ju on hold when she calls because he’s on the line with Eun Chan. He takes a long enough time chatting happily with Eun Chan before getting back to Yu Ju that she seems bothered.

Meanwhile, the cafe picks up business with the assistance of Eun Sae, who’s taken phone-videos from Eun Chan’s phone and her own and uploaded an amateur commercial onto the internet. Since the video prominently features the cute Coffee Princes, advertising them more than the cafe itself, it’s not long before women come in droves to the cafe to drool over them.

[A few small plot detours: Eun Chan’s mother goes on a date with Mr. Gu the butcher, who asks her to go steady, then retracts it in embarrassment at her nonchalant reaction. Sun Ki seems to be in search of his ex-girlfriend from three years ago, from when he lived back in Japan, although at present he has no leads. Ha Rim is getting fed up living in such a pigsty with Mr. Hong. And Han Gyul’s grandmother seems to be getting more ill.]

Increasingly bothered by his distraction with Eun Chan, Han Gyul tries to ignore his interest/attraction, acting cool around her. (Which annoys Eun Chan because she takes his behavior at face value.) When he sees Yu Ju for a movie (who’s feeling a little odd about Han Sung, preferring a friend to a boyfriend), he asks if he can give her a hug, and she complies.

Although at first I was worried that his interest in her was renewed, Han Gyul is actually hugging her to confirm he’s still attracted to women, and breathes with relief: “Thanks. I won’t have to go to a mental ward after all.”

Still, during the movie (Shrek the Third), Han Gyul sees Eun Chan’s face on the screen and laughs to himself, remembering all her cute antics.

Han Sung and Eun Chan hang out at the park, playing with Terry/Sseulja. He asks about work, and she says Han Gyul is making life tough on her at the cafe. Han Sung wonders: “Does Guy K like Girl N? Why would he be harassing her?” Eun Chan: “Nope. Guy K has a pretty other girl.”

Han Sung asks what Girl N thinks of Guy K, and she answers it’s a boss-employee relationship. Smiling knowingly, Han Sung prods, “Just boss-employee?” She answers, “Yes, because Girl N has fallen in love with another handsome man.”

Going back to his place, Han Sung gives her a change of clothing and tells her to wash up (she’s sweat-soaked). So when Yu Ju shows up uninvited to bring him breakfast, she’s shocked to see Eun Chan there, and to realize her true gender.

The girls talk, and Yu Ju notes that she could’ve figured it out when Eun Chan said she liked her male teacher. Eun Chan apologizes for lying, and explains she had to because of her circumstances, and asks her to keep it a secret from Han Gyul, for now. She’ll tell him eventually. It’s wasn’t exactly her intention to come across as a boy; she just kind of looks like one. When she was a student, lots of girls would call her “oppa” as well. Eun Chan asks if she can call Yu Ju unni, and Yu Ju answers, “It sounds nicer than noona.”

After Eun Chan goes, Yu Ju teases Han Sung about liking Eun Chan. At his awkward reaction, she persists, teasing him while he tries to change the subject.

At work, Han Gyul sneaks glances at Eun Chan while piling task after task on her and enjoying her reaction (like a little boy picking on a little girl — or another little boy, I suppose — because he likes her. Or him). Eun Chan bursts out, exasperated, “Why are you acting like this to me? If you’ve got a complaint, just say so.” But in a hilarious bit, Eun Chan blows her bangs out of her eyes in frustration, but to Han Gyul, Eun Chan’s hair waves… in s l o o o o w … m o t i o n …

Unnerved, he tells her to stop that, and she does it more to annoy him. (Hysterically, both Min Yub and Ha Rim join in.)

Han Gyul drags Eun Chan aside, staring at her intensely, making Eun Chan worry that he’s discovered her secret. She tries to run away, but he holds onto her, still staring, and says, “Let’s hug once.”

Trying to explain, he stammers, “I can’t think straight because of you. Let’s just hug, once. Then I think I can figure things out.”

Startled, Eun Chan asks what’s up with him and moves away. He grabs her in a hug…

(As One’s “White Love Story”)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

…and from the expression on his face, it seems things didn’t figure themselves out the way he was hoping.

At first unable to react, slowly Eun Chan hugs him back, closing her eyes… and the subtitles onscreen tell us:

“He shouldn’t have held me… Because it made me want to tell him I’m a girl…”

The song snippet in the last scene translates to:

Now I know, how you were as lost and wandering as I was
How you hurt so much, it kept you from sleep
Hold my hand, I won’t let go again
I love you, for as long as I breathe…

Additionally, I don’t think Eun Chan’s secret can stay secret for the rest of the series, with more and more people gradually finding out. Min Yub alone is careless enough to let it slip accidentally, but now with Yu Ju aware, I can’t see her NOT using this knowledge at some point. I don’t necessarily mean in a malicious way; but I don’t expect her to sit on it, especially since she knows Han Gyul so well… At least, that’s my hope, that they don’t drag out the secret through the very last.

For now, though, it’s fun — and I want to see the issue linger long enough for Han Gyul to have to deal with his preconceived notions of homosexuality in a substantive way (it’ll be a wasted opportunity if they flirt with the idea, but discard it by revealing that she’s really a girl to stay “safe”). I’m really curious to how they’ll treat Han Gyul’s growing attraction to Eun Chan. On one hand, attraction is physical — pheremones, instinct, chemistry. On the other, the mind is a powerful thing, and although he may not be able to deny his feelings, I expect him to sure as hell try. I wonder at what point he’ll have to give up resistance — Han Gyul seems pretty gay-friendly by nature. Will he be able to accept himself as gay? Or, at least, liking another man, even if he doesn’t only like men?

Geez, I’m dying of curiosity. I’ve got to get back to reading the book. Somebody make me more hours in a day.


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    Thank you so much for these wonderful summaries.

    • 1.1 camille

      five and a half years later, the scene where Han Kul is ordering eun chan around with the plant is still hilarious and sweet sweet sweet when he reached for that something on the top shelf… oh, sarang

      • 1.1.1 dee

        ha ha ha ! top shelf! Phew! 😀 me too me too droooooooooooooooooling 😀

        • benjo

          Still loving them in 2016 🙂

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    **Kneels over with glee** Coffee Prince is getting cuter and cuter!! Thank you for the summary! I’ll surely have sweet dreams of coffee princes tonight!

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    you write beautifully
    great review

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  5. javabeans


    kdramas write and shoot concurrently, so it’s likely the last episodes have not yet been written. Although it may be the general plan for Han Gyul not to know about Eun Chan until the end, I take “end” to mean a very general concept and not specifically the 16th episode. In any case, I hope they don’t wait that long because I’d expect a lot of emotional fallout to occur after the revelation, and I don’t want to be denied that.

  6. michibangs

    Thanks for the summaries. You make it sound so fun as if I’m actually watching the series. Thanks very much. 😀

  7. hua

    The cast did an interview at the end of June – maybe that’s where it was mentioned that HG won’t figure out EC’s gender for a while? Here’s the interview clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTD7P-yUpH0 I don’t know any Korean though – so I have no idea what they were talking about. Personally I agree with Javabeans – how can they drag on not having HG figure out EC’s secret for that long?

  8. d3ix

    thank you for your summary..
    I normally watch it at airing time and wait for your summary everyday.. thank you.

  9. kiwee

    ahhh i really liked this episode.
    but i dont really like the plot detours. theyres too many and i hope it doesnt get confusing/interfere too much with eun sae’s story.

  10. 10 yeli

    wow..this episode sounds FUN
    I am actually surprised and glad about how good the drama is so far…
    I agree with you and hope that HG does not find out EC is really a girl for a least another few episodes. It will be interesting to see how the writers will develop his confusion…the curiosity is killing me 😀

    Thanks again for your summary…i was looking forward to it all day..haha…
    There’s something about your writing that makes me want to see the drama even more…Not just this drama, but the other ones that you have summarized thus far….well, except for Witch Yoo Hee and Air City…i gave up on those dramas but kept coming back for your summaries because they are simply fun to read…especially With Yoo Hee! lol

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    Thanks for the summaries! Have been an avid reader for a month or so and you have nooo idea how your summaries make my boring, boring holiday bearable. I’m currently stuck somewhere where internet is s-l-o-w which makes downloading impossible. Thanks thanks thanks!!

  12. 12 javabeans

    hua, thanks for the link! It doesn’t talk about the ending reveal, it’s just a general behind-the-scenes explanation of stuff we all know at this point. YEH does mention that her stylist told her early on to forget about trying to act pretty, so she did give up any opportunities to look pretty in order to come across as much as a boy as possible. She says she worked really hard to make that genuine, so when the show starts, she hopes everyone can see her efforts pay off. (And they totally do.) They also mentioned that they’ve adopted the adjectives “Eun Chan-ish” to mean friendly and lovable, and “Han Gyul-like” to describe bad-tempered and difficult (which we’ve also seen in the series).

    kiwee, I think i’m more forgiving of the extra plots because i know it’s based on a novel, and when those stories are already established (i’m presuming; haven’t read too far yet), you feel bad leaving them out.

  13. 13 canyayasis

    Javabeans, just noticed that i had my CAPS lock on – sorry! that was not done for emphasis. yes, i’m with you……i want the chance to see their interaction after he realizes EC is a girl. When i think of KDramas whose endings left me content, they’re like THANK YOU (the beach scene), SAMSOON, the long walk up the stairs, LOVERS, the run up to him on the beach – QUEEN OF THE GAME felt a few episodes too long – SNOW QUEEN, the big math presentation was anticlimatic….ONE FINE DAY….a few years later he puts a hand on the glass,,, I’m VERY nervous about BAD COUPLE – though the beach scene with the fire and the boar was worth the WHOLE series – including the cute dance…. sigh…. reading your blogs helps immensely, and at last i’m able to speak to facts that someone has seen – though maybe with a different P.O.V. May I ask if Korean is your first language or a learned language. i’m always startled yet impressed by your ability to capture nuances that are BEYOND the language… that stuff can’t be taught. so with much admiration, once again, thank you!

  14. 14 Jessica

    kdramas write and shoot concurrently, so its likely the last episodes have not yet been written.

    Interesting… I didn’t realize that. I’m wonder how many dramas have changed their endings based on viewer pressure?

    I know that quite a few Taiwanese dramas had to re-film their ending because the viewers demanded a happy one 🙂

    Thanks for the recaps!

  15. 15 Ron

    Look like the relationship between Yu Ju and Han Sang are starting to switch around too. Yu Ju was pretty shocked seeing a girl popping out like that when she visisted Han Sang. Can even see some jealousy starting to form from her when Han Sang was seeing Eun Chan out I think. Now she will know what she have been putting him through, can’t wait to see it! The ultimate justice would be Han Sang really falling for Eun Chan and ignoring Yu Ju… not because he want to hurt her. Just lose interest in her.

  16. 16 nhetski

    i do think they will explore HG’s gender orientation for in the next episodes. on the preview for ep 7, HG consulted a doctor/psychologis/psychiatrist (?) coz he thinks he’s either gay or crazy 🙂

    thanks javabeans for the quick summary! i’m getting addicted to Coffee to think i don’t even drink one! haha

  17. 17 Marzy

    thanks sarah!! i love Ha Rim and Min Yub they are just the best supporting cast. They make me laugh. I dont doubt that Yu Ju will do her worst, when she loves to cause a stir between HS and HG. lol. im enjoying this drama. i wish i could read korean, id love to read that book for sure. even if there’s manhwa for it.

  18. 18 Haezi

    thanks for another great summary. i haven’t been this into a series since my name is kim sam soon! i love how han kyul incessantly teases eun chan and how her quirky little habit of blowing her bangs makes him nervous. his expressions as well as ec’s are priceless throughout the episode, especially the whole flower pot moving scene. i also think it’s very cute how han kyul and han sung ruffle ec’s head like she’s a little boy. that familiar gesture makes their relationships seem more real for some reason. despite the awkward confession, i think han sung actually liked ec’s straightforward honesty re: her feelings for him. it’s definitely different from yoojoo and her way of showing affection. i do think that hansung and yoo joo definitely have great chemistry, though.
    not only have i grown to really like gong yoo’s acting, (i actually think everyone is great) but the guy who plays ha rim is too adorable. i loved his melodramatic exchange with the gorilla regarding his living situation and how the gorilla offered him kim bap as comfort! speaking of which, i am so in need of k-food. i’ve been deprived for too long!

  19. 19 kiwee

    oh yeah! in the last episode, i think the mystery (for me) was solved! (in that harim is straight; when he says that at the apple picking place how it was dull with the hot weather and nonexistant girls). but i dont know if i’m right, hah.

  20. 20 ames4eva

    thanks so much javabeans! I always look forward to your summaries… makes it more bearable to wait for the english subs to be released! keep up the great work!

  21. 21 bliss_

    Once again, thank you javabeans for your awesome summary! I wasn’t able to watch even the LQ version of the episode since the streaming was really bad.

    Anyway, I just wanna confirm one thing.
    “Han Sung and Eun Chan hang out at the park, playing with Terry/Sseulja. He asks about work, and she says Han Gyul is making life tough on her at the cafe. Han Sung wonders: Does Guy K like Girl N? Why would he be harassing her? Eun Chan: Nope. Guy K has a pretty other girl. Han Sung asks what Girl N thinks of Guy K, and she answers its a boss-employee relationship. Smiling knowingly, Han Sung prods, Just boss-employee? She answers, Yes, because Girl N has fallen in love with another handsome man.

    So, does that mean EunChan actually is attracted to HanSung more than HanGyul?

  22. 22 ziziebrown

    Thank you so much for the summaries. Watching these episodes without sub is just killing me though I enjoyed the expressions and all… but knowing exactly what happened and what they talked about is very crucial for maximum enjoyment.


  23. 23 Noemi

    like you guys i am dying for the next monday to come..

    it was nice enough that we saw EC confession early towards HS , meaning moving on is a getting there…

    the series is really getting better and better.. i agree with you that for the sake of the series i would love that they would make HK and EC relationship play around the “gay” issue… a little more… (not too much too)

    i think one of the reason why HK couldn’t see EC as a female is because he’s stuck and fixated with YJ…like what he said it’s been nine years… kinda hard for him to let go see what’s real next to him… he’s “unrequited love” for Yj made him blind so his eyes wouldn’t look deeper to other people… like what happened in the art studio , where the real EC is there but because his eyes were too focused on one girl, he couldn’t notice the girl who’s been with her the past few days..

    moving on….
    i think the reason why the series is doing well is because the director and the actors are taking a bold step.. playing around with the concept “if it is real love , does gender really matter?”

    which is really good plotline … as HK struggles to find and identify his true feelings for EC, (not knowing she’s actually a female) would he accept and face the fact that he’s actually in love with another man?
    would he be man enough to face his family and friends for EC sake?

    as for EC …. i think she will move on, the early confession for HS shows she’s accepted her fate with regards to HS….
    if she falls for HK , would she be “man” enough say to HK , i’m actually a girl? and take the chance to see if he would like her as woman..
    or would she sacrifice and continue to pretend to be a man so she can be close to him even as his friend and employee……….

    OMG!! i am so addicted to this series..

    javabeans!! you rock thanks for the summaries..!

  24. 24 nileey

    Hi, i have been reading your summaries on Coffee Prince, and it made me want to watch the series!

    And yes, I need more hours too!

  25. 25 katokz

    i’m really hooked on this series! i’m very excited for the next episodes but i do hope Han Gyul doesn’t realize that Eun Chan is a girl YET. Hahaha. Well, hmm.. maybe after the 11th episode or so..but not now!!! I really enjoy the sweet moments they have together–kinda makes me feel like wanting to fall in love again. Haha.

  26. 26 Anonymous

    even though the storyline and acting are good, that really isn’t why i like this series so much. the real reason is it has such a relaxed and perpetual summer feeling — the clothes, music, atmosphere, the green leafy coffeeshop, the lounging around for breakfast in backyards and apartments with lots of sunlight. all these factors create this sense of open space and i really like that the living spaces are comfortable, not ostentatious like in most dramas about well-off people.

    dramabeans, can you share any insight into who’s doing the set design, art design cinematography choices?

  27. 27 jiangzemin

    even though the storyline and acting are good, that really isn’t why i like this series so much. the real reason is it has such a relaxed and perpetual summer feeling — the clothes, music, atmosphere, the green leafy coffeeshop, the lounging around for breakfast in backyards and apartments with lots of sunlight. all these factors create this sense of open space and i really like that the living spaces are comfortable, not ostentatious like in most dramas about well-off people.

    dramabeans, can you share any insight into who’s doing the set design, art design cinematography choices?

  28. 28 secret admirer

    Gracias javabeans for your synopsis – i still can’t get over how fast you churned out these blogs. How many hours of sleep do you get each night? LOL.

    I have a feeling that Han Gyul will find out about EC’s gender soon (like by ep 8 or 9)-and it will be from your favorite gal YJ. This will likely cause a drift or ( if we are lucky) break up between HS/YJ… And the rest of the series will revolve around our leading couple.

    As much as i would hope to see more focus on the idea of tolerance and homosexuality, i have a strong feeling that the producers and the Korean viewers are not quite ready to embrace the idea yet. But the optimist in me always has hope for otherwise. And even if they choose to return to the traditional romantic love storyline, it was still a very nice handling of the issue.

    YEH is so adorable and this show is just so lovely/cute beyond words. The OST is up there (remind me a lot of Soulmate OST but not quite in the same league yet) This series (and you javabeans) rock!

  29. 29 jxbeaucp

    thanks..loved this eps……….can’t wait for the next one………….’cause this one really made me laugh………….thanks so much…………javabeans………or should i call u dramabeans =)

  30. 30 Whitey

    Your summaries are really invaluable to me. I can’t understand enough Korean to get what’s going on as I watch the shows, so I read your summaries to fill in the blanks in my understanding.

    You are a good writer, too.

    I don’t like YuJu either. I couldn’t explain it. You described it well. She makes others around her unhappy.

  31. 31 puppychow88

    thanks for the summaries…i don’t know what i’d do without them…it’s still hard to understand what’s going on sometimes. keep it up! thanx!

  32. 32 Bamidele

    I hope that at one point he says to himself if he’s gay then it is okay, or bisexual. I hope the PD decided to do something like that and maybe HG will go even so far as too confess to her thinking still she’s a guy. Then he’ll find out she’s a girl and be FURIOUS. I hope by episode 10 or 11 he finds out, and we have an episode of him avoiding her and at the end of the episode he confronts her about it. This series is so much fun though except for you know who!

  33. 33 Brnice

    This seems like a great episode ; I can’t wait for the subs to be released so that I can enjoy it “live”, without, I barely get 30% of what’s going on… Thanks again for making the recaps so well !

    I’m a little afraid that they’re making Han Gyul like Eun Chan a little to fast (over one episode, he went from “we’re pals” to “shoot, I may be gay”), but maybe it doesn’t feel that rushed, I don’t know – I’d have to watch the episode for real, I guess.

    And I really really really want the Eun Chan/ Han Seung pairing to work, because you can feel that Han Seung already likes Eun Chan (plllllllllllease : I mean, last episode, he phoned because “he missed her”, and know he complains he doesn’t see her enough anymore… Sounds familiar ? and it seems that he doesn’t take her presence for granted anymore (cf “Ill miss Sseulja a lot. Han Sung: What about me?” -> doesn’t that feel needy…), and he puts her even Yoo Joo (cf scene on the phone of this episode)). Everytime he watches her, you feel there’s something, and even more after the relooking session – at least, that’s what I feel. No, it’s a definite, there’s going to be something real between them, even if the writer breaks them up afterwards to make the Han Gyul/Eun Chan pairing work.

    The strange is : it’s only the second time I see a drama with Gong Yoo as the lead, and last time (in “one fine day”) I already felt the girl should end up with the second male lead, not with him… And it’s not because I thinks he acts badly, I actually like his acting. So… anyone else feeling the need to have him end up alone ??? lol

  34. 34 greenstick

    this episode sounds cute =) i can’t wait to watch it =D i love your summaries!!!

  35. 35 Deedlith

    Thank God for your review!! There’s was no LQ ver yesterday ^^
    Can’t wait till next week ^^

  36. 36 Jenni

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