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Lee Min-ho fever revives Secret Campus
by | February 25, 2009 | 87 Comments

The Lee Min-ho phenomenon continues on. I can’t recall the last time we saw something like it, but since it’s a result of his talent as much as anything else, I don’t begrudge him one bit.

First it was a slew of old pictures, old girlfriends, family anecdotes, etc. Now one of his old projects is drawing particular notice: Secret Campus [비밀의 교정], which he acted in back when he was 19. Because of all the heightened attention being given to Lee’s prior work, EBS, the station that originally aired the 2006 youth drama, has announced that they will be rebroadcasting the series.

(I know there’s some Boys Before Flowers news fatigue. I feel it too. But this isn’t really about BBF, and Lee Min-ho acting projects somehow feel exempt to me…)

Part of the intense curiosity about Lee Min-ho’s background and personal life is because he was so unknown before Boys Before Flowers, even despite several film and drama roles.

Not only is Secret Campus Lee Min-ho’s debut role, it was also the debut for a fellow rising star — who happens to be this year’s It Girl — Park Bo-young. Park (19) has been on the rise with her film and TV work, but really hit it big with one of the biggest movies in recent history, the comedy Speed Scandal (과속 스캔들, aka Scandalmakers) also starring Cha Tae-hyun.

Lee Min-ho and Park Bo-young also worked together in last year’s comedy film Our School E.T., and are still friends.

EBS, which stands for Educational Broadcasting System, is a public station airing mostly documentary or educational programming, as well as “youth dramas” like this one. A rep explained that following the massive successes of both Speed Scandal and Boys Before Flowers, the website for Secret Campus has been attracting many visitors and requests for rebroadcasts.

With these two newly minted stars, EBS is sitting on a goldmine, and it’s not going to waste it, that’s for sure. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if these reruns of a three-year-old drama happen to bring in the station’s highest ratings in a long while, or perhaps ever.

The encore run will be shown on EBS on Saturday evenings beginning February 28, with one episode per week. The drama has 24 episodes in all.

Secret Campus is a school-centered drama depicting the lives and conflicts surrounding six very different main characters, who are all high school students.

Lee isn’t the main star of the cast; Park is, and (I think) there are a few other roles more prominent than his. In the story, he plays a soccer team member (perhaps art imitating real life?), although his soccer dreams meet with some trials and tribulations. While he is a good fighter and “he seems like he doesn’t have much interest in those around him, he’s the kind of person who takes care of his friends silently.”

Park’s character (Ah-rang) isn’t the brightest student, but her cute, talkative personality makes her well-liked. One day, she’s walking home from after-school lessons and runs into a gang of roughnecks; Lee’s character (Doo-hyun) comes along and saves her, after which Ah-rang starts to like Doo-hyun.

Via No Cut News, screencaps from pbyforever cafe


87 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. chrono

    first! nice pics!

  2. marbleloaf

    awesome! this guy really is QUITE the craze!!

  3. saryKIM

    Lee Minho, Lee Minho, Lee Minho… wow, he’s all over the news and everything! Not that I really mind.. 🙂

    I’m kind of interested in this drama now; hopefully I can find it somewhere.

  4. maria

    i reckon he’s helping arouse interest in projects past, that’s bound to help arouse interest consequently in other things and people besides him, right? …right? ^-^

    in any case, i’d much rather news bites like this about his work, rather than angry-manic-obsessed witch hunts of his past girlfriends on other sites. i don’t think any of them (the cast) would appreciate such intrusions that much, eh? 😛

  5. peachys2sleep

    I actually saw some clips of them together in secret campus and their scenes are great together! =D

  6. heesoup

    where can I watch or download secret campus?

  7. Anonymous

    Where’s my Lee Min Ki news? =-) Just one syllable off! Actually, Lee Min Ho kinda looks like my beloved in that third picture from the top…

  8. lime.

    dang, i found this drama on dramawiki like, a year ago and SO wanted to watch it, but i couldnt find it with english subs anywhere. maybe the lee min ho craze will spark fansub group interest[[[:

  9. snuffythemonkey

    How can we not join the bandwagon? I’m just glad he is talented and not just a fad.

  10. 10 kate

    this is totally off topic…but is anyone watching Cain and Abel ^.^

  11. 11 Airajuliafor

    Love his hair here. It’s so completely different from his hair BBF, which I also like.

  12. 12 din

    cute. hehe. wish i can watch it too :p

  13. 13 ripgal

    This Lee Min Ho craze is so getting out of hand that it’s unbelievable!! 0__0
    Ever since BBF came out, it’s Lee Min Ho Lee Mi Ho every single day..

    But it’s a good thing that he’s not some pretty face.. for once, this guy has talent!
    Think about it, nobody really paid notice or attention to him before BBF came out. The focus was all on KHJ and Kim Bum… isn’t it something? hahaha..

    • 13.1 Bolanle jimoh

      It’s all true

  14. 14 dulcedeleche

    I am not surprised by the lee minho love. Between him and kim bum i totally swoon after every episode (well i’m kinda behind . only at 9).

  15. 15 lisa

    I have high hopes for this guy-not only is he very talented but he’s soooo good looking! <333

  16. 16 javabeans

    heesoup, i don’t know where you can download it yet, but i’m fairly confident they will become available SOMEhow. if i can find it, i’ll definitely try the first episode when it airs and see how it is.

    I’ve seen a few episodes of EBS youth dramas, and they’re not bad. they’re really low-key, and the production budgets are obviously lower, so they have a very different feel from prime-time miniseries and dramas. but that’s not always a bad thing, since they’re more about relationships and everyday conflicts. they have a similar appeal to Best Theater or Drama City episodes.

  17. 17 Shrimp

    way to go..but ammm Is this different from Go Mackerel! coz ive been weeding to watch it?…or i guess imma gooogle it now… thanks anyway Javabeans for this info=]

  18. 18 jackieee

    Thanks for posting this, Dramabeans!! I was actually wondering about this drama, but i didn’t know much about it because of my, ahem, lack of korean language skills. I’ll definitely be watching when it reruns!

  19. 19 marz

    ahhhh i seemingly wanna see this. and yes min ho isnt the one hit wonder type. he has tons of potential i see. 🙂 i hope he goes far.

  20. 20 yubikiri

    O.O…..O.M.G…….he looks much more handsome now! ahahaha…..I will watch it….just because I know he has talent …and…because…he’s handsome :P! but the first reason is for his good acting-looking :P…anyhow, i ll just go watch it and stop talking LOL

  21. 21 lidge_fan

    @#10 kate: I am and loving the So Ji Sup-Han Ji Min couple!!!!!
    Are you going to do a review on Cain & Abel, javabeans? 🙂

    Those are not good pics of LMH….lol…j/k
    He looks way better now. Has anyone seen the jeans ads with the earphones? WOW!!!!

  22. 22 belleza


    Is your name after the Younha tune?


    I like Cain and Abel so far, but it’s not especially exciting. Ratings suggest interest seem to be tailing off.

  23. 23 GreenFreak

    Have to admit Lee MinHo looks better playing Jun Pyo…so hot!
    He’s just a little dorky here…lol

    Still cute… 😀
    Happy that he’s getting so much attention for his great acting..

  24. 24 Sue

    haha this is like when everyone wanted to watch the episode of star golden bell he was in a loooooong time ago, for which he appeared for a total probably less than 5 minutes.

  25. 25 viny

    secret campus aka mackerel run..am i right???as long as i know MR only 12 episodes. or this is different drama from mackerel run??

  26. 26 javabeans

    This is not the same as Run! Mackerel, which was a 2007 SBS series.

  27. 27 d

    i think Lee Min Ho is very very talented, i am glad he is getting his just recognition with this lead role in BBF, he is very focused, lest i say it, his characterization of Doumyoji, is sooooooooooo much better, i hope when this drama is over and all the offers continue to come in, that he will choose projects that fit him well like this BBF drama, doesn’t have to be a school thing, just not something stupid, maybe projects where he can expand his talent,

  28. 28 hsinya

    Lee Minho was a soccer player too in Run! Mackerel, if I’m not mistaken. By the way, his picture with Park Bo-young reminds me of a conversation I had with my friend about how big his head is! LOL. Good thing he’s tall, otherwise it would seem quite awkward. I’m glad it’s LMH’s turn to get noticed. As Andy Warhol says, everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. Let’s hope it lasts longer for LMH, coz he’s got the acting chops to sustain it!

  29. 29 Biscuit

    meheheh… with that hair no wonder he wasn’t noticed XD
    It didnt do him any justice at all.

    LMH <3 the best thing happened in new year and as much as BOF isnt the best drama, somehow it’s still the best drama (<— if that made sense at all)

    Feels so refreshing in the entertainment area and I’m happy for LMH that he’s getting the attention he deserved.

    Now, if we didnt know LMH existed til BOF, I wonder how many goodies are out there that we havent noticed :/

    all though I do admit sadly that when they introduced the cast for BOF I was like “THIS IS BOF! whats with the newbies TT_____TT and kimbum playboy? TT____TT”

    But now i’m like LMH *drools*
    And I like Kim Joon’s acting~ I only wish he’d get more limelight too… (well… if only he’d get more scenes -_-)

  30. 30 xiaoSxin

    i am really not complaining since I myself is caught up in the Lee Min Ho FEVER!!!

    to be fair, he is proving himself in BBF to be a damn good actor and not just a very handsome, tall, charismatic and hot guy!

    LET ME JOIN THE LEE MIN HO CRAZE!!! I am so there!

    These are the times that I regret not being able to make my vacation in Seoul.. All the action is there right now, even though the Pacific ocean is between seoul and los angeles, I can feel the heat(Lee Min Ho FEVER)!!!!.. damn economy and recession!!!!!!!

  31. 31 Rachel

    I remember watching this the first time and I really enjoyed it. Glad it’s airing again

  32. 32 lilalori

    Hey, I have a question, one that probably sounds a little stupid and/or ignorant…but what exactly is this Lee Min Ho fever? I mean, I know that ever since the BBF phenomenon there’s a lot of talk about him, he’s awash in CF offers, featured in TV programs and what not. What I’m wondering is, how all this differs from other hunk hypes that came before? I’m just trying to put things into perspective, I guess…

  33. 33 flooooo

    don t worry with the rerun of this drama, some fan group will pick it to show everywhere.
    At first I was interested in BBF not because of the actors but mostly because I was very in love with the manga…with the acting of LMH, the drama became a must watch..well u even can forget every flaw things…
    anyway I think that LMH won t stay into drama acting for long and I hope for him to gain more skills with movie rater than drama. I don t really know about drama industry in Korea but a lot of young skillfull actor just with one drama gained a lot of popularity but become later forgotten and it is sad. I hope it won t be the same with LMH cos he really have enough “acting skills” to become great

  34. 34 Yin

    is anyone else freaked out by the sizeof the girls face, in comparison to the size of LMH’s?

  35. 35 khitee

    Javabeans lets us know if u know some sites where we could watch of download this.

    Thank u so much for posting this. ü

    I swear Lee Min-Ho is my fav oppas nowadays. Lol.

  36. 36 elise

    @21: oh God that ad is loove!! 🙂 i just adore this guy. lol.

  37. 37 khitee

    Or if u plan to recap secret campus and u find it good pls do. ü

  38. 38 belleza

    “What I’m wondering is, how all this differs from other hunk hypes that came before?”

    For one thing, he’s made the pama hot. That hasn’t happened since Prince made doves cry. Min-ho’s sex is on fire!!

  39. 39 shi

    He is smoking hot !!!! talented,
    , funny,
    he has all the good qualities that makes him so different and famous
    and i love him with the curly hair
    I watch the drama just because is there…the others dont interesting so much

  40. 40 le

    i think someone might sub his other old drama Mackerel Run, in a scene he is dressed as a girl, LOL. i hope they are able to sub it.

  41. 41 Maryam

    Oh, I saw a clip of this of Youtube. I’m not all that into high school-themed dramas, though.

  42. 42 Ilbum noona

    I love high school drama just like high kick and mackerel run..I’d like to watch this drama too..

  43. 43 Rachel


    You can view screencaps of other people in the drama at that address

  44. 44 1234

    hmmm I do have all the Secret Campus episodes and I am actually planning to upload them on Youtube….hmmmmm Oh, Javabean, Park is not the main cast either. Compared to Lee, yes, she does get more exposures, but that’s because she is main girl’s best friend.

  45. 45 erin krisma

    i’m swear that BOF is a great film……….i like it too much……….especially LEE MIN HO.
    i love you too much…..i’m your fans………please visit us in INDONESIA with your F4 and KOO HYE SUN…………..
    oy,MACKEREL RUN,i love it too………..

  46. 46 ANONYMOUS

    OMFGGG best asian drama evers xD

    SO FUNNY Park Bo-young gahh so cutee xP

    Park Bo-young && Lee minh ho were so cute in the film despite lee minh ho wasnt very opening i own the dvd set and it never gets boring O.o

    who plays the rold cheng zai ??

    and one thing i dnt get is tht is cheng zai dead or alive ?? cuz he shows up everywhere xP

    ^.^ its a 10 outta 10

  47. 47 Sophie

    I LOVE This film….
    and I LOVE Lee Min Ho Oppa So much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 48 Anonymous

    lee min ho was a good actor!!!

    • 48.1 Seema

      LIKED HIM A LOT…..

  49. 49 JunMaine

    Lee min Ho!!we love u so much!!ure a good actor!!

  50. 50 dsdsad

    khong biet co link film khong ay nhio

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