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Currently airing dramas: A roundup
by | April 5, 2009 | 106 Comments

So, what’s airing these days?

After a popular phenomenon of a drama ends, people tend to wonder, What next? Even if you haven’t been watching Boys Before Flowers, maybe you’re wondering what else is out there.

So here’s a rundown of all the dramas currently airing, and a list of those to keep an eye on as they beginning premiering soon. I can’t speak for every single drama out there, but I’ve tried to provide most of them with a short description and/or personal impression.


Fly to the Sky – “Song For You” from their latest (and last) album, “Decennium.” [ Download ]

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Stars: Kim Nam-joo, Oh Ji-ho, Lee Hye-young, Choi Chul-ho
It’s about: On the surface, it sounds a bit standard — three married couples living in three different states of marital non-bliss. But it’s really more like a study in wifely politicking, dressed up in hilarious encounters and jockeying for position.
You might like it because: It’s cute, it’s funny, it’s lighthearted. Acting is solid and so far there’s no huge, overwrought source of melodrama; it’s the little catastrophes that make up this series.
You might dislike it because: I’ll probably be writing up this drama next, and I’ll reserve a section for discussing my qualms.

Queen of Housewives will be followed by Queen Seon-deok in May.

Stars: Jung Ryeo-won, Park Min-young
It’s about: In the folk legend, “jamyunggo” is a war drum; in this drama she is personified as a woman, Princess Ja-myung, played by Jung Ryeo-won. She’s also sister to Princess Nak-rang of the famous love story with Prince Ho-dong.
You might like it because: You like historical dramas with action, and/or you like the actors. It’s also very pretty.
You might dislike it because: I watched Episode 1, and oh my god I was so bored. I zoned out of every conversation and started to rewind to get the point, but figured it wasn’t worth it. I know it was only one episode out of 50, but then I thought, “Oh god this is only Episode 1 out of 50??

Stars: Park Yong-ha, Park Shi-yeon, Kim Kang-woo, Philip Lee, Park Ki-woong
It’s about: A thriller-esque drama that combines corporate corruption with one man’s revenge mission. Money looks to be a key theme here.
You might like it because: Scriptwriter Song Ji-nah wrote two of the greatest kdramas of all time (Sandglass, Eyes of Dawn) as well as Legend, and this drama comes highly anticipated. Come May when Queen Seon-deok airs, it’ll also be the only contemporary drama on Mondays and Tuesdays. Park Yong-ha also gets the chance to break out of his softer, gentler side and play a tough guy, particularly after his character is released from prison.
You might dislike it because: Song Ji-nah’s respected but not infallible. Legend may have been popular, but the writing wasn’t its highlight (that would have to be its sprawling production, and, oh yeah, Yonsama). Also, can this drama sustain the tension and suspense of what might make a great 2-hour movie into a full season of episodes?



Stars: Jung Il-woo, Yoon Jin-seo, Kim Min-jong, Jung Hye-young
It’s about: Based on the famous manhwa, this adaptation (which is completely separate from Lee Junki’s Iljimae last year) takes a look at the man’s gradual evolution from abandoned baby through his turbulent adolescence and, finally, as he becomes the legendary hero.
You might like it because: It’s beautiful, it’s moving, it’s well-acted, well-directed, well-scored. Everything about it is balanced just right, paced with skill, demonstrated with lush care. It’s a fantastic series that may be one of the best of the year.
You might dislike it because: I don’t know. If you hate this drama I may have to disavow all knowledge of you. (I kid. It may not be your taste, but really, it’s good.)

Since Return of Iljimae is set to finish this week, it will soon be replaced by the upcoming Kwon Sang-woo vehicle, Cinderella Man:

Premieres: April 15
Stars: Kwon Sang-woo, Yoon-ah, Han Eun-jung, Song Chang-eui
It’s about: Poor Kwon Sang-woo runs a clothing stall in a lower-end shopping district. He happens to look exactly like Rich Kwon Sang-woo, who runs a high-end fashion apparel brand. OMG coincidence! They switch places.
You might like it because: It’s got a comic angle, and it’ll be nice seeing Kwon do something not so weepy or angsty for once. I’m looking forward to seeing how he pulls off the dual identity roles, and plan to bust a gut laughing because he’s either really good at the wacky antics, or really bad. I suppose this drama could actually be decent (pffft!), but this has the potential to be a fabulous trainwreck.
You might dislike it because: This also has the potential to be a horrible trainwreck. It’ll be great if it’s an entertaining mess (a la Boys Before Flowers), but not so much if it’s a boring nonsensical mess (a la Bad Love).

Stars: Choi Myung-gil, Park Sang-won, Jeon In-hwa, Park Ye-jin
It’s about: I haven’t followed this, so here’s what I’ve pulled together from reading the synopsis: This deals with “love, family, and marriage” in the lives of middle-aged women. The main character is a female CEO of a department store, married with one son who is actually the child of her former lover and not her husband. Married because of parental pressure, she has lived without feeling much marital affection, but her relationship with her husband starts to improve — but he has another lover and even a daughter that she doesn’t know about, whom he’d wanted to marry even before marrying his wife.
You might like it because: This drama has done decently in the ratings and sounds like one of the better “makjang” dramas.
You might dislike it because: Honestly, even after reading several synopses, I don’t have a good handle on what makes this drama good. It sounds fairly typical.

When this drama ends, it’ll be replaced by the following romantic comedy, Six Months:

Premieres: April 29
Stars: Kim Ah-joong, Hwang Jung-min
It’s about: Because of a compromising circumstance, a movie star is forced into a six-month-long contract marriage with an ordinary postal worker.
You might like it because: It’s a clichéd plot (Notting Hill redux? Or a cheerier Star’s Lover?), but the contract love relationship is one cliché I never tire of. This features two famous movie stars (Hwang Jung-min?! In a romance drama??) and it looks like this may be cute and sweet.
You might dislike it because: The clichéd plot.

CAIN & ABEL [카인과 아벨], SBS
Stars: So Ji-sub, Shin Hyun-joon, Han Ji-min, Chae Jung-ahn
It’s about: Brotherly strife. Hospital politics. Tangled love relationships. Angry people trying to kill other people. Angst. Melodrama.
You might like it because: So Ji-sub. Also, if the above traits appeal to you.
You might dislike it because: None of the above traits appeal to you. From what I’ve heard and read, the writing in this drama is confusing and a little bit insane, and So Ji-sub is the only thing keeping it afloat. Is your SJS love strong enough to endure?

When Cain & Abel ends, it will be replaced by City Hall:

Premieres: April 29
Stars: Kim Sun-ah, Cha Seung-woo
It’s about: A woman mayor (Kim Sun-ah) has climbed her way to the top after starting in a lowly municipal position. She clashes with a high-ranking bureaucrat (Cha Seung-won), a cold, efficient man who’s obviously in need of a good woman to melt his icy exterior, right?
You might like it because: Kim Sun-ah and Cha Seung-won just might make a really sexy pair. This is supposedly aiming for a bright, pleasant rom-com feel.
You might dislike it because: Humdrum plot.




EMPRESS CHEON-CHU [천추태후] (aka Iron Empress), KBS
Stars: Chae Shi-ra
It’s about: Female hero sageuk featuring an ass-kicking woman leader (the Iron Empress herself), who defends her nation against invaders.
You might like it because: You like action sageuks and female leads.
You might dislike it because: If you’re like me, you may not have the patience for long-running sageuk series, no matter how badass Chae Shi-ra is.


JOB WELL DONE [잘했군 잘했어] (aka Good Job), MBC
Stars: Chae Rim, Eom Ki-joon
It’s about: Eom Ki-joon’s character has harbored a crush on the slightly older Chae Rim for ever. He persists in trying to win her heart, even now when she’s a single mom raising an adorably precocious little girl.
You might like it because: Eom Ki-joon is adorable, the acting is good, and the drama looks overall like a sweet, fun watch.
You might dislike it because: Again, you don’t have the patience to put up with a long-running drama.

CAN ANYONE LOVE? [사랑은 아무나 하나], SBS
Stars: Ji Su-won, Yoo Ho-jung, Han Go-eun, Sohn Hwa-ryung
It’s about: Four sisters in a comedic family drama.

Replacing KBS’s My Precious You is the new drama:

Premieres: April 4
Stars: Han Sang-jin, Sohn Hyun-joo, Park Sun-young
It’s about: A family drama that features four sons, the oldest of whom is a smart and good guy (Han Sang-jin) whose love life has been stymied by his average looks.

With Family Honor ending on SBS, taking its place is the upcoming:

GLORIOUS INHERITANCE [찬란한 유산] (formerly Life is Beautiful), SBS
Premieres: April 25
Stars: Lee Seung-ki, Han Hyo-joo, Moon Chae-won



I focus on prime-time dramas, because that’s where my interest lies, but there are always a number of others that do air at different times. For instance, “daily dramas” show in the evenings, but before the prime-time series that go on in the 10pm hour. “Morning dramas” are also daily, but they air, obviously, in the mornings.

Daily Dramas

Temptation of Wife, 아내의 유혹, SBS
I Love You, Don’t Cry, 사랑해, 울지마, MBC
The Way Home, 집으로 가는 길, KBS

Morning Dramas

White Lie, 하얀 거짓말, MBC
Glory of Youth, 청춘예찬, KBS
Wife and Woman, 아내와 여자, KBS
Pure You, 순결한 당신, SBS

Tae-hee, Hye-gyo, Ji-hyun, 태희혜교지현이, MBC



Triple [트리플]
Projected airdate: June 10
Stars: Yoon Kye-sang, Lee Jung-jae, Lee Seon-kyun, Lee Hana, Min Hyo-rin
About: Coming to you from the writer and director of Coffee Prince, Triple is the one I’m most looking forward to. Figure skating ladies (Min Hyo-rin, Lee Hana) meet ad agency exec men (Yoon Kye-sang, Lee Jung-jae, Lee Seon-kyun). Awesomeness ensues.

Swallow the Sun [태양을 삼켜라]
Projected airdate: June 17
Stars: Ji Sung, Sung Yuri
About: Called the “All In 2” because it pairs the writer and director team from All In.

Friend, the Unending Story [친구, 그 못다한 이야기], MBC
Projected airdate: June
Stars: Hyun Bin, Kim Min-joon
About: Drama adapation of the hit film Friend starring Jang Dong-gun.

IRIS [아이리스], KBS
Projected airdate: September
Stars: Lee Byung-heon, Kim Tae-hee, TOP, Kim So-yeon
About: Spy action drama supposedly based on blockbuster film Shiri (SIRI = IRIS, get it?) with huge cast and high production budget

2009 Alien Baseball Team [‘2009외인구단], MBC
Projected airdate: 2009
Stars: Yoon Tae-young, Park Sung-min
About: Sports drama based on popular manhwa.

Invisible War [보이지않는 전쟁], SBS
Projected airdate: 2009
Stars: Lee Junki
About: Lee Junki is a modern-day hero.


106 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Biscuit

    I’ve never really noticed how many dramas are airing/will be airing, so thanks for posting this up ^^

    There are some I like, some I did like til I got bored after a while, and some I’m not so sure about.

    I LOLed at Six months… thet like it because of it’s cliched plot, yet because of the cliched plot also disliked it XD

    It’s so sad that Iljimae is ending… we dont always get dramas that are really that good all the time… like a rare catch. This month, alot of the dramas were enjoying seems to be ending, and now were gonna get a new wave of dramas :O

  2. Mentality

    I’m a little bit sad that none of these dramas interest me at all. My tastes haven’t been matching Kdramas at all in the past year or so. Boys before flowers didn’t do much for me either. I guess I’ll wait for the next season of dramas!
    Thanks for summarizing everything in one neat little post.

  3. gia

    after bbf, i will take a break. I was too addict.

    next serie in mind, maybe CITY HALL [시티 홀], SBS.

  4. Sue


  5. javabeans

    Oh crap you’re right I forgot Triple! Quel horreur. Adding now.

  6. phiphi

    Thanks so much for the round-up of what’s on and what’s next. It’s definitely very handy to keep track of them all. Do you miss Triple? It’s not on the list

    For those that you refer to as long-running, are they in the 50+ episodes?

    Looking forward to your write up for Queen of Housewives

  7. kate

    QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES is a funny drama..i like it….

  8. bspanda

    @ 4 – LOL was thinking the same thing. Where is Triple?!

    Hmm at present am still watching ‘Return of Iljimae’ (very nice) and want to catch ‘Job Well Done’. And of course would check out any series that Javabeans recaps!

    BTW am I the only one who is suffering PTBBFS (Post Traumatic Boys Before Flowers Syndrome)? It’s gotten so bad I’ve rewatched certain eps AND the Hwangbo cuts of WGM this week. Am I totally insane? Anyone got a cure? LOL

  9. Emily

    Thanks for this post! I needed help getting my head round current and upcoming dramas.

    Im looking forward to Cinderella Man, it looks like fun and Im hoping it wont disappoint.
    I have a tendency to always look forward to KSW’s newest dramas and then they end up being a big letdown.

    Apart from that, there’s not much that catches my eye except Iris and Triple.

    Probably will give Return of Iljimae a try at some point, although I dont understand WHY ratings have dropped so drastically when most online reviews have been gushing about it….
    What could be such a turnoff about it from a perspective of someone who does like it???

  10. 10 GreenFreak

    Still kinda going through a bbf withdraw… still haven’t found anything else to watch..

    Javabeans, I know you adore Return of Iljimae, but after the first two ep. it just felt like a historical documentary… probably due to all the narration.. It felt like I was back in high school and should be taking notes or something.. couldn’t continued.
    Does the narration ever go away?

    After all the melodrama of East of Eden, I’m afraid to start Cain & Abel. Nothing airing now seems interesting. But the ones later this year; Triple, Swallow of the Sun, Friend, IRIS, & Invisible War (love Lee JunKi).. I can’t wait for.. 2 more months to wait.

    Thanks for the summary!!!

  11. 11 Jasmin

    I’m currently at a loss right now because I have to no idea what to watch with Boys Overs Fowers ending and Return of Iljimae ending soon. Like Javabeans, I am looking forward to Triple. If the awesomeness of the PD and writer of Coffee Prince hasn’t worn off I am sure that Triple will be good. Major plus, plus for me is Yoon Kye-sang.

  12. 12 Emily

    Lol, I know what you mean. Im curious about Cain & Abel but I dont want to put myself through another East of Eden type drama. If only C&A aired before EOE, I might’ve been more willing to give it a try.

  13. 13 Kellie

    Forgot Queen Seon Deok too among the “airing later” series. But you’re forgiven cuz of that nice article on the script reading. Thanks!

  14. 14 s hee

    thnx javabeans for sharing what’s gonna be up next & what’s next after a drama ends — after BBF i was really wondering what to watch next that would really be interesting and you got some good lists here i think!
    I like Kwon Sang Woo but I don’t think his curly hair looks good on him – it looked good on Lee Min Ho though! 😀

  15. 15 fizzle

    For someone who’s not watching the drama, you’re Cain and Abel write-up was pretty spot-on. Everytime I think about giving up on it, I remind myself how long I’ve waited for So Ji Sub’s comeback. I’ve started to multi-task while I’m watching an episode. Saves me a lot of time and I don’t really miss much if I do my homework during all the scenes without SJS.

    Looking forward to Six Months, Triple, Friend, and IRIS. Cinderella Man looks stupider everytime I read about it, but if you start watching it and enjoying I may have to give it a try.

  16. 16 cosmopolite

    Appreciate the roundup!

    My head is still spinning from BOF…I had no idea what else was on! lol.

  17. 17 Gallivanter

    Based on this, I’m not sure how many dramas I’m going to be watching this year. Six
    Months sounds right up my alley, and I’ll give City Hall a shot, but the rest all are kind of hum drum. Except Triple. I hate figure skating with a passion, but Coffee Prince + Awesome handsome cast? YUM.

  18. 18 Cheryl

    I must have missed it- where’s Romance Zero?

  19. 19 javabeans

    Haja Squad Zero is MBC Dramanet. Cable shows are a whole different category.

  20. 20 beansreader

    javabeans, thanks a lot for posting this. Never really watched drama while it’s airing in Korea before BBF. These list will help to overview the dramas.

  21. 21 seriously!

    i have noticed that K-dramas nowadays are not as engaging as in the past…
    with foreign shows more accessible to the Koreans, guess the Koreans themselves are getting tired of their plots and clichéd storylines. imagine so many of us are not watching that much dramas nowadays…and i must admit that after General Hospital 2, i have not been watching a K-drama eversince…that i ended up watching more movies and US series.

    or maybe i am just getting older and that my taste for storyline has changed.

    even in my country K-dramas are not as popular as 3 years ago…they used to get primetime slots, but now are only fillers to time slots where there are hardly people watching…like in the early afternoon and late morning.

  22. 22 Kobe

    1/ IRIS
    2/ Swallow the Sun
    3/ Triple

    Those are the dramas I’m looking forward to most, in that order. As for currently airing dramas….none really. Well perhaps Queen of Housewives, but alas, it’s not subbed 🙁

  23. 23 Jen

    I’m currently watching “Cain & Abel,” and I surprisingly like it a whole lot. Even though the plot is predictable and played out, there’s just something about it aside from SJS that makes me want to tune in. Maybe I just miss dramas with an action plot?

    And, “The Return of Iljimae” is one of the best dramas I’ve seen. I love everything about it! Great casting. Beautiful cinematography. Wonderful storyline. Awesome music. It makes me feel pretty just watching it. =P

  24. 24 kimchii

    Thanks for this javabeans (:
    I had only focused on Boys Before Flowers.
    Gonna try watching Queen of Housewives.
    And Six Months reminds me of Full House..

  25. 25 jness

    I come to your site often but usually do not comment, but I wanted to say thank you for this wonderful post – this is just what I needed 🙂

  26. 26 loveydovey

    yay! you’re gonna do QOH! I don’t get why not a lot of people watch it it is so funny and cute. Not to mention i’m in love with Oh Ji Ho (not his character, a little too wimpy for me), the OST

    p.s. did i mention funny??


    the funeral scene when JH sat down next to DS and just started staring… haha his expression was hilarious i didn’t know whether to feel sorry for him or laugh.

  27. 27 hjkomo

    Return of Iljimae – “You might dislike it because: I don’t know. If you hate this drama I may have to disavow all knowledge of you. (I kid. It may not be your taste, but really, it’s good.)”

    ROFL…. I heart you, Sarah! 😉
    Thanks for the write-up!
    Even though Job Well Done is a long weekend series, I’m really enjoying it. Uhm Ki Joon is great!

    @#10 GreenFreak – The narration is annoying at first, but you get used to it…and it also lessens a bit, but it really does help in the overall flow of the storytelling.
    The first episode is chaotic because it’s an overview, so you really have to watch more to get the full effect of AWESOMENESS that is Return of Iljimae. 😀

  28. 28 kfan

    Thanks for the roundup. But what does “makjang” means?

  29. 29 otk

    I love Queen Of Housewives ! It’s really entertaining , you can love or hate the characters but doesn’t stop you from loving the drama. Every couple is diff which is really nice. Comedy is portrayed in a diff manner in this series (comparing to rom com) it’s a more natural look at comedy in daily married lives. Its cute !
    I also love R o I, the pace is really nice but too bad not enough buzz about it >…<
    but I am looking forward to Cinderella man ! and Glorious Inheritance ….I might try City Hall as Kim Sun ah & Cha seung seem like a cute couple

    but really good things comin up….although too much romance imo, not much real ‘makjang’ now huh? lollll

  30. 30 blazingruby

    ty dramabeans,like everyone else,after BOF i ask myself what other dramas out there is worth watching….comes back blank..thank you for the synopsis … may check out cinderella man when its out..mean time i may take a look at”hate you but lets try again” cos i like choi.

    just three weeks ago, i was in seoul. absolutely thrilled at the country.where i came from it was so humid and hot but it was cooling there and it even snowed on one of the days… {^..^}

  31. 31 sophia

    wow ^^ that was so helpful. i’ve been really confused because so many dramas are ending and so many trailers have come out for all of the dramas. that was so organized 😀 thanks

  32. 32 lidge_fan

    lots of people, including me, are wondering what’s life after BOF? Thanx for the extremely well-detailed list, jb^^….excellent job!!!

    really, really wanted to see “Story of a Man” but don’t like PSY *sigh*….awww, I miss BOF, the craziness, the hilarity, EVERYTHING!!! usually at this time, I’d be pumped, eagerly waiting for Monday to see the next ep. ……but now, I just feel an emptiness 🙁

    hope you’ve had a good weekend, jb

  33. 33 Sere

    ACK, you shouldn’t have done this to me. Now I’m *tempted* to add more dramas to my to-watch list. *hangs head in shame*

    And I think I might give Cinderella man a try for reals. I’ve just finished (and I mean literally 3 minutes ago) Who are you? and I’m SO very impressed with Yoon Kye Sang’s performance. Now I’m curious how other actors can pull the dual identity thing off and if they can, how well. YKS is going to be my point of reference (Heh!)…not that I haven’t watched the dual identity thing before, but YKS was just too awesome for words, imho

    Also? Tripleeeeee! The more I think about it, the more eager I am to watch this. Is it June yet?

  34. 34 Jessie

    I’ve loved every Hyun Bin drama- MNKSS, Snow Queen, Worlds Within- so I’m looking forward to Friend. I’m also excited about Iris, Triple, and Cinderella Man. None of the dramas current airing peek my interest, sigh…

  35. 35 meikisis

    Thanks for writing this topic… I was feeling kinda lost and nothing to look forward to. Sad, I know.. ;p

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  36. 36 yogini

    i do miss the great community discussion that surrounded BOF. since that is my first K drama, i wasn’t sure where to go next. luckily due to some great suggestions, i’m in the middle of Soulmate. oh my gosh this is great! i hope that Hollywood never gets it’s hands on it to remake it in any sense, cause they would just ruin it. Do they and where they sell the DVDs of these dramas with English subtitles, cause i would be interested in purchasing BOF and maybe Soulmate at somepoint in the future to rewatch?

  37. 37 HyeIn

    In “Job Well Done” isn’t the little girl her little sister?
    I don’t think that she has a daughter right?
    but, then again, I’ve only watched 2 episodes(I couldn’t stand Chae Rim’s brother’s “fiancee”) Her english was atrocious.

    @ 36:
    You can get DVDs from yesasia.com … or you could just watch those at dramafever.com ;]

  38. 38 junsungmin


    I was looking for this.. you know PTBBFS.. hehhe

    I don’t understand korean.. so probably have to or rather only able to watch cinderella man as I know soshisubs are going to sub it.

    Can anyone tell me where can I get any of this drama subbed??

  39. 39 chasen8888

    I am watching Cain and Abel enjoying it to the max, it starts slow but after episode 4 it gets addictive. I also like watching Return of Iljimae, its good stuff , much better than the Lee Jun Ki version. Next up, The Story of Man/Slingshot, looking forward to watching that one, tried watching Princess JaMyung drama it was difficult just to get through episode 1 especially after watching Kingdom of the Winds, I kept comparing and finding it short, cannot go through 50 of that show. Empress Chun Chu is interesting, but I had to temporarily drop it as I have too much drama on my plate. I watch Chinese and Taiwanese drama as well. Will definitely not be watching Cinderella Man because the idea of a 33 year old lead and a 19 year old romantic interest though she plays an older age just creeps me out, there will be too many limitations in the romance department from the looks of it. However, looking forward to Triple and Iris. I dont think I have the patience to watch an 50+ drama anymore especially if it does not hold my interest after the first or second episode, its too painful.

  40. 40 bjharm

    each year there is one of these so called ‘mega hits’, be it flowers or coffee prince, other dramas often slip through the gaps and do not get the coverage due to them

  41. 41 Z

    I’m just counting the days until Triple because Coffee Prince is definitely one of the best shows I’ve watched in a while (in any language) and I am going to marry Lee Seon-Kyun one day very soon. Does anyone know if he speaks English… on second though, with a voice like his, it doesn’t matter.

  42. 42 alodia

    Oh javabeans, you think Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won just might make a really sexy pair? I think so too!
    Let’s just keep our fingers crossed for the plot………………………

  43. 43 Linda

    Thanks so much for doing this Javabeans. Since BOF has finished, I was just about to do some researching myself to see what could I could possibly start watching. This helps so much, thank you!

  44. 44 K4Ice4Thu

    Thanks so much for the list!

    I’ve been feeling the whole ‘I’m lost after BOF ended” thing and have been wondering what the heck I’m gonna watch to tide me over till June when the awesomeness known as TRIPLE will air 🙂

  45. 45 EUNWHUI

    Thanks java! I think we’ve all been experiencing a BOF withdrawal.
    but thanks to your list, i can keep an eye on some dramas although none really pique my interest =/
    but thank you nevertheless!

  46. 46 funniebones

    Thanks mighty one! Just what I needed. Although I must admit, after that BBF rage, I feel really burnt out! I still check the internet like crazy for any news of our beloved BBF actors, though. Although cliched, I’m looking forward to Six Months and Triple.

  47. 47 asianromance

    thank you so much for summing out what’s out there. Now that i’m done studying and am almost done applying to grad schools, I’m needing something to watch and i haven’t enjoyed watching any kdramas lately- sure i’ve watched much of My Precious You and You Are My Destiny, but i ended up regretting the time i’ve wasted on them. I might give Queen of Housewives a try. I had heard a little about it, but the word “Housewives” in the title turned me off. And i might give City Hall a try too, but I get the feeling that it’ll fizzle. Ja Myung Go looks really cool, but I think I’m going to wait for all the episodes to air before I can decide whether to watch it or not.

  48. 48 JiHwan

    I really really hope this round of dramas live up to their expectations. It’s been a year now and I have yet to find a drama that I’m really impressed with. 2008 was a bad year for kdramas and it seems like 2009 isn’t doing any better. *sigh* maybe I should just stick to rewatching old dramas…

    I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the return of Iljimae yet, but I do hope its as a beautiful as you say it is.

  49. 49 Nea

    Tell me why I don’t want Cinderella Man to do well? People need jobs, income… Why do I harbor ill intent for this show?

    All I can sing is TRIPLE TRIPLE TRIPLE….( I think we all know why:)
    I do look forward to City Hall and I watched the first 2 eps of Queen of Housewives but didn’t really want to stick around for the whole season. So I am so glad that there is going to be a write up about it! I can’t wait!

    And seriously, there’s nothing I wouldn’t like about Return of Iljimae? Interesting…

  50. 50 ...

    thanks so much for this roundup! u read my mind… probs gonna watch Return of Iljimae… i’ll take ur word for it.

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