Lee Da-hae’s old pageant photos

Lee Da-hae, in 2001 and more recently

Lee Da-hae (East of Eden, Hello Miss) has been attracting some attention for recently discovered photos of her earlier days, given how different they look from her current appearance.

These photos capture Lee Da-hae from a “Miss Chun-hyang” beauty pageant she had won back in 2001. The images were shown when actress Jang Shin-young appeared on the KBS variety show Happy Together on the 21st, and was asked about her participation in the Miss Chun-hyang pageant. She explained that she had come in sixth, but that in the same competition, Lee Da-hae had won first place.

Although Jang looks pretty much the same, many fans are wondering at the noted change to Lee Da-hae’s appearance, leading to inevitable plastic-surgery suspicions.


Jang Shin-young, in 2001 and in 2009

A couple more of Lee Da-hae:

Meanwhile, Lee Da-hae is newly repped by J Tune Entertainment, and will be joining its CEO Rain on the runway as she walks for his line’s 2009 Fall-Winter collection. They’ll both model items from Rain’s own clothing brand, Six to Five, at a June 6 show in Hong Kong.

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