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Triple: Episode 5
by | June 24, 2009 | 66 Comments

Another cute episode with a lot of cute scenes. I think Triple is starting to settle into its groove — it’s not all the way there yet, but storylines are starting to flow a little more, I think. It’s also a pleasure to watch a drama that is refreshing and breezy, with a little bit of conflict but not a huge melodramatic dose of angst. If you want the antithesis of “makjang” — those dramas with exaggerated, overwrought, convoluted plots — Triple would be it.


Corinne Bailey Rae – “Call Me When You Get This.” I don’t know yet if I’m going to compile a list of Triple songs, but this one was used in a scene toward the end. The reason I may not is that so far, the music has been very pleasing, but not necessarily integral to the story. At least, not in the way that music was so key in Coffee Prince or Soulmate. But it’s still early, so there may be time for that to come. [ Download ]

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EPISODE 5: “Warm up”

The episode’s theme of “warm up” leads us into the opening scene: An athlete can use the warm-up time to prepare for actual competition, but in real life, you can’t prepare for the big shocks.

We start at the confrontation that ended the previous episode, as Hwal approaches Hyun-tae outside the hospital. The atmosphere is subdued; Hyun-tae already knows about the marriage, and wonders, “How can you get married in secret? Is it a joke to you?” Hwal takes his unsentimental approach: “Nothing would change by talking about it.”

Hyun-tae tells Hwal to handle the matter as he wants, and he’ll pretend not to know. When he gets up to leave, Hwal suggests a drink, but Hyun-tae’s not up for drinking with him tonight.

Hwal heads off to get drunk at Sang-hee’s bar instead, where he wonders if he should get a divorce (this answers one question for those of us wondering at the state of his marriage — they’re separated, but still legally married). Sang-hee gapes in shock to hear that Haru’s coach is his wife, particularly since that’s the woman Hyun-tae has a crush on.

At the hospital, Su-in feels the need to explain to her mother why Hwal dropped by, since she’s never confided the story of their breakup. She says it’s her fault, but her mother has already guessed that Su-in did something to hurt him; she urges Su-in to beg his forgiveness, since he’s a good man.

After leaving, Hyun-tae returns to the hospital and calls Su-in out. She thinks that since the truth is out in the open now, he should understand clearly why they can’t be involved, and why they shouldn’t even be talking like this. (I don’t read her position to mean that it’s inappropriate for a woman to talk with her husband’s friend, but more of a reminder that both of their loyalties should be stronger with Hwal than with each other.)

Hyun-tae has recovered some of his good humor and hands her some flowers (picked, not bought) and chats lightly with her. This confuses Su-in — shouldn’t he have gotten the point already? Hyun-tae, on the other hand, isn’t exactly flirting with her — okay, he is, but it’s as though he likes her so much that he’s like an eager dog unwilling to think about the problems and just wants to enjoy the moment.

In the morning, Hwal is severely hungover, to the point that he has trouble picking up food with his chopsticks. Haru sees him fumble, and hesitantly puts some food into his bowl (like she’s expecting him to scold her). (He gives up on the chopsticks and goes for a spoon instead.) Since he accepts her offering, Haru tries again, putting more food in his bowl. Normally Hwal might bark at her gruffly, but today he’s feeling sick and accepts her help, which makes her happy.

After breakfast, the guys get to work. Or at least, they try to. Hyun-tae meets with the president of the Bok Man Chicken company, for whom he had done a very small flyer ad, against his own judgment. (He and Hae-yoon keep the flyer a secret from Hwal, who looks down on flyers as beneath them.) The president likes Hyun-tae’s ad, but he isn’t really after aggressive promotion and only requests really small things. It’s a far cry from the big campaigns they’re used to working on.

Feeling chagrined, Hyun-tae blows off some steam by playing basketball with the hoop he set up in Su-in’s front yard. She threatens (weakly) to call the police, and tries to shoo him off. Her protests go ignored, and Hyun-tae replies cheerfully that he’s merely here because he had a down day and wanted to see her and play some basketball.

Actor Song Joong-ki continues to be absolutely adorable as Poong-ho. This time, Poong-ho makes all the young skaters cry by decorating Haru’s locker with photos of himself that are cut and pasted to spell out “HARU,” and one large photo in the shape of a heart. He’s plastered the inside with more photos of himself, and waits outside for her to emerge.

Haru’s too preoccupied with other news to register him at first, because Coach Su-in has just told her to apply to compete at the national level. Poong-ho tells her not to worry, that she’ll make it and then they’ll both be national athletes. When she chides him for messing with her locker, he tells her that those are her “guardian angels” — “Since I can’t always be there to watch over you.” (He then skips off in a great mood, slips, and falls down. LOL.)

We get another cute scene that evening, when Sang-hee drops by with dinner for the guys. Not realizing that the two ladies haven’t been introduced yet, the guys don’t notice that Haru is growing increasingly unhappy with the way Sang-hee is so easy with them — but that isn’t anything compared to how Haru pouts when Hwal walks into the room. She watches as Sang-hee whispers into Hwal’s ear and talks to him affectionately and does not like it, no no not at all.

Sang-hee is on a mission to bridge the conflict between Hwal and Hyun-tae, although she doesn’t say anything outwardly since she’s not supposed to know about Hwal and Su-in’s marriage. Plus, the others are still unaware. But she makes them toast and drink to friendship, which they do a little reluctantly.

It’s hilarious how Hae-yoon doesn’t like Sang-hee being attentive to Hyun-tae (which she does out of pity, for being in love with a married woman). Meanwhile, Haru dislikes when she’s attentive to Hwal, because she feels left out and possessive of someone else looking after HER oppa.

The next morning, Haru takes particular care with her clothing and puts on (way too much) makeup in a bid to appear more like a woman to Hwal. The guys have no idea why Haru giggles and attempts to flirt (badly) with Hwal over breakfast, and gape in bewilderment. Eventually she has to give up, unsuccessful.

One more surprise is in store for the household when Haru’s father and Coach Nam arrive unannounced. It sure doesn’t make Dad happy to discover that three single men are living in the household with his daugther, one of whom likes looking at pictures of scantily clad women (Hyun-tae). He looks disapprovingly at the connecting door between Hwal’s and Haru’s rooms, and balks at her doing the household’s laundry and cooking.

Haru takes the visitors with her to the ice rink, and her entry is immediately greeted by a suspended basket of food, lowered to her from above by Poong-ho. He urges her to take it, since he spent so much time making it, although she bats it away in annoyance.

The instant he hears Haru call to her father, he hurries to make his greeting and drops to make a formal bow — which is hilaaaarious since he bows from the second floor. Gaaah, Poong-ho is too cute.

He also introduces himself enthusiastically as Haru’s boyfriend — earning him a glare from her — and offers them the contents of the basket while they watch Haru skate. Even Coach Nam can see right away how much she’s improved in the past few months.

That’s one of the arguments in favor of keeping Haru here, although she senses that her father’s objections are growing and tries to smooth over his possible complaints. However, at the end of the day, he’s made his assessment and decides that Haru should move out into a rented room.

Almost everyone speaks up immediately to try to convince him otherwise; Hae-yoon and Hyun-tae assure Dad that they see her as a younger sister and look after her. Haru appeals to Hwal, asking him to speak up for her — but he agrees with her father. Rubbing salt into that wound is the very brusque (almost rude) way he addresses Haru’s father (there are clearly lingering issues there) and says that he never wanted to take her in the first place, and that he thinks she should move into a rented room.

Not only is Haru hurt by his curtness, Hae-yoon is displeased with him, too. Of the three roommates, he’s the one who tries to convince Dad to change his mind and is most upset with this turn of events.

Trying to be extra-solicitous, Hae-yoon offers his room to the visitors, and heads off to stay with Sang-hee at the bar until they leave. He has a guarded reaction to Sang-hee’s new helper, the hockey player Jae-wook from a previous episode, and while I wouldn’t call Hae-yoon’s behavior possessive, there’s definitely a little masculine power assertion here. (Jae-wook refers to Hae-yoon as Sang-hee’s boyfriend, so I would say he’s probably got a harmless crush on her but isn’t going to try anything sneaky.)

Oh! And Lee Seon-kyun sings. *swoon*

Hae-yoon does his work from Sang-hee’s place while the other guys work out of their headquarters, and all of them set out to bring in new clients. As mentioned, Hyun-tae hasn’t fared well with the chicken man, while Hwal and Hae-yoon are rebuffed by the contacts they try to meet with. They’re not asking for specific campaigns, but trying to talk with companies they have worked with in the past to see if they can lure them away. Unfortunately, most of them are fine sticking with their former ad agency, Koryeo.

When Haru has difficulty hanging the curtains in the kitchen and asks for Hwal’s help, he brushes her off and says he’ll do it later. Still hurt by Hwal’s eagerness to get rid of her, Haru asks, “Are you really okay with me going?” He looks a little uncomfortable with the question, but at his non-response, she concludes, “You really must not care whether I stay or go.”

He feels a pang of compunction after she leaves. Coming out into the hallway, he sees Haru still struggling with the curtain and steps in to help. As he does, he feels how hot she is and realizes she’s burning with fever — she’d been gradually growing sick all episode long, but had ignored it because she was insistent on continuing to train for her next competition.

Hwal gives her medicine and tends to her fever, staying by her bed while she sleeps. A while later, as he changes her washcloth, Hwal chides that she’s always causing trouble and giving him a headache. The bite is out of his voice, but Haru takes it at face value and says, “That’s harsh.”

Haru: “To me, you’re a rope from heaven. But to you, I must be useless. Because of you I could skate, you say nice things to me, you gave me a room to sleep in. You’re a rope I’m thankful for — if you were me, would you have let go? Are you a rotten rope? Is that why?”
Hwal: “If I were you… I’d hold on even to a rotten rope.”

He says that last bit with a hint of a smile. Haru thanks him, and he leaves her to sleep.

Outside, Hwal comes face to face with Haru’s father, who has gotten up to pace outside in the night air. Hwal tells him Haru’s sick, and directs him up to her room.

In the morning, Haru is better, and she again asks her father if she can stay behind. It seems like he’s already made up his mind to relent, and when he and Coach Nam leave, it’s to go home rather than apartment-hunting. Dad tells Haru to take care, and the guys send them off.

It’s back to work for the Bond Factory men, and contrary to Hwal’s insistence earlier that they not go back to their old companies begging for work, he’s pretty desperate. He had warned Hae-yoon and Hyun-tae not to do that, but finds himself meeting with his old boss at Koryeo to ask if they can take on some of their work, sort of in a hand-me-down capacity. Unfortunately, ad agencies are facing tough times, and the answer is no.

On his way out, he runs into Hae-yoon, who’s on his way in… and both men are a little abashed to be caught doing something they promised not to do.

Meanwhile, Hyun-tae again heads over to see Su-in, catching her as she’s up on her roof to retrieve a ball for some neighborhood kids. He climbs the ladder before she has a chance to get down, purposely kicking it away to leave them stranded on the roof.

Su-in is alarmed to be stuck there, but Hyun-tae settles back in a leisurely pose, enjoying the day. They stay up there for a while — I’d guess a few hours — until finally, Hyun-tae is ready to get back on solid ground. He jokes that he’ll jump off the roof — which prompts her to reflexively grab him back — but then actually does jump down.

Once on the ground, he opens his arms and urges Su-in to jump into them, assuring her that he’ll catch her. She prods him to get the ladder instead.

Back at home, Hwal comes upon Haru in the hallway while she’s kneeling with the puppy, and surprises her by tucking back a strand of hair behind her ear with his finger. He tells her, “Hold onto that rotten rope” — his way of making amends.

Haru giggles softly as she dances around with her puppy, singsonging, “Wal, we’re not getting kicked out!”

Hyun-tae’s behavior all episode long suggests that he’s going back and forth between clinging to Su-in and trying to let her go. This time it’s a little bit of both — he follows her around as he notes what she does over the course of her day, but keeps out of sight and at a distance.

At the end of the day, as he watches from outside her house, Hyun-tae thinks: “She moves in time with my watch. That’s good enough. No, it’s not. Let’s be honest. The good thing is being together.”

However, when Su-in next opens her door, it’s Hwal sitting there, not Hyun-tae. Immediately, she’s relieved and happy, telling him she had a feeling she’d find someone on the other side that she wanted to see.

You get the sense that Hwal is feeling conflicted, both wanting to see her and upset for wanting to see her. It appears the former has won out, at least for now, because he asks her to make some time for him on the weekend. He says, “I don’t know either why we don’t divorce. I’ll call you on the weekend.” With that, he heads off, leaving Su-in smiling with happiness.

Once again, as the episode wraps, Haru’s voiceover ties in the theme of today’s episode:

Haru’s narration: “The last time I can inspect myself is six minutes before competing.”

Poong-ho stops her, and says seriously, “Let’s go steady.”

After a beat, Haru answers simply, “I’m sorry, there’s someone I like.” His smile fades as she walks away, but her mood is upbeat:

Haru’s narration: “Warm-up is over — now is the start. I’m shaking.”


(Song Joong-ki = So. Cute.)

I realized while writing this recap that Triple is somewhat difficult to recap properly because mere summary doesn’t capture mood. While I’ve enjoyed writing about ti, I can’t help but feel the recaps are missing something, and I think it’s the drama’s atmosphere, its sense of pacing. When summarized in recap form, some scenes can seem like they were pointless, because they’re slice-of-life rather than plot-driving. I don’t think the scenes are actually pointless, but it’s that they sometimes end without a definitive period on the interaction. They lie there, in the process of development, like the relationships they represent. I enjoy this aspect in the watching, but it’s a little harder to appreciate in the re-telling. (In my opinion.)

As much as I’m enjoying this drama, I have to admit when something strikes me as a flaw, and I think it’s the construction of the Hyun-tae/Su-in romance. You know when you see a character in a scene, and he may only say a few lines but you already know who he is? Some actors and characters can do this well. When I say “you know who he is,” I don’t mean we know everything about the character — but at least the personality feels real. There’s a reality and a presence that makes that character relatable; you can believe that once they leave the scene, they continue to live out their lives.

Hyun-tae and Su-in perplex me, in that I have no idea what their “continued lives” would be like. I get a better sense of Hyun-tae, but both are still leaving me hanging in the emotion department. Why exactly does Hyun-tae like Su-in, other than that he thinks she’s pretty? I don’t think a person has to be able to list the reasons he/she finds someone appealing, but I should at least believe the connection in the context of the drama, and I don’t really understand this one. I kind of feel like Lee Hana and Yoon Kye-sang are only living out the characters in their scenes, rather than making them real people. What do they believe, what do they want, who are they outside of their interactions? I … hope the drama addresses this, because I want to see Yoon Kye-sang do what I know he’s capable of doing!


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  1. audhepfan

    I’m rooting for Shin and Su-in to get back together. It seems only right. I find stepbrother/sister romance thing kind of weird.

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  3. greemzey

    i haven’t read the recap yet but thanks for making it available javabeans. i enjoyed the last episode.

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    So I’m living vicariously for the time being through your recaps Javabeans!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!

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    another here who’s not quite understanding hyuntae’s admiration for suin. honestly the scenes where he rides his bike all day keeping track of suin…. stalker much yah? mehhh i just never like overly aggressive characters like hyuntae.

    haeyoon’s jealousy is SO SO SO cute! he’s such a babyyyyyy! haha and i love it. at first i thought his role here was pretty similar to his role in coffee prince, but it’s so not!

    and song joongki SORTA KINDA looks like onew from shinee so when i watch his scenes i pretend it’s onew and that makes me REALLY happy. when he ran in a circle and fell over! hahahaha.

    i thought the scenes where hwal was so hungover he couldn’t properly use chopsticks hilarious. come to think of it i think it’s the first time i’ve seen a scene of drunken or hungover chopstick use? LOL.

  8. yumi-chan

    Did anyone faint when he of the smooth voice sang? Because I fainted, I fan girled, and I screamed out GO EUN CHAAAAAN.
    Oh and the Poong-ho Haru love line, I’m rooting for this harder then when I rooted for Eun-tae on Story of a Man. Even though we now know Haru likes Hwal I’m hoping she snaps out of that and goes with the cute poong ho, he’s adorable and I think both suit eachother. But yet I’m also liking the new development because hwal and haru are kinda cute togther

  9. LadyIgraine

    I think Suin is hanging on to a relationship that is no longer there. Which is why she couldn’t fully move on and accept Hyuntae.

  10. 10 hjkomo

    Another great recap!
    I see what you’re saying about trying to capture the drama’s pacing and mood…that’s difficult given the nature of the drama, but I don’t think anyone can give it a better stab than you. πŸ˜€

    So many cute scenes today….which brought me giggles, laughing out loud, and constant smiles.

    Poong Ho is too adorable!
    And as much as I would have loved seeing Jung Il Woo in this, Song Joong Ki is too, too cute! (aigoo, must tame the inner cougar πŸ˜› )

    Loved Hae Yoon’s singing *swoons*, and his machismo coffee face-off with Jae Wook was hilarious.

    As for Hyun Tae, I think the flaw is in the writing of his character. Su In doesn’t bother me so much because it feels like there’s more of her story yet to be revealed…but Hyun Tae, I just don’t see any depth to him. He’s like Poong Ho in a 34 year-old’s body…only that Hyun Tae’s antics are not cute. And I don’t see his character transforming into one which would be believable as a romantic interest for Su In any time soon.
    I hope the writers and PD are going where I think they’re going…otherwise, they’re gonna have to pull a rabbit out of a hat and make some serious changes to convince me of a HT/SI pairing.

    As for Hwal…what can I say? O_O
    I found myself taking endless caps of him today.
    JB, can we share LJJ? πŸ˜€

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    No offense but Hyun-Tae is kind of overboard with his behavior. I mean if this was real life he would get slapped a restraining order so fast for being a stalker. I find it creepy for him to follow her all day long. I don’t know it just feels like he is kind of obsessed in he likes what he wants and plans to get it period.

    I also don’t understand his liking of Su-in, they had like a second and all of a sudden he is gaga. Doesn’t add up!

  14. 14 aS2t

    I WANT HYUNGTAE AND HARU TO BE TOGETHER….lol…just because I love love love Yoo Kye Sang! lol

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    I don’t get it, why don’t people like Haru and Hwal? I love them together and I love the development! I can’t remember the last time I really want a couple together, but I think what makes me root harder for it is that I’m worried it won’t happen. What do you think, is there hope for Hwal and Haru?

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  17. 17 xiaoSxin

    i do not like the brother/sister or cousins or stepsibling relationships turning into a romantic one. i just can not go past the stigma of bad impressions and its clashes with my cultural and religious beliefs. In short, i would not want a Hwal and Haru pairing, even if they are now ex-stepsiblings..

  18. 18 sue

    omGAH people! i just discovered another thing about shinee’s ONEW that he has in common with poongho:

    the ONEW CONDITION / ONEW SANGTAE / μ˜¨μœ μƒνƒœ.

    it’s his amazing ability to be hilariously awkward and clumsy! (youtube it!) and it FITS SO WELL with poongho when he skips around giddily and trips over himself, keeheeheeheeeeeee!

    okay so that was just 1 scene but this tiny little connection makes me so happy πŸ˜€

    sample video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_Kg3CFtZzA

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    yes, i gotta agree! it’s like another boys over flowers where i do look forward to wednesday and thursday every week.

    gosh. song joong ki is so cute! i’m kinda disappointed that haru has romantic feelings towards hwal in such a early stage. i can’t imagine them playing a couple because it’s such a huge gap! it wasn’t a problem for go a ra and yoon kye sang cause he doesn’t look as old as hwal.

    thanks again for the great recap!
    totally enjoyed it. can’t wait for the subbed version. (:

  20. 20 yvhsien

    JB – thank you for recapping this. I so look forward to it.

    HyunTae’s obsession for Su-in – why oh why? I came up with only one explanation. When he first met her, though for a very short time, he may have seen the loneliness, sadness and longing in her eyes – we all noticed it and are sick of it. He wants to find out more and starts to obsess over her. You would think once he finds out about her and Hwal, that would have changed things. But no, he now understands the emotions he sees in her eys and wants to be the one to change that.

    Okay I’m no psychologist but have been told I have a knack for reading people’s deepest, darkest emotions and reasonings. There are people who like to fix things and when they see someone like Su-In, they just want to fix it. I’m not sure if i’m getting this across but anyhow just my two-cents on the situation.

    On the other hand, I’m getting somewhat worried about the relationship between Hwal and Haru or more Haru’s feelings for Hwal.

  21. 21 kitty

    I’m probably the odd one here, but it’d be interesting to see Hwal get together with Sang-hee! That’d be adorable. I don’t really like the idea of Haru and Hwal together, or Hwal getting back with Su-in – till now I still don’t get why he’s still in love with her.

  22. 22 Anonymous

    LoL at all the people creeped out about the possible romance of haru/hwal. When I read the summaries, it does seem a bit creepy, but actually seeing their relationship develop and fleshed out on-screen, it’s really cute. All their screen-time together are totally awwww worthy, and wooooo-hoo I’m totally rooting for Hwal to be with Haru! I hope the PD doesn’t change the pairing now that people are shipping the cute kid Poong-ho, I mean he’s cute and all but….go Haru and Hwal! My new OTP!

  23. 23 Asmaa

    Hyun-tae/Su-in romance seems more like a student teacher relationship. A crush, an untold stupidity that’s going no where. Still cute to watch because it shows how humane the characters are, perfectly flawed πŸ˜€

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    i”m quite disappointed with why YKS chose this project or more particularly this role…cuz compared to his other dramas, his role here doesn’t bring justice to his talents!!hope PD Lee or the writers could make his character “meatier” in the the next episodes. just my opinion…

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    While I’m still a bit apprehensive about Triple (even though οΌ© absolutely adore PD Lee and Lee Seonkyun), I am going to stick around awhile more. However I am really a bit creeped off by the whole Hwal/Haru romance run-up… I can understand Haru’s crush but I really don’t see them as being right for each other, both because of the maturity level and that Hwal is way too much like a brother taking care of little sister for the romantic development to be believable. I do believe age is not an issue but maturity is.

    And another thing that is not working for me is Hyuntae’s stalker-ish behaviour. I like Yoon Kyesang and I think he’s cute here but man, girls don’t like stalkers… It’s creepy.

    I did think that while the soundtrack fine (hell, after BOF, any soundtrack is acceptable), it lacked the chemistry with the plot development like Coffee Prince did. I did have high expectations for PD Lee since I think she is so attuned to the deeper emotional layer that a good soundtrack gives to a drama.

    On the other hand, PD Lee’s style is still the best thing I’ve seen around in K-dramas since I abhor melodramatic angsty makjang dramas so I’m still going to give it a few episodes more.

    And Poongho is utterly adorable!!

  29. 29 Soffy

    More like father and daughter relationship

    between H and H.

  30. 30 amy

    I couldn’t agree more with the last paragraph you wrote. It’s already 6th episode and I think it’s time for them to show us the viewers what’s in store for SI and HT’s relationship. A lot of people are feeling irritated about how there are only actions when it comes to their interaction.. it’s like we can’t feel anything when we see them interact. And stop making HT look like a stalker~~

  31. 31 Biscuit


    “I don’t get it..why did Haru kiss him back a few episodes earlier, when she won’t accept him as her boyfriend?”

    When Haru was caught off-guard, Poong Ho was the one who started kissing Haru non-stop.


    “Why exactly does Hyun-tae like Su-in, other than that he thinks she’s pretty? ”

    Reminds me of Joon-Pyo and Jandi. How he can go so far and desperately loved her, when I was so clueless as to why he loved her to that degree -__-

    Perhaps Hyun-Tae is just the type that once he clings onto something and sets his eyes on it, he won’t give up. Sadly, I get annoyed by him a bit as his stalkerishness.

    I want Haru to be with Poon-Ho, but the person she likes is Hwal… sigh. And why would you want to put make up on your brother and try to flirt with him…..? Perhaps she’s not realizing that her love is crossing over sibling love… heehee.

    A few nights ago I thought about this, and with Haru so childlike and Hwal so mature, I couldn’t imagine Hwal liking Haru as anything but as sister type… so as much as I dislike Su-In, I’m more happy to see him with her than with Haru. *IF the plot even goes into the direction of Haru X Hwal*

  32. 32 hajung

    I have a question!
    why does it seem like the chicken guys is a gangster? his underlings laugh when he laughs and they treat him like they are kkak too gi and he’s the boss
    OMGSH Poonho is adorable in ep6!!!!!!!!!

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    hmm…Maybe the story will change directions and it will be Hwal+Su-in , Hyun-Tae + Haru….

    But I would totally love Hwal and Haru together…

  34. 34 michy

    I’m getting really confused and grossed out if someone doesn’t explain this soon!

    I thought Haru and Hwal were like stepbrothers and sisters? Am I incorrect? If I am correct (my personal belief) is that this shouldn’t happen and you can’t like your own brother! yuck!

    Anyhow some sort of future insight or explanation will help greatly.

  35. 35 Biscuit


    Haru’s mom and Hwal’s papa gets married, which made Haru and Hwal step-sbilings.

    But their parent’s die and so now both Haru and Hwal are no longer related. Not biologically nor legally. That’s why Hwal did not recognize Haru as his sister and refused to take care of her.

    From long ago when Haru lived with Hwal, I don’t think the two were close or spent much time together (from Haru explaining in the dining room that Hwal was always absent.) Since Hwal first mistook Hae-Yoon as Hwal, they probably were not together for a long time (for them to not recognize each other.).

    Therefore, if they should hook up, there is nothing wrong.
    Brother in the past, stranger in the present….

  36. 36 syl

    I love this drama really, and your recaps are great !
    (i’ve watched 4 episodes in one day thanks to you LOL)
    BTW i really can’t see Haru and Hwal as lovers, really ! Haru looks super childish next to him, he’s too mature for her >< and the age difference is really big ! He’s 34 ears old and she’s idk, 17, 18 years old ?
    I’d love to see Haru dating Poong-ho , he’s sooooo cute and lovely ! (yeah i think he looks like Onew too)

  37. 37 T

    I like this drama a lot and find the characters very interesting. Like you JB, I’m not too sure about the Su-in Hyung Tae relationship. I think Su-In is a very flat character and don’t find her very interesting …nor so attractive to inspire the obsession Hyung-Tae seems to have for her. Though I understand that the relationship between Hwal and Haru is a little strange I still like their interactions together and wouldn’t mind seeing them as couple. I think he (Hwal) needs someone to show him the world again…outside the office they both are strivers and I look forward to watching their journey:)

  38. 38 engl

    i usually end up liking drama pairings in the dramas that i actually do finish but .. unfortunately i add to the list of ppl that feels a bit blah when it comes to haru and hwal.. its a bit unconventional i guess if the drama does pair them up but it felt so right when they have their brother sister relationship now .. and yeah the maturity issue.. also.. the other boy is just too cute.. its increased my bias against that relationship lol. su in.. i realized im slightly dreading her scenes.. its just sort of a downer whenever she shows up. oh well. im just hoping haru doesnt make a fool of herself by showing that she has a crush on hwal… a bit double standard i guess lol.. dont want her to have an unrequited love but also not to be with hwal ^_^

  39. 39 lot2x

    Seems that hyun tae just showing his feelings !!! but not new to us even me also i can’t resist or bare that every beat in our heart .For sure all of us have experienced what hyuntae’s been through and why they call a stalker. The writer
    points out that if you love someone make it sure you will not regret, that’s why you will not stop showing your feelings.The important is that Su in knows ,and maybe in the end hyun tae is no longer wanted her then Su in realize that she loves hyun tae . The time will come the guy can move on and you are wondering
    that you miss his presence .Well ,it’s just only my interpretation towards the char-
    acter of yoon kye sang , his emotion and it’s normal for a person or how you show
    it.I think the next episode there’s a changes maybe or i hope there’s a twist in his
    character that he realize that it’s just only an infatuation .About haru and hwal there’s a development in their relationship but he should have to get divorce to SI.
    The pairing seems i like more and more and sanghee and hye yoon especially
    the jealous scene!!!

  40. 40 funniebones

    I must say all these characters are just sickeningly sweet and lovable.

  41. 41 a nony moose

    one vote for the triple song list! ><
    pretty please with a cherry on the top? @_@

  42. 42 amy

    @ michy, Hwal’s dad and Haru’s mom were married for like 5 years and then got into a car accident and died. So basically Hwal and Haru used to be step-brother and sister but they’re no longer step-siblings since their parents died.

  43. 43 jelly

    I like the song (begees) how deep is your love!!!!
    Hyun tae following su in at the roof ….
    I know your eyes in the morning sun
    I feel your touch me in the pouring rain
    And the moment that you wander far from me
    I wanna feel you in my arms again

    And you come to me on a summer breeze
    keep me warm in your love and then softly leave
    And it’s me you need to share .How deep is your love
    OMG!!! Su in don’t feel it ,how deep is the love of HT
    for me it’s kinda cute scene ,the song ,,fall from the roof
    I think HT&SI have the cutiest scene ….
    I’ve noticed that most of the attire of yoon kye ,he look like
    same age of poongho…

  44. 44 djes

    I want Wal!!!
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Now that I’ve watched ep 5, I can fully understand why Haru fell for Hwal.
    But! I still want her end up with Poongho……….they’re sooooooooo cute together.

    I hope Haru’s feeling towards Hwal is just a growing up’s process, and then she can find her true love..

  45. 45 Iranian Espresso

    Thank You

  46. 46 jes


  47. 47 lovin it

    the guy cast is ADORABLE!

  48. 48 sleeplessinwgtn

    I agree with deannadsc @24. YKS is such a good comedy/drama actor… his role here is a bit confused.

    I can’t get myself to root for H-H and HT-SI love relationships; not too comfortable and unconvinced with the pairings, if those are indeed the pairings they’re supposed to be in. I’ve never had this in any k-drama i’ve watched, where i felt the pairings are not appropriate,

    i had high hopes for this drama because of the hype, the pd (of my most fav kdrama CP) and the 2 actors whom I’ve seen gave stellar performances in previous dramas – YKS and The Voice.

    I’ll keep reading the recaps, though.


  49. 49 seri

    I don’t want her and Hwal together….

    No way xD

  50. 50 chamber

    haven’t watched ep. 5 yet cause I’m waiting for the subs but I’ve been reading Drama beans synopsis.

    I don’t get the whole Hyun-tae/ Su-in thing, it’s not like they have a deep relationship or anything he basically just has a crush on her. So really, by continuing doing what he is doing, knowing what he knows now he is betraying one of his best friends and business partner for a crush. Su-in should just completely shut him out and totally explain to him that she came back to Korea to try to win back Hwal. Any relationship with HT/SI would leave a bad taste in my mouth, I mean if you hurt a person and are seriously repentant the least you can do is not get with his best friend.

    I am totally afraid of a Haru/Hwal pairing that is to large an age gap for me especially considering Haru seems too be a high school student. That is way to Pedo/Incest too me. That story would be so trite and contrived to me, I’d much rather really see them develop a really strong loving brother/sister bond.

    I’m still on ep 2 but so far i love the whole feel and pacing of the this drama, I do have some reservations on where it might go though.

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