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2009 KBS Drama Awards
by | December 31, 2009 | 222 Comments

Last one!

The 2009 KBS Drama Awards were also held on December 31, and as with the other two station awards ceremonies, there weren’t a lot of surprises, particularly with the Daesang, which went to Lee Byung-heon. (Lee was outstanding in IRIS, but I think he practically had the Daesang in the bag even before the drama aired — no way KBS was going to score a big star like him and not reward him. Refer to: Song Seung-heon’s MBC Daesang last year.)

All of these awards ceremonies are essentially year-end parties where the broadcasters pat their big successes on the back. That’s why most of the actors given awards were from hit shows, and also why there are few surprises. But of all the awards shows, KBS has the most varied list of winners, and is my personal favorite to look at and comment on, since I’ve seen most of the big shows represented. (Unlike SBS, where many of the winners were from shows I didn’t care for, such as Wife’s Temptation.)

There were, of course, a few puzzlers. I understand wanting to include Kim Tae-hee in the IRIS largesse, even though her acting itself wasn’t outstanding — but her over Kim So-yeon? And I see why they would want to thank Kim Ah-joong for taking on a drama when she could have chosen to build her movie career instead. But how could you award Kim Ah-joong’s acting in Accidental Couple and NOT give one to Hwang Jung-min, who was the largest single source of charm in that drama?


Daesang: Lee Byung-heon (IRIS)

Top Excellence Awards:
Drama Series, Actor: Sohn Hyun-joo (Sons of Sol Pharmacy)
Drama Series, Actress: Chae Shi-ra (Iron Empress)

Excellence Awards:
Daily Series, Actor: Oh Man-seok (Everybody Cha Cha Cha)
Daily Series, Actress: Jo Ahn (Everybody Cha Cha Cha)
Miniseries, Actor: Ji Jin-hee (The Man Who Can’t Get Married)
Miniseries, Actress: Kim Ah-joong (Accidental Couple)
Drama Series, Actor: Kim Seung-woo, Jung Jun-ho (IRIS)
Drama Series, Actress: Gu Hye-sun (Boys Before Flowers), Kim Tae-hee (IRIS)
One-Act Special, Actor: Kim Kyu-chul (Hometown of Legends)
One-Act Special, Actress: Kim Sung-eun (Hometown of Legends)
Supporting Actor: Yoon Joo-sang (Sons of Sol Pharmacy, IRIS), Choi Chul-ho (Iron Empress)
Supporting Actress: Moon Jung-hee (Iron Empress)
Actor, Youth: Park Chang-ik (Father’s House)
Actress, Youth: Park Eun-bin (Iron Empress)
Newcomer Award, Actor: Lee Min-ho (Boys Before Flowers)
Newcomer Award, Actress: Kim So-eun (Boys Before Flowers)

Writer Award: Jo Jung-sun (Sons of Sol Pharmacy)
Popularity Award: Yoon Sang-hyun, Yoon Eun-hye (My Fair Lady),
      Kim So-yeon (IRIS)
Lifetime Achievement: Yeo Woon-kye

Best Couple: Yoon Eun-hye, Yoon Sang-hyun (My Fair Lady)
      Lee Byung-heon, Kim Tae-hee (IRIS)
      Lee Pil-mo, Yoo Sun (Sons of Sol Pharmacy)
      Lee Min-ho, Gu Hye-sun (Boys Before Flowers)
Netizens’ Award, Actor: Lee Byung-heon (IRIS)
Netizens’ Award, Actress: Gu Hye-sun (Boys Before Flowers)

No surprise here, and no contest: 1 big movie star + 1 of the station’s biggest hits of the year = Daesang. Lee Byung-heon came with his IRIS co-star Kim Tae-hee on his arm. (Kim rarely looks bad, but I do think her makeup is overdone so that it washes her out. She looks a little zombie-like in the face.)

Did their IRIS buddies Jung Jun-ho and Kim Seung-woo color-coordinate on purpose?

I can’t believe Kim Tae-hee won an acting award and Kim So-yeon didn’t; maybe fans will agree, since Kim So-yeon was given the popularity award. Lee Da-hae didn’t have a KBS show this year, but will be in their upcoming Chuno in the new year. Also, don’t get me wrong — I think she looks stunning, as usual — but I HATE her dress. The side cutouts aren’t particularly sexy or attractive, and she would have looked so classy and elegant if her dress didn’t have them.

Chae Shi-ra played the title role in the long weekend sageuk Iron Empress, and was rewarded with a Top Excellence Award. She never seems to age, and looks amazing.

Ji Jin-hee‘s The Man Who Can’t Get Married was a less-watched, sorta-disappointing show, but his comic antics netted him an Excellence award.

Choi Chul-ho has had a busy year! He had an MBC comedy (Queen of Housewives) and a KBS trendy (Partner), but it was his role in Iron Empress that got him an award here.

Kim Ah-joong (Accidental Couple) looks like a bride. I can’t wait for the mermaid-shape dress to go out of fashion.

Yiiiikes. You know, I see what Yoon Eun-hye (My Fair Lady) was going for. She’s known for her edgy, bold fashion style and no matter what she’s wearing, whether it be chic or crazy, she holds herself tall. But this reminds me of the Oscars when Angelina Jolie went goth and everyone thought, “I know what she’s doing, and I don’t like it.” I get what Yoon Eun-hye is doing here, and I don’t like it.

She did, however, earn mention for being part of a Best Couple with Yoon Sang-hyun, her co-star in My Fair Lady. This did feel like the station’s attempt to appease both actors given their mess of a drama, since neither star was included in the acting awards. At least Yoon Sang-hyun has his award for Queen of Housewives.

Lee Min-ho! The Boys Before Flowers star was given a newcomer award, and is looking cute and polished. (He has a tendency to look a little unpolished at awards shows — it’s his inner dork showing, I’m sure — but tonight he’s smooth and dapper.) Totally deserves the award.

Kim So-eun was also given a newcomer award, based on her well-received performances in not one but three KBS dramas — Boys Before Flowers, Iron Empress, and The Man Who Can’t Get Married. She’s definitely an up-and-comer to watch.

WTF? And also, sigh. Did Gu Hye-sun think that if she didn’t come dressed as a schoolgirl, nobody would remember that she was in Boys Before Flowers? It’s one thing to come in costume for a character, but when you’re dressing for an awards show, this seems… bizarre. She’s 25, which makes her a little old to be dressing as a high schooler outside of acting roles.

By all accounts, Kim Ji-suk‘s role in this year’s production of Hometown of Legends was a mess of unintentional hilarity. (On the upside, he had a super-hit of a film with Take Off.) He wears his suit well, and does the no-tie look with casual confidence.

His fellow Hometown of Legends colleague Kim Sung-eun was given an award for her part. I think Kim is a good actress who hasn’t yet gotten her big breakout role, though she’s done well in supporting parts. I love the shape and flow of her red strapless number here.

How cute that Sohn Hyun-joo came with his co-stars from Sol Pharmacy, who played his brothers! (They are Ji Chang-wook, Han Sang-jin, and Lee Pil-mo.) Sohn has played a wide range of characters in his career — eccentrics, cranks, bastards — but his sweet, nice-guy turn in Sol Pharmacy was a joy to watch.

Here’s another of their co-stars, Yoo Sun (Sons of Sol Pharmacy), aka Bokifer. I don’t know where I’d wear it, but I want that dress. (That faux obi sash seems to be quite the thing these days, doesn’t it?)

Yoo Hana was spunky Eun-ji in Sol Pharmacy, and comes in a rather voluminous gown. I can’t decide if I like it, or if it makes her look like a mummy. A really pretty mummy.

That slit looks a little dangerous on the front of Jo Ahn‘s pink dress. She won an award, along with co-star Oh Man-seok, for Everybody Cha Cha Cha.

I had to double-check the credentials for Park Min-young, because why is she at the KBS show instead of the SBS one, which was on the same night? She did a KBS series last year, Hometown of Legends, but I’m sure nobody would have thought it odd for her to skip KBS since she actually headlined an SBS drama this year. Well, maybe it makes sense if you consider that said SBS drama (Ja Myung Go) had a painful run and was largely ignored at the SBS awards. (Ja Myung Go‘s Jung Kyung-ho did get an award, but that could have been more influenced by his current SBS gig, Smile.) Also: That dress is short!

Is it also interesting that Moon Chae-won chose KBS over SBS? She had supporting roles in dramas for both stations, and her SBS drama (Brilliant Legacy) was much more successful than her KBS one (My Fair Lady). All that speculation aside, I think Moon is developing a pretty nice fashion sense, and while I wouldn’t call her a fashionista, she often shows up at awards shows and red carpets looking beautiful, youthful, and fresh. The pink looks great on her.

Moon Jung-hee won an award for a supporting role in Iron Empress. I like Moon a lot — she has a great warmth to her — but that dress! It’s like she got caught up in sports bandages, then ran into a vat of hot pink dye.

Choi Myung-gil, left, just wrapped up the trendy drama Invincible Lee Pyeong-gang, while Choi Su-rin (who is really very underrated) had two KBS projects this year — Partner and the short special Kyung-sook, Kyung-sook’s Father.

Ji Hyun-woo, also of Invincible Lee Pyeong-gang, doesn’t look terribly excited to be here…

There’s an appealing simplicity in the draping of Jang Hee-jin‘s (Hometown of Legends) clean, chic dress.

In contrast, Park Han-byul (Everybody Cha Cha Cha) has way too much going on with her dress. That bulky feathery (furry?) fringe, the voluminous vertically-striped skirt… it distracts one’s attention away from her, which is too bad since she’s lovely.

I think Lee Chae-young‘s (Iron Empress) dress could have been cute in theory… but in practice it looks a little sloppy and, uh, cheap?

For a while, Kim Hye-jin was known mostly as “Kim Tae-hee’s friend,” since she played the part as a fellow NSS agent in IRIS. Not really a fan of the super-high slit in an otherwise plain gown.

Park Eun-bin had roles in Iron Empress and MBC’s Queen Seon-deok, and won this night for the former. At only 17 years old, that dress is a bit of a risk… but I actually like it a lot, after getting over the initial surprise. It has an old-fashioned charm to it, but it’s not a costume and therefore feels new and different. The contrast with her youth is what, I suspect, makes it work (in my opinion). It’s busy, but in an interesting way.

In contrast, Han Go-eun‘s (Great Family, which is upcoming) dress is busy, but NOT in an interesting way. Glittery, ruffly, tacky!

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222 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. butterball

    Happy New Year, JB!

    I totally agree on Gu Hye-sun’s outfit. What the heck?

    Also, I have seen a lot of dead animal on Korean celebrities’ outfits these days. A worrying trend? lol

  2. mimim

    “chae do woo” not win??? .. it’s really weird for me , meanwhile Story of a Man Won Seoul Drama Awards but none of the cast won or even nominated ( only Kim Kang Woo ).

  3. Jo

    Kim So eun was spectacular in iron Empress. my god, she was the best part of the whole whole whole series. Im so glad that even amoungst the bad writing, directing etc. Kim so Eun’s true talent just scintillated in BOF. She is truly an actress to look forward to.

  4. Biscuit

    I had so much to say…. but seeing Gu Hye Sun in her outfit….. I went blank.

    She’s such a pretty girl and I was tired of seeing her come as a “director” and plain outfits… but this was a big NO. Though, her hair is better than the original Jandi hair….
    I think she’s a pretty good actress when it comes dramatic roles, but not comedic. So I can’t agree with her recieving an award, and it’s pretty cringe-worthy to think about her receiving it in that outfit… which I pray she changed during the second half.

    Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, as for the rest… the majority of today’s outfit seemed like a mess!

    But Lee Byung-heon was looking good as always (a few others too, but Lee Byung-heon was smokin~)

  5. more

    Gu Hye-sun the nightmare that is Boys over flowers

  6. jin

    holy crap i didn’t even recognize kim tae hee…
    don’t kill me but i’ve always thought of her as gorgeous but overhyped. she looks like a country bumpkin with those bug eyes she makes, give me chic looking kim so yeon any day! :)
    i wish they didn’t do that to kim tae hee’s hair…. she would look great otherwise.

  7. vien

    I can’t believe that Kim Tae Hee won the excellent award. It should go to Kim So-yeon .

  8. mimim

    again Kim tae hee over kim soo yeon???
    i know ji jin hee is good but he over hwang jung min?? or Kim kang Woo.

    anyway Hwang Jung Min has a Lot Best Actor ( from Movie ) awards, i think it’s more Prestigious Javabeans.

  9. langdon813

    I thought Kim Tae-hee was perfectly adequate in IRIS but not award-worthy. Kim So-yeon, on the other hand, was heartbreaking. Girl was robbed. :-(

  10. 10 joicy

    Happy New Year, JB!! Thanks for taking your time doing this. I notice that this year’s awards does not have pretty dresses. YEH’s dress and make up looks worst so far.

  11. 11 Daisy

    I’m a fan of Lee Da Hae, but her dress is a no no for me. Her hair and makeup look great, though. If only she put on a different dress…
    My favorite dress is Moon Chae-won’s.

  12. 12 jacq

    Oh goodness! GHS!!! What the heck! REALLY?!? Something is definitely wrong with the girl! What a nightmarish choice! YIKES!

  13. 13 Gems

    I want to congratulate Lee Min Ho and Kim So Eun! They’re getting Newcomer Awards this year but I’m sure bigger awards await them in the future!

    I liked Lee Da Hae’s dress….but I’m biased ;-P I think it’s very sexy and she has the body to pull it off. Maybe it’s a bit risque for an award show and would look more appropriate in a Bond movie?

  14. 14 Alyssia

    LEe dae Hae looked the best tonight. Her dress was risky. But i dont think anyone could pull it off but her. She has a killer body.
    Da hae actually wore 3 dresses last night. The pink one was more elegant and the yellow was simple.

    I think her pink number was more elegant than this dress.

    Anyways…GOo Hye sun>>>>>>WTH!!>>> in a way i feel like she didn’t care for this awards. She knows she will win anyways so why bother dressing up. What’s up with her stylist!! didn’t they said something to her!!

  15. 15 soysauce

    Well, not New Year here yet, but since everyone’s on it, Happy New Year JB! Keep doing your thing and I hope you have a super successful 2010. As for the award show……it was predictable isn’t it?

  16. 16 Biscuit

    For for posting again, but I just realized something…

    If there’s BOF cast and My Fair Lady cast here… where is Wang Suk Hyun!?

    I knew something very important was missing at the awards!

  17. 17 omg

    what the EFF was ghs thinking?! omg…why would yg entertainment allow her to go to an awards show dressed like that. ugh.

  18. 18 Shay

    Kim So Eun and Moon Chae Won looked stunning! I would love to have their dresses in my closet. But I wouldn’t look as good as them 😉
    Gu Hye Sun apparently does not consider award shows formal occasions. Girl’s still not out of her BOF/Jan Di phase!
    And I agree: Kim So Yeon and Hwang Jung Min were robbed.

  19. 19 mucho

    GHS-that’s her marketing strategy,–‘I want to be diff..’, ..I can look lile a child, but I’m a director u know..’. If she dress up like the rest, people won’t talk about her other ‘talents’. I agree with everyone, she and KTH not deserve the awards-what happen to korea entertaiment industries right now?

  20. 20 yehforever


  21. 21 innocec3

    Kim Tae Hee over Kim So Yeon!??! WTF?! I pick Kim So Yeon any day.
    and Go Hye Sun’s outfit………. its so weird… did she know she was dressing for an AWARD show?
    Im definitely watching out for Kim So Eun and Moon Chae Won. I love both actresses<3
    Lee Da Hae looks very pretty but her dress has to go. It doesnt look elegant at all :/ in fact, it looks a bit slutty to me.

  22. 22 Nom_Kitteh

    Best Couple for Yoon Eun-hye, Yoon Sang-hyun…My Fair Lady? *eyes rolling back into the head*. Imma gonna re-read that as the award for the Worst Miscasting of a Couple…Ah, much better.

    I love Lee Da-hae’s dress so much, and I love her hair.

    Gu Hye-sun…She’s a strange little fish. That’s all I can come up with.

    Thanks for the recaps, reviews, and everything else, JB. You are probably already drunk, and slurring and giggling and hiccuping and eye-crossing as you read this, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  23. 23 mucho

    and yes to Lee Da Hae,-maybe not on the dress, but I want her BODY-that killer body.

  24. 24 Sonam

    GHS was trying to be clever but she ended up looking stupid. Is she really considered pretty in Korea? She can look pretty and cute once in awhile like rest of us but she’s really very average looking.

    LDH has an amazing figure and in a few years after she loses her baby fat on her face she’s going to look even more beautiful. And in addition to all that so elegant and graceful.

  25. 25 nileey

    Happy New Year!

    I really could imagine Kim Ah-joong got this dress from a bridal studio!

    And is this Goo Hye sun’s first time to that award show? I was expecting something more quirky but glamorous from her…

  26. 26 Anonymous

    Conngrats to newcomer LMH! He totally deserves it! Looking forward to you bagging acting awards next year!
    but GHS… what an attention seeker she is yikes!

  27. 27 djes

    Happy New Year, Javabeans!

    My favorite from the bunch – Kim So Eun, lovely dress and she’s just lovely the whole package!!

  28. 28 elise

    can’t believe hwang jung min didn’t get an award… he was good in accidental couple….

  29. 29 didi

    LEE BYUNG HUN….LEE BYUNG HUN…One of the greatest actors in Asia.Really hope he will come back to dramas again …cant get enough of his acting…so mesmerising…


  30. 30 bluebunny

    There was ALOT of MISSES with the LADIES and the GENTLEMEN were better dressed!!! I thought Kim Ah-Joon was going to prom. Didn’t like Kim Tae-Hee hair or dress but….

    Yes, WTF was Goo Hye Sun wearing?! It’s like she stepped out the BOF set & didn’t have time to get a gown. Note to GHS: We already know you were in BOF so you don’t have to come dressed as GJD. I like the girl. I know she’s camera shy and doesn’t like to wear dresses but she won 3 awards and I think she’s gonna be rememebered for that horrible outfit instead. You’re 25, young, plz dress like a lady. I’ve seen her better dressed! She needs to either get a new stylist or HIRE a one!

    Best dressed of the night belongs to Lee Min-Ho & Lee Byung-Heon. Oh, and I kinda like Oh-Man Seok too.

    Like others I’m surprised to see Kim Tae-Hee won for the excellence award. Would of liked to see Kim So-Yeon win that instead.

  31. 31 Taohua

    JB, I was wondering whether you knew what would happen if there were two big stars who had starred in two popular dramas for the year for one station. So say if Jang Dong-gun also made a comeback to dramas this year on KBS and had a huge hit. How would KBS choose who should get the Daesang b/t him and LBH? Just curious, because that would be an interesting (and awkward) scenario I would think.

    Kim So-eun definitely had a great year. Sad that SoaM didn’t get anything. Chae Si-ra looked wonderfully elegant…and ::sigh:: what were YEH and GHS thinking? Thanks for posting the pictures and awards!

  32. 32 EMx

    Ah…..Gu Hye Sun…I was just in disbelief when I saw what she was wearing. Seriously what went through her mind when choosing her outfit??

    I was embarrassed on her behalf when she got the best ‘couple award’ and stood in the same line as Kim Tae Hee and all the others in pretty dresses.
    Not that she had to wear a dress, but come on this schoolgirl outfit is a bit much. Was she really NOT finding it awkward being among all the other glamorous actresses??? @___@
    And her co-star Kim So Eun actually managed to dress appropriately for her age AND look elegant and beautiful at the same time.

    On the other hand, this was the best drama awards this year out of the 3 stations for me. Partly because I think the awards were a lot fairer.
    And KBS also seemed to have the bigger, more well known stars. (Although I guess IRIS’ cast alone consists of all the big star names lol). As well as mania drama BOF, although SBS did have YAB.

    And I loved seeing Kim Tae Hee and Lee Byung Heon together. Regardless of the fact he had way more chemistry with Kim So Yeon in IRIS, KTH & LBH look stunning together, they just outshone everyone else in the ‘best couple’ lineup. I was just watching them in fascination. They really are a beautiful Hallyu couple!

    @ Taohua – for sure, KBS would do what MBC did last year with Song seung heon and kim myung min and split a daesung. They couldnt possible pick one hallyu star over the other. Scandalous!

  33. 33 deannadsc

    Lee Byung Hun was totally AWESOME in IRIS!!! for me he’s the BEST KOREAN ACTOR!!!…& i agree, Hwang jung Min deserved an award for That Fool!!!

  34. 34 peaches

    Lee Da Hae makes me want to eat a celery stick. And go to Korea to get plastic surgery. I feel like wearing a bag over my head when I see her pictures….

  35. 35 anne

    Out of the whole awards show, the biggest misfit for me was Gu Hye Sun’s best actress award for a drama…. Her acting in BBF was appaling compared to the other 5!! Even Kim So Eun outshone her as supporting actress! There are plenty of actresses who acted better in this yr’s drama line-up!! Ugh.
    *ok…fans can start throwing flip-flops at me….but I’m still standing with this!*

  36. 36 J

    I think that Yoon Eun hye managed to pull off her dress and her hairstyle, which would probably look 10 times worst on any other actresses. And Goo Hye Sun 0.0
    I’m speechless.

  37. 37 Anonymous

    What was the 25 yrs old GHS thinking to act cutie in her BOF uniform on an award ceremony.

    Seriously in bad taste and disrespect f the ceremony.

    KSE had more poise and charm compared to her.

    I don’t find her acting great in BOF to deserve an acting award.

  38. 38 jo

    I went WTF over two things:
    1) Kim taehee winning over kim so yeon? Helloooooo?
    2) LDH’s ugly dress. ew. really, LDH?

    wait..let me add one more:
    WTF is GHS wearing? aren’t u a little too old to be wearing that?

  39. 39 hopesofgreen

    GHS’s outfit leaves me sooo confused. She’s been showing up to award ceremonies/events dressed pretty casually (pants and all) but this is just … bizarre. And omigosh! GHS and KTH over Kim So-yeon?!?! Bleh. GHS?! Really?! For Boys Before Flowers? REALLY?!

    Lee Da-hae looks gorgeous from the neck up. Love the hair and make up. Kim So-eun looks darling.

  40. 40 Sonam

    LMH put on weight. Or was he drinking the night before. His face looks puffy.

  41. 41 21today

    i hate all the fur trend… gahhhh

    GHS you couldve sooooo much prettier why did you dress like that? =(

  42. 42 Biscuit


    True, they could have split. But last year was the only time I remember the Daesang being split. Before top actors started going either MIA or abroad, I wonder how they did the awards when most actors were active and gathered at a single award show.


    Gu Hye-Sun winning the award…. I guess she didn’t change. *shivers*


    MC’s face at :35… and awkwardness at beginning….

    To be honest, I probably could have accepted it more if Min Ho had his pama, it would have been more amusing.

  43. 43 LTK

    Wow I didn’t even recognize Kim Tae Hee..but um..what is with her hair? If I ever become a zombie I hope I have better hair than that :)

    I also agree regarding Lee Da hae’s cutout dress. It could of have been something so much more but those cutouts did it in. The colour mind you is beautiful on her.

    And GHS…I’m speechless.

    Anyhoo, Moon Chae Won looks gorgeous, her dress along with Choi Su Rin are both stunning.

  44. 44 EMx

    Oh and also to add, I found it so cute and hilarious watching Kim So Yeon speeding through her looong list of people she had to thank. She speaks soo fast! LOL, and the IRIS cast and everyone else just find it completely funny. hehe…


  45. 45 mak

    To me I like LDH dress the most, especially if look from the back, plus I think she was the prettiest that night.

    GHS and KTF-come on give them a chance, maybe this going to be the last awards in acting for them unless if their next project going to be another hit..Hope both of them realize that the award is not for talent but more on favouritism and popularity.

    I’m glad YEH got 2 awards that night.

  46. 46 ajnell

    Lee Da Hae looks gorgeous as usual. ^___^
    Kim So Eun is pretty and her smile is just pleasant to look at…
    I’ve always thought that Kim Tae Hee has a stunning beauty but I don’t like how she looks here…
    Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Min Ho are just hotties! 😉


  47. 47 Maez

    Kim So-yeon! Kim So-yeon! Kim So-yeon!!!
    Not Kim Tae-hee.

  48. 48 luraaa

    I’ve been looking forward to this post and seeing anyone from Story of a Man to win an award. It was a huge disappointment for me to NOT see them win, for they deserve the awards.

    Lee Min Ho deserves his award, of course. I’m still disappointed that no one from Story of a Man is included though.

  49. 49 jandoe

    Gu Hye Sun, ohmygod. i love you and all girl, but omygod. that was just weird.

    agree with you on LMH but strangely, on a lot of the ladies’ dresses, not quite so. the ones i thought were pretty you thought otherwise JB, haha. but all’s good, no worries 😉

    weird that i’m not seeing any of the Story of a Man cast!

  50. 50 EMx

    @ Biscuit – Although MBC have probably set the standard now, if any stations were to get into a sticky situation like that again. Once its been done, it becomes the norm.

    I dont know the trend of previous years, but I assume actors know beforehand whether they are to receive an award, and that partly determines whether they want to attend the award show or not?
    And I say this because MBC this year didnt give anything to Friend, Our Legend and coincidentally I dont recall any of the cast attending.

    But then if all the big stars did gather at an award show I guess the station wont feel as bad giving it to the one they think deserves it. At least its not a two way dilemma – its far worse having one hallyu star missing out than 3 or 4 of them. It becomes more of a friendly competition between them all so to speak, as opposed to feeling snubbed at losing out.

  51. 51 bbm

    i can’t believe they didn’t give out awards to Hwang Jung Min, Kim Kang Woo n Shim Eun Kyung!!! i was in uproar when KBSW broadcast it last night, i think some of my neighbor (who at the time enjoying fireworks show right outside the building) would think i’m strange coz i’m screaming and cursing while they went ooohhh… aaahh…
    and i think GHS want to look different, but who dresses up as high school girl when you’re 25 and going to an award show…

  52. 52 LL

    When Lee Min Ho saw Gu Hye Sun, he probably had a moment of abject terror where he thought it was February again, and he was back on the set of Boys Before Flowers, and he was going to have to jump in a freezing cold pool at any moment.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he had heart palpitations.

  53. 53 Snikki

    I didn’t recognize Kim Tae Hee and Yoon Eun Hye at first.

    Lee Da Hae… pretty, pretty face, the dress on the other hand… I don’t know what to make of it.

    I scrolled down further and glad to see Kim So Eun, lovely girl.

    And then, WHOA! I thought I jumped to a different page seeing Gu Hye Sun dressed like that. I wanna know what goes on her mind when she gets ready for these award shows. Either she’s a little eccentric, or she thinks it’s cool to look a bit eccentric.

  54. 54 Molly

    @ Biscuit
    LEE BYUNG-HEON! And I noticed that Wang Suk-hyun was absent too! Children were present at the SBS Awards, so I wonder why he wasn’t at this one…

    Kim Tae Hee looks really tall in that first photo – I heard she was pretty short? Those heels must be very very high then. It was my first time watching her act, and although I thought she was good overall, Kim So-yeon definitely deserved it more than she did. Unfortunate.

  55. 55 salute-ghs

    this girl’s got guts! this is akin to committing career suicide…c’mon, every girl’s trying to outdo the other – more silicon! more botox! more boobs! more spillage! higher slits! – how else to grab the attention of the bosses when almost everyone is a beauty in this k-entertainment land of plastic? she knows the expected dress code, she knows she’s gonna be getting some awards and be in the spotlight, she knows she’s gonna be ridiculed, she knows the expected bashing she’s gonna get and yet she did it, all in the spirit of the original Tsukushi Makino who wore her uniform to Eitoku’s fancy graduation ball. hey, the girl’s deeper than she looks. she just made me a fan. *cue the flying eggs and flour*

  56. 56 D

    the highlight of the night is my Lee Min-ho … he looks less dorky this time.

    congrats to Sohn Hyun-joo..I’m glad he won.. watching him in SoSP, i truly wished his character is my eldest brother

    of the ladies, i like Moon Chae-won’s dress the best.

    oh, that Park Eun-bin’s dress is wrong. 17yr old should dress in that at all..

  57. 57 kalchi

    I absolutely agree abt Hwang Jung Min. He deserved an award for his brilliant potrayal in Accidental Couple. And it’s still understandable if KTH got Best Actress but GHS as Geum Jandi? O___O

  58. 58 lilly

    Wait Am I dreaming ? GHS winning an award for her SHITTY “acting” in BOF ? What an insult to the profession ! And she definitly an attention seeker but I won’t blame her for that because this is her job.

  59. 59 D

    aishhh, too late to edit

    oh, that Park Eun-bin’s dress is wrong. 17yr old should dress in that at all..


  60. 60 K-DRAMA FAN

    I just realised that both Kim Tae Hee and Kim So eun’s dresses look similar except for the color?

    Park Eun Bin seems to have slight resemblance to Kim So Eun? LoL

  61. 61 raindrop

    I felt so sorry for Lee Min Ho. He must feel embarassed standing next to GHS during best couple award while other actors got themselves a beautiful lead. lol

    What’s GHS thinking????? Seriously!!! What’s with her!!
    All I know that Lee Min Ho is the poor guy last night. hahaha

  62. 62 mskokie

    YEH definitely was able to pull off her outfit last night. She looked fashionable and carried herself very well indeed. Kudos to her!


    the clothes GHS wears are always soooo cringe worthy. I think the only time she ever dressed well was when she was in BOF. I think she’s trying to make herself stand out for being different but her out fits need to go if she wants to be taken seriously for any of her work.

  64. 64 robbed

    Drama Series, Actress: Gu Hye-sun (Boys Before Flowers), Kim Tae-hee (IRIS)

    whilst i agree that Kim So Yeon deserves the award a lot more than Kim Tae Hee, if i have to replace her with someone on this list , i will take out Gu Hye Sun. Her acting in BOF is even worse than Kim Tae Hee.

    Kim So Yeon is such a good actress. She should’ve won best actress over Kim Tae Hee and Gu Hye Sun.

  65. 65 Gembul

    Happy New Year Javabean.
    I am also dissapointed that Hwang Jung Min didn’t get an award, not even one!
    I also think Story of A Man should at least win one award with KKW.

    GHS…my gosh.. I know she is a Director, but she should know how to put herself in the event, I mean she was there for the actress award and not for the Director award.

    Kim Tae He is beautiful, but her dress is super short and her eyeshadow makes her looks like an alien.

  66. 66 Guile

    wohhhh…I didn’t recognize kim tae hee in that makeover and outfit, she was like over make up and the writer was right about she looks like a zombie their…

    I also agree that kim tae hee didn’t deserve to win the best drama actress award because her perfomance in the drama IRIS is only so-so and needs polish to her craft…She’s already 30 this year but until now her acting isn’t improving…

    kim Seo yeon deserve the award as best drama actress because she did very well in the action scenes and confrontation scene with lee byung Eun..!!

  67. 67 Jihwan

    Yeah, I wondered the same thing. Not even a single award for Hwang Jung Min? But then again, anything less than the daesang award would be an insult to his talents. I agree about Lee Da Hae’s dress. Had the cut outs been slightly less, the dress would look so much better. But because its cut out so high up, it makes the top part of the dress look very “bra-like” which does not scream “Award show” at all.

  68. 68 csfan

    Thanks for the pics, javabeans!

    Yeah I was very pissed and WTF when KTH and GHS won over KSY???? Its like Come on! KSY deserved it way over these two and many korean articles have stated that KSY was one of the best in IRIS… sigh.. KSY got robbed imho… she should have got an acting award.. maybe her popularity award going to KTH while the excellence to KSY would have made more sense???

    Anyways, What the heck was GHS thinking?? Wear a gown, lady! BOF fever is over!!

    LDH looks stunning as ever, the dress?? I dont like it but I heard she got other 2 dresses for that night.. no pictures shown tho… She’s got a great body tho! :)

  69. 69 WTF

    What is wrong with Lee Da Hae’s dress?? what happened to classiness? I am sorry..she’s pretty but she looks like a slut in the dress. Errh..she should fire her dress coordinator.

  70. 70 linz

    what is up with all these pretty actresses dressing weird??

    Lee Da Hae of course is beautiful, but the dress is NOT. And Yoon Eun Hye…yikess. Not lovin the hair at all!

    But Gu Hye Sun really takes the cake. Like what the heck was goin through her mind when she decided on that outfit? My jaw seriously dropped when I saw that picture and then once I realized that it was real I laughed really hard haha. Well at least it was entertaining!

  71. 71 mimi

    I agree with everyone on Gu Hye Sun’s choice of outfit. Hmmm, Jandi costume??
    What is she thinking? Does she want an award for dressing Goofy?
    And with that short haircut, it seems like she’s trying to make herself ugly or boyish trying to ward off any men.
    I hope I’m wrong but I think she may have some emotional problems.

  72. 72 Rev

    Yoon Sang-Hyun looks like a Bond villain in that outfit. Awesome

    As for GSH’s schoolgirl outfit, somebody needs to pull a Trey Parker/Matt Stone and wear that at next year’s award show :-p

    Happy New Year!

  73. 73 Unfair

    I agree!!!KSY should have won the award rather than KTH..and well if both of them switched the awards .. I DONT THINK Kim tae hee deserve the popularity award..In IRIS,KSY acting is more outstanding than kim tae hee.

  74. 74 csfan


    Well if they have given the award to KSY over KTH, it may have been a slap in the face for KTH since she is the leading lady in IRIS *sigh*

    Yeah I was in disbelief that KTH got the award over KSY… KTH was mediocre while KSY had the better acting talent imho.. She really shined in most of her scenes in particular with LBH scenes….

    I am glad at least KSY did not go empty-handed but popularity award? Was KSY that popular? Dont get me wrong I am more than happy that KSY is being recognised (I am one of her fans!).. I am not surprised both Yoons getting popularity awards because they are popular but KSY?? I rather KSY being recognised for her acting talent….

  75. 75 diana

    hmm… i have to say i kinda agree with ur comment.
    personally, i also prefer kim so yeon a lot more than kim tae hee.

    when i first started watching iris, i always thought kim tae hee was a total miscast.
    i didnt think she improved much of her acting skills ( i’ve watched almost all of her dramas n movies starting “stairway to heaven”)….

    and for kim ah joong. i’ve watched her in “that fool” and i also think she didnt give much of a ‘performance’…..

    i dont really see the significance of these award shows. who knows what happened behind the scene rite? it might be just another playground of those agencies….

  76. 76 diana

    i do appreciate kim tae hee’s efforts in trying to go with a different kind of fashion style…..

  77. 77 jacqueline

    GHS winning the award was just wrong. She was absolutely TERRIBLE in BOF. She runied the drama for me I couldn’t even finish. And the ridiculous outfit? GHS=Go High School??? I really don’t get it at all. Bad taste, poor choice.

    LDH, gorgeous as ever. Perfect body.

    And what?? The biggest upset of the night for me had to be the fact that Hwang Jung Min did not receive any award. You’ve got to be kidding me! He was amazing in Accidental Couple/That Fool. I enjoyed Every Single Minute of him in the drama. How could a BRILLIANT actor like HJM not receive any recognition in the award show? Kim Ah Joong was only ok in the drama and she received an award for her performance. Makes no sense.

  78. 78 KDfan

    As I read all comments here, I guess the most popular issue in the comments are the outfit of ms GHS, which most of the reader feel awkward to wear in the show like this. And as usual in the entertainment industry, people tend to appreciate more to their looks, style, and glamourous performance, rather than their talent. So what if GHS is not wearing the gown. She’s there to receive the award. Just bear with it, and enjoy the award. Life is more cheerful if you get rid of negative opinion towards eachother.

  79. 79 ตลาดบิ๊กดอทคอม

    IRIS TOP. T – T

  80. 80 hmm

    @68 so true.

    My mouth was hanging wide when I saw Kim TaeHee and Gu HyeSun won Excellence Award instead of Kim SoYeon. I just could not believe it. Are you serious? Kim TaeHee in Iris and Gu HyeSun in BOF? Don’t even get me started on Gu HyeSun’s acting in BOF..lmao what a joke. Nowonder Kbs gave Kim SoYeon the popularity award. My theory : They knew KSY deserve it but they had to give it to the main actress of both HOT dramas. Therefore, Kim SoYeon is awarded the Popularity Award. I’m not trying to say that KSY doesn’t deserve the award but I feel that it is more of a pity award. I mean, seriously, everybody who watched Iris should know what level Kim TaeHee’s acting is in, compared to Kim SoYeon (ohh..those eyes speak volumes) Urgh fine. It’s done and over with. No matter how much I complaint doesn’t change the fact that Kim SoYeon got robbed.

    It’s so obvious that Kbs is trying to please everybody. lol 4 best couples. Is that even possible? Wow, those actors and actresses must all have incredible chemistry to have 4 of them winning the same award (sacarsm). I find the Excellence Award more shocking than Gu HyeSun’s outift. Is this the last award ceremony for dramas? Is there another award ceremony that includes all Kbs, Sbs and Mbc dramas? I hope they have it, because it might be less bias. Congrats to them though.

  81. 81 blah

    I totally agree with you.

    The fact that Kim TaeHee and Gu HyeSun won Excellence Awards proved that this award show is nothing but a joke. KTH was barely ok in IRIS, and GHS, gosh, she was just horrid in BOF.

    KBS wants to please everybody and that’s so true. Besides, the show provides an opportunity for all the actors and actresses to dress up, show off their assets, display their taste of style, and in some cases, their weird sense of fashion.

  82. 82 mell

    I actually like Moon Jung Hee’s dress a lot, the pink makes it stand out and I like the origami-ish design of the bodice. Maybe it’d look better as a shorter knee-length dress.

    Haha anyway, Happy New Year Javabeans and everyone!! :)

  83. 83 mskimbab

    This was a good show, with most winners deserving their awards, except I really wish Kim So Yeon would’ve been given a nod for her acting instead of Kim Tae Hee. I didn’t get to catch much of That Fool (I hope to, soon!), but Hwang Jung Min was endearing!

    Loved the outfits as well, though there could’ve been more colour. While I’m not the biggest fan of Goo Hye Sun’s, I must say kudos to her for her courage in wearing that outfit. She’s rocking that hairstyle as well. @55- agreed. I guess that puts us in the minority..

    Haha Kim Seung Woo! He reminded me of Santa Claus when I saw his red jacket. He’s ever the joker 😉 Bravo for the burst of colour! And congrats on nabbing the award so he wouldn’t have to return home empty handed while Kim Nam Joo has already won one! (pardon my basic Korean but was that what he said during his speech?)


  84. 84 crzycpl

    I thought Kim Tae-hee looked awful and Gu Hye-sun should really stop this rebellious (?) streak she is on for award ceremony dresses. Seriously. Grow up, woman. You’re 25!

    I almost didn’t recognise Lee Da-hae as one of the presenters. She has shrunk since I saw her in Hello, Miss and My Girl.

    Kim So-yeon looks like such a femme fatale in that black number. Love it! Such a contrast to her look in Gourmet. I haven’t watch IRIS but I’m sure she did a stellar job, from what I’ve read.

    I don’t understand the couple award. Why were 4 couples awarded it?

    Congratulations to Lee Min-ho. Such a well deserved award. Yay, to motherly love. :)

  85. 85 Agent Darwin

    Kim So-yeon + LBH = Best couple
    LBH = Grand prize
    KSY = Best actress
    KSW = Best supporting actor
    KTH = Best acting award (from the corrupt judges of KBS)

  86. 86 wowowee0210

    GHS stylist (if she has one??) should be fired or stoned. I was flabbergasted and shocked when I saw her walking the Red Carpet at the Ceremony. Does she think it is a HALOWEEN Party instead of an AWARDS ceremony? I was very disappointed with her choice of outfit and feel bad for Lee Min Ho standing beside her in the Best Couple Award with the other winners wearing formal clothes. I love Goo Hye Sun and was happy to see her win 3 Awards, the most KBS award with Lee Byung Heon that night. She shoud be in that yellow dress she had worn in the Andre Kim Star Award show earlier this month. She can be gorgeous and a fashionista if she choses too with her million dollar legs and translucent complexion. I hope she gets a new stylist. Anyway I still love her despite her outfit but Please don’t do it again.PLease somebody in her household burn that JANDI school uniform!!!!! Still Congratulations for those 3 well deserved awards at the 2009 KBS Drama Awards!!!!

  87. 87 Anonymous

    GHS should have respected the award ceremony since she chose to attend it.

    Dressing in BOF uniform is beyond words, she over 25 yrs old but yet still acting cute is just no no.

    Yes, KSY was robbed of her acting award by KBS.

    How come the press hadn’t comment on it yet.

  88. 88 Judy

    Kim So Eun is so cute and lovely. I like her red dress and hair style.

  89. 89 Notty One

    LBH is the best korean actor, ever!!! And he looks stunning & charismatic as usual! Love him!

  90. 90 paula253

    I seem to be one of the very few people who thought YEH looked -stunning-. From top to bottom. It was such a relief not to see her in that unflattering red hair from My Fair Lady.

    I am soooo happy for Sohn Hyun-joo. well deserved. an actor always worth watching.

    JB: Choi Chul-ho had a short but wonderfully memorable role in Iron Empress aa well as in Partner. But add his larger if rather boring role in Hot Blood, a show i can’t bear to keep watching.

    Happy New Year! and thank you for being here. I can’t imagine k-drama watching w/o DB.

  91. 91 analuvkr95

    I really dont get you people, why do you put up a site as great as db and put so many pretty pics of actresses and then talk like B*** S*** abot them! WTF, whats is so wrong with Kim TAehee,dont get me wrong I really like kimsooyeon a nd her acting was grand but why not give the girl a break!by the way whats with the criticising, I think every one did a fabulose job, brava!!@

  92. 92 paula253

    Sorry, JB, my error. correcting myself for #90 re: Choi Chul-Ho. If the award was for Best Supporting Actor, then for sure, he won it for Iron Empress. I was so sad when his character died. It was cool of KBS to recognize that performance.

    I so appreciate your list of winners with their categories: watched the whole show last night on KBS World without subs and i could not figure what people were winning for! I was very happy to see “my” Kim Seok-hun win for his role as Chi-yang in Iron Empress but i don’t see him in your list of winners.

  93. 93 yvhsien

    Kim So Yeon absolutely got robbed. She should have won the excellence award instead of Kim Tae Hee. Her acting was much better in Iris. I’m glad that she at least got the popularity award. Though a consolation prize but shows that they recognized her talent.

    By the way, what did Lee Byung Heon say when interviewed after receiving the Best Couple award? I know he mentioned something about ‘Kim Sun Hwa’ – Kim So Yeon’s character in Iris. I was dying to know if he was bold enough to say he prefers KSY’s character or thought there was more chemistry there….haha….sorry, imagination can be a bad thing

    Worst dress has to be Gu Hye Sun…what is that?? I sometimes wonder what that girl is thinking. My conclusion: she’s eccentric or confused.

    Like DB, I want Yoo Sun’s dress.

  94. 94 hmm

    Ugh, Gu Hye-sun.

    You know, maybe she will stay in directing/writing/drawing/everythingelsethatcanbedone and stay out of acting. I would really appreciate that. But I’m also tired of hearing about her new hobby or exploit every other week.

    Agh. Conflicted.

  95. 95 FTBOTW

    WOW! Never thought I’d see such a disappointed award show. Many actors/actress’ not deserving to the awards.(Kim Tae Hee was one – are you telling her by handing her an award that she was great when she was not – how is it possible = KIM SO YEON the co-actress of IRIS was excellent and deserved it more). Who’s the voters or judges anyway!!!!. Count the votes and you will come up with a WINNER. Why so many awards given to the same categories. This award show has no meaning. Just glitters! Even that was disappointing.

    AWARDS ARE GIVEN OUT TO THE BEST which is one outstanding actor/actress/supporing role/dramas in their categories.



  96. 96 Anonymous

    omg Gu Hye-sun…. I wonder if she’s like promoting a new drama/movie or something with that outfit…? I can’t imagine that she happened to have that outfit in her closet. With her porcelain skin and beauty, she would have looked beautiful in a gown! YEH’s dress looked sort of weird but she definitely pulled it off. she was channeling the confident elegance of Kim Hye soo for me.

  97. 97 berry

    haha, Lee Da-hae wear a stupid dress. GHS look like a school girl

  98. 98 paula253

    mr. paula253 wants to know: does KBS not do a best child actor?

  99. 99 Sere

    Ok. What? and WHAT? I really don’t get the awards for IRIS. Are we sure tptb didn’t switch the awards around by mistake? Cos no way Kim Tae-hee was better than Kim So-yeon, whose acting I really loved. KTH was mediocre at best (and I’m being generous here).

    Also, Gu Hye-sun award and her outfit? o_0 Her acting was one of the reasons I dropped BBF.

    BUT am I ever so glad Sohn Hyun-joo won an award! He was really adorable in Sons of Sol pharmacy. How cute is that his “brothers” all showed up to support him? Awwwww.

  100. 100 LadyIgraine

    Choi Surin’s last dress photo and Jang Hee Jin’s dress was my favourite. Its clean, chic, and sophisticated. I love it!

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