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Press conference for A Man Called God
by | February 25, 2010 | 108 Comments

February 25 was production press conference day for MBC’s new weekend series A Man Called God, starring Song Il-kook, and was held at Seoul’s Sogongdong Lotte Hotel.

The entire main cast was present: Song as main character Choi Kang-ta, a billionaire and spy also going by the names “Peter Pan” and “Michael King”; Han Chae-young as a reporter and his primary love interest; Han Go-eun as a sexy femme fatale; Kim Min-jong as a sharp special agent with the National Intelligence Agency; Yoo In-young as the precious daughter of the man who killed Kang-ta’s parents; and Jo Jin-woong as a villain.

At the press conference, Song was asked if he felt any pressure playing this character. He answered, “I’ve seen comments asking, ‘Are you so tired of playing kings now that you’re playing god?'” (This refers to his past record of playing kings in historical dramas.) “Rather than feeling pressure, I’m really into this project. I’m immersed more fully than I’ve been in previous dramas. It is a little stressful to be on set and worry about every little thing, but on the other hand I’m really happy.” He added, “This is a role every man has dreamt of playing. The process may be difficult, but I feel extremely happy doing it.”

In order to get into character and get fit, Song even gave up vegetarianism — which he has maintained for the past 15 years — and opted for a diet of lean protein. He has prepared for this role for two years, and even adopted the sharp speech patterns of his character during the press conference. He acquired a motorcycle license and collected props and accessories befitting his character and compiled two scrapbooks. To come up with the new hairstyle, he consulted with the stylist he’s been with since his rookie days and by mutual consent found a new stylist.

I know we’ve commented extensively on Song’s dramatic weight loss so I won’t belabor the point here. I actually do like the hairstyle — it could look goofy but I think it’s got a retro cool about it — and the whole drama seems to be going for old-school glam, like classic noir meets the original Batman. I still really (really) prefer his old look as a person, but as a character I’ll go with it and assume that the sunken cheeks and sharp angles are better suited for the character.

Song Il-kook, Han Chae-young, Han Go-eun

The drama includes an underwater kiss scene between Song and Han Chae-young, which has already been shot. Han explained that she found it difficult as she’s not much of a swimmer, and it was filmed at a depth of 5 meters. However, she said that she felt from the first day of filming that the drama shooting process would be easy to endure because of how much care Song showed for her during filming.

The story of A Man Called God is described as “a modern-day hero story where, through love, the hero comes to realize what justice is and reforms into a warm man, while taking on powerful people to avenge his parents’ deaths.” It premieres March 6.

Via My Daily, DongA, My Daily


108 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. xiaoSxin

    scary and creepy look for SIK.. HCY is still very pretty as always

  2. joonni

    wow, there is just a whole lot of female hottness and legs in this drama.

  3. ockoala

    I’ll talk about the ladies then – I don’t think I’ve seen such a collection of 100% sex-appeal leading ladies in one drama before. We may get HGE here, Kim So-yeon there, HCY thither, YIY hither….well, you get the picture.

    All three are also dressed as befits this amped up sex appeal thing going on – its ON in terms of out-foxing one another. SIK is a lucky, lucky guy. πŸ˜›

  4. Nokcha

    The girls remind me of the Robert Palmer “Simply Irresistible” video…..the short dresses and long legs..Personally, I find this style simply forgettable. Very pretty girls, but nothing we haven’t seen before.

    SIG is looking a bit strange….and very, very thin!

  5. nabi

    What’s up with Yoo In-young’s hair? She looked awkward in the poster and she looks awkward here–the hair, and her posture.

  6. Marg

    I’m sorry to say, but Song Il-kook’s new look, no matter how stylized, is continuing to creep me out. And I think all of the posters are cheesy. At this point, I have zero interest in this drama.

  7. kaedejun

    i already like han go eun’s look – she’s reminding me a lot of kim so yeon….


    anyways – yeah, this plot definitely reminds me of batman – maybe the christian bale version of batman, since that character was a lot darker.

  8. momosan

    “The girls remind me of the Robert Palmer β€œSimply Irresistible” video”

    AHAHH!!! You’ve got it! I was also stuck in the 80s, thinking Prince and the Revolution or David Bowie, but no! You’ve hit it on the head for the entire cast!

    Robert Palmer and the girls! Although SIG is more Prince or Ziggy skinny there. I can rest happy now, although I will forever think of this drama now as “addicted to love”

    For those of you who are young ‘uns and have no clue

    except that usually his hair was as long as SIG’s there in the first photo. Ah, the 80s are back….Shoot me now.

  9. s

    doth my eyes deceive me…kim min jong!!!

  10. 10 1critic

    Honestly I’m just hanging by on the strength of the cast. The premise feels too…90’s Jean Claude Van Damme vehicle sprinkled with a little bit of Bond here and there. It’s something I’ve seen FAR too many times in the past for it to feel fresh. It will all come down to the execution, how they play with the relationships rather than the action.

  11. 11 Kiara

    Arg sorry SIG I’m not digging the new do :(. I kept seeing the joker from Batman when I look at those posters :p.

    /makes popcorn and watch The Dark Knight.

  12. 12 Ano

    Song Il Kook looks so freaky, especially his eyes and jawbones. His face is plastic looking too.

  13. 13 trixicopper

    I have to give this drama at least a try because SIG has always been one of my absolute favorite actors. But seriously Peter Pan? Oy!

  14. 14 anna

    These ladies are all really tall. Must be around 170cm. With heels on they’re almost the same height as SIK. He actually looks quite normal/healthy looking in these photos though. I’m beginning to like it. Oh yeah.

  15. 15 meh

    the girls are very pretty, esp. HCY. but that’s just about it with this drama. the plot and the actor doesn’t interest me at all…..

    that guy in white reminds me somehow of Andre Kim.

  16. 16 Nokcha

    Smarmy, oily, greasy, those are the words I’ve been looking for to describe SIG’s look….

  17. 17 Molly

    Song Il-kook still looks pretty emaciated in my opinion. The leading ladies are all gorgeous though. I love Han Chae-young’s dress, even though the v-neck seems a bit off-center; maybe it was intentional?

  18. 18 srndpty

    SIG looks so creepy. Like a psycho killer in a suspense thriller in a U.S. series. mwahahaha

  19. 19 mimim

    Yoo in young So SEXY.
    SIG reminds me with someone From Renaissance comics which was made by Ryoko Ikeda. hahahha.. He is so Muscular but his hair is so Corny hahhahhaah..

    GOOD luck OPPA!!..
    i am Pray for 30% rating !!! amien

  20. 20 Luna

    Errr…interesting rooster hairstyle on SIK. OMG, for a moment I thought they had real smoke onstage, when SIK did that David Copperfield pose. Thank goodness it was just the poster in the background b/c that would have been ultra cheese fluff. I hope this drama won’t be all smoke and no fire.

  21. 21 mimim

    anyway this is drama with HOT body.. all girls have up 172cm Height!!

  22. 22 Jo

    Han go Eun like embodies the femme fatale. She has the sultry voice and eyes.
    I loved her in Capital Scandal a few years back.

  23. 23 shzei

    SiK looks like an old guy,really!

  24. 24 LadyIgraine

    Song Il Gook turned orange…

  25. 25 waruihime

    Wow, Han Go Eun is STUNNING! Look at those awesome shoes! β™₯

    Kim Min Jong seems a bit … out of place in this drama. Guess I’ll have to watch it to see what type of character he plays. And I guess that leaves Jo Jin Woong as the guy in the white suit. He looks every bit the gangster.

    Still not sold on this drama, tho’.

  26. 26 Sharon

    The outlook of SIK is a bit appalling.>0<

  27. 27 serendipity

    Gosh, so much cheese here, I need to get my fondue set.

  28. 28 Celest

    My first thought when I saw this: Kim Nam Gil…10 years from now…

    Oh my gosh. I really didn’t recognize Song Il Kook. He looks just as creepy as when Kim Myung Min lost all that weight for that one movie. I hope the drama does really well for his sake. And I applaud him for getting into character. Giving up vegetarainism just to get into character? Wow.

    I’m so looking forward to this. SIK and Han Chae Young in one drama? Heck yea!

  29. 29 sjsmn

    oh my, girls are really tall , cant wait to watch this drama

  30. 30 Kate

    SIK looks weird

  31. 31 Acalle

    The Preview is awesome! I’m already rooting for this drama.

  32. 32 Eisa

    Not sure about this drama, but I do like Song Il Gook…I didn’t recognize him when you first posted his new look, and thought he looked rather unhealthy in the stills from the drama; however, I think he looks rather normal in these photos and as to my perception of the character from the description I think this look is good for it. Song Il Gook can pull off the loaded (creepy) stare.

  33. 33 Soni

    He looks bad when he laughs because his face is so gaunt looking. The ladies are pretty, but what’s up with the lady in black? She looks like she’s pissed off or not really happy to be there.

  34. 34 J_Yum

    I love the cast, especially Kim Min Jong and Han Chae Young!! I look forward to this drama!!

  35. 35 eclipse

    I almost lost my interest to this drama when i saw the posters…but i still believe in SIG…he can pull it off and with his sacrifice, i`m really hoping for the best for him…Btw at what time it`ll show?

  36. 36 yuri

    oh My…SIG looks so ‘weird’ maybe i just never seen him like that before so…it was shocked me a lot…

    but yeah,,can’t wait for watching this drama….

  37. 37 ellen

    Song Il gook will always be Song Il gook. I admire him as an actor. He’s got that charm…can’t wait to see him play his character as A Man Called God.

    I like Han Chae Young. I was wondering when I’d see Han Go eun again. I really admire her performance in Love & Ambition.

    I’m really looking forward to A Man Called God.

  38. 38 cheremaman

    Initially, his gaunt appearance was worrisome given the shooting schedule and physical demands placed on the actors. However, if he can still maintain his stamina given the weight loss, then I look forward to this new drama. It’s to an actor’s strength and resume that they artistically stretch and grow. His audience/fans should not place limitations nor have the same expectations as to how he should look or act. If he can carry out this new persona, and let me tell you, this 6′ tall man does look, yes different, but hot, then bravo! SIK and the women all look James Bond-ish and I hope success will be theirs in light of the physical and personal preparation that SIK has undergone.

  39. 39 mina

    As a fan I’m going to support him all the way! Go SIG! He’s a great actor no matter what! As for HCY she’s gorgeous as always but I have some issues with her acting, i hope she prepared well for this drama! A Man Called God casts, fighting!!! best of luck!

  40. 40 fsk

    I agree SIG is a great actor. Why everyone is down on his new look is beyond me! It’s called immersing oneself in the character. And I think he actually looks pretty dang hot! The women look great,but HCY’s not much of an actress. No matter what, as long as SIG is in a drama, it can’t EVER be a bad thing!

  41. 41 celestialorigin

    οΌ 8 momosan

    Now that you mentioned… You are right! Only things missing are those gigantic shoulder pads! I did dig Bowie tremendously and Price a bit, my classmates got hold of his concert tickets and was I envious!

    οΌ 27 serendipity


  42. 42 celestialorigin

    Oh, and this is way too extreme. I liked his chubby cheeks.

  43. 43 chubbygirl1

    #39,#40, I agree agree with you guys.
    everyone should get off of SIG’s butt….he’s an actor for Christ…at least he bothers to distort his image for the role and not otherwise.

  44. 44 goso

    SIG should fire his stylist. That haircut is UGLY. I just hope this cut doesn’t become popular in Korea. I’ll stop watching Korean dramas if Kwon Sang Woo or Lee Byun Hyun start having the same cut for their next dramas.

  45. 45 moonyuri332000

    can’t wait drama. they are look so gorgerous & best

  46. 46 Cam

    Oh my Oh my Oh my Oh….my……GOSH!

    It looks so COOL and awesome while they all posing looks so cool like that way, heh. Oh my — I am surprised that I did noticed some of comments who are negative about Song II-Kook look so different now from that before he had a cute chubby cheeks and thick, tough body — NOW…..he really impress me when he become so slim and…..everything is new about him! O________o
    Oh…..I’ve missed Han Chae Young for a long time since I had watched her in ”The Delightful Chun Hyang” with Jae Hee — yeeaa! No wonder…..all of other casts looks so good that I’ve never seen some of them in drama ((I haven’t seen any many different dramas)), hmm!

    Oh well………(sighs)….I am sure that I hope this new drama ‘”A Man Called God” will doing so well and keep it look so hot! (smirks)

  47. 47 sweethome

    Beautiful girls but NOT the man. Han Go Eun is working again with Song Il Gook, for whatever I wish she shines in this one. All the best to her.

  48. 48 Carinne

    Excuse me, I have to empty my bucket of drool. O,o

    I’m back!

    SIG is as great as Achilles. He makes me shiver me timbers while watching every episode of this, I really hope it is a mere phase I’m in. Wooh!

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