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by | July 1, 2010 | 188 Comments

I’ve read a lot of comments maligning Jin-soo, but I’ve got to say, I LOVE him — as a character. As a person, he’s frustrating and selfish and infuriating, but as a character? Rich, complex, and intriguing.

He’s showing a lot more depth than we could have guessed at the start, when he was all smiles and politeness and pure facade. And I love dramas where relationships continue to evolve, as they do here.


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After Jin-soo collapses in his studio, he’s able to muster enough strength to jot down a few notes to Seung-yeon, directing her to fill his prescriptions. In a panic, Seung-yeon races to the hospital to find his doctor, fills the sleep-aid prescriptions, and dashes back to the studio.

(I’ve been trying to let it slide, but it’s getting a little out of hand, so: Good lord that girl runs like an idiot. I’m sorry to say it like that, but there’s no better way to put it. I’ve defended Ham Eun-jung’s acting in this drama and found it perfectly serviceable, but she’s been slipping in recent episodes. That exaggerated run does her no favors, either; it’s like Mi-nam’s Kindergartner Run in You’re Beautiful, but even more exaggerated.)

But back to the point. She brings the pharmaceuticals to Jin-soo, who gets to work injecting himself with an IV. Seung-yeon is startled at his facility with drug self-administration, until he reminds her to give his profile a closer read. (She recalls that he went to medical school.)

We’re not told exactly what Jin-soo’s condition is, but since he’s using an IV and he seems fatigued, I presume that he’s suffering exhaustion, exacerbated by skipped meals, dehydration, and extreme stress.

When Eun-young calls, Jin-soo doesn’t want to answer, so Seung-yeon makes an excuse for him. I don’t know if Eun-young really believes that he’s not home, but she accepts this response with a little disappointment.

Jin-soo dismisses Seung-yeon for the day, which worries her because she doesn’t like the idea of leaving him alone in his condition. By now she knows that he won’t stand for protest, so instead she thinks up an alternate idea: She sends Grandma over to tend to him.

It’s a pretty good idea, too, and shows us that she’s getting to know him pretty well. As she later explains to Dong-wook, Jin-soo is fundamentally unable to be rude to strangers. Therefore, Seung-yeon could try her utmost to tend him and urge him to eat, but he’d just lose his temper and kick her out. He isn’t on familiar terms with her grandmother, however, and therefore will feel enough social pressure to reluctantly do as she tells him.

When Jin-soo finds himself with one pushy granny on his hands insisting that he eat, he calls Seung-yeon, who feigns a bad phone connection in order to ignore his outburst. She hangs up feeling pretty proud of herself and not the least bit sorry to have acted counter to Jin-soo’s wishes to be left alone.

Seung-yeon explains this as she waits downstairs in the book cafe, sharing a dessert with Dong-wook, who is adorably smitten with her. In fact, the other employees note that Dong-wook thinks he’s being Mr. Smooth in keeping his relationship under the radar, when in fact he’s about as understated as a Korean grandma bargaining for discounts.

Sadly for those of us who find Dong-wook the cutest thing ever, this scene encapsulates their relationship in a nutshell: Seung-yeon talks about her job, her mind still fixated on Jin-soo and his illness, while Dong-wook listens with half an ear, more preoccupied with doing little things to win Seung-yeon over. Like giving her a piece of dduk (rice cake) and pumping his fist in victory (surreptitiously, of course) when she notes that he’s observant to notice she likes dduk.

True to Seung-yeon’s predictions, Jin-soo is unable to order Grandma to leave, and sits down at the table to grudgingly eat the spread she has laid out. While he tries to get this over with quickly, Granny asks questions about his life, all the while adding kimchi to his spoon with her fingers. At first, Jin-soo looks at the kimchi in disgust, and reluctantly eats it — but as she continues to pile on the kimchi, he starts to like the taste. It’s hilarious (and a little touching) how this has the effect of retrieving his appetite, and by the end of the conversation he’s scraping the bottom of his bowl and holding out his spoon to Grandma for filling.

Meanwhile, she chatters on, asking questions that he answers in brief replies. For instance, this apartment isn’t really his, although he lives here while writing. In fact, he doesn’t have a home of his own. His parents died when he was in university, so he spends all his time wandering from place to place.

Grandma clucks over that, but she doesn’t treat him with pity; she nags him about getting married, saying that it’s not good to be alone all the time. It’s the kind of thing your own grandmother says to you, nagging over how she thinks you ought to live your life, with the best intentions.

Grandma leaves after assuring Seung-yeon that Jin-soo ate lunch properly and is now resting. When Seung-yeon checks on him, he’s grumpy and accuses her of being crazy to thwart him so blatantly. However, he’s too tired to be angry properly and lies back in fatigue.

Seung-yeon isn’t fazed, knowing that she did everything for his own good, and asks him to call her whenever he’s sick or bored. Perhaps she understands now that he cuts himself off from everyone, not because he wants to but because even if he didn’t, he would still have nobody to turn to. Cutting people off first makes his loneliness his choice, and may be easier to deal with than wanting that company but not having it.

I doubt Seung-yeon understands all that in such clear terms, but she’s encroaching on that understanding, just a teeny bit. Jin-soo calls Seung-yeon arrogant for thinking she knows everything and says dryly that she’s grown up, but her offer to be there for him does make an impression on him.

That evening, Eun-young wraps up work and calls Jin-soo, wanting to drop by for a few minutes to talk. Jin-soo turns her down, acting normal and using the excuse that he’s busy, but she overrides him and says it’ll only be a moment.

Jin-soo doesn’t want her to know he’s sick — if she knew, it would clue her into his worry over her disappearance, and Jin-soo can’t let himself be that vulnerable, no way. So he pulls himself out of bed and cracks open the door to talk to Eun-young over the threshold, not letting her inside, citing work as his reason.

Eun-young takes this in stride, but admits that she felt bad to hear that he had been worried over her weekend disappearance. However, now she sees from his casual behavior that he hadn’t worried after all, and wonders, “I’m the one who was embarrassed and hurt — why are you avoiding me? That’s silly.”

Jin-soo blusters that he’s not avoiding her, then gets rid of Eun-young quickly before Seung-yeon arrives, carrying his prescriptions. He has ordered her to keep his condition a secret from Eun-young, so Seung-yeon hides the medication behind her back when she runs across Eun-young.

Ji-won has done some serious thinking of his own, and calls Eun-young to — finally! — offer her his apology for hurting her two years ago. It’s a little ridiculous that he hasn’t realized what he’d done until now, but now that he has, he’s sincerely regretful and tells her solemnly that he’s sorry. He even accepts 70% of the responsibility for their breakup, which he increases to 80%, then 90%, at her incredulous reaction.

Naturally, Eun-young finds him a little absurd, and cuts him off just as he starts to bring up her relationship with Jin-soo. Flatly, she tells him it was all a show to make him let go, and that Jin-soo’s going to leave soon. She’s going to start dating again (she uses the word mat-seon, which is a blind date undertaken with the intention of marriage). Bluntly, she tells Ji-won that in any case, he is forever out of her life, and hangs up.

I admire Eun-young’s professionalism and her mature personality, because rather than moping over Jin-soo or trying to force her way — hitherto the only two options to the kdrama heroine — she takes action. It’s not vindictive, or angry, but practical.

To that end, she contacts her lawyer and has him draw up a document canceling her contract with Jin-soo. Not only does this release him from her company, it is effective immediately, meaning that she exerts no claim over this book. Her employees are stunned, because to them, this has come out of left field and without explanation. But even though Jin-soo does understand her reason, he’s just as shocked to be handed the papers.

Jin-soo confronts Eun-young wearing a serious — dare I say a little stricken? — expression, and asks what this is all about. This is not welcome news to him, even though it puts him in a better situation than it does Eun-young, whose company would lose a lot more than he would at the loss of the contract.

Eun-young talks to Jin-soo wearing a serene expression, explaining that she has realized that his reason for writing is to repay his old debt to her. She doesn’t want to make money off that. She’d like to dissolve this contract to enable them to return to the way they were when they first met, and reminds him that Jin-soo had been the one to say that she’s a pro at returning to her original state (he means that she’s cool in the face of disruptions and struggles).

She reminds him of how they used to be before they’d become friends or business partners — back when they were acquaintances who conversed well and had fun when they found themselves in each other’s company. He had stuck to that line all these years — that line keeping them only friends — while she hadn’t, and now she wants to go back.

But this isn’t what Jin-soo wanted, or meant, and it’s written all over his face.

Eun-young continues her explanation, saying that it would be nice to go back to their closer friendship, to how they were before his birthday — and the kiss — but they can’t do that. She says that although Jin-soo would like her to be cool in moving on after it, she can’t, so this is the best she can do. (It’s one thing to reboot entirely, but it’s a lot harder to undo a big move like that and pretend it didn’t happen.) She regrets that, but what can you do?

Eun-young keeps that pleasant smile on her face as she parts ways with Jin-soo, but as she walks on, her face grows grimmer and grimmer and she becomes lost in thought, even missing the light for the crosswalk.

Jin-soo, trailing behind Eun-young, catches up to her at the intersection, where he asks in a subdued voice, “If you dump me, what will I write for? Why would I write?”

Eun-young’s gaze grows troubled, but she keeps her tone light as she jokes that he must be awfully content with his success to talk like that, and walks on.

When Jin-soo gets back to his studio, Eun-young’s employee hands him an invitation to a formal event, the International Peace Seoul Awards, asking if he will be in attendance. He figures that Jin-soo won’t want to go accept his award, but hesitantly requests a definite answer — they can’t deal with him agreeing to go and then skipping out again.

Of all the scenes in this episode, this is the one that gives me the most hope for Jin-soo, even though it’s the most mundane, uninteresting one. It’s a purely expository scene to set up the award, but Jin-soo’s response is telling — he looks at the invitation and wonders if going to the event will keep Eun-young from nulling their contract. He jokes that he doesn’t want to be “fired” by her.

Eun-young is surprised when Jin-soo joins her on the car ride to the award ceremony, and he keeps his tone casual as he says that he doesn’t want to get kicked out of his nice workshop: “Can’t we just continue like this? With a bit of awkwardness? Or is that being greedy?”

Jin-soo has spent most of the drama being the one in control, as I noted in the previous recap, so I love seeing him in the vulnerable position for once. It shows us that he does have feelings, even if he’s deathly afraid of them for the most part, and that some things — namely, Eun-young — are worth making a little effort over.

(At least, for now.)

Seung-yeon doesn’t know about the contract cancellation until the car ride over to the award ceremony. Hyun-joo fills her in, then wonders if something happened on Jin-soo’s birthday — up until then, everything had been going fine. Things started to get strange afterward, and Hyun-joo asks if Seung-yeon knows anything.

Seung-yeon does — she doesn’t know the full story, but she did witness the rooftop conversation — but isn’t in the place to divulge, so she deflects the question. Once at the venue, the team gets to work prepping Jin-soo and Eun-young for their parts in the ceremony.

Seung-yeon hesitantly broaches the topic of the contract cancellation with Jin-soo, but he shuts her down. She doesn’t press with him but can’t shake the feeling that this isn’t right, so she next seeks out Eun-young in her dressing room. Jin-soo briefly sees the two women talking on his way out, but doesn’t make much of it.

Seung-yeon tells Eun-young how much Jin-soo worried over her and how he’d taken a lot of sleeping pills. She can see that Jin-soo really cares for her, and worries that this contract cancellation is the product of a misunderstanding.

Eun-young’s eyes fill with tears at this revelation, and the proof that Jin-soo had been lying to her with his flippant remarks and blasé attitude. Both relieved at the truth and frustrated with Jin-soo’s mulishness, Eun-young sighs that Jin-soo’s always covering up the truth, and she’d never have been able to see the truth without Seung-yeon. She murmurs, half to herself, “Were things always a mess with us because we didn’t have a secretary?”

Eun-young thanks Seung-yeon earnestly for her help. Seung-yeon walks out feeling that she did the right thing, that she fulfilled her job as a good secretary, tamping down her personal disappointment (over the imminent reconciliation).

As Jin-soo waits just offstage in the wings, Eun-young comes up to him, now wearing a much softer expression. She grasps his hand — to his surprise — and tells him to do a good job.

When she pulls away, he finds a note in his hand. He opens it to read: “Let’s look for the answer together. Don’t struggle alone, please. I’m sorry for giving you a hard time without knowing you were sick.”

He’s puzzled, but Seung-yeon pops into view and gives him a “fighting” sign, for good luck. Now he starts to piece things together, and realizes that Seung-yeon told Eun-young the truth.

His sight starts to grow out of focus — his surroundings start to merge together in a blur, and the stage lights are blinding — while Jin-soo’s face hardens.

But we won’t know what he’s thinking for a few moments, and I like that the director keeps us at a distance — both physically and emotionally. As he walks onstage to accept his award, fading into the white wash of stage lights, we see him as Eun-young and Seung-yeon do — wanting to know what he’s thinking but only able to see the back of him.

For a moment I wondered if he’d run away again, but he gets through the entire night with nary a hitch, and afterward Seung-yeon gives him a cheery thumbs-up, bubbling over with happiness and excitement.

They’ve all been invited to a party afterward, but Jin-soo tells Seung-yeon to go home instead. When she asks why, he tells her plainly, “You’re fired.”

That wipes the smile off her face immediately, and she’s confused and uncomprehending. She asks why, and he rattles off his reasons in a barrage of matter-of-factness: She revealed something he entrusted her to keep secret, she meddled in his life with “delusions of grandeur,” she acted out of “childish pity,” she broke the trust that he could entrust her with any future secrets, and lastly, she smashed his hope that she might turn out to be a decent secretary after all.

He says all this without malice or even anger, but I suspect his detachment is what makes it even harder to comprehend. He leaves Seung-yeon in a daze and joins Eun-young in the limo as they head to the party.

Eun-young believes things are on the mend, so she’s startled to hear that he has just fired his secretary. He explains that he can’t have a secretary who lies, then clarifies that everything Seung-yeon just told Eun-young was a total, utter lie: “Don’t believe any of it.”

Frankly methinks he doth protest too much and I’m hoping Eun-young picks up on that, but for now she’s too stunned to have any reaction at all.

She looks a little lost as Jin-soo pulls out the documents and now agrees that she was right in wanting to sever their ties: “We’ve gone far enough, and I don’t think any good will come of us continuing to be linked together.” He’ll agree to her conditions.

With a return of his maddening smile, Jin-soo signs the papers, then requests that the limo driver pull over.

Telling Eun-young to have fun at the party, he gets out, leaving two very shell-shocked women in his wake.


Despite some frustrating behavior by Jin-soo in this episode, I kind of love it. I love that Jin-soo is such a mess of contradictions, but with every layer that gets unpeeled, his complexities and neuroses all feel consistent with his character — they form a maddening but realistic person, and that’s one thing this drama does so well.

In the first half of this episode, I was thinking how very much Jin-soo needs this rude awakening — he needed to realize that you don’t know what you’ve got till you’ve lost it. When Eun-young is the one who wants to cut their relationship, he’s not quite desperate but he is very keen on restoring things. It’s like a prankster who pulls one joke too many and then hurries to explain, “I didn’t mean it! Really!”

But then the tables turn again, and he’s the recipient of Eun-young’s understanding — but worse, her pity. At first I wasn’t quite sure why he had such a violent reaction to this change in her behavior, because even if it’s a little embarrassing to be found out, you’d think he’d be happy to have a good thing on his side. But I believe that the primary operating force in this is his reaction to losing control. In fact, not only has he lost it, it’s been stolen from him secretly by his secretary, and he’s like this big ol’ contrarian who feels cornered and manipulated when things are out of his control.

I have this feeling that Jin-soo is so scarred from his ex-wife’s death that he no longer wants responsibility over ANYTHING in his life at all, which is why he rejects relationships, intimacy, and even a physical home. Autonomy is the only thing he’s got left, and he reacts like a feral animal when someone takes it away.

Plus, this is a recurring theme for Seung-yeon, so I’m frankly not surprised that he fired her. I was expecting it. Let’s be honest, she’s not a good secretary. She’s a decent person, but a pretty lousy secretary. Think of all those dramas with that evil mastermind (East of Eden, Cinderella’s Sister) — and think of his evil henchman. That secretary is the Evil Boss’s secretary because he does every single thing his master requires, and he does it efficiently and without moral posturing. That’s why they’re the best.

Seung-yeon, on the other hand? She’s like the secretary you would send to your enemy — the MVP for the opposing team, if you will. She has been getting a bit big for her britches — for instance, the scene when she hangs up on Jin-soo by faking a bad connection — and pride, as they say, cometh before a fall.


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  1. lunargen

    I really do hope PSY feels better enough to finish this drama competently, but we’d understand if she couldn’t, given the circumstances. But we can hope. 🙂
    Thanks for the recaps JB!

  2. javabeans

    ^ I do worry about that, especially since Jin-soo’s character has been both suicidal and a depressed insomniac. Both of which were true of Park Yong-ha. 🙁 🙁 I wouldn’t blame her if she found it too much to handle.

  3. hsinya

    I completely agree with you about Jin-soo!! After watching that last scene, I was like, “WHAAAT!!! Noooo, you have to stop hurting people around you like that you bastard!” But at the same time I was thinking, “This is one damaged man… somebody please give this man some lovin’.” but he’ll probably just put up his smiley mask and make a run for it the first moment he gets. Definitely a complex character, and I’m loving it. It’s kind of a strange feeling, because I feel like most of the self-contradicting characters I’ve seen in k-drama normally annoy the hell out of me, because I don’t see a coherency in their actions, but with Lee Jin-soo, his actions all make sense to me, in a weird way.

  4. winnie

    This was the first episode that I felt was unnatural. JS was JUST forced to make some effort into keeping up his relationship with EY (regardless of whether as solely a friendship or a romantic relationship). However, the end of this episode left me exactly where episode 9 left me. The only difference is that now not only has JS pushed EY away, he has also pushed SY away.

    Side Note: I’m really hoping that JS’s sickness is mere fatigue/malnutrition, because if the writer pulls some chronic sickness on me, I will be pissed.

  5. Viv

    Thank you JB. Does any one know how many more episodes we will get? I hope for a EY/JS happy ending.

  6. Houstontwin

    I guess what SY said at the end of Page 9 kind of sets things up for her situation in Page 10. She realizes that she is interested in people (relationships) not professionalism.

  7. Castle

    Woah! I get to understand some of the vague parts. Thanks jb!

  8. Noypi

    All the World Cup hoopla got me off track on this drama.. trying to get myself back up… The awesome first 8 episodes should be enough reason to get back on the Hype =)

  9. mel

    Fascinating….can’t wait til next week..

  10. 10 E

    Thanks for the summary! I watched the episode last night and I really feel like SY will be the girl to change him. She knows him well and I believe will eventually make him realize what he’s doing wrong in life. She’s not a good secretary but she’s making him a better person!

  11. 11 Teely


    Potential SPOILER:
    My buddy translated this one spoiler for me and said that basically what will happen is that JS will try to get SY and DW together and will end up falling for SY in the process. I hope my friend is wrong. 🙁
    -end of potential spoiler-

    If JS ends up with SY, imma rip my hair off for 3 reasons:
    1. My babe Kang Ji Hwan might be labeled a pedophile for having a love line with such a youngster
    2. Half the story has already pretty much been based on EY and JS
    3. Because of their age difference, how can they possibly hold a good, sexy loveline? Even a cute couple needs a good kissing scene. If they become a couple, i’m sure their kissing scene will look a bit like this:

    JS: *moves head slowly towards SY*
    ten minutes later:
    *lips finally make contact*
    *holds the same position for another 10 minutes*

    ^ and that’s why I don’t like those type of couples, unless the guy has a super cute personality like KRW in My Little Bride. But JS isn’t exactly cuddly if you know what I mean

    Ooooooh, I hope my comment is coherent. I’ve turned crazy from frustration after this ep 🙁

  12. 12 Angelina


    Hi where did your friend read the spoiler? According to the original text from SBS forum, nothing was mentioned about JS falling for SY. It’s only mentioned that JS will help DW set up a date with SY.

  13. 13 dramacafe

    Yipee! Recap for EP10 is here! Thanks JB.
    Reading now…will comment later. 🙂

  14. 14 grasya

    this drama is such a tease. i can’t wait to watch epi12 so that we can all find out where this drama is actually headed.

    if this will go towards JS/SY, i’m gonna bid goodbye to the show.

    EunSoo, hwaiting!

  15. 15 Kay

    The wait is up.
    Thank you so much JB!!!! I am dying to know what will you say about this Ep!!!!

    *** off to read****

  16. 16 pabo ceo reom

    I loved this episode and I couldn’t wait to read the recap…

    But all I keep thinking about is whether Park Shi-yeon can finish this drama in the grieving state that she is. I think she’ll be a pro about it but I don’t know if it’ll affect her performance. She’s been so solid throughout this drama that I just hope she can end it on a good note.

  17. 17 mimi

    I have NO idea where this drama is going. No one even really knows who the lead lady is supposed to be and thus, all the arguments by fans over who is. It isn’t the character development that’s disappointed me but the confusing storyline that seems to ramble on in circles without any direction.
    -What’s the “debt” Jin-Soo owes Eun Young?
    -What’s Jin-Soo’s illness?
    – What was JS and EY’s relationship when he was married to his wife or even after they divorced?

    All I know is that I find the writing so lacking. It’s too bad b/c they have good actors. It seems like the writers aren’t even sure of the ending or the direction of the drama.

    At least I enjoyed the grandma feeding JS. That was the funniest scene. I heart that halmuni!! 🙂

  18. 18 dunlop

    Ah, Jinsoo is one very frustrating character. He seems like such a perfect guy on the outside, but on the inside he is a guy with a whole crapbag full of problems. I am surprised JB that you haven’t yelled at his character yet, but I guess the fact that he was played by KJH had something to do with it 😉

    I like that this drama redefines female/male character roles. It’s very refreshing. For once the female character is the one who has to hold it together, she is the logical one. And for once the male character is the damsel in distress who is way too emotional, childish, and does frustrating things. I think that must be my favorite part of the drama.

    And about the SY’s running… is basically like every girl’s running in every drama (except Cinderella sister). It’s not like girls can’t run! I would like to see an actress sprint their heart out. I wonder if it really is that the actresses cannot run, or if they are pressure to “run like girls”

  19. 19 dunlop

    Regarding PSY. No one would blame her for dropping out. But it is unfortunate that this was in my (and her) opinion that it was her best role. NOT because people like her character, but because it made her happy. That imo is the point of being an actress.

  20. 20 Ran

    I love the song of the day!! 😀

  21. 21 Teely

    @ Angelina:
    I have no idea actually. He just told me about it when we were discussing about the drama. I don’t know if he translated it wrong or if he’s just pranking me. Better not be the latter or boy will he get a beating xD

  22. 22 Amg1

    This episode show’s how dysfunctional JS an EY relationship really is. I completely disagree in the assumption that Seung-yeon is not a “Good” or “Positive” influence in JS’s Life.
    Let us assume for a moment that Seung-yeon never come to be a part of Jin-soo’s life, would that made his relationship with Eun-young a healthier
    one ? Of course not, not in a million years, he will be still his old self, a man afraid of his own shadow who is living in a self imposed isolation, with the exception of Eun-young who has become his “Enabler ” in this chaotic relationship. But I must say that for all intended purposes, for both of them this arrangement has work some how, both have benefited from each other even if if the gains where solely in material terms.
    Jin-Soo is a control freak and Eun-young not that she is cool with this, the main problem is that she has put up with this behavior for so long that it feels appropriate wen we clearly know that it is not.
    Like I said before, the best mistake that Jin-soo has made in his life was to hired Seung-yeon as his secretary, the reason being she is that catalyst for the drastic changes in Jin-soo’s personality, and his personal change so far has been for the better.
    In the surface looks like Jin-soo and Eun-young are a very successful young couple, both with good looks, good careers, a bright future, while Seung-yeon is the naive, unemployed, not very bright, but at a closer look we can see that from the three of them she is the most healthy mentally speaking, thus giving her a better chance to help Jin-soo out of his mental illness.
    I am not saying that Seung-yeon was right in braking his trust and confidence, so she deserves to be fire, but it is better to get fire for trying to help someone, than becoming another enabler, because that’s the last thing that Jin-soo needs at this time in his life.

  23. 23 xiaoSxin

    I hope PSY feels better. This is such a tragedy, bless her with strength!

    Coffee House FIGHTING!!!! the ratings sucks but you have fans that love you (me me me!!)

  24. 24 Kay

    Oh no!!!
    Dont say thay JB!!! I love her character EY and I dont want she quit it~~
    I hope that she could be strong but looking the latest photos, she must have been crying a lot….
    Poor girl!!!!
    It hurts looking at her like that

    All best too PSY!!!

    Back to the recap, I feel…. really bad for JS , as he ‘s so lonely, and lost but his stubborn, pride and insecurity keep hurting him and people who love him. It’s just so sad and frustrating!!
    What could make him change and be able to open his heart again?
    ** this is the most complicated heroin I have seen and KJH have done a spectacular performance!!!!**
    God to love him!!!

    NOTE :In the worst case, If PSY couldnt hang on to the role, what ‘d more likely to happen to the drama JB? Will they change the story line and replace with another actress???
    I really hope she could finish this…. I love EY too much to let’s her goo like that. Plus this Role will change her carrer for good. It’d be piti if she drop it

    On the side note: I heard that CH have more than 16 episodes ( like 18 or 20?)
    Is that true JB?

  25. 25 oh! tht! chick!

    ahhh i sooo wanted to rant abt jin soo…tht he is leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him…tht he is just too much like his ex-wife said….now ill have to just be content with he is just what he is….in fact i can see some of me in him….loss of control…not something i’d deal with well…and yes u will react badly if u lose it trust me been there done tht…let see where this goes…i hope there is a happy ending ( well atleast all the characters are content on some level) for a drama which began on an awesome note!!

    regarding PSY so sad for her…dint even realise the similarities between jin soo and park yong ha…wont blame her if she cant return really…poor girl 🙁

  26. 26 Soulbee

    I hated this episode, but I loved your recap x)
    “Good lord that girl runs like an idiot” < I Lol'd. I don't know why, but it really did not seem like an insult when you wrote it, but it was funny all the same

    Now, when people say they're a JB, they might mean they're a Jonas Brothers fan or a Justin Bieber fan.
    When I say I'm a JB fan, I mean I'm a Javabeans fan!!

    You rock! 🙂

  27. 27 drumzz

    this wanna be bimbo, blur, ‘maybe brainy in there somewhere’ act is getting on my nerves. even the pouting and mouth open ajar has gone too far. besides the running. check the ‘movement and mouth ajar thingy’ outside the lift. yucks!

  28. 28 leila8mae

    JB thank you.. you really keep me sane and love this drama more.. I am actually just trying to grasp the story as is, the way it is presented.. and not trying to get out of that, since it just driving me crazy even more.. haha

    COFFEE HOUSE is indeed out of the ordinary.. Jin soo is not even an ordinary lead guy in kdrama land.. although I really find myself disliking and hating him in this episode, because he really did hurt Eun Young.. and he had me confused at first.. I guess this is really part of who he is.. and as i re-watch, it all made sense, slowly.. Jin soo is really hard to understand and read, very complex.. plus, we only see thru the surface of him, makes me want to dig in even more.. so I’m kinda hoping that more of who he is will be revealed for us to see and understand..

  29. 29 choufy

    Omo, as much as I enjoy episode 9 (the party-elevator-roof top sequence in particular) I have to say that I enjoyed this episode MORE.
    At the end , the way JS putted down his glasses and his gaze ? No threaten nor lunacy. I just thought : FINALLY the real Jin-Soo.

    I was reading my notes about defense mechanisms and here it is :

    = libidinal and offensive impulses decrease
    = all energy is focused on the thought
    = repetitive ritualistic behavior (up to OCD)
    = NOTHING can change

    Er. Dominos Guy anyone ? 😉

    Without falling into the crazy-psycho-story plot I am really curious to where the PD-Screenwriter are heading with JS now. I like that his ” jerk ” behavior is not about ” he is mean to you because this is his way to show you that he likes you ” statement lol

    Love relationship is not everything and sometimes self-preservation has to come first like a reflex.
    But whatever JS’s issue is, I personally won’t be easier on him. I want him to deal with the consequences of his acts and all the mess he’s used to leave behind *sigh*.
    And I want him to learn that repressing his emotions is the hardest way to live : for him and for the people around him who cares. I wish him to not be so scared anymore…

    I’m discovering Noh Hee Kyung’s writing thanks to Daheefanel and it inspired me this :

    It is not a crime to put your self-preservation before a love relationship… Or any relationship.
    Sometimes it’s a necessity.

    But deep down ? Don’t renounce… Don’t renounce to love. Don’t renounce to live.
    Survival might be the first step, but don’t forget the second, the third one and so on.

    And one day, maybe, this feeling ? Love ? Might become the most powerfull way to preserve yourself. The most powerful way to live…

    p.s : I am officially on JS-HALMEONI SHIP 😆 (I’m still up on JS-JW’s one but the last dude turned into some kind of wise monk lately and doesn’t seem to find a razor so… JW *kisssuuu*)

    p.p.s : oh yes, one complain though. Er. Show ? I enjoy your soundtrack, I really do but why did you feel the need to put it EVERYWHERE in this episode ? I mean it is WAY more effective when you give us some silence to enjoy actors’s lines and pauses and actions, I SWEAR lol

  30. 30 JAM

    Yes!!!! Thank u, JB!!! Been waiting for this and my questions are answered – at least most of them. Yes, Jin-soo is such a complex character and I’m loving every minute of it. Strangely, I feel for Eun-young when Jin-soo treats her like crap but I don’t like it when she softens towards him. As for Ham Eun-jung, I’ve also noticed her portrayal of Seung-yeon has gone down a bit the last few eps. At this point, even though I prefer the pairing of Jin-soo and Seung-yeon, Ham Eun-jung is not making it easy for me to buy into it. Absolutely love Grandma!! The lunch and toilet scene has me rolling on the floor! 😀

  31. 31 Hannelora

    Thank you very much for your recap, JB.

    I hope PSY can continue to work on her drama. Because the drama postponed several weeks, I guess that perhaps they have 2 eps. to finish filming. thus, PSY can have time to rest a little.

    JB, do have have any comment about JS-EY relationship in this ep.?

  32. 32 cheanne

    I love this…….JS is such a complicated personality………I do hope He will end up with Ham Eun-Jung. Though she is very young for Ji wan, she is a breath of fresh air to his character……its my opinion only…..

  33. 33 rendemisu

    I have to say that boy, I did kind of have that SCREW-YOU-JIN-SOO-WHY-DID-YOU-HAVE-TO-SCREW-UP-TWO-GIRLS-IN-ONE-DAY expression after that last few minutes of this episodes. But still I didn’t get to really hate his character at all. Yes I don’t like his personality because he acts like a total jerk even though it’s just his way of maintain distance from others to protect himself, but I like how this character is being made up: A perfect person on the outside, and simply a mix, or a mess on the inside. I guess that’s what made me hooked with him, I’m always curious to know what he will do the next second because he is too unpredictable.

    As for Seung Yeon’s run, well I thought it was pretty idiotic too (I mean, you rarely get to see a person knock their heads on a glass door, no matter how dumb you are), but it was befitting of her character as someone who is naive and simple-minded (even her appearance somehow tells me that she looks like a dumb block for some reason), so I give her credit for that.

    Sadly I don’t really have a good impression of Dong Wook ever since he invited Seung Yeon out for a date back in episode 7. Sure he’s one of the eye-candy in the drama (although KJH is enough for me HAHA) and he’s cute in some scenes, but he seemed like an overly-assertive guy to me… at least until the episodes thus far.

  34. 34 javabeans


    The debt has been explained. Eun-young was the one who pulled Jin-soo out of his suicidal depression and forced him to write in order to get on with his life. That’s why he’ll never publish without her, according to Hyun-joo in an earlier episode. That’s why he asks what he’ll write for if she lets him go.

    His illness isn’t (as far as I can see) a big mysterious fatal disease. His prescriptions (I looked them up) are for insomnia and fatigue, and given that we know his insomnia is well-established, that explains his long-standing prescriptions. Now, if they throw in additional illness, we’ll have some words, but right now I don’t think of his meds in that way.


    I didn’t mean to say that Seung-yeon is a negative influence on Jin-soo’s life, if your comment is in response to mine. I just mean to say that Seung-yeon is a lousy secretary — which doesn’t make her a bad person. In fact, Eun-young sees her as a positive influence, and says so in this episode when she wonders if she and Jin-soo would have had a healthier relationship if they’d had a secretary earlier. I.e., someone to step in and reveal when they weren’t being honest with each other. In fact, I think there’s a decent argument for saying that Seung-yeon is the facilitator, the one who will break Jin-soo and Eun-young out of their endless cycle of glib asides and self-preservational deflections.

  35. 35 Marian

    PSY will be so much more sensitive to topics such as suicide and insomnia. Her emotions are going to be so raw from this episode forth. I just hope she’ll be okay. It’s a terrifying experience.

    The one little detail I liked in this episode was Jin-soo removing his glasses as he walked out and away from the limo. Time to take down his facade? Though I know he uses them to see as well, but c’mon! That moment could have a double meaning.

  36. 36 pipit

    As JB has alredy put the recap for episode 10….
    Here’s my theory about Jin Soo’s feelings towards Eun Young:

    So far we’ve more or less agreed that he cares about her a lot and loves her much. Not necessarily in a romantic sense (this is the conclusion one is supposed to take when watching CH somewhat objectively – meaning without any prior preferences regarding the pairing).

    But now I’d like to talk not as an impersonal/objective viewer. I’m a very passionate follower of this show and as such I’d like to use my privilege (most probably bias) position to disclose how I perceived his feelings towards Eun Young. These perceptions are based on my interpretation of what’s been portrayed (scenes, gestures) and said/not said between them. And based on years of watching Kdrama.

    In other word I want to talk as one of those delusional Kdrama nuts (the shippers). It’s not an insult for us the shippers to be delusional and crazy about our passion it’s an honor. However, if you’re part of the group of the objective people but you start to see love in every gestures, words, sentences, hair dos and even the colours of the outfits of the actors/actresses that’s probably about time when you need to see your shrink……. or just jump on board either ship ^-^

    Here we go:

    Despite all that happened (the heart breaking scenes) between Eun Young and Jin Soo, I’m more convinced than ever that Jin Soo is really in love with Eun Young. I mean really, really in love with her. His love is definitely THE LOVE that exists when man falls in love with a woman.

    This is what we should know first in order to understand CH and Jin Soo better:

    CH is not about how the hero and heroine fall for each other but rather of how they come to terms with their emotions. So stop expecting or questioning when the romance is to begin. We wouldn’t see the process of how Jin Soo falls in love with Eun Young because he has already loved her for a very long time. He was already in love with her when he introduced JW to her. And he was still very much in love with her when he married her best friend!

    He more than other people understands very well what Eun Young said when she told him: ‘Although I always smile and look cheerful it doesn’t mean that I don’t get hurt’. No one knows better than him how hard that is. And it pains him that Eun Young has to experience it because of him! His precious Eun Young, the one who matter most in his life, his reason for living now has to suffer because of him.

    That’s why he broached the subject of leaving. He thinks it’s better for Eun Young if he’s not around. For hurting her is the lasting that he wants to do. He’s at war with himself. He wants to leave her because he doesn’t want to hurt her, but how could he leave her if he couldn’t live without her?

    Now, if he was in love with Eun Young why did he introduce JW to her? Why married her best friend?

    Jin Soo has answered the first question. He said: ‘I was immature.’ Meaning he was not man enough then to handle things the way it should be.

    I guess when he realized his feelings for Eun Young the first thing that came to his mind was how to find a perfect solution. Perhaps by doing the most straight forward way by telling her that he loves her.

    But then being such a cheerful and open person that she was he saw that Eun Young loved him just as her best friend. Not as a man. So, loving her as much as he did he didn’t want to risk their friendship (he couldn’t bear the thought of losing Eun Young his best friend as well as Eun Young the woman he was desperately and irrevocably in love with)… thus he ended up keeping his feelings to himself. This was where everything started to go wrong!

    Before proceeding I’d like to tell you what convinces me that Jin Soo has already been in love with Eun Young for a long time. The big revelation happens in the cinema. When Jin Soo, SY and DW watched the movie.

    At first when Jin Soo saw the way DW looked at him he found it very amusing. But his amusement swiftly disappeared when he remembered exactly how it felt when while you’re enjoying yourself with the girl that you love a third person came to ruin it. His light mood disappeared as he’s once again being reminded of the one thing that he tries so hard to forget: how much he loves Eun Young.

    I love the scene when Jin Soo and Eun Young were sitting on the bench talking and laughing freely and happily just the two of them before JW came charging right into the space between them. His expressions when he looked at Eun Young and JW clearly showed how he felt about her. He’s hurt but Eun Young was happy. But as long as Eun Young was happy with JW he’s all right. Or so he tried to convince himself.

    Their situation will explain the difference in their flash back regarding Eun Young hair dos. Eun Young saw herself with a bang reflecting her innocent love of friendship with Jin Soo. While Jin Soo himself saw Eun Young with her long hair down reflecting that he saw her as a woman even then.

    I guess when Jin Soo introduced JW to Eun Young he never thought that Eun Young would fall for JW! What he didn’t know was that Eun Young’s easy acceptance of JW was because JW was ‘introduced/recommended’ by him!

    Now, it wasn’t even possible to confess his feelings for Eun Young seemed to be happy and in love with JW. It hurt to be in their vicinity. But he couldn’t tear himself from Eun Young either. He would die without her.

    So he tried to repress his love for Eun Young, to pretend that it doesn’t even exist, that it never happened, that they’re just friends. He fervently hoped that by seeing Eun Young and JW together his feelings for her will disappear. Unfortunately he loved her just as much as before.

    And then her best friend falls for him. Jin Soo saw it as a perfect solution to solve his problem. By marrying her he would cut off whatever hopes he still entertained in the deepest part of his heart for Eun Young’s love.

    But at the same time, by marrying her best friend he could still be close enough to her. Although they’re not together he needed to see her, to hear about her just from time to time to know how’s she doing. So, he married her best friend only to realize too little too late that he still loved Eun Young just the same. That’s when he accepted the final truth that his heart belongs to her. Forever.

    He’s doomed. He committed the biggest mistake of his life. Not only he managed to ruin his own life for good. He’s hurting Eun Young’s best friend in the process. Eun Young would never forgive him if she ever found out. She would never understand why he did what he did. Knowing Eun Young, he could hear just her saying: ‘If you love me why didn’t you tell me? Why introduce your friend to me? And why did you marry my best friend?’

    Jin Soo was in hell but so did Hee Sook. She finally realized that her husband the charming guy who stole her heart wasn’t in love with her at all! The divorce was inevitable. The suicide came later when she found out who Jin Soo really loved. I guess that knowledge served as the death blow since she really loved Jin Soo.

    That was why the guilt that plagued Jin Soo was way beyond the normal guilt experienced by those who were left behind. That was why her death nearly drove him into insanity and early grave. Selfish as he was he’s basically a good man and decent man. A man with an equally good conscience. He had used an innocent woman made her life miserable and now she’s dead because of him. How could he live knowing all these? He couldn’t.

    The only thing that had the power to bring him back to the land of the living was Eun Young. The sight of her white stricken face when he opened his eyes was his undoing or should I say his wake up call. He couldn’t go on and continue to live his life with all these painful things in his chest. But if Eun Young wanted him to live, live he will.

    So, that’s how he lives his life from then on. Close to Eun Young. But not too close. He puts their professional relationship as a wall/bridge to erect or draw at his disposal. He comes to her side when we feels strong enough to be in her vicinity or almost dying because of lack of contact with her or when he was worried about her. Only to disappear again when his feelings are too strong to control and he couldn’t put a convincing façade to the world.

    When JW comes and tries to barge into Eun Young’s life again Jin Soo is incensed. His childish mean prank against JW wasn’t childish at all. It was premeditated revenge against JW for hurting Eun Young. And his insult to JW on the top of the cliff was coming from the bottom of his heart. He told SY that it takes a lot of time and energy to hurt other people and that one should choose which battle to fight. So he does. His battle with JW is personal.

    When SY asked if Jin Soo’s fighting JW on the boxing ring has other reason besides what he gave her. He doesn’t like it at all. It reminds him of the fact that he’s supposed not to love her. It reminds him that he becomes lack in guarding his secrets if even SY could question his motives.

    He failed and made a colossal mistake once. But this time even if it kills him Eun Young is never to know what’s inside his heart. She is never to know all these emotions and pains that he keeps under tight lock inside his heart. He brushes off any questions regarding the motives of his actions towards Eun Young with witty response. It’s paramount to him nobody knows how much he loves Eun Young. Specially Eun Young herself.

    But no matter how strong his will and determination are his repressed love refuses to be kept hidden and somehow it’s able to find its own way to the surface. And these were the times when he started blurting things (the insincere words and false concerns as them perceived by Eun Young) like:

    -You never consider me as a man. (His heart was saying please look at me as a man)
    -You can’t dump me for who would look after me if you no longer care. (His heart was saying don’t ever leave me, I can’t not live without you)
    -If you dump me what will I write for? Why would I write (his heart is saying don’t you know that the reason I continue living is you? That you’re everything to me what would I do without you?)
    -Tell me, what’s wrong. (Please my darling don’t be sad, I’m hurt when you’re hurt)
    -What’s bothering you? Are you okay? (I’m here for you. Don’t you know I’d do anything just to make you happy?)

    I’ve got to say the part that I love most in CH is finding out what Jin Soo really means when he says something to Eun Young. I’m very excited when these two are together on scene while my poor heart is hyperventilating trying to choose which Jin Soo’s sentence is the sincere one and which one is his armor.

    But despite Jin Soo’s excellent mastery of his own emotions, things have their way to run off course. He almost had a heart attack when Eun Young started to physically touch him when she wants to convince JW that they’re dating (he already told SY that he is against this idea very vehemently).

    His heart almost dropped to the floor when she said she was going to kiss him. He was terribly afraid. He’s never been that afraid in his entire life. He managed to gather his wit long enough to find a perfect solution. But…

    Later when she kissed him in that phone booth he didn’t see it coming.
    The moment she put her arms around him, the moment her lips touched his, he lost it. His hell disappears into nothingness along with his wits and will power. He was in heaven. God… if she didn’t pull back in surprise he wasn’t sure that he would have the strength to walk away. Not when he wanted so much to be in her arms just like that.

    The realization came to him in a slow motion. He just made his second big mistake!

    Jin Soo has no other choice but to try to kill Eun Young suspicion early in the bud by saying ridiculous things that he knew would hurt her. He also tries to brush off their awkwardness by acting normal. But Eun Young isn’t the one to hide from problems. She’s one of those who’d rather faces them straight on. I love the way she grab Jin Soo by his neck collar when he tried to run away out of the elevator.
    What a great woman!

    That trip to the roof top is Jin Soo’s trip to guillotine. He tried his best to offer alternatives to their problem. Meanwhile making sure that she would never guess his true feelings. Hurting her is the lasting in this world he want to do, but that’s what he ends up doing.

    Ahh, poor Jin Soo…..

    I guess his remark to Eun Young saying that she’s a very strong girl who would bounce back whenever she falls, actually has opposite meaning. He is afraid that she would not be strong enough and would never recover if she ever learnt the truth. He’s afraid that she couldn’t handle the guilt that would inevitably come with that knowledge. That’s why he’ll do everything in his power to protect her from that hurt. He could bear the pain and the guilt for the rest of his life. But he wouldn’t let Eun Young be tainted by these toxic emotions. It’s okay for him to suffer alone, but not his precious Eun Young.

    SY has hit the mark when she asks him why did he has to keep everything inside, why not share it with some body so he could feel much better. I think Jin Soo is touched by that. But if Jin Soo could answer that statement he would probably say:

    What good does it do if I share it with you it wouldn’t change a thing. Telling you would be equal to telling Eun Young herself.

    And he’s right!

    When he starts to think that there’s some hope for her after all SY told Eun Young his biggest secret of all:

    She told Eun Young that he cares for her. That her disappearance almost killed him. Eun Young would know right away that he couldn’t live without her! She would know he loves lover. It only a matter of time before she finds out how long he’s been in love with her!

    His own secretary! The one who is supposed to guard his secret has revealed the one that matter most to him!

    He couldn’t imagine how he would go on without Eun Young, but now that Eun Young has learnt from how much he cares for her. He has no other choice but to let her go even if it kills him bit by bit. He already went extra mile to prevent her breaking their contract to prevent her from leaving him because he couldn’t live without her. But now….

    Poor Jin Soo……..my heart breaks into pieces too.

  37. 37 kc

    Thanks for the recap JB!

    Good insight and I like the fact that you note little situations that will lead into big changes but having said that….I can relate with JS. I think it was really hard on him when his ex-wfie died. The fact that EY used to be her good friend might be that He only wants to keep her in distance but not own up to her because there too much pain involve being with EY.

    But to that Im going to kick his ass! Hurting ppl aournd him is not the best way to go thru life. I agree with what you said that PSY will have a hard time coming back and delaing with his JS character because it shadows PHY so much. Hiding under his “normal” attitude but really dying inside for help. I wonder how she will cope.

    As per JS/EY shipper. I will accept what the writters will do. JS can end up alone Im cool with that just cuz his a nut case!

    EY/JS too much baggage but text of time will have good relationship because their foundation has been deeply engrave from the beggining. BUt I would still like for them to either remain good friends. I will accept that!

    Sorry guys..but SY/JS..hmm I dinf him too old and too damaged for her innocent “run” attitude! I mean poor girl deserves someone who’s clean. So Im totally against it! DW/JS I would like their cute together!

    If the writters pull a fatal illness on this JS character I would die! Its ROM-COM not drama! Pls pls leave JS be. Nutty but healthy!

    As per PSY its been going around that shes really having hard time. And seeing the pictures does show it! I hope she gets a lot of help and maybe time off but I hope the producers will understand her and not critisize her for being “this and that”! She will need a lot pf push to get back into her character!

    Thanks JB!

  38. 38 missy

    so what will happen of Jin-soo now? How will he live his life? Now he doesn’t have a house (cause he can’t live there anymore), doesn’t have a career, a secretary and a friend who will look after him. Will he die? haha

  39. 39 Denali

    Thanks JB for this “noon treat”: I just so love to read your recap while having lunch home alone.

    @ 36 pipit

    Wow, that was quite a long comment and your analysis was very insightful. Thank you.

  40. 40 grasya


    wow, i like your post. i totally agree with it. : )

  41. 41 rainerust

    OOOhhhh I have been holding in my comments just for this recap! An excellent one as usual, JB, you pinned everything down precisely! I do agree that JS is a huge control freak, which sorta explains his actions in the last 5 minutes of the drama. And can I say – I am thoroughly enjoying this drama just for PSY and her portrayal of a very realistic, very mature, and also professional woman; she’s absolutely just won me over with CH! I’m rather worried, like everyone else, as to how she’ll continue though, since the news of Park Yong Ha’s death…I hope she’ll hold up through the filming and storyline okay…

    Can’t wait for next week’s episodes and recaps! Thanks JB!

  42. 42 Marie

    Thank you for your recap JB always enjoy reading them,

    I personally loved this episode JS and the grandma had me in stitches, love their scenes together.
    I am still going for a JS/SY relationship as SY is a breath of fresh air. EY too much baggage and his ex wifes friend I like EY’s character but EY/JS together grosses me out.

  43. 43 jeann1123

    thanks jb for always making a wonderful recap.

    hmm… i really hope psy gets better. she’s really lovely, as lovely as her character eunyoung.

    @pipit: really… your conclusion’s just like mine. hehe… maybe because ch really made my thoughts pour out and made me a crazier person. hehe…

    @kay: are you the same person from viikii and soompi? hehe… you’re quite active.


    CH you’re one of the best kdrama for making us keep on posting and defending our shift. hehe… not to boot that you keeps us guessing, analyzing, and making us go crazy if not crazier while our thoughts and heart are all deeply involved. hehe… nice…

  44. 44 deeps

    hee… never mind CH, I want to see the drama detailed by 36 pipit… hehe

  45. 45 Hannelora

    Thank you very much, @36-pipit. I enjoy your analysis a lot!

  46. 46 jojo

    Thanks for the recap JB. Struggling to hold on to this series. Really think he has a possibly fatal disease (liver) and will end up with whichever female is a compatible liver donor. It’s gonna be a long, hot summer…

  47. 47 bjharm

    I do not know..when the big ending came with him cutting off both woman all I could think of was one word “Coward”.
    Yes I know he had a terrible experience but find three people and have them exchange life stories and you find at lest one with something just a bad happening to them or someone in their family.
    I do wonder if it some kind of suffering artist thing, cutting of your ear that sort of thing, or just ego that his suffering is any worse than anyone’s else, so make him feel special. For me he becoming more and more unlikable, ten episodes and has he really changed at all? Indeed a devoice and a suspect death of his wife still hasn’t changed him, all he seems to do is make everyone else unhappy so to protect himself.
    Ow and on to Ham Eun-jung running..some people..[girls] simply can Not run! The one that springs to my mind is Jang Nara if anyone remembers her in Bright girl, she runs like Charlie Chaplin of silent film fame she always been a person you bet 50/50 that in walking across a room she trip over in doing so.

  48. 48 cranky

    Jin-soo… what do we do with you? Can’t hate you but can’t love you either because you don’t want any… Really, this man is operating on a defense mechanism that is so quick to act that no one would be able to really know what he’ll do.
    As for SY… everytime I watch the show, I fast forward her parts, that is how much I hate her acting. From the vacant, open-mouthed stare to the dumb-girl run, nothing about her appeals to me. I am probably in the minority, but seriously, I don’t if it’s the character or the actress, she just annoys me.

  49. 49 sallyteukie

    This drama is such a tease , really! Which is why many people kept watching it to know what will happened in the end?! Normally I can predict what happens in Korean dramas ” who ends up with who” and ” who will die” something like that. But this time the writer of this drama is too smart or maybe too beat around the bush on making this story. With Jin Soo character and his mindset that is difficult to read. It is really intriguing to watch the drama but also fun to watch with the slight comedy. With episode 10 ending left stranded with no previews even though SBS have text preview. I would be pissed of if the story suddenly push to JS and SY , it will be utterly rubbish to do so since they definitely have no chemistry at all. & worse of all if the story ends up with JS dying of some chronic disease which I dont find surprising since he had been avoiding the both female leads. Make Episode 11 come soon!

  50. 50 kimchiRadish

    I completely understand Jin-soo’s anger toward Seun-Young. He trusted her and she betrayed him and made him look like a loser. I remember someone did that to me before and I could never forgive that person unless I never saw or spoke to that person again. Pity really is the worst. It’s degrading. Which is why I LOVE this drama! Jin-soo is so relatable to me as a person. I hope Park Shi-yeon feels better. It sucks to lose someone you knew for a long time.

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